Update 24: Damn

♪ Dark Clouds Gather ♪

Abby shakes her head.
Too bad. I guess it will have to be you, then...
I'm back. Sorry for the delay, my last mission took longer than expected.

Nonsense. I haven't heard anything about the monastery's walls being breached.
That's why I'm heading there now, to see what's really going on. You'll join as well, won't you?

Demonic Beasts?
It's odd... Just before they appeared, someone saw a number of students heading toward the chapel.
They were apparently acting strange, as though they weren't in their right minds.

Are the students safe?
Hm... The students... There's no way those Demonic Beasts got in from the outside... But none of that matters right now. We need to act. Go summon your students.
Damn it... I wanted to talk to you about something important, but there's no time. There's never any damn time.
But this is much more urgent, so it can hold for now. I'll meet you there.

♪ As Swift as Wind ♪

Well, uh. Demonic Beasts inside Garreg Mach. That's...not good.

Here's the group for this fight.

Here's what we're up against. The monsters aren't that threatening, but they are spread out, and it's in our best interests to kill them all before they kill the NPC students; saving them all will reward us with an Energy Drop and a piece of Umbral Steel. The students have Elixirs, meaning they can take a few turns' worth of hits.

That's...really about it for preparations for this fight. Let's move.
♪ Dark Clouds Gather ♪

I'll head that way. The rest of you, protect the students who weren't able to get away.

♪ Tearing Through Heaven ♪

No hesitation.

First order of business: take care of the closest monster.

You're irrelevant.

Well, that was easy. Lysithea has the Caduceus Staff on, by the way, hence her ability to attack at 1-3 range.

The Demonic Beasts were actually students? How can this be...

One down.

Gonna need you to move!

If you're wondering why Sylvain isn't in Dancer yet, it's because I want him to get Fiendish Blow. He only needs 3 rounds of combat for it.

Bernadetta and Edelgard are taking the eastern side of the map. Edelgard, in particular, is going to grab the treasure chest, while Bernadetta will try to snipe out the monster in the top-right.

Let's get this over with.

Every round of combat so far has had a crit in it.

Thanks for breaking that, Caspar.

Reasonably okay level. His Spd is a little low, but still fine for now.

Oh, there's the crit.

Huh, Monica got caught up in all this?

Ferdinand, Abby, Lysithea, and Flayn will snake up the left side to take the top-left person.

That was...a waste. I don't know why I did that.

Can't complain about that level, though. +2 AS!

By the way, remember last update, where the servant gambits that give Str +4 or Def +6's descriptions said they last for one turn? Big fat lie. They last for...either 5 turns or the whole battle. Either way, that is absurdly good.

Ow. The students have elixirs, but those only have 3 charges. Try to move as quickly as you can.

Should've had the Hand Axe on...

By the way, once you kill a monster, Jeralt starts moving.

Neat. I can have two Physic users with Healing Staves now.

Perhaps I should've kept Caspar out of attack range. At least the battalion buff almost offsets Seal Strength.

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure you can stack the battalion buffs with Rally, but I need to test it, at time of writing.

I'll send you flying!

Well, the Str debuff didn't matter in the end.

Later, quadruped-that-vaguely-looks-like-an-alligator. Thanks for helping Sylvain finish off Mage.

Goddammit, Jeralt, quit stealing my EXP. At least his Blade Breaker debuff is useful. I guess.

Flayn gets a mediocre level from using Rescue for marginal mobility. She is seriously slow, jesus. Level 16 and still at 9 Spd. Maybe I should feed Speed Carrots to her...

My boy did not really need to be more durable, but I don't care.

Especially not when I used a gambit anyway.

One left.

Incidentally, shattering a monster's last armor tile while also killing it will still reward you with ore.


Getting a little close to the soft time limit of "no more elixir charges" here.

S-Stay away!

All this time in Brigand is doing wonders for Bernadetta's killing power. It's gonna be a shame when she has to leave it.



Don't waste my time.

And that's that.
♪ No music ♪

Not sure why Lin got MVP, but whatever.

This must have something to do with Remire. Perhaps...
Huh? Another student?

♪ Fated ————— ♪

♪ The Dream is Over ♪


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