Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!
[I think Rick wants to go for a walk.]
[What makes you say that?]
[Look down for a second.]

[Man. Little dude's really good at pacing in circles. He's gonna pace a hole in the ground around you at this rate!]
[Kay, lemme go get his leash, then let's go!]
[You're-- You're going without a coat?]
[Eh, how bad can it be outside?]
[Give me a second...]

[Okay Elly you've made your point please close the window.]

[Gods, my ears are freezing. Should've asked Thierry for his dorky hat.]
[His what?]
[His dorky, furry hunting cap. It has flaps that go over his ears. You've never seen it?]
[No? Does he...go hunting?]
[I mean. I can't really say I see him hunting with, like, a bow and arrow. Maybe he hunts by bashing animals' skulls?]
[I mean, you saw him down in the Sandy Barrens. Dude's ripped.]
[...Do you think Emmett likes to rest his head on Thierry's chest? Like a pillow? Or would it be too stiff for that?]
[Honestly? I'unno. And I don't think I really wanna ruminate on what Thierry's chest feels like to rest on.]
[...Good point.]
[Even Rick agrees.]
<Good boy.>

[...Huh. Snow.]
[...! We need to get back to Logjammin!]
[E-Elly, calm down! It's just light snow. We're not gonna get, like, trapped away from shelter.]
[...Right. Sorry, old habits...]
[Nothing to be sorry for, my sweet princess.]
[Heehee, that gets you every time!]
[...Nothing like a princess...]
[Yes you are.]
[How? I don't think princesses often grow up in forests, hunting to survive.]
[Eh, maybe not. But. You are: A) Extremely pretty, B) Extremely cute, and C) An extremely good girlfriend.]
[A-Are princesses normally determined by how they are as romantic partners?]
[I mean, if you ask some stodgy old writer dude, maybe not. But, see, I've got logic on my side.]
[Wait, let me guess!]
[In your eyes, I'm a "princess," and also an "extremely good girlfriend," so therefore, all princesses are extremely good girlfriends, and double therefore, I'm a princess.]
[D-Did I-- Did I do something--] Mrph!
[Yep, that's the logic I was gonna use. Gods, Elly, you're so perfect. Unironically.]
[...So are you.]
[Exactly. We're two perfect women, dating each other perfectly.]
[Rick agrees, I guess.]
[He's not wrong.]

[I think Rick's getting sleepy.]
[Time to head back?]
[I think so--] Achoo!
[...Time to get under some blankets too, it looks-- OOH WAIT I GOT THE PERFECT IDEA.]
[You'll see when we get back.]

[It doesn't get much better than this.]
[I-I can't deny that cuddling under a blanket, in front of a fireplace, is--] ...Ah...
[Look, outside...]

[...I've never seen snow like this.]
[I mean... Indoors, very warm, looking at snow during night. It's... Ohhhh, what's the word...]
[Peaceful? Serene? The best godsdamned thing ever?]
[Those all work.]
[One sec, I'll go get some hot chocolate. That's always the best thing when watching snow.]
[I'll help.]

[You're right. Hot chocolate is the best thing here.]
[Heh, glad you agree.]
[...I-- I think-- It deserves a reward.]
[Eh--] Mm!
[...Y-You're always the one starting those, s-so I...wanted to be the one that starts it for once...]
...Hee. [Fair enough!]
[Thank you, Afon.]

[Hey, Elly?]
[I love you.]
[I-I love you too.]

[I'm... I'm happy that I met you, Afon.]
[I'm happy I met you too, Elly.]
[ and the others... You've all helped me learn how to live. Not just survive.]
[...I'm glad.]

[...Elly? Are you...crying?]
[O-Oh, sorry, I'm... I'm just...]
[I'm glad. Again.]

[Can we...just watch the snow for a while longer?]
[Hell yeah.]

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