Update 32: Adjacent Mol Iloh

♪ Three Crowns ♪

They begin to create a resistance army strong enough to take on her Imperial forces.

♪ No music ♪

What this message really means is that every character got auto-leveled for a few levels.

♪ Beneath the Banner ♪

Alois would open this scene, if we recruited him.
We've been looking everywhere for you! But...I see Lady Rhea isn't with you. Damn.
Everyone was real worried about you, Professor.

I am so grateful that everyone is safe.
I am sorry things are moving so rapidly, but there is something we must discuss. Come with me.

Let's win, no matter what.

Our base will be Garreg Mach Monastery. The interior is in less than prime condition, but we should be able to utilize it much the same as we had before.
Surely those Imperial jerks have this place staked out, right? It's a highly strategic location.
It may be an area of importance, but it is far removed from the front lines. Considering the burden of transport, it is possible they are not paying too much attention to it.
Nothing escapes the emperor. There must at least be a spy or two.

I have no objections.
I see! Then it must be the right idea!
The town and surrounding hamlets are still present, and though far from abundant, the church still has funds at its disposal.
That's true... Professor, I think we can leave expanding our army to my brother.
He was always good at negotiating, and I believe he is best suited to the task.
In that case, I have a request. Please allow my soldiers to join your ranks as well.
House Aegir already tried taking on the emperor. As a result, our territory was stolen from us.
As a consequence, I do not have many soldiers left to speak of. But those I have are yours to command.
I feel like I should tell you that I've been protecting some kids who lost their parents in the war.
They're in the town right now, but maybe we can move them to the monastery? I'm sure they'd be happy to chip in however they can.
Hm... Yes, I understand. I will make the necessary arrangements.
I nabbed some valuables from my house. Father is with the emperor now, so...
It's not much, but it's yours.

I don't have a thing to contribute. In fact, I'm still in my same old clothes!
I've been wandering on my own for five years. I won't go back to that house or my father, that's for sure!
I understand. Leave it to me. No labor is too great if it means saving Fódlan...

♪ No music ♪

♪ Teatime Joy ♪

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ah, it's truly like nothing cha—

Bwah! Literally the instant I walk out my door!

So, yeah, A rank supports (and the odd B rank) unlock once you reach Part 2. If you had a bunch of them ready but locked in Part 1, well, you've got a lot of text coming your way.

Gonna have to go through all these at some point, so, sure. Abby/Lysithea A.

Content warning:
Lysithea recounting having human experimentation performed upon her

If you wish to skip this, please jump to the point where I say "the content warning for Abby/Lysithea A is no longer in effect."
♪ Spiderweb ♪

I'm gonna keep at it for a while longer, so you go on ahead.

You should get some rest.
I can't. Not when I'm right on the cusp of using my power to greater potential. Surely you yourself are tired. Just...don't worry about me, OK?

Lysithea collapses.

I probably should have listened to you. Now I've made a mess of things.

What do you mean?
Thirteen years ago, House Ordelia was involved in a civil conflict within the Empire. All we did was respond to a call for aid. We weren't involved politically. But once the rebellion was crushed, my family was held responsible for the aid we gave, and the Empire gained some sway over us as a result.
At the time, the noble houses of the Alliance took a passive stance. No one lent aid to my family. As a result, some key officials within the family were killed, and people from the Empire were sent to replace them. Among those people were some mysterious mages. They were...unsettling, in a word. Skin pale as death.

They began performing terrible rituals on the children... Though it's probably more accurate to call them experiments. With the Empire monitoring our every move, my parents could do nothing but watch in horror as all of this unfolded. One after another, the children died, until the only one left...was me. You know, my hair wasn't always this color. During their experiments, they'd been doing things with my blood. One morning, I awoke like this—a shock of white hair, all trace of pigment, gone. Upon seeing me, the mages were delighted. They realized that their experiments had finally succeeded.

Losing pigment from my hair wasn't the only loss. The mages informed me that my lifespan was now greatly shortened.

How awful...
Shortly thereafter, the mages lost interest in me, and we never saw them in the Ordelia household again. Since all that, our family has been in decline—it's challenging now even to govern our territory.
After all my mother and father have suffered, I at least want them to have peace as they grow older.

It's too soon to give up.

Let's try to find a way to undo it.
The only way I can conceive of would be to remove my Crests somehow. But I don't know if that's even remotely possible. Even if it were...

We will find a way.
You sound resolved. I'll allow your resolve to bolster my own!
Thank you, Professor.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

...So, that's why Lysithea is always so pressed for time, why she has two Crests, and why she's able to use dark magic. She was subjected to, probably, the same human experimentation as Edelgard. Given prior context, I think it's safe to say that Those Who Slither in the Dark were responsible for both instances of that horror.

But then why is Edelgard working with the people who killed most of her family and used her solely as a vehicle for the Crest of Flames...?

Bah, now's not the time to think about that. If Lysithea wants to get one or both of her Crests removed, well, there's worse company to keep. Not only is Abby around, who has probably a bunch of unknown power, but Linhardt, too, who's studied Crests a bunch and would probably not be opposed to researching how to remove them from Lysithea.

Huh? Professor? Is that, um. Is that you?

Hear what?

The content warning for Abby/Lysithea A is no longer in effect.

Jesus wept, look at all of the Abby support locations on the map. And that's not even all of them, the game's running into the cap of how many it can spawn at once here! There's more queued up!

I'm happy too.

How did my harvest from five years ago stay fresh to this day?

This quest's a bit different. It wants us to fish up a Fódlandy, which can only start spawning after accepting this quest, and uses a unique purple icon.


I should note, by the way, that while my game is slightly bugged due to being a pre-update playthrough, normally, characters have unique outfits for certain classes. Units that do not go through visual changes in Part 2 (i.e. faculty and Knights of Seiros) show it in Part 1, all other units show it in Part 2. Of the units we have right now, their unique outfits show up in battle on the following classes:

Ferdinand: Cavalier, Paladin
Linhardt: Priest, Bishop
Caspar: Brigand, Warrior
Bernadetta: Archer, Sniper
Dorothea: Mage, Warlock
Petra: Thief, Assassin, Wyvern Rider
Felix: Myrmidon, Swordmaster
Sylvain: Cavalier, Paladin
Annette: Mage, Warlock
Mercedes: Priest, Bishop
Ingrid: Cavalier, Pegasus Knight
Lysithea: Mage, Warlock
Marianne: Priest, Bishop
Hilda: Brigand, Warrior
Seteth: Wyvern Rider
Flayn: Priest
Catherine: Swordmaster
Shamir: Sniper
Cyril: Wyvern Rider

Thankfully, the Monastery appearance option seems to override the bug I'm suffering from, meaning I can have everyone in their cool unique outfits.

Okay, if I accepted every support as soon as it popped up wherever I was walking, we'd be here all day. I'm going to say no to these from now on and just show them off all at once later.

Empire and religion are at open war. It will be...difficult for us at first. But corrupt nobles are many. That means the common people will rebel and be joining our side.
With you, Professor, the battle tides will...ah, will turn. I have certainty.

Let's forge ahead.

I can just imagine my father's face contorted in anger and the delightful words he must have used to describe me.
Kind of a scary image, actually. But regardless, I've put my faith in you, Professor.
And I'm hoping I haven't made a big mistake.
Hell yeah, Sylvain.

I'd say "I hope your gynophobia is less severe now," but 5 years living in a country that's being torn apart by war probably isn't conducive to mental healing.

I never was too attached to Fódlan. I was considering leaving soon...
But I might change my mind if you're around.

They say he announced he was returning to the Kingdom, but nobody's heard from him since. I haven't received word that he went back home to Mother... Where could he be... Where are you, Father...
Oh, Annette, I'm sorry...

No matter the path you walk, I will be with you every step of the way. Anything you ask of me, I shall see it through. You saved my life, and I am in your debt.

Do an auxiliary battle.

Do another auxiliary battle.

I figured I couldn't go back to the Empire after Garreg Mach fell, so I started drifting across the Kingdom and Alliance.
Then I just happened to run into our old class, so we came back to the monastery together!
That...does pretty much sound like something that'd happen to you, yeah.

Professor! Oh my! It's so good to see you. These days, so many old friends seem to be disappearing. But you... You're here! It's incredible to see you again after five years! I have a feeling your name will go down in history.
I'm glad Dorothea's able to find some happiness in Garreg Mach, even if the present circumstances are dire. Having a safe haven for the war orphans in her care must be a load off her mind, too.

I can't believe it's another Anna "kill enemies in auxiliary battles" quest!

Get an item in the monastery.

You know, it's such a thrill to be able to greet you like this again! I almost died as well in the battle five years ago, but I won't allow any enemies to get into this place again. I promise you that! Even if the Death Knight shows up, I'll be sure to... Well, for now I'll keep training so I can eventually feel confident that I can stop him!
Holy shit! Gatekeeper! You survived the Battle of Garreg Mach! I'm so happy, unironically!

Why not go beyond the Knights of Seiros—instead, uniting with allies from all across Fódlan to fight for our cause? Looking back, it would have been best to ally with the Kingdom and join forces against the Empire. But now the Kingdom is not exactly... Well...
Well, I've got a significant chunk of the scions of Faerghus nobility in my army. You, Sylvain, Felix, Annette, Mercedes sort of...

Incidentally, I'll talk for a quick sec about Advanced Drills. They're basically Faculty Training that's available from everyone, and offers training in any skills that the unit has a higher rank than Abby in. Very useful for training auxiliary skills like Riding and Flying, and just generally accelerating Abby's skill growth!

The fact there are still faithful means that the Adrestian Empire isn't waging a war against working class followers of the Church, at least. Small favors.

...I'm so sorry.

We should...first take care of the very angry empire that's going to probably beat our door down before long.

There's the item for that quest from earlier.

The goddess will surely hear our prayers, but still... I hope the church can return to its former beauty someday.
...I'm glad to see you again, Marianne. Despite the past five hellish years, you seem to be doing well.

Let's do our best together.
Hmm, yes. I'll at least try not to hold anyone back. Let's work together for the common good, like we did five years ago!
Hell yeah.

We'll do whatever it takes to find her.

Now that Part 2 has begun, you'll get the opportunity to complete a supply quest every week. Find the stuff listed in the quest, and bring it to Seteth/your route's lord's retainer, and you'll get 200 Renown and 2000 gold for it. Not a bad deal at all. I don't have the materials in stock for this one right now, though.

The reason these exist, I imagine, is because you no longer get a steady supply of funds from the Church of Seiros at the start of each month now. I generally don't have money issues in Part 2, but that is something to keep in mind when you chart out how to spend your funds.

I'm gonna keep Lady Rhea's room spotless, so she can use it right away whenever she gets back.
You gotta find her, Professor. You just gotta.

And that goal is?
Down with the Empire! Surely peace will soon follow if the Empire is overthrown. Then my parents can finally find peace themselves.

Personally, I only showed up because I hoped to see you again, Professor. I've been with my family in the Empire until recently. I admit to feeling a little guilty betraying Her Majesty...but only a little.

But I will never lose my noble heart. I will stop Edelgard, even if it costs me my life.
I have turned my blade against her now. I cannot go back on that decision.

Not at all.
You are right...

...Alright, no, I'm not going to do all of these in this update. I'll make a second update for all of the supports that got batched up for Part 2.

There's the final bonus I care about on the Saint Indech statue. Time to move onto the Saint Macuil statue once I have more renown.

Speaking of moving on!
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Now Bernadetta can use the really good battalions.

And now Dorothea has Meteor.

Meteor: 3-10 range. 10 Mt, 80 Hit, 19 Wt, 1 durability. Cannot trigger follow-up attacks.

Meteor is not just good for the inherent utility of having a siege weapon I can use once per battle, but also because its big range means Dorothea can trigger support Hit/Avo bonuses from a long distance away from the actual fight. Anyone that can support her now has a persistent +5 Hit/Avo or +7 Hit/Avo.

And Lysithea has gotten her final dark magic.

Hades Ω: 1-2 range. 18 Mt, 65 Hit, 10 Crit, 16 Wt, 2 durability.

Enemies die in big boom.

Let's bring in more candles to the halls to brighten things up.

♪ No music ♪

♪ Hope as a Melody ♪

Wow. Way to pick two characters who have no use for Faith...
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Yup, not a particularly eventful day. I'm training Abby in Riding so she can maybe get Movement +1 down the road, and in Reason because she might as well have some actual magical attacks besides the Levin Sword.

Moving on.
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Encloser: +4 Mt, +15 Hit, 2 range, costs 3 durability. Prevents foe from moving for 1 turn.

Some decent utility. If, somehow, Bernadetta can't one-round a dangerous unit, she can at least keep them from moving, and probably doing anything, on their next turn.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Yay! Unfortunately, we do not get to keep the Fódlandy.


A little detail: Mercedes and Annette have intensely awkward dialogue for eating together and doing group tasks together for after they've attained their B rank, but before they've gotten their A rank. Remember, the B rank had them both overreacting and getting in a fight. It's a bit sad to think that these two close friends, who are so close that their support is Mt-boosting, have been like this for five years...

♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Excalibur: 1-2 range. 11 Mt, 100 Hit, 15 Crit, 8 Wt, 4 durability. Deals effective damage to flying units.

Now Annette can put up a pretty decent fight against fliers. Even if she will almost certainly not double them.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I had no real need to go exploring again this week, so I instead held a Seminar for the first time in this entire run. I don't really like doing these, but, well, if you don't need to raise supports, and don't need to raise motivation—which you often do not in the final week of a month—then, well, this is your best option for progressing units that aren't Abby.

This is also a good time to mention that in Part 2, any unit can hold a seminar, not just faculty, which greatly expands your options for it. Some of the combos...still aren't great, but they're often better than nothing for when you don't need to raise motivation and don't need to build supports.

If you're wondering "wait, why don't you need to raise motivation," it's because when you finish a month's mission, you often start the next month on an exploration day rather than an instruction day, giving you time to raise motivation for the upcoming instruction then. Exploration is more for improving Abby's skills and raising supports, not for progressing other units.

Here's what every unit we have teaches as seminars, incidentally.
Abby: Sword Authority
Ferdinand: Sword Lance
Linhardt: Reason Faith
Caspar: Axe Brawling
Bernadetta: Lance Bow
Dorothea: Sword Reason
Petra: Sword Axe
Felix: Sword Brawling
Sylvain: Lance Axe
Mercedes: Reason Faith
Annette: Axe Reason
Ingrid: Sword Lance
Lysithea: Reason Faith
Marianne: Sword Faith
Hilda: Lance Axe
Seteth: Lance Authority
Flayn: Lance Faith
Catherine: Sword Brawling
Shamir: Lance Bow
Cyril: Axe Bow

Next time... Well, next time is a titanic amount of supports. The time after that: probably the Adrestian Empire not taking to our sudden uprising too well.

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