Update 33: The Binding Coil of Supports - Turn 1

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Welcome to the first update consisting of nothing but an endless amount of supports.

Abby/Ferdinand B.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

You're fighting more intensely than usual.
Yes. I am in a hurry. Edelgard claims victory after victory. She never stops.
Five years ago, she ascended the throne and swept away the corrupt nobles. My father included.
I always thought I would be the one to unseat him. But she did it instead—with all the ease and indifference of someone cracking an egg.
She put my father under house arrest. She stripped House Aegir of its power. Rather than accepting a role as her puppet, I left. Now I fight to topple the Empire.
The disparity between Edelgard and myself is...obvious. She never stops moving forward. Single-minded. Never wavering.

That's not true.
But it is! That is the reality.
Not once, since our days at the academy, have I exceeded Edelgard's abilities. I saw her as a worthy opponent. She did not even see me as a contender. She did not even consider me at all.
As the head of the noble House Aegir, I must be able to achieve results. But all my efforts have come to nothing.

But you have achieved results!
I appreciate your kind words, but you are wrong.
I know that I have a massive wall to climb, and I must climb it alone.

Professor, please keep an eye on my progress.
I would appreciate if you were always by my side, bearing witness to my accomplishments.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

The past five years really hit Ferdinand hard, huh? I guess when you put a lot of your self-worth into comparing yourself to another person, and proceed to get resoundingly outmatched, that'll happen.

Interesting to see him fully admit that Duke Aegir was a corrupt noble, though.

Abby/Caspar B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Remember that suspicious guy I chased after back when I was a student? A knight scolded me for it, but at the time, I really thought I was doing the right thing.
Now that I've had more experience on the battlefield though...

I pray for their souls.

Thank you.

It's good to hear they've finally been dealt with.
But some of the knights died in combat.
They died because of what I did five years ago. This is my fault...

But he might have harmed the children.
But he probably wouldn't have! Now those knights...They're not coming back... We both know it... This is all my fault...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Caspar, I think you're over-emphasizing your role in what happened...

Abby/Bernadetta A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Weird in what way?
At first, I remember I was desperate to go back, but now, it's the opposite. I have friends here, and I have you. The monastery's become a second home to me.

I'm happy for you.
It's all thanks to you! You've given me a second chance at life!
If not for you, I never would have gotten used to leaving my room, let alone the monastery. Maybe the battlefield's just dulled my senses.

Could you go somewhere new by yourself?
A new place? All on my own? That sounds like a tough assignment. Where did this come from all of a sudden? Hey, hold on... You're teasing me, aren't you?!

All right, all right.
You're still not taking me seriously! I mean it. Promise me you won't do that again!

OK. I promise.
Good... I'll hold you to that. You're absolutely not allowed to send me out anywhere on my own! Got it?

I'll be with you in spirit.
If we had either Hanneman or Manuela recruited, we'd be able to say "We can ask another professor."

It doesn't change the resulting dialogue.
No, that defeats the purpose! Why can't you get what I'm saying?! Oh, that's enough. I need some time alone...
If we were playing as Adan, Bernadetta would say the following instead.
No, that defeats the purpose! Why can't you get what I'm saying?!
I thought we were finally getting close. Guess I'm not good enough for that though, am I?
I'll let you have this one, but you'd better be ready for next time!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Bernie here is a pretty reasonable depiction of someone who's managed to cope with the worst of their anxiety. They can do a lot of stuff that would've been previously unthinkable for them, but pushing them will reasonably trigger the anxiety again.

Abby/Dorothea A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

That is, for letting me live my life the way I want. I've noticed you've been giving me fewer of those soul-revealing gazes lately.

So, you found me out...
Well, of course. Did you think I wouldn't notice? It's kind of sweet, in its own way.
Professor, may I tell you a story about when I was younger? I was an orphan, living in the back alleys of Enbarr, until one day I was overheard singing... That was when my new life began. I was suddenly a songstress in the Mittelfrank Opera Company. Performers, nobility... I met so many people. But none of them ever really knew me.
I was just some young, pretty girl who could sing, a spectacle to be admired. Even though everyone praised my looks and my voice, and they showered me with gifts... I knew, one day, I'd be old. My looks would fade, my voice would change, I wouldn't sound the same.
And I started to wonder, when I did get old, what would I have left?

I won't let you be alone.
That's sweet of you, even if you are just flirting.
I never had much to begin with in life, and I worry that one day, I'll be that way again...
That's why I keep searching for someone who will love me. Someone unaware of the songstress, who can love a girl that used to be scared and alone on the streets of the capital... I wonder if such a strange person can even exist.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

As was the case with that variant in Bernadetta's A rank dialogue for Adan, you might have noticed that Dorothea's last two lines in that scene had some pretty thick romantic implications. Get used to that, quite a lot of A ranks—not just with Adan/Abby—end with romantic implications between units.

Keyword: implications. It's nowhere near as thick as similar situations in, say, Awakening and Fates. The fact that they're there also means romantic ends between certain units is more plausible than, like, any support with Azama in Fates.

Note how Dorothea's S rank is now highlighted. I've mentioned this previously, I'm sure, but just in case: S ranks are not normal support scenes. They are only for Adan/Abby, and can only be viewed after a given path's Endgame chapter. The day prior to the Endgame map, you will be prompted to select which unit for Adan/Abby to kiss—including none of them, if you so wish.

If you're wondering "wait, why the day prior to the Endgame map," I assume it's to make S ranks feel like more of a commitment rather than something you flippantly make available and then unlock in rapid succession through saving and loading so that they all get recorded in the Support Log, like was common in Awakening and Fates. Making you choose the day prior to Endgame means that if you want to revise your choice, or see another S rank, you will have to repeat the Endgame map, which is...not an easy task.

Oh, right, Abby/Petra A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

You were overdoing it...
Yes... That is the truth. Please accept my apology. I have sorrow... I mean, I am sorry to be fainting at a time like this.

You must stop pushing yourself too hard.
Um... Will you have a listen to me? There is something that I must be saying. I am thinking you already have knowledge of why I came to Fódlan... Not for studying but as a hostage for the Empire, so that Brigid would not be rebelling anymore. It feels like...a knife against my throat. That I am making my grandfather obey the Empire.
If I were running away from the Empire, then Brigid would be defeated. I am not having any options. To be living, I must be fighting to win...
For Brigid to be living, the Empire needs to be crushed. So I must be crushing the Empire.

You must take care of yourself to succeed.
That is a truth. I wonder what I should be doing...

Only you can know what you want.
What I really want... I have understanding. Wait... No, I...I actually do not have understanding. Yet.
What I am understanding is that there is something I am not understanding.
Before the war is over, I will have understanding...That you can be counting on!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Abby/Felix A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

I almost had you.
True. It was a narrow victory.

It's like training with my brother. He always won—always—and died before I could win a single bout.
From the first time I held a sword, all I wanted was to surpass him.
And that's what drove me to become so strong. Perhaps it's absurd to say such a thing, but...

You found an answer to my question.
Yes. I suppose I did.
I can never again spar with my brother. Not unless he climbs out of his grave. Still, I continue my endless pursuit of strength. Maybe because I have a new opponent to measure myself against.

You. Obviously.
I beat you this time, but when we next cross swords, who knows what might happen? It was a close match, not a crushing victory. I know that I can do better.

Don't count me out yet.
Ha. Just what I was hoping you'd say. Anyway, thank you...for helping me find an answer to the question you asked, all those years ago.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Well, at least Felix is better aware of his own motivations now.

Abby/Sylvain A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

How's your injury?
It's not bad. I was even told I'd be cleared for service starting tomorrow.

Didn't you want to kill me?
I certainly meant it when I said it, but...
When I thought you were going to be killed for real, my reflexes kicked in. I reacted without thinking.
It doesn't mean I've stopped being jealous of you. But, come on, I can't help but look up to you.

You didn't have the courage?
No... But if I thought I could have escaped, I would have tried. I'd leave behind House Gautier and the life of a nobleman...and anybody who knew I had a Crest. Our home is to the very north of the Kingdom. Just across the mountains from us is land inhabited by foreigners to Fódlan. It once belonged to Faerghus, but now that the Kingdom has collapsed, it's only a matter of time until fighting breaks out. Anyway, that land has been contested for centuries, and all that time, it has fallen to House Gautier to protect it.

I remember. Five years ago...
Those were dangerous times. One wrong step and we would have lost our Relic to the church.
My father was afraid that the church would try to keep the lance, so he entrusted it to me. If an emergency arose, I was supposed to be called back home. I guess those very situations are why my family values Crests so much. Since I bear a Crest, my parents made sure I was never left wanting. My older brother didn't have one, and so when I was born, he was pushed aside.

That's horrible.
Even as a little kid, I understood why he was like that. My mere existence stole everything from him.
Now women smile at me for the same reason my parents adore me...and my brother wanted me dead.

So what you really feel toward women is...
The women who just want to use me to become nobility? Hatred's probably the right word. Though, in the end...that's just an easy answer. I don't even know how I truly feel about it all. Anyway, it was pretty unreasonable of me to resent you. I'm really sorry about that.

For what?
Before I met you, I'd gone my whole life not knowing there was another way for me to live.
So from the bottom of my heart...I'm glad we met.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Gods, poor Sylvain. Dude was thrust into an absurd world without having asked for it, raised by pricks who only care about a component of his blood, and it warped both him and his brother.

I can't say that I forgive his gynophobia, still, but at least it's more understandable as him lashing out at the box he's stuck in, for lack of better ways to cope with it. And at least he's willing to own up to it being that, by saying it's just an easy answer.

Abby/Mercedes A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

Abby nods.
Thank you so much. This is what I wanted to address...

Adoptive father?
Oh! Have I not mentioned him? He's the reason I first came to the Officers Academy.

I don't understand...
My Crest does not yet belong to a house, so he plans to use it as leverage to marry into the nobility. He's a very greedy man who was a roving merchant before adopting me, but now he's in the capital. This letter says that he's finally arranged to marry me off to a wealthy noble.

My thoughts exactly.

Will you accept?
I can't see any way around it, so I fear that I must... I just don't want to let go of the life that I've made for myself.

What does your heart want?
I believe I've mentioned this before, but I want to work in service of the church. Well, I suppose it doesn't necessarily have to be the church, but I want to help those in need.

Why can't you decline?
It's just... I've always allowed myself to follow the whims of those above me. I convinced myself that everything in life was at the will of the goddess. I was blind to reality.
I believed it was her will to both pull me from the church and guide me to the Officers Academy. The decision to enter this war was the first time I acted of my own free will. My adoptive father opposed this decision, but I somehow managed to convince him. Still, I couldn't free myself of him completely. This letter is proof of that.

Severing your ties?
Ah! I knew you'd understand, Professor.
I've sat down to write a reply several times, but I can't muster up the courage, or the words.

You can't just give up on your dreams.
That's a very good point! We're only given one life, so we must do all we can to pursue our happiness!
OK! I think that may have been just the push I was looking for! I'll tell him the truth. That I've found a life worth pursuing and I must decline the proposal!

Who might that be?

Excuse me?
I'm just teasing!
Now, I'm off to write this letter and stand my ground. Thank you for your encouragement!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Y'know, writing that you've fallen for Abby might not be a bad idea. I mean, she's probably gonna become the new archbishop if it ends up that the Empire murdered Rhea...

Abby/Annette A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

You look down.
Do you remember what we talked about before? About doing my best to not do my best?
Well, I've been pretty busy recently, and despite my best efforts, I've been trying way too hard... I was busy all day yesterday with training and work. I just couldn't help myself!
That's why I decided to take a day off today. It's just...
Now that I have a day off, I don't know what to do with myself!

Have a nap.
I tried that! I couldn't calm down enough to fall asleep. I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm cut out for not doing my best...
You're a professor! You must know some secret technique for deep relaxation, right? If you do, please teach me! I'm begging you!

Have a cup of tea.
Got it! I'll try that right now!

Ooh, and speaking of the tea, your brewing skills are incredible!
I'd love to be able to make such nice tea, but...
Oh, Professor! Will you teach me how to brew tea like this?

Is this doing your best...
Oh... Um, sorry. Back to my old tricks, it seems... Oh! Why is it so difficult to not do my best?!

Just be yourself.
Professor... You're right! Doing nothing is just not my style.

That's the spirit!
OK! Then you really must teach me how to make such delicious tea! You will, won't you? Please! Oh, and also... Well, thank you. You've listened to me and helped me face my troubles.
Now I feel like I can talk to you about anything.
Honestly, I wish we could go on drinking tea like this forever...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Boy, do I feel Annette there. It's intensely hard for me to sit still. I need stimulation at all times, and that often means any of my endless number of projects.

Abby/Ingrid A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

I'm happy to listen.
Thank you. You see, I've been feeling conflicted. About my future.

I don't think it's petty.
This isn't something I open up about with many people.
Feeling such a sense of inner turmoil while a war rages on and others are fighting with all they have, well... It feels a little selfish.
The truth is, I've wanted to be a knight ever since I was a small child. Not just any knight, like one you might find serving within the castle guard, but a true knight—one serving a master.

You don't have to do what you don't want to.
Defying my father feels...wrong. I've seen how he's struggled over the years. His burden has always been far greater than any I've had to bear myself. While he fed me extravagant meals, he subsisted on meager portions and watered-down soups... He never once complained—even though he must have been starving. Knowing his sacrifices, I've never been able to tell him of my dream of becoming a knight.
Although ultimately, I find myself betraying his wishes. Now that I have parted ways with my father, there is nothing to stop me from pursuing my dream.
But even if I do become a knight, I feel an unease deep within me. I fear I will never escape this guilt I carry.

It's no use worrying about things that are in the past.
Of course not. We cannot change what has already come to pass.
Even with the academy days long behind us, you're still a professor, through and through. Always listening to others' troubles and offering up your wisdom. I really am grateful for all that you do for us, Professor. I hope you'll always be here as a guide to everyone. I know I myself would appreciate that deeply...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I have my own thoughts on the kind of compulsory child → parent affection that is born from "the parent sacrificed a lot for the child," but I must admit that I see where Ingrid is coming from with her lingering respect for Count Galatea, even if he was trying to use her as, effectively, a product to be traded for wealth. Ingrid's also got the added dimension of the theoretical duties of nobles drilled into her, which doesn't make things easy...

Abby/Marianne A.

Content warning:
Marianne mentioning her old desire to die, with suicidal ideation implications.

♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

Of course.
I've spent my entire life avoiding people. Speaking to others was so difficult for me, so I made a point to always be alone. Animals and the goddess were the only ones I could really open up to.

Thanks and protection?
Yes, but that wasn't the case. Back then, I felt that my life served no purpose and that I was nothing more than a burden.

That was my daily prayer. But now I fear the idea of dying and being left alone. I have friends who accept me for who I am now, in spite of my Crest. And I have you watching over me. I've finally learned to accept the kindness and warmth of others.

I'm sorry to have worried you, but I'm all right now.
Even if I'm separated from you or any of my friends...

You should look to the future instead of the past.

From now on, we'll look to the future...together.
Oh! I'm sure I'll have the strength to move forward if we're together!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

...I feel now is a good time to mention this.

If you don't recruit Marianne, and you're not playing Golden Deer, she vanishes. Unlike other former students, who we'll see as Part 2 progresses, Marianne is just...absent.

The implication, as I read it, is that Marianne commits suicide between Part 1 and Part 2 if she's not recruited. The lack of a cohesive group of friends who rally around a central cause—in this case, Abby—causes her sense of being isolated to get worse, and she eventually can't bear it any more.

When I decided when to recruit each unit for the LP, I gave myself one discretionary "this unit will be recruited every route" slot. I might've mentioned it before, but that slot went to Lysithea. It was a decision between Lysithea, for gameplay purposes, and Marianne, for story and personal reasons. Lysithea eventually won out, but part of me is still...scared, sort of, of the run where she'll be left unrecruited.

I still sometimes struggle with suicidal thoughts when my emotional state gets very bad, and that's what drives my guilt over eventually not recruiting Marianne. It kind of feels like knowingly leaving her to die, a kind of active negligence that I deeply fear happening to myself in real life.

Yes, yes, I know it's a video game, be quiet. I get invested in these things.

The content warning for Abby/Marianne A is no longer in effect.

Whew, we're done with Abby's backlog of supports. Time for the rest of them.

Ferdinand/Bernadetta A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Ah, even with the fires of war raging all around us, tea never fails to soothe the soul.

Um, I hadn't actually thought about it, but...yes!
Excellent! Oh, that reminds me...
Hm? What's that?
A long time ago, my parents were in talks to arrange my marriage with a certain young lady. She never set foot outside of her room, and she made little dolls to curse her perceived enemies. Such were the rumors. Frightened, I dissuaded my parents from going through with their plans.
I can see that. She does sound pretty frightening. I relate to the staying in the room part though...
That girl was you, Bernadetta. A daughter of House Varley.
What?! I don't make dolls to curse people!
You are a skilled embroiderer, no? I guess I was wrong. You were not making dolls.
I did make dolls but cute ones! Nice little carnivorous plants and things!
Ah, hmm... Maybe I should not have brought this up.
Why not?! Carnivorous plants are adorable!
Aha, yes. Adorable.
Anyway, if I had actually known you, I would have accepted the proposal.
Um... Why? Did you have some scheme in mind?!
No. I just mean, now that I have gotten to know you, I would have been happy to...

Heh heh... It's...getting kind of hot in here, isn't it? Maybe, um... Maybe it's the tea...
Why are you getting so worked up? That was all a long time ago, now.
Long time ago?
Yes. Now we are soldiers fighting together in the same great conflict, right? And my parents are gone, so any agreements they might have cooked up would be completely invalid.
I...guess so...
Just think. If we had been married, we would not have been able to build such a deep friendship.
That's true. Yeah, we never would have gotten this close! I would've given up on the relationship my parents chose for me and shut myself away even more.
So, all in all, I am glad I refused to marry that doll-cursing princess.
Hey! I said I never made curse dolls!
Haha! Sorry, sorry. I am just glad to have met you at the monastery. I had better take my leave. We should have tea together again sometime soon!
Yeah. Um, see you.

♪ Hm hm-hm... Hm hm-hm hmm... ♪

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Okay, that was adorable.

Ferdinand/Marianne A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Yes, Ferdinand. Of course.

Um, is something wrong?
I am sorry, but, uh... You seem very different. Compared to how you were before.
That may be true.
Right there! You are smiling. I do not think I have ever seen you smile.
Please...you're making me blush...
I do not mean to embarrass you! I am just saying, you seem to have truly changed.
Well, I have you to thank for that. In truth, I spent a lot of time thinking about what you said. It meant so much when you told me that everyone has a purpose to fulfill. Even me.
I am so glad to hear you say that, Marianne. I wonder, did you find a purpose for yourself?
No, not yet... But I've been much happier since I started thinking about it more.
I remembered a time back when I was working at the animal clinic. The rest of the staff was so thankful for the work I had done. Even in something as simple as looking after animals, I was able to make myself useful to others. Thinking about it made me realize that anyone can make other people happy. Even someone like me.
It sounds to me like you have already found your answer.
What do you mean?
Making people happy. If you ask me, that is a truly worthwhile purpose.
You may be right!

Yes, what about it?
Today was my turn to prepare the meal. How is it?

The flavor and the texture are superb. So you are certainly making me happy!
I'm glad you like it.
I hope you will learn to like yourself. For what it is worth, I like you.
Maybe, if you have the time, you can cook something for me again? For me alone, I mean.
Of course! It would be my pleasure!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I'm glad Ferdinand was able to help Marianne see some value in life.

Bernadetta/Felix A.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

What did the weakling expect, running ahead? I can't leave her alone for one second...

Ah! It's all over! I'm done for!

Ah! The technique!
No. I can't stand by and watch.

Felix? Is that really you?! Thank you so much! I was sure I was finished.
You saved my life! I can never repay— Huh?
Shut your mouth and calm down. I should be thanking you.
Um... What?
When you were surrounded, I got to see you use your technique again.

If I could learn to do that, I'd be unstoppable.
Uh, in that case, I'm...happy to help?
I would be even more impressed if you hadn't been screaming the whole time.
Hey, come on! I was running for my life! Don't make fun of me for— Huh? No way...
Why are you staring at me?
You're actually smiling! Not like a sarcastic smirk either—a big goofy grin from ear to ear!
You're just a big old nut, aren't you, Felix? Once you get through the shell, there's all sorts of good stuff inside.
You don't know me.
Aww, there's that shell again.
OK, that's it! Quit making fun of me!
Ah! I didn't mean anything by it! I'm sorry!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Bernadetta/Ingrid C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Um...no. Sorry, not happening.
I'm not playing around, Bernadetta. This training is absolutely crucial to the war.
I don't care. I can't handle it today. Please leave.
Why did you come here?
Why did I come here? I didn't choose to join the academy. I was forced. Then more stuff happened, and I didn't have a say in any of it. So here I am...somehow.
I suppose not everyone has to be pleased about being here, but even so...
Bernadetta, I'll ask one more time—please come out of there.
And I'll tell you one more time. It's not happening. Not right now. Not today.
You leave me no alternative. If you're near the door, you'd better step away. Aaaagh!

Now hurry along, Bernadetta. You've got lots of training to catch up on.
Spare me! I'll train! I'll train! Just...not with you. Anyone but you, please!
Is that so? That presents a problem. I know we are two very different people. But whether or not you like me, we are on the same side and must learn to work together.
It's n-not about any of that! If this is how you treat people on your own side, wh-what do you do to your enemies?
Don't ask questions you don't want answers to. I did what was necessary to get you to comply. Nothing more.
I do hope that the professor will be able to help you through the rest of your training. In the meantime, I will fix your door. Good luck.
Um, uh... Right. OK. Good.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Dammit, Ingrid, that is not how you get someone plagued by anxiety to come out of their room.

Felix/Seteth C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Do you have need of my sword?
No, this is not a military matter. I would like to discuss the distance you seem to be keeping from the others.
"Distance"? I don't follow.
I have noticed that you like to keep others at arm's length. And in most cases, quite a bit further.
Hmph. Keeping a close eye on me. They don't share my values. That's all.
Is that why you train alone? Because your friends do not share your values?
You seem displeased. I suppose you're going to tell me, "To defeat your enemies, you must have dependable allies."
That's not exactly how I would phrase it, but having good relationships with your allies is essential in combat. I am sure you realize that it is easier to bond with people when you interact with them more. There are limits to what one person can do alone. Great things cannot be achieved without allies.
You sound like my father. You're saying it's in my own interest to make friends?
To put it simply, yes. As much as you possibly can. To be honest, I envy you. Because I know what it is like to not have many people to call friends.
I wouldn't have guessed that. There are so many devout believers.
I am talking about friends. People to speak with on equal terms. You have many friends here. You should take care to attend to them.
I'll consider your advice, but I'm not usually one to change my mind.

Ah, to be young.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Annette/Lysithea B.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Lysithea! Hi! Did you forget something?
I did. What are you reading?
Just something I found. Though there are things in here I don't quite get.
Is that The Compendium of Light and Dark?
It is! Amazing how you could tell that just from a glance at the cover.
I've read it so many times I have nearly the entire thing memorized. That said, it does seem to take liberties with some topics, so be aware of that while you're reading it.
Wait, really? Yikes! Thanks for the warning.
You've got quite the stack of books here for only wanting to brush up on one thing. I knew you were a hard worker, Annette.
No, not as much as some people. I'm... Oh! Sorry. There I go again.
It's all right. In getting to know you, I've taken some time to self-reflect. I used to think that I worked harder than anyone. But I'm not so sure anymore. I have to work even harder to keep pace with you!
Oh no! But then I'll have to work extra, extra hard to keep up with you!
Well, if you work extra, extra hard, I'll need to work super duper extra hard!
Aw, come on! Fine. Super duper quadruple extra hard it is!
OK, OK. That's enough. We could do this forever, but we've got better things to do.
Heh, sorry. It's fun to see you get carried away like that though.

I'm lucky to have someone like you around to inspire me.
I feel the same. I'll do my best to keep pace with you!
Why are you smiling?
Oh, it's nothing. I was just thinking about how nice it is that we can motivate each other like this.
It is nice, isn't it? But I still intend to surpass you.
Nuh-uh! I'm gonna surpass you! But before that... Uh, could you explain this part of the book to me?
I'm not quite sure how someone of your caliber is struggling with this one, but let me break it down for you...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Phew. That was a heck of a backlog.

There's still more later in the month, though!

Ferdinand/Dorothea A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

There's a lot you don't know, Ferdie. But you're right. I'd hardly call myself devout. After all, it was thanks to the goddess and her noble regime that I suffered so much as a child.
You must be quite brave to speak so coarsely in this hallowed place.
But what do you mean...about suffering as a child?
Ugh... Do I really have to tell you? Oh, forget it. I'm sure you already know that I'm an orphan. I grew up in the alleys of Enbarr, begging for coins, eating scraps, drinking from drains.
I see. I remember seeing street children around the city...
I could've died. Then the right person overheard me singing... And suddenly I was in the opera. I was a songstress. And my goodness...did the nobles like me.
The people who used to spit on me and call me an urchin? They praised my voice and my beauty.

So, that is why you despise the nobility. But why do you think I am the same as them?
Do you really believe that is the kind of man I am? You think I would ever treat people differently based on appearances? There is nothing noble about that!
Oh, really? You're something different? That's not how I remember things...
It was the very day that I was discovered... I was in high spirits. Nothing was wrong in the world. I secretly bathed in one of the town's fountains, hoping to wash off some of the dirt from the streets. I sang the same song the opera composer overheard earlier that day. And that's when you appeared.
Me?! No... It could not have been...
Don't play dumb. You glared at me, the same look I'd gotten from every other noble. Then you ran off.
When we met at the academy, you were a different person. All smiles and friendly words.

So, it was you then, singing that song... Dorothea, please listen. This is a misunderstanding. When I saw you... I could not take my eyes off you. I was hypnotized.
Your beautiful voice, your elegant face...droplets of water on your skin that glittered in the sun. I thought you were a water nymph.
Stop it. Don't lie to me.
No, it is true. I was only a child. The vision overwhelmed me. That is why I ran.
I plucked up the courage to return, but no one was there. I thought perhaps it was a dream...
Maybe I can believe you. I've wanted to ever since the day you made me those treats...
I thought then that maybe you weren't like the others, but... There's a lot I have to let go of, Ferdie.
Of course. I am glad we had this conversation. You know, I do not mind you thinking of me as a bee.
Life as a simple drone, circling a queen... It actually sounds quite wonderful.
Don't drones keep the queen safe from other bugs? I like the sound of that.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

That support is one of my favorites in the game.

We're nearing the end.

Abby/Flayn A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

What's wrong?
Oh, hello, Professor! How nice to see you.

Why the sigh?
Just a moment ago? Well, I... I... I am afraid I just do not understand you. When first we met, I sensed something different about you—something mysterious. And now I am convinced. Your existence itself is very special. Thinking on it, I know it to be true. You have a Crest that should have been lost long ago. You wield the Sword of the Creator as if it is nothing... Your hair and eye color changed on that day five years ago.
To the same sort of color as mine and my brother's...

What does it all mean?
I do not know. My brother refuses to speak to me of it.
This is a good time to note, now that permanent death is in play, that any dialogue Flayn has where she refers to Seteth also has a variant in the past tense for if he is dead. For example, the variant for the previous line is:
I do not know. My brother refused to speak to me of it.
It's not actually possible to see these on Silver Snow, however. When playing on Silver Snow, Seteth and Flayn don't actually die when their HP hits 0; they just retreat with severe wounds. In total, five units do this, and whether or not they do it depends on your route: Seteth and Flayn (Silver Snow), Mystery Unit (Azure Moon), Hilda (Verdant Wind), and Hubert (Crimson Flower).
Since then, you have led us into battle and, thus far, we have always come out victorious. Your comrades and colleagues adore you. They believe in you—in your strength.

I don't know.
I simply do not understand.
Whatever the case may be, having hair like mine is proof that there is something exceptional about you.
I may as well come forward with things.

How so?
Surely you recall when I was targeted, specifically for my blood? I may not be special in the ways you are, but my blood is rare. It seems the two of us share a special...differentness. I also believe that we are bound together in some way. Of this I am certain. Therefore, I intend to stay by your side and watch over you.

I would rather protect you.
Certainly those are the words of a hero! Let us unite our powers—together, we are unstoppable!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Alright, time to come clean: Flayn and Seteth are not normal people. You may have guessed from their hair, their conversations with Rhea, them possessing what are ostensibly very rare Crests, and their birthdays just so happening to fall on the same days as the celebrations of the births of Saint Cichol and Saint Cethleann. Flayn is Saint Cethleann, and Seteth is Saint Cichol.

Their actual ages are, therefore, indeterminate, but almost definitely over 1000 years. Visually, according to the game's internals, Seteth is meant to look 27 years old, and Flayn is meant to look 17 years old. The former I can believe, but the latter... No. Flayn does not look 17.

Abby/Shamir B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

The same to you.
Heh. I think you did most of the heavy lifting.
It may be unwise to think this way on the battlefield...

Why's that?
Not sure. I might have an idea, but... Never mind. I've also noticed that you've been putting me in more precarious situations lately.

My apologies for that.
No need. I'm glad you trust me to get the job done, but still...
I knew you were doing it on purpose. You're in a very important position, now that you're leading the charge against the Empire. Funny to think you used to just teach at the Officers Academy. Your old students still call you "Professor."

There's no harm in it.
Relax. I was just having fun. You sure are an interesting one. My people lost the war and I was left to wander Fódlan alone, but I guess meeting you was my prize.
You look confused. Did you not know any of this?
I was living in my homeland of Dagda, up until the Imperial army destroyed it 10 years ago. But, being a mercenary, I have no real allegiance. That's why I'm working here now.
Don't worry though. I don't plan to turn on you.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Sylvain/Flayn B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Hi! Why do you look so down? But hey, if you're talking to me of your own accord... Can I assume you've figured out I'm not a monster?
I wanted to apologize about my treatment of you earlier, Sylvain. I am not normally one to put stock in such rumors...
Nothing to be upset about. I mean, I've kind of earned that reputation. I've just...I've got this sickness. When I see a pretty girl, I can't stop myself from flirting with her.
Like you, for instance...
Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your illness! Perhaps my magic will help heal you.
Huh? No, I didn't mean it like that...
No? Are you not ill, then?
You know what? Let's just... Let's move on. Can I take this to mean everything is good between us?
Of course. Sylvain, I look forward to getting to know you without the falsity of rumors.
Great! Would you like to celebrate our new friendship by joining me for a meal?
You would treat me to a feast? That is very kind of you.
A chance to spend time with a sweet girl like yourself? It's a pleasure. Your voice like birdsong, your eyes clear as diamonds, but above all... I'm drawn to your kind and loving heart. I am a captive to your charms, Flayn.
I hear that very frequently. Thank you.
Yeah, I... I guess a girl as cute as you would get a lot of compliments.
Anyway, what type of a meal were you considering, Sylvain? I would love some seafood, followed by a delicious cake!
Oh, I am absolutely famished, as I often am. Shall we be on our way?

Sheltered girls like her usually fall for that kind of stuff.
But she's much too savvy...even for a smooth-talker like myself.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Lysithea/Hilda C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Thank you so much! You're always so kind to me. I'll have to repay you sometime.

Um, Lysithea? What are you doing there? Don't tell me you were listening just now? And judging me getting other people to do my work for me?!
I've got better things to do. Although I do wonder why everyone is always so eager to help you.
I only ask for help if they offer! I don't ever pressure people.
So I've noticed. That's what strikes me as odd.
I suppose they're just so taken with me, they want to help me out.
I see... That would explain it.
Oh dear. I was expecting you to argue, not to agree with me right away.
There's no reason to deny what's clearly true. Everything about your outward appearance is immaculate and well thought out. Even your fingernails are always well kept and painted—no doubt your toenails are the same.
I can't tell if you're complimenting me or accusing me of something.
And you smell delightful. Like...candy. Or wait— Am I catching a hint of floral?
I'm so glad you noticed! It's oil extracted from a flower that only blooms at night.
Floral oils, huh? I didn't think they had much use outside of homeopathy and house cleaning...
I have some right here, actually. Here, I can give you a splash!

Body heat is what activates the scent. Your wrists and your neck are relatively warm, so they're good spots to apply the fragrance. For a very subtle fragrance, you can also try putting it under your clothing.
So, what do you think?
Mmm. It's lovely. Now I smell just like you, Hilda.
Somehow this makes me feel a little more...mature. Thank you.

That smile, though! Who knew she could be so cute?

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Teach me how to nails, Hilda? Please?

In the midst of an instruction week, we get this.

Abby/Linhardt A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

I heard a strange voice.
Oh, um... That was likely my voice.
I've been worrying about something...
I asked you once to help me achieve my goal of being a person who can simply nap all day.

Why's that?
Well, I don't see how Crests have much use in times of peace. Certainly there are Crests that make you stronger and could be used in engineering. And I suppose Crests that increase magical abilities might help doctors heal injuries... Still, the possibilities seem limited.

Maybe you're right.
I cannot prove what I say is true, but suppose for a moment that it is...
The longer this war goes on, the more useful my Crest research becomes.
But if the war were to end today, we would go on living, perhaps not using the power of our Crests at all.
It is truly my dream to be a Crest scholar, but I also dream of all the wonderful naps peace would bring.

It's not stupid.
Thank you, Professor. I appreciate the sentiment.
Although, if I stop researching Crests, I'll have one less excuse to spend time with you.

A pause.
Professor. Don't make faces like that.
People like you who listen to my blathering and then nod and smile as though what I say matters? People like you are very precious to me.

♪ No music ♪

Aww, Lin...

Anyways, gods be praised, we're done. Next time: we get back to the actual game.

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