HP: 35%
Str: 35% Lck: 25%
Mag: 20% Def: 20%
Dex: 55% Res: 30%
Spd: 50% Cha: 35%
Strengths: Lance, Bow
Weaknesses: Sword, Axe, Brawling, Heavy Armor
Aptitude: Riding: Pass: Allows unit to pass through spaces occupied by foes.
Personal Skill: Persecution Complex: Grants Atk +5 when unit is not at full HP.
Black/Dark Magic Learn List:
White Magic Learn List:
Unique Learned Abilities/Arts:
On paper, Bernadetta looks pretty weak. Very low defensive growths, low Str, low Lck—all of these would normally be dealbreakers. However, there's two things you need to factor in besides her stats: Persecution Complex, and her Minor Crest of Indech. Persecution Complex helps compensate for her low attacking stats, and her Minor Crest of Indech rarely gives her a free extra attack. You might look at Persecution Complex and rightfully go "wait, putting her in the path of damage is a big risk." And you'd be right! But you're neglecting the fact that when a unit gains HP on level up, they're technically no longer at full HP. Effectively, this means Bernadetta has a close-to-coin flip chance of activating Persecution Complex for free when she levels up.

So, with that in mind, how does Bernadetta stack up? Well, bow users are incredibly overpowered in Three Houses, so she's already got that big thing going for her. Her aptitude's resulting ability also means she has a marginal amount of extra mobility—when you're dealing with a weapon type focused on positioning, that's always nice. Her Spd also helps compensate for her low base Str.

Now, her downsides? Well, as I mentioned earlier, her defensive growths are low across the board, and it's possible for her Str to end up low enough that even Persecution Complex can't fix it. I have yet to have that happen, but it's worth keeping in mind when deciding if you want to use her.
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