Update 11: Vanished

♪ Guardian of Starlight ♪

You have shown exceptional skill in leading your students. I am forever grateful for the safe return of the Hero's Relic.
Just as I expected, you have mastered the Sword of the Creator.
Now then, I shall tell you about your mission for the coming month...

♪ No music ♪

Seteth, what troubles you?

♪ A Dark Sign ♪

I have not.
I have searched everywhere! Where could she be?!
She may be in danger! Oh no... No, no! What am I to do?!

♪ No music ♪

♪ The Land Beloved by the Goddess ♪

♪ No music ♪

Another time-locked support, huh?

Content warning:
a character remembering being involuntarily imprisoned and used for human experimentation.

If you don't wish to see that, then please skip to where I say "The content warning for Abby/Edelgard C+ is no longer in effect."
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

I could ask you the same.
I just wanted some fresh air. There's a lovely breeze tonight.

I couldn't sleep either.
So I see. Still, it's ill-advised to stay up so late. I should get some sleep too, but...

♪ Spiderweb ♪

I have. There are times I long for the warmth of the sun, for a sweet breeze on my face... Do you remember what I told you the other night? About...my past?

Choosing the top option causes you to lose support points with Edelgard.
I remember.
My siblings and I were... We were imprisoned underground, beneath the palace. The objective was to endow our bodies with the power of a Major Crest.
I have always possessed the Crest of Seiros, inherited through the Hresvelg bloodline. But it was only a Minor Crest, and most of my siblings bore no Crest at all.
In order to create a peerless emperor to rule Fódlan, they violated our bodies by cutting open our very flesh. Now here I stand, the fruit of that endeavor: Edelgard von Hresvelg!

Ours weren't the only lives devastated by that terrible process. Innocents died as well, without even knowing what they were dying for.

Who is to blame?
The prime minister and his gaggle of nobles. They had the Empire under their thumbs. My father, the emperor, tried to stop him, but...it was futile. My father was nothing but a puppet on a string by then. He was powerless to save us. I know how it all sounds. But when you see my true strength, you will know I speak the truth. I have kept it hidden all this time, but...I will reveal to you the power of my second Crest.

♪ The Leader's Path ♪

It is the same as yours...the Crest of Flames. When it manifested for me, I swore a silent oath. For the sake of my family and for all the poor souls whose lives were traded for my existence... For their sake, I will build a world where such meaningless sacrifice is never again sanctioned. As emperor, I will change the world. I swear it.

♪ No music ♪

...Human experimentation. On children. With an unknown amount of proletariat being sacrificed by the ruling class.

Fódlan's nobles are really fucked up, huh? Minus the ones in Abby's care, of course.

Seeing this support scene adds the Crest of Flames to Edelgard's status screen, and allows it to activate in combat.

The content warning for Abby/Edelgard C+ is no longer in effect.
♪ A Dark Sign ♪

At present, all we know for certain is that she has not left Garreg Mach.
Flayn is not the type of person to just wander off on her own without telling me where she is going! We have searched the monastery thoroughly, but have found nothing. I am now mobilizing the knights to begin searching the town.

Troubling rumors?
There are rumors of someone prowling the streets and attacking innocents, night after night. The knights have investigated the matter. They have not discovered any remains, nor have they found any concrete evidence.
The people are panicked! They all insist someone called the Death Knight is coming to claim their souls with his blade. There is no way she could have escaped unscathed if she were captured by such a fiend! Where is she?!
Seteth, recall that impatience begets error. Please do your best to calm yourself. I think of your...sister as family as well. You know that. You have my support. We will devote ourselves fully—mind, body, and soul—to recovering her.

The knights have the town covered, so I ask that you focus your efforts on searching the monastery again. We do not have time to waste. You have your orders.

It doesn't seem likely that she's simply gotten lost. I'll help in any way that I can.
So, our mission this month is to find her? Well then, let us hurry and locate her before anyone else!
I hope Flayn is OK! What would happen if... Just what would we do if...
You can't think like that, Bern. Seteth would have a heart attack if he heard you.
I've heard that she has a Crest, but I suppose, for this moment, that is irrelevant.
We'll start by gathering information. Someone must have seen Flayn recently.
Right. If we work together, I'm certain we'll find her.

♪ No music ♪

♪ Teatime Joy ♪

Dammit, I don't have any of Petra's favorite teas.

♪ No music ♪

No Cha boost for either Abby or Petra.

♪ Tactics ♪

Oh yeah, we've got a bunch of people at or above level 10 now.

But more importantly, supports.

Linhardt/Dorothea C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Dorothea? Whatever are you doing here?
I was thinking of relaxing here, but it looks as if someone else is lounging in my spot already. Taking a nap in public like this? Really, Lin. The nobles look down on such behavior.
You do know I am of noble birth.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just teasing. You never do act very noble though. Why is that?
Each person must follow their own way. This is how I prefer to live. Even if some of the more pretentious nobles like to poke fun at my ways.
Doesn't that bother you? I mean, really? It doesn't hurt your pride or anything?

First time I've heard a noble say something like that.
Well, most nobles are... Oh, what is the polite way to say it? Fools. Yes. They are fools. As for myself... My father is the Minister of Domestic Affairs, and he has pride enough for the both of us. For example, did you know he and the Minister of Military Affairs cannot get along, although they value each other greatly? His pride gets in the way, so he can't make amends. That is why there is discord between civil ministers and military officers in the Empire.

I wonder if bad blood between civil and military leaders is somewhat unavoidable... The Minister of Domestic Affairs is in charge of all civil officials, so if they just give in easily, their subordinates would lose respect, right? I get the feeling that if your pride isn't equal to the responsibility you bear, then you aren't fit to lead.
And how necessary is charm? It just gets in the way of living your life.
If you lack charm, nobody will give you a second glance.
Right, which means more time for napping.
Lin... You can't really believe what you're saying, can you?

♪ Tactics ♪

As much as I sympathize with Linhardt, Dorothea is right. Without the ability to present yourself to others, you'll end up alone—and we humans tend to not cope with loneliness very well.

Linhardt/Petra C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Petra, would you pause a moment?
Yes? Are you wanting something?
I was observing your spearwork, and I wonder if you don't think your transitions are sloppy. The way you move your arm before a strong thrust hinders your movement and slows your spear on its way back. It leaves a rather large opening.
Which arm? My left or right?
I think the right... No, actually it's both. It's something about the way you move your elbows.
I am not understanding. Can you show me please?
Demonstrate? No. I'd hate to get sweat all over my book.
But I must correct this. Please.

I am more of a theorist than a practitioner. I advise, and you implement. Very simple.
Then...please advise again.
It's all quite simple. Sometimes you make a big stab downwards, right? Before that, you lift up. At that point, you sort of let the tension go and stop. It ruins the momentum of the stab.
How can I be lifting up with no...no unnecessary moving?
It's the arm movement that's extraneous. Calculate the locus of the spear and the elasticity of the muscles.
Locus...elasticity... Can you not just be showing me? Please. If you are showing me, I will learn it with quickness.
I won't waste your time with such demonstrations. You're a smart one, Petra. You'll sort it out.
Besides, I need to go now. I have...a prior appointment to keep.

♪ Tactics ♪

If you're going to give advice, Linhardt, at least have the courtesy to properly follow up on questions that arise from it.

Bernadetta/Petra C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Maybe she'd be my friend. Oh, there she is now. OK, Bernie, you can do this!

Ah! How did you know? Do you have eyes in the back of your head or something?!
I...do not have that, no.
Right... Um, can I ask you something? Do you want to, um...maybe, uh...be friends or something? Maybe? Maybe you don't. Maybe you don't like me. I don't know what you think of me.
What I am thinking? I am thinking that you remind me of prey.
Yes. Like a rabbit in the tall grass. Always watching for enemies, and you flee at any sign of danger. You are quick also. I must be careful that I am not hunting Bernie when I take out my bow.
Oh, you...try not to shoot me. That's, um...nice.
You have similarities with prey, that is all I mean to be saying.
So you're saying you might end up hunting me?!
There is no need to have concern. I will make sure my arrows are not hitting you.
Th-that isn't comforting! Whatever I did to deserve this, forgive me!

Was I saying something wrong?

♪ Tactics ♪

Love it when anxiety ruins attempts to overcome anxiety.

Dorothea/Petra C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

I am settled. Everyone shows great kindness.
I'm glad to hear it. I was so surprised when you first arrived.
A princess, all the way from Brigid!
You have my gratitude, but please do not call me princess. You are making my cheeks blush!
There's nothing to blush about. You're every little girl's dream of what a princess should be.
Anyhow, I suppose it's been a long time since you've been back to Brigid, hasn't it? I hope you aren't homesick. Maybe we can cook one of your favorite dishes from back home?
I do wish for that, but there is no possibility. The ingredients are not found here.
I suppose you're right. That's probably why they don't cook the food of Brigid in the dining hall. I'm sorry. I just got to thinking about how hard it must be to live somewhere so far away from home and...

Wait, Dorothea. It is the thinking that counts.
But your cooking is...what is the word...horrendous. That is what everyone is saying, anyway.
Horrendous? Nobody's cooking can be that bad!
The thinking is enough for me. You have my biggest gratitude.
Fine. I'll do something instead of cooking for you.
I just want to be sure that you feel at home here.
How about a massage? That may help you loosen up.
I have no problems. My body is already able to relax.
Oh? Then perhaps I could sing you lullabies to help you sleep!
I am not having sleeping trouble.
Just know that you never have to worry about putting me out. I like helping my friends.
Well then, I must be going, but remember my offer.

♪ Tactics ♪

Dorothea really gets along better with other women than men, doesn't she?

Speaking of her and men, Dorothea/Sylvain C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Ah, Dorothea! I've been preparing to do just that, as it were.
My intention is to flirt with the monastery's most beautiful flower...Dorothea herself!
Oh dear, and I've ruined all your hard work. You might as well save the effort. I'm not taking the bait.
Heh heh... Oh, Dorothea, your wit is as sharp as your beauty.
Don't you want just a little flirting? Just a sample? I'm not like all the others, you know.
I don't doubt it.
By "not like all the others," do you mean how serious you are about being disingenuous when you flirt?
And that is supposed to mean...what exactly?
Your social standing isn't bad, and you're not bad to look at or particularly dumb. You could easily be engaged by now. But you just flit from one woman to the next without settling on anyone.

Me? Hate women? Haha! That couldn't be further from the truth!
I'm always serious when it comes to matters of the heart. When I flirt, I stake my life on it.
Uh-huh. I'll believe it when I see it.
Staking your life on a person is the sort of thing you should only do when you're in love.
That's what I've been saying! I love you enough to stake my life on it.
And I'm seriously in love with each and every girl I flirt with.
I see. Regardless, I'm not staking my life on you.
So you'd better go and fall in love with someone else. Good-bye, Sylvain.

♪ Tactics ♪

Dorothea hitting a bit too close for comfort, Sylvain?

Anyway, I spend our first Intermediate Seal on putting Petra into Pegasus Knight. Now our speedy hard-hitting weapon user is a flier too.

I bought three more Intermediate Seals, in addition to the two we already had, since we're currently limited to buying 3 a month, and spent one on putting Lysithea into Mage...

Ferdinand into Cavalier...

Edelgard into Brigand...

Hubert into Mage...

And Dorothea into Mage.
♪ Garreg Mach Cathedral ♪

Time to start exploring.
Please watch over Flayn... Please protect her...

Grab an item from from the greenhouse. Simple.

I also went to the Saint Cichol statue, and got it up to rank 3, giving us +1 to Axe and Authority skill experience gains.

Belongs to Ashe.

Ask a friend to instruct you.

Hm. You'd think there'd be better records of that.

We will find her, together.

May the goddess protect dear Flayn until she returns to us...

♪ Tactics ♪

Belongs to Dorothea.

I can empathize. I know what it's like to have an overbearing big brother.
I doubt it. She really enjoyed being around the people around the monastery when she could.

If it were an ordinary kidnapping, you'd think there'd be a demand for ransom or something by now. I don't like the sound of this...
Claude's got a point that it's probably not an "ordinary" kidnapping. A lot of stuff isn't really ordinary around here, though.

Deliver an item to Cyril.

If she ran off of her own free will, that's her business. But that may not be the case. For her sake, I suggest we assume that she was abducted and begin an investigation. Who benefits from kidnapping her? Let's gather all the information we can on anyone who's been acting strangely.

Talk to various students and faculty to gather clues.

Belongs to Hilda.

I hear Tomas has been going around asking about her... But he's probably just worried like the rest of us. Though it wasn't just Flayn. He was asking about you and Captain Jeralt too.
I...don't like the sound of that.

Perhaps we must seek out personal recounts rather than physical evidence... In any case, we must hurry before something terrible happens.

If there is no sign of Flayn's departure, it is possible that she used one of those. Whatever has happened, I hope she is all right.
You'd think either Rhea or Seteth would've told us that, and have had them investigated. At the absolute least, Rhea should know this place inside and out...

That's possible.

I just recently learned she has a Crest. Did you know that, Professor? If it was a particularly rare Crest, I could imagine Professor Hanneman would have quite an intense interest in her. Oh, no, I'm not accusing Professor Hanneman of abducting Flayn.
Hmm... I'm doubtful, but there's no sense in not pursuing every possibility.

That's it! I can't keep sitting around. I gotta go find her!
Now where do I start?

Belongs to Gilbert.

I haven't got much to go off of, and perhaps it's out of line for me to feel so uncomfortable...
But something has been bothering me for a while about Gilbert. I feel as though I've met him somewhere before... I also noticed him staring intently at Annette once. Hmm...
I don't see what possible connection Flayn and Annette could have.

There is a masked individual who has been going into town every evening and not returning until the following morning. You see? Nothing gets past this guard! I doubt it has anything to do with Flayn's disappearance, but...Well, better safe than sorry, I always say.

Belongs to Flayn.

There's the item that Marianne wants.

Ugh, I guess I have to let you in to prove it, don't I?

Maybe Flayn just wanted to be alone for a while. Have you considered that? Come to think of it, where is her room, anyway?

Cute teddy bear.

Petra's Axe level isn't that high, but that doesn't matter too much.

She has Str and Spd. That's all that matters.

I saw her running off somewhere in a terrible hurry.

You're on first-name terms with Professor Manuela?
Oh, yes. Didn't you know? She was the senior diva in our Opera Company.

Hmm. I must have admittance. One person...has been catching my eye. Shamir is a knight not like other knights. Her movements are being reminders of...no, they remind me of warriors of Brigid. Before she was here, what was she getting up to...
Probably being a mercenary, like she said.

She must have been.

You think she'd be easily deceived?

Oh, are you here to see someone? Alois and Shamir and all the knights are gonna head into town soon.

And that's that quest done.

There would be no point to abducting her if simple murder was the objective. That's only logical, Professor.
As callous as I think Hubert is...pretty much all of the time, I think he's right.

Is her Crest rare enough to justify kidnapping her?

Belongs to Marianne.

Belongs to Ferdinand.

Rhea, can I please be allowed to fire one monk?

What did you do before coming to the monastery?
I was somewhere else. Fighting. Is that a problem?
I understand that I don't fit in among the Knights of Seiros...
But that hardly links me to Flayn's disappearance.

I can't say anything for sure, but I do have suspicions about Jeritza. There's something about how he's handling his blade lately. It seems more...impulsive than usual. It couldn't hurt to try speaking with him, at least. At this hour, I think you'll find him sparring with Catherine at the training grounds.
As spurious as that is, a lead's a lead. Jeritza wasn't at the training grounds, though...

If it were a book, we would have no need to worry! She would be rescued presently by a dashing nobleman.

Perhaps she went looking for treats?

Now that I think about it, I saw Alois hanging out by the pond not too long ago. He was always getting into trouble for trying to talk to Flayn, you know.
It's probably a crazy thought, but I'm starting to worry.

I hear she was always yelling at you...
Oh, that's just because of my dumb jokes. She says that they're not very good.
But if I went around kidnapping everyone who said that, the whole monastery would be empty!

I will do what I can to support the search.

Why were you asking about my father?
It has been two decades since I last knew Jeralt, yet he looks nearly identical to my memory of him. It is only natural to be curious, don't you think? I assure you, there is nothing more to it than that.
I guess that makes sense.

We can't rule it out.

Is that a possibility?


Some of the lower-ranked knights are searching for her in the town. If they find anything, I'll know.
What? Jeritza? Hm, come to think of it, I haven't seen him today.

I heard that he goes out every night.

Belongs to Hanneman.

But we haven't found a single lead. Seteth's face is getting paler by the minute. It's hard to watch.
What's that? You're looking for Manuela? Well, I did pass by her earlier.

Jeritza's mask?
I'm not close to the guy, so I can't say for sure. But come to think of it, you could be right.

We do not seem to have any leads at present. I am one of the suspects, am I?

Your true identity?
I was once a knight in service to the Faerghus royal family. If Ingrid believes she saw me before, it was likely in Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital.
Annette is... She is my... But no. I would appreciate it, Professor, if you would ask no more.

Maybe she's lived a very sheltered life.

I will find her. I swear it.

She would never have left the monastery of her own volition. Why is there not a trace of her to be found?!

You can't receive Faculty Training from Seteth during this month.

Hmm... We'll have to speak with both of them. But where could Manuela be? Jeritza is likely at the training grounds or in his quarters on the eastern side of the knights' hall.

At this point, a spot you can check opens up near where Hanneman was standing. You can choose to end the month early, and go immediately to the mission.

Don't do that. There is absolutely no benefit to ending the month early.

I spend the Renown we got from quests on getting the Flying +2 bonus from the Saint Cichol statue.

It was at this moment that I remembered...

So... Um...

Huh? Really?! Oh, thank you! I'm so, so happy right now! I just know I'll be able to learn all sorts of things with your guidance. I can't wait!

Annette's rank C recruitment requirement is Faith C+—the same as Lysithea's. So, well, now she's in our house!

Here's another type of dining hall event.

That unlocked Felix/Ingrid C. Let's watch.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Time for our tactics lecture. You'll be there, won't you?
Those things are such a waste of time.
Nonsense. You're going to be there.
Must I?
Why is this such a chore? You went last time. Though you did all you could to disrupt things, as I recall. Brazenly rambling on about clear-cutting a nearby forest to secure a marching route. And attacking an enemy base, stealing their horses. You were incredibly disruptive and even rude.
I was offering my honest opinion.
Then, you left before we were finished! What do you suppose happened after that?
I have no idea.
Well, the conversation got quite lively.

And apparently, similar tactics have been used to turn the tides of historic battles.
That may be an exaggeration. Successful armies must be able to handle unexpected situations. That starts with weapon mastery and creative tactics.
If you didn't have so much battlefield experience, you wouldn't be capable of such unique strategies. Which is why we need people like you—people who think creatively—to lead the army.
Now you're just massaging my ego.
When have you ever minded?
We need you there. Just come on.

♪ Tactics ♪

Felix is clearly a capable student. I wonder why he blows everything but weapons training off.

Oh, hey, Caspar/Catherine C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Not this time!

Too slow!

You're mine now!
Not quite!

What's wrong, Caspar? Worn out already?
You said you wanted to keep going until you managed to hit me.
I'm gonna hit you! Just...just let me catch my breath. Losing to you over and over again is exhausting.
That's because you rely on sheer power. You're moving around more than you have to, and it's a waste of energy.
You need to start using your head, or you'll never even land a blow.
Well, you were taking some pretty big swings yourself, you know!
I have more experience than you. I can use my energy more efficiently.
Yes, I guess that makes sense. You are the famous Thunder Catherine, after all.

Why is that just occurring to you?
I guess it didn't really sink in until now. I'm training with someone I've always looked up to! You're a legend! Everyone knows about the power of Thunderbrand, even in the Empire!
Stop. I'm not nearly that impressive.
But you are! When I was younger, my friends and I would fight over who got to pretend to use Thunderbrand whenever we would play.
If they actually saw me fighting, I doubt that game would be very popular. I will cut down anyone, even a child, for the sake of my mission.

Sure, but—
I'm not a hero. I fight only for Lady Rhea and the goddess. What about me is admirable, hm? Is it my deeds...or my blade?

♪ Tactics ♪

Jesus, Catherine. I think Lonato might've been right when he called you a zealot.

Lysithea/Cyril C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Uh, what are you doing, Cyril?
I'm picking out logs to carry back and chop into firewood.
You can't expect to carry all these by yourself. Let me help.
Nah, I got it. I don't want ya getting hurt. Logs are heavy sometimes.
I'm well aware. You should accept the help being offered. I'm older and wiser—I know best.

Yep, totally fine. I'm just kinda losing my grip on this log. Agh!

Couldn't even walk in a straight line...
I told ya, logs are heavy sometimes. It's hard work if you're not used to it.
I feel foolish.
Well, if you've learned your lesson, I'm gonna go carry the other logs.
Hang on—shouldn't you rest for a bit?
Wood still needs chopping. I got a buncha other stuff needs doing before sundown too.
In that case, let me help you carry the chopped wood!
You know how rough firewood is? You'll get splinters if ya carry it with your soft hands.
You can't be serious!

No point in you learning to chop wood, is there? You don't need to know how to do that stuff. You and me live in different worlds. There's no point lowering yourself down into mine.
Our worlds aren't so different. We're together right now, aren't we?
Sure, we live in the same places now, but that's not gonna last forever. Don't see how it could, unless I actually turned into your little brother or something.

♪ Tactics ♪

I respect Lysithea's drive, but sometimes you just get in the way if you try to help with something you don't understand.

I raise Abby's Riding skill so she can recruit Marianne soon.

Also, hey, we've got Abby/Lysithea B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

I'd love to do this again, if possible. Your advice is always so useful. Everyone thinks you're a wonderful teacher. You account for people's weaknesses while capitalizing on their strengths. Initially I wasn't sure you paid too much attention to your students. Clearly, I was wrong. After all, were that the case, you wouldn't be capable of providing such useful feedback.

You're quite determined.

Yes. You're always pushing yourself.
Professor, I... Thank you!
You're the only one who's ever praised me like that.
I mean, people are always telling me I've got a knack for magic. If you can call the power of my Crests a "knack," they aren't wrong, per se. Though bearing two Crests isn't a gift I ever asked for... Anyhow, I've made a point to work harder than most and not rely too heavily on the power they bestow.
So I find it frustrating that the only praise I seem to receive is directly related to that power.

Why do you work yourself so hard?
Well, you see... I... It is because I am the only child of House Ordelia. I must do all I can for my family name. I'm determined to someday be of real value to them, and that day must come soon. I can't waste any time. I don't have much of it left...
Anyway, I should be going. Thank you again for your help!

♪ Tactics ♪

Man, Lysithea understands me. I wish people would've praised my effort rather than my results as a kid. Maybe then I wouldn't have fallen victim to "smart kid" synd—

Wait. "I can't waste any time. I don't have much of it left..."

What...does that mean?

Abby/Cyril C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Is something the matter?
Well, yeah, I wouldn't have been running all over the place looking for you if stuff was normal. Do you remember how Lady Rhea asked you to come to the office this evening? Well, she told me that I should come to let ya know that today's a bad day for doing that, and you should go and see her tomorrow instead. That's pretty much everything I needed to say, I think... Oh! Except to ask you if you've seen Seteth around anywhere.

I haven't, sorry.

Want to look for him together?
No, it's all right, thanks. But if ya see him, then please find me, and tell me where ya saw him, OK? Because then I'll know where he is and I can tell him. I'll be in the stables if ya need me. Gotta put out the fodder before it's the next kid's shift. Don't want her thinking I left my work for her to do. Oh! But if I'm not in the stables, and ya need to find me, I'll be at the forest up north 'cause there's a buncha logs lying around up there. I figure I oughta chop 'em up or else someone might trip on a log, or we might run out of firewood. And if I chop, then it'll save other people time.

Can I help you with anything?
Nope. This is my job. I'm not giving it to anyone else, because it's mine and I'm gonna do it.
Besides, if ya help me out, Lady Rhea might gimme an earful.

Is that so?
Oh yeah. Not that's it's any of my business. Anyways, Lady Rhea asked me to do some jobs, so I'm doing 'em all. Even some she didn't ask for, but I know need doing, so I'm doing 'em. End of story.

Seems like it'll be tough to find you...
Huh? But I just told ya where I'd be. If I'm not in the stables, I'll be at the forest. If I'm not... Oh, I see. You're right. I'm all over the place, huh?
I don't wanna waste your time, Professor, so if ya see Seteth, how about ya tell him I was looking for him and then tell him all the places I'll be. Then he can spend his time looking for me instead of you. Yeah! That sounds like a good plan.
A real good plan. Let's do that! See ya later, Professor.

♪ Tactics ♪

Never a moment to rest, huh, Cyril?

Well, whatever. We've got Abby/Catherine C now.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

Why does Lady Rhea give you special treatment? You're not particularly strong or good-looking. You seem exceedingly unremarkable.
Not that I doubt you were a skilled mercenary. Shamir came from the same background. But she doesn't get nearly as much of Lady Rhea's attention.

I'm not blaming you. I'm just perplexed.
And it's not like just anyone can wield the Sword of the Creator.
It's a legendary Relic, right? And it was casually handed over to you! It's unbelievable. Maybe it's because you're related to Jeralt.
He was the leader of the Knights of Seiros, and probably the finest mercenary in all Fódlan.

Not as strong as people say.
Oh, come on!
There can't be a soul in Fódlan who hasn't heard tales of the Blade Breaker! Maybe that's it. Jeralt used his influence to help you.

No, definitely not...
There must be something more to you. OK, that settles it. I'm going to watch from afar, figure out what Lady Rhea could possibly see in you. Whatever it is, maybe I can copy it, so that she'll take a shine to me as well. And if I discover that your intentions are malicious, I'll cut you down. With relish.

♪ Tactics ♪

Catherine is...starting to freak me out. Why's she so obsessed with Rhea?

Last support of this day. Abby/Hanneman C.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

Come now. You have no need to be on guard. I'd never cause you harm. You're far too valuable a specim— Well, that is to say, too valuable a member of the academy staff. Indeed, the further my Crest research progresses, the closer you come to learning the truth of your heritage. Is it not so?

What was the origin of your bloodline? How have the events of your life been shaped by your lineage?

You investigated me?
Nothing so crass as an investigation, no. I researched. I spoke to mercenaries whom you've worked with in the past to learn about your life before the academy. Of course, I also contacted Jeralt and his mercenary friends. Your father does keep rather interesting company. I'm excited to share with you what I learned, but I do ask that you correct me if I am mistaken on any account.

There was a woman at the monastery with whom Jeralt was quite close. At first, it seemed obvious this mystery woman was your mother. Alas, that cannot be the case. The timing is all wrong. As it was told to me, the woman in question passed away shortly before Jeralt left the monastery... Yet your birth occurred sometime later, while Jeralt was taking work as a mercenary.

My father was always one for secrets.
Oh, I am aware. You two were certainly enigmatic as far as mercenaries go. For example, Jeralt never once spoke of his time serving as captain of the knights. That's quite a secret to keep for all those years. In the end, your old acquaintances had little definitive to say about either of you.

You, in particular. In fact, many came to know you as the Ashen Demon. They say you would destroy your enemies without a hint of emotion on your face. The mercenaries I spoke to revered you as a living legend of sorts.

So, that is what I learned. And, I admit, it is barely more than I knew before. The next step in my research is to ask your blood for answers, and hope that it is more forthcoming than your past acquaintances.

♪ Tactics ♪

Abby's quite the enigma.

Before we end the week, I got a Fruit of Life from last week's seeds.

Petra eats it, putting her at 38 max HP.

I plant these seeds, hoping for a Speed Carrot.

Let's move on.
♪ No music ♪

In the interest of cutting down on bloat, I'll only be showing instruction days when I'm changing a student's goals, or when they master an aptitude. For both instruction days and end of week results, I'll only be showing skill rank-ups that give something besides a Prowess level.

♪ Tactics ♪

Whoops, forgot to talk to Sothis last week.
We cannot let this stand. You must do all you can to find out where she's gone. Now ask around to see what information you can find. Come now! No time to waste!


Dorothea gets the Speed Carrot, putting her at 10 Spd.

Second verse, same as the first.

Some Bow training to recruit Mercedes. Bows are also nice to have on Abby, anyway.

And here's how I spent the rest of the day. Ferdinand hit Faith E+. Yay?
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

I'm having Sylvain learn Sword for...reasons. Again, trust me on this.

Shifting the group task to having Lysithea and Linhardt doing stable duty.

You just did.

♪ Teatime Joy ♪

Aaaaand I don't have any of Catherine's preferred teas.

Hello now, what's this?

Byleth/Sylvain B.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

What happened?
Oh, Professor. Heh, I didn't realize you were there. If we keep running into each other like this, people will start to talk.
Hey, don't get mad! I was joking.
If we were playing as Adan, Sylvain would also say the following:
They'll say, "Sylvain and the professor are on the prowl." Heh...

Girl problems, Sylvain?
Well, you're not wrong. I fell for that girl recently, but I just wanted to have some fun and leave it at that. So I told her we should break it off.

Come on, Professor. Playing around with girls is the most fun a guy can have.
Besides, I don't care what you think of me. I don't intend to change how I live my life. I'm a good-for-nothing, if you haven't noticed, but I'm still a noble with a Crest. That's all anyone cares about. It's best to avoid getting too serious with fools like that. It only leads to trouble.

My father never told me.

What was your experience?
Most children who are born to noble families are tested upon birth to see if they bear one. Even descendants of the 10 Elites, like myself, can't be legitimate heirs without a Crest. That means, as children, we're only accepted if we're born with one. The heads of most noble houses keep having kids until they get one with a Crest. Those children then grow up to be heads of their houses, and the vicious cycle continues.

That's cynical.
Perhaps. But that doesn't change the fact that these girls don't love me. They only love the potential rewards of loving me. If I marry a girl and she gives birth to a child with a Crest, that kid might become the next head of House Gautier. But nowadays, with the bloodlines getting weaker, there are a lot of kids like my brother...born with no hope.
For ages now, those of us with Crests have been envied and desired but never for who we are. I understand the value of my blood. Believe me, I hate how much I understand it. I know better than to dream of being free from this burden. I'm used to it by now.

You don't think that way anymore?
Heh heh... That's right.
You know what? I'm a bit jealous. The whole time you were growing up, you never knew you had a Crest.

♪ No music ♪

Well, there's...a lot to unpack there. For my part, though:

Sylvain, I understand your trauma, and how your perception of people, especially women, was warped by the overemphasis Fódlan places on Crests, but "fooling around" with women just to break their hearts and keep them distant is supremely unhealthy. For both you and the women around you. Even if it makes you feel like you have some control over your life.

Caspar hits Axe C+, and gets:

Wild Abandon: +10 Mt, -30 Hit, +30 Crit, 1 range, costs 5 durability.

♪ Tactics ♪

...Not what I expected, but it's too late to fix it.

I'll give it to Petra, I guess.

Well, hopefully it gives me a Speed Carrot this time.

Hey, one of the few supports between a house leader and a student that doesn't start in their house.

Edelgard/Lysithea C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Huh? Oh! No, no—I'm fine! Really. Just not accustomed to so much manual labor.
You were cleaning the library...all by yourself?
Yes. The other student who was assigned to tidy up with me wasn't feeling well, so it's just me.
I figured I could at least dust the bookshelves or something, but I...uh...I got a little carried away.
So many books... You probably tired yourself out just moving them from the shelves.
As much as I love books, I can't say I love carrying stacks of them to and fro. They're so heavy.
Well... Maybe you should think things through a little more next time. Surely you can tell how much physical strength a job is going to require before you begin.
I can do without the condescension, thanks.
After all, I'm the only one who has to deal with the fact that I've worn myself out.
I only said that you should take care of yourself. Especially considering—
Considering what?

How about you return to your quarters? I'll finish cleaning up in here.
But I want to finish what I've started!
I don't mind, really. Please, don't make me repeat myself.
Ugh. Fine. As long as you'll finish all this up.
I will. Get some rest, OK?
Yes, yes. Thank you.

♪ Tactics ♪

...Does Edelgard know that Lysithea has two Crests too?

Professor level B! We now have 7 activity points in the monatery, 6 activity points for instruction, and can deploy 2 adjutants. We can also plant 4 seeds in the greenhouse now, and can utilize the next level of cultivation.

Also, another support. Bernadetta/Felix C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

If I run, he'll chase me. Maybe if I just hold really, really still...

Whatever it is, I didn't do it! I swear!
Unless I'm offending you just by standing here?!
No. Here. I believe this is yours.
Huh? Oh. Yeah, that's my satchel. Wait, wh-where did you get that?!
Stop asking questions and just take it.

Why are you acting like this?

You're being difficult. Come on, this is yours.
I can't! Your icy glare has frozen me completely!
Shut up! Just take the thing.
No! P-please don't kill me!
What? Who's going to—
Sword! He's got a sword! Aaaah!

A sound of something metallic falling to the floor is heard.

But she's certainly caught my attention. I've never seen that technique before.

♪ Tactics ♪

Felix's general demeanor can be intensely scary if you're just generally anxious, to be fair to Bernadetta.

More Riding training.

Before we end the day, let's watch Abby/Marianne C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪


That's right.

What were you praying for?
Oh, um. Nothing specific.
I only call upon the goddess to give thanks, or perhaps to ask for protection.

Do you have a moment to chat?
Um. OK...

I'm not very good at talking to people.

Why is that?
Oh, um, no particular reason.

Don't worry about it.
Ah! Um. Thank you.
I'm sorry. You shouldn't waste your time worrying about me.
Please, just ignore me. I, um, have to be going now. Good-bye, Professor!

♪ Tactics ♪

Hm. Marianne's not exactly the "easily opens up" type, huh.
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Lancebreaker: Grants Hit/Avo +20 when using an axe against lance users.

For those of you coming from previous FE games, remember the weapon triangle? It's gone in the general sense, but it's somewhat replicated in Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, and Axebreaker. Sword B learns Axebreaker, Lance B learns Swordbreaker, and Axe B learns Lancebreaker. They're very, very useful, and I highly advise always having the one that's appropriate for the weapon type(s) a character uses most often.

Seal Speed: If unit damages foe during combat, foe suffers Spd -6 for 1 turn after combat.

Ferdinand may not be a speedy physical powerhouse, but he can sure make that job easier for others with this, especially if he's in a mounted class and, therefore, has the ability to hit enemies from distances other units couldn't.

Linhardt reached Faith B, granting him Restore. Restore removes status effects (poison, being rattled, and stat debuffs) from any unit in an area around the caster. Situational, but having the ability to cure units of being rattled or restricted Mv from Banshee Θ is nice.

Rally Speed: Use Rally to grant Spd +4 to an ally.

Authority C+ gets Annette Rally Speed. Combined with her personal skill, she can use her turn to give another unit Str/Spd +4 for one turn—a big boost to weapon users' killing power.
♪ Tactics ♪

There we go, that's more like it.

Average day at the monastery. Still got one activity point.

But we've got a support to watch first. (The translucent icons over Abby and Edelgard mean their next rank can't be viewed in this chapter.)

Ferdinand/Dorothea B.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

My goodness, Ferdie. When did you become such a talented confectioner?
Oh, Dorothea! I am hardly an expert.
Nevertheless, you have managed to make some tasty-looking treats.
Well, it is the first time I have tried my hand at it. Honestly, there were several unsuccessful attempts preceding this batch. I made these pastries to solve that riddle you gave me. The reason you despise me.
You said I was like a bee. The bee is a dutiful worker, just as I am.
But the bee inherits a capacious home, with a wealth of honey. Similarly, I inherited my fortune. I did not receive it as a reward for my labor.
I surmised that perhaps you'd feel differently about me if I earned something all on my own. That was my plan. To emulate your transformation from desperate pauper to successful songstress.

No. I made these! I obtained all the ingredients on my own, without anyone's help.
You mean...you got the sugar and the flour.
Yes. To earn the flour, I worked in the fields. To earn the sugar, I carried a merchant's wares.
Who did the cooking? You?
Naturally! I took on some extra chores in exchange for use of the kitchen at night.
I have to admit, that's impressive. Hey... It looks like you had a bit of an accident. Is your hand OK?
I burned myself a little while I was baking. Nothing to worry about.
Nonsense. That burn will scar, you know. Come on, let's get you to the infirmary.

There you go again. Noble this, noble that. Though you did say it with less disdain than usual.
Nothing gets past you. As it were, I may have reconsidered you a little.
You have reconsidered me? Finally! Just as I had hoped, we are becoming friends. Now then, I propose that we—
I only said I reconsidered a little. And you still haven't figured out why I said you're like a bee.
Which is funny, because you look like a bee right now. Bye!

♪ Tactics ♪

A day or two's labor and some efforts in the kitchen, no matter how well-intentioned, does not an absolution of wealth make, Ferdinand.

And with some Sword training from Rhea, we close out the last monastery day of the month.
♪ No music ♪

♪ Teatime Joy ♪

♪ Tactics ♪

With that, we've come to the end of the Horsebow Moon.

Next time: we save Flayn.

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