Update 26: The Subtitle of Another Fire Emblem Game

♪ Broken Routine ♪

Let's take our revenge.
♪ No music ♪

♪ Wind noises ♪

Professor... We'll avenge Jeralt for you, no matter what!
Remember—it is a bad idea to get distracted by revenge.
I have readiness. Our enemies will be taking...we will take our enemies down!
Well, it's not like we have any other missions this month. I suppose this is as good a way as any to spend our energy.
Linhardt spending energy? We had better finish this fast before the pigs start flying everywhere.
Lower your voice. The enemy could be close!
It is time to repay the kindness of the professor who saved my life!
Professor, I know I'm the one who insisted we come here, but don't doubt for a moment that the enemy is waiting for you.
Lady Edelgard! What are you saying?
What other objective could they possibly have? We have no clue what kind of trap is waiting for us. Please be careful, my teacher. We can't afford to lose you...
Abby nods.
The enemy is strong, but you will prevail. You must.

♪ As Swift as Wind ♪

I'm ready.

Here's our group for this battle.

Felix gets the March Ring. Melee infantry need all the help they can get approaching enemies on maps like this, especially when we have Ferdinand and Petra riding ahead, plus Bernadetta's range.

Always load your Physic users up with Healing Staves, if they don't need the Caduceus Staff or Thyrsus.

Accuracy Rings never hurt archers either, especially when they're like Bernadetta and have access to Deadeye.

Ingrid has the Knowledge Gem, even though she's not in active combat, since I want her to finish mastering Pegasus Knight so she can start using Wyvern Rider. Adjutants get EXP and class mastery experience from rounds of combat, remember.

The map's not too big, but we are an unfortunate distance from the nearest enemies.

Monica is dangerous. Her weapon, Athame, compensates for her low Str, and she's absurdly fast. You'd be hard-pressed to avoid being doubled by her, let alone doubling her. She also has a dangerous base 35 Crit. Thankfully, her defenses aren't great, though fucking Keen Intuition compensates for her magic weakness, kinda.

I'm not posting her abilities yet for reasons.
♪ No music ♪

Here we go.

♪ Those Who Sow Darkness ♪

My name is Kronya. This weakling girl was just a borrowed look for me.

Now, you vermin... I'll take down every last one of you!

♪ Tearing Through Heaven ♪

I didn't post her abilities before because she only gets her personal ability after revealing herself, for...reasons I don't entirely get.

Agarthan Technology: Adjacent foes deal 3 less damage during combat.
Swordfaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a sword.
Keen Intuition: Grants Avo +30 during combat with a foe 2 or more spaces away.

The only saving grace with Kronya is her Hit is a bit below average for her level, she's locked to 1 range, and her Cha is very low. Gambits from Abby, Edelgard, and Ferdinand would run roughshod over her, and anyone besides, like, Caspar and Felix would put a dent in her, in addition to rattling her.

Never turn down a round of combat, even if you've mastered your class. Every bit of skill experience matters.

These five will be taking the west side of the map.

While these five will handle the east.

Yowch, that hurts; that was half of Petra's HP.

Let's patch that up.

I thought I'd be clever by having Felix avoid a counterattack by killing the mage with two hits of the Brave Sword. Then he missed. Then the mage missed an 87 Hit chance anyway. Funny how things work out sometimes.

The level is basically perfect for Felix, as far as I'm concerned.

That's -4 Def and -6 Spd for that monster.

You will be slashed down!

Easy prey.

I will prevail!

Even more easy prey.

I like that Spd. Being less susceptible to gambits doesn't hurt, either.

Try as they might, the enemies can't fell Felix. All they do is give Ingrid mastery over Pegasus Knight.

Just a positioning turn.


The Speed Ring gives a unit +2 Spd while equipped. Not anywhere near as powerful as other equipment, but it makes for a good filler item if you have nothing else to put on someone.

Wow, that's Bernadetta's first awful level in a while.

Always remember to de-equip shields from someone if they can get a kill without it, and they're not in danger.

Please get more stats, Marianne.

It's over.


I wish Abby was a little faster, but she's still fine in general.

Caspar's getting scary.

I really only care about Mag and Spd on Lysithea, but getting 6 Str means a Rally will give her +1 AS, which...meh. Could matter some day, probably won't.

This'll do it!

Killer Knuckles+ are absolutely absurd.

Linhardt got a bunch of stats and absolutely none of them mattered.

Well, it's Mag...

♪ The Verge of Death ♪

Not only do you only manage 3 Mt and 57 Hit against Ferdinand, not only did you miss both of your attacks, you got hit by a 5 Crit chance. Pathetic.

Incidentally, here's Kronya's dialogue for fighting Byleth and Edelgard.
You're a fool to be so brazen. You'll never avenge your father at this rate. I'll have to kill you too! With my own hands!
Huh? What are you— Are you here to kill me?
I am. Prepare yourself for death while you still can.
Surely nothing is wrong when the pseudo-juggalo body snatcher murderer is surprised that our house leader is trying to kill her.

I hate Keen Intuition.

Gods, Kronya, how is your Hit this bad?

Another effectively-perfect level for Felix.
♪ Tearing Through Heaven ♪

♪ No music ♪

♪ Those Who Sow Darkness ♪

They were swallowed by the mystical darkness of the forbidden spell. An eternity wandering in a void of nothingness, never to return to this world... To think we almost had the Sword of the Creator...
You're lying! Our professor is alive, I know it!
That's right! Our professor is no ordinary human!
It is hard to fathom that our professor would die in a place like this.
It is possible that death has yet to find your friend. But there are worse things than death. Drifting through the darkness with no chance of escape... Overwhelmed with hopelessness... It must be torturous.
You're already boasting a victory, but know this—if you did use such devious tricks to stop our professor... I swear that you will regret it.
I cannot help but agree with her this once. Even if our professor is trapped in darkness, that is not the end of their story.
I will not forgive such arrogance.
If you prefer it so, you shall also be added to the ranks of the dead!

♪ The Spirit Dais ♪

You fool!

I'm sorry.
Apologizing won't make things right! This darkness is terrifying!
As you and I are one... I, too, am trapped within this void. But please consider this... This realm of darkness we are in is separate from the world from which you came. I mean that it would take a god to leave this place.

I am not.
I thought as much. I also do not wish to die. And yet...

What choice?
Do you recall your father's diary? He said you were a child who never cried nor laughed. I think I am the one to blame. I must have been asleep, but even then, I feel I was a part of you. I do not know how Rhea managed it, but she allowed me to exist inside of you. The truth is I have always been with you. It is within you that I found my power yet again.

My name is Sothis. By now you must be well aware of what that means. I am the one who watches over Fódlan and the creatures dwelling there.

Somehow, I know it to be true.
There is but one thing left to do to save us from this darkness of eternity. I must now use the power of a god. However, I lack a body of my own. And so, I must relinquish all the power that I have...to you.

When I say disappear, I do not mean that all I am will be no more.
My soul will join with yours, and you and I will never be apart.
But...I will no longer have the chance to speak with you. I shall miss it. So long have I been on this path with you. Through you, I got to see and hear this world. I even got to chastise you from time to time. I may not have acted like a goddess, but...it was certainly fun.

Thank you...for everything.
Now... We must pray. For if we share this wish, our spirits two will join as one...
Your wish...is to return to the forest, stop the enemy, and rescue the little ones. No need for words. I know your heart as though it were my own...

♪ Awakening ♪

♪ Tearing Through Heaven ♪

I'd like to ask about your appearance, but for now, let's dispose of our enemies.
What did you see in the darkness of Zahras? This should be impossible. The only being that can withstand that darkness is...
Unless I dispose of you myself, I may never have the chance to send you back there!

We've got a few new enemies, and a monster, teleported in here.

Abby has...changed. She's taken on a light green hair and eyes, similar to Rhea. The Sword of the Creator has also changed into the Sublime Creator Sword; presumably, it would've been called the Sublime Sword of the Creator were it not for length limits. It now boasts 15 Mt, up from 7, 10 Crit, up from 0, and 7 Wt, down from 9. Ruptured Heaven has also changed into Sublime Heaven.

Sublime Heaven: +10 Mt, +10 Hit, +20 Crit, 1 - 2 range, costs 3 durability. Might increases based on user's Magic. Effective against Dragon foes.

The Sword of the Creator is now a force to be reckoned with. 15 Mt, 10 Crit, and a 10 Mt 20 Crit combat art, all at 1-2 range, is extremely powerful, and I imagine Abby in Swordmaster would be utterly terrifying.

Solon is about the same as we last saw him. Can deal one, and only one, big hit at 1-3 range, and will die if weapon users look at him funny.

I use Stride so that a little over half of my group can actually get out of the trees in a reasonable time.

I use Lysithea to warp Caspar closer to combat. Warp + Stride is an incredible amount of mobility.

Oh, right, enemies can use Physic too.

Right, how do I approach this...

That'll break one armor tile, weaken the rest, and freeze that Armored Knight in place.

And that's the rest.

Had to pull Petra and Bernadetta back. They wouldn't have been able to eat the big attack from the monster and the enemies right beside it.

Useless for me.

Try as they might, Those Who Slither in the Dark cannot even scratch Abby.

Here we go!

Close. If Caspar had gotten one more crit, he would've one-rounded the monster.

That's an abysmal level.



That was not worth it, aside from the level.

Very good, very good.

Brave weapons: good for avoiding counterattacks.


Also bad.

I will not hold back!

Reasonable! Still got a decent supply of Spd for a cavalry unit.

Cleaning up stragglers before I approach Solon.

♪ The Verge of Death ♪

Even though an emotion like fear has no place inside me.
That means you must be eliminated.
If we sent Edelgard against him, this would happen.
So, this is how it is... I cannot let you live!
You stole the words from my mouth. You lost the moment you failed to kill the professor.

Great. 25 Hit. Wonderful.

This is going to hurt, okay?!

Hey, that's a really good level! Mag and +2 AS. Good turnaround, Dorothea.

Time to finish this.

I will remove you!

Excellent, everything she needs and then some.
♪ No music ♪

It's over. Now, Professor. About your appearance...

Mm. Solon was obviously a big force in Those Who Slither in the Dark, but as he said, there's still another major leader at large...
♪ Spiderweb ♪

The goddess gifted me her power.
The goddess?
I see... Well, I'm happy for you. Your weapon is called the Sword of the Creator, after all. It's no wonder she looks favorably upon you. Just as it was with Saint Seiros, no doubt...

For the people of the world.
Heh, that is so like you to say that. Tell me... If the world, and your students included, were to divide and go to war with each other, what would you do? In that scenario, each side would represent both the world and your students. Who would you—

This must be a side effect of your recent...changes. I can't just leave you here... I shouldn't ask Hubert to carry you, so I suppose it falls to me...
If we were playing as Adan, Edelgard's last line would've changed.
I could try carrying you, but... No, I had better call for Hubert.
I don't know if that's a gendered thing, or if it's just Adan being taller and heavier than Abby. In either case, I would think Edelgard would be better at carrying people than Hubert, given her Str...

Next time... I don't know.

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