Update 50: Sewer Children

♪ The Crest of Flames ♪

Back to it, then.

Cindered Shadows is a 6-chapter side story, separate from the main game. It was added in DLC Wave 4, introduces four new playable characters, allows for unlocking new things in the main game, and gives some extra context on aspects of Three Houses's lore.

CS doesn't have a Maddening mode, just Normal and Hard. That doesn't mean it isn't going to pull one nasty, long-lasting trick from Maddening's book, though.

Casual/Classic are still here. I'll be playing on Hard/Classic.

For Cindered Shadows, your choice of form doesn't really matter. There's nothing gender-specific here.

Abby will be returning for Cindered Shadows. Sorry, Adan.
♪ No music ♪

♪ Legend of the Chalice ♪

♪ Gazing at Sirius ♪

Excuse me! Sorry to intrude! Please, forgive the disruption, Lady Rhea, but I have that report you asked for.
Do not worry yourself, Alois. As it happens, I am presently unoccupied. Please, go on.
Ah, great! I'll just... Huh? What's that book you've got there?
It is a chronicle covering the 995 years since Garreg Mach Monastery's completion.
Huh! Sounds like a good read.
Maintaining the church's records is one of the duties entrusted to all archbishops, myself included. This one states that Saint Seiros ordered the monastery's construction after the end of the War of Heroes. This is a rare and valuable text. Most documents of that era have been lost to time.
I see, I see... Time aside, we also lost many books in that massive fire 21 years ago...
Indeed. What was once well documented exists now only in this chronicle. Not least of which is the ceremony commemorating the monastery's completion.
Interesting! I'll admit, I know the year it took place but not a thing beyond that.
That is to be expected, unfortunately. According to this chronicle, the Rite of Rising was held during the ceremony. The intent was to bring about the goddess's rebirth.
The Rite of Rising, eh? Hm, can't say I've ever heard of that one.
I am not surprised. There should be countless records documenting that important ritual. Alas... Today, all we have to go on are fragments of forgotten memories and our own imaginations. One thing is clear... Their wish for the goddess's return was most fervent.

However, it did not bear fruit, as the goddess did not return to this world... So it is written.
I've never heard of the Four Apostles before. They're different from the Four Saints, right?
That is correct. Today, almost no records exist of the Four Apostles. Their names live on only in the names of their Crests, but the bloodlines bearing those tokens of the past have been lost. Any deeper knowledge of the apostles has all but disappeared from the grand stage of history.
Well, that's interesting. Does that mean they're somewhere...backstage?
In a sense. It is possible that their bloodlines have carried on in secret, perhaps materializing where no one thought to look.
I had not intended to indulge in such a long-winded lecture.
Please, tell me your report, Alois. It concerns the underground, does it not?
Oh, right! It's as you suspected. Recently, there have been several incidents in the area beneath Garreg Mach...

Remember those four crests in the crests overview that weren't assigned to any unit in the base game? Coincidentally, they're the crests of the Four Apostles. How strange.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

I will say, that does look a bit like a passageway, doesn't it?
Unless I dreamt it up while sleepwalking, there's no mistaking what I saw.
I never thought I'd say this...but I believe Claude's story. In fact, it reminds me of something. I have heard tales of countless passages snaking beneath Garreg Mach. This is undoubtedly one of them.
Perhaps so. In any case, there is no telling where it leads.
Oh no. Oh, you're right! There's no telling what we could find. Terrible danger. Wicked creatures. Unspeakable smells!
The risk is too high, Your Highnesses! I must humbly insist that you wait here, where it's safe...and smells nice.
Meanwhile, Teach and I will track down the bandit-shaped person. If we don't return, do me a favor and call for the knights, will ya?
That is quite enough. As though we would allow you to make that call on your own.
With so little information, it's far too dangerous. We'll come along as well. Right, Dimitri?
Yes, of course. If it was indeed a thief, we must not allow them to get away with their crime.
Considering what took place at the Goddess's Rite of Rebirth, vigilance is paramount.
Right, well, tag along if you insist. Just don't come crying to me if we all meet a terrible fate, deal?
Likewise. Well, no use dallying. Let's be on our way. Unless there's someone else we should call for?
Teach is right. There isn't a moment to lose.
Yes, a fine idea. Though at this time, I fear few of our classmates are still awake.
Hmm... I fear our thief will have long escaped in the time it would take us to summon the knights.
True, and most of them are currently away, investigating the Western Church.

It's certainly a rare and unexpected sighting... especially considering the hour.
Looks like a whole lot of something is about to happen. I'm going back to bed.
Stop right there, Linhardt. Your bad luck is our good fortune—you're coming with us.
You can stop thinking of ways out of this, Hilda. We could use your help too.
You as well, Ashe. I'll explain everything on the way.
Happy to help! We don't have anything better to do at this hour, so we may as well pitch in.
You have our gratitude. Now then, let us be on our way. Ready, Professor?
The more the merrier, I suppose. Let's just hope we're not all marching to our doom...

♪ Woven by Fate ♪

Enough with the yawning, Balthus. If you're really that bored, we could always make a friendly wager...
Thanks but no thanks, pal. I'm low on funds as it is. Last thing I need is another debt I can't pay.

Ahaha! How diverting that you should bicker for my amusement!
Imagine my overwhelming dread were I stuck here without such joyous entertainment.
Count me out. I'll leave the talking to Yuri-bird and Coco.

"Some weirdos," you say. So very helpful. They weren't knights, were they?

With meager numbers like that, I doubt they intend to take on Abyss.
They probably took you for some kind of villain. They'll lock ya up if they catch ya.
Finally, a little action! Let's find them first and throw some punches.
Hold, Balthus! 'Tis ignorance itself to rush headfirst into trouble.
You're excited to fight too. You've been waiting for a chance to try out your shiny new magic.
Heh heh, surface laws don't apply down here. That gives us the freedom to have some fun with them.
They're probably not knights, but our new friends definitely work for the church.
You had best not leave me behind!

♪ No music ♪

People living under Garreg Mach... Oh! My brother used to tell me stories like that back in his Academy days.
Ah, so Holst attended the academy as well, then?
Of course. Back then, there were tons of rumors about what goes on below Garreg Mach.
Something about tons of passages and houses beneath the town, all inhabited by super-shady people. It had a real intimidating name too. Ah, what was it again... I think it was called...Abyss?!

♪ Woven by Fate ♪

That uniform...
Welcome, curious students of the Officers Academy! What brings such fine, upstanding surface dwellers to our humble abode?
We're tracking someone who was creeping around the monastery.
Our business here does not concern you. Do you intend to let us pass?
Ahaha! Such indulgence simply cannot be permitted.

Your words may fool the fool, but I cannot be so easily deceived!
I, Constance von Nuvelle, shall divine your true intentions.
You are here by order of the church...which cruelly plots to eliminate the inhabitants of Abyss!
You think we're here to harm you?
Did she say...Nuvelle?
I don't care what the reason for this brawl is. A fight's on the menu, and I'm ready to feast.
Let's get right to it, yeah?
By the look of them, I'd wager they're experienced combatants. I'm not certain this is a wise endeavor.
I was thinking the very same thing. Time to make a strategic retreat, then?
Turning back already? Oh, but you'll make me so sad.

Wow, look at that. A flawless example of a surprise attack. These aren't your run-of-the-mill thugs.
Claude, this isn't the time to be impressed by our enemy. We must find a way through at once.
Wait... Claude, is it? As in the brand-new heir of House Riegan?
Who, me? Nah. Wrong guy. Claude's a common name in Fódlan. It's just too dashing for new moms to pass up.
It's even a popular choice for fake names. Just a good, solid, all-purpose moniker, you know?
Right, except there's only one Claude enrolled at the academy this year. Looks like that's you.
How do you even know that?
Ha, you just gave yourself away, pal. Looks like my luck's finally taking a turn for the good.
All right, so your choices are as follows: line up for the beating of a lifetime...or let us lock you up like the good boys and girls you undoubtedly are.
I have no clue what this guy's going on about, but it looks like a fight's in order, and it's pretty much all my fault.
There's a saying from the east about fighting a flicker with a flame. Seems applicable right about now.
Finally! Let's do this already! Prepare to face the Almighty King of Grappling!
Hm... Why can't I shake the feeling that I know that wild man?

Hell of a welcome from the Abyssians.
♪ As Swift as Wind ♪

So, Cindered Shadows works differently from the main game. All of our units are auto-leveled to 20, skills are set to fixed ranks, and we're given a few abilities and battalions to start.

Everyone, except Linhardt, also have extra abilities on standby.

Abby, the lords, and Hilda also have the choice of switching to alternate classes.

Well, this doesn't look too intimidating...

Here's our first boss, Balthus. He's— Hold on, is that a pair of relic gauntlets I spy?

Vajra-Mushti: 1 range. 7 Mt, 90 Hit, 10 Crit, 7 Wt, 30 durability. Enables Eviscerate for holders of the Crest of Chevalier. Requires Umbral Steel x3 and 2500 gold to repair.

It is. Wow, uh, 7 Mt is a lot for gauntlets. What's that combat art?

Eviscerate: +10 Mt, +10 Hit, +10 Crit, 1 range, costs 3 durability. Deals physical damage if the target's Prt is lower than their Rsl

Ah. I see. Painful, is what it is. 'Sides that, this man is beefy and has some threatening abilities.

King of Grappling: Grants Str/Def +6 when HP is ≤ 50%.
Fistfaire: Grants Atk +5 when brawling.
Heal: Allows unit to cast Heal. If Heal is already available, then unit can cast it twice as often.
Tomebreaker: Grants Hit/Avo +20 when brawling against magic users.
HP +5: Increases maximum HP by 5.

That personal abilitiy is, uh, scary. How about we don't leave him at half HP or less when the enemy phase comes around?

He's also got a...major Crest of Chevalier. How about that? He's got a 50% chance to get 30% of whatever damage he deals with combat arts back as HP.

Oh, and his class! We've seen Valkyrie already in the Silver Snow run, but it's just one of the four Abyssian classes. Balthus here is sporting War Monk/War Cleric (the former is used for male units, the latter for female units). Returning from Awakening, War Monk in Three Houses has the unique distinction of being one of three magic-using classes that can also use gauntlets, the others being Noble/Commoner and the Abby-exclusive Enlightened One. However, it's also got the distinction of being one of three classes, besides Noble/Commoner and Trickster, that halves the unit's uses of magic. I don't like War Monk much on its own, but it's got some nifty things it gives upon mastery.

Brawl Avo +20: Grants Avo +20 when brawling.
Pneuma Gale: +7 Mt, +10 Hit, 1 - 2 range, costs 3 durability. War Monk/War Cleric only. Deals magical damage.

Pneuma Gale is a neat gimmick, but I don't think much of it outside of Cindered Shadows. Brawl Avo +20, though, is very nice. I make pretty heavy use of it on Adan in a later LP run. Combine it with Tomebreaker and you can get +40 Avo against magic users with gauntlets!

Next up is Hapi, sporting Valkyrie, which I've already gone over.

Monstrous Appeal: Makes all attacks from this unit effective against monsters. Monsters will prefer targeting this unit.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Black Magic Range +1: Increases black magic range by 1.
Dark Magic Range +1: Increases dark magic range by 1.
HP +5: Increases maximum HP by 5.

That extra range is going to be seriously annoying here, since the only methods I have of countering it are: a) Ashe, or b) applying the Retribution gambit on Ashe's battalion to someone. Hapi's also got some pretty good Atk behind her, though she's thankfully slow.

She's got a major Crest of Timotheos, which gives her a 20% chance to conserve uses of healing magic. Useless in this context.

Here's Constance, using Dark Flier, the only flying class that can use magic. 7 Mv, ouch.

Circadian Beat: Grants Str/Mag +3 when the map is either indoors, covered in fog of war, or takes place at night. Grants Def/Res +3 otherwise.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Black Tomefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using black magic.
Transmute: If unit is hit with a magic attack during enemy phase, grants +3 to all stats until next player phase ends.
HP +5: Increases maximum HP by 5.

...The heck is up with that personal ability? Bah, we'll probably find out later, for now, the important thing is that she's getting an extra 3 damage on top of her normal stats.

Here, Constance has some nasty Atk behind her, but is inaccurate as hell when using her heavy hitter, Fimbulvetr. She's also a flier, meaning she takes effective damage from bows—like, say, the things that Ashe is carting around.

And then there's the ringleader, Yuri. He's a trickster, giving him access to magic (at half charges, annoyingly), and a veritable boatload of Spd.

Ooh, he's got a relic equipment item on him. What is that?

Fetters of Dromi: While equipped, gives the holder +1 Mv, and also grants them Canto. Gives Aegis and Pavise to holders of the Crest of Aubin.

Aegis: Chance to reduce bow/magic damage by half. Trigger % = Dex stat.
Pavise: Chance to reduce sword/lance/axe/brawling damage by half. Trigger % = Dex stat.

Fantastic, he's an infantry unit with Canto. And he's got a 24% chance to halve any damage we deal to him. Just my luck.

Honorable Spirit: If unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk +3 when in combat with a foe one space away.
Lucky Seven: Each turn, grants +5 to one of the following stats: Str, Mag, Spd, Def, Res, Hit, or Avo.
Axebreaker+: Grants Hit/Avo +30 when using a sword against axe users.
HP +5: Increases maximum HP by 5.

Lucky Seven is...odd. It somewhat speaks for itself, but it's also an enigma. I can't tell if it's useful or not.

As for his combat stats, Yuri is a speedy, evasive little fucker, though his Str stat isn't the highest. Honorable Spirit makes up for that a bit, which is why it's a pretty good idea for us to not engage with him at close range if we can help it.

He's got a major Crest of Aubin, giving him a 20% chance to cancel enemy attacks/counterattacks.

There's not much prep to be done, so...
♪ No music ♪

Let's go.
♪ The Shackled Wolves ♪

Wow, does it hurt to take yourself that seriously? Answer the man's question, B.
Why me? Eh, fine. We're the Ashen Wolves. We're the secret fourth house in Abyss. The surface world turned its back on us, and we did the same in return. Back for a back, as they say.

A fourth house? Impossible. Still, we must focus on the battle ahead...
Seems like it'll be tough to fight here. It's kind of dark. Looks like a great place to nap, though...
The locks on those gates look really complicated... There must be another way through.

What happens if I flip this lever?

I think the better question is, what aren't you doing wrong? Only we can operate that.

Alright, well, if that's how they're gonna play it, let them come to us.

There we go.

I can't shake the feeling that I know you from somewhere, but...I'm drawing a blank. Either way, you wouldn't want to hurt a helpless girl like me. Maybe you should let us off the hook.
Anything for a pretty lady. Why don't we talk it out over a hot meal? Your treat?
Actually... Scratch that. Something tells me I'd best stay away from this one.

Yay for the Crest of Goneril, it means Hilda doesn't have to eat a 27 damage counterattack.

Before I end this grappler's life, look at his abilities. Notice how he has Tomebreaker.

Tomebreaker: Grants Hit/Avo +20 when brawling against magic users.

That's a trick normally only Maddening pulls: giving enemies the -breaker ability associated with their weapon type.

I've got you!

That's my boy.

You look...familiar. Have we met?
Not a chance. You'd remember meeting a specimen like me.
True. I'd definitely remember this sharp twinge of annoyance.
Stop yappin' and start slappin'!

Don't test me, Balthus.

Come and get some, kiddo! I won't hold back, so you better not either! These fists are packed with years of pent-up resentment. Time to let loose!

Boy, that felt good.
Urgh... You've got guts, I'll give you that much.

No action on the enemy phase.

I'm having Dimitri bait out these southern cavaliers.

It worked out well.

Dimitri rides forward to start baiting out Hapi and those assassins.

Wait, what?

What was that?! It couldn't have been a summoning spell...

Hey, get back here!

Ugh, dammit. Once a unit gets too close, Hapi summons a monster, runs away to that room and seals herself in.

Claude takes a potshot at the monster.

Dammit. The assassins didn't budge.

Claude and Dimitri work together to break that monster's armor.

Is it too late for me to back out of this fight? I don't want to hurt anyone.
But in this case, I guess there's no avoiding it.

Ashe takes off most of Hapi's HP.

Bah, damn heal tiles.

Get back here!

I can't defeat Hapi, so I might as well burn uses of the mini bow.

Oh, right, mini bows! I haven't talked about them yet.

Mini Bow: Requires Bow rank D. 1-2 range. 4 Mt, 90 Hit, 3 Wt, 50 durability. Does not deal effective damage to flying units. Requires Smithing Stone x3 and 340 gold to repair.

I don't like them. There is one potential use for them: attacking other bow users at melee range.

Abby finishes the monster off and gets an extremely good level.

Oh, yeah, you still gain levels in Cindered Shadows. It's not terribly relevant, since it's so short, but still.

Dimitri can't take hits from both of the asssassins, so I have him pull back just enough that only one of them targets him, while the other goes for Abby.

Thank you for taking these hits, Hilda.

That's the danger of Hapi here, by the way. If she pelts anyone besides Dimitri with Banshee Θ, they are stuck until she runs out of Banshee Θ.

Step back, the Blue (army)'s about to pull you under!

This is...boring. Count me out.
My boy!

You can do better, Dimitri.

The fun part about Cindered Shadows is that there's a lot of Mt-boosting supports to go around. Abby/Edelgard, Abby/Dimitri, Abby/Claude, Claude/Hilda...

Yep, that's about what I'd expect from fortress knight Edelgard.

Empty enemy phase.

Dimitri comes with a javelin, so I'm gonna have him bait out the warlock.

Edelgard just moves—

Seven hells, you four aren't making a very good first impression.

Well, that's not gonna work.

Solution: just don't move down there until Ashe, Linhardt, and Hilda have caught up.

Good trade!

Alright, Edelgard can safely plug up this chokepoint...

While also spawning the reinforcements!

Dimitri wastes that warlock before I take on the reinforcements.

Let the lesson begin!


Whatever, I only need Lin for healing.

Nice try, Constance.

God, armored units just suck.

Should be safe. I had Dimitri switch off the javelin, since he's being targeted by a sniper.


Hm, this is an awkward position. I think my best bet is to pull back so that Ashe, Lin, and Hilda can catch up.

Or I could hold these jerks in place.


Allow me to demonstrate.

Yeah, that's what you get.

Exact kills are satisfying.

Mm, this should be fine.


There you go, Dimitri, that's more like what I expect from you.

Whee, Close Counter!

Oh hey, Constance, you want in on this too?

Advancing on Constance would be dangerous right now—don't ask me how I know—so, plan B: snipe that pegasus knight and pull the hell back.

Pictured: pulling the hell back.

Oh, Constance, honey, you're making this too easy for me.

Underestimate the denizens of Abyss and it won't end well for you!
Tremble in fear at my magical might! Ahaha!
Oh dear, Constance is a regular ol' ohoho'er, isn't she?

Incidentally, she's got battle dialogue for Edelgard.
You're of noble stock, yes? Name yourself!
Certainly. I am Edelgard.
That is the same name as the Imperial princess! It's a lovely name, but a bit cheeky in my view.

It's not that I'm defeated so much as that I'm temporarily grounded.
Dammit, Claude.

Once Constance is defeated, Yuri becomes aggressive.

Some heavy damage on the counterattack, but it's worth it.

How about I don't do that?

Hold still, you two.

Well, what have we here? Some lost kids stumbling around in the dark. Stay awhile, won't you?
Shame indeed not to have a bit of fun with each other while we've got the chance, you know?

Accursed dodge tile.

I'll take out my aggression on this poor sap.

I've got you!

My boy's already ingratiating himself to me all over again, and this isn't even a "real" run.

Ugh, 1 Str away from a kill.

Oh well, Hilda probably wouldn't be able to even touch Yuri, anyway. Axebreaker+ and all that.

Ouch, that's bad.

Yuri's basically a fourth lord, and lords have sky-high Cha, so...yeah. Hitting him with gambits is very unlikely.

Abby had about as good odds with actual weapons, so. Yeah. This basically just puts her in attacking range, so other units can get Hit bonuses against Yuri.

Slippery little prick.

...Oh dear. I can have Lin heal Claude up to max HP, at least, which'll let him survive this with all of 1 HP.

I know you... You're the one Lord Lonato adopted. Isn't that right?
That's right. Wait... I recognize you too! You're Count Rowe's adopted son! I don't know how you ended up here, but your house is no doubt worried sick! Let's get you home, OK?
You really think I'd choose to go back there? Haha! Better watch yourself—you might lose a limb...or your life.
Ashe having Hit +20 is a godsend.

There. One good hit from anyone next turn will finish him off.

Also, my boy! He's good!


Heh heh. Maybe I got a bit too carried away. Nah...
Dodge this, jerk.
♪ No music ♪

Since motivation doesn't exist in Cindered Shadows, MVPs of maps get a reward of roughly 1/3 of the EXP they'd need to hit their next level.

You also get a bunch of smithing stones after the end of every battle.
It's safe to say we've won this round, don't you think? Uh... "B," was it?
The name's Balthus. I don't lose often, but I can at least recognize what it looks like.
Balthus... Balthus... BALTHUS?!
From House Albrecht?! Baltie, is that you?! Whew, haha! You look, uh...old.
Huh? Do we know each other, pal? Wait a minute... That hair. Those eyes. That voice! Hilda?! I don't believe it! Holst's little sis?!

♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Baltie, this isn't the time to catch up. What would Holst think?! I bet you didn't consider that, did you?
Yeesh... I dunno, but it wouldn't be nice.
Look, sorry. OK? Just don't tell Holst. If he knew I raised a hand against you, he'd have my head.
Ha! Like he'd stop at your head. Fine though. Just this once, and just for you, I'll keep quiet.
Now that that's sorted... What did you mean about it being lucky that you found me?
Oh, that. One of the guys I owe gold to is Count Gloucester.

Really was. Best way to acquaint yourself with someone is to get into a tussle with 'em. That's common sense right there.
That doesn't sound right..
That's the correct response for a reasonable person. We're not all as far gone as Balthus here.
Say what you will, but I learned all I need to know. It's clear this lot has nothing to do with the church's intentions. But that means those other creeps could always attack us at any moment.
What creeps?
Someone's targeting Abyss. Mercenaries keep sniffing around and causing trouble here. They won't let up.
It's a real problem, and we have no clue who's pulling the strings.
There are many within the church who would love to see this "filthy" underground city purged. When you first showed up, we thought you were here to do just that. Apologies for the confusion.
So that's why you came at us with that nasty "kill the outsiders" act.
As Yuri-bird said, we're sorry. We're all pretty on edge these days.
Indeed! That someone would descend to Abyss out of pure curiosity was far too outlandish to consider.
What is the purpose of Abyss?
No idea. These tunnels have been around for ages. They could be older than the monastery for all we know.
None remain who know the complete truth. However, I shall tell you all that we know for certain...

The church quietly tolerates us. They think they need a place like this for Garreg Mach to thrive.
The deal is simple. Abyssians never get involved with the surface, and the surface never gets involved with us.
Alas! For some foul reason, surface dwellers have been after us of late. Further oppressing those souls who can only find solace beneath the ground? I cannot abide it!
Though it pains me to admit, we, too, harbor valid reasons for not venturing into the light. That is why, by the grace of our esteemed patron, we have been granted sanctuary here in Abyss.
I see... Baltie, does that mean you've got a reason for being here too?

Baltie... That's awful.
Enough with the niceties. Let's get these surface dwellers out of here.
Nonsense! Intolerable nonsense! Whyever would we let slip this chance to acquire their aid?
You need our help?
Like we said, recently this place is being targeted by mercenaries. Myself excluded, a lot of the folks who live here can't defend themselves. They're here to avoid conflict. The elderly, the infirm...orphans, lost souls... merchants who were chewed up and spit out by the nobility. The works.
It rests upon us to protect those who cannot protect themselves...and to safeguard our home. To that noble end, I must insist that you lend us your strength!
I feel for your cause, truly. However, I cannot help but wonder why you would trust us so readily. We are from the surface, after all.
Trust is a choice. We're choosing to trust you. For now. It's clear you're not here by command of the church. And you're not just a bunch of noble twerps, either. You can hold your own. It's in the way you fight. How you carry yourselves.
Still... I'm reluctant to get you involved with this madness. It's our problem, not yours.
It's too late now—we already told them everything. Let's at least give them a chance to decide for themselves.
Most true. Wander about Abyss for a time and I am certain you will come to the only correct conclusion.
Right, what she said. Take a look, think some thoughts. Consider yourselves our special guests.

So that's what Abyss is.

...Well, that begs the question of "why does Abyss exist?" I guess we'll figure it out later, though.

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