Update 111: Welcome to the Magic Show

♪ Three Crowns ♪

The Kingdom army has reclaimed the Kingdom capital and plans to immediately begin restoring the country and its forces. But an unexpected request arrives from Claude, leader of the Leicester Alliance.

Dimitri promptly responds to the request for aid, and he rushes to prepare the Kingdom's forces.

♪ No music ♪

♪ The King of Lions ♪

We have only just taken back Fhirdiad, and yet I am already asking all of you to move out once more. Please accept my apologies for that.
That's no problem at all. More importantly, how is the Alliance faring?
House Riegan has rallied the Alliance lords. They are facing the enemy with all the strength they can muster. But we do not know how far that will get them. It seems the enemy's relentless attacks have forced them into a tough situation. Their defeat at Gronder severely weakened the Alliance. I imagine the Empire now intends to destroy them before they can recover.
To think they'd watch us chase their soldiers out of the Kingdom capital, then immediately go invade the Alliance... Their general is Lord Volkhard von Arundel. He serves as regent to the emperor. He has presumably taken command after the emperor was wounded in Gronder.
He is known for his shrewdness and excels not only in domestic affairs, but tactics as well. He is not an opponent we should take lightly. Lord Arundel...
Are you concerned?
I always suspected that Lord Arundel was behind the tragedy nine years ago. The timing of his departure from the Kingdom, the fact that he abruptly stopped making donations... Too many factors made him suspect. If Lord Arundel conspired with Cornelia...then what Kronya and the others said five years ago...
Well, never mind that for now. The Alliance needs our help. What are your thoughts?
If we turn our back on the Alliance and then Derdriu falls, it will undoubtedly make our situation difficult further down the road. We would have enemies in two directions...in the Alliance to the northeast and in the Empire to the south.
That is true. In that scenario, we would not be able to safely march our soldiers to Enbarr.
I am terribly worried about Lady Rhea...but I believe we must save the Alliance first.
Oh! Maybe if we do this, the Alliance will help us out in return! We could ask them to help us attack the Empire. You know, a sneak attack or something!
Annie! When did you become so devious?
Heh. What would your mother think.
What? It wasn't that devious!
What do you think, Professor?
Let's march for Derdriu.
Yes, I agree. I will admit that there is something to be gained for us as well, for when we eventually march south... But far more importantly...they need us. We cannot turn our backs on them. We will arrange to head out at once. Prepare yourselves, everyone.

Gilbert and Annette's little exchange is only present if they've gotten to rank C or higher in their support.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ooh, a new paralogue? That must be Dimitri's.

Speaking of the big man...

Dimitri/Ingrid B+.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

I mismanaged my feelings and got carried away. I've been thinking about what might have made you say the things you did... I was so caught up in the moment, and in my own feelings, that I didn't think of what yours might be.
No... I should be the one to apologize. I did not intend to say such things. I lashed out like a child. You were right to rebuke me.
I am disgusted by my own inability to express myself. Will you allow me to explain?
Of course.
At the Tragedy of Duscur, I saw countless corpses. Of course, I saw his too...Glenn's. Ingrid, I doubt you would have been able to see him. They were unable to bring his body back, after all. He must have died an agonizing death, full of pain and regret. That is what I saw in his face.
In that wasteland, there were no beautiful, proud deaths that could have been written about in heroic tales. Not one.
I do not want you to die a death like that. Not even for the sake of loyalty or duty.
A king must, at times, order his soldiers and knights to fight and die on his behalf. Their lives must be used for the greater good—this is something any good king understands innately.
Any king who doesn't allow people to die on his behalf is too soft to rule well.
You leave me little room for argument. Have I disappointed you?
No. I chose to serve you because of how you are. As your knight, I will stand by your side and uphold your soft-hearted ideals.
What has changed, Ingrid? You were so obstinate the other day...
I've realized that I haven't been facing a very important truth.
Because of you, I can finally move on. Thank you.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Dimitri/Alois C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

I had intended to train, but this rain is unrelenting...
Yes, it's really coming down out there. Makes it hard to go outside, I suppose.

Uh, yes... Quite.
Sorry, that one was pretty bad. I think this weather is putting a damper on my sense of humor!
Hm. At any rate, did you need me for something?
Ah yes. You seem to have the time to spare, so would you help me organize our stock of weapons? You must know a thing or two about weapons, and I bet you're no slouch at physical labor.
Of course, I'd be happy to help. I was just hoping for a useful way to pass the time until the rain lets up.
I appreciate it. I don't know how I'd do it all on my own!
You know, it's great that you're willing to help with this kind of thing. Some nobles are so self-important. You're a real go-getter, Your Highness! Or should I say, Your Spryness?
(Maybe that was disrespectful...)
(If he's going to lop off my head, he'd better go ahead and do it. I can't bear the silence!)
Listen, Your Highness. That joke, I... I didn't mean to...
Ahem. I just— Hahaha!
Hahahaha! Oh my. I'm sorry, Alois!
Wait, you mean, you actually found it funny?
Oh goodness, not at all.
I see...

That's not exactly what I was going for.
Still, I don't think I've ever seen you laugh so loudly.
It's true. Laughter is not one of my strong suits. I actually can't recall the last time I laughed like that.
Alois... Perhaps you should focus your efforts on honing this comedic talent of yours.
"This talent," hm? Is that your way of saying I'm no good at telling jokes?
Heh, my apologies. I should refrain from commenting on the...quality of your jokes. What's important is that they bring joy, right?
That does it. Next time I make you laugh, I'm gonna make you admit it was a good, quality joke!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cook up some top-notch rib-ticklers!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Top-tier support scene, IMO.

Felix/Mercedes B. Somehow I only got these two up to a C rank in Silver Snow.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Oh! Were you looking for me, Felix?
You were injured in the last battle. Are you OK?
I'm fine now. Thank you for your concern.
You really are troublesome.
I'm so sorry. I didn't want to get in your way out there... I just couldn't help but worry! I was only trying to keep an eye on you...
What are you even doing on the battlefield? You endangered yourself and got hurt. Such a stupid thing to do.
Yes, of course. You're right. I have no excuses.
If you intend to carry on being such a fool, you'd best stay near me.
Are you sure? I'd hate to get in your way again.
You can, um...
You can keep thinking of me as your little brother. That'd be better than going through this again.
But I thought you didn't like that. Didn't you say you were fed up with it?
I am fed up with it. I've already spent years filling in for someone who's dead.
My older brother inspired love and respect—he was a great knight. He died.
Since his death, his memory has followed me around like a shadow.
Oh... I didn't know you had a brother too...
Hmph. I don't let my personal feelings distract me on the battlefield. Still, do I really remind you of him?
Well, you don't look like him, but something about you feels so familiar. It just makes me want to protect you.
That's not to say that you're incapable or unreliable or anything like that...
In fact, it's quite the opposite. You're the one who just came to check on me.
You need to pay attention to your surroundings. You're reckless. Lives are at stake. Including mine, when I have to run over and save your skin.
Yes, I'll try to be more careful. Thank you for being so kind, Felix.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Mercedes has the patience of a saint.

Balthus/Constance A. Another support I didn't finish the first go-around.
♪ Woven by Fate ♪

Enough of that! Just watch my back like we planned!
A thousand pardons, then.

♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

How are you holding up? You didn't seem like your heart was really in it this time.
I had some difficulty, knowing the torment our enemy was going through.
Bad enough to fall in combat, but to be felled by one so base as I...
If they regret anything, it's that you're worried about their humiliating defeat. Ego burn, right there.
You know, it wasn't so bad fighting at your side. We make a pretty good team, you and I.
It is because you have the courage to face your enemies head on, leaving your flanks unguarded. And the generosity to allow less skilled fighters the glory of dispatching foes who take the bait.
Every aspect of your tactics is a reflection of your incomparable virtue.
You have a way of understanding a situation, but also twisting it all up in your head. Impressive, really. The Unrivaled King of Grappling himself—that'd be me—trusted you enough to watch his back. Can't you just be proud and leave it at that?
The nickname is a difficult one to respect, though the man inhabiting it is more than worthy.
If what I have said today has offended, which I would not doubt, then accept my humblest apologies.
Ha! You really are something else, you know that? I like your style, pal. I could see us teaming up as mercenaries and wandering from battlefield to battlefield. Admit it, that would be a grand old time. Don't you think?
It would...depend on the circumstances. Might I impose on you to come with me?
Right, there's always... Wait, what? OK, we're here. Care to explain?

You assume I'd abandon the restoration of House Nuvelle to...to become a vagrant?! Are you mad? Even among your fabled transgressions, this goes beyond the pale!

Definitely a fair-weather friend, that one...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

In Faerghus, most of the towns are pretty much glorified fortresses. So to hear about a place called the Aquatic capital... it just sounds so elegant! When the war's over, I hope I can visit with everyone there!

He used to grovel at Cornelia's feet when the city was under her control. But after it was liberated, he started courting the Kingdom instead.
That's despicable.
Absolutely. He's hopeless. I suppose when you're a merchant, that's all you know. No matter what becomes of the world, it'll always be plagued by people like him.

It's just... I can't picture his face. Don't remember what he looks like. I'm not sure if I ever knew.

Claude must have predicted that we'd retake it.
Claude's a hard person to read. It's obvious not much escapes his eye though. Kind of unsettling, honestly.

I am the daughter of an Alliance lord though, so I suppose that goes without saying.
Having to fight with your former classmates is just so terribly sad...

I want a nickname too!
Maybe I'll get one if I can rescue him at Derdriu... I'll come up with a plan that's even better than his and earn a nickname for sure!
Oh I'd love to see your nickname, Caspar.

That prince really works his people hard, doesn't he? Or should I be calling him a king now? Whatever the title is, he'll always be Dimitri to me.
I think that's what he'd prefer, honestly.

I chose this side because I believe in you, Professor. But it's not like I got anything against Claude.
What was he like?
Hmm... Well, he loved parties, and he was full of some pretty good jokes!
I got no clue what'll happen to the Alliance, but I sure hope Claude doesn't die...

Derdriu is known as the Aquatic capital... It's a beautiful town with streets that seem to float on the water and an impressive harbor. In times of peace, it would be a wonderful place for a holiday... Anyway! Best of luck in the next battle!

If we're going, I wish it wasn't to wage war. It'd be more fun to visit with a cute girl on my arm.
Maybe once the war is over...
You're right. That's something to look forward to.
As is standard for this guy, the last line is way different for Abby.
Yeah? Maybe you and me? That'd be a good reason to survive the war. Heh heh...

While people were dying left and right...it was Cornelia who saved the Kingdom from that dreadful illness.
Cornelia was a doctor?
No, I hear she was originally an Imperial scholar. She was in the Kingdom by my father's invitation. People praised Cornelia as a saint for ending the epidemic. But there came a day when she completely changed. Her behavior, mannerisms, likes, dislikes...everything.
Despite all that, Father still appointed her to a high post. After all, she had saved the Kingdom from ruin by that disease... But above all, my stepmother trusted her. That's why what that woman said is... Never mind.
I don't think the game ever explicitly mentions what the specific deal with Dimitri's stepmother is? I could just have a hole in my memory, but the true extent of her involvement with the Tragedy of Duscur is never stated—and no, I don't trust Cornelia's word on this. She may not even really be Dimitri's stepmother—it's not at all out of the question that she could've been an Agarthan, though there's no real evidence in the game's text to confirm or deny that.

Margrave Gautier has assumed his position, and is now gathering the lords of the eastern territories. House Gautier is equal in prestige to House Fraldarius. Sylvain is a Gautier. These lords are reorganizing the Faerghus army, and eradicating any remaining factions that claim allegiance to the Empire. Of course, His Highness is being kept apprised with regular reports.
But it falls to me to monitor him, and ensure he does not try to take on too much.
I would ask you to do the same. If you take your eyes off that man, even for a moment, he is liable to do something rash.

It's like we've gone back to how things were five years ago. It's so nice.
Just imagine if Edie was there too? I suppose you can't ever really go back to the way things were in the past...

Then we shifted focus to Derdriu. I hadn't been expecting that.
But, as a knight who's sworn to serve the goddess, I cannot turn a blind ear to those who seek my aid.

He would refuse my desire, rightfully pointing out that he has not, as yet, been crowned.
However, the day this war has ended, and the church has placed the crown upon his head...
Then, he will truly be our king, and I will call him "Your Majesty" at last.
I must go hear the reports from our spies. There is something worrying me and— No. It can wait. I shall tell you more when our information is more concrete.

Our next foe, Lord Arundel, was once a pious adherent to the Seiros creed. His contributions to the church stopped quite abruptly some time ago. I think it is likely the man knows something.
How can no-one put two and two together and think about how these abrupt personality shifts likely coincide with being replaced by an Agarthan? Cripes.

Being opposing forces at the battle of Gronder was ill fated.
It hurt to side against him. I am happy that things have taken a brighter turn now.
At this point, I lost the footage of me talking to Lysithea. Oops. Here's her dialogue.
The pro-Imperialist lords who've let the Empire in have their hands tied. Houses Ordelia and Gloucester are exposed and likely caught off guard. That must mean that Claude's allies are...
Count Daphnel.
Without a doubt she is providing reinforcements. She has always supported Claude.
Whatever the situation, Claude's military strength is lacking, and what's more, they suffered casualties at Gronder Field. I don't know how long the Alliance forces will be able to hold out against the Empire. We've got to move quickly or we may be too late.
♪ The Forgotten ♪

I hear Derdriu is our next objective. Small world. That's actually where I grew up. It's a great place.

So far, Albrecht territory has remained unscathed. But that won't last forever.
We'll win this for the Alliance as well.
When I see that Arundel guy, I'm gonna knock him flat.
We're short on time, but we have to go in prepared. If we lose this, we lose everything. The stakes are too damn high.

They are capable people who bear Fódlan's future on their shoulders. We can afford to lose none of them.
It's good that Fhirdiad is ours once again.
Yes, the future of magic is bright! Though it would be brighter if my own house's future was guaranteed. The Alliance is next on our agenda, yes? Ahaha! Watch carefully for my dazzling spellcraft!

It's like something out of a poetic saga. At least those in need will see it as such.
How do you see it?
It isn't like the poor need some lofty heir basking in glory. What they need is someone who can ease their woes, keep them fed. Things like that. How they view such a king all depends on his ability to provide for them. All things considered, I imagine Dimitri will do a fine job at it.

I burned some renown on getting Dimitri some support ranks.

Dimitri/Marianne A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

So it would seem. I told you that you are extraordinarily lucky.
Sometimes I think that must be true. But why me? Is this the goddess's way of telling me to make something of myself? There are so many others who are much more deserving of life...
I often think the same of myself... Especially after battles where many lives were lost. But I must go on living. I cannot give in to death so readily. It is my duty to atone for my sins, and to pay for the lives I've taken.
I suppose...that must be why the goddess allows me to live on.
Is there a reason she allows me to live?
Only you can know that. But I believe there is a reason.
Marianne... Life is difficult.
It is a burden... It feels terrible to continue standing when so many others had to fall.
If that is so, then carry on as you are. There is no need for you to force yourself to smile as your soul bleeds. But please... Whatever you do, do not give up on yourself, or your precious life.
What do you mean?
If you were to die, I would be devastated.
Hehe! You never have been easy to read.
Is that so?
Everyone says that I need to cheer up...

Your life must also be difficult for you to understand my position.
So it is. I often feel I am not strong enough to live it.
I think our difficulties have brought us closer together.
Do you?
Please, Dimitri. Promise you'll live through this war and long after. I don't know what I'd do with myself if we lost you...
As long as you are carrying on, I have yet another reason to carry on myself.
I promise to the goddess of Fódlan that I will never give you cause to despair.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

An excellent support scene.

Dimitri/Flayn A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

And what about you? Have you got something on your mind again? You should really go to bed. It is chilly out, and you could catch cold.
What's the matter? Have you been having nightmares?
Well, in a certain sense, yes.
Can you spare a moment?
Of course.
Thank you.

When last we spoke, I mishandled the situation.
Your words that night touched me deeply. It felt as though I had been punched in the gut.
But more importantly, I think I owe you an apology. I...lied to you.
You did?
Do you recall when I ate that meal you cooked and I told you it was delicious?

My cooking certainly is not something people often compliment me on...
I am sorry. When I said the food was good, I was just saying what I thought you would want to hear...
An apology is not necessary. You were only trying to be kind, after all.
In the end, I am not sure it was kind.
Just the same, it was nice to hear.
Hey, I have an idea!
What if you sampled some really pungent food? Or something extremely spicy! Maybe that would—
Uh... Yes?
I like your cooking. I cannot taste it properly, but in my book, it is truly delicious.
No need for the flattery!
Anyhow, maybe someday you will get your taste back.
I hope then you will be able to compliment me sincerely about my cooking.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Dimitri's ageusia (the complete loss of sense of taste) has been heavily implied before, but this is the first (possibly only?) scene in the game that outright states it.

Apparently it's possible for depression and/or PTSD to cause ageusia, which would certainly line up with when Dimitri mentions losing his sense of taste—the Tragedy of Duscur was nine years ago at this point, remember.

Hi, future Rea here, I did a bit of quick Googling and searching through support scenes to make sure this is the only time Dimitri's ageusia is explicitly mentioned. While I can't find any explicit mentions, there are three bits of dialogue that can be interpreted as hints.

First up is Dimitri and Felix's dialogue for eating together, when they're at support rank C.
Is something wrong? You're eating like you hate the food.
Oh? That was not my intention, but I apologize if I hurt your feelings.
There's also the line for when you serve him his favorite tea, chamomile.
This smells good. I wonder how it tastes...
That one is...fairly ambiguous on whether it's just a throwaway comment, or Dimitri literally wondering out loud about what chamomile tea tastes like, due to his inability to actually taste it, but there you go. I even went to the trouble of checking other languages' versions of that same line, and the best I could get was a friend saying Dimitri's JP equivalent of "I wonder how it tastes..." (……どんな味が、するのだろうな。) is a very standard phrase with no extra context to it or anything.

Oh, right, there's also his lines for doing weeding with Dedue.
By the way, sometimes you find edible plants among the weeds.
Please do not eat the weeds.
I am just saying...
Maybe that one is stretching it, even if Dimitri eating weeds is objectively kinda weird.

Listen, sometimes I get hung up on really minor things no-one should care about.

Ah, before we go, there is actually some light gameplay-story integration here re: Dimitri's ageusia. Dimitri is the only character in the game to only have one food he dislikes. The rest of the cast usually have mid to high single digit amounts of food they dislike, though Lysithea is notable for having a whopping 20 foods she dislikes. Dedue, interestingly, is the only unit besides Dimitri to have less than three dislikes, with him sitting at only two.

Conversely, though, Dimitri also has the lowest number of liked foods, with his dialogue implying he likes them in particular because he remembers them from his childhood—and, presumably, not for their taste. Even Lysithea, the game's absolute pickiest eater, has seven liked foods, one more than Dimitri.

Dimitri/Gilbert B.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

It does not befit a leader to fight on the front lines. I would ask that you refrain from such conduct in the future.
I've not had to weather your lectures in many a year. And here I thought you were avoiding me.
That is...a separate matter. You have a duty to consider the value of your own life.
Your words ring true, of course. I admit I was a bit careless out there. However, I have always been a man who is good for nothing but war. To best support our cause, I must carve a path through the battlefield with my own hands. I truly believe that will lead us to victory. Why the dark expression, Gustave? Do my words trouble you so?
You remind me of your father. His Majesty once said the same thing, more than a decade ago, during the northern campaign. In you, I see his manner, and I hear his words. You grow more like him with each day's passing. And, in you, I am reminded of my failure in my duty to him.
I do not wish to speak of that matter. As I said before, I feel no resentment toward you.
Even so... You have changed since that fateful day, Your Highness. Perhaps too much. I worry that in your pain, you have locked away your true feelings. Your passion is dulled. And your vigor faded.
You want to hear my true feelings, Gustave? Then let me ask you this.
Why did you save my life that day? Why did you not allow me to die along with the others? If you truly wish to atone for your sins...

You would ask me to perform the unthinkable!
You are the future of Faerghus. Your Kingdom needs you alive.
That I was able to save you...is my only sense of salvation.
Your Highness, I repeat myself—consider the value of your own life. If you continue risking all, be it on the battlefield or by issuing mad orders such as this, I will be forced to save you from yourself.
I see. So, you will continue to protect and serve me, will you? In that case, when I assume the throne, I will order you to work for me in the Kingdom.
Your Highness? No... Please...
My father would be happy to see such a day. Perhaps I will ask you to instruct me further in the ways of battle when that time comes.

If I wish to atone for my sins, I must take your life? Deception has never been your strong suit, Dimitri. Or do you think I cannot see?
You must know I would take my own life before I let anyone harm you.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Dimitri/Alois B.
♪ No music ♪

I must apologize, Alois. If only I had paid closer attention...
No, no, it's all right. We've got more important things to do than dwell on our mistakes.

Indeed. With morale this low, we may yet have trouble making it back to the monastery.
We weren't expecting that attack, after all. It gave us a nasty shock. So we can't just leave. The knights could use some inspiration. Listen up, everyone! We're going to carve ourselves a safe path back home to Garreg Mach Monastery!

But first, I want you all to hear me out!
Alois? What exactly are you...
A long time ago, Captain Jeralt and I defended a small village from a band of thieves. After we defeated those hoodlums, the captain observed how ugly they were.
"Such hideousness ought to be illegal," he said. "If it were up to me, I would've bandit!"

♪ Funny Footsteps ♪

"A gift from the thieves," he said. "They were dying to give it to you."

Oh, Alois... How do you come up with those jokes? That last one was positively hilarious!
Ah, I don't know! I'm just a natural!
Hahaha! Haha!

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Dedue/Gilbert C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Finished praying?
I am, yes.
You have grown much since I saw you last. You are a man now.
You barely know me.
True. I suppose we did only meet a handful of times.
As haggard as you look now, you were even worse when I last saw you in the capital.
Haggard, eh? True enough.
Still weighed down by the same regret, I see.
I was unable to protect the king. That is the ultimate failure. One I must atone for.
If you have the spare time to beg forgiveness, then pick up a lance and train.
That would do nothing to atone for the dead.
Your prayers are mere self-indulgence.
You do not understand.
No, I do not. Faerghus needed you. His Highness needed you.
There was no other choice but for me to leave.
What would you have done if you were in my place? If His Highness had died due to your failures?
If he commanded me to live, then I would live. Otherwise, I would die with him. I have nothing left to lose other than His Highness. Home, family—all but that man, I have already lost.
You were a knight in service to the king for decades. Not only did you excel in bravery, wisdom, and tactics, but in matters of character you were an ideal knight. Utterly above reproach. That is what His Highness has always said. I have only come this far by modeling my conduct after his stories of you. But now...
Forget those words spoken by His Highness. I am no different a man than I was before... Beaten down by sin. Alone and weak. I am lost and irredeemable.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Alois/Gilbert B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Sir Alois. Have you also come to fish? If I am in your way, you need but say so.
Oh, no, no. I was passing by. Please, carry on. Hold on... You haven't caught a single fish yet. Are you feeling unwell?
No, it is nothing of the sort. I am not here to catch a fish today.
So you're fishing, but not in hopes of catching a fish? How unusual.

No... I am using this time to examine my past deeds. When I am fishing, the world fades, and I am left alone with myself.
Hm. That is, ah...
Perhaps the correct way to fish is the way you do, Alois. Simply for the pleasure. I deeply regret I am unable to be the angling companion you desire.
Ah, no need, Gilbert. A thought occurs to me.
And what might that be?
It was Captain Jeralt who first taught me how to fish. We had spare time between missions, and he said it was the perfect hobby.
Is that so?
He was always looking out on the water as though lost in thought. Perhaps he wasn't fishing to catch fish either. Perhaps he was facing something within himself. Silently struggling with his thoughts and hiding the struggle from me and everyone else.
We cannot know the minds of the departed. Therefore, we wrestle with their ghosts.
Yes, that's true...
Very well! I will join you today after all. Please teach me this art of fishing without fishing.
I think it would do me some good to gaze on the water and think fondly about my old mentor.
Of course, it would be my pleasure.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Why yes, I am trying to fill out all of Dedue's supports.

Dedue/Mercedes A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Won't the Duscur gods be upset if they hear you praying to another land's deity?
The Fódlan goddess was recognized in Duscur too. The deities of foreigners are seen as the protectors of their respective lands. It has been said that we would offer our prayers to her in times of war.
Huh. So, the goddess is part of a pantheon... I guess that's one way to interpret it.
Anyway, what are you praying for?
For peace to come even one day sooner.
That's a lovely prayer. I was just thinking about praying for that myself.
I see.
Hey, Dedue? What are your plans for yourself once this war is finally over?
To serve His Highness for the rest of my days.
I thought you might say that.
And you?
That's a good question. I was thinking about traveling to Duscur.
To Duscur? There is nothing of interest left there.
Isn't it where you were born? And isn't it where your wonderful food and stories come from? I think those are reason enough to visit at least once!
Mercedes... If you will allow it, I would like to accompany you. His Highness would surely grant me leave to go.
You really think so? Then I hope the war ends as soon as possible!
As do I.
We're going to have to shower the goddess with prayers. We'll pray that she watches over and protects us while we work to end this war.
Then, when it's finally finished, we can travel!
That promises to be interesting. We should pray to the Duscur gods as well.
Yes! That's a brilliant idea!
Which of the Duscur gods should we pray to?
For victory, we pray to the god of war. Or...
Just the god of war.
Come on! What were you going to say?
Oh! I know! It's the god of travel, right?
Let us leave it at that.
I knew I was right! You taught me so much about your gods!
So let's pray. For the end of the war and for our safe travels to Duscur.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

The ending is a bit...strange, but I still like Dedue and Mercedes bonding over their respective faiths.

...Ah, right, this.

Dedue/Ingrid A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Ingrid. Is my face frightening?
Uhh... What? I mean...um, sort of—er, not exactly... I wouldn't use the word frightening. Aggressive, maybe? But it's really nothing to worry about. Why—did someone say something cruel?
I made a village child cry.
Oh. I see...
Let me guess. You feel like you look frightening, so you walked around with a smile glued to your face...
How did you know?
I'm starting to understand how you think.
The thing is, forced smiles never work well. They usually just end up making a person look creepy and insincere.
I see. Duly noted.
To be honest, when we first met, I was pretty intimidated by you.
Not because of a smile, but a lack of any emotion whatsoever. And you so rarely spoke. I had no idea what to make of you.
But that's only because I wasn't making an effort to get to know you. Because you were from Duscur. As I started to get to know you—to understand your personality—I realized what a fool I'd been.
You may come off intimidating, but underneath that cool exterior is a kind, loyal, and noble person— a really wonderful person.
In a certain regard, you are one of the knightliest people I know.
What is it?
Wonderful person. This is the first time anyone has ever said a thing like that to me. It is rather...awkward.
It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Which...it kind of is...now.
Well...let me know if you need anything.
Yes, of course. Same to you, Dedue.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

That was uncomfortable, especially at the start.

Dedue/Ashe A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

The scouting mission didn't go well. I was so busy I didn't even have time to eat.
I thought that might be the case. Gilbert was exhausted too.
Glad you made it. I saved some food for you.
Thanks. I'm starving. Your cooking's fantastic, as always. The spices were a nice touch. I can really taste the Duscur inspiration.
You remembered that I wanted to try more Duscur cuisine, didn't you?
Yes. How is it?
Amazing! You're a much better chef than I am.
Your cooking is not bad at all.
Haha, thanks. My father would be glad to hear it.
Is he the one who taught you?
Not exactly. I learned from watching him work the kitchen in his restaurant.
And what about you? I think you said that you and your sister helped with the cooking at home.
Yes. I learned by watching my mother. Nothing remains of Duscur. The towns, the people, the culture—all of it was put to the torch. My mother and sister are gone. Yet that simple memory of them standing together in the kitchen is so clear. So real.
So, in a way, you put those memories into this meal.
Yes. Through me, they are able to live on.
I like that way of thinking. The church may not like my feelings on this, but... In Fódlan, when people die, they pass on to be with the goddess, right?
I suppose.
That seems so far away. I'd rather they stayed here. My parents, my brother, Lonato... Maybe they can all live on through me too.
As long as you think of them, they will.
Dedue... Your cooking is...delicious. It really is...
Careful...or you will over-salt it.
Ah, that's all right. Thank you, Dedue...
Eat as much as you'd like.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

If it wasn't clear, the implication at the end is that Ashe is tearing up.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ashe/Annette A+.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

No—I've got to. What use am I to anyone if I can't even handle an empty tower?
Here goes...

Ashe! What are you doing here?
Phew... Here! I got this for you!

You went back for it? But why?
Your father gave it to you. I know you said you'd throw it away, but you can't just toss out something so important.
Ashe... Thank you! I'm so happy! To be honest, I didn't have the courage to go back in there to get it myself. But thanks to you, I didn't have to.
And you're afraid of ghosts, right? Were you OK in there all by yourself?
Well, ah, not really... I tried my best not to think about it. My legs shook whenever I did.
Oh, poor Ashe! You're safe now, I promise.
Knock it off, would you? I'm OK now.
But I'm glad I could help you and see a smile on your face.
Look at me though. Haha, a grown man, scared of ghosts. Pathetic, right?
No, I don't think that at all. I think you're something special, Ashe!
You were really brave. And all for me... That wasn't an easy thing to do. I'm in awe of you!
Thanks. Maybe there is still hope for me as a knight.
Yes, I'll gladly attest to that! I'm sure you'll be a splendid knight!
Maybe you'll even outdo my father!
That's a frightening thought, comparing me to someone like Gilbert.
But it's a happy one too. It makes me want to work that much harder!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

If you're not playing Azure Moon, or if you are, but Annette and Gilbert haven't reached rank C in their support yet, Ashe doesn't mention Gilbert's name in his final lines.

There's no way Ingrid's going to hit Lance S+ before the end of the game, but hittng Lance S is still very nice.

Constance also reached Riding A+, giving her Movement +1. Much like how I traded Hit +20 for Bowfaire on Bernadetta, I opted to swap out Uncanny Blow for Movement +1 on Constance. Infantry units need all the Mv they can get.

Since Ingrid no longer really has much reason to use axes, I swapped out her Axe Prowess for Lance Crit +10.

Sylvain/Ingrid A+. Another support from all the way back in Silver Snow that I'm only just now finishing...
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

No. I'm headed to town to buy supplies, but I'll be training after that, naturally. Why?
Oh, I just thought you looked serious as ever. I guess that part of you hasn't changed.
Of course it hasn't. I am as I ever was.
Yeah, no... I mean, I guess you're right. Heh heh...

No. I'm pretty sure. I don't think so. By the by, have you, ya know, fallen for anybody recently?
Don't be ridiculous. What are you even bumbling on about?
Well, everyone's been talking about how you got really, uh, pretty. Just, you know, all of a sudden.
Oh, you must be referring to the makeup. It's not a big deal or anything. Just experimenting. I'm still learning. Did I mess something up?
Huh? No, I...I think it looks good. You did surprisingly well. I mean, considering that it's you.
Very funny. But I must say, I'm a bit surprised.
It's unlike you to stumble over yourself this much.
What? No, I'm not! I'm just, ya know, curious about why...all of a sudden.
Why what? Why I'm wearing makeup?
I'm still guessing it's for a guy. If I had to try and guess what sort of guy, I suppose I'd say... Felix? No, wait, I'm forgetting the royal line. Dimitri would be a way better catch.
Wow. Way to make assumptions.
Is it one of the knights? If it's not them... Wait. Could it be me?!
Don't make me hurt you.
No need for violence. It was just a joke! Um, I mean... It's not a joke that you're beautiful, but I wasn't trying to hit on you or anything. Promise.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

So that's how you get Sylvain to stumble over himself without intentionally flustering him: be his childhood friend. It all makes sense...

Also, the line about Felix and Dimitri is all one dialogue box. It can only show up on Azure Moon (since that's the only route you can have Dimitri on), and only if Felix is alive.

Bernadetta/Raphael B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

♪ Hm hm-hm-hm... Hm hm-hm-hmm... ♪
♪Hm, hmm... ♪ Hm?

Aaaah! Ambush! I knew you were out to get me!
Ahh! Bernadetta! Please, c-calm down!
Calm down?! Sure, why shouldn't I? Nothing's more relaxing than being spied on! I just love it wh-when huge scary men lurk behind me with their insidious smiles and heinous schemes!
Ugh! You just want to make me a laughing stock— ruin me in front of everyone. I know it!
Please! Listen! I only came to hear you play. That's it. Promise. I'm not gonna make you perform in front of everyone else. I just wanted to hear you myself.
J-just you? Nobody else? Really?
Really. I kept trying to ask, but you always ran away.
That doesn't mean you can just watch me creepily from the shadows, you know. That would scare anyone.
You're right. I'm sorry. I just didn't know how else to get your attention. You get so scared. But it looks like I ended up scaring you anyway. I'll leave you alone, Bernadetta... I really just wish I could have heard you play.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Aww, Raph...

This update has a lot of text in it, so I'm not gonna stuff Dimitri's paralogue into it as well.

Next time: Dimitri's paralogue, our first trip to Arianrhod!

...Given some of the things I discussed in this update, plus the rabbit holes I fell down after checking them, I wonder if I should do an update discussing character interactions/personality traits/lore that's hidden behind the very rarely-explored parts of Three Houses's text, such as dining together lines.

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