Update 67: Crossbar Switch

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Welcome back. Today, we look at Hanneman and Manuela's paralogue, which I'm not a fan of.
♪ No music ♪

On rainy days, the wound I got from the Death Knight hurts like fire.
Every time it aches, I get angry. You understand, yeah?
I'm sure they had their reasons to kidnap Flayn, but still...
Did they really need to stab me? What'd I have to do with it?! They ruined my beautiful, porcelain skin. Worse, they took off before I could stab them back. So rude.

♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Oh, stuff it, Hanneman.
Unlike you, the professor has a big heart and listens to me talk about any problem I have.
More likely, your incessant ramblings offer no chance to interrupt.
Is that true, Professor?
Manuela isn't bothering me.
I knew it. You listen to me because you care about me, don't you?
Go away, Hanneman! Leave us alone.
And stop making me shout! It causes the old wound to hurt again.
Then perhaps you'd best stay quiet. Keep your emotions in check, I'd say.
Let's all get along.
Don't worry, Professor. We do this all the time.
Indeed, Manuela and I do not mix well. Been true for years.
That said, if it were up to me, I would prefer speaking to her in a calmer manner.
It's not like I enjoy bickering with you.
So, maybe keep your mouth shut more often.
I state that which needs to be heard! For example—
Let's all get along.
I'm sorry. I couldn't help it...
Same, same. Apologies. I am here because I have new information on the Death Knight's hiding place.
What? Really?! You could have started with that.
Several students have reported possible sightings on the western edge of the Sealed Forest. While the authenticity of these reports has yet to be verified, it is still a very real possibility.
I was thinking I would report this to Seteth as a precaution.
What? Why? We can't be slow! He's going to get away!
Protocol on this matter requires reporting to Seteth, then Lady Rhea, then...
Professor, let's leave this old geezer behind and get going!
Old geezer? I am barely 15 years your senior! I will not hear such—
Stop talking! Let's gather a team and get going!
I agree.
I'll go scout ahead. I'm coming for you, Death Knight!
Manuela, wait! It would not do to get yourself killed without someone to avenge you!

♪ As Swift as Wind ♪

Alright, what mess has Manuela gotten herself—

—into. Goddammit.

I don't like this map. We're limited to only four discretionary units, with three of the measly seven units we're allotted taken up by Adan, Manuela, and Hanneman. With those seven units, two of whom are basically dead weight, we have to keep Hanneman alive, and also Manuela, who is stuck all the way over there, with multiple units within only a turn or two of being able to shred her.

Upon reflection, I could've just ended the map early by doing Mv-boosting and Warp shenanigans like I did with Death Toll, but I'd rather not repeat that so soon.

Completely forgot to set adjutants, so that's my bad. But here's our group any way. Ignatz is coming along since I want him to get EXP, and Annette will be crucial for making sure I can clear out the enemies around Manuela before she's killed. Constance is outfitted with Thyrsus, to assist in that.
♪ No music ♪

Let's get this over with.
♪ Dark Clouds Gather ♪

♪ Tempest of Seasons ♪

Uh-oh. They've noticed me. Here they come!

Time is of the essence, so Stride is, yet again, useful.

Good start.

I'll show you!

There goes the most immediate threat to Yuri.

And Annette uses her ridiculous amount of Mv to dance for Yuri.

Yuri makes for a pretty good mage killer now.

Oh, yeah, bad level, bah, etcetera etcetera.

Not much actual use for Silence this map, so hey, might as well get Manuela some EXP.

Honestly, as long as Constance gets Mag in a level, I'm happy with it.

Gotta love an exact kill.

Oh, Ignatz, no...

Ooh. This is the main reason to do this paralogue.

Experience Gem: While equipped, the user's EXP gained through combat is doubled.

I think you get EXP at a fine enough rate in Three Houses that I don't use this too much, but it can be useful for helping neglected units catch up quickly.


Too little, too late, Annette. I think I'll skip her levels from here on out.

Oh, dammit.

Regular reminder that the Chalice of Beginnings is broken.

If that had missed, Ignatz would've been in serious trouble.

Been a while since Adan had an unambiguously good level, I think.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit that was not a good idea on my part. Thank the gods for that low-chance crit.


Please do not attack Ignatz at melee range.

Death God Gang? What kind of childish nonsense— Where's the Death Knight?

No, no, no!

Yay? On other units, I'd think this is useful, but it's just extraneous on Ignatz.

Oh, okay.

♪ Wrath Strike ♪

The thief is donezo, so let's start on the boss.

Manuela and Hanneman have unique dialogue against the boss, by the way.
Hey! You're not the Death Knight! What gives?
Bandit Leader: Death Knight? What nonsense are you talking now? Do we look like knights to you, lady?
You're just lousy hill bandits. Well, I'll teach you to waste my time!
Why, there is no Death Knight here. That student's testimony was, well, it was utter bunk!
Bandit Leader: Hey, you! The weird old dude with the beard! What kinda crap are you mumbling to yourself there?
I beg your pardon?! Do not imagine you can insult me without some form of retribution!

Now that's a throwback.

Rapier: 1 range. 7 Mt, 95 Hit, 10 Crit, 5 Wt, 40 durability. Deals effective damage to cavalry and armored units. Requires Smithing Stone x3 and 735 gold to repair.

Rapiers are rare—if you're not playing the Golden Deer, this is the only one you can get. If you are, then you have a chance to get another, much later into the game. They're okay, not really worth the rarity, but still okay. They're pretty cheap to forge and repair, and having effectiveness against both cavalry and armored units isn't bad, even if the cavalry effectiveness is mitigated on Maddening due to most cavalry units having Swordbreaker+.

There, done.
♪ No music ♪

A few scrapes and bruises. But, yes, I'm well enough.

...Huh? I should've gotten the Macuil Evil Repelling Co., the Indech Sword Fighters are for if Hanneman is in your... Oh, forget it.

The Indech Sword Fighters are an A-rank battalion, with +8 Phys Atk, +20 Hit, +4 Prt, and +10 Cha at max rank. They have Retribution as a gambit, though, negating that Cha boost's offensive uses. Honestly, there are much better battalions at the B rank, let alone A. A-rank battalions in general are kinda lackluster, since they're meant to be backups if you don't get many of the paralogue-exclusive battalions.

♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Oh well, I may not have found my revenge, but at least we got to retrieve stolen goods.
Manuela! You unthinking fool!
Hanneman, I've heard enough already.
How bloody stupid are you?! If that were the real Death Knight, you'd have new—likely fatal—wounds to match your first! Do you know how much you worried all of us? You should be ashamed!
Oh no...
Relax. She's OK.
This is a matter of life and death! It should not and must not be taken lightly!
You're right... So there, I said that. It's true, but, ugh. I'm sorry. I'll apologize to everyone later.
I should say I'm sorry as well. I lost my temper just now.
I see you act so irrationally, and I lose my wits. I care about you a great deal, and wish to see you safe. Will you believe me?
Yes, of course. I'm the same way, after all.
I let my emotions get the best of me. We're both too old to be shouting all the time.
So, everyone is friends again?
You're awfully quick to put a bow on this. Are you sick of us already, Professor?
You're part of this, Professor. We are the only teachers this academy has. No need for bickering!
Well said, Hanneman. Would you care to join me for a celebratory drink?
That sounds lovely. Perhaps a nice cup of tea is in order.

♪ A Promise ♪

Ooh, I adore such things! Dancing is the only thing I'm really good at, anyway.
There's a feast tomorrow, isn't there? Isn't there?! Ah, I can't wait a moment longer!
Dancing, singing... I'm not good at either of those things.
So? Dancing is fun! Oh! And remember that you can't dance with the same partner multiple times. It's tradition!
That means you have to dance with all of the gentlemen in all of the houses, swapping dance partners as you please...
How scandalous. I, for one, plan to simply behold the pure essence of dance.
I'll, um...watch. From a distance.
You can't just watch, Marianne! If a boy asks you to dance, you simply must accept. It's only polite.
You can ask...anyone? To dance? Gah, whatever should I do?
Hahaha! Lucky you, Ignatz! Tomorrow, if only for a day, you may live out your dearest dreams of an exalted existence! As for me, I am surely to be overwhelmed with the propositions of desperate ladies. I will doubtless have little time for partners of my own choosing.
Which one of you is dreaming now, Lorenz?
Everyone! Listen up. To no one's surprise, I have a brilliant idea. Teach, you'll want in on this too.
What's your idea?
This may sound impetuous. Perhaps irresponsible. Almost certainly impossible.
But we're gonna do it anyway. In exactly five years' time, let's promise to meet again, right here at the monastery.
A reunion? There's usually food at reunions. Count me in, Claude!
Five years from now...will be the monastery's millennium festival, celebrating 1,000 years since the founding of Garreg Mach.
I hear the millennium festival will be the largest celebration in the monastery's history.
Oh, I get it! It'll be easier for us to all get back here with the millennium festival as an excuse.
How true. As the new leader of the Alliance, I will certainly have occasion to attend and pay my respects to Lady Rhea.
That almost certainly will not transpire.
And you, Teach? I guess it's hard to imagine that you'll still be teaching here five years from now...
But I'm sure no matter where you end up, you'll come running at the chance to see your adorable little Golden Deer again, right?
Probably so.
Hahaha! I'm already excited! After five years, we'll all be whoever we're going to become!
Please, Professor! Invite Captain Jeralt too! I want to show him how well his apprentice turns out.
It's settled, then. What do you say, Claude? Is it official?
The promise is sealed! That means we're all obligated to keep it. Five years from today, all of us will meet again at the monastery.
Don't forget it, Teach. You and I will meet here again...

Oh, the dramatic irony.
♪ The Night of the Ball ♪

Anyway, at the Goddess Tower, we meet...

Adan shakes his head.
Thought so!
I bet you've never heard the legend about this tower then.
I haven't...
Something special happens here during the Ethereal Moon, on the night of the ball. First, an unmarried boy and girl need to meet at the Goddess Tower and make a vow. Then, the goddess will grant them divine protection, and ensure that their vow comes true. Or so they say! It's a well-known story among the students. A couple guys invited me up here, but...
You turned them down?
Yes, I did. If I accepted their invitations, then our vow would come true. It's just a legend, sure...but I prefer to be cautious about such things. One of the guys was pretty handsome, and he came from a good family... But that doesn't really tell you what a person's like on the inside. I want a life partner who's good-hearted and good-looking. Anyway, I went for a walk and happened upon you, and I thought... "The professor's perfect. Why don't I just make a vow with him?"
Hah! I'm just kidding, Professor. To be honest, I wanted to spy on you. See if you had someone else up here. Although, if you did want to make a vow with me, I wouldn't object. Need some time to consider?
Yes. Let's revisit this tomorrow morning.
Hang on! It won't mean anything tomorrow!
Oh, I get it! Everyone's looking for you down there, girls included. You don't want to keep them waiting. You're pretty smooth, you know that?
Well, I'm off, then. I'll see you at the ball.

Yes, yes she did.
♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

Skipping over Cherami Leigh's singing talents, we've got one support before Jeralt bites it again.

Lorenz/Raphael C.
♪ Funny Footsteps ♪

Hey, Lorenz! You here to eat? It looks like you barely grabbed anything!
Please, this amount will suffice for me. There's no need to compare our portions.
No wonder you're so skinny! My little sis eats more than you!
Come on, have some of mine. You need it more than I do.
You offer me half-eaten scraps?! The nerve!
With manners like that, even a nobleman would be an absolute disgrace. Have you no dignity?
You're pretty touchy, huh? It's probably just because you're hungry!
Raphael. Please. Do you mind? I cannot enjoy the simple pleasure of a meal in these conditions.
Why can't you enjoy your meal? You don't like what's on the menu?!
You wait here. I'll go to the kitchen and find something tastier for you!
That won't be necessary. Please just let me eat. In peace. Alone.
I don't think you get it, Lorenz. Nothing goes with a meal better than good company! If leading the Alliance is your goal, you should really try eating with other people first.
I'm afraid I fail to see the connection between leadership and dining.
If you want to be a leader, you have to know how to get along with different types of people, right? If you really want to get to know someone, all you have to do is share a meal with them.
Quite the contrary, unfortunately. It seems the more time I spend eating with you, the less likely we are to become friends.
The more you eat with someone, the more you learn about them. Their likes, their dislikes. You know?
You might get some of their food that way too! You can eat more and bulk up! Hahaha!
All that talking made me hungry again. I'm gonna go get seconds!
Uh. What an absolute bother.
But...I suppose he does have a point about observations of character at the dinner table.

♪ A Guide for the Future ♪

I like that support scene! Any time that Raphael helps someone else realize something is a good support.

Let's try this out.
♪ Tearing Through Heaven ♪

Excellent work, Nega Constance.

Well, that sucks.

Not good enough, Felix.

That's more like it!

♪ No music ♪

Still hurts, even over a year later. A little.

Yeah, I'm soft, I know.

Moving into next month...

Adan/Leonie B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you. I didn't mean to lose my temper. I was rude to you. I should have known better.
It's all right.
Hah. I thought you might say that. In that way, you're just like Captain Jeralt. You accept other people. You don't let petty details get under your skin.
How do you know my father?
Well, when I was a kid, I kind of latched on to him. I've been calling myself his apprentice ever since. He spent some time in the village I grew up in. Actually, you weren't with him back then. Why not?
I don't remember.
Huh. Maybe he left you with a relative or something. Anyway, back then, Jeralt's job was to deal with poachers—well, they were bandits—but we called them poachers. Nobody in the village could stand up to them. But your dad? He took them on like it was nothing.
I was so impressed! All I could think was how amazing mercenaries were.
I'd lived in that tiny village my whole life, so to me, Captain Jeralt was nothing short of a legend. So I went right up to him, and I told him I was going to be his apprentice. He didn't stick around long after that, but he did teach me a lot while he was with us. Tactics, strategy, training routines—it was all so new and exciting! So after he left, I kept at it. Kept training. Just like he taught me.
I'm glad you got to see him again.
Me too. I always planned to meet him again, once I became a top-tier mercenary.
But I'm just glad I got to see him. To thank him properly and all.
I've spent my whole life working to become a great mercenary like your father. There were so many times when I wanted to ask his advice, but I couldn't. I just had to make do. That's how I've made it this far. Just hard work, all on my own. But then you come along...
And it's like you don't appreciate Captain Jeralt at all, or how lucky you were to have him around your whole life! Ugh! It still really bothers me! You might be his kid, but I'm still his best apprentice! Got it?!

♪ No music ♪

And that support is why a significant amount of people don't like Leonie. I don't share that opinion, mind, but she does react unnecessarily harshly to Adan. Which, y'know, is understandable, given that the person she looked up to for a lot of her life is dead.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

"The look of joy on her face at the sight of these flowers will be even more beautiful than the flowers themselves..." Yeesh! That is enough. His entries from before your birth are full of such romantic blatherings as that. Oh... It must be deeply moving you to hear such things, but now is not the time for whimsy. Someone is here. You do not wish for them to see you in this state. So pull yourself together!

Not the type to wallow in solitude, eh? That's a relief, let me tell you. So... What were you reading?
Is that Jeralt's...
So it is.
Hey, maybe this has some entries from when Jeralt left the monastery. Is that so... He was the captain of the knights, but something made him leave the monastery in a hurry. If it has something to do with your birth, knowing what happened may get us closer to knowing what secrets the church is hiding...
Teach... Would you mind letting me read that diary? I know how important it is to you, but I'm not asking lightly. Please, allow me to borrow it.
You may borrow it.
I'm forever in your debt, Teach. If you'd refused, I would've had to sneak in here in the dead of night. I wasn't looking forward to the prospect.
Anyhow, let me fill you in on what's been going on lately, and not just as thanks for pointing me to that diary. Rhea dispatched the knights to various locations in a frantic search for the enemy. There's a rumor that she's already secured some information. Something big is gonna happen soon. That has me wondering... If you find out where the enemy is, what will you do about it? If you ask, I... No, scratch that. All of us students would gladly lend a hand. Even if that means going against Rhea's wishes. Don't forget it.
Now go. Everyone's worried about you. You'd better show them you're in good spirits.

♪ Broken Routine ♪

Accompanying the monastery BGM change is one new support. Are those two things related at all? Nah.

Felix/Ashe C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Oh. Is that Felix?

I'm already finished with that one. You can borrow it, if you'd like.
No need. I was just curious who it belonged to.
Why not read a few pages, at least, while you've got it open? I think you'd really like it.
The plot is pretty different from a typical knight's tale, but it's still really good. Do you like stories about adventure and chivalry?
No. I despise them.
Yeah, well... Have you tried reading any? You might find them really interesting. I know I do!
What do you find so interesting?
Well, for one thing, the knights in these stories are always gallant and brave.
And they always value things like friendship, loyalty, and justice. That's the kind of knight I want to be.
Ridiculous. Friendship, loyalty, justice. Only fools allow their lives to be ruled by such nonsense.
Fools who get themselves killed for nothing, only to be celebrated as heroes in books like this. Writers of these stories are worse than tyrants. They seize control of people's thoughts.
That's a little much. I was only interested in—
I don't care. Such blind enthusiasm is dangerous. Be more moderate in your passions.
You know something, Felix?
You are exactly like the knight in this story!
Excuse me?
On the surface, he's sarcastic and intimidating. But underneath, he's kind and cares for his friends. In the end, they become heroes together and conquer all obstacles!
Disgusting. Stop looking at me like that.
Oh! See? Right there! That's just what I mean! You sound exactly like him!
I'm going to lend you this book. Really, I insist. Just give it a read, all right?
Trust me. And you can tell me what you think when you're done.
Why is this happening...

♪ Broken Routine ♪

Huh, that sounds like Felix might actually read it? I know Ashe can't possibly know this, but these stories do seem exactly like the kind of stories Felix would hate most, given, y'know, Glenn's death.

I've been reading Jeralt's diary. The baby he mentions... That's you, isn't it? I can't understand about half of what's written here... But Jeralt really cherished you. That much is clear.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

But maybe now isn't the time? You seem down. Got something on your mind? I hope you know I'm here for you, if you ever have your own stuff to report. That's what friends are for. Unless it's about money. In which case...I'm busy.
Ah, Abysskeeper. You always know how to bring a smile to my face.

Can't say I blame you.

Balthus, have some sensitivity! Who knows what the poor dear is going through right now?
That "poor dear" can hear you, ya know. Talking about someone like they're not there. How cold can you get?
Ah... A fair point. Please, Professor, forgive my indiscretion. You have my condolences.
Remember, the first step to healing is a hefty dose of revenge. Get out there and get to it!

I know that this is painful, but don't lose hope for the future, OK?
Someday you'll be able to accept what's happened. And in the meantime, you have plenty of friends here to support you. Me included.

When a parent dies, it really leaves a mark. So feel what you need to, no matter how that looks. But know that your inner fire will keep you moving ahead through even the hardest times.

♪ Broken Routine ♪

Constance has a magic horse now.

Claude/Balthus B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

You'll have to kill time on your own, I'm afraid. My calendar's full at the moment.
Aw, don't be like that. You're not afraid I'm gonna expose your true identity, are you? I would never! Besides, my own bloodline isn't so lofty that I can get away with something like that.
I bet your father would just love to hear you say that. And the Albrecht family is from a distinguished noble house, so I'm not sure what you mean.
Not as distinguished as you would think. And my mom wasn't born a noble.
Ah, the plot thickens. So your mother was a commoner, then?
In a sense...but it's complicated. Listen up and I'll tell you a little story.
You know Kupala, yeah? Those folks have been living in the mountains of Fódlan's Throat for ages.
I know it well. Tales of that place were carried on the wind to where I grew up. Here's my favorite...
In a land surrounded by tall mountains, untouched by civilization, lies a hidden village. The people who live there, the mystical Kupala tribe... They say that an ancient and powerful bloodline runs through their veins to this very day. Don't try to find them, people say, or you're liable to get hexed. Or so the tale goes.
That part was probably added to spice up the story a bit, but even so, they're certainly a mysterious lot.
Heh. They don't leave their homeland too often, so it's only natural that strange rumors would arise.
And your mother...is she really some kind of Kupala princess or something?
Not a princess, but she was born and raised there. She left, got lost, and was rescued. By my dad.
Ah... He fell head over heels for her. Made her his wife. That's when her troubles really started.
Did your father tell anyone where she was from?
Of course not. But it didn't matter. She was still a stranger of questionable lineage.
The family treated her horribly. That eventually led to them splitting up and my dad remarrying.
That's not an uncommon circumstance for a noble house. Where is she now?
With nowhere else to turn, she went back to Kupala, even though my pops tried to convince her to stay.
I'm guessing you two left for much the same reason. Too hard to put up with the foul treatment, right?
That's part of it. If my mom had been Fódlan nobility, my life would have been very different.
So, what do you think? Did I drum up some empathy? After all, half of your blood comes from—
I hear you, Balthus. Can't say I don't empathize, though our circumstances are pretty different.
So you admit it, then? Heh, I knew I was right about you. My instincts are second to none.
Your instincts, right. Look, if it makes you happy, you just go on believing whatever you want.
I'll do just that. Say, Claude... It'd be a shame if your true identity was exposed, yeah? A real shame.
I'm thinking you'd better...set up a meeting between me and your mom. She was my first crush, after all.
I had it bad for her back in the day. I'm still haunted by the fact that I never had the chance to tell her.
That's...bothersome. And that aside, you do know that time didn't exactly stop for her, right?
Not a problem, pal. Age IS beauty.

♪ Broken Routine ♪

Balthus, please.

Oh hey, Adan/Claude B+ too.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

I don't necessarily mean the goddess of the Seiros religion. Just...gods in general. Do you believe that incredible beings who control the fates of all really exist?
I do not.
Yeah, I didn't think so. I never used to believe in that sort of thing either.
I've always hated the idea of praying to a god. After all, you can only really rely on yourself. I still believe that. You can't win a war by leaving your fate in the hands of a god. Only tangible facts can really decide a war. Which side has the most troops, the best tactics, the better organization and planning. Of course, miracles can happen. And by that, I mean things that are completely outside of your control. Things that only seem to add up if you believe in the concept of fate... Things like...well, like meeting you, for example.
What do you mean?
You just seem sort of...impossible. I think everyone would agree with that.
You can wield the Sword of the Creator, you're a tactical genius, and you have this strange ability to earn the trust of anyone you cross paths with. Before I met you, I never imagined that it was possible for someone like you to exist.
And yet, now that I know you, your presence in my life has quickly become invaluable.
In fact, it's hard to imagine making my dreams come true without your help.
Because of that, I can't believe for a second that our meeting was just a coincidence. That means it must have been fate. Maybe it was a miracle. Or maybe some god empathized with me and my dreams.
Some god?
Again, I don't mean the goddess of Fódlan. Though... I suppose it may be hard for you to grasp what I'm talking about. People all over the world have different ideas about who or what the gods are, right? Even in distant lands across the ocean or over the mountains... They have gods who see the world as a whole, who don't care about Fódlan's borders... Who don't meddle in our affairs. Who don't grant life or take it away. And maybe, sometimes, they'll make a miracle happen. A god like that... That's the sort of god I think I could believe in.
I don't understand.
Well, it doesn't really matter. Maybe gods like that only exist in my own head.
I'm just speaking my mind, that's all. I think people should be free to believe in whatever gods they want. If a person believes in a god and that god becomes a support system for them, that's a good thing. That's what a god should be. Anyway... Maybe I've overstepped a bit.
It doesn't matter.
I knew you'd understand. In any case, let's keep this conversation between the two of us, yeah?

♪ Broken Routine ♪

I'm no theologician, but Claude makes it sound like, outside of Fódlan, people are polytheistic, believing in something similar to the pantheon of Greek gods. Interesting.

A week later...

Lorenz/Marianne B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Ah, um...
Hm? What is it, Marianne?
I'm curious why you've been eating your meals near me as of late... I'm not much for conversation...
I'm always at a loss for words...and I never know how to respond to questions.
It's true that there are some who prefer a lively dinner table. But I prefer to eat in peace. With you, my meals are a relaxing experience. In fact, you are the most peaceful dining companion I've ever had.
There is a real grace and fluidity to your every movement. I greatly appreciate refined table manners. Observing you all this time, I believe I've realized what is so striking about you.
Your beauty comes from the heart. It is an inner beauty.
It is not some flamboyant pageantry, a product of external adornment or grooming. When I first noticed it, I thought that it could use some refinement. A little polish.
But I was mistaken. You are perfect in your natural state. Just as you are.
You think I'm beautiful...just the way I am?
Certainly. To add a superficial luster on top of what you already possess would be offensively redundant.
No one's ever said anything like that to me before...

But perhaps it is for the best that your beauty not be revealed to all the world.
Yes, it is certainly better that only I, Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, can appreciate your true magnificence! And on that note, I bid you farewell!

What a strange person... But being called beautiful just the way I am?
That was nice to hear.

♪ Broken Routine ♪

Lorenz...making someone feel good about themselves? Impossible.

Ignatz/Marianne B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Yes. Can I help you?
Do you have a minute?
Huh? Oh, um. I...
Then, if you don't mind... Would you come with me for a moment?

Yes, indeed. I have an urgent request.
Have I done something?
Oh no, it's nothing like that! Really, you don't have to worry.
Would you close your eyes, please?
Then, how will I know where I'm going?
Just take my hand. That's it. There, right there. Perfect. Now open your eyes.

Yes. Isn't it beautiful?
Very much so.
I was looking at it earlier, and I thought to myself, "I have to show Marianne."
But...why me?
Because you're always looking at your shoes! You never get a chance to appreciate the scenery.
Oh, I...
See, the best thing about the scenery is, it's always changing—with the weather, the time of day, the season.
So every view is unique, never to be repeated. If no one sees it, it's lost.
You could've just enjoyed it on your own...
I wanted to share this beautiful landscape with you.
Thank you, I...I'm not sure what to say.
Hey, that's OK. I won't try to express this beauty in words either. Just look and remember. This will make for a nice memory.
And maybe...remember that I was here too.
I...I will. I really will.

♪ Broken Routine ♪

That was just sweet.
♪ Tempest of Seasons ♪

And then, Seteth and Flayn's paralogue.

Every stat except what she needs most.

Constance with Stride and Thyrsus has quite the reach, doesn't she?


Oof. At least she got her damage stat.

No, bad.

Well, that gives me an excuse to undo it.

Never mind...


Remember, Constance's Spd right now is higher than it really is—while mounted, Dark Flier gives units a +4 Spd bonus.
♪ Broken Routine ♪


Next time: Anna's paralogue. I don't like it. Hilda and Cyril's too, probably.

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