Update 75: The Binding Coil of Supports - Turn 3

♪ Three Crowns ♪

Now in control of the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the Alliance army invades the Imperial territories. In response, the Imperial army garrisons soldiers at Fort Merceus.

♪ Beyond the Crossroads ♪

I'm impressed you were able to convince all of those scattered nobles to help us. I thought they would quarrel about how much support they should each provide. That's what they usually do.
Well, Count Gloucester took the initiative in taking on responsibilities. I presume that was because you spoke with him in advance, Lorenz?
I merely explained the situation at hand, then my father simply followed your lead, Claude. It was because you had the professor there to represent Lady Rhea. My father is a pious follower of the Church of Seiros.
I don't doubt it. I wasn't under the delusion that it was my personal charm that unified everyone.
And that was all thanks to Teach here acting as a stand-in for Rhea. Thanks for that, by the way. I hope you don't feel like I used you...because I sort of used you.
Don't mention it.
I appreciate that. We don't have time to be picky about our methods.
But be honest. You're having a hard time adjusting to your new role, aren't you? You weren't even a follower of Seiros to begin with, and somehow you've ended up as a representative of the church. I realize that you might feel guilty about deceiving the believers for our cause... But this is just what the archbishop wanted, and she's the highest authority in the church. Besides, as wielder of the Sword of the Creator, it's undeniable that you're special.
I think you should be more confident in yourself and use your position to the fullest.

Well now, that would be interesting. If we can defeat the emperor, then the Empire will collapse.

♪ Anxiety ♪

They passed through the Daphnel and Gloucester territories from the northwest with incredible speed. They're raising the banner of House Blaiddyd. Perhaps they are the remnants of the Faerghus royal family. From what we could tell, they posed no threat to the citizens of the Alliance, and so we refrained from engaging them in needless combat.
Maybe they hope to fight against the Empire to avenge their fallen prince. And what about the bridge itself?
Obviously we wouldn't let them pass without receiving envoys first. We thought they may try to force their way through. We considered firing warning arrows, but they left immediately, heading east.
Are they intending to use one of the bridges in Ordelia territory?
Most likely. But the Imperial army still controls those bridges. I can't imagine what they intend to do in the Empire, even if they do manage to break through...
I'm reluctant to ease up on our surveillance, but it would be difficult to track them there... For now, let's assume they're just troops belonging to the old Kingdom. In any case, we should proceed with caution. Soon, we'll be entering Empire territory ourselves. If our enemies are going to intercept us with an attack...
It will probably be at Gronder Field... How fitting that it was the site of the Battle of the Eagle and Lion five years ago.

Remember how Silver snow just sort of skipped over the events at Gronder, instead just telling us what happened after the fact? Now we get to actually, y'know, see and influence what happens.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

It's at this time that Claude upgrades from Wyvern Master to Barbarossa. I don't think we've actually seen any of the lords in their upgraded personal classes, so a quick rundown: in addition to their unique classes, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude have upgraded versions that they gain access to a few chapters into their routes. These classes, for all intents and purposes, are straight upgrades. Importantly, Claude and Dimitri's upgraded classes give them extra Mv.

Since we won't be seeing Wyvern Master again, I should mention that all of the lords' first personal classes give the same ability upon mastery:

Pomp & Circumstance: Grants Lck/Cha +4.

You could burn an ability slot for +1 Crit and boosts to gambits, if you really wanted to.

As for Barbarossa, upon mastery, it gives Claude access to this combat art:

Wind God: +5 Mt, +20 Hit, 2 - 5 range, costs 3 durability. Barbarossa only.

Basically, a straight upgrade of Deadeye. It loses 1 Mt compared to Deadeye, but offers 20 Hit instead, which is invaluable for targeting enemies at long ranges. Also burns way less durability too, compared to Deadeye's 5. Too bad that, since the upgraded personal classes are basically Master classes, we're not gonna get to see any of them be mastered. There's just not enough time.

Lorenz/Lysithea B.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Nope. Busy.
While I admire your dedication to research, you simply must take breaks now and again. For the sake of your health.
I am perfectly capable of knowing when to stop! I'm no child, I'll have you know.
Come now. Take just a brief respite. Look, I've even brought snacks to go with the tea.
Ooh, that actually looks pretty tasty... All right. All right, fine.
Well, what do you think? These are made especially for my house. I've loved them since I was a boy.
Oh, jeez. Wow. Actually...this is delicious. You have excellent taste, Lorenz.
Have as much as you'd like. For the sake of our friendship, I consider it well worth the investment.
I'd like to know more about you, Lysithea. Where did you learn such a command of magic? When you were a child, what kind of...
Ugh, come on. Can't we just enjoy the snacks? I loathe talking about myself.
Openness is a prerequisite to successful diplomacy. You'll learn that, when you take your first real steps into high society.
Can you stop with the kid treatment? I mean, really—is age the only thing you consider when engaging with others?
But there's nothing the matter with being young. There is a role to be played at every stage in life. That is how we learn and grow.
Are you even listening?! Ugh, it's like you can't even help yourself but to continue treating me like a child!
I absolutely recognize your raw ability. You possess quite a rare gift for magic. I hope we can find a way for you to use that gift to help as many people as we can. Surely you can agree to that, at least?
You really are relentless! I'll spell this out for you once more—I. Don't. Care!
You're headstrong! Just like me! That very quality will ensure a better future for Fódlan!
I, sir, am nothing like you—you're bullheaded and boorish. And utterly fixated on the future. All you care about is what's to come. Sure, it's all well and good to be thinking about such lofty things. However...
For me, the future's a very long ways off. Better to focus on the present—on the here and now. Thanks for the tea.


♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ferdinand and Marianne class into their endgame...classes.

If they're coming out of Fort Merceus, our troops might even clash on Gronder Field. And those other troops on the march—who knows what they'll do, or what side they'll take?
Not sure how we're supposed to form a strategy with so many unknowns.
Don't worry. I can handle it.
I don't know why you're so confident, but it does somehow make me feel better.
Anyway, we've come this far. Let's just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see how far we get.

Reminds me of the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. But of course, that was a very different time.
When it was over, all three class heads complimented each other on their bravery.
And then we had a party. But we can never go back to that, can we?
Hilda has an extra line she'd add onto the start of her dialogue here, if Lorenz died as an enemy at the Great Bridge—which, remember, is impossible in the final game.
Poor Lorenz. He and I weren't very close, but we were friends.
If you're wondering "maybe that's just used on other paths," the answer is no. While Silver Snow and Azure Moon (spoilers) both go to the Great Bridge of Myrddin, and can even face Lorenz as an enemy, units who have lines for mourning his death in VW do not use those lines in either SS or AM. It's kinda strange.

I guess we won't have much choice but to try to take Fort Merceus, on the far side of Gronder Field.
It's probably too soon for us to be thinking about that, isn't it?
I'm sure it's already occurred to Claude though.

I gotta say, it's tough to keep the fighting spirit alive when you recognize your enemies on the battlefield.
Everyone gets that feeling.
So you can't avoid it, huh? How did everything get so messed up? Just because we're fighting someone doesn't mean we gotta hate 'em! That's probably the worst thing about war. Win or lose, I still get a bad taste in my mouth.
Raphael changes his first lines if, somehow, Lorenz died as an enemy.
I gotta say, it's tough to keep the fighting spirit alive when you recognize your enemies on the battlefield. It's like when we were fighting before... I saw Lorenz and wasn't sure what to do with myself.

I hear we're sending troops to Gronder Field next. Is that what's what? That whole area is in the territory of House Bergliez. It's famous as the main granary of Fódlan. If we could capture it, we probably wouldn't have to worry about food anymore! Bread for all!

If they decide to dig in their heels and defend the fort, we'll be in a difficult situation. I hear it's an impregnable keep, surrounded by high ramparts. Taking it would not be easy.

Now, they're suddenly united for a common cause. As a result, the Empire hasn't been able to perform even one successful incursion...
Rather, we're the ones who might get the jump on them. It's incredible. Magical, even.
Maybe his strategic genius was simmering for those five years, and it returned to a full boil once you two were reunited.
Or maybe he always knew he'd meet you again, and he was preparing for that this whole time...

And you know what? It's an astounding structure. So much history there. Imagine how much time and effort it must have taken to build something that big. Over water, no less! I hope that someday it will be opened up to the people of Fódlan—a historical site, rather than a military checkpoint.

Can you recall whether it was before or after I joined your class, Professor?
I am glad you have not forgotten. It was shortly after I joined your class—I remember it like it was yesterday.

Enbarr, the Imperial Capital, lies far to the south, beyond Gronder Field. And waiting for us on the way there is the entire Imperial army, with twice as many troops as us. We had better brace ourselves.

If someone has passed, even someone dear to me, I could stand about and wail or get on with my life.
While I'm at it, that whole idea that we must speak well of the dead? I don't understand that either. If I didn't like them when they were alive, then why pretend to do so when they are no longer here?
Can't say I get the first part, but I'm 100% with Linhardt on "I'll speak ill of the dead as much as I want to." If you were a piece of shit in life, don't expect me to pretend you weren't after you're gone.

Apparently they were flying the flag of the Faerghus royal family... Do you think it was Dimitri's ghost?
His country was taken before he ever wore the crown. Surely he must regret that...
Marianne has the final impossible dialogue variant for if Lorenz died as an enemy.
I've been praying to the goddess for Lorenz... We wouldn't have had to fight like that if things were different.

The Imperial army might be hiding the emperor, and the troops headed south might belong to the old Kingdom. I'll be honest... I'm incredibly uneasy about all of this. But at this point there's...no option but to move forward.

If that happens, my parents won't escape unharmed. They've raised their anti-Imperial flag, after all.
I won't let that happen.
Thank you, Professor. I'll fight with all I've got too.
Speaking with you has eased my mind a bit. Just enough, in fact, to put me in the mood for sweets.

But thanks to this latest ploy, my father is more suspicious of Claude now than ever. If such a thing is possible. Ordinarily I might credit his helpful posture toward us to his devout faith in the Church of Seiros.
But it is clear to me now that this is nothing more than a shrewd calculation on his part. He is only thinking of his position. We are in the clear for now, but please bear in mind that the Alliance is never an entirely stable union.
The Alliance sort of reminds me of the United States, in terms of how it's basically a loose collection of squabbling fiefdoms. Citizens have ostensible representation, but that falls apart because of both the personal whims of the representatives (in Leicester's case, the landowners) and the system just being badly designed to begin with. At least we in the US get to pretend to have a say in who represents us, can't say the same for the average person in the Leicester Alliance.

That's probably a flawed comparison, but I'll leave it in. Better to learn how I'm wrong than leave it buried!

I miss the old days when, if someone got hurt, we'd rush them to the infirmary, and make them well...
But on the battlefield, there's not enough time to help. People die. Professor, don't be one of those!

And I'm not just saying that! I've made ample preparations to ensure our victory.
It's my rule to never leave victory to chance. You can't rely on the protection of the goddess.
With your power and my schemes, I should be able to plot a direct course to victory.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

The Great Tree Moon is finally upon us. It's time to celebrate a new year. We only get so many! Folks up top don't seem to be in the mood to celebrate though. I hate war...

Worry not. I feel no trepidation as we do this.
Mark how my spellcraft carries us through to Enbarr, heart of the Empire!

I may have cut ties with my family, but I'll admit, I'm still worried about how they're faring... For now at least, my little bro has managed to keep them afloat. He's a good leader, that one.

Guess that's the kind of thing that happens in war, but...still. It's pretty twisted.
It makes me feel so... Oof. Maybe I'll just try not to think about it.

This is my life on the line. Don't let me down, yeah?
In the end, I'm the one who decided to be a part of this, so it's my own fault if things go south.

I burned some renown to get support ranks. Let's take a look!

Claude/Hilda B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Of course. It's a pain, but I make sure to always send him a response, otherwise he'll worry. It's much easier than when we lived together. A few letters here and there are a small price to pay for this peaceful, brother-free environment.
Well, that's a fine thing to do, regardless of your reasons. As for me, it's been far too long since I've written to my parents...
Oh? I thought your father had died.
Not quite. He's still alive and kicking...as far as I know. The late duke who died in an accident was my uncle.
I see. I do recall you mentioning that your mother was born into the Riegan family. What's your father like, if you don't mind me asking?

Excuse me?!
In all fairness, I was quite a little brat. The horse thing sounds worse than it is. There's a sort of trick to it...
A trick I hope I never need to learn. Your mother didn't step in and make him stop?
Gods, no. She'd just laugh right along with him. If my father is extravagant, my mother's more like a warrior goddess or...maybe a demon queen.
This one time, she got into an argument with my combat instructor and wound up in a full-on fistfight with the guy.
What's more? She won! My instructor was a mighty warrior, undefeated in a hundred battles, but even he was no match for her.
Huh? But your mother is a lady of nobility!
True, but she was the kind of woman to elope with the man she loved and throw it all away. Not your average duchess at all.
Ooh, they eloped! I like that. It's so romantic. Imagine, abandoning your family forever to be with the one you love! Not everyone can do that.
It's not a question of can. It's a question of will. Even someone like you, who generally despises effort, would pull out all the stops for something you really care about. Isn't that right?
Excuse me? I put in plenty of effort!
Hey, that was a compliment! Anyhow, I look forward to the day when something inspires you to try your absolute hardest. It will be something to behold.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

...C-Claude, buddy, do you need to talk? That horse thing was not and is not okay.

Claude/Leonie A.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Winning is always the goal. At any rate, I've done everything I can to prepare.
That's the right attitude. I'm sure they're doing all they can on their side too.
I don't doubt it. But however strong they are, it's no more than a Fódlan concern. Who knows how far this world extends beyond the boundaries of Fódlan... Talk of strength or weakness doesn't amount to much when it's only in relation to a tiny corner of the world.
Guess you're right. Thinking about it like that, even this war seems like a storm in a teacup.
Exactly. It's nothing more than an internal quarrel amongst the people of Fódlan.
Haha, typical laid-back Claude.
I always like talking to you. Your perspective on the world is so refreshing. Things I thought were obvious turn out not to be.
The way you think—that changes the way you see things. Common sense never tells the whole story. It's similar to what we were talking about before. About how you need to doubt yourself first.
True enough, but where did you get these ideas? That perspective of looking past the walls of Fódlan, when it's all we can see in front of us?
Do you really want to know?
I do.
Ah, but I'm afraid now isn't the time. When this war is won, I'll tell you all about it. It'll be easier for me to show you than to tell you.
Show me? Are we going somewhere?
It's quite a distance. You'll start to appreciate how big the world is if you go.
Sounds eye-opening. I'll look forward to it. Can we call it a promise?
Yes, it's a promise. But first... Let's win this war and leave it far behind us.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Claude/Annette A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Huh? Sure! So, you managed to work through the labyrinth of my melodic poetry, then?
I did! You were writing about yourself, right? About how you just keep moving forward, no matter what difficulties you encounter. We've got this, we did it, now let's eat. That kind of thing. Am I right?

It's about you, Annette. It's a song about your single-minded march through life.
It's about...me?!
Of course! You know, about how you mess up and make a big fuss about stuff sometimes, but you're always looking ahead and striving. I just wanted to capture your pleasant, fidgety, fussy nature in a song.
Haha, I see! I'm flattered...I think? Actually, I can't really tell if you're saying something nice or not...
Of course I'm saying something nice! I'm so happy I get to be friends with someone like you.
Everyone's really uplifted by your cheerful attitude, your refusal to give up, and that boisterous nature of yours.
Boisterous... That's definitely not a compliment. Still... Thank you, Claude. I'm really pleased that you thought so hard about me and wrote a neat song like that.
You know, what this song really needs is a nice little dance to go with it...
I couldn't agree more! And once you've finished, you should perform it for everyone. You're a fine dancer, after all!
Nope! Not happening! I'm afraid my dances are not for public consumption. It will have to suffice that I let you see it.
You drive a hard bargain. And if this performance is just for me, maybe I can coax you into letting me hear some of your other songs?
I suppose there are a few others I could maybe share. Like my bear song! Or my dungeon song! Ooh! Or the waltz of the swamp beasties!
I have never been more on board with anything in my entire life!
Oh, they're all just silly songs... I don't know that they're anything worth being excited about.
I'll be the judge of that, and I can tell just by their descriptions that I'm right to be excited.
Well! I guess I have no choice. I'm making an exception just for you, Claude.
I'm honored to be the exception, as well as your number one fan!

♪ The Forgotten ♪

That scene reminds me of a useless factoid: Annette blushes more than any other character in Three Houses.

Lorenz/Hilda B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Oh. Hello, Hilda. I'm using these pieces to represent soldiers on the battlefield. This will allow me to better visualize concepts of strategy.
Very good! Is it fun?
It is utterly engrossing. Look—swap out just certain pieces for others, and the board completely changes. Then, even considering the same types of units, employing different individuals calls for a new set of plans.
Oh, I see! Or, I kinda see? It's hard for me to grasp really complex things like this.
Nonsense! It's thanks to your many requests that I have been adapting my fighting style of late. Working to accommodate you has convincingly shown me how essential it is to rethink tactics on a continual basis. After all, the risk of getting hurt is greatly reduced if you are prepared for any situation.
So, now I will be ready for anything.
Lorenz, you're so wonderful, I'm at a loss for words. I'm not just saying that to flatter you either. Honestly!
Tell me something, Hilda. Did you make all of these ludicrous requests of me purely so that I might have the opportunity to develop myself?
Because if so, I am deeply moved. Thank you for caring so thoughtfully and passionately for my personal growth.
Um, you're welcome!
If you will permit me to return the favor, I do have one request to make of you. Will you hear me out?
Ah, I'm not usually one for fielding requests, but I can make an exception in your case, I suppose.
I would be so pleased to have the opportunity to observe you in action, in the heat of battle. Would you be so kind as to oblige me?
Oh, very well... You've convinced me. But if it gets too intense...you'll help me out, right?

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Lorenz/Manuela C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Hello, Professor Manuela. I trust all is well with you?
I am quite well, quite well. Thank you for asking. You are always such a gentleman.
Thank you for saying so. How may I be of service?
I was wondering if we might spend a little time together. Maybe, chat a bit?
Certainly. It is an honor to speak with someone as elegant as yourself.
I've just made tea. Would you like a cup?
Oh, that would be just lovely. Lorenz, I hope you won't think it too forward of me, but...
I was wondering if you could explain a poem to me? It goes like this... Verdant rains soothe... My aching heart like a cherished friend... Amid time's flow I mourn... Bonds I'm not sure I can ever rend... As my mind clings to desperate thoughts... Here it comes, Horsebow Moon and summer's end...
Oh. That's, um... That's my poem.
As I suspected. I've checked absolutely everyone's handwriting.
It's a sad poem though, isn't it? Feels lonely. Possibly even, dare I say, defeated.
What makes you feel that way, Lorenz? Why aren't you happy? I very much want to know.
Well, I suppose I— Wait, why are you reading my poetry? Where did you even get that?!
I found it. And when I saw the words, I read them. That's what people do when they see words. They read them.
Kindly return that at once! Reading someone else's work without permission?! What an egregious breach of etiquette! Honestly!
Oh, dear. Snatching at something someone else is holding. How violent. It's not like you to lose your composure, Lorenz.
Please—just forget you ever saw it. I beg you.
I'm afraid I could never forget that peek into the darkness of your soul. Nor would I want to.
Then at the very least would you kindly promise not to mention it to anyone else?!
Don't feel embarrassed! No! Be proud. It's a lovely piece of writing. Quite revealing.
I'd never guess you'd have such hidden depths. Tell me more.

Oh, that's absolutely adorable. So bashful. I simply must hear more of his poetry sometime soon.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Of all the people to write edgy poetry...

Leonie/Alois B.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

I've told you so many! I don't have an endless supply, you know.
There is one that comes to mind, however—that time the captain nearly killed me!
What?! What did you do?!
It wasn't that I had done anything wrong. That wouldn't be much of a story, would it? No. We were at an inn, making merry. Suddenly, the other guests began to gather around the captain. They wanted him to put on a show, to entertain them with his skills.
Oh, I get it. They figured his aim would be great even while drunk.
That's right! He had a hatchet, and they asked him to hit targets with it.
A hatchet, huh? I guess a dagger would be too easy?
Indeed, indeed. Then the captain tells me, "Put this apple on your head, and stand over there."
Ah! So he could knock it right off, huh?
That was the idea, but the hatchet fell short of my head, nearly striking me square in the chest!
If I hadn't gotten out of the way, that inn would have been my grave.
I knew it! That's our captain, so clumsy sometimes!
True. Injuries take their toll on a man's dexterity.
Oh, so that's why? I just remember him saying his hands were no good for finesse.
Regardless—a master swordsman, that Captain Jeralt.
Even with the hatchet, now that I think of it... I never saw him miss in the training yard.
Really? Seems unlike him to miss that apple, then.
Yes, that just dawned on me. Throwing that hatchet, he shouldn't have missed so badly.
Do you think maybe he was secretly angry with you?
I'm not sure! What if the captain was, in fact, trying to kill me?!
Ha! No way! He must have just known you would dodge the throw in time. Horsing around at the inn, deadly serious on the battlefield. Sounds just like him, doesn't it?
Yes. Certainly an eccentric man.
Sometimes, Leonie, you quite remind me of him.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Jesus fuck, Jeralt.

Claude/Ignatz B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

No. Today I am praying. I'm hoping that if I pray with all my might, she will appear before me.
The goddess, you mean?
Yes. Perhaps it's strange to think about such things.
Nah, you're fine. If I had the chance to meet the goddess, I certainly wouldn't say no. Especially your version of the goddess, eh? A total looker, isn't that right?
That's a disrespectful way of putting it. I just believe that she's a divine beauty. She'd have to be, considering how she mesmerized the people of Fódlan when she walked among them.
Too true. No doubt an incomparable beauty, that one.
If we were playing as Abby, Claude would say this too.
Who do you think is lovelier, the goddess or our own Teach?
You can't go around saying things like that! How am I supposed to answer?
Funny to think that, even now, she must be somewhere, right? Well, I guess she's just floating on a cloud or whatnot.
Yes, indeed. Watching over us from above. And they say that some day she will return, to walk amongst us again.
Well, don't mind me. You go ahead and get some good praying in. If the goddess appears, you let me know, OK?
What?! No! If she does appear, I want it to be just the goddess and me.
It'll be way better if I'm there too. I'm saying this for your benefit, Ignatz.
Imagine an incomparable beauty standing before you. Do you really think you'll be able to remain calm?
Uh, well... That is to say...
But if I'm there, I can smooth things over. Have a nice chat, invite her to tea. Everything a goddess deserves.
Oh... Well, I suppose that makes sense.
Of course it does. Now get on with it. Pray like you've never prayed before!

♪ The Forgotten ♪

I've got bad news for the both of you.

Claude/Marianne A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

Ah! Oh, Claude. It's just you.
Sorry, I know you're in the middle of an important discussion with Dorte, but could I talk to you?
About what?
It's about this thing you think you're burdened with. I've tried to guess what it is.
Please don't... This is making me a little uncomfortable.
There's no reason to feel uncomfortable. It's not like I plan on saying it aloud. But if my guess is correct, there's something I want to tell you. Will you hear me out?
Fine. I will listen.
Once upon a time, in a faraway place...
What the—are you telling me a story?
Just listen. Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there was a young boy. This boy came from a despised lineage.

So the young boy was treated horribly by everyone around him. He hadn't done anything wrong. Everyone hated him simply for existing. Yelling, fighting back, explaining himself... Nothing he did could change his situation. When he was finally old enough, he ran far away from home. He escaped.
It sounds to me like he had no choice. I would have done the same, had it been me...

Well, now that's—
The boy thought he had no place to go. All he could do was destroy the boundary between the inside and the outside worlds.
Destroy the boundaries?
Right. If there was no outside and inside, just one side to share, then the people outside wouldn't have a reason to hate him anymore, right? It wouldn't be easy, but if he managed it, he could shrug off that burden.
The point is, people are born with burdens to carry. That much is undeniable.
But whether they bind us or we cast them aside...that's up to us.
So I think you should try to cast yours aside, Marianne. Put that heavy burden down. It's time.
But I...I don't know if I can do it...
It's OK. I'm here for you. We're the same... And I can help you.
The same? Claude, we have nothing in common.
Hey! Did you see that, Dorte? Your friend just smiled at me!
Thank you for sharing your story. I suppose I could try casting aside burden, as you say. We can try together.
Let's do that. And when we're free, we can change the whole world.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Some expert blurring of the line between allegory and reality by Claude there.

Claude/Cyril C.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Nah, just doing my job.
Rhea used to assign your daily tasks herself, didn't she? The church employs a lot of people, but not too many of them can claim they got to speak with the archbishop every day. You should be proud of yourself. She must have truly valued your work ethic.
Hey, um, is that everything you wanted to say? 'Cause I'm kinda busy here.
Actually, I was hoping to ask you about Rhea. There's so much we don't know about her, but I thought maybe you...
Yeah, I know more about Lady Rhea than anybody. But why should I tell you anything about her?
So cold! Think about who you're talking to.
Huh? What are you to me?
You...don't know who I am?
Course I do. You're Claude. Leader of the Leicester Alliance.
That's not what I mean... Well, never mind then. Tell me... Don't you ever miss your homeland?
Yes, Almyra. Eh, judging by that expression, I'm guessing you're not terribly homesick.
Life was a whole lot harder for me there than it's ever been around here.
My dad and mom both died in the war, and there was nobody there to look after me. The king, he didn't do anything to help. So I had to survive by being smart. I had to stop being a kid real quick.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You don't have to apologize. It's not your fault.
Regardless of whose fault it is, I'm still sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't even know that an acquaintance of mine was suffering. And sorry for asking a tactless question about your homeland. I should have known that was likely to bring back bad memories.
Nah, I get sad or mad when I think about it, but I'm used to it, so I don't mind any.
I see that. Even still, I apologize for being careless.
OK, well... Thanks, Claude. If the king of Almyra was like you, maybe things would've been better. Maybe the king's not a bad person and just had other stuff to worry about, but that's not much of an excuse.
If I ever meet the king of Almyra, I'll give him a stern talking-to on your behalf.
Yeah, OK. Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Buncha things to get done.
You really are on the other side now, aren't you? Huh. Well, if nothing else, it's good of you to turn a blind eye to me.
I don't know what that means, but OK. Bye, Claude.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I haven't seen the severed head myself. Perhaps he's still alive and leading that army...
Don't get distracted.
You're right. I can't let my emotions take hold. Either way, a major battle awaits us. Try not to die. I'd be annoyed if you did.

♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

My footage didn't include the prompt for the support, so...

This is Adan/Alois A.
You look gloomy.
Oh, yes. Apologies. I'm struggling with some unpleasant thoughts. Since the war began, I've ended so many lives. You and your students got your hands dirty as well. Nobody forced you all to join the fight, of course. You did so of your own volition. Still. There must be something very wrong with the world, for it to make children into killers.
I know what you mean.
That's true enough. We've all gotten older. Ah, listen to me! I'm sorry for being so glum.
You're more handsome when you smile.
Well said! In truth, I don't think any expression will improve my looks. I'm a brute, no matter what face I pull!
Ah, you really are just like Jeralt. When I was down in the dumps, he'd cheer me up with a playful quip. He gave me his library of jokes. But when I tell one of them, nobody laughs at the punchline. They laugh at me! You, on the other hand. You inherited the old man's comic talents.
I'm feeling pretty perky now, all thanks to you.
I can't stop this war by feeling gloomy about it.
Onward! To a brighter future.
Hear, hear!
To tell you the truth, that was another line I picked up from Jeralt.
He taught me everything about life. He was more important to me than anyone in the world. Apart from you, perhaps.
Because Jeralt was my father?
Sure, there's that, but not only that.
When I look at you or see you fighting in battle, it's like I'm seeing a sibling. But at the same time...it's like seeing something sacred and powerful. Something I must defend. You're so important to the future of Fódlan... And to me.
I promise to continue protecting you, with the strength of a knight and the love of a big brother.
I'm counting on you.
Good! In the name of Jeralt, I swear to keep you safe!
You're welcome to return the favor, should you feel so inclined!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I like Alois. Very underrated character, in my opinion.

My boy, this horse is what all true archers strive for.

I am not sorry, but I also accept any violence wished upon me for referencing an extremely old meme.

Ashe/Hapi B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

What's going on? Something urgent?
Oh, no. Hehe, but I promised to tell you the rest of the Luna Knight's Tale, remember?
Huh. That was years ago, wasn't it? You have a good memory.
If you really want to tell the story that badly, I guess just...go ahead.
OK, I will! Do you remember where I left off?
Hmm... Well, you were telling me something about how the Luna Knight was hard on liars and cheaters.
Right! So her husband, Duke Riegan, turns out to be a bit of a libertine...

My favorite part was when she caught her husband in the act and tossed him out the window.
I thought tales about knights were supposed to be straitlaced, but this one's raunchy as heck.
I'm, uh, glad you enjoyed it. Usually these tales are pretty serious...
But sometimes, in a serious story, you need lighter moments like that to connect to the characters. It helps to see that even these great heroes made mistakes now and again. Just like us.
You're so trusting, Freckles. For some reason, I find it endearing.
But you shouldn't take something at face value just because it's written down.
The truth is, knights do plenty of things that aren't heroic at all. Things that hurt people.
You're not wrong. Some knights do terrible things.
That doesn't make the great ones any less worthy of honor though.
What about knights who have died taking a stand against the church? Would you call them great?
Or what about the knights who put me in Abyss, promising to release me from my curse.
When they couldn't, they left me there out of fear for what I might do. Does that sound honorable to you?
Hapi...I'm so sorry...
Ah, sorry... I can't help but say nasty things. Got any more stories for me? Maybe another racy one?
Yes, actually! I came prepared with the most...uh, racy ones I could find...in case you happened to ask.
Of course you did. Let's hear one, then.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I had absolutely no idea that my boy was into the naughtier side of chivalric fiction.
♪ The Forgotten ♪

Are you tired of supports yet? I hope not, because here's some more.

Claude/Lorenz A.
♪ No music ♪

Oh, Fódlan! Land of plenty! Bless us with the gift of delicious food!
What are you doing?
Bah! Oh... It's just you, Lorenz.
I was disturbed by your ridiculous blather. Must you recite it quite so loudly? And can you even call that nonsense poetry when it is utterly ignorant of rhyme and meter?
Ouch! You don't hold back, do you? I didn't know you were so particular about poetry.
Ha! Maybe you have a secret poetry collection of your own hidden somewhere.
That's absurd! Where did you hear that?!
And just what was that poem about? It seemed to me that you were praising the land. But is it not the goddess who nurtures the land? Should your praise not go to her instead?
Of course you zero in on that detail. You really are a Fódlan noble through and through.
Certainly. Aren't you?
I'm not quite the same, no. Though noble blood flows within me, it can't change who I am at heart.
Pardon? I think you had best clarify.

♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

Would you like to try that for real? If you really want it, I wouldn't mind giving up my position.
What's this all of a sudden?! That is not an offer to be made in jest!
I'm not joking around. I've been thinking it for a while now. I originally thought you were like a fox drawn in by the deer of the Alliance. But I was wrong. You're no thoughtless predator. You're trying to properly train the deer around you. Isn't that right?
That is my intention, but the ambition is insufficient. To rule well, a certain temperament is required. When we first met, I mistrusted you a great deal. And on my father's advice, I observed you closely. That is why I can say this for certain—you possess the qualities necessary to govern.
A compliment? From you? That's about as rare as a deer standing on its hind legs and doing a jig.
Merely a statement of fact. One that is quite relevant to the future of the Alliance.
The future of the Alliance, eh? You really are devoted to your cause.
Depending on your actions, I may yet see fit to seize your position for myself. Bear that in mind.
Heh, I welcome the idea. It means I can feel safe vanishing whenever I see fit.
Do not tell me you intend to die in this conflict. You cannot shape the future if you do not live to see it!
Ha! First you compliment me, and now you're worrying about me? What have you done with the real Lorenz?!
No, I'm not going to die. I'm tougher than I look. Besides... This war isn't just for the Alliance anymore. It's going to decide the fate of all Fódlan. It would be cruel to leave you with the burden of uniting all of Fódlan by yourself. Don't you think?
Burden? Please. If there were none other suitable, I would gladly become a king. Or even an emperor.
Well, well! I guess I shouldn't take Lorenz of the famous House Gloucester so lightly!
Really, though... Don't you go dying on me either, Lorenz. We're going to need men like you in the age to come.
The same to you, Claude.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Claude/Flayn B.
♪ Spiderweb ♪

Hello there, Claude. No, not particularly. I was merely looking.
I see. In any case, do you mind if I ask you a little something? It's about your family's origin.
This again? There is truly nothing of interest to discuss on that topic.
Aw, but when you try to change the subject like that, it drives me mad with curiosity! That said, taking a secret by force isn't my style. That's why I devised a different approach. Relentless nagging.
Might I suggest giving up entirely?
Truth be told, my brother has asked that I not speak of my background to anyone.
I thought it might be something like that. Oh well. Guess I'd better give up on trying to get you to tell me yourself.
Instead...why don't I tell you about the theory I've come up with?
You've concocted a theory, have you? I suppose there is no harm in listening to it.
I did a bit of investigating into the Crests that you and Seteth bear. Seteth's is the Major Crest of Cichol, and yours is the Major Crest of Cethleann.
Where did you learn of this?
Oh, I just took a peek at some records by a renowned Crest scholar. I'd rather not say more than that. Anyway, my point is that I don't think I've ever heard of two siblings each bearing the Major Crests of a pair of saints. If the legends are true, then Saint Cichol was Saint Cethleann's father, wasn't he? Which means, if you and Seteth were the descendants of Saint Cethleann...
That would explain how you two came to possess Cichol and Cethleann's Crests!
You mean to suggest that my brother and I are the children's children's children of Cethleann?
That about sums it up.
An interesting theory, to say the least. But surely you must know...
Saint Cethleann was never married. There are no tales of her having ever had children.
Sure, sure, but the possibilities are endless. It's not like legends are known for their accuracy.
But based on your reaction, I guess I'm probably following a bad lead here.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

I like watching Flayn play with Claude and his pursuit of hidden knowledge.

Claude/Balthus A.
♪ Beyond the Crossroads ♪

Oh, is this about the age thing? As a rule, so long as she's younger than my own mother, it's fair game, pal.
Noted. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. Ever, really.
Do you remember what I said, about the first thing we need to accomplish in this war?
That bit about busting open the lid that keeps the people of Fódlan from the rest of the world?
That's right. I'd like to know your thoughts on the matter.
Um, 'K. Well, everyone seemed to eat it up, so I'm fine with it too. Certainly not against it. In a world like that, my mom wouldn't have to fear what others think of her. But it all hinges on if you can shape reality into the vision you have in mind. That's no small task.
Hm. I had a feeling you'd say something like that. Please, go on.
I'm all for mixing up different ways of life and bloodlines, but who knows what it'll really mean for Fódlan? We'll be free from things that previously bound us. Walls will crumble. Things will change...drastically. At the same time, the world we've defended for years could easily become unrecognizable. Everything we've built up until now could fall to ash. Hard to say how it'll all shake out. All we can do is wait and see. Maybe all will end well. Or maybe not.
All I want is for everyone to accept each other. That's the ideal I'm striving for. It's deceptively simple, when you think about it.
Look, if getting exactly what you wanted was easy, I'd be drowning in gold. Don't get caught up in the stakes. You just have to throw the dice and see where they fall.
Good advice. That's all we can ever do, really. I just have to do my best and prepare for the worst.
You got it. I can't help with funding, obviously, but you have my support.
Speaking of funds... You're not planning to sell the secrets of my origins for a quick payoff, right? There are people with deep pockets who'd love to see me fall. They'd pay well for information like that.

Yeah, that's not worrisome at all.
Heh, I was just kidding. After all, I have that promise to look forward to. You won't let me down, right?
Oh, of course not. And that promise was...what exactly?
How about hooking me up with your mom! After we bust open that lid, of course.
Of course. Uh, age difference aside, you know she's married, right?
I'm not a loon, Claude. I'm not trying to marry her! I just want some closure with my childhood crush.
Is that a fact? Well, it'll be interesting to see whether my father can kill you before my mother beats him to it.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Gods almighty, but the eldest scion of House Albrecht never gives up.

Lorenz/Raphael B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Really? I can have this? But don't you need to eat after all that training?
We can't have you starving, can we? Your strength is a great asset. It would be a terrible loss if you fell faint in battle. Besides, no true noble can look upon the hungry with indifference.
S-seriously? Wow! That's awful generous of you! Thank you so much!
You're welcome. But listen while you eat. I believe it would benefit you to pay more attention to the way you carry yourself in the company of your betters. It is the duty of the nobility to protect the commonfolk. And, in return, the commoner is expected to show deference and respect. Naturally, I understand that there is a certain tendency toward familiarity because we are classmates. However...
Urmm... Mmm... Mmm... Ahh... That was tasty!
Raphael. Did you hear a word I just said?
Oh, hey! I sent my little sis some of that fancy treat you gave me a while back.
She wrote back to say that it was tasty and to thank you. So, thanks!
That is excellent news. I'm pleased to hear that you both enjoyed it.
But there's no need for you to thank me. It was actually a gesture of gratitude in the other direction. From me to you. Thanks to the wisdom of your words, I have begun to consider my approach to dining in a completely new way. Mealtime has proven to be ideal for the study of character. It is a tool I intend to make great use of as the leader of the Alliance.
Yup, it's just like I told you. Food tastes better when you eat with good company!
That's not...quite what I meant. No matter. You are satisfied, I trust?
I could probably keep eating, but I'm ready to train.
All right! Time to get back to it so I can protect my buddy Lorenz.
I've not quite gotten through to you, have I?
It is not the duty of a commoner to protect a noble. That is fundamentally against the order of society.
But if you hadn't given me food just now, I couldn't survive on the battlefield because I'd be too weak to train! Who'd take care of my little sis if I wasn't around? She'd probably end up starving to death as well!
In a way, by feeding me you're protecting her too!
It was only a little food. There's no need to get carried away.
You're a real decent noble, you know that? Worrying so much about my sister and all.
All I gotta do is protect you, then you protect everyone else, right?
I'm...not certain your logic is sound, but your strength is undeniable. Very well. Do as you like.
Dining certainly is a window to the soul. Eating with you has helped me to see that I've misjudged you.
You are not some gluttonous simpleton. You are grateful for the protection the nobility offers, and eager to emulate our example.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Lorenz/Leonie B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Yep! Lots to do. Not like you fancy nobles. Hey, can't you see all this stuff I'm carrying? Come on, move over already.
Alas, I cannot comply with your request.
Can't even ask a noble to take a step to the side, huh? That's a joke, right? You're kidding?
You've injured your foot. I could tell immediately by the way you are favoring it.
Heavy lifting will only worsen the injury. Please, permit me to examine it.
Hey, cut that out! Isn't that improper or something, bowing to a commoner?
I am not bowing to you. I am tending your wound.
That's not what it'll look like. Hey, it's fine! Leave it!
Easing the burdens of the commonfolk is a natural obligation of the nobility. Now, hold still and keep quiet for a moment, if you would be so kind.
That's a real pretty way to talk about sitting around in castles doing nothing. Let me tell you, everyone in my village is so grateful to be taxed up to the eyeballs for the privilege of—ow!
It's quite swollen. And you're feverish! Fortunately, I do have an ointment here that should be of use.
What, you just carry that stuff around with you?
Certainly. It won't do to be unprepared if I happen across someone in need.
I don't get you, Lorenz.
It seems I've neglected to pack bandages. I'm afraid this handkerchief will have to suffice.
What? That fancy thing? Bit of a waste, isn't it?
Hey, no thanks! I don't need some noble's pity!
What about the help of a friend? I am as much that as I am a noble, if you recall.
More of your weird logic...
There, that should ease the pain. And since you are recovering, allow me to carry this burden for you as well. There we are. Now, farewell.

I really don't understand that guy.
Oh, no—I completely forgot to thank him!

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Lorenz/Manuela B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Her voice is every bit as fine as you might expect from the former leader of the Mittelfrank Troupe... If it weren't for her drinking, and her woefully inadequate manners, she would fit right in with high society—wait a minute...
♪ As my mind clings to desperate thoughts... Here it comes, Horsebow Moon and summer's end... ♪
That's my—oh, no. No, no, no!

The poem! My poem! Forget it, I said! I asked you for one thing!
And I told you it would be impossible for me to forget.
Certainly I understand, but setting it to music? And now singing it?
Oh, yes! It makes for a beautiful song, doesn't it?
I'm feeling so lonely and blue. My dearest has left. He is gone far away, and I'm here. All alone.
And in my sadness, your poem... Well, it became a song for me to sing. It brought me a moment of happiness...
I do not know who spurned you, but I assure you my poem has nothing to do with any such feelings. It is getting late. We should both turn in. I will take my leave now.
Oh. I understand. You're leaving me too. Why? Am I too old to matter?
No, I never said any such thing. Why, I am sure there are plenty of men who would prefer a mature woman such as yourself.
"Mature," he says. I knew it. You're all the same, you know. No one sees the person behind the voice. They just see me older today than yesterday. They say, "Oh, look what happened to her." Nobody sees my frustration, my resignation to be forever alone. But you do. It's all right there in your poem.
Please. I assure you, my poem was not about that at all. It was actually about the ideal of nobility.
The sentiment is that, someday, I know I will get what I want. There is no resignation in it, as you seem to be suggesting.
I was sure the poem was more about someone lamenting their frailty and the loneliness of time's passing.
But that's not it at all, is it? This is the story of someone impatient to get ahead. Who is afraid they'll never make it.
The speaker in the poem does lament his shortcomings. The road to reach his ideal is long. It is a trial. A test. If he can just find his way through it, he knows he can move forward. So I think you should try to move forward too. Because with a voice as talented as yours, how could you possibly fail?
Lorenz... Someday you should let me sing this song in public. I think people who are battling through their own trials...they might find comfort in this. And I believe I'm the only one who can do your work justice.
Very well. You have my assent. On the condition that you do not attach my name to it. Now, permit me to retire for the night. I require ample rest to maintain an adequate level of polish, you know.
I suppose if my poem must be set to music, then it had best be done by such a talented singer.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Raphael/Lysithea B.

I didn't intend for this to be another Binding Coil update, by the way, I just completely forgot that I did a whole shitload of supports all at once.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

And I have to return them at some point—ahhh!

Argh, just my luck...
Lysithea? Oh, wow. Look at the mess you made.
Thank you for the assistance. I can take it from here.
Were you planning on carrying this much weight on your own?! Don't be ridiculous! You should've at least asked for help!
They're all books I need for my studies, and it's my own responsibility. No need to involve others.
I'm happy to help you carry some of them. How about half? That's fair, right?
No, really. I have this. I am not incapable—and I'm not a child.
Hahaha! As smart as you are, you sure are a silly person. I'm so tough! I'm gonna stand my ground! I don't need help from anyone!
And when things don't go my way, I'm gonna act all sad and moody!
You...are remarkably talented at channeling me...
Huh? Oh, no! Sorry! I was imitating my little sister. Her name's Maya. She's way smart, but she can be pretty stubborn. You remind me of her. What I mean to say is that I want to help, so swallow your pride and ask.
I'll be carrying this stack of books now. Got a problem with that?
Yeah, yeah. You seem obstinately determined to go against my wishes.

Hey, what're you doing?! They need to be stacked neatly, otherwise they'll topple! This one needs to be rearranged, otherwise the rest won't fit properly!
Wow, talk about picky.
You're the one who was so insistent on helping. If you're gonna help, do it right or don't bother.
Fine, fine!

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Raphael/Hilda B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

It's me! Raphael!
Oh, Raphael! I'll get the door. What are you up to? Oh, whoa!

What an enormous crate! And look what's in it. Crystal vials, shiny rocks...
And I got this too!
Aw, what a splendid flower, and so fresh!
Hey, wait a second, is that for your sister?
Yeah, I finally got my hands on "something cute," just like you suggested.
That's so nice! But...wait a second. Is this that flower from Fódlan's Throat?
Of course! I had to run to make it back in time. It was a lot farther than I thought!
You ran all that way? And while we're on the topic, aren't these Almyran crystals?
Such fine carvings on them! They must be the work of a true artisan. It couldn't have been easy getting your hands on these.
I figured I should follow your advice! You know more about what's stylish than I ever could.
Well done. I'm sure your sister will be pleased. All that's left is to make that necklace!
Yeah, about that... I don't know how to put it together! I've spent so long trying to figure it out that the flowers have started wilting... There are only a few nice ones left.
Huh. That's not good. I could try telling you how to make it, but you can't afford to lose any more flowers...
Oh, all right. Looks like it's Hilda to the rescue! I'll take it from here.
Seriously?! You're really gonna help me?
Sure! I make myself things from time to time. And this is definitely easier than teaching you how. But you owe me for this! I expect to be paid back.
Don't you worry about that! I'll find something really nice to pay you back with.

It couldn't have been easy finding all these trinkets. He must really love his sister. Still, older brothers can be so dense.

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Felix/Annette A. I don't think we got to this rank last route.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

♪ A flash and then a big— ♪ Bah! What are you doing here, Felix?!
I heard singing.
You were watching me again, weren't you?!
Well... Your skill is impressive, I'll admit.
Oh, today of all days! I knew I should've chosen a different song...
A different song? Like what?
Any of them! The box song! Or maybe the dungeon song!
Now those sound interesting.
No, they're just regular songs! Oh, forget it. While you're here, can you help me clean up?
I need the books on that shelf up there, but I can't reach them...
Oh. Sure, no problem.

No way! It's too embarrassing! And that song isn't even finished, anyway.
Ah, that's too bad. I wanted to hear what happened after the library was blown away.
Hey... Don't look at me like that! OK, fine. If you insist, I'll sing just a bit more...
♪ Oh, how I just love to clean. Clean the library room! Just takes a flash of light and then it all goes boom! ♪
♪ A flash and then a big boom, suddenly the deed is done! My! What a great job I did! Who says cleaning isn't fun? ♪
Huh. That doesn't really explain what happened with the library. Maybe they'll build a new one?
Ugh, this is so embarrassing...

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Ashe/Annette B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Ah—I've got it! Finally!
See? Isn't it fun to learn?
Absolutely! You're great at this, you know. You really seem to have all the answers.
I wish I could study and just soak up knowledge like you. How did you get so good at this?
Well, studying was something of a necessity for me.
What do you mean?
My father was one of the king's knights.
One day, he never returned home. He just left without ever saying a word to me or my mother.
I'm so sorry to hear that. Losing a father so suddenly... I completely understand.
After he left, I thought a lot about where he might have gone. My father was a devout believer, so I was certain he must have come here to Garreg Mach.
Here? Really?!
That's why I was determined to gain acceptance into the academy. I needed to come here so I could search for my father. The problem was that I needed money to get in. Lots of it. And I didn't have any at all. So I entered the school of sorcery in Fhirdiad first, hoping I could somehow find a path here.
I studied tirelessly until I finally earned myself a recommendation.
Oh, wow. So for you, studying has been like a way to meet your destiny.
Destiny, huh? Well, yes, but it's a bit embarrassing when you put it like that.
Now I have other reasons for wanting to keep trying hard. I want to protect all of my friends and allies here. I'm studying hard so I can be as useful as possible to everyone I hold dear.
You've worked so hard. I really respect that.
I'm going to follow your example!

♪ The Forgotten ♪

Seteth/Manuela C.
♪ Respite and Sunlight ♪

Oh, hello, Seteth. I must apologize, but I am quite busy. Perhaps we could talk another time?
I have already confirmed that you have no urgent business. I would like to hear your explanation now.
My explanation? For what?

Oh, my dear Seteth. You must relax that worried brow. Those forehead creases will ruin your beauty.
Just answer the question, please.
What question is that? The one you already know the answer to?
Last night, I had a bit of fun, and a bit of drink. Less of one and more of the other, sure. But...
How much you drink is not my concern. But you are an adult who is tasked with the supervision of children. You should not be causing trouble for the students.
It is unacceptable for you to expose them to your disgraceful behavior. Even more so to impose upon them the labor of cleaning up your mess.
Oh, don't oversell it. All they did was walk with me back to my room.
From what I hear, you had to be carried.
I'd like to think I'd remember that. If it happened— and it probably didn't—it's not as if I'm heavy. Nobody hurt themselves. Did they? Come on, Seteth! Loosen up. If you're so worried about how I'll behave, why don't you join me for a drink sometime?
I mean, I only get in trouble when I drink alone...
If it will help to improve your behavior, I would not object to accompanying you from now on.
Well, that sounds just delicious. What are you doing tonight around—
But first, I will lecture you on all of the intricacies of proper behavior in the supervision of children. And until I am done, you will not drink a drop of alcohol. If you agree to those conditions, I will join you. I will even drink with you. Alcohol has little effect on me.
That is just... You know, getting lectured by you is, well, I think the word is "torture." Yes. That's it. Torture. And I won't have it. I'm going to go get a drink and try to forget this ever happened.
How is it that you imagine yourself the tortured one?

♪ The Forgotten ♪

The bits about the students...don't really make much sense now that we're in Part 2.

Yuri/Constance A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Did the topic of conversation happen to be...me?
I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about.
Don't be coy with me. I recently received an offer of support from Count Charon.
Bravo. Your dream of restoring your house is that much closer now, isn't it?
We shall see. My response is on hold until I could confirm something first.
You sound as befuddled as I feel! These are events you set in motion, are they not? I want only the truth from you! Lie to me, and you shall be incinerated!
That doesn't leave me much wiggle room, does it?
All right, I'll tell you. So yeah, I might have been negotiating with some nobles. Maybe. Possibly.
You do recall that I have nothing I can offer you in return, yes?
Pfft, of course I know that. I just did what I needed to get what I wanted. Like always.
All my life, I've known how to angle to get everything I've ever wanted. Money, social standing, the whole kit and caboodle. See, that's how the Savage Mockingbird lives. Ever since I was a kid, it's how I've done things.
What does that have to do with— Wait! Are you admitting to being the Savage Mockingbird?!
And I find myself wanting in on this house of yours. The one you've yet to rebuild.
What?! No. No, wait. You haven't yet answered my question about the Savage—
Preened as this bird might be, his only home is a dark, wet back alley. As long as I'm me, nothing can change that. So I figured, if I could leave that "home" of mine and live simply as Yuri, even if only for a while... You know, I might like somewhere proper to return to. Somewhere cozy. Comfy, even. Better than House Rowe, where last I leapt from.
I'm not sure what you're insinuating here.
I'll get your house back for you, and I only ask for one thing as payment... Once House Nuvelle is back in good standing, I want a home there.
You mean...you wish to join House Nuvelle? But the only way to do that—

You and I? Spouses?!
You heard me. It's a fine enough trade. What's the problem?
I mentioned nothing about a problem. Where did you get that notion? I've always found you very useful. Though I could do with less—much less—of your backtalk.
I suppose "milady" doesn't want a rogue for a husband. Hahaha, can't handle all that is Yuri, hm?
No, no. But there is a procedure to this sort of thing. How can you join my house when I have none?
What? You want to do things in order? How boring. I suppose we'll be lovers for now.
Ugh! You mock me! You mock me—and I will not have it!
Me? Mock? I'm being sincere. I'd never live out another dull day with you by my side.
That is my only fear—a life spent by your side may be more taxing than I could stand!

Seeing you so flustered provides endless entertainment, heh heh...

♪ The Forgotten ♪

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Okay, last one, I swear.

Adan/Manuela A.
♪ Recollection and Regret ♪

I told him, "A smalltime, little weasel like you oughta be begging me for attention!"
Oh, it gets me so mad. So worked up! Why aren't there any men around here who understand what a catch I am?
Come to think of it... You've always been nice to me.
I mean, you listen to all my problems... I feel like I can really trust you. I don't have that kind of thing with a lot of people.
You're a close friend.
Right, I got it. I knew you'd say we were just friends. I'd like to maybe talk about this once the war is over. Once we're all safe.
All right, enough of this moping around! What we need is a change of mood! We've still got a lot to do together.
When I think about that, what are one or two men?
Calm down.
I can't stay calm when I'm like this! What's wrong is—it's not just one or two men. It's more like one hundred men! Maybe even two hundred! More!
I'm... I'm completely... Ugh! I can't get out of this mood!
Actually, I've got an idea. Exercise will help! I'm going to the training ground. Come on and give me a hand! Gonna work my anger out on one hundred training dummies. Maybe two hundred if we got 'em.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

That's...a very bizarre A rank scene. Truth be told, I actually am not entirely sure what happened there. I think the implication might be that Manuela is sort of drunk?

Final free day before the end of the month.

Raphael finally finds his true calling. Now he can really rip shit up on the battlefield.

I'd hoped to do Claude's paralogue in this update, but I'm absolutely not going to make you read both a full battle and a mountain of supports all at once.

Next time: a short update, detailing The Sleeping Sand Legend.

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