HP: 55%
Str: 45% Lck: 40%
Mag: 25% Def: 30%
Dex: 45% Res: 20%
Spd: 45% Cha: 25%
Strengths: Axe, Brawling
Weaknesses: Bow, Reason, Authority
Personal Skill: Born Fighter: Adjacent foes suffer Avo -10 during combat.
Black/Dark Magic Learn List:
White Magic Learn List:
Unique Learned Abilities/Arts:
Need someone to dish out some meaty hits with an axe or gauntlets? Caspar's your man. Dude's going to get plenty of Str and Spd as he levels up, and his high HP means he's got a lot of room for taking damage during the enemy phase. With regards to gauntlets, his high Spd also means he's got a good chance of getting those sweet, sweet x4s during the player phase. His personal skill and his high Dex also mean he's rarely going to miss, which is always nice with axe users.

His primary weakness is his weak Def and especially Res, meaning that heavy hitters can eat through significant chunks of his HP quickly. His incredibly low Cha and Authority weakness also mean that he's going to be stuck with weak battallions, and his Gambits are going to have really low hit chances besides that. It's not a significant weakness, but it is worth noting. Battallions give big bonuses late in the game, and not having access to them sucks.
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