Story Update 9: Sonic Boom

And that's it for the 8th floor.

Onto the 9th! And the left side has nothing interesting of note in Story.
Implying that anything has anything interesting of note in Story is a big imply, Feets.

Glowbirds provide another opportunity to snag Evil Cry if you didn't get it from the Forest Wolves earlier.

I'm going to be honest, I'm in awe of how Shilleka turned water with amazing healing properties into a shittier Hamao.

Oh hey look at that, Evil Cry at a decent level!

Anyways, I wanted to bring up this Grimoire Stone because this rainbow color indicates that a Grimoire with a King Grimoire skill has been generated. Yeah, those things can be created during Grimoire Chances. But if you really want more King Grimoire stones, just farm for them the normal way. It's far easier than waiting for them to be created during Grimoire Chances.

Also, I got Rosa's relationship experience high enough to see her next scene.
I am so sorry for the mess... I will clean it up immediately.
Don't sweat it! You were busy writing something, right?
Oh... yes. I was writing a letter to thank Master Sheldon.
That sounds like a good idea. We're in debt to Father for sending us all those packages, as well as this mansion... Why don't we write a letter, too?

Let's write it together.
Yes, you're right. It makes sense for us to write it as Achievers, since he's done so much for us.
Well then, Dude should write it for us. I'm counting on you, team leader!

Well I can't leave the work of the hungry writers unappreciated now, can I?
Make sure to thank him for the ice cream, Dude.
And mention that he's always free to send more potatoes!
Try to be a little less shameless, Arthur.

......... The letter to the Sheldon family is finished!

...Um, would you like to take a little break?
I have a new blend of cordial that I would like you to try.

Only one option left.
...Hmm, it tastes good. You're quite skilled at mixing herbs. Why don't you try learning pharmacology at Midgard?
That sounds like a great idea. I'm sure Rosa would make a fantastic medic.
Oh goodness, with her cordials (We haven't even seen the best one yet!), she would be a strong healing support indeed!
By bumbling about, I actually got her last cordial pretty early in my playthrough of EOU (singular,) and I used that thing for ten thousand years.
Th-That... would be far too much for me. I am merely following instructions my grandmother taught me.
Never mind, the dream is dead.
Oh, so you learned it from your grandma?
She was usually a very kind person, but when it came to making food, she would suddenly become very strict. When I was little, I would always complain because I thought these skills would never be useful... But here I am. I'm sure Grandmother would be surprised if I told her I was helping adventurers, but she would likely be pleased as well.
So, it's like secret training passed down from your elders... That's kind of cool!
You must have been very close to your grandmother.
Ah, yes... I feel that I may have been chattering away too much. I apologize for my insolence.

I'd like to hear more about you.
Wh-What...? Um, there is really not much to say about me. Oh, how embarrassing... Ahem. Now then, is there anything else you would like me to do?
As for what she says when you talk to her after this:

A proper maid would never go on blathering about herself like that. ...Oh, how embarrassing.
As for town dialogue, once again, only Quinn has anything new to say in Story mode.

The Radha are grateful that you are continuing to explore the Labyrinth.

Time to cover a quest that is mercifully shorter than the last one I took.

Was that... a bird?
Do you remember that quest about the man who dropped his lucky coin when he was attacked by a giant bird? Perhaps whatever made that sound had something to do with it.
If you wish to complete the quest, you should try searching to the north.

You look towards where Frederica is pointing, and see something shining on the ground. Is that what the client dropped? You can check it out if you want.

I hope you have Fire Wall at level 5 or above! This thing shouldn't be too tough to deal with if that's the case. Pelt it with Ice attacks, and even if the arm bind from Fire Breath lands, Arthur can still keep attacking.

And in case you were wondering, you have to check the wall. You can't get clever and check with your back against the wall.

Anyways, Fire Breath seems like an amazing skill. The damage is less than Arthur's level 10 tier 3 spells, only clocking in at 205%. But it comes with a 33% chance to bind everyone's arms, and with Arthur's stat spread, that would be a fantastic skill to make use of! But you shouldn't worry about getting this skill too much.

Whew... We beat it.
Dude, I'll keep you covered. Can you see what that thing is?
You nod to Raquna and reach for the shining object in the grass. It is a thick coin. This must be the lucky coin that you were asked to find. The quest is complete. You should return to the pub and turn in the coin when you return to town.

And that's it for this quest.

Oh yeah, as for why you shouldn't fret too much over Fire Breath...

Yeah, look at that TP cost. 40 TP per cast! This could have been an amazing skill for Arthur to grab, since an AOE Fire attack that can basically shut down physical attackers would have been really handy! But that TP cost is simply unsustainable!

As for why it costs so much, it's because Fire Breath is actually a skill you're supposed to snag from a post-game FOE, but they let you grab it early here. But by then, there are far better skills Arthur could be using, so this skill is just awful all around. What a shame.

But this should serve as a nice consolation prize!

You listen carefully and make out a faint, weak cry. Looking into the brush, you find a baby monkey whose injured leg prevents it from moving. When it notices you, it bristles its fur and begins hissing at you!
Aw, the poor thing's hurt. But it's scared from seeing us... What should we do?

Sure, let's do it.

Simon is the Medic, so he's the one best suited for this.
Yes, I suppose it makes sense for me to handle these things.
Simon softly clucks his tongue to get the baby monkey's attention and gently cradles it in his arms. He pats the baby monkey to soothe it while quickly treating the leg wound...
There, that should do it.
After finishing up with the bandages, Simon carefully places the monkey back on a tree branch, but it remains still.
It's all right... Hurry back to your troop.
The baby monkey gives a cheerful chirp, as if it understood Simon's words, as it leaves... though it keeps looking back. The unexpected exchange gives you a warm feeling inside as you go on your way.
If Dude or Raquana treated the monkey, nothing would have happened either. But if you had Frederica or Arthur handle it, the monkey would have bitten their fingers, causing them to lose HP.

If I remember right, the missing explorer didn't come back from the Wyvern's nest, right?
If he happened to find that secret passage from before... I wouldn't be surprised if he reached this floor.
Hm? Someone's getting into this...
W-Well... That girl must be worried about her father. I just... want to help get it fixed as soon as I can.
Oh reaaaaally? Does that mean you remember your parents now?
What the heck is that line of logic?
That's... No, not yet. But I'm sure I must have had some. You have parents too, right?
Arthur is a broken-headed young man and therefore cannot conceive of extending sympathy towards people in situations he himself has not experienced.
When you think about it like that, there's no way I could let the girl suffer.
Well... I don't remember mine, so it doesn't do much for me.
Oh, I didn't tell you guys? Yeah, I don't remember anything about when I was little.
Arthur states this so blithely that you are tempted to ask him about his past...

Wait, are we really doing this backstory thing now!? No thank you. Besides, it would be the polite thing to do.
The subject seems too gauche to raise to you, but Frederica presses the matter with Arthur.
Oh wait, but thou must.
No memories? You seem so casual about it... How did it happen?
Uh, obviously I couldn't tell you. I don't remember.

...He was caught in the midst of a disaster in the town where he used to live. It was a terrible tragedy. Wiped out his entire city.
An entire city...!?
Come on, Simon, you make it sound like someone else's business. But you were involved too, eh?
...Well, yes. In any event, Arthur's memories from before the disaster are lost forever.

So that's why he's so...
Hey, don't stop mid-sentence like that! Say what you were gonna say!
I can't speak to what Arthur was like before his memory loss, but I'm sure his personality was much the same.
You too, Simon!? What's that mean!? And I didn't forget everything!
I remember Simon saving me! Right, Simon?
That was after the disaster, though. You don't remember anything before it.
...I didn't know. I'm sorry, I...
Whoa, whoa! Don't apologize!
It's not a big deal. Let's hurry up and find that explorer!
Arthur begins to walk and look around with his usual cheer.

Don't worry about it.
Yeah... I'll try to not let it get to me...
As Frederica seems to have recovered herself, you decide to resume the investigation.

This is an important staircase.

Because activating floor jump for this particular staircase...

And opening up this shortcut means that we have extremely easy access to the floor 8 healing spring, almost any time we want! The inn is pretty much completely invalid for healing now. Its only purpose now is to advance time.

Hey... there's firewood here, and even some kindling. Maybe we should take a break here?

A good time for a campfire, I would say.
It is getting late... A fire might be just the thing to keep the forest beasts at bay.
No problem! One fire, coming up!
As Arthur eagerly sets the wood ablaze, you each sit down around the fire to rest yourselves. The crackling fire is warm and makes you think of home. Your muscles, chilled by the night air, gradually thaw... As you cook some preserved food over the fire and talk amongst yourselves, your spirits lift tremendously.

That was a nice break! All right, let's get back at it, eh?
The first option only restores HP, but the 2nd option is a bit special. You see, if it's nighttime, it'll restore both HP and TP. But if it was daytime, Arthur would have lit the fire anyway. And the fire from the campsite on top of the heat from the sun would have tired the party out, causing everyone to lose HP.

It'd be nice if we could find the stairs down soon...
Yeah, or that missing guy. We still haven't seen him at all! I hope we didn't miss him somewhere.
With that, Arthur peers around at the dense trees on all sides.

You look around as well and notice Frederica walking behind you, her expression clouded. Could she be worried about the missing explorer? You are tempted to ask after her thoughts...

We won't give up. We'll find him.
...Yeah, I know. He might have gone further in. We should head after him.
You resolve to continue investigating the areas you have not yet explored.

Someone's coming, Dude.
Just as Simon says, you detect something rushing toward you from the depths of the forest. You remain on guard, wary of monsters attempting to ambush you, when you see a soldier carrying a bloodied explorer.

I found this man while on my rounds... I don't think he's too badly hurt, but, well... Just have a look!
The flustered soldier lays the man on his back and begs for your help. The man's chest is moving up and down... He seems to be still alive.
Help me with him, Dude. We can't leave an injured man be!

As you watch over his treatment, you notice something about the injured man... His countenance matches the description of the missing explorer exactly. Frederica, noticing this as well, watches intently as Simon continues with his treatment.
Do you think he'll pull through...?
I don't know. I'm doing all I can.
Man... the guy made it this far on his own, right? Then there must be some crazy monster out there that can beat the tar even out of a guy like him.
There are signs of the explorer's armor being shattered by a tremendous force, which seems to confirm Arthur's theory. You decide to ask the soldier before you for further details...

Where did you find him?
I got lost during my rounds... when I accidentally came across the stairs down to B10F, he was already in this state... Given his condition, I thought I'd try to carry him back to town, and that's when I happened upon your guild.
With that, the soldier sighs in relief. You gauge that he was quite nervous, having come so far from home.
Was he attacked at the stairway? Or could he have been running from something...?

One of those, "choose all the options to proceed" deals.
Do you have an idea what did this?
...There is a rumor. They say the reason no explorers venture into the third Stratum isn't that they don't know the way... It's supposedly because a dreadful monster awaits them on the 10th floor. Perhaps this unfortunate fellow fell victim to that monster...

Uh, was this supposed to be Raquna's line?

Also yeah, in case you were wondering about the boss of the 2nd Stratum, this is when he gets talked about.

Were there any more injured?
He was the only one that I found. Maybe there were more who made it back to the stairs... I can't say.
If it's attacking people, and it looks like it is, we can't ignore that monster. It's lurking on the 10th floor, eh? Let's go get rid of it.
Oh, n-no, you mustn't! The place needs to be sealed tight!
Huh? It does?
The Radha's decided. They've ordered us soldiers to guard the place, so as to prevent any more casualties... Might I ask you to report what happened here to Radha Hall?
With that, the soldier takes out a familiar Ariadne Thread and hands it to you.

Huh? Wha? Th-that's awfully kind of the game. Also not really needed because, yay, floor jump!
I-I'll take the responsibility of g-guarding this place!
Yeesh, you're shaking like a leaf. Are you sure you'll be okay?
A-Absolutely! I'll b-be fine! ...B-But... It would be even more helpful if you could ask the Radha to send backup at once, when you make your report...
The soldier's state worries you, but he seems intent on guarding this area to prevent any more casualties.
There... I've performed first aid on him, at least. But Dude, we should return to town for his sake as well.
Though the explorer still draws breath, he has not yet regained consciousness. You must return to town with the injured man and report the incident, just as the soldier requested.
If we try to go through the door...

The soldier looks at you anxiously, though he remains steadfast in guarding the area. You must heed the soldier's request and report this incident.

Daddy! What's wrong!? Are you okay, Daddy?

Your father will be fine.
Really. There's no need to cry.
We've received a report that someone is injured. Would you like us to take it from here?
Yes, I'll leave him in your care.
Good. We'll begin our treatment immediately.
Dude, we should head to Radha Hall.
Yeah, the soldier on patrol was asking for reinforcements. We should hurry and report that to the Radha.
And that's the last we see of that girl. Yes, really. I told you her screentime was ridiculously short.

Let's head to the inn, first. The innkeeper said he had a reward for us if we did this.

I had been expecting the worst, actually... I guess it was a good idea to ask you for help. This is the reward I promised you. It's not much... but please accept it.

It seems that he still has not regained consciousness... I'm sure he will wake up soon, though. All we can do now... is wait.
A decent reward.

And the entire point of that subplot, which really needed two entirely new character portraits drawn for it, was to tell us about Cernunnos far later than the Classic party was told, and to give some backstory to Arthur. Yep.

There's been an increase in incidents like this recently. Monsters usually found in the lower levels are coming up.
Oh my, could you imagine Petaloids on the first floor of an EO game!?
Don't hurt my brain.
Does the Radha have any information on why this is happening?
We have a theory that it is connected to those earthquakes occurring in Etria, but nothing is certain yet. I implore you to continue your investigations in order to solve this problem... We cannot allow more deaths. We of the Radha have decided to issue a mission to slay this monster. It would be reassuring if a promising adventurer like yourself would accept this mission.

Yeah, now is when we actually get the mission.

Quinn's talk dialogue before we accept. Riveting.

You accept, then? Very good. The Chieftain will give you the details. Wait here a while.

We have borrowed an ancient god's name for the monster on the 10th floor. We are calling it Cernunnos. There are records of several explorers going below the 10th floor, but since Cernunnos' advent, none have done so. ...Save for two, that is. Though it is a daunting task, eliminating the threat of Cernunnos is the only way to find the Geomagnetic Field you seek. Our great hope is that you will reopen the path to the 3rd Stratum. I wish you luck, adventurers...

As for what he says after this...

Could it be that there is something within the Labyrinth that even the King of the Jungle fears...?
...Okay so you're implying that Fenrir used to live in the 2nd Stratum, and Cernunnos used to live in the 3rd Stratum or something, and they got pushed up into earlier floors because they're scared of something? I'm sorry, WHAT!?

Also, spoiler alert, this doesn't come up again! I'm almost certain that this was meant to be foreshadowing for a certain plot element down the line, except an entirely different thing was done with said plot element! And they never refer to this again! Was this like a scrapped plotline they forgot to clean up or something? I completely forgot that this "plot point" existed until now!

First a Wyvern, now this. It seems that only the most troublesome monsters reside in the Labyrinth.
I don't see a way to avoid fighting it. We can't reach the Geomagnetic Field unless we get past it.
Plus, that monster wounded that adventurer. We can't allow it to run free now. I'm sure that girl will be relieved to know that the monster that attacked her father is slain.
What? Why are you laughing like that...?
I was just surprised to hear you say something like that, Frederica.
I know what you mean, though. I don't really understand what it's like to have parents, but making sure a kid isn't sad can only be good.
...Yeah. Dude, let's do our best... and defeat Cernunnos.

We can definitely do it!
So we all agree, right? It's time for a beatdown, Cernunnos!
I'm with Arthur, for a change. Let's get rid of that monster, once and for all.

Danger after danger keeps arising from that forest...
Rosa is the only one with new dialogue after accepting that mission.

Now I don't know about you, but I need to do something to cleanse all that stupid I just experienced from my body. The best way of doing that?

Killing a bear! Okay, this was one of the FOEs Ragnar forgot to kill, so it's time for me to play cleanup crew again.


HP: 2320STR: 26TEC: 17VIT: 19AGI: 15LUC: 17
EXP Given: 4200

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 100% 50% 50% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
  • Rending Claws: Deals 2 instances of heavy cut damage to random party members. Slightly slow.
  • Fearsome Roar: Attempts to inflict fear on all party members, with a moderate chance. Fast.
  • Rending Claws: Deals 2 instances of 100% melee STR-based cut damage to random party members. Has no limit on how many times one target can be hit. The damage ranges from 91 to 105 on average. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 90%.
  • Fearsome Roar: Attempts to inflict fear on all party members, with a 30% base chance. The effective chance ranges from 28% to 34% on average. Has a 120% speed modifier.
  • Cutters capitalize on the presence of Petaloids, and will specifically target party members that are asleep.
  • If a Cutter performs a normal Attack, it has a 59% chance to unset the flag that limits Fearsome Roar usage.
  • Cutters are far more likely to use Rending Claws when they're at 80% HP or lower.
  • If the Fearsome Roar flag is not set, no party members are afraid, and Fearsome Roar was not already used on this turn, 79% chance to use Fearsome Roar and set the Fearsome Roar flag.
  • If any party members are asleep, 29% chance to do the following:
    • 39% chance to use Rending Claws, targeting party members that are asleep.
    • Else, Attack sleeping party members.
  • If the Cutter's HP is between 100% to 81%:
    • 19% chance to use Rending Claws.
    • Else, Attack. 59% chance to unset the Fearsome Roar flag.
  • If the Cutter's HP is at 80% or less:
    • 59% chance to use Rending Claws.
    • Else, Attack. 59% chance to unset the Fearsome Roar flag.
  • Rending Claws: Deals 2 instances of cut damage to random enemies. Slightly slow and slightly inaccurate.
  • Fearsome Roar: Attempts to inflict fear on all enemies. Average speed.
  • Rending Claws: Deals 2 instances of melee STR-based cut damage to random enemies. Has no limit on how many times one target can be hit. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 90% at all levels.
  • Fearsome Roar: Attempts to inflict fear on all enemies. Has no speed modifier at all levels.
  • Normal: Bear Fur. 90% chance. Sells for 360 en.
    • Bear Glove (+13 DEF, +2 STR, +1 TEC): Made from 1 Bear Fur. Costs 990 en.
  • Conditional: Bound Arm (Kill while arms are bound). 90% chance. Sells for 900 en.
    • Lucky Scarab (Chance for all actions on the turn of use to generate a Grimoire): Made from 1 Bound Arm. Costs 700 en.
Like most FOEs in the series, Cutters don't really have much going for them other than to claw you to death with the power of big big numbers.

Oh, and Fearsome Roar can cause you to lose turns.

You can also snag Fearsome Roar here, but without any Hexer skills, it's just a reskin of Paralysis.

So once Bloody Offense is at a respectable level, people like to do some row micromanagement so that Arthur and Frederica get affected by it as well. And then place those 2 back in the back row after they got the buff. Besides, this is mostly a safe turn since the Cutter is very likely to cast Fearsome Roar this turn.

The Cutter doesn't have any weaknesses, so Analysis is a waste of time. So it's Corrosive Aura it is, then.

Once Action Boost is at level 5, there's very little reason to not cast it. Sure it's not guaranteed to get the 3 hits before it hits level 10, but you're only losing a miniscule amount of TP at worst.

More multipliers! More big numbers!

This is pretty much all Raquna is going to do throughout the fight.

Bah, 2 of my damage dealers got tagged by Fearsome Roar!

Might as well set up the combo.

Normally I'd go for Wolf Pack, but I really don't want to gamble with Fear right now.

And Arthur is just gonna be attacking throughout the rest of the fight, now that setup is done. He's a very simple party member like that.

Also I'm gonna hope that Frederica can shut up the bear and stop it from scaring our party.

Dammit, Frederica!

At least Arthur's attack went through.

Yeah at this point, the Cutter doesn't really deal that much damage. The only real threat is if Rending Claw hits the same person twice, but that's something Delayed Heal can easily deal with.

That's enough of that nonsense.

Time for big numbers.

Wow, that was just under a third of its HP! Delayed Charge + Cross Charge is a really potent combo!

Bah, Frederica's head bind didn't go through.

At this point, the fight was pretty much over, so I decided to stall until I bound its arms so I could grab the conditional drop. Alternating Delayed Heals pretty much lets my party survive its attacks.

Okay, time for the bear to die.

And that's that. A rather simplistic FOE with not much to it.

Eh, it's an okay piece of armor, I suppose. Those stat boosts are okay.

Utterly redundant with Hunting Horn spam and the 100% Grimoire Creation effect.

Also even if you are playing the European version where they patched out item duping, this is a terrible item unless you are just trying to create stones in general, since they just guarnatee a Grimoire Stone. Not a good Grimoire Stone.

Also excuse me while I stock up on one of the most broken items in the game! No, I'm not joking. Allow me to give a demonstration.

On this poor little elephant right here. (Another FOE that Ragnar forgot to kill.)

Tusked Ruin

HP: 3390STR: 29TEC: 17VIT: 20AGI: 16LUC: 15
EXP Given: 8500

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 100% 50% 50% 100% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
  • Charge: Doubles the damage of the user's next physical attack. Interruptable with Sonic Bombs. Slightly slow.
  • Bullrush: Deals heavy bash damage to all party members. Slow and very slightly inaccurate.
  • Charge: Doubles the damage of the user's next physical attack. Interruptable with Sonic Bombs. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Bullrush: Deals 100% melee STR-based bash damage to all party members. The damage ranges from 100 to 116 on average, normally, and 200 to 232 on average. Has a 70% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 90%.
  • Tusked Ruins are more likely to use Bullrush at low HP.
  • Tusked Ruins are slightly less likely to use Charge at low HP.
  • If the Tusked Ruin is at 50% HP or lower:
    • If Charge is active:
      • 89% chance to use Bullrush.
      • Else, Attack.
    • Else:
      • 59% chance to use Charge.
      • Else:
        • 89% chance to use Bullrush.
        • Else, Attack.
  • If the Tusked Ruin is at 100% HP to 51% HP:
    • If Charge is active:
      • 69% chance to use Bullrush.
      • Else, Attack.
    • Else:
      • 94% chance to use Charge.
      • Else, Attack.
  • Charge: Increases the damage of the user's next physical attack. Slightly slow.
  • Bullrush: Deals bash damage to all enemies. Slow.
  • Charge: Increases the damage of the user's next physical attack. Has an 80% speed modifier at all levels.
  • Bullrush: Deals melee STR-based bash damage to all enemies. Has a 70% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
  • Normal: Great Tusk. 90% chance. Sells for 797 en.
    • Tusk Charm (+5 VIT, +30% bash resistance): Made from 1 Great Tusk. Costs 1500 en.
  • Conditional: Iced Ivory (Kill with ice damage). 90% chance. Sells for 1532 en.
    • Ice Fang (+74 ATK, stab+ice normal attacks): Made from 1 Iced Ivory. Costs 3160 en.
Tusked Ruins seem pretty big and scary, right? Bullrush by itself isn't likely to kill your party if they're all at full health. A charged Bullrush on the other hand, is a different story. Under normal circumstances, you'd either try to lock them down, and lock them out of using Charge or Bullrush. Or just defend and hope for the best when it's time for them to attack.

Same setup as before.

This is only just in case that thing actually decides to attack instead of charging.

Welp, that thing just signed its own death warrant.

Raquna doesn't even need to defend the party this turn.

Everyone else can just attack.

Exhibit A on why Sonic Bombs are actually disgustingly overpowered. They turn any enemy with a charge skill into food!

What Charge does is essentially let the user deal 2 turns worth of damage in 1 turn. Not that useful for player units unless the charge multiplier is greater than 2. But for enemies, that can be the difference between them hurting you and them killing you. You can heal any damage taken easily, but it's a lot harder to recover from deaths in this series. When you interrupt that with a Sonic Bomb, you're not just buying one free turn as a result. You're getting 2 guaranteed free turns out of it! The turn they spend charging, and the turn they were supposed to unleash their souped up attack.

Heck, I'm just gonna say that these are more busted than the Antielemental skills in EO3. Those only bought you one free turn, and to even get the most out of them properly, you either had to spam them, or be familiar with how the enemies in question behaved. Here, the game straight up tells you when the best time to use a Sonic Bomb is. They don't even use up any TP, just an item slot! And you can easily buy more of them. I'm honestly kind of surprised these things didn't eat a nerf in EO2U, but then again, no one really used them in EOU. (The few people that did actively use them, came to the same conculsions I did.)

Time to finish up the combo.

Seriously, what normally would have been 4 turns worth of pain, has been turned into 4 turns of the Tusked Ruin doing absolutely nothing thanks to 2 Sonic Bombs! The only damage my party has taken was from the HP cost of Bloody Offense!

Geez, that was over a fourth of its HP!

And now it's dead.

There are plenty of random encounters and FOEs in the game that can be disrupted with Sonic Bombs, so they aren't exactly that situational either.

A nice upgrade for Dude.

Ooh! These provide a 30% resistance to Bash attacks! Definitely gonna be handy for the next boss!

By the way, here's something that's really easy to miss! There's someone you can talk to here.

Before you can call to him, the soldier notices you first and hastens over.

Contrasting the soldier's cordial greeting is a restless expression. You sense he is holding back... You wonder if you should ask the soldier what troubles him.

This is actually a sidequest you can take in both Classic and Story. So let's help him out.
In truth, I was guarding this place with another soldier. But he vanished when I looked the other way... He is well-trained, and so I doubt anything unfortunate has befallen him, but in this forest... If you happen to find my partner, will you speak to him for me?
It's worrying to hear that he went missing in the forest... Do you have any idea where he might be?
None, alas. That's why I won't ask you to engage in an active search... But if you find him, tell him I'm worried. The soldier bows to you with a pained expression. Now that you understand his situation, you are free to search for the vanished soldier during your investigation.

And this is where the missing soldier is.

The soldier blinks at Frederica's voice, shaking off the cobwebs, and rushes over to you.

Thank goodness someone finally passed through here! I'm lost, you see... I was separated from my partner.
Yeah, I'd say so. Your partner was real worried about you, y'know.
*sniff*... My poor partner... I tried to get back to my post, but I just can't find the way... I wandered off a little and stumbled through some brush. Come to think of it, that must've been a secret passage. Hey, would you mind telling me the way back?
You try to think if you know the secret passage for this soldier to take back to his partner near the Wyvern's nest... If you know of it, it is simple enough to tell this soldier where it is.

Oh, is that true? That's marvelous... So where might I find this secret passage?

Just point him to the secret passage within the room. If you mess up, you can just talk to him in the same spot later.
Aha, I see. So that's how I get back to my post... Excellent, thank you! I'll be off right away!

Will he be okay...? Maybe we should check up on him later to make sure he gets back safe.

I take it your friend made it back all right? Thank goodness...
I'll second that! My partner is back in Etria recuperating, but he was very grateful for your help. I'm sorry for all this. It's not much, but I hope you'll take this for your troubles.

Eh. An okay reward.
Well then, if you'll excuse me, my shift guarding the Wyvern's nest has finally come to an end.

Well. I suppose that went well...?
After seeing the soldier off, you decide to return to your investigation.
We've covered quite a bit in this update. Next time, Cernunnos!

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