Update 73: Fog of...bad. Yeah, gottem.

♪ Three Crowns ♪

The Alliance army successfully rendezvous with Judith in Ailell. With the addition of House Daphnel's forces, the time has come to invade Empire territory.

♪ Golden Deer and Crescent Moon ♪

Care to elaborate on this plan of yours, Claude? Can we really do this without battling my father?
Pretty soon, Count Gloucester will need to gather his troops in the northern part of his territory.
Against Houses Riegan and Daphnel?
You got it, Teach!
The combined forces of the Riegan and Daphnel houses will threaten the northern part of the Gloucester territory. Nardel, that retainer I mentioned, is going to draw their attention.
We'll take that opportunity to make our way through Gloucester territory and launch a surprise attack on the Great Bridge of Myrddin.
And...are you not concerned about the possibility that I may tip off my father?
The future of the Alliance rests on this battle. I'm certain you won't betray us.
Hmph. I will ensure our success.
I know you will.
If we can win this fight, then our next goal will be to topple Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. I said before that my plan was to meddle with the Empire, but I'm going to do you one better.
We are going to defeat the Empire, once and for all.
But to do that, we can't afford to slip up here. Bear that in mind and prepare yourselves for the coming battle.

♪ No music ♪

Adan/Ashe A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

You're chipper as ever.
Actually I ran into that thief while I was shopping just now!
Maybe you don't remember. It's been quite a while. The man who stole the book from that market stall. I saw him on the street, with his kid. They were both so grateful.
It's a really nice feeling.
I'm glad it all worked out.
Yeah! But, ah...
It did seem like they were still having trouble getting by. I guess what you said to me back then was right. My actions didn't really solve the problem. I can't help everyone, no matter how much I try.
If I had the money or power, maybe...but I don't.
You'll get there. No need to rush.
You know, a long time ago, Lonato said nearly the same thing to me. I think it was when I tried to look after the horses all on my own. I really messed that up. He said, "You're not quite ready for this yet. But there's no need to rush."
I know I can't help very many people right now.
But I think doing what I can for those I see in front of me is still worthwhile. I have to believe that, at least.
That's a fine way to look at it.
Thanks. That's reassuring to hear.
What about you, Professor? Has anything been troubling you lately? I'd be happy to help, as long as it's not looking after horses. You might not want to trust me with that!
Nothing in particular has been bothering me, no.
Hey, don't be that way! There's got to be something. It doesn't have to be serious.
I genuinely enjoy helping people. It's a great feeling, making someone smile.
So if there's anything I can do for you, I want to do it. Because I care about you.
That's really kind.
You think so? It's just what anyone would do, really!
Minor variant note: if we were playing as Abby, Ashe would say this.
Ah, I...didn't mean it in a romantic way. I just really look up to you!
So, what'll it be? How can I help?
Want to help me cook?
Of course! I'd be glad to cook with you!

♪ No music ♪

Ashe's A rank scene with Adan is basically everything I like about him as a character all at once. I love him so much.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Anyone who casually treats Claude like he's just some kid is not a person to be trifled with. I think Captain Jeralt would have liked her. I hope someday I can be as strong, kind, and levelheaded as her.

I'm talking about his retainer, Nardel.
I've only spoken with him briefly, but he seems to have a fair amount of both brains and brawn, with the skills to match. But there's something about him I can't quite place... Like I've somehow heard of him before...

The important part is what happens next. We're evenly matched in terms of military power, more or less, so if we can just launch a surprise attack...
It could go either way.
Agreed. The bridge is basically a fortress, so the defense will be rock solid.
But that's why you're here, Teach! No matter the odds, you're the wild card we need to win!
Wild card, huh. I've been replaying Fallout: New Vegas recently, and there's something to be said for the parallels between the Courier and Adan/Abby.

I wonder if someone on Twitter's compared Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire to Caesar and Caesar's Legion. I wouldn't be surprised, honestly, there's a depressing lack of understanding about what fascism is when it comes to Edelgard Discourse.

Wait, what? Do new years in the Church of Seiros's calendar start in April? That makes no sense.

I've got so much energy! Let me at that Great Bridge of Myrddin! I'll bust it down myself!
Oh, but then how do we cross?

I was talking to some of the Daphnel soldiers earlier, and it seems that Judith has a weakness. But they wouldn't tell me what it is! I got the feeling they didn't appreciate the question. Pardon me for being curious! That said, maybe keep this to yourself. Not that she terrifies me to my soul, but I'd hate to get on her bad side...
First time we've heard from the gatekeeper in a while.

The eastern lords have joined forces and are warring with the Dukedom. But I've heard nothing about that conflict as of late. It's strange.

Glad as I am that Judith told us, I wish we had known this five years ago. We spent all that time spread out over Fódlan, searching for the archbishop and you.
It was a mistake to abandon the monastery, to leave it in ruins. Now we're paying for that mistake.

I believe it was built for military purposes by the first leader of the Adrestian Empire.
In other words, it's even older than the monastery. So if we occupy the Great Bridge, we'll have to search it from top to bottom.

I owe you, Professor. You saved my life.
I swear I'll do all I can to repay that debt.
I'm happy that you're back, my boy.

Even so, I cannot deny that some small part of me has always been aware of my father's wishes. Now, here I am. Concealing our plan—Claude's plan—from his sight.
You're not reluctant, though, are you?
Quite the contrary, honestly. I feel as though a fog has finally lifted from my eyes. In this fight, I will finally stand upon my own two feet, independent of my father's influence.

It doesn't look like you're wounded or anything. You just looking for...someone to talk to?
I thought so. Well, I'm here for you! Making you feel better is my top priority. Whether it's physical pain or worries of the heart, you can come to me for anything, Professor.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

I have made myself ready to the extent that I could, but now that the day draws near... I fear that to proceed will be to abandon all hope of restoring the Imperial house of Nuvelle.
Which leaves me with no choice but to appeal to you and Claude for that. My dream is in your hands.

Being me, I'm not nervous or anything. I just... I'm not sure how to approach her, that's all. My luck, she'll treat me like I'm still a kid, even though I'm clearly a full-grown adult man.
Hm. If that's the angle she takes, maybe I can get some nice hugs out of this... Huh?! Oh, nothing.
Balthus... We're at war, please keep it in your pants.

They must've been sweating blood to get to Ailell from way out there. Guess it's been a while since I left House Rowe, so it doesn't bother me much to have to fight them.
Kinda always knew I'd be the one to take that stubborn old donkey out. I've been ready for this.

She's easygoing, but at the same time, tough as nails. I bet she'd be real fun to hang out with.
I like her too.
Judy's great. Unlike that other guy, Lord What's-His-Name.
I can't stand people like him—people who think they're always in the right.
All he did was make trouble, but he convinced himself it was for a good cause. So infuriating.

Alright, let's clear out the queued-up supports.

Petra/Claude C+.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Claude? Where...are you?
Where else? Wait, I'll meet you down there...

True! And that is exactly why I worked like a madman to devise a new climbing technique.
I have much admiration for that! To climb is a skill with value.
What can I say, I just... OK, so I may have cheated a little. By using my bow to shoot a rope over a branch. Or a few branches. Or all of the branches. But once I got up there and hauled up the ropes, it was the same result as if I'd climbed it your way!
I am understanding. That costs more time though, so it is not the best thing for hunting.
But you are not harming the tree, so that is...an advantage. I am liking this technique.
You're right, I didn't harm the tree at all. I'm surprised that impressed you.
The tree has a spirit. If you hurt the tree, you will give its spirit anger.
I see. I take it the people of Brigid have a close relationship with nature, then?
Trees give us food and also shelter. We are needing them, and they are needing us.
True. The people of Fódlan believe everything is a blessing from the goddess. They've forgotten to be grateful to nature too. Nature gives us life. Sustains us. Without it, we couldn't breathe. Couldn't live. It's everything. It's fine to pray to the goddess, but we have to respect nature too. Don't you think?
Yes. I do not know this goddess, but I know nature. That is the knowing I prefer to have.
You and me both.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ignatz/Cyril C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Oh, I... Can I help you with something? You must be struggling by yourself, Cyril!
This is my job. I do it myself.
But we could do it so much faster working together!
Ya don't have to.
I don't mind. Plus, if we finish early, you can go and do whatever you like.
You wanna know what I wanna do?
Sure! Tell me.
I'd like to do my assigned work without you pestering me.
Oh... OK.
Why are you always so concerned about what I'm doing anyway, Ignatz? It's kinda weird, ya know?
Wow, it hurts when you put it like that. I've been meaning to ask you about Almyra. You always look so busy, but I thought you might talk to me if I helped with your work.
There's nothing about Almyra worth talking about.
But I find it all so fascinating! Please, tell me about the people, the buildings, the flowers...
Ooh! Any scenery you liked looking at?
Nope. Never took much time to look at anything.

Even though you endured hardships, there must have been some things you enjoyed.
You don't get it. Look, I'm gonna go. Shoulda done it already.
OK. Sorry to bother you. Let me know if I can help.
Oh, and... I hope we can talk some other time.

But there's nothing to talk about.
Jeez, what a weirdo.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

The amount of people that ask Cyril about Almyra even though he clearly has no fondness for it has gotta get on his nerves after a while.

Ashe/Marianne B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Ah! Sorry, it's just—you turned so quickly, it gave me a start!
I don't mean to interrupt your prayers, but what's with that posture? Don't you think lowering your head so much might, I don't know, offend the goddess? Maybe, um, maybe spook her a little?
I'm not praying. Only confessing.
Confessing? What are you confessing for?
For everything about me...
That can't possibly be necessary. There's no way you're as bad as you make it seem. I've seen how kind you are with the horses. And I've noticed you're always sensitive to everyone's tastes when you cook.
But that's—
Yeah, well...if either of us is going to confess, it should be me. I used to be a thief. I may have only stolen because I was poor and starving, but it was still wrong. I'm only even here thanks to Lonato. I'm only even here because a kindly noble helped me. He gave me a second chance, and now I eat well every day. I'm doing all I can to make the most of it. You're a noble yourself, aren't you? The daughter of Margrave Edmund, I think? And if you're a noble, that means... Do you happen to have a Crest?
A Crest? I do, but it's—
I knew it! That's great, Marianne!
There's nothing great about it.
Please, don't be modest! It's an extraordinary gift. You should be proud of it! If I had one, I'd use it to make sure my brother and sister never had to live in poverty.
Think about all the good you could do for the world with your power.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Linhardt/Hapi B.
♪ No music ♪

...Mm, that was some good sleep. How nice it is to enjoy the sunrise all by my—
Good, you're finally awake.
AH! Who's that?! Oh no, I'm falling! Oh no, I'm emoting! Calm...
Wait! No!

♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

You're telling me. Do you normally start your day by startling people out of trees?
Not normally, no. Sorry, but I couldn't wait.
Couldn't wait? It's so early. You must have stayed up all night.
Huh, I suppose I did. How unusual. That's what happens when you get carried away with research. Then I remembered what we talked about, so I've been waiting here for you to wake up.
Well, here I am, wide awake. How can I help you?
I found an interesting document about Saint Timotheos.
There are some fascinating things down in that place you and your buddies call home.
Timotheos? That's—

♪ Arcana Code ♪

It's theorized that your Crest and the Crest of Lamine have similar powers. Oh, Lamine was one of the 10 Elites. Here's the best part. Turns out this Timotheos guy had the power to summon beasts.
I'm listening...
Take a look at this passage. The writing's kind of antiquated, but at least it's legible...
"Saint Timotheos could converse fluently with birds and land-borne beasts, and he considered these creatures his friends. He sometimes rode over hills atop an obliging deer or called wolves to encircle him in battle. His sigh, inflected with the power of the night-bringer's star, was immensely sonorous..."
Nice recitation. So there you go.
That's just how people from my village write.
Is that...so. Huh. Anyway, this obviously reminded me of you and your situation. You clearly have this same astral power, but to an excessive degree. And for some reason, it only manifests for you when you sigh.
Does that mean you can fix it?
Oh goodness, no. Or, I should say, it's unlikely. There's next to no documentation about this stuff. And I don't know nearly enough about the other Crests either.
And Timotheos. Again, nothing to go on. It's near impossible to unravel, so don't get your hopes up.
Heh, you know me... I'm good at keeping my expectations nice and low.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Yuri/Constance B.
♪ Funny Footsteps ♪

I have asked you before not to refer to me that way.
Right, right, whatever. Sorry. Uh, anyway, what kind of bizarre spells are you weaving?
Ahaha! An excellent question. It's a brand of spellcraft many have dreamed of but none have achieved. A revolution in magical theory.
Revolutionary spellwork, huh?
Steel yourself for this!

Uh...huh. That's certainly...something. I'm sure you'll ravage the economy with this one. So, um... Why boots, precisely?
I was inspired by your suggestion that licking the nobility's boots would fulfill my dream.
I went to my chambers to discreetly taste my own boots. They were less appetizing than I had hoped. The thought of licking boots day in and day out was revolting...but then I thought, "what if?"
Tonguing licorice boots rather than leather ones would make the whole ordeal much more palatable!
This is no run-of-the-mill, penny-ante black magic. This is something new—black licorice magic!

Are you some kind of damn fool?
Ahaha. The common mind often has difficulty distinguishing between genius and idiocy. You set me the challenge of licking boots, and I would say that I have risen to it ably.
Correct. I told you to do that. But I think you took what I said just a bit too literally.
Then how did you mean it? Does the licking not count if the licker enjoys it?
It's mostly something you do by way of acting subservient. "I'd even lick the mud from your boots, my lord!" Get it?
What?! Are there nobles so depraved that they would take satisfaction in such a thing?!
There sure are. I've licked a boot or three in my day.
Indeed? Ugh! Did it not turn your stomach?
Well, of course it did. There's hardly any dignity in bootlicking. Talking to you is truly...entertaining. You are a special kind of strange. I've known many a noble in my life, but none like you. I was just dealing with a bunch of them, so the difference seems especially stark.
Though, I guess you're not technically a noble at this point, are you?
You were dealing with nobles in the dead of night? Wait— What?! D-did you just call me strange?!
Oof, I'm exhausted. Better go hit the sack. Don't work too hard, milady!

I did not give you leave to go! Ugh. His rudeness knows no bounds.
But I'll have my revenge. Perhaps by exposing his business with these nobles... He'll rue the day he loosened his tongue in front of me! Ahahaha!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

In my opinion? That's easily one of the top 10 support scenes in this game. I just can't bring myself to not love "black licorice magic."

Balthus/Constance B.
♪ No music ♪

♪ A Dark Sign ♪

You ascribe too much to me, sirs. I haven't the qualities that Balthus seeks in a partner.

Softly, please, softly! Such accusations are slander upon his good name.
I have no place in the heart of one so freewheeling and glad. Were there a list of suitable partners, I should deem myself to be at the tail end of it.

Because what you say is unthinkable.
If you attempt to spread lies that strain credulity so, it will be your own reputations that suffer. Your reputations or your bones, should Balthus ever learn of this deception.
A hairline break may heal, but the powder he makes of a man's skeleton is another matter...
And that's to say nothing of the jelly that will be left of your organs. Are you not concerned?

Whew. I've saved lives today. They didn't deserve the fury that he would unleash. But then, few would... Hm?
Is that not Balthus standing there?

♪ Funny Footsteps ♪

They're not the ones ruining my reputation—you are!
Oh, how shortsighted of me... I believed myself to be acting in your interest, but I see now that I was mistaken. I shall regret this indiscretion until my dying day.
Clearly I need to take anything that falls out of your mouth with a grain of salt. Maybe the whole shaker.
Still, you did stop those two from talking about me.
Regardless of how you did it, I guess I should be grateful. So...thanks.
This magnanimity is in keeping with the wondrous man I know you to be.
So open, so accepting... You are a paragon for others to follow.
Sheesh, maybe it's better when she treats me poorly. Being praised like that is downright uncomfortable...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Constance/Hapi A.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

There is little that can rival the taste of a freshly caught fish grilled to perfection over an open flame. I prefer mine with a pinch of salt.
Heh. Look at you, eating regular food like the rest of us regular folk.
It's only temporary. A fish from the river is a coin saved at the marketplace. My project will require every bit of gold I can spare.
Plus, there's a war going on. We've all got to save money however we can.

♪ A Dark Sign ♪

How dare you!
Would you two mind your own business? We're just trying to eat in peace.


♪ Beneath the Banner ♪

How I eat my fish has nothing to do with my status. In fact, I shall vow one thing now. When House Nuvelle is restored, I shall bite into a whole fish thrice weekly!

Moreover, Hapi is a dear friend. I won't permit you to call her a "stray cat" or anything so insulting. We shall continue to remain steadfast friends, even after my title is restored!

Well! For the upper class, those two seemed rather classless.
Um... What just happened?
Oh, I knew them of old. They were callow noblewomen from the school of sorcery.
No, I mean...you said that I'm a dear friend. Did you really mean that?
Hm? Oh, one says all sorts of things when one feels like being cruel. But, yes, I really meant that.
Even when I am a noble once more, I expect you to keep me company well into my dotage.
Of course, Coco. Won't be easy getting rid of me.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

How'd those two noble pricks end up at Garreg Mach in the midst of a war, anyway?

Balthus/Hapi A.
♪ No music ♪

That would be the point.
Yikes. See you around, B.
Hang on a second. Out here, in a place like this, you should be free to sigh, yeah?
What do you mean by that?

♪ A Promise ♪

You found a nice, quiet place where you could annoy me without putting bystanders at risk?
Aah, why does this always happen? That's not what I meant. This is me doing something nice for you.
You said before that you can't ever relax because you're worried about endangering others. A lot's been going on recently. So let 'er rip already. Sigh until you can sigh no more!
That's...nice of you. A chance to relax and sigh as I please. Sounds good. But what do we do about the monsters?
What do you think? A monster shows up, I punch it in the nose. Done deal.
By yourself?
I'm never alone, pal. These two fists are always by my side, and they never let me down.
Oh, right.
It doesn't have to be here if you have performance anxiety. But anytime you accidentally call a monster, just holler and I'll punch it to next Tuesday. In fact, maybe it's best if you just stick by my side from now on.
Do that, and you're free to sigh whenever the urge strikes.
Why would I have to stay by your side?
Not a lot of people in this world can knock out a beast without breaking a sweat. I'm one of 'em. And since I'm always on the run from bounty hunters, I'm an exceptionally light sleeper.
You expect me to sleep by your side too?
Ooh, this may be my best idea yet... If I'm always with a monster summoner, fewer people will come after my bounty! Heh, this is brilliant...
*sigh* You never change, B.
You're so predictable. *sigh* All right, have fun.
Have fun? That's an odd thing to— AH!

Monsters! They're everywhere! Heh, this is gonna be a blast.

It's hard not to like that dummy.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Agreed, Hapi.
♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Movement +1 is such a pain to get, but it's so worth it.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

And now Adan has it too! I've been having him take faculty/advanced training from people who offer Riding training all game, just for this.

Ignatz/Marianne A.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Oh, no. It was nothing.
Are you sure? Nothing happened at this morning's training?
OK. Tell me what happened.
I-I just couldn't keep up with the rest of the group... Everyone got so mad at me. They said something about looking into their eyes so I can read their movements, but I couldn't do it...
They may have a point.
I'm a hindrance to everyone... I just—I can't do it!
Of course not. That goes without saying.
It's hard to accomplish anything on your own. Look at me! By myself, I'm worse than useless. Can you see where I'm going with this? To succeed, you have to cooperate. You can't do that if you're not paying attention to nonverbal cues.
Please, try looking up, looking people in the eye. You'll see some things that you've never seen before. People worry about you, and rely on you. You'll see that on your allies' faces. In a way, you'll see what they're thinking.
You...you may be right. It was my fault for looking down.
Thank you, Ignatz... I appreciate your encouragement.
Of course! Look. We both saw the sunset and appreciated its beauty. Nature communicates without words. We can do the same. We don't need to speak to be understood. Stop staring at your feet! Look at us. That'll be a good start.
I can certainly try!
I-is something wrong? Did I say something to upset you?
Oh, no! To the contrary.
I just realized that I was missing something. A thing of remarkable beauty, right under my nose...
Remarkable beauty?
Ah, what? Don't mind me!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ah, Ignatz, you dork.

Yuri's got a lot of Spd, it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

Anyway, here's the levels from that paralogue I don't like.

That's not a hidden talent.

There you go, Adan, that's the right idea.


Ah, Ignatz...

More of what he needs, plus some Cha! Excellent.

That's pretty okay!


No, no, don't do that!

Ah, that's better.

Well, it's their damage stats.

...Well, you do need Spd.

Felix's rise to ultimate power continues.

These are not acceptable stats for level 29.

You're barely managing to remain in my good graces, Lorenz.

That was atrocious.


not nice


I'd have preferred his damage stat, but I'll take +1 Crit and +1 Spd.

My, my, Manuela, that is amazing.

Meh, sure. I don't think Alois will ever be speedy, but whatever points he can get certainly don't hurt.

how did you do it again

And there's level 30, with just...not good stats.

At least Alois is trying.

Oh boy, time for something new! Linhardt and Leonie's paralogue is a big pain in the ass, but the reward is worth it.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Patching up a hole in my equipment bag. Take a look. What do you think?
If your objective is merely to block up the hole, then I believe you've performed quite adequate work.
You might need a new one.
I'm not going to throw away something I can still use. I can't afford to be wasteful. Blocking the hole was all I cared about, so this suits me just fine.
Yes, but your bag is less bag and more a collection of dirty, smelly patches.
Smelly, huh? I don't smell anything.
That aside, don't you have an allowance from your house to make purchases?
No, nothing. Worse than that, actually. I'm in debt.
I could only afford the Officers Academy because everyone in my village donated.
The tuition is that expensive?
It's not just that. In the Alliance, you have to pay the nobles as well in order to secure recommendations.
Commoners can only get an education by borrowing money. It's pretty stupid.
Not sure what makes the nobles think they've got the right to— Oh, sorry, Linhardt. Forgot you're a noble.
If one is in a family that bears a Crest, then you're going to stand atop the social pecking order. I'd raise the topic with the goddess. She handed out Crests to the nobles after all.
Just handed them out, huh? You make it sound pretty casual.
By the way, I have a weapon to recommend. It should suit a commoner such as yourself.
That so? I just told you I don't have a lot of money.
You're not going to buy it from a merchant. If you find it, you can keep it for free.
Now you've got my attention.
There's a legend I read recently about Saint Indech, one of the Four Saints of the Church of Seiros.
Uh-huh? Keep talking.
Sorry... Suddenly very sleepy. Nap time calls.
Hey, come on! Wake up! You can't just doze off in the middle of a story!
Long story short, there's a holy weapon hidden in Lake Teutates that you can use even without a Crest...
Lake Teutates? Right. Let's go, Professor!
What's with that look? Don't you want to help your lovely students?
Yeah. Me and Linhardt. Aren't we just the cutest?
Leave me be. I'm off to nap.
We'll never find it unless you're there. If you're really that tired, we'll just have to carry you.
I'm not sure I want to carry him.
We'll bring more people. We'll take turns.
Come on, Professor. You're coming, right?
I will.
All right, let's go find this thing!

♪ As Fierce as Fire ♪

Everything Leonie said about how she had to get into the Officers Academy is infuriating. And depressingly parallels student debt in our real world.

We also know the truth about Crests, thanks to Silver Snow, but I am sadly unable to talk to video game characters, so we'll have to just push aside Linhardt's remark about how Crests came to be.

Here's our mythical weapon-retrieving group.

That's about the extent of preparations I can show right now. Because this is a fog of war map. Joy...
♪ No music ♪

Alright, let's get this over with. This map's rewards are very good, but I hate fog of war maps on principle.
♪ Dwellings of the Ancient Gods ♪

Huh? What? Oh, um. Yes. So we have.
A temple on a lake, huh? Looks fancy. And that's a cute...uh...guard dog?

Whoa! A magic beast! And it talks!
Nuisance... You weaklings should turn tail and run!

I know well what it is that you desire. If you want it, you must first complete my trial.
Of course we do. This is as awful as I expected it would be. Perhaps we could go home now?
Are you kidding? It's just a little fog! Come on, let's go talk to Mr. Magic Beast!

In one small show of mercy, the Immovable is visible through the fog. He's a hefty lad, although slow as hell.

Monster Effect Null: Nullifies any extra effectiveness against monsters.
Ancient Dragonskin: Halves all damage taken, negates some abilities and combat arts, and prevents unit from being moved.
Armored Blow: If unit initiates combat, grants Def +6 during combat.
Counterattack: Allows unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.

Those are its innate abilities. Notably, while it nullifies effective damage against monsters, it does not nullify effective damage against dragons. Small mercies are nice, especially since this jerk halves all of the damage we deal to it.

Dragon-Scale Wall: Armor tiles reduce damage taken by 70%, but break after two rounds of combat.

Nothing surprising with its armor tiles.

Pavise: Chance to reduce sword/lance/axe/brawling damage by half. Trigger % = Dex stat.
Aegis: Chance to reduce bow/magic damage by half. Trigger % = Dex stat.

You'd think Pavise and Aegis when attacking armor tiles would be annoying, but honestly, between Dragon-Scale Wall and Ancient Dragonskin, you're already dealing very low damage to armor tiles anyways.

Renewal: Unit recovers up to 20% of max HP at the start of each turn.
Miracle: Chance to survive lethal damage with 1 HP, if HP is > 1. Trigger % = Lck stat.
Quick Riposte: If foe initiates combat while unit's HP is ≥ 50%, unit makes guaranteed follow-up attack.

The Immovable's real danger lies in its abliities. Renewal is more annoying than usual, due to the sheer amount of defenses this thing has. Miracle can fuck the fucking fuck right fucking off, I hate it on enemies so much. And then there's Quick Riposte, which should completely change how you fight this thing. Don't inflict an armor break on it immediately, save that for when it's down to its final HP bar. You absolutely do not want to be dealing with both a sudden inability to double this thing, and suddenly taking double damage from it.

Two final notes. Firstly, the Immovable's attacks deal magic damage, not physical.

Secondly, it has a major Crest of Indech, which gives it a 20% chance to get free follow-up attacks on us. Not cool.

Its staggering blow isn't anything special.

Got all that? Good, let's get a move on.

There's two wyvern riders right in front of the starting position, if you were worried that this map wouldn't be cruel to me.

There's multiple enemies close to the starting position, it's just the wyvern riders that tick me off the most.

You should run!

This is also a good chance to remind you all that fog of war maps trigger the Str/Mag bonus from Constance's personal ability, instead of the Def/Res bonus.

Where the hell did that come from, Flayn? I'm not gonna complain, I'm just surprised.

Marianne has reached 30 Mag.



Alright, you've got enough Spd, you can start getting Str again, please.

A warrior and a warlock to the west. Nothing that Petra and Hapi can't handle.

Especially not when Hapi can do that.

Bah! At least the reward for killing that warlock is very good. Wonder who I'll give that to...

The chest near the starting area gives this. Boring.

Oh yeah, there's reinforcements on this map, too. My favorite.

Ready to bleed?


And all the more deadly.

That, right there, is a reasonable level.

Brutal murder there by Balthus.

Here is something to believe in!

Not without Str you're not.

How many times have I made that joke?

Valkyrie may not be the most optimal class, but goddamn if range like this isn't fun to play with.


♪ The Dream is Over ♪

Yeah, that was me just...way overextending Hapi. No reason to do that.
♪ Dwellings of the Ancient Gods ♪

That's a better use of her turn.

Leaving Hilda in range of a bow user might be dangerous, but...

Baltie's got her.

Despite my irritation at his lack of Str levels recently, Claude isn't doing too bad, yet. He's by no means unusable.


Like, Leonie's doing very well, and her stats are comparable to Claude's. I may be being too rough on him.

Hapi's ridiculous range means I can push her forward like that, and then restrict her target's movement with Banshee Θ, so they can't get to her on the enemy phase.

No hesitation!

Oh my fucking god, the trickster magic crit animation is that fucking thing I used to do as a kid when I was pretending to be Mega Man.

If you come at the King of Grappling, you'd best not miss.

Hilda is so terrifying.

There, no more northeast reinforcements.

Speaking of which, I should detail how reinforcements work on this map. On turn 2, an axe user spawns in the northwest. On turn 3, a sword user spawns near the eastern chest. On turn 4, cavalry spawns in the southeast. This pattern then repeats until the end of the map.

I say "axe user," "sword user," etc. because the class of the reinforcement depends on the difficulty. On Normal, the reinforcements are brigands, mercenaries, and cavaliers, respectively. On Hard and Maddening, they're warriors, swordmasters, and paladins.


Well, that's one thing Linhardt is good for: revealing enemies in fog.

Money money money! Well worth the detour to the east.

Linhardt is going to stay right here, to stop any more swordmasters from spawning.


Since the majority of the map is taken care of, Balthus is going to get started on pummeling the Immovable.
♪ Wrath Strike ♪


And already, that's the first HP bar down. The Immovable's got Renewal now.

Fuck yeah! Balthus masters Grappler, and gets an incredibly good ability in return. (And a combat art too, I guess.)

Tomebreaker: Grants Hit/Avo +20 when brawling against magic users.

You know how magic users tend to deal lots of damage to the kinds of units who like to be brawlers? Now they're suddenly a hell of a lot more inaccurate! And don't you worry, we're gonna get this turned on us when it comes time to play on Maddening.

Fierce Iron Fist: +1 Mt, +10 Crit, 1 range, costs 5 durability. Grappler only. Triggers 3 consecutive hits.

This exists. I mean, being able to guarantee three hits is cool, since two might not be enough on very rare occasion, but being Grappler-only ruins its potential use, given how much War Master is just a much better class.

Indeed, I will.
Great! I may not have a Crest, but I'll give it my all!
You are an interesting young girl... I accept your challenge.

Pure grit!

Hey, it's damage.


You should run!

Well, that speeds things along! Thanks, Hapi.

Miracle time. Ugh.

Do or die!

Oh thank the gods, no Miracle.


Unfortunately, the Immovable has Quick Riposte now, making it far more dangerous.


Good fuckin' thing Hilda had Blessing on.

Even if it did result in a bad level.

This is why you need to have a plan for when the Immovable gets Quick Riposte. I don't have many units who can survive that.

Pure grit!

Thankfully, Leonie's able to lop off some significant damage.

Fuck it, let's see if this works.

Wait, where did that HP drain come from?

...Oh, wait, I get it. Balthus's Crest of Chevalier activated without the game actually saying it activated. Weird.

You should run!

Phew, what a hassle.

'Fore we move on, the Immovable has some more battle lines. The first one is for fighting Adan.
Could you be the incarnation of Sothis? Interesting... Let's test your mettle!
We'll fight, but your form and mannerisms suggest that you may be...
If you want your wish to be granted, it is better that you fight me in ignorance.
You seem to be holding back. Thank you for that.
Hmph. Do not flatter me. My power is not what it once was. The best I can do nowadays is to have fun meddling with humans who wander in here.
I see. We were hoping you might help us, but it seems that may be too difficult.
Oh! You're here too! I've always wanted to meet you, Ceth—
I ask that you keep quiet, Uncle!
What's that? Ceth—
Shh! Please keep quiet, Uncle!
Fine. Defeat me, and show me what you are capable of!
♪ No music ♪

What sublime children of men... Go ahead. Name your desire.
So, uh, we heard you're giving away free weapons?
Do be quiet, Leonie. Somewhere in this temple is said to rest the holy bow of Saint Indech. It is called "the Inexhaustible." Could you find it in your heart to let my friend here have it?
You have shown might deserving of my sacred bow. I will grant your wish.
Yes! Thanks, Mr. Magic Beast!

The Hevring Prayer Troops don't offer much in the way of stat boosts—+7 Mag Atk, -10 avo, +4 Prt, +7 Rsl, +7 Cha at max rank. I've seen better. What they do offer is Blessing, which is rare for a very good reason. Amongst the battalions that offer Blessing, it is definitely the best in terms of stat boosts, so that's a point in its favor.

The Sauin Militia is a rare C rank paralogue battalion. +1 Phys Atk, +20 Hit, +10 Avo, +2 Prt, +5 Cha at max rank. They come with Poison Arrows as a gambit, which is basically Fusillade but with 10 more base Hit. The stat boosts leave something to be desired, but that gambit's pretty good!
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

But is it really OK for me to take this?
I would say so, wouldn't you? After all, you went through an awful lot to get it.
I know, but... Professor, maybe you should hold on to it for me. At least for a while.
Why me?
It's not a weapon just anyone can use. I can see that.
I want to be more confident in my strength before I really call it my own. Even holding it right now makes me feel unworthy. I'd really appreciate you looking after it for me.
I understand.
Thanks, Professor. And everyone else who helped too. I'm really grateful.
Linhardt, I'm sorry I forced you to come along.
But seeing such a kind-hearted person like you... Well, let's just say my opinion of the nobility's shifted a bit.
I'm not sure I completely understand, Leonie, but it sounds like praise, so I will take it as such.
Now, let's get back to work! I need all the training I can get!

She went through the trouble of fighting a saint so she could claim that weapon as her own.
A saint?
Or maybe you'd call it a "saintly" beast. In any case...
Oh, and please do let me use that bow. It's not exactly a Hero's Relic, but it is still rather fascinating, isn't it?
I would love to learn to what extent the bow's connection to the Crest influences the weapon and perhaps even... Oh, it's been too much of a day, hasn't it? I'm feeling tired, so let's talk about this later... Good night.

♪ No music ♪

This is what all of that annoyance was for.

The Inexhaustible: Requires Bow rank A. 2 range. 11 Mt, 80 Hit, 11 Wt, 30 durability. Attacks twice consecutively when initiating combat. Restores 12%/20%/33% max HP every turn; amplified for holders of the Crest of Indech. Requires Mythril x3 and 2500 gold to repair.

Stat-wise, the Inexhaustible is basically a brave bow+, just tweaked around the edges.

Brave Bow+: Requires Bow rank B. 2 range. 11 Mt, 80 Hit, 12 Wt, 40 durability. Attacks twice consecutively when initiating combat. Requires Wootz Steel x3 and 1665 gold to repair.

The primary difference, of course, is that we don't have to spend a shitload of money and wootz steel to get the Inexhaustible. The HP regen is a decent side effect—if we had Bernadetta around, and were to give the bow to her, she'd regen 20% of her max HP every turn.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

...Eh, this update's pretty long, but I think you all won't mind if I stuff in the levels from Marianne's paralogue in, as well as the events preceding this month's story mission.
♪ Tempest of Seasons ♪


Not good in a vacuum, but Felix is still well on track to be endgame-ready.

Sure, I'll take it.

Hohoho, Yuri, you're trying to impress me, aren't you?



I'd like more Spd, but Ferdinand's still not doing too bad for himself.

Delicious Str/Spd.

Felix is pretty much on Hilda's level at this point. Both have terrifyingly high amounts of Str and Spd.

I should just feed future Str boosters to Yuri. The man's Spd and access to Windsweep are too good to give up.
♪ No music ♪

Whaddaya know. There aren't bridges that big in Almyra, that's for sure...
It's the most strategic location in that area to move a large army across the Airmid River.
The Empire will want to hold on to it at all costs, so expect tough defenses.
Let's finish this quickly.
You're right. The enemy's guard should be down, so let's end this quickly before they have a chance to retaliate.
You're in command, Teach. Do whatever it takes to win.
Well, other than sacrificing the lives of our allies for the sake of victory. Try to avoid that.
Let's get moving. We're counting on you, my friend.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

You've earned this, Balthus.


...Okay, that's too many supports for this update.

Next time: all of those things. Probably most of the upcoming month, too.

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