Update 5: Rebellion

♪ The Land Beloved by the Goddess ♪

♪ Gazing at Sirius ♪

Why would he do that?
Lord Lonato is a minor lord of the Kingdom. He has been showing hostility toward the church for some time now.
A vanguard unit from the Knights of Seiros is already on its way to his stronghold, Castle Gaspard. Lord Lonato's army is nothing compared to the knights. It is quite possible the rebellion has already been suppressed.
Even so, I would like for your class to travel with the knights' rear guard to deal with the aftermath.
War zones are unpredictable. We do not expect you will have cause to battle, but be prepared for the worst.

♪ Untitled (BGM_0064) ♪

This is Catherine. She will be leading the knights whom you will be accompanying.
Nice to meet you. We've heard a lot about you. If you need anything, just ask.
She is one of our bravest knights, and that is no small feat. Only an exceptional few have what it takes to join the Knights of Seiros. This mission should prove useful in demonstrating to the students how foolish it would be to ever turn their blades on the church...
That's... I can't say I agree with a religious organization using military might to suppress rejection of them, but what do I know.

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Oh, thank god, we can get Edelgard out of Noble/Commoner.

Certification exams are how you reclass units in Three Houses. They're fairly simple: a certification exam has a list of requirements to get 100% chance of passing it. For Beginner classes, the list represents "any of these," while later tiers are "all of these." A unit being below any of the requirements reduces their chance of passing the exam, and they need a 30% chance at minimum to even attempt taking the exam.

Taking an exam for a class requires and consumes one Seal of the appropriate tier. If the unit fails the exam, the Seal is still consumed.

The Beginner exams are designed to be impossible to fail.

So, mechanics time. Beginner classes require 60 class mastery experience to master. Yep, you'll need to have someone involved in combat 60 times for them to master a Beginner class. Quite the jump from Noble/Commoner.

Fighter is designed to be the introductory class for units that primarily use axes, brawling, or bows. It applies the following adjustments to a unit's growth rates: +10% HP, +5% Str, -5% Res, +5% Cha. Upon mastery, it grants both the Strength +2 ability, and the Shove combat art.

Strength +2: Increases Str by 2.
Shove: +0 Mt, +0 Hit, +0 Crit, 1 range, costs 0 durability. User pushes ally forward 1 space.

Strength +2 is decent. Death Blow, which we'll see later, does way more during the player phase, but Strength +2 applies during the enemy phase as well.

Shove makes a return from the Tellius games, and much like there, it's situational, but when you need it, you will be glad you had it.

We also have support scenes to view!

Supports have been a mainstay of Fire Emblem since Binding Blade, the sixth entry in the series, only being missing in Shadow Dragon, the remake of the first game, and being gutted of its narrative uses in its Radiant Dawn implementation.

Once two units have gained enough support points, you can view a support scene between them, expanding upon their relationship, character traits of either (or both) participants, or just showing two of them interacting outside of battle. Doing this increases their support rank, which increases the benefits that they gain when near each other in battle.

Support ranks differ from previous games a little. Not every support has three (C-B-A) or four (C-B-A-S) ranks, depending on if the units can explicitly be married. For one, only Adan/Abby have S ranks, and we will not be able to see those until the very end of the game.

For two, certain ranks can require two rank ups to progress through, with the second rank bestowing a "plus" variant rank. This is represented by two chevrons above a rank letter, such as Edelgard's support with Abby in this screenshot. Plus variants do not adjust the combat bonuses units receive from supports, they are only to represent stages in units' relationships with each other.

The combat bonuses bestowed by supports depend on the rank:

Note that it is impossible to utilize the combat bonuses of S rank supports in a standard New Game. You need to be in New Game + to see them, for reasons I will discuss when we actually go over New Game +.

In addition, certain support pairings give Mt for normal combat, in addition to Hit/Avo. The supports that grant this are pre-determined:

All of these supports give +1 Mt at rank C / C+, +2 Mt at rank B / B+, +3 Mt at rank A / A+, and +5 Mt at rank S.

Note that there are two pairings defined for Mt bonuses that don't actually exist as supports: Bernadetta and Marianne, as well as Dorothea and Hilda. Both of those sound like they would've made interesting supports. I'm sad they were cut.

Anyway, let's watch some supports! We'll start with Edelgard/Bernadetta C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Bernadetta, why are you following me?
Ah! Um...

Ah! Please don't hurt me!
Calm yourself. I have no reason to harm you.
Forgive me! I beg you! I'll go straight back to my room and you'll never see me again. I swear!
Yes, Lady Edelgard.
Please explain why you were following me, and why you tried to hide.

Please speak like the human that you are. I already said no harm will come to you.
Yes. Yes, I'm sorry. Um, permit me to explain.
Lady Edelgard, you are fearless. I look up to you as an example to follow.
And that explains it...how?
I decided to watch you from a distance, to learn from you. But your presence is, um...intimidating.

Look, nobody is truly fearless. Even I have things that I'm afraid of.
What? You do?
You seem oddly overjoyed at the thought.
N-no, of course not! But, um, what in the world could possibly frighten you?
The sea. I find the pitch black of the open sea at night quite frightening. I can't swim, so if the sea were to wash me away, I fear I would never return.
The sea? I think I may have seen it once. Maybe...

Again, my shortcomings delight you. Everyone has fears, as well as things they can't do. How many times must I tell you?
Ah! I really did make you angry!

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Next up: Hubert/Dorothea C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

A routine matter. No cause for concern.
Ah, so it's something to do with Edie, then.
She really is all you ever think about, isn't she?
Look, I know you're doing all this so that she'll like you, but if you go too far, she'll end up pushing you away. Maybe even hate you.
This has nothing to do with swaying Lady Edelgard's sentiments. I am simply her humble servant. I do what is in her best interest. Whether she cares for me or not is irrelevant.
It really doesn't look that way to me.
I bet you'd follow any order Edie gave, if you thought it would make her like you. Am I right?

But the answer is no. I will decline any directive that I deem would not be beneficial to her.
Is that right? So, just for example...
If Edie commanded you to find yourself a suitable wife, would you do it?
If it would benefit her in some way for me to marry, then yes, I would marry.
It's easy to say that now, with no bridal party in sight. But if it was the day of the wedding? Nah, I don't believe that.
I don't care what you believe.
[Hubert] My only wish is to see Lady Edelgard fulfill her ambitions. All other matters pale in comparison.

And I don't care what you think either. I would make any sacrifice to support Lady Edelgard. It's a shame you've never experienced such devotion.
You're right. I don't have anyone like that right now. But...maybe someday I will?
Then maybe someday you'll understand. Until then, we will never see eye to eye. Now, if you will excuse me, I have much to do.

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Ferdinand/Bernadetta C.
♪ Funny Footsteps ♪

Um, what? I didn't do anything!
No need to be defensive. I am not angry.
Oh, you definitely are! I can tell! Just get it over with! What did I do?!
You did not do anything wrong! Please listen.
Look, just breathe, will you?
I see that you are struggling. Please calm down.
Easy...for...you...to say!

It seems like something must be troubling you, for you to shut yourself away like that. If something is the matter, maybe I can help. But you need to tell me what it is first.
No! Um, no thanks. I'm fine! See, I'm breathing now. You fixed me. Can I go?
Do you not realize that life is passing you by? Have you no desire to venture beyond this reclusive lifestyle? There is a whole world waiting for you out there. The social life of a noble is actually rather—
Just stop it! I'm not interested!
Bernadetta, this is unhealthy behavior.

What if I actually like being alone?! Is that so hard to imagine?! It's none of your business! Get lost!
A shoving sound is heard.
No... Oh no!
Ah, ouch... I sprained my wrist...
Oh, no-no-no-no. Now you've done it, Bernie. Now, you're his eternal rival.
I do not wish to hurt you. Actually, I—
No! I'm done for! You'll be the death of me for sure!

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

And the last of the supports we can do for now, Ferdinand/Dorothea C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Ferdie! I must say, you are quite adept with flattery. Please, give me some more.
Flattery? No, I was not... There you go with that attitude again. Why do you reserve such cold treatment for me, and me alone?
Do you hate me, Dorothea? Or have you some other reason to avoid my company?
I underestimated you. I assumed your noble upbringing had dulled your perception. But you got it right on your first try. I hate you.
Huh. I was right. Might I ask why you find me so despicable? I can scarcely guess.
Don't waste another minute thinking about it.
That will not do. I do not think you would hate a person for no reason.
Hm, perhaps. How's this? If you can guess why, I'll let you know if you're right.

Very well. I cannot walk away from a challenge. I have no choice but to chance a guess.
You are always making fun, calling me a "big shot" and so forth. Perhaps you think all nobles are... No, it could not be that simple.
Oh? What can't be that simple?
Please. Will you not give me a clue?
Well, let me see. A good clue... I know! It's because you're like a bee.
That oughta be enough of a clue. So long, Ferdie.

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

...Hm. Methinks there's something deeper here.
♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

For now, the monastery calls, and I must answer.

Ah, fuck, I forgot to talk to Sothis.

Three Houses uses asynchronous asset loading while in the monastery, so Sothis doesn't appear until her model is loaded in, which is delayed until the main monastery geometry is loaded in. It's kind of easy for me to forget that she's here because of it. Guess we'll just have to do it another day.

H-huh?! Um, is someone there?
What do you want?
Aww, Bernie, don't be ashamed of humming to yourself.

Oh yeah, we can go in our students' dorm rooms. For. Some reason.

Jesus, Linhardt, please organize your books better.

Ooh, look, a professor level experience book.

No matter how much I eat before I train, I'm always so hungry after.
My muscles must be going through a growth spurt!

And people here are unknowing of the spirits who watch over the earth and bless it. Only the goddess is known. Is that factual?

The seeds I planted last week have yielded a stat booster! The Fruit of Life increases a unit's maximum HP by 1.

Oh yeah, we can plant two seeds now.

I feel I can empathize with them... The flowers. Flowers that thrive—despite their environment—are truly inspiring, are they not?

That's not like you.

Literally just "visit a shop." Sure.

Have you talked with Catherine yet? If the knights are the cream of the crop, she's the cream of the cream. Oh, and that Relic of hers! I hear it's nothing short of amazing.
Thunderbrand is very good gameplay-wise, yes.

I'd have expected you to be more careful, seeing as how you're a professor and all. I hate when my clothes get dirty. That's one of the many reasons I find it best to train as little as possible.

...Abby are you just picking up insect larvae you find around the monastery? Gross...
♪ People of the Marketplace ♪

The battalion guild is the battalion shop. You buy battalions, sell them, or have their endurance (basically battalion HP) replenished for a small fee.

I grab battalions for everyone but Hubert.

I don't like the sound of that...

I came to see the horses.

Sounds unhealthy.

As much as I want to be a Good Teacher and give the right advice...
When you're busy there's no alternative.

Seriously though, Caspar. Slow down, you blue-haired gremlin.

Hello now, what is this?

This is our first lost item, an object that one of the characters has left lying around the monastery. The descriptions give clues as to who the owner is, which you can usually check by looking as a unit's profile page.

In this case, this book belongs to Annette.

I can't imagine anyone would really want to hit on Flayn. She looks, like, 12 years old, at most.
Not at all.
If you do see anyone getting too close with Flayn, please, inform me of it at once.
...Whoops, wrong choice.

Oh yeah, certain days will result in a special event at the dining hall, which amplify the support points you gain from dining with someone who meets the criteria.

I dine with Linhardt and Lysithea, followed by Bernadetta and Dorothea.

It's enough to unlock new support scenes.

Let's start with Linhardt/Lysithea C.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

I think you mean a baseless rumor. Why are you wasting your time? And mine, for that matter.
Well... It's a secret that could completely overturn what is considered common knowledge in Crest research...
Shut your mouth! Just...ugh. Let's go talk somewhere other than here.

There was a sort of accident in Professor Hanneman's room...
I should've figured. You haven't told anyone, have you?
Of course not. If someone else were to learn you have two Crests, I might lose you as a test subject.
Ah! Please stop talking so loudly!
So what if I have two Crests? If you insist on speaking of it, please do so quietly.

Wait— What?! Did you just trick me?
"Trick" is such a strong word. I think of it as testing a hypothesis. The truth is I simply made an educated guess.
Ugh. Well, now that I've confirmed it for you, there's not much I can do.
I disagree. For example, you could tell me if you were born with them. Or is the source magical? What does it feel like to use both Crests at the same time? Is it pleasant? Painful? Euphoric?

I am done talking about this! As though I'd speak of this to the likes of you.

Oh, yeah, white speech balloons mean that support must be triggered by walking to an indicated point inside the Monastery. It's a bit annoying and arbitrary.

Next up, Bernadetta/Dorothea C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Just looking at these, it's like all the terrible parts of the day just disappear.
If only people could be more like flowers...

All these nobles are just terrifying, and the commoners...
Just look at Dorothea. So pretty, popular, dazzling...
There's no way someone like me could ever be close with someone like that.
Bern, are you OK?
Ah! Dorothea! Did you hear all that?
Just the part about you wishing you could get along with someone. So, Bern, who've you got a crush on?
Seriously now, you have to tell me. Who are they? Do I know them? I'm so excited for you, Bern!

I thought we already were friends.
That's n-not what I mean. Oh, I'm such a coward!
I thought it would be great if we could be closer.
But old memories just get in the way for me.
Bern, whatever happened in the past, you know you have my full support. I'm here for you. I thought we'd already been friends for a long time now. Please...
Just forget it. We'll never be close friends.
Father would just... He would just... Aaaah! Nooo!

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

...That seemed an awful lot like Bernadetta was reliving some kind of trauma...

That woman! She borrowed a book last week and returned it with stains of unknown origin on the cover, and several pages either folded or torn. Just now, she dropped a sandwich on the floor, picked it up and kept eating. When she saw my shock, she said simply, "Three second rule." Ugh!
"Ugh" indeed. That's gross...

You really want to bring the money in, huh?

Well, that's obvious.

I hope no one is hurt.

Why not seek her out as a sparring partner, Professor?
Annoyingly, we can't return lost items to Edelgard right now, for...some reason.

Why would a minor lord raise an army against a foe he cannot possibly hope to defeat?

That's an overstatement. I'm just me.
Spoken like a true hard worker.

Belongs to Raphael.

Belongs to Caspar.

But I think she's hiding something. Nobody knows anything about her past.
You should spar with her. She's strong. Stronger than you are, I'd bet.

And now, Abby/Bernadetta C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Oh, good. Bye! Uh, good-bye!

What's terrifying?
Ah! Please don't sneak up on me like that!

You've never seemed scared of me.
Oh yeah? How about when I first met you and I wouldn't come out of the corner or even uncover my face? Actually, now that you mention it, it's funny. Once I started talking to you, I stopped feeling scared.
I wonder why...

I'm glad, regardless.
I'm happy about it too!
When we first started out here, we had to do drills...outside. I skipped those every chance I got. It's a terrible idea—going out in the forest with all these people you don't even know!
Thanks to you, though, I can actually make it through class now. I'm grateful for that.

It's all right.
Sorry... I'm OK...

By the way, was that you singing in the greenhouse?
What? Y-you saw that? Why would you see that?! You were watching me?!
That crosses the line, Professor! Singing? Me?! Why would I be singing? I'd never be singing! Ah! I've never been so humiliated!


♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

...Unmarriageable? Where did that come from?

Belongs to Leonie.

I saw him at the training ground.

Thankfully, a sweet young girl reached out and offered her help. I believe she's Seteth's little sister.

Why would such a kind man suddenly raise an army?
Oh, Professor. You were working late last night, weren't you? You shouldn't overdo it.
A ghost might rise up from the well to get you if you stay up too late! Or so I'm told.

The counselor's over in the cathedral.

Though it looks like we won't be fighting, it's still quite unsettling.
My understanding is that it will all be subdued rather quickly.

Time for Abby/Dorothea C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Well, until we meet again!

That's a different guy than I saw you with yesterday.
Yes... Is there a problem with that? Look, I know what I'm doing. My acclaim as a diva won't last forever, after all. I must look to the future.

Minor variant note: Dorothea's line here changes based on what form the avatar has. If we were playing as Adan, she'd say this:
As a man, you may not feel so rushed about these things, but I know my beauty will eventually fade.
We all feel anxiety about aging.
You? Really? I never would have guessed.
Anyway, I'm not just playing games with these boys. This is for my future. You have no right to object. I very much want to find a good partner here at the academy. Someone who will take care of me for the rest of my life.

Is that really what you want?
Finding someone to take care of me? Of course it is! Who could ask for anything more?
Anyway, I value your opinion, Professor, but I won't have you interfering with my life plans.

I wasn't— You aren't being serious, are you? I was just teasing.
Or did you really just consider spending your whole life with me? The thought hadn't crossed my mind before, but come to think of it...that might sound pretty nice.
Another variant line, same as the last one. If we were playing as Adan:
If you did that...that actually makes me... It makes me happy. I had no idea you might look at me that way.
You've gotten awfully quiet... You might even be blushing a bit. Have I embarrassed you?
If so, I'm very, very sorry. I should be going anyway. I'll see you later... Professor.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

Dorothea's pretty sharp. There's gotta be something deeper to her search for a partner than "my beauty will eventually fade," though.

I agree.

A bit paternalistic, aren't you, Lorenz?

Knowing her stats... A lot.

How frustrating that I am too young to take the throne. Rendered powerless by age... If the throne is vacant much longer, the Kingdom will fall to ruin!

And now, Abby/Linhardt C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

I won't do this again.
It's rare for a nice professor like you to be so strict.
Please, Professor. You must understand how difficult it is for me to fight the demon of drowsiness.

Ugh. I don't like any of those options, but...
Let's wake you up with a bit of training, then.
Oh no, I couldn't possibly. I would certainly injure myself if I tried to train while drowsy.
I must compliment you though. By this point in most conversations, I'm bored senseless. But I'm enjoying this. I wonder why... What is it about you that fascinates me so?

Maybe so.
In truth, your very nature is odd. You're definitely not a commoner, but you don't seem like a noble, either. You're...something else.

I'm not a villain.
Hey, Professor... Will you ever allow me to investigate that Crest of yours?
It won't hurt a bit, I swear. I'm sure I could find out all sorts of things about your Crest...and you.
Of course, I'm not as experienced with such research as Professor Hanneman, but I do what I can.

Oh, don't trouble yourself. I didn't mean now.
I've got a lot of other research I'm working on at the moment. I tend to start a project, get bored, and then leave it be.
I might be ready to investigate your Crest soon. I'd have to tidy up a bit first.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

That line about starting projects is calling me out specifically.

Another professor level experience book greets us in the Golden Deer classroom.

Huh? Are you going along to help? Sounds like an easy victory, but good luck out there.

The counselor's a minor, but nice feature. It's more for character-building than any gameplay purpose.

You get a question from a student, and are given 30 seconds to come up with an answer.
Getting plenty of sleep might help.

If you choose right, you get a small amount of support points with the character who submitted the question.

...Oh, right, Ashe is...Lonato's adoptive son. That's...

There's definitely a lot of context we're missing here. A minor lord wouldn't raise a rebellion against a central religion on a whim...

Sorry, but only a select few members of the church are allowed entry. It's open to the public on only one day of the year, for the Goddess's Rite of Rebirth.

And, no, that's not because I'm getting lost. I'm a fully capable, mature person! Who never gets lost.

Well, that's obvious.

Do you like art?

Meting out appropriate punishment to the sinful... It is a sacred duty with which we have been entrusted. As a member of the church yourself, I hope that you will take that to heart.
Still not comfortable with a church having a martial force.

The Kingdom, the Empire, the Alliance... They do love a good war, don't they? Spilling the blood of young men and women...and for what? Just to enjoy the horror of it?

Faculty training functions similarly to us training our students, except we're the one that gets skill points this time.

Adan/Abby have an aptitude in Faith. It takes two faculty training sessions to get an aptitude star.

Here's a list of what each faculty member teaches:

Abby needs to get to Faith D before they can actually put it to use in battle.

Belongs to Hanneman.

It was by request of the son of that family...Christophe, I think it was.

This is the quest we need to do in order to unlock the ability to deliver lost items.

Talking to Jeralt again finishes it. We also unlocked the ability to give students gifts.

Each character has a list of gifts they love, gifts they hate, and anything else is neutral. Loved gifts give a lot of support points, neutral gifts give a little amount of support points, and hated gifts remove some support points. In addition, if the character is in your house, loved gifts increase their motivation by 50, and neutral gifts by 25.

Even among the knights, she is something special—a holy knight who is able to wield a Hero's Relic. Still...she can be a mite difficult.

I don't return Caspar's thing to him, since that'd be a waste of 50 motivation.

Keep better track of your stuff, guys.
Another professor level experience book lies on the table across from Annette and Mercedes.

I'm also distributing the first three gifts I got to people who love them.

Yeah, yeah, Catherine's not a student, but she's the only one who loves Whetstones.
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Nothing special with instruction. Just filling out aptitude stars, and getting Caspar's Brawling up.

Ask a blacksmith to teach you how to craft your own.

Big instruction week.

Hubert gets Mire Β, which has 1-3 range, and debuffs the target's Def by 5 for one turn. A lot of pretty clear utility there.

Linhardt gets Fire, giving him a bit more powerful magic than Nosferatu, and Physic.
♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Come Sunday, I buy Hubert a magic battalion.

I opt to Explore again. Dorothea gains the ability to heal people, and level up Faith during battle.

The goddess is watching from on high.

The will to fight for those who can't protect themselves.

That's...not what mercenaries do, but I'm not going to protest that kind of disinformation.

To close out this week, let's do Abby/Ferdinand C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

She's got a lot to learn.
Well now! That is not what I expected you to say. You clearly have high standards.
And what is your opinion of me? I am at least her equal, am I not?

I don't want to hurt your feelings, but...
You think she is better than me?!
I was just being modest before. Honestly, I have always prided myself on being superior to Edelgard. But evidently that is not your perspective. Hmm...

I can't stop you.
Precisely! You cannot stop me! I will prove that you have drastically underestimated me. You think I could ignore such a slight upon my honor? Not likely. Come, Professor!

I heard that, just the other day, she defeated a Demonic Beast without assistance.
Wait, a what now?
Well, anything Edelgard can do, I can do better—and in half the time! Professor, you can be my eyewitness and timekeeper.
Here we go!

Two at once? That's... Well, it will be fine.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

What the fuck were those things?!
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Nothing much interesting happens this week, besides Bernadetta filling her Riding aptitude.

Ooh, hello, Helm Splitter.

Helm Splitter: +7 Mt, +0 Hit, +5 Crit, 1 range, costs 5 durability. Effective against Armored foes.

Oh! How courteous of her.

The Black Eagle Pendant, and its equivalents in the other houses, increases the holder's Cha by 2, effectively giving +2 Gambit Mt, and +10 Gambit Hit/Avo. It's an okay space-filler if you don't have anything else to equip.

Coincidentally, Edelgard was also born on 6/22.

I swear that's not why Abby was born on 6/22. She was born on that day for reference reasons.
♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

It was at this point that I realized Sothis was in the room.

I should have listened more intently.

Ooh, I'm so close...

Some fishing pushes me over the edge to professor level D+! We now have 5 activity points for exploration, and we get 5000 gold from the Church of Seiros at the start of each month.

And that's that for that exploration.
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

I don't plan on making Caspar an armored class, but training in Heavy Armor gives some decent skills.

We also get to see Abby/Caspar C in the middle of the week.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

Uh, OK. Why are we being so quiet though? Ah! Look at that guy! He looks pretty suspicious.

Suspicion isn't enough to go on.
Why not? We can figure out what he's up to after we capture him.
My instincts tell me that he's up to no good, and my instincts are never wrong.

You need to calm down...
There's no time to calm down! I'm just gonna— Oh no! The path he's walking down leads to the plaza where the kids play...
There's no way I'm letting this guy get anywhere near those kids!

Ah. Well, I—

Great! So I was—

As his professor, I will take responsibility.

What are you talking about, Professor? We didn't do anything wrong! Those kids might've been in danger if we didn't act. I couldn't just stand by and let that happen!

Godsdammit, Caspar.

Battalion Vantage: When foe initiates combat, unit still attacks first if battalion endurance is ≤ 1/3.

Battalion Vantage, and Vantage in general, is a niche skill, intended for attackers who deal lots of damage but can't take much in return. It's kind of bad on everyone else.

Dexterity +4: Increases Dex by 4.

Dexterity +4 comes from reaching Riding C. It's...a filler skill.

Close Counter: Allows unit to counterattack adjacent foes.

Close Counter means bow users aren't completely helpless during the enemy phase. Bernadetta's a bad user of it, though, since she's fragile.
♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

The special effect at the dining hall this week amplifies support gain when dining with students who aren't in your house. This kind of bonus is a godsend.

Oh yeah, some character pairings have special dialogue when dining with each other.

And now, to close out this beefy update, Marianne/Hilda C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

"It looks like you're not busy." I was quite busy sampling pastries, I'll have you know!
Who wants to sort books, anyway? They're so bulky and heavy, it takes forever to lug them around!
Right, Marianne? You agree with me, right?

Oh, you like cleaning, then? I will say, you look like someone who'd be good at it.
I, um, well...
In that case, it's all yours! I'd only slow you down, if I'm being honest. As I always say, "If you want something done right, let someone else do it themselves."
Right, I'm off to run some errands. I'll leave all this in your capable hands!

This place looks even worse than before! I didn't realize that was possible.
I'm sorry, Hilda. I just didn't know the best way to organize the books while sorting.
Oh. Well, no way around it, I suppose. I'll show you how it's done.

Then, all of the books that don't match that topic, remove them from the section. When you remove them, you need a temporary place to put them. Let's put books on magic, here, books on swordsmanship, here. Once you've done that, you just put the books back in their sections. Like so.

Yeah, yeah, what kind praise. Looks like in the end, I'm doing this whole thing on my own, hm?
Sorry. The least I can do is help you put them back on the shelf.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

"Competent but lazy" much, eh, Hilda?

Anyway, that's it for now. Next time: we assist the Knights of Seiros with cleaning up after Lonato's rebellion. What fun.

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