Update 80: From the Heavens

♪ A Lonely Figure ♪

Hang in there, Lady Rhea.
Take her to her room—now!
That's a serious injury... It's a miracle that she's even alive right now. I'll do what I can, but...

All we can do now is pray...
Remember when this place was taken five years ago, and a pure white beast appeared on the battlefield? I only caught a glimpse of it, but I didn't understand where it came from. There were rumors that the goddess sent it to protect the monastery... But now I know better. That beast was Rhea.
She tried to save me...
Did you know Rhea's true identity?
Thinking back on it now, I suppose I did.
I once showed you a picture of a creature known as the Immaculate One. Seteth confiscated it, saying it must have been one of Tomas' personal possessions. The beast that appeared back then looked just like it. So Rhea is the Immaculate One. The book said that it was a servant of the goddess, but wouldn't it make sense if beasts like that are actually children of the goddess?
Rhea is in a grim state right now. It's possible she may not make it. But we have things we must ask her about. Once things calm down a little, let's go and see Rhea. Together.
The truth can't be delayed any longer.

♪ No music ♪

♪ Three Crowns ♪

With the destruction of Shambhala, the ambitions of those who slither in the dark are forever shattered. However, Rhea has suffered grievous injuries in the process.

Yet certain mysteries remain unsolved, so Claude and the others approach Rhea, who is now confined to her room due to her wounds.

♪ No music ♪

Sorry to interrupt your rest. But there are some things that we absolutely must ask you.
It seems I do not have much time left. I do not intend to hide anything any longer.
Rhea... I have to ask. You're the Immaculate One, aren't you? If what I'm thinking is correct, that's what the children of the goddess is referring to. In other words, you—

♪ Dwellings of the Ancient Gods ♪

A long time ago, the progenitor god came from somewhere far away and descended upon this continent. She changed her form to resemble that of a human, and gave her own blood to birth her children. The progenitor god and her children shared knowledge and skills with the people of the land. Together, they built a prosperous civilization. But the humans turned their backs on the teachings of the progenitor god and engaged in senseless wars. Eventually people began to think of themselves as gods and challenged the progenitor god herself to battle. The land was scorched in the war that ensued and the majority of humans were annihilated. I believe that those who slither in the dark are the descendants of those who retreated beneath the ground during that time.
So they had been waiting all that time for their chance at revenge...
It took the progenitor god an astonishing amount of time to revive the ravaged world. But eventually, the continent found peace again, and the progenitor god, having fulfilled her duty, fell into a long slumber in the Holy Tomb. The children who stayed behind built a settlement in Zanado to protect the Holy Tomb as they quietly lived out their lives. But then...Nemesis appeared, bringing tragedy along with him.

I was never able to forgive those who proudly wielded weapons crafted from the corpses of my brethren. I was the only survivor of Zanado, and all I could do was wander across Fódlan clinging to my desperate desire for revenge. I called myself Seiros, fostered the founding of the Empire, and prepared to oppose Nemesis and his followers.
I put Zanado behind me to gather the remaining children who were scattered across Fódlan... Finally, we killed Nemesis on the Tailtean Plains, and I took back the Sword of the Creator.
Let me get this straight... Saint Seiros...is you?! You're kidding me, right?

If you have something to report, do so at once. There is no need to let my presence worry you.

♪ Dark Clouds Gather ♪


Damn it! Did they come from Shambhala? Could it be that there were some remnants of that wicked group hiding there?

They've already made it so far. Is Count Gloucester unharmed?
The count is fine, but apparently my brother joined with reinforcements and was gravely injured...
You mean to tell me they easily got past a general as skilled as Holst?
They say the enemy general has a weapon that resembles the Sword of the Creator. Even my brother was powerless to stop him...
The Sword of the Creator?
That's not possible...


A weapon that resembles the Sword of the Creator...and banner bearing the Crest of Flames... There is only one explanation. The one leading the enemy force...is Nemesis himself.
Nemesis? That Nemesis? Do you really think the ancient King of Liberation has been brought back to life?
Perhaps the seal was broken when Shambhala fell... An incredible power that we children cannot hope to match dwells within the blood of the progenitor god. Nemesis obtained that blood, so it would not surprise me if that were the case.
The blood of the progenitor god... That's right, he did take the remains from the Holy Tomb, didn't he...
From the blood of the progenitor god, Sothis, he acquired the Crest of Flames. From her bones and heart, he crafted the Sword of the Creator.
The Sword of the Creator is made from her bones and heart?
The heart of Sothis is the Crest Stone that was placed in the Sword of the Creator. The same is true of the Crests of the 10 Elites and the other Crest Stones... They were born of the blood and hearts of the progenitor god's children. Those who slither in the dark created them. Stole them. Sothis never gifted that power to the humans.
The Crests of the 10 Elites, the Crest Stones, and the Heroes' Relics... I can't believe those who slither in the dark made them all.
And after that, Nemesis used the Sword of the Creator to massacre all of the progenitor god's children in Zanado...
In other words, the citizens of Zanado were killed by weapons made from the remains of their brethren... How atrocious.
But I don't get it... The Sword of the Creator that Teach wields doesn't have a Crest Stone. So how is Teach able to wield its full power?
The Crest Stone of the progenitor god...dwells within your professor.
After I battled with Nemesis as Saint Seiros, I reclaimed the heart of Sothis. I wanted to use that heart to...to resurrect her. Even though I had to do some...questionable things to achieve that goal, I wished to see Sothis... my mother...once more.
You placed her heart in me?
Yes. I believed that if I could resurrect my mother, I could regain all that had been lost...
So...that's the truth of it.
I suspected that your body housed the consciousness of Sothis.
Those suspicions were correct. And yet, she merely gave you her power and vanished... My dearest wish did not come true... But you did inherit the power of the progenitor god. Now, you must use that power to defeat Nemesis once and for all. Fódlan's blood-stained history...must end.

Well then! That's a real fuck of a twist. Nemesis, the King of Liberation, out of nowhere...
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I do not know this Nemesis person, except what I have been reading. But I am not of Fódlan. My knowledge of this person is very little.
Even so, I feel that...I can understand it. I know that our enemy has great strength. I am...feeling great fear for this battle.
Don't worry.
I have belief in you, Professor. Together, we will not be losing.

Are you all right?
Nope. That's why I'm meditating. Just when I think the war is over, it starts right back up again. This is the second time that's happened.
Meditating is all I can do to hold myself together right now.

Hey, Professor! Have you heard from Claude? He says he's gonna throw a feast if we win the next battle! Enough food to clean out the stores!
That sounds great!
So I'm super motivated to win! I'm gonna train every muscle I got! I'm coming for you, Nemesis! I'm coming for you, feast!
Th-that sounds like you're going to eat Nemesis, Raphael.

Against such overwhelming strength, my father and his forces had no choice but to retreat.
Wise decision.
It was certainly prudent for him to avoid a fruitless death. But as things stand, he will not leave much of an impression on history. So that falls to me. I will do all that I can—for the future of Fódlan, and the glory of House Gloucester!

This mysterious military force approaching Garreg Mach... Is it true that Nemesis is with them?! It was Nemesis who led the 10 Elites against Saint Seiros. It's the stuff of legend. But this time, he won't have the 10 Elites on his side. Right? He won't, right?!
...I can't rule that out. Shit.

They were trying to shroud the city in darkness.
Perhaps they were planning to swallow us up in that same darkness. Maybe the javelins of light were a signal to Nemesis. To awaken him from his long slumber. What do you think, Professor?
I think you're exactly right.
Yes, indeed. I have done some good pondering here. If we keep up this momentum, we will be able to take down Nemesis and restore peace in Fódlan.

Rhea's real identity is Saint Seiros, and the one who attacked us was Nemesis, the King of Liberation! On top of that, you've got the heart of the goddess in you! My flabber is completely gasted right now.
But now isn't the time for standing around in disbelief. Nemesis has made it this far for a reason. If we aren't victorious, that's it for Fódlan's new dawn. The world will be forever shrouded in darkness... This is the final, FINAL battle. Finally. My friend... Please give it your all out there!
Hats off to whoever on the localization team wrote "my flabber is completely gasted."

How many foes have tasted my blade? He will be an excellent finale. We will be victorious, Professor.
Yes, we will!
Splendid. Let's do it.

It sounds crazy, but there's no laughing it off. We must make our move before they reach the monastery.

Well, no matter what evil creatures we have to face, this old soul will keep defending Garreg Mach. Not only Garreg Mach though. Also Lady Rhea. Also you.
I think Jeralt would be saying the same kind of thing if he were here right now.

Just when we thought we'd made it to the end, another enemy approaches... Can we be sure this battle is the last one?
This is it, I think.
I think you're right. Just a little further to the end. Come on, Professor. We have to win!

He emerged from the battle with a terrible injury. It's a miracle he didn't die.
I'm glad he made it.
Yes. Me too.
He's alive, and in spite of myself, I'm really proud of him.

So, we're defending Fódlan's future, huh? Kind of makes my mercenary ambitions feel pretty small. So I'll think about my promise to Captain Jeralt to protect you instead. That'll be my reason to fight.
Thank you.
If I can get you through this in one piece, that's just as good as defending Fódlan's future, isn't it?
I just hope he's watching.

As long as they're around, we can expect them to continue with their cruel experiments.
Let's wipe them out, then.
Yes. We have to. It's the only way to ensure nobody else will go through what I went through. We must obliterate them in the next battle. It's the only recompense for Edelgard's death.

She just barely made it back to Garreg Mach, and then this has to go and happen? I'll protect Lady Rhea as best I can, and you're gonna do the same thing, aren't ya, Professor?
Yeah, I know ya will! Cut 'em down, Professor! Get every last one of those guys!

I feel the same way.
You too? I hope you're not following my lead on this one, Professor!
Maybe this Nemesis who's attacking us isn't even the real thing. Either way, the damage and death he's causing are real enough. I will fight to protect those who need it.

Maybe you butt heads sometimes...but that's OK. That's how you build bonds, right?
And I've got friends, Professor. Plenty of those. It's true love that seems to have passed me by.
There's still hope.
But where is my true love to be found? Where is my ray of hope? At this point, you're the only man who pays attention to me. I guess I'll have to take what I can get.

Those who slither in the dark... They seem to be descended from humans who were forced deep underground after the goddess defeated them.
That's what I heard.
They were trying to wipe out the goddess and her followers in hopes of taking back the surface.
That's why they called themselves saviors. To their mind, they were.

Rhea is sleeping right now. She does not appear to be very well. I beg of you, please do everything you can to prevent an assault from Nemesis.

In that battle, the warrior Seiros defeated the Fell King Nemesis and reclaimed the bones and heart of Sothis. Those make up the divine sword that you wield, and the Crest that you bear.
Now, Rhea...Seiros...lies helpless. The only one who can defeat this so-called King of Liberation is the inheritor of divine power.
You have our full and unwavering support. Only you can do this. Please, save this world.

There's still some time before Nemesis and his ancient Crocs descend upon us. I can use that time for supports!

Felix/Ashe B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Oh. Hey, Felix.
I suppose your thoughts are still with Lord Lonato.
I'm fine. I'm just frustrated by how little I was able to do. I know he was trying to protect me, but Lonato never really told me anything. In the end, I don't think I understood his feelings at all.
You said it yourself. Be more moderate in your passions. To me, he always seemed like a knight out of a story.
And I was so caught up in my ideals. I turned a blind eye to his sadness, his hatred...even when they were right in front of me. I guess I'm pretty far from real knighthood, huh?
Perhaps. Yet knowing someone well does not mean you know how they feel. Whether family or friend. To know someone's sorrow and turn blindly from it... That is the act of a fool. But pursuing your ideals is not foolish.
But before...you said...
I said to be moderate in your passions, not to abandon your ideals. It's OK to be who you are.
Thank you. Hearing you say that means a lot.
Ah, I almost forgot. You lent me this.
Oh, the book I lent you... I'm guessing you hated it.
Actually, I already knew the story.
My brother used to read it to me all the time.
Must have dug up some old feelings, then?
I suppose.
That's just what I'd expect the knight in the story to say! It's not just the way you talk either. It's who you are as a person, deep down.
Heh. Well, I think you're like the squire in the book. He's only half a knight, but he's bold and gregarious.
And he always does his best. Don't stop being that half-knight, OK?
You got it. I'll become the kind of knight only I can be!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

♪ The Forgotten ♪

A nosy little bird told me some undead jerk is coming to attack us. That's just silly, though. Puuure silly. On a personal note... I'm, uh, chewing on an idea. Marriage. I'm thinking of getting hitched! If I do... I may have to move up top. I'd like to leave this place on my own two feet, not in a body bag. I want to live! For her. So... please win this one, Professor. Do it for all of us.

If Nemesis could rough up my buddy that bad, he must be tough as hell.
We'll win no matter what.
Damn straight! Between the two of us, we can't lose. Not to mention our allies. Death has nothin' on us.
I swear to avenge Holst! Huh? He doesn't have to be dead to be avenged. Don't play semantics with me!

But this? I never could've predicted Nemesis rising from his grave and coming to kill us all. Who'd have figured, you know?
It's quite a surprise...
Then again, if I were able to predict everything, life would be a drag. I intend to lean into the chaos, heh heh.

The coming battle will demonstrate to all the world the power that I, Constance von Nuvelle, wield!
I look forward to that.
You shall know it when you see it! Ahahaha!

♪ Learning Lesson ♪

Power for Hapi, too! Gahaha!

Oh, thank the gods, I was worried Ashe would barely miss getting Riding A+ before endgame.
♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Adan also attains maximum sword power.
♪ No music ♪

And just like that, it was time.

Who did I have Adan choose to spend the rest of his life with? You'll see~

I'm ready.
♪ Three Crowns ♪

♪ No music ♪

♪ A Vow Remembered ♪

We will defeat Nemesis.
I thought you'd say that. And of course, I'll be joining you. What about the rest of you? Our enemy is a monster of legend. As always, there's not a shred of proof that we can win.
A foolish inquiry, Claude. I must finish what my father started...
Started? Your father ran away before the battle even began.
I...well. All the more reason why I, as his heir, cannot flee now!
I'm in. I need to get back at him for hurting my brother. I'm not going to let him get away with it!
Wow... Hilda's serious about this!
I, too, will fight until the end. I wish to protect Fódlan's future.
I feel the same as Lysithea.
It would hardly be fitting for Captain Jeralt's apprentice to bow out now. I'll show them everything he taught me.
I...I will give it my all as well! For the professor, for Claude, and for all of you who helped make me as strong as I am now!
I'm in too! And when we're done, I'm gonna eat tons of steak to celebrate!
This truly is the final battle... At this point, you shouldn't have to ask us, Claude. You know we're with you.
I do know that, Ignatz. But I had to ask just to make sure.
Heh. Look at how reliable you kids have become. You've trained them well, Professor.
This Nemesis guy should be arriving soon. Is everyone ready?
It's finally time.
We're counting on you. Our lives are in your hands. I'm on board with that. Let's all make it through this alive. That's right. I'm confident we have what it takes to win. Let's defeat this dusty old King of Liberation and put an end to this history of lies. Once we've done that, there'll be nothing holding us back. A new and brighter age will begin.

Much like Silver Snow's endgame, A Vow Remembered plays into the final battle preparations screen.

Fuck me running, how many bosses is that?! And look at how huge the map is! Look at how dense the enemy formations are!

Nothing less than our very best will do. These are the units that, I feel, have performed the best, and can contribute the most to this final battle.

I really wanted to bring Yuri along, given the ease with which he can trigger support bonuses from Constance and Hapi, but after a few failed attempts, I decided Annette would be a much better pick. I like the way Yuri turned out this run, but if it comes down to him or one of the other 9 units here whose names aren't Claude or Adan getting to act twice in a given player phase, Annette won out. She will, of course, be taking the Fetters of Dromi with her.

Sadly, since this is very much an outdoors map, taking place in the daytime, Constance is saddled with Circadian Beat's Def/Res bonus, which is functionally useless. Her taking any physical hits will be the death of her anyways, and magic hits barely bother her anyway.

Unless you're pulling off some extremely galaxy brained strats, now is a good time to sell off the experience and knowledge gems for some extra cash, if you need it. They're worth 2500 a piece, giving me 7500 in total.

In general, it's a really good idea to sell off any equipment you're not gonna need for the last battle, so you have a much money as possible for final repairs and forging.

Lysithea gets Thyrsus for the final battle. Between her, Hapi, and Constance, she can dish out the most raw hurt, so her having more range is best.

(Ignore the fact that Yuri is selected here, by the way, these shots are from an earlier, failed attempt.)

Constance gets the Caduceus staff, since she doesn't have the benefit of Valkyrie's innate magic range boost.

Ferdinand is gonna take an evasion ring with him. Not the flashiest bit of equipment, but don't underestimate the power of +10 Avo.

Balthus and Raphael take critical rings. Between that and War Master's innate boost, they both have +30 Crit, in addition to boosts from their battalions and natural Crit.

Leonie takes a critical ring too, she just doesn't have the innate boost of War Master.

Hapi takes a magic staff for a bit more raw damage.

Felix takes the Chalice of Beginnings, primarily to negate effective damage from bow users. Counterattack is a nice bonus.

Ashe takes a goddess ring, because nothing else really suits him. That +4 Lck does equal +1 Crit, at least.

Adan gets the march ring.

And Claude gets a goddess ring.

Let's look at the...fuckin' 11 bosses on this map, gimme a break.

The 10 Elites, the progenitors of all of the major noble bloodlines in Fódlan (sans Hresvelg), are here. They all have dark copies of their Heroes' Relics, high stats, and high-end classes. This here is Blaiddyd, distant ancestor of Dimitri.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Black Tomefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using black magic.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.
Royal Lineage+: Grants Avo +20 while unit is at full HP. Multiplies experience earned by 1.2.

Blaiddyd having Dimitri's Part 2 personal ability is a nice touch, but makes him annoyingly dodgy for a cavalier.

Areadbhar Γ: 1 range. 19 Mt, 75 Hit, 10 Crit, 9 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Atrocity for holders of the Crest of Blaiddyd.

He does have Areadbhar, and while he's not as deadly as Dimitri with it, he still should not be taken lightly. His major Crest of Blaiddyd gives him a 20% chance to double the damage of Atrocity, and there is no doubt in my mind that someone out there in this wide world has gotten a unit utterly torn apart by that.

Blaiddyd's main weakness is that he doesn't have Counterattack, rendering him very susceptible to either bows or Dark Spikes Τ. He'll start moving as soon as the map starts.

Should also note that all of the enemies have Cursed Power, even the generics.

Daphnel, distant ancestor of both Judith and Ingrid.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
White Tomefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using white magic.
Terrain Resistance: Nullifies damage from terrain.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.

Lúin Δ: 1 range. 17 Mt, 85 Hit, 10 Crit, 9 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Burning Quake Σ for holders of the Crest of Daphnel.

One of the weakest of the 10 Elites, by far. I guess her Aura might be threatening, but she's gonna prioritize Lúin Δ most of the time.

Her major Crest of Daphnel gives her a 70% chance to add 5 damage to Burning Quake Σ, if she decides to use it. Irrelevant.

Daphnel will start moving as soon as the map starts.

The generic wyvern lords are far, far more threatening than Daphnel.

Gloucester, distant ancestor of Lorenz.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
White Magic Uses x2: Doubles the number of uses for white magic.
White Magic Heal +10: Heal 10 extra HP when using white magic.
Terrain Resistance: Nullifies damage from terrain.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.

Dark Thyrsus: 1 Wt. Increases offensive magic range by 2. Gives Aegis and Pavise to holders of the Crest of Gloucester.

I said Daphnel was one of the weakest of the 10 Elites, and that's because Gloucester is even weaker. 39 Atk with 17 AS is laughable, and he can only attack four times before he's reduced to a Physic bot! Only thing he has going for him is that he has a 20% chance to halve damage dealt to him, which is cold comfort when you've got 13 Prt.

His major Crest of Gloucester gives him a 20% chance to add 5 damage to Abraxas. Again, irrelevant.

Gloucester will start moving as soon as the map starts.

Charon, distant ancestor of Lysithea and Catherine.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Swordfaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a sword.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.

Dark Thunderbrand: 1 range. 13 Mt, 70 Hit, 10 Crit, 7 Wt, 30 durability. Enables Foudroyant Strike for holders of the Crest of Charon. Attacks twice consecutively when initiating combat.

Foudroyant Strike: +6 Mt, +30 Hit, +30 Crit, 1 range, costs 3 durability. Effective against Armored and Dragon foes.

Charon's stats are pretty mediocre, which is fine for him, because he's got fucking Thunderbrand. That is not a weapon to be treated lightly; if he gets to initiate combat, that brave effect will probably mess up whoever he's going for. He's also got Death Γ, but without Dark Tomefaire it's kind of a non-issue.

His major Crest of Charon gives him a 70% chance to add 5 damage to Foudroyant Strike. Also irrelevant, though mostly because Foudroyant Strike can already easily kill people due to Charon having 63 base Crit while using it.

Charon starts the map immobile, but will move when the wyvern lord near him is provoked.

Fraldarius, distant ancestor of Felix.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Lancefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a lance.
Avo +10: Increases Avo by 10.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.

Dark Aegis Shield: 6 Wt. Increases Prt and Rsl by 10. Gives Aegis and Pavise to holders of the Crest of Fraldarius.

Fraldarius is a major threat. Not the highest Atk, but she's got 33 AS and she's not afraid to use it. For a falcon knight, she's also amazingly resistant to all forms of damage. Thankfully, she's still vulnerable to effective damage from bows, but not to the extent fliers normally are.

Arrow of Indra: Requires Lance rank C. 1-2 range. 12 Mt, 75 Hit, 14 Wt, 30 durability. Magic weapon. Requires Arcane Crystal x2 and 2500 gold to repair.

She's also got an Arrow of Indra. I don't really know why.

Her major Crest of Fraldarius gives her a 40%—40%!—chance to add 5 damage to any attack she makes. That's actually fairly dangerous, especially in situations where units barely survive being doubled by her.

Fraldarius is immobile until Lamine (we'll get to her) is defeated. After that, she'll start moving either when she's provoked, or when Riegan (he's up next) is provoked, whichever comes first.

Riegan, distant ancestor of Claude.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Bowfaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a bow.
Bowrange +2: Increases bow range by 2.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.
Leicester Lineage+: Allows unit to pass through spaces occupied by foes. Multiplies experience earned by 1.2.

Failnaught Τ: 2-3 range. 18 Mt, 75 Hit, 20 Crit, 9 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Fallen Star for holders of the Crest of Riegan.

Riegan can approach you from what seems like a million miles away, between being a bow knight and having Failnaught Τ. Gods help you if he decides to use Fallen Star, too.

His major Crest of Riegan gives him a 70% chance to add 5 damage to Fallen Star. Hooray?

Riegan is immobile until Lamine is defeated. After that, he'll start moving either when he's provoked, or when Fraldarius is provoked, whichever comes first.

There's some Agarthans skulking about. Of note is that they've got a war master with silver gauntlets amongst them, which is incredibly deadly. However, all of the Agarthan units will flee if Odesse is defeated, kinda neutering them.

Lamine, distant ancestor of Mercedes and the Death Knight.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Black Magic Uses x2: Doubles the number of uses for black magic.
White Magic Uses x2: Doubles the number of uses for white magic.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.
Black Magic Range +1: Increases black magic range by 1.
Hit +20: Increases Hit by 20.

Dark Rafail Gem: Nullifies effective damage and critical hits against the holder. Gives Aegis and Pavise to holders of the Crest of Lamine.

Lamine is one of the biggest threats on the map. She's got fucking Bolting. With four uses. And 39 Mag. And Hit +20. And +1 range. And a 30% chance to halve any damage headed her way. And immunity to crits. And...aaaaaaaagh, fuck all that!

Her major Crest of Lamine gives her a 20% chance to not consume uses of recovery magic. Literally useless for her beyond activating the Dark Rafail Gem.

Lamine is completely immobile.

Dominic, distant ancestor of Annette.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Axefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using an axe.
Avo +10: Increases Avo by 10.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.

Dark Crusher: 1 range. 18 Mt, 60 Hit, 11 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Dust for holders of the Crest of Dominic. Magic weapon.

Dust: +20 Mt, 1 range, costs 3 durability. Inflicts Def -5 on foe for 1 turn. Effective against Dragon foes.

He'd be an incredibly formidable foe, were it not for Dark Crusher. Seriously, man, you've got 17 Mag. Dust is kinda scary, I guess, but...

His major Crest of Dominic gives him a 20% chance to not consume uses of attack magic. Like Lamine, it's literally useless for him besides enabling Dust.

Dominic has no special conditions for moving.

Gautier, distant ancestor of Sylvain.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Lancefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a lance.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.

Dark Lance of Ruin: 1 range. 22 Mt, 65 Hit, 20 Crit, 9 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Ruined Sky for holders of the Crest of Gautier.

Ruined Sky: +13 Mt, +10 Hit, +10 Crit, 1 range, costs 3 durability. Avoid +10. Effective against Flying and Dragon foes.

His one hit, and it will only be one, will hurt a lot, but it won't be very accurate.

His major Crest of Gautier gives him a 70% chance to add 5 damage to Ruined Sky.

Gautier starts moving if the paladin near him is provoked.
I appear to have missed Goneril, distant ancestor of Hilda, somehow, so I'll paste his abilities, important stats, and equipment here. He's a war master, first of all.

10 Elites: Grants power to the Mighty King of Legend.
Axefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using an axe.
Crit +20: Increases Crit by 20.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
General: Nullifies instant death effects and halves damage from enemy gambits.
Death Blow: If unit initiates combat, grants Str +6 during combat.

Freikugel Λ: 1 range. 23 Mt, 65 Hit, 10 Crit, 11 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Apocalyptic Flame for holders of the Crest of Goneril.

Apocalyptic Flame: +15 Mt, +20 Hit, 1 range, costs 3 durability. Inflicts Str -5 on foe for 1 turn. Effective against Dragon foes.

Goneril has 71 HP, 37 Str, 39 Spd, 32 Def, 14 Res, and 26 Charm. He's basically Hilda as a war master, which should terrify the living daylights out of you.

His major Crest of Goneril gives him a 50% chance to nullify counterattacks when using Apocalyptic Flame. Cool trick, shame that whoever gets hit with Apocalyptic Flame will die immediately to it.

And at the very end of it all, there is Nemesis, King of Liberation, the final boss.

Mighty King of Legend: Negates 1 attack per turn and strengthens stats while the 10 Elites are present.
Commander: Nullifies instant death effects, status effects, and movement effects, and greatly reduces damage from enemy gambits.
Swordfaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a sword.
Heartseeker: Adjacent foes suffer Avo -20 during combat.
Cursed Power: Unit recovers HP on swamp terrain.
Renewal: Unit recovers up to 20% of max HP at the start of each turn.
Counterattack: Allows unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.
Keen Intuition: Grants Avo +30 during combat with a foe 2 or more spaces away.

Dark Creator Sword: Requires Sword rank A. 1-2 range. 16 Mt, 85 Hit, 7 Wt, 30 durability. Enables Heaven's Fall for holders of the Crest of Flames. Requires Agarthium x5 and 2500 gold to repair.

(Yes, the Dark Sword of the Creator has its own unique repair requirements! Kind of a shame you can't see it in-game without hacking, it's a nice touch that it requires Agarthium instead of umbral steel.)

Heaven's Fall: +10 Mt, +10 Hit, +10 Crit, 1 - 2 range, costs 3 durability. Might increases based on user's Magic.

(On Maddening, Nemesis also has access to Wrath Strike, which...I think is an error? Maybe it serves some devious purpose I'm just not keen to? Who knows.)

Given that he's a non-monster final boss, Nemesis has a fucking mountain of stats for you to throw your best units at, and an incredibly deadly 1-2 range weapon. His Cha is laughable for a level 60 unit, but who gives a shit when he's got Commander?

Nemesis starts on a stronghold tile, immobile. He won't move until you attack him, which is kinda dangerous! Fallen Star (Failnaught's combat art) and Windsweep are beyond valuable here, coaxing Nemesis off his stronghold tile is a big part of taking him down. Beyond that...he's basically every other major boss we've fought, just with a significant stat boost. He's got Counterattack, he's got Keen Intuition; once you get him off the stronghold tile, the strategy is basically the same as any other boss: whittle his HP down with whatever units can survive combat against him, and finish him off with a big hit.

Nemesis's Crest of Flames has the same effects as Adan's, obviously. 20% chance to restore his HP for 30% of whatever damage he deals, and if that activates, a 25% chance to add 5 damage to his attack, and nullify counterattacks.

Lastly, while any of the 10 Elites are alive, Nemesis will, as Mighty King of Legend states, nullify one attack per turn, and get massive stat buffs. Rushing him is beyond inadvisable.

Are you all ready? I hope so.
♪ No music ♪

Let's crush this relic.

A swamp, huh? But there's something about it... It looks odd somehow.

It looks like we'd better not get near that swamp... Try to avoid it during the fight!

♪ God-shattering Star ♪

God-shattering Star is an iconic piece of music. Please try and find a way to listen to it while reading this update, it's so good.

Constance's first order of business is to get rid of the ballista users, who made her life hell on my first attempts.

Since she had all of her Mv remaining, she's able to retreat to safety.

Claude locks two swordmasters and Blaiddyd in place, nullifying a significant amount of early threats. Also, yes, I took the Immortal Corps off him.

Ferdinand pulls Goneril off his stronghold, and locks him and the warrior below him in place.

Sorry about this!

Raphael takes out a northern hero, and acts as bait for norther units.

Lysithea takes out a fortress knight.

Ready to bleed?

Balthus kills an obnoxious bishop on a stronghold tile.

Hapi takes out one of the swordmasters that Claude locked in place.

Leonie weakens this war master, who's gonna go after Balthus.

Felix burns five uses of Freikugel to get the best chance possible at killing Blaiddyd, and comes out victorious. One elite down.

Adan pelts one of the rattled swordmasters from a safe distance.

I will end this now!

Ashe takes out an incredibly obnoxious sniper to the north.

Think that was a chaotic first player phase? Yeah, it's not gonna let up for a while.

So, that's Nemesis... You're a crusty old bastard, you know that?
All those who stand in my way...will be destroyed!
Wah! Watch out, Claude! They're coming for us!

That's Cursed Power in action.

Even while rattled, Goneril can double Ferdinand, who is not slow by any stretch of the imagination. He's fucking terrifying.

Daphnel is ineffectual.


A crit kill would've been nice...

Oof, that hurt.

For whatever reason, this guy goes for Balthus instead of Leonie, despite being Leonie being very much within his range.

Let's clear out the rest of the smothering threats.

In the name of justice!

Ashe kills the hero that was menacing Raphael.

Sorry about this!

Which leaves Raphael free to kill this paladin on a stronghold.

I'll make you proud, Jeralt!

Style points.

That's Goneril's assistant warrior dead.

In the name of justice!

Pathetic, Daphnel. Two elites down.

Excellent work, Ferdinand. Three elites down.

Tomahawks are powerful as fuck.

Hapi clears the way for Balthus.

Balthus prepares to act as monster bait.

And Lysithea clears out the last of the initial menaces.

Adan's gonna use a stronghold against the enemies.


also lol

Ouch, that actually did a number on Ashe.

I already have over 70 images of this battle, and we're only on turn 3.

That was not a gamble I should've taken. At least back up to 3 range first!

Felix got one activation of his Crest, but sadly didn't get a second one, which would've let him one-round Gautier.

Lots of collateral damage from Constance's gambit.

Adan's gonna help with this flying monster, while the enemies near where he was are locked in place. Since this beast is weak to swords, one of its armor tiles is immediately broken open.

Four elites down.

With the help of Annette, Constance effortlessly takes down the assassin near the flying monster.

Damage halving wasn't enough to save Gloucester from Lysithea. Five elites down.

Don't need to have high Str to use bows effectively against fliers.

Time to die, pal!

Balthus shows off as the one monster on the map goes down. More can spawn in, but only after you get near Odesse, and they stop when he's killed. Those are the only reinforcements on this map.

Gautier moves a whole three tiles closer to us.

Time for seconds!

Raphael gets the privilege of killing Gautier. Six elites down.

Here is something to believe in!

This random wyvern lord had 0 Hit against Adan, and yet was more threatening than multiple elites.

Felix is in the path of both Dominic and Lamine. I'm kinda hoping both of them whiff, since they don't have the best odds of hitting.

Down goes the 1-2 range paladin.

Balthus'll deal with the last Agarthans.

Okay, good, Felix is safe. Even if Bolting hits him, it shouldn't—

♪ The Dream is Over ♪

♪ God-shattering Star ♪

Ferdinand'll stand better odds of dodging Lamine.

In the process, he reduces Dominic to 0 Hit.

Eat shit, Lamine, I'm gonna enjoy killing you.

♪ The Dream is Over ♪

♪ God-shattering Star ♪

Fuck this.

Killing Odesse is more productive than killing the spear paladin.

Like I said, when you kill Odesse, all non-monster Agarthan units will flee.

Ready to bleed?

Don't worry, paladin, you still get to die on-schedule.

No Ferdinand baiting out Dominic and Lamine this time.

Fuck outta here, random sniper.

Now Ferdinand baits out Dominic and Lamine.

It goes as expected.

It's over!

Ready to bleed?
Lost the screenshot, but enemy mortal savants are beyond pathetic. This one, of course, dies.

Dominic dies uneventfully. Seven elites down.

Lysithea warps Ferdinand closer to Lamine.

...Which turns out to be unnecessary!

Reminder that Luna Λ is a powerful tool. Eight elites down.

Killing Lamine also turns all of the swamp tiles into wasteland tiles. They still inflict Mv penalties, but no longer drain our units' HP, or restore enemy units' HP.

This fucker's got a brave sword. Better to rattle him and lock him in place.

If you were curious, Nemesis gains +3 to each stat per alive elite. As you kill them, his stat boosts go down, though the attack nullification is in place until all of the 10 Elites are dead.

Despite not using gauntlets, ever, Nemesis's class has a brawling strength, and he himself has Brawling B+. I guess he was a pretty decent pugilist back in the War of Heroes.

lol Riegan what are you doing

Since Riegan got provoked, Fraldarius is on the move too.

You'd think Riegan would have Close Counter... Nine elites down.

Claude has battle dialogue against Riegan, by the way!
Hey... Can you speak?
Riegan: ...
Just puppets controlled by Nemesis... Well, they're the strongest puppets I've ever known.

Ready to bleed?

That's the spirit!

The fact that Fraldarius didn't immediately die to one shot from Leonie should be a sign of how durable she is.

That's the last of the 10 Elites down. Nemesis's barrier shatters.

I've got you!

Brave sword jerk down.

Just taking out the trash units before dealing with Nemesis.

A different brave sword jerk, down.

Good luck with that.

Ferdinand: good unit.

While everyone else handles the last remaining trash, Claude's going to draw Nemesis off his stronghold.

Great, that bodes well.

Alright, that's the last of the mobile trash. There's one last unit guarding the northern chest, but I could not care less about that.

There's three chests on this endgame map that's used nowhere else, for some bizarre reason. The northern chest holds an Arrow of Indra, one of two the player can use. And yes, it's all the way on a fucking endgame map. I do not understand it.

Eastern chest has a secret book, southeastern chest has a giant shell.

With Nemesis on the move anyway, Adan and Balthus take the time to position themselves.

Wow, a useful Crest of Cichol activation.

Alright, this should be—


♪ The Dream is Over ♪

...Hey, this is a good time to bring up a weird bug! For whatever reason, when any of the Ashen Wolves (Yuri, Balthus, Constance, Hapi) die, their death screams are always their Japanese ones, regardless of what language you have the voices set to.
♪ God-shattering Star ♪

Right, Leonie has a lower chance of being crit by Nemesis, she can burn whatever foul roll led to that crit on Balthus.

That's the spirit!

Or she could take it for herself, I guess!!

Farewell, Nemesis.

♪ No music ♪

That one seemed to work... We're almost done! Let's go, my friend!
Before we go, Nemesis has one (1) line against Adan.
That sword... You bear the Crest of Flames, just as I do.

For the curious, those are Crest Stones of Noa (top) and Timotheos (bottom). The Dark Creator Sword is also the only Relic in the entire game that holds two Crest Stones.

♪ A New Dawn ♪

To reach out our hands in friendship...so we can open our true hearts to one another!

Of that, I have no doubt.

As for my path...

♪ Still Horizon ♪

♪ A Place to Rest ♪

You're livelier than normal.
Oh, is it noticeable? I imagine we've spent so much time together that you understand everything about me by now.
The truth is...I want to ask you a once-in-a- lifetime question.
Um... Yes. I know that the end of the war hasn't granted you limitless free time... But you must have more time on your hands than you did during the war, yes? Would you spend that time with me? I want to know more about you. I want to solve the mysteries that surround you. I don't think I'll ever meet anyone more intoxicating than yourself. I want you to be mine, and I want to be yours.

Of course. I love you, Linhardt.
Oh, thank goodness! I don't know what I would have done with myself had you turned me down. Though, I feel like I've come to understand rather a lot about you. So I didn't honestly think you'd reject me.
Wow, you're very confident.
Oh, just wait. I will understand you even more.
Our future together has only just begun.
Before I become bored of this business, I wish to learn all there is about your Crest and your strength. And perhaps we'll even come up with ways I could help you guide Fódlan. I as a Crest scholar and you as a leader of Fódlan...
We will take our first steps together into this new world, the two of us working as one. Once things settle down, we can retire to the countryside.
A place where the air is fresh, the lakes are full of fish, the sun is warm, and where we may nap deeply.
I should've known this was about naps.
Without naps, life is nothing but work! I value you too much to let you spend your whole life laboring for others. You're the hero of Fódlan after all.
Besides, naps are the entire point of retirement!

But when that day comes? To have you there lying by my side...

Sure, Linhardt might not have turned out well this run. And, not to spoil anything, but he doesn't turn out well on the other run where he gets used. But what fun would there be in deciding a run's S rank based on which eligible unit performed the best?

That final line is just... Ahhhhhh, gods, I love Linhardt so much as a character. I wish he was a better unit, but that doesn't matter.
♪ A Star in the Morning Sky ♪

And that is another route clear. Let's look at the MVPs and battle lengths!
Prologue: An Inevitable Encounter
6 Turns
MVP: Claude
Chapter 1: Three Houses
10 Turns
MVP: Leonie
Chapter 2: Familiar Scenery
14 Turns
MVP: Hilda
Chapter 3: Mutiny in the Mist
11 Turns
MVP: Balthus
Chapter 4: The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth
9 Turns
MVP: Raphael
Chapter 5: Tower of Black Winds
29 Turns
MVP: Leonie
Chapter 6: Rumors of a Reaper
20 Turns
MVP: Lysithea
Paralogue: Land of the Golden Deer (Lorenz)
8 Turns
MVP: Raphael
Paralogue: Black Market Scheme (Balthus and Hapi)
10 Turns
MVP: Hilda
Chapter 7: Field of the Eagle and Lion
9 Turns
MVP: Constance
Paralogue: Tales of the Red Canyon (Sothis)
10 Turns
MVP: Ashe
Paralogue: A Cursed Relic (Yuri and Constanc)
9 Turns
MVP: Lysithea
Paralogue: Death Toll (Raphael and Ignatz)
1 Turn

MVP: Hilda
Chapter 8: The Flame in the Darkness
6 Turns
MVP: Lysithea
Paralogue: Falling Short of Heaven (Ashe and Catherine)
5 Turns
MVP: Lysithea
Paralogue: True Chivalry (Felix)
7 Turns
MVP: Yuri
Paralogue: Oil and Water (Hanneman and Manuela)
10 Turns
MVP: Ignatz
Chapter 9: The Cause of Sorrow
5 Turns
MVP: Felix
Paralogue: An Ocean View (Seteth and Flayn)
6 Turns
MVP: Hilda
Paralogue: The Secret Merchant (Anna)
6 Turns
MVP: Lysithea
Paralogue: Dividing the World (Hilda and Cyril)
4 Turns
MVP: Hilda
Chapter 10: Where the Goddess Dwells
10 Turns
MVP: Lorenz
Paralogue: Sword and Shield of Seiros (Alois and Shamir)
5 Turns
MVP: Alois
Chapter 11: Throne of Knowledge
7 Turns
MVP: Ferdinand
Chapter 12: To War
6 Turns
MVP: Leonie
Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn
13 Turns
MVP: Hilda
Chapter 14: The Alliance Leader's Ambitions
8 Turns
MVP: Balthus
Chapter 15: Valley of Torment
7 Turns
MVP: Hapi
Paralogue: Eternal Guardian (Rhea)
11 Turns
MVP: Raphael
Paralogue: Legend of the Lake (Linhardt and Leonie)
10 Turns
MVP: Hapi
Paralogue: Forgotten Hero (Marianne)
4 Turns
MVP: Felix
Chapter 16: The Rose-Colored River
10 Turns
MVP: Petra
Paralogue: The Sleeping Sand Legend (Claude)
7 Turns
MVP: Constance
Paralogue: Retribution (Ferdinand and Lysithea)
13 Turns
MVP: Ferdinand
Chapter 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion
10 Turns
MVP: Balthus
Chapter 18: The Golden Scheme
3 Turns
MVP: Raphael
Chapter 19: The Chaos of War
9 Turns
MVP: Lysithea
Chapter 20: Conclusion of the Crossing Roads
8 Turns
MVP: Raphael
Chapter 21: The City Without Light
13 Turns
MVP: Leonie
Chapter 22: Fódlan's New Dawn
9 Turns
MVP: Constance
Total MVPs, organized by least to most:

Unit endings time!
Seteth: Heir of Purpose
11 battles, 8 victories

Seteth remained at the monastery and worked to restore the authority of the Church of Seiros. Doing away with his old strictness, he adopted a tolerant stance toward all. His encouragement of believers to respect those of other faiths helped the people of Fódlan to find common ground with others.
Hey, can't hurt to have a higher-up at the Church of Seiros whose goals are ostensibly aligned with our own.
Manuela: Divine Songstress
15 battles, 4 victories

Manuela left Garreg Mach to build her own academy in a small, war-torn town. There, she contributed heavily to rebuilding efforts while teaching future generations the necessary skills of survival. Though she never married or had children of her own, she spent the last years of her life happily devoted to her students.
Ah, thank the gods, Manuela deserves a happy end, even if she didn't find a partner.
Cyril: Limitless Potential
19 battles, 10 victories

Unable to serve Rhea any longer, Cyril nearly left the church. He was persuaded to stay, however, to assist in rebuilding the monastery he had helped maintain. Thanks to his devoted work ethic, the Officers Academy was able to reopen a few years later. When the new students took the reception hall, Cyril found himself among them.
Felix: Meandering Sword
85 battles, 60 victories

Annette: Bloomed Overachiever
24 battles, 7 victories

After the war, Felix intended to abandon his noble title and make a living with his sword. On the day that he was to depart, however, he was waylaid by Annette, who begged him not to leave her behind. Instead, she proposed that they relocate to the Officers Academy when it reopened, and take up positions as teachers. When the school did reopen, it is said that the new sword instructor was notoriously harsh, but that he eventually learned to enjoy his work. He was seen to smile, on occasion, but only in the presence of the friendly professor of sorcery.
The ending's a bit ambiguous on whether or not the two were romantically involved, but I think their A+ scene tells us all we need to know on that front. Just incredibly sweet all around, which is absolutely not what I'd expect from anything involving Felix.
Lysithea: Scholar of Misfortune
121 battles, 101 victories

Lysithea returned home to help her parents restore their family land. Years later, when the end to their hard work was finally in sight, she relinquished House Ordelia's claim to nobility, ceding the territory to a nearby lord. Shortly thereafter, she and her family disappeared into obscurity.
Gods fucking dammit, how did this happen again?!
Petra: Queen of Brigid
126 battles, 63 victories

Petra returned to her homeland of Brigid and inherited the throne from her grandfather. As ruler, she declared independence from Fódlan and worked tirelessly to secure friendly relations with both Fódlan and Dagda. Her efforts inspired her descendants to carry the torch she lit, ensuring a future of peace and prosperity for her people.
Really? Petra ended up unpaired? Bizarre.
Lorenz: Noble of the Red Rose
128 battles, 83 victories

Soon after the war, Lorenz assumed leadership over House Gloucester and helped govern Fódlan as a representative of the old Alliance lords. His political talent yielded revolutionary policy changes, many of which were of particular benefit to the commonfolk.
Holy shit, that battles to victories ratio. I can't tell if I just gave Lorenz too many kills, or if I didn't give him enough credit.
Ignatz: Worldly Artist
107 battles, 62 victories

Marianne: Survivor of the Curse
68 battles, 40 victories

Marianne returned home to a warm welcome from her adoptive father, who recognized her wisdom and skill and began to groom her as his successor. During that time, she had a chance reunion with Ignatz, who had persuaded his family to allow him to travel the world as an artist. Marianne wholeheartedly supported his work, and before long, came to be enchanted not merely by the landscapes and portraits of all he had seen in his travels, but also by his character. The romance between artist and patron was considered unusual, but long after their wedding, the story of how they fell in love was immortalized in popular plays.
Aww. Ignatz is a good choice for Marianne, I feel. He's incredibly patient and understanding by nature, and even though Marianne has gotten over the worst of her depression, I doubt it's gone away fully. She deserves someone who'll stick by her.
Ashe: Arrow of Justice
71 battles, 51 victories

Hapi: Freed Spirit
105 battles, 68 victories

After the war, Ashe was formally knighted and appointed the new head of House Gaspard, which had no successors. He soon married Hapi, whose competence lent much reliability to the governance of their territory. The ruling couple developed a frank and earnest relationship with their people, and the territory prospered. They were also blessed with many children, and their home was always so busy and full of merriment that there was never an occasion to sigh. It is said that Hapi took such delight in recounting Ashe's stories to their children that it became hard to believe she had ever despised knights.
It still tickles me that this relationship prospered in no small part due to Ashe having a collection of raunchy books about knights.
Leonie: The Blade Breaker II
157 battles, 117 victories

Alois: Sun of the Knights
37 battles, 17 victories

Leonie joined up with the mercenaries formerly led by Jeralt. As his greatest apprentice, she quickly took on a leadership role, and eventually even inherited the title of Blade Breaker. No matter where she went, however, she was burdened with Jeralt's unpaid tavern tabs. Angry with Alois for pushing these debts upon her, she went to Garreg Mach to force him to pay half the debt. She encountered a smiling Alois, who had become captain of the Knights of Seiros, and who was all too happy in his new prosperity to take the debts back on. It is said that Leonie developed quite the drinking habit once she was free to visit taverns whenever she liked.
Well, at least Alois righted his wrongs in the end. Hopefully Leonie found a life where her high point wasn't being able to visit taverns without being hassled about unpaid tabs, though.
Yuri: Underground Lord
109 battles, 62 victories

Balthus: King of Grappling
176 battles, 100 victories

After the war, Yuri returned to the underworld. Some time after assuming control of the illicit markets, he happened upon Balthus, who had become so down on his luck that he had collapsed in an alley. Yuri helped Balthus back to his feet and offered him work as a bodyguard. While Balthus first accepted just to get by, he came to enjoy the lifestyle so much that he remained at Yuri's side for the rest of his days. The underworld kingpin and the Indomitable King of Grappling made such an impression on the world that their names were feared for centuries.
A bodyguard who stayed at Yuri's side for the rest of his days, huh? Sure, game, I'll believe that.
Ferdinand: Noblest of Nobles
177 battles, 72 victories

Constance: Sorcery Incarnate
143 battles, 85 victories

After officially becoming the new Duke Aegir, Ferdinand found that he had a new neighbor in Constance, whose revived noble house was granted the old Hrym territory for its domain. They were married in short order, and their adjoining territories were merged. The couple's diverse talents helped them overcome countless obstacles together, in pursuit of a restored land. They had many children, including one who became so well-known in her own right for the advancements she brought to her mother's research. For generations thereafter, House Nuvelle stood at the forefront of magical prowess.
Yay, Constance won in the end! Maybe she can go into the sun without becoming intensely depressed now.
Raphael: Beast of Leicester
199 battles, 89 victories

Hilda: Free Spirit
128 battles, 75 victories

Raphael returned to his hometown, where he served his liege lord as a knight for a time. Later, he gave it up to help manage the inn that his family had opened up during his time away. One day, to the great joy of Raphael's sister, Maya, Hilda came to visit. Maya had always treasured the necklace Hilda had made for her. Moved by this, Hilda gave Maya a new gift of a hair band, which inspired Maya to suggest that Raphael convert the inn into an accessory shop. Hilda decided to stay and help out, and eventually became the shop's proprietor and chief artisan. She moved in with Raphael, and the two spent their lives happily dealing in fashionable accessories.
A life tending to an accessory shop with her jovial husband and devoted little sister-in-law sounds like something Hilda would enjoy. Beats having people pestering you day in and day out, managing noble territory.
Claude: King of Unification
167 battles, 75 victories

Flayn: Slumbering Princess
26 battles, 13 victories

Entrusting the future of Fódlan to his friends, Claude left for Almyra to reclaim his place as heir to the throne. Several years later, when he became king, he took initial steps to open diplomatic relations with Fódlan, and asked Garreg Mach for aid. During this time, he was reunited with Flayn, who had been helping Seteth run the church. She agreed to help, and as they worked together to secure friendly relations between their respective regions, they fell deeply in love. It is said that Seteth never learned of their relationship.
"It is said that Seteth never learned of their relationship."

How in the holy fuck did you two manage that?
Adan: Ruler of Dawn
161 battles, 84 victories

Linhardt: Ragamuffin Sage
38 battles, 19 victories

After ascending to the throne as the first leader of the United Kingdom of Fódlan, Adan announced his marriage to Linhardt. The people of Fódlan placed high expectations on their leader's spouse, but to their consternation, Linhardt spent most of his time fishing, relaxing, and researching Crests. Fortunes turned when Adan discovered a document, hidden away on Linhardt's desk, which provided a ground-breaking discovery. Cast unwittingly into prominence, Linhardt was put to work in earnest. In return for his service, he demanded longer naps in the company of his spouse.
A fair trade!

Thus concludes Verdant Wind, the tale of Claude von Riegan and his quest for the abolishment of borders. While I find Claude to be a bit of a hypocrite regarding his opinions on Edelgard instigating a war and spilling blood to achieve her goals, seeing as he's more than willing to do it back to the Adrestian Empire, lord knows I'm more than willing to fight alongside someone who realizes that borders are bullshit.

We're at the halfway point of the LP! The remaining two runs, Azure Moon and Crimson Flower, will be done on Maddening, with New Game+. You thought the game pulled some mean tricks already? Hoo boy, just you fucking wait. Maddening is a whole other level of rude. It's one thing for me to tell you some of the stuff it does in passing, it's another thing to see how I have to handle it for yourself.

Next time: we befriend the future King of Lions.

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