Update 60: The Bone of Gautier

♪ Beyond the Crossroads ♪

You didn't forget, did you? That story I told you about a Relic that could cut a mountain in half? That Relic was the Sword of the Creator! The very same used by Nemesis, the King of Liberation.
I am not his descendant.
Don't be coy, Teach. The Sword of the Creator could only be wielded by Nemesis. If you can use it too, that can only mean you have that bloodline's Crest.
I don't understand.
Fine, keep your secrets. But just so you know, "I don't understand" isn't gonna cut it here at the monastery. Speaking of, Professor Hanneman has been looking for you. He probably wants to examine your Crest with those crazy instruments of his. Actually...sounds amusing. Maybe I'll tag along.

♪ Beneath the Banner ♪

That's Lady Judith to you, boy. I told you, until you're in charge, I expect you to address me with all due respect. Anyway, I'm here to retrieve you. Duke Riegan's condition has taken a turn for the worse.
Are you saying the old man's on his death bed?
No, it's not that bad. But in the state he's in, he won't be able to participate in the next roundtable conference. He wants you to go in his stead. I volunteered to play the messenger.
Well, thanks for that. Oh, and Teach, this is Judith. Also known as the Hero of House Daphnel.
So you're little Claude's teacher, are you? How much trouble has he been giving you?
Not too much.
If her nickname didn't give it away, you should know that Judith...er, Lady Judith is the leader of the famous House Daphnel of the Leicester Alliance. She used to be a big deal at the roundtable conferences, but it seems of late she's been reduced to a mere—
You had better shut that mouth before I put my boot in it, you tactless nuisance! Now come on. Let's get going.
Sorry, Professor, but I need to borrow the boy for a bit.
I suppose we'll have to finish our chat later. Sorry, Teach. But don't you worry. I'll be back in time for our next mission. All right, Judith. Let's get going.
It's Lady... Ah, I suppose you are the active leader for the time being. Fair enough, boy. Fair enough.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

I'd like to point out that Chapter 5 is when the sauna is normally unlocked in a new game.

Oh hey, we've got a new support.

Claude/Hilda C.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Oh, hush. It's just a letter from my brother. He sends them all the time.
Your brother, huh? Isn't he known as a great general of the Alliance? A true beacon of—
Don't even start. That's got nothing to do with me.
Uh oh, better not let your brother hear you say that! 'Twould break his fraternal heart! But all joking aside, it sounds like he really cares for you.
You can say that again. He must be rather bored too, now that the situation in Almyra has settled down.
Ah, the Almyrans. The "eastern menace," as they're often called. I did hear your brother had fought them a number of times. In fact, I hear he's even gone toe-to-toe with Nader, the great Almyran warrior.
"Nader the Undefeated," was it? Just another grizzled old man, as far as I'm concerned. But my father was ecstatic when he heard my brother had defeated him. He paraded my brother all over our territory. What a pain that must have been for our people.
A pain? Any celebration is something to be enjoyed! Celebration puts smiles on faces faster than anything.
I'm sure even you at least congratulated him, right? A smile from you would surely mean the world to your brother.
Well, sure. Then he got all worked up and started saying things like, "I am the protector of Fódlan!"
That's not far from the truth, you know. Why do you think the Almyrans have been so quiet lately? They're wary of your brother. If House Goneril of the border were a bunch of weaklings, the Almyrans would have invaded Fódlan a long time ago.
You talk about it as though you've spoken to the Almyrans yourself.
Well, I am heir to the leading house of the Alliance. I'm privy to all kinds of information, whether I like it or not.
Hm. You act so nonchalant about your studies, but you know so much about politics and history. You're a hard guy to grasp, you know that, Claude?
Oh, I disagree. I'd let you grasp me any day. My hand, my heart, even my neck. But if you want to know all of my secrets...you'll have to bare yours as well.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

That was the creepiest possible way to phrase that, Claude.

Yuri/Hapi C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

This is boring. Mind if I sleep?
You know I won't care. Night watch or not, it's still just for training purposes. Though, you'd likely get in trouble if someone sees you catching z's.
You wouldn't wake me if someone was here? Fine then, I won't sleep.
Your call.
You're being so quiet, Yuri-bird. Say something.
I don't always fill the void with my voice, you know. Sometimes it's pleasant to just enjoy the quiet and stargaze.
No, thanks. Stargazing is a waste of time. The stars don't even stay put all year, those jerks.
See that one? That star is home to the goddess... Yeah! Watching over us from afar.
That's called the Blue Sea Star, but it doesn't look blue...at all, really. Wait, no. Hang on. Maybe it wasn't that one. But that big one over there—that's it...isn't it?
You don't know the first thing about stars, do you? No one ever taught you?
Never, no.
Well, the Blue Sea Star is really big. It stands out. Sometimes you can't see it at all, but other times it's the brightest thing in the sky.
Interesting! So then, which star was I pointing out just now?
You might have to point it out again. Which constellation were you looking at?
Let's see... It looks a bit like a cat... No, no, that's not right. Maybe more like a fish? Or a...fishing rod!
What? I'm serious! See, those stars there are forming a shape that looks very much like a fishing rod.
OK, sorry, but that looks nothing like a fishing rod. Or a cat. I'm surprised you know so little about stars. I thought you knew everything.
Who do you think I am—the goddess herself? There is plenty I don't know.
But I'm always aiming to learn more. I'm uncomfortable not...knowing things.
So come on then, Hapi. Teach me about the stars.
That'll be a pain for both of us.
As painful as sitting here idling? It's not like you're going to sleep at this point. Clearly you know quite a bit about them—teach me.
Fine, fine. Look up there, to the north. Your other north. See that star? That's called the King's Right Hand...

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

Stargazing, huh? I can dig it.

Please, Professor. He really is one of the worst people I've ever known, but we still... We share the same blood. We're still family.

Though the bandits have captured a large prize, they are insigificant in and of themselves. The matter would be more appropriately dealt with by Margrave Gautier or the Faerghus royal family. I grant that I am most likely jumping at shadows...
But I fear that if Faerghus is weakened, the tipped scales will lead to widespread unrest.
Going by Lonato's rebellion, I don't think Nega Constance is that far off.

Ayy, welcome back, Petra.

A little bit later...

Adan/Balthus B.
♪ No music ♪

Punching sounds are heard.

♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Can't let lowlifes like you into Garreg Mach. Nobody likes troublemakers. Trust me.
What the?! Oh... It's you. Don't sneak up on people. It's rude. But we can discuss your lacking manners another time. Why are you here? You following me, pal?
I am.
Guess I can't fault you for that...since you seem to have been mopping up enemies without me knowing it. She really thinks I'm gonna try to reclaim my title. Ha! She clearly doesn't know me too well. Yet she keeps sending fools my way like the stubborn shrew she is. That's my stepmother for ya.
You haven't mentioned her before.
Shocking. Remember when I told you my little bro inherited House Albrecht after I left? Well, he's my half bro. And his mother is...devoted, to say the least. She'd do anything for him. Sadly, he had the nerve to be born without a Crest. And here I stand with a rare one swimming in my veins. She's convinced I'll return one day to take back my title by force. Completely off her rocker, that one.
We can fix this.
Nah, not worth the effort. It's best for everyone that I take the brunt of her malice. I can handle it just fine. If I wasn't around, she'd shift her beady gaze to my dad. Maybe even to my mom, who fled the house a while back. Or maybe my little bro would become the target of her "good intentions." Can't allow that to happen.
That makes sense.
And that's the bottom line. Long story short...you should keep your distance from me.
If that assassin's dagger took you out, everyone here would fall to pieces. How would I explain that?
I can protect the both of us.
That's...that's some big talk, pal. So, you'll protect me too, will you?
To think someone who can keep up with the Exalted King of Grappling would say such a swell thing... I'm a betting man, so I'll take the bait. Let's see if you really intend to protect me...or if those were just pretty words.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

And during the instruction week, we get Adan/Lorenz B.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

I am very busy, you know. I must insist that disruptions for lighthearted chats of this kind be kept to a minimum.
I've been getting more complaints.
What did I tell you about falling victim to such salacious and slanderous rumors?
As I've told you, there is obviously a conspiracy against me. There is no manner in which I could possibly be considered bothersome.
The girls actually do seem bothered.
Professor, I assure you. You have been deceived. My adversary has poisoned the hearts of these ladies against me. The plot goes deeper than I thought...
This could become a serious issue.
All right, let's not get carried away...
Please understand, Professor. I am not some scoundrel out for conquest.
I am attempting to fulfill my duty as heir of House Gloucester. It is my responsibility to continue our noble line by finding a suitable lady to be my wife. It is a rigorous process. My family has the very highest standards for appearance, grace, temperament, and pedigree.
So, commoners are excluded?
Typically yes, even if others are sometimes critical of that notion. For the nobility, marriage is not merely a union of individuals. It is also a union of families. It would not benefit House Gloucester to be tied to a family of powerless commoners, would it? To achieve supremacy, it is necessary for my line to be tied to that of an influential family. That is the best path to peace and prosperity for all. So, as you can see, the future of the Alliance rests on my shoulders.
That's quite an obligation.
If it is a burden, it is one I am all too familiar with. We nobles are born to this duty.
That being said, to avoid misunderstandings, I shall restrain myself until things calm down. I would rather not cause trouble for you, after all.

♪ No music ♪

Well, that was gross.
♪ The Forgotten ♪

Actually, if I recall correctly—which is my job and passion—there were reportable happenings up top as well. That's why I'm still stuck with Mr. Backup.

Truth be told, I'm used to the guy by now. Not Yuri, though. He shoots him a pointed glare every time he walks by. Heh. How Yuri is that?
I forgot to explore Abyss last week! Whoops. Let's fix that.

Hm. I wonder if Aelfric tried playing his hand early, with the whole Chalice of Beginnings thing, and got forced out.

But, now that you have it, the church is gonna want to use your power for their own ends. Are you gonna let that happen?
Good. Glad to hear it.
You gotta think for yourself. You're too good to become one of their stooges.

Back when I was first enrolled here, we rarely traveled. The Battle of the Eagle and Lion was about it. This really stirs up the old memories. When I took part, my house lost. May have been my fault. It's hard to believe, but I was pretty rash back then.
Hey... Think I can join in again this year? Bet you could pull some strings and make it happen, yeah?
Keep giving me good stats, and you've got pretty good odds, Baltie.

The guy does what he pleases, attacking towns in Margrave Gautier's territory relentlessly. Stealing food and even abducting women.
I may be the leader of a bunch of thugs, too, but I'm nothing like that slime bag.
You worry people might compare you?
Eh, a bit. I've got folks who follow my lead. But the similarities end there.
A Hero's Relic can turn a slime bag like Miklan into a knight. I know you've got one of those shinies yourself, but don't go doing anything reckless.

Training Adan in Heavy armor was a supreme pain in the ass, but I did it. Welcome back, Ferdie.

Felix makes his return, too.

Ooh, look what we've got here.

Claude/Lorenz B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Hello to you too, Lorenz. And you'll have to be more specific. The Alliance is always bickering over one thing or another.
Margrave Edmund is raising objections over the assignment of his troops to the eastern defenses.
If you please one noble, another will only gripe. No matter what happens, there will always be conflict.
That is just the kind of lackadaisical attitude that causes more conflict among us than necessary! Now, listen to me carefully. House Edmund may not hold much land, but the land they do control is quite rich. They also maintain a thriving port. Their influence is poised to rival even the most powerful players in the Alliance. Yet they claim they cannot spare a fair share of troops? Do you find it acceptable to let such an obviously unreasonable objection stand?
It's not as though the threat of Almyra to the east has proven all that threatening of late.
Such negligence! What makes you so certain the Almyrans will not attack us tomorrow?! If certain dukes hold back their proper share of support, it will only serve to weaken House Goneril's hold of our eastern flank!
Calm yourself. I am well aware that the financial situation of House Edmund is quite exceptional.
However, what you fail to realize is that they are lacking in troops. They're not lying when they say they don't have that many to spare. As it were, the Almyrans have been nothing but peaceful since we refortified Fódlan's Locket. And are you aware that Margrave Edmund paid the majority of the costs for those repairs?
Is that so?
In fact, it's largely thanks to the skilled craftsmen he assembled that the fortress is now so impregnable. I, for one, wouldn't want to attack a fortress as formidable as that.
I do see your point. If House Edmund has already made its fair contribution, then that is all we can ask. Very well, I withdraw my objection. But even the sturdiest fortress needs soldiers to defend it. If we continue to squabble amongst ourselves, it will eventually fall.

Well, well. And here I thought he only cared about status... Still, if someone like him really came to lead the Alliance, it would not bode well for Almyra.

♪ Life at Garreg Mach Monastery ♪

♪ Corridor of the Tempest ♪

Auxiliary battle time.

This is the strongest start for Raphael I've ever seen. Dude's almost got double-digit Spd and he's not even level 10 yet!



Well, his good luck had to end sometime...

Bad for combat, good for him acting as a dodgetank.

Pretty average Balthus level.

Excellent work, Claude.

Oh, Annette, why are your growths so bad?


Sure, I'll take it.

Again, he misses Str, but gets a very good defensive level. I'm not sure what to make of this Yuri.
♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Claude/Ignatz C.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

You were praying so fervently, I didn't want to interrupt.
I appreciate the sentiment, but I wasn't praying.
No? What then?
I was just thinking about the goddess.
Were you now? Fascinating! Please, go on.
Not here. Let's go somewhere else.

Yes. All right, consider this. The archives here have all kinds of texts about the goddess, right? But when people tell stories of the goddess, it's only myths and legends that glorify her.
They probably hope to rake in more followers by glorifying the goddess as much as possible.
That would be why the church tends to quietly shove all of their more questionable records under some secret rug somewhere.
C-Claude, don't put words in my mouth! That's not what I said!
I was just wondering what the goddess looks like. That's the kind of thing I like to think about.
What the goddess...looks like? Well, I suppose if she really exists, she probably looks a lot like us. In fact, she probably wouldn't be so different from that old woman working here in the dining hall.
What?! Claude, please stop! The goddess I imagine is absolutely beautiful!
How rude of you, Ignatz! I'm sure that old woman was lovely back in her day.

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Raphael/Lysithea C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

You know you can tell your Big Bro Raph—I mean, you know you can tell me anything, right?
Raphael, while I appreciate your offer, I'm not so sure you'll be much help here.
What does that mean? Oh, are you researching something complicated? In that case, yeah, you're probably right. Is there something else I can help you with? I'm really good at other things. Like training!
I have absolutely zero interest in such things.
I have an idea! Do you wanna get real good at playing tag? I could teach you!
There's a trick to it that most people don't know. Like, to not get tagged and stuff. Let me show you!
It's too sunny out to spend all day inside studying! C'mon, Big Bro's gonna take you outsi—
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Can't you see I'm busy?! Go bother someone else! What nerve you have, too, calling yourself "Big Bro!" Like I'm your little sister or some nonsense. Just cut the act.
Uhhh. Did I really say that out loud?
Anyway, my grades are miles better than yours. If you want to play the part of "big brother," you'd probably benefit from studying way, way more.
Like I said, I'm really good at other things, just not classroom learning...
I can't stand all the excuses. Clearly you're the little kid here. You got all that? Now, don't bother me again. Understood? Bye.

Phew! She must be going through a rebellious phase!

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Ignatz/Hilda B.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Oh, it's just that I'm looking for a book. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I think it might be on one of the high shelves. Could you give me a hand?
Ah, um. I'm really sorry, but actually...
Some people got hurt while training in magic. I'm rushing to grab some medical supplies.
Whoa, that sounds serious! Don't let me stop you, in that case.
Thanks. I'll be right back!

Is everyone OK?
Yes, it turned out to just be some scrapes and bruises. Oh, is that the book?
Yes, I went and grabbed a ladder. That made the book much easier to find.
Huh. You could have just asked someone else for their help.
Well, you said people were hurt, so I just figured everyone had more important things to do. Honestly, I don't love heights. It was a bit scary up there, but...here we are! I managed.
I see. Well, I'm sorry I couldn't help.
Why are you apologizing, silly? Surely first aid is more important!
I thought you might wait for me to come back, that's all.
Oh, but giving first aid, that's not an easy job! I figured you'd be worn out. The last thing I want is to push you too hard.
That's thoughtful of you, Hilda. Thanks for watching out for me.
Oh, don't mention it! Do my cleaning again and we'll call it even.
You did such a lovely job last time. The floor was practically sparkling. I swear, the air even tasted cleaner!
I'm glad you liked it. You're really good at giving compliments, you know that?
I suppose that's why everyone's so eager to help you with things.
Exactly! By heaping praise on people, they're more eager to help me in the future.
Oh, but that's not what's happening here! I was really, truly impressed by your cleaning skills.
I wish I had everything figured out like you.

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Let's move on.
♪ No music ♪

It would prove difficult to attack.
It's a remnant of ancient wars... Those thieves certainly found themselves a great place to nest. I hear their leader, Miklan, is a former noble. It makes sense that he would already know about this place.

♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Back then, this tower was built for both surveillance and defense. It will be difficult to seize it.
Gilbert, isn't it? You hail from the Kingdom, right? No wonder you're so knowledgeable. While we're chatting so amicably... Do you mind if I ask some questions?
I don't mind. If I can answer them, I will.
Have you ever seen the Lance of Ruin?
I have. A long time ago. It was an impressive, if not eerily ominous, weapon to behold. According to Margrave Gautier, Miklan has used the lance to turn the tables on his pursuers.
Is that right? Then those without a Crest can use it as well... Interesting. As far as I knew, that wasn't possible. And then we have the mythical Sword of the Creator, which can't be used by anyone except Teach, Crest or no Crest. Maybe you're just that special, Teach. Or maybe there's something you're not telling us. Either way, I expect big things from you in this battle.
I'm relying on you, Claude.
Are you now? Then why don't you hand over the Sword of the Creator for a bit? Then again, it would just be a heavy blade in my hands. There's no justice in this world, Teach. Ugh, the rain is really coming down now. Let's finish this quickly.

♪ Fódlan Winds ♪

I concur.

I wish.

Balthus is turning out pretty well, if maybe a bit low on Def for his archetype.

Lin's never gonna be good in combat, but I guess decent levels can't hurt.

No you're not.

Ehh... HP, Spd, Def, and Cha are pretty alright together, I guess.


Hey, you got Str. Better than nothing.

Kinda surprised that Lorenz's Res is so much higer than his Def.

You're off to a pretty good start, Hapi.

Unlike Lin.


Hey, there you go, that's excellent.

Miklan is so pathetic that even Linhardt can one-round him without eating a counterattack.

Let's get this over with.


Almost at 20 Str at level 12. Beautiful.


Not fine.

Hm. Y'know, I'll actually take this. Even if he's not speedy, having a durable magic user could be pretty nice.

Holy shit, Ferdinand.

Bah. She does need as much Spd as possible, but still.

Yep, that sure is a Linhardt level.

Ignatz is giving a decent early showing, honestly.
♪ No music ♪

♪ Spiderweb ♪

As for Miklan... I wonder if he really believed he could wield a Relic.
I doubt it.
Agreed. He probably just wanted to get his hands on it, even though he knew it was futile. Though I'm sure he wasn't counting on turning into a monster like that... I wonder if that monster represents another aspect of the Heroes' Relics. What a strange and terrifying power.
It seems so.

Tomas! You've caught me by surprise. That's not easy to do. Though I suppose I should've expected to see our librarian in his library.
I am sorry to intrude. I simply heard you speaking of the Heroes' Relics. I can tell you more about them, if you'd like. The story goes that Nemesis was corrupted by evil because of the Sword of the Creator. Other Heroes also lost themselves by continuing to use the Relics...transforming into Black Beasts with twisted souls. There used to be a great many records regarding the dark history of the Relics.
Used to be?
They have been destroyed, across all of Fódlan. Stripped from their shelves, including those that resided at this very library.
You make it sound like the church is covering up the truth.
But now that you mention it, Rhea was very specific about not wanting anyone to find out what happened at Conand Tower.
Hey, Tomas... Why are you telling us all this?
It seemed like you were searching for answers about the Relics. What is a librarian if not a guide in the search for knowledge. And not only have you been searching, but you have been doing so through the night. I would suggest you stop before the knights notice. And that is enough meddling for today. Please excuse me.
So I've been found out, have I? I suppose I do spend more time at the library than most students.
But I won't stop. I can't afford to.
What are you after?
Teach... You don't really expect me to tell you something so personal just like that, do you? Though, I wouldn't mind sharing if you were to tell me some of your secrets in exchange...

Are you sure you could survive that? I'd say you're the least likely to share secrets out of everyone at the academy.
Heh heh, coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment. After all, you're easily the student with the most secrets.
I'm afraid you overestimate me. My secrets don't amount to much. But back to Teach...
Don't try to change the subject, Claude. We're talking about secrets. Yours. Who is your father? And why did you appear so suddenly, as if from nowhere? Duke Riegan's eldest son died in an accident. Having tragically lost other family members as well, he was without an heir. The Alliance would undoubtedly have been shaken if House Riegan had lost its position of leadership. But then you showed up. Why did you return to House Riegan? What brought you to the monastery?
He doesn't have to answer to you.
Oh boy. I'm trapped here. I have no choice but to surrender under your intimidating gazes.
Quick interjection: if we were playing as Abby, Claude would add an extra line in here.
Alas... To be surrounded by women as lovely as flowers, only to be pricked by their thorns.
My dream, in truth, is a selfless dream. But I require power to make it a reality. When I learned about the power of my Crest, I knew I had a chance. So I'm chasing that dream. To the bitter end, if need be. I came to this monastery because I thought I might find someone useful. Someone to help me on my path. So, what do you think? If you promise to help me achieve my dream no matter what, I'll promise to tell you anything.
I have my own dream to tend to. I pray that yours does not interfere with mine.
What about you, Teach?
That may be difficult.
I see. Well, now isn't the time to discuss this. You are still my Teach, after all.

Ah, Claude. What's your game...?

Next time: we get to embarass the Death Knight. Again.

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