Part 103: A Little After the Dream

The Bloom had once again vanished from the world. Fomalhaut's invasion was over, and his force had disappeared with him.

You're telling me Iod was Archon the whole time?!


They're... so cute.

Haha, yeah.

Unsurprisingly, our comms were buzzing.

Sgt. Makita: Hey, hey, commander! Isn't it a little early to start crying?!

It's fine! You oughta be crying, too!

Ino: Get out, they beat it? That superscary creepazoid? No way! That's like, super way awesome!

Guchi: That's a wrap! This is gonna make a sick legend someday! There's gonna be a page about us, too, right?!

We're already making a ton of noise! Come on back and we can party, party, party! After I punch little miss Captain over there!

Another one?!

You... uhh... nice work, uh... no, that's not it. Congratulations? I don't... I donno what to say, but you're alive. I'm glad you're back alive... *sniff*

Aww. Were you that worried? You're crying.

No, I'm not! I wasn't crying! I'm just a little relieved, is all...


This has been the longest twenty-four days of my life.

It's only been twenty-four days?!

Hold that thought. We're getting a wire from America!


Not long ago, we confirmed the disappearance of Dragon signatures from all United States territory. The Black Bloom has withered as well—we can finally breathe the free air again after months spent hiding in our shelter. Tell me, Unit 13, how do you judge the prowess of our army, SECT11? Of what value were our troops in your fight?

Oh, are you actually talking to us?

A lot more valuable than you, shithead. Eventually. Once they stopped ruining things. On your orders.

Er, perhaps for international relations reasons it might be good to be slightly more polite?

When it came down to it, they were allies who helped us greatly in the final battle. I think that's how I'd think of SECT11.

There was a long moment of silence from us.

Hi, President Griffith? Unit 13's captain, Orochi Hosokawa, here.

Was that your name last time we spoke? ...Oh, well. What is it?

I wish our nations luck in maintaining a friendly relationship going forward. Please never attempt to speak to me or any member of my unit again. It's hard to overstate how much we dislike you as a person, and we hope that you lose the next election, you vainglorious, self-rightous, nationalist, two-faced, war effort-obstructing, all-around-rude and generally unpleasant jackass.

You're welcome for saving the planet!

Never doubt me again.

Er. Well. Uh. Yes, that is to say, ah... ahahaha! Prime Minister Inuzuka, you certainly have some firey folk under your employ, don't you?

Prime Minister Inuzuka: Ahahaha, er, uh, yes. Young folk are very involved in goings-on these days. Let's do our best to maintain friendly relations, yes?

Yes, yes, and tonight, let us toast to our victory together. I will consult with you in the weeks to come. Ahahaha, I'll see you later.

Thankfully, the transmission cut out there.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for using the Dragonslayer. Thank you for bringing smiles to everyone.

Marina. Thank you for going along with me. I know it must've been hard, but...

It's okay. You're back, and everyone else is, too. Everyone's home. Oh! Sumie told me that a family is...

'Welcome back'.

'We're home'.

Aww, you remembered.

I remember a lot. They're good words. I like them.

Okay! Obviously, I've got quite a lot I'd like to say, but it can wait until I'm not fighting for my life on these comms.

Happy to, little guy.

I would, er...

I would hate to keep you waiting? Er...

Oh! Uh, yeah, ahaha... um...

Let's go, everyone!

The petals of the vanishing Bloom fluttered in the air, a flurry in the wind signaling our return home.

Ahh, it's good to see your faces again. You all worked hard out there.

Eyes a little red there, chief?

Yeah, real observant. It's from watching the battle. I'm not proud to admit it, but seeing what we've managed—this real, palpable success—I couldn't stop crying. Last time was so bittersweet, but this—I mean, it just—

It feels good to gain something through victory, rather than a string of constant losses, doesn't it?

Yeah. Yeah, it does. Okay, enough about me. If I keep you all to myself, people will get mad at me.

Everyone? Did you say... everyone? I can talk to everyone. Y'all ready to talk to everyone? This is our last stay at home base in the entire LP, so let's savor it with a final sendoff to pretty much all of our friends. And, like, the occasional SECT11 member we tolerate. And Kvasir.

Starting with 1F, Diet Plaza.

Pensive Soldier: Congratulations. This is what we've waited for. I'll tell my fallen comrades they can rest easy. I'm... truly grateful.

Stressed Soldier (left): When I heard Fomalhaut had come, my knees were knocking... I couldn't move. How terrified I must've been... we all were.

Vigilant Soldier (right): Not yet! It's not time to relax yet, people! We've got a whole mountain of work left to do!

Ready Soldier (right): If I shot Cass off right here, right now, they'd take her away from me for damn sure. But I wanna! I wanna fire a damn salute!!

Alert Soldier: (left): What can I say to properly thank you? Dammit, I can't stop crying this time around... *sniff*

B13F, the SKY Hangout.

Akira: What the hell. I'm not doing this. I'm not gonna do it! I'm just not. I'm just...

Akira: Dammit, stop doing stuff I should congratulate you for! Freakin' Tao's gonna give me so much shit for this!

You've gotten a lot better at that.

Akira: You think I wanna hear that?!

Daigo! Hey, it's great to see you!

Hey. You're alive.

So are you.

Okay, where'd you guys hit her?

we've handled the shins, her butt, her forehead, her cheeks, and her stomach.

Neko punched me on the left shoulder.


Okay, cool, so now that I've done that—Booyah! Major major congrats, gang! Knew you could do it.

Are we hitting her now?

Oh no.

Eh. I don't get to. I scared you guys too.

Oh thank goodness.

Like, seriously! You guys like, ACTUALLY like PERMA-KILLED this huge jerkwad. That's rad!

Isn't it? I'm proud of us.

Was a great time! I got to make his bones crack a bit.

...Hey, Fudoji. So, Maki's got that kid coming. You mind teaching me a few things about parenting?

Aww, someone nervous about becoming a grandma?

Hey Mio, which one did you hit her on?

I hit her in the feels.

Where'zat? Is that the butt?

I don't wanna hear about her feeling her ladyfriend's butt.

But I don't know where the feels are!

Shut up, Neko.

Ako: Unable to resist any longer, Makabe—Eeeee, this is too good!! My fancy has taken wing to new heights!

Hari: Neko seems really happy about Maki's baby coming, right? Maybe I should say, she seems happy for others, when she's not happy for herself? Ugh, she's so frikkin' cute! I'm gonna find her a killer datefriend, I promise!

Well, that's progress. Good luck on that one. Make sure they hate fish.

Tao: Pffffft, tcchhhh, ahahahaha! Akira, most superlative! Pip pip, bro! I'll never forget this day, guys. And I promise, I'll never let him forget it either!

Ino: Get out! So you totally beat that guy senseless? And he's not gonna revive, like, ever?!

That's the idea, yes.

Ino: That's like the best news ever!

Guchi: It's too awesome! I was so happy when you guys won, I celebrated by flippin' Ms. Musashi's skirt—wait, uh,

Since it's a special day, I'll pretend I didn't hear that for today.

Guchi: Oh thank god

You did what?

Guchi: NO

Sou: Can you believe Sui's been down this bad for so long and he still hasn't asked Neko out?

I donno, Takehaya was kind of a clown about Aitelle too.

Can you imagine if he got his act together? They'd have been even more sickening.

Takehaya, huh...

Thinking about him again?

Yes, but I can think about him later. Today's a day for thinking about positive things, like my newfound sense of unshakeable identity.

Sui: This is it. This is my once in a lifetime chance! But if I'm gonna ask and be turned down, maybe I'm better off gazing from afar. I mean, that's how things work in Ako's drawerfic, right? Ohhhh, what should I do?!

okay everyone. three. two. one.

Down bad.

Next stop, B12F, the Warehouse.

Hey! We beat Fomalhaut.

Forgettable Guy: Yeah, there was a rumor floating around about that from the floors above and below me. Congrats! And thanks, thanks a bunch. And... thanks for remembering to tell me.

No problem! You deserve to be told.

This guy's the only one down here. Since this is our final NPC wrapup, here's a fun fact—in the early stages of planning before I settled on certain exact details, there was a brief, like a few minutes brief but very real period, where I considered representing Taichi with this guy. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out why.

Anyway, next stop, B11F, the Artisan Ward.

Kodachi: Finally, the Dragons have been defeated! Okay! That's long enough! I can't stand to wait another minute! Let's hurry up and remodel Tokyo again!


Tomita: Banzai! Banzai, Unit 13!

Manabe: Hey, hey! Should the guests of honor be in here?

It's only polite of us to make our rounds today.

And you guys kinda get holed up in here. Wanted to make sure to invite y'all!

Manabe: I'll head over when I'm done, no worries.

Endou: Hey! Yoo-hoo! When things settle down, give me a holler! As soon as there's room in my schedule, I'm gonna make you some sweet customs!

Kamiyama: Ahahaha. I-I can't help but notice all that blood on the God Hands. It seems they were of use, hm?

Quality work as always, pal.

Kamiyama: Ah, but I'm more than just a weaponsmith. You've saved the world for us, so please, let me start to make it convenient and cozy!

Yamamoto: There are so many ruined streets, so much infrastructure to repair, but we'll get it done! Thanks so much for saving my life. I can be here when the world needs me!

Next stop, B10F, the SDF Barracks.

Pvt. Saneda (left): Even our patrol units wanna come say hi! Everyone just wants to thank you, Unit 13. Every second, I'm getting more words of gratitude, more appreciation for you guys. Honestly, hearing it makes me tear up a bit.

Col. Kamachi (right): Ugh. I know it's happy and all, but... That freakin' Sasuga never even got to go on a date with Aoi. It's worse now that he's dead! Ugh, this sucks. Should I bring a candy bar to his grave? For those two to eat together or something?

Pvt. Tonami: I know I should... say something... Sorry. I'm... all choked up... Maybe I'm too old for this?

Supply Corps: Alright! Time to eat, drink, and be merry! Here's what I recommend—a candy bar! Marina loves these things, y'know? Just like Aoi used to. Take some, and don't forget to share!

Maybe it's a pink hair thing.

can't be, i also love them

Pvt. Ogishi: I'm glad I could be here, right now! Following in the footsteps of Unit 13... it's the memory of a lifetime!

I didn't notice this guy in the corner so while writing this update I actually just sorta went back and beat Fomalhaut again just to see what he said. please never say I never did anything for you

Thank you, Unit 13. You've saved us again.

It's been a long road. Hopefully, this time, we're actually at the end of it.

Hey. Have... I become more reliable? More of use to you? I can still hear Ikoma and Sasuga—can I tell them what they did was worth it?



Thank you for everything. Without you, we never could've done this. You've been an incredible help.


She started sniffling again.

It's not goddamn fair! I-I'm... I can't help it. I can't help crying right now.

I understand. We'll see you later, okay?

Sgt. Makita (left): Sasuga must be happy, somewhere out there. Ugh, he's probably made some progress, thinking about putting the moves on Aoi. Punk.

Pvt. Sakon (right): Alright! Now I can finally get out of this clown suit! Feast your eyes, ladies, on this magnificent... Huh? What? There's like, this clasp, that won't budge... Agh, not again!!!

Pvt. Misawa: Tonight, I'll sleep four hours straight!

Malingering Soldier: Ugh, a stomachache? At a time like this? No, I'm not faking it... this is for real! Owww...

Pvt. Hoshino: From now on, I'll have happy news for survivors. "Hey, by the way? The Dragons are already gone!"

Pvt. Shibata (top): Neko is super cute... Izumi is super cute... Man oh man oh man oh man.


Pvt. Shibata: Hey, you got a problem?! What's so funny?!

Sgt. Ochi (bottom): It's over... I feel like a great weight's been lifted.

Pvt. Irie: Things'll still be rough in the days ahead, but for now, let's just be happy! Yeah. Yeah... and hey, uh, by any chance, you think you could introduce me to Ms. Sakuraba? Thanks!

B9F, the Research Ward.

Shibuki: All these people, genuinely happy, for once. Faces fitting for a day of salvation. This, too, is all your doing. Everyone here is going to savor this day, keep it as their most treasured memory.

Sleepy Scientist: ...zzz.

Stuffy Scientist: Okay! Now this lab gets a spring cleaning! It'll be spic and span, every nook and cranny! I want this place to shine for the party!

Zealous Researcher: Ah, welcome, my little darlings! ...Ahem. My apologies. I let my emotions get the better of me. Now, the sample? Please?!

yeah sorry there's literally nothing left of him

Zealous Researcher: Nooooo!

Top Scientist: We've been waiting, Unit 13! Well, well? C'mon, bring it here!

Oh so sorry. There just wasn't time.

Top Scientist: Not this again!


Mad Scientist: Eh? Why not? There ought to be. If a second, then why not a third? After all, series are frequently trilogies.

Say another word from that mouth of yours and I'll sear your lips shut.

Mad Scientist: Regardless, we in the research unit owe you our gratitude and our lives. I'll have to message Heinrich to let him know that little toy of his worked out, eh?

I have no doubt Heinrich would tell you the same regarding a third invasion.

Calm Scientist: Congrats on saving the world. Ready to retire?

You have no idea. I'm done. No more of this active military duty. It's time to let the younger generation take over, let me live out my twilight years.

Perplexed Researcher: I'm gonna take this chance and transfer. This place is a little... how do I put it? It's on a whole other level. Other dimension, even.

Young Scientist: I didn't think drinking after work with colleagues was so popular these days. I still put in a request for overtime pay! Maybe it'll just end up being flex time. But a rule is a rule, okay?

Blocking Researcher: Certainly not me! Welcome to the Laboratory!


Hey, Marina!

Good to see you!

I'm so happy!

We're glad to have met you as well, Marina.

Gossipy Researcher: Go ahead, get drunk as skunks. We'll look after you, so have as much fun as you want!

Kind Researcher: That's what I feel when I see you, Unit 13. Surely, what really binds us is our hearts.

Scared Researcher: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What a relief. I'm shaking... with happiness. Shaking with suppressed emotion!

B8F, the Mess Hall.

Charlotte: Welcome back, miladies and milord! Quite a few people have asked me out today! This party atmosphere is such a thrill! But, of course, I'm quite busy. It might be a bit late, but soon enough, I might just be getting to be a member of Murakumo's Unit 10 myself~


Charlotte: I've got a mean right hook! If you don't mind, Madam Fudoji, I might ask for pointers. A maid such as myself doesn't desire to be struck, but destroying my master's foes with one strike is something you could teach well.

Hah! Maybe.

Charlotte: Oh, lovely! I've even got a second date coming up, so it'll be good to impress him with!

...Charlotte. I just want to say...

Charlotte: Hm?

If this date goes well... then, er... uh, good luck. But treat him well! Alright?! If you hurt Taichi, I'll never forgive you!

Charlotte: Eh? Are you that attached to him?

They're siblings.

Charlotte: ...

Charlotte: Eh?! Sweet little Taichi is your brother?!

You didn't know?!

Charlotte: I suppose I never did ask for his surname... Don't worry, my soon-to-be senpai! If nothing else, my destructive right hook will be wielded in his name~ And if it ever comes to it, I'll be proud to call you onee-sama!

Well, you'll probably be an improvement from the hired help our parents hired.

But don't push it.

Charlotte: Snagging the digits of the world-saving hero's brother and passing like a boss at a big party... This is best in life.

ABC Manager: Sorry, we're still setting up! Thanks to you, of course, Unit 13!

Akino: Welcome home. I'm glad you're safe. Ordinary people, SDF, Murakumo, SKY... Everyone's been waiting for you, Unit 13!

Miyoshi: This planet ain't over yet! We've dodged the bullet twice now, ya dig?

On-break Murakumo: We've got a wild banquet ahead of us. Put in the key and start your intestines, people!

Sweetheart Soldier: It's nice to eat together with different people, especially because our tastes differ so! A whole crowd is coming for the banquet. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

Spicoholic Soldier: I realized it thanks to her, y'know? Eating spicy food after sweets really brings out the flavor, gives it that extra kick!

Cheery Girl: This is going to sound hard to swallow, but I was attacked by monsters, and the shock of it all made me lose my sense of taste. When I ate alone in the Res Ward, I thought the rice I was eating tasted like sand. Rubber. But ever since the Mess Hall opened, I've been watching my sensei eat with relish. Oddly enough, it's perked my sense right up! Thanks for building us this Mess Hall.

Discerning Gourmet: This soft, fluffy stack of pancakes seems to hold within it our dreams, our hopes. I asked the chef, and heard in confidence... He makes it out of a carton. The novelty!

Off-duty Murakumo: Burp! Ohhhh, I ate too much... I won't be able to eat at the banquet. This is an outrage!

Zealous Cook: After all, you are the guests of honor! Japanese, Western, Chinese, Mexican, African, whatever you want, just name it!

sorry, you can't make orochi's favorite, she eats her catches raw

I will have you know I love human food.

B7F, Res Ward E.

Stoic Youth: I've been waiting! When next alcohol passes my lips, it shall be to toast Unit 13's heroic efforts! ...hic!

Mr. Nagataka: S W E E T I E ! ! ! I'm just delighted to see you and yours back!!!

Hello, Father.

Mr. Nagataka: I'm already feeling back to my old self again! All thanks to you! Thousand kisses! Say... I know I don't have great luck here, but—

There's an SDF private named Kawabuta. He's thirty-two, single, gay, and has a strong appreciation for ensuring proper record-keeping.

Mr. Nagataka: Koron, have you been looking out for your dear old dad all this time?

You're a good man. Why wouldn't I?

Mr. Nagataka: You've grown up so much... Oh, by the way! You've gotta tell me! What kind—


Mr. Nagataka: Really?! Not even a real dragon, twice?!

I told her this, but there's actually only one biological dragon among the True Dragons, and it's me, but I have two draconic forms and one is also a jabberwock.

Mr. Nagataka: Well! At least you're half there. What a great bestie to have for my little girl, eh?

She's good to have around, whether her self-identification is accurate to the taxonomy of draconids or not.

So who started this, you or her?

Mr. Nagataka: That's~ our~ little~ secret~

Tea Aficionado: Mmmm... this is positively bewitching! Oh, yes, I'm happy. Congrats, and all.

Girl in Glasses: Is that you, Unit 13? Can't see, my glasses are foggy, but welcome!

Collected Child: You did it! You did it!!! I guess that was a little loud, but I'm really, really happy, okay!

Dreamy Girl: Unit 13, you guys are heroes! Heroes deserve a reward from the queen!

She offered me a block.

I would be honored.

Dreamy Girl: Your achievements for both humankind and good-dragonkind will always be remembered, brave hero.

Oh, that reminds me! I saw my friend Iod again. I should tell them to come over. I'm sure they'd love to play!

Salving Senior: Oh me oh my, for what you just went through, you don't look half bad! So you won't need this medicine after all? Now that makes me happy!

Precocious Girl: Unit 13, you're amazing! My future wives, and husband!

Thank you, young lady.

Pleasing Lass: Everyone's chattering out there. They're quite happy, aren't they?

Thanks again for all your help. If I ever bring Tomoegozen to bear again, I'll think of you.

Pleasing Lass: Say. I hear tell... You're not Chisa Inomiko anymore, huh?

No. I'm Orochi Hosokawa.

Pleasing Lass: There was something I always meant to tell Captain Inomiko, but I never got the chance. I guess you'll have to do, eh, Hosokawa-san?


Pleasing Lass: Well, truth is... I was a student at Hibikino myself, the year below her. It's only reasonable she wouldn't recognize me, I cleaned up my act.

Wow, really? Yeah, I don't recognize you either.

Pleasing Lass: Captain Inomiko was my first crush, but I didn't exactly know what to do about it, especially since it was obvious to anyone with eyes that she and you, Ms. Akaneno, were dating. I acted pretty bad about it. There... well, there was this fan club, a bunch of creepy guys. I'd sneak in just to have a place to talk about my feelings—dressed as a man, of course—because that was about the only way I could really process my feelings.


Pleasing Lass: When Captain Inomiko came in and wrecked things herself, it made me really think about what kind of person I was being. I decided I needed to be more honest about who I was, because if I hid those sorts of things about myself behind what was more conventional, like my fashion, or pretending to be a boy, I was only going to wind up hurting anyone I really admired or fell in love with. It was a fleeting little crush, but I never forgot what I figured out from the way things shook out because of it.

Pleasing Lass: Shortly after, I transferred out to Hekiho. When I got there, I decided I wanted to be honest with myself, so I didn't make a secret about the fact that I was a lesbian. And wouldn't you know it? I met the most wonderful woman. Just my type in just about every way, and she liked me, too. We've been dating since we got out of high school, and we're both still alive—soon enough, I'm going to propose if she doesn't.

Pleasing Lass: Isn't it silly that I can only say this to you once you're not calling yourself the same thing? I mean, I've wanted to say thank you this whole time, but I only managed it just now. Ehehehe.

Pleasing Lass: Thank you. I know it hurt you, and I bear fault in that. I should've known better, but I didn't do the right thing. But—

It's okay. I mean... you're right, that that did hurt me. But a lot's happened since then, and...

I find it hard to stay mad when I know you became a fine adult. And thank you for telling me—you could've let it go. What's your name?

Pleasing Lass: It's Naomi. Naomi Yagumo. Though, maybe not for long, eh?

Thank you, Naomi. For your help, and your honesty. Good luck on your proposal.

Naomi: No, Captain. Thank you. In a way, you saved me well before you saved the world. I'll never forget that.

OG Scientist: Four head of cattle, two sheep... I'll need some chickens, too, so I can start every morning with tamago kake gohan~ Although... did I have another Dragon Egg?

Hold on a second.

Sumie grabbed a spare clothing pole and twisted the metal into cuffs for his hands and legs, before launching them at him, leaving him cuffed on the ground.

OG Scientist: No! No!! No, this can't be happening! Nooooooo!!!

Drunk Man: Now I can really drink! Today's when they really break out the good stuff! Is this a festival? A party? Whatever, let's just get drunk~

Ageha: Yeaaaah! C'mon, Naga-chan, let's get super crunk!

You're crying, Ageha.

Ageha: My mascara's runningggg! Boo hoo hoo hoo hoooooooooooo...

Selfish Woman: Yeah! See? It went just like I said it would. Unit 13 eats Dragons for breakfast!

Miserly Man: I used to be a master speculator... I'll show you my skill once again!

Cheery Gal: Oh, well done indeed, remarkable! To save the world a second time, remarkable!

B6F, Res Ward D.

Newscaster: Our recording equipment is on the fritz. Great timing. Just terrific. Oh well! Set up the stage and let's do it live!

I have a strictly anti-paparazzi stance.

No-pressure Gal: Congratulations! You're heroes to the entire world! Yup, as promised, there's your peaky welcome. But I can already feel the vertigo coming on. Sorry, I'm going to bed... ooooohhh...

Sneak by slowly and he won't see us.

Young Nerd: The native elements are comprised of the aluminum family, the copper family, the tin family, the chromium family... Hey, where are you going? I was starting you off easy as a special favor, since you saved the world and all!

Glad-eyed Girl: Welcome back! Unit 13, I've been waiting here to say hi! Thank you so much for beating the Dragons! My mother and father can rest easy now.

Hey, I made you a promise, didn't I? I don't break promises if I can help it.

Glad-eyed Girl: Yeah! Guess what? Mom said that when we get home, she's gonna make pancakes for everyone! They're gonna be so tasty!

That's great. Congratulations.

Gentle Wife: Thanks to you, we can return home now. It's still going to take some time, but... When we go home—

I hear it's pancake time.

Gentle Wife: They're her favorite. Hehe!

Gentle Husband: We talked with her while you were fighting. About her parents, and about our daughter. I feel like we're closer as a family now. We've got a long life together ahead of us. I'm not going to be impatient about it.

Boy Scout: You did it, Murakumo! You guys are model Boy Scouts!

Y'all, please. We're model Girl Scouts and Richter.

You could say that we're a model Boy Scout and the rest, even!

Cheery Fellow: This American is really putting me to shame with these jests of his. I feel ashamed! If I can't think of one myself, I do say I'll be a chilly fellow, not a cheery one. I'm... vexed in the extreme! Do give me time!

Ah, that's true. Cheeseburgers are a powerful jest.

Social Engineer: Alright, when we're done eating and drinking, we're gonna start renovating for real in here! Yeah, up until now, we were just playing. Starting now, though, it's on, baby! Bang!

Pensive Soldier: You've saved America, too... and Japan will return to its former beauty. It's all thanks to you. Arigato, tomodachi. And god bless.

Likable Soldier: Thank God! You guys are world heroes! Come on, sign your name kanjis, right here!

But I don't have any.

Nine floors down, nine to go. B5F, Res Ward C.

Relief Org Chief: As our leader, I've declared a day of rest for everyone in the World Relief Organization. Unit 13, this is a holiday to celebrate you. As the young miss would say, "let us resting".

Gouda: Okay, I've got it. I'll settle things with Hibino first, then go and confess my love to Hiroe! Gotta square things away before the party. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!

Careless Woman: There's peace? This can't be happening. How'd I manage to bumble my way to the finish line?

SDF Veteran: I'm going back to the SDF. There's a lot of rebuilding to do. Shouldn't I put these hands to work?

Unhurried Lady: Oh hey, hey, you beat the True Dragon, too! You guys are real heroes, you know? I can't thank you enough.

Hibino: After the victory party, please, give some thoughts to handling more requests from the WRO, hm? There are still tons of people in trouble.

You couldn't keep me from errands if you tried.

Hibino: I... have my own request for the WRO. Or, well, someone in it. Wish me luck, alright?

You're right about that.

Mrs. Nagataka: Woohoohoo! Now's the time to hoot and holler! I knew Unit 13 could do it, because they had my little girl with them! Say, how much do you think I could get for commemorative photos? Everyone group up!

Later, mother.

Mrs. Nagataka: Aww, I'm kidding. I really just want one for myself. My little girl and all her friends! I never would've imagined this years ago, but you've turned into such a little social butterfly.

Heh. That's true, shockingly enough.

Science Prez: Unit 13, I made some fireworks for your return! Of course, these are surefire! Tried and tested! Eh? It's not lighting... are you kidding me? After all the trouble I went to! Snuck into the SDF depot, stole powder...

a girl after my own heart

Courageous Girl: Unit 13, don't think that we'll squander the peace you won for us at such great cost. I'm... going to tell that man how I feel about him! I've finally worked up the nerve!

Manly Man: If you like a girl, you keep it to herself. Don't tell her. That's how a real man lives.

...thanks kvasir.

Hiroe: I've got a good feeling about this party vibe. This is my big chance with Hibino... hehehe!

B4F, Res Ward B. We're now on the left half of the fast travel menu.

Cool Chick: That college student, I donno if it's better for him to be a believer or not in astrology. No zeal like that of a convert, you know? Just can't take my eyes off of him! I'm worried.

Fervent Fangirl: Er, um... ahem... T-today, I'm going to try and keep it together... I always worry you get the wrong impression. No... NO! I can't do it! I can't suppress how I feel! Welcome home, Unit 13! I'll be a Unit 13 fan forever and forever!

Delicate Lass: I'm quietly contemplating this blessing. I wish everyone would keep it down a bit...

Sachi: Now that the war is over, I'm going to try my best to become independent again. Twenty-four days... wow. A lot can happen, huh...

Asami: That's a new record, Koron! Nice job!

Let's hope it never has reason to go lower.

Asami: Thank you all so much! I'm gonna try my hardest every day, because you gave us our peaceful world back!

Shiba: The Dragon problem's been solved, and the codependency between these two, too. I'm glad I tried my hardest this time. Thanks for coming by so often, Koron.

No problem.

Wait, have you been helping with their emotional problems this whole time?

I didn't think it was important to mention.

MANIC Manager: Whassup?! Unit 13, you're too much! Seriously, totally off the hook?! You know?!

Crafty Woman: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... Really, the rates you guys let me get away with.

We're just giving back to the economy.

Smiling Girl: Is today ever a day for laughter and smiles! ...What is this? Tears? Waaaaaaah! I'm... so happy... I can't stop crying!

Scientific Youth: I've concluded that fortunetelling is for fun. It's not good to rely on it. Best to think of it as casual advice. That being the case, I can't wait to hear mine. Especially the love reading...

Ace Reporter: what I'll ask you, next time. For now, all I have to say is congratulations!

Famous Fortuneteller: People who have come through such adversity together don't have need for fortunetelling. We've all become stronger.

Dashing Fellow: I offer this poem to you as my gift. An epic, three hours in its recitation. Lend me your ears, heroes! ...Whither bound so swiftly, my friends? Why are you backing away from me?

I just wanna reiterate that this entire time I've been transcribing all this NPC dialogue by hand. Anyway, B3F, Res Ward A! Our last Res Ward!

Cozy Girl: Welcome home! And thank you, thank you, thank you so much. From now on, you can let us do all the work!

Rough Fellow: All right all right all right! Good to see ya! You did really well... *sniff, sniff* Cram it, numbskull! I'm sweating, is all!

Momo-chan: Wow. I knew you had potential, but bringing your lover back from the dead? That's something.

Technically I had nothing to do with that.

Momo-chan, right? I hear you helped Mio out. Thanks.

Momo-chan: Someone had to with you taking a nap, right?

Well, that's true.

Ideally I won't really need anyone to help me. I've been a mess of a person for a long time, but... I'm human just like you, Orochi. And I want to prove that. I want to make a positive impact on the world.

well you helped save it so

I mean besides that, c'mon.

Momo-chan: No, that is a pretty worthwhile positive impact.

You're doing great, honey. It's a good thing that you're alive.

Lazy Bloke: Maybe I'm lazy, but I'm my own kind of lazy. That's one thing I've got going for me. Isn't being lazy in vogue these days?

Eloquent Man: Thank you, for bringing this to an end. Now, we can all finally rest.

Mrs. Nagare: I know my husband is celebrating right now, too. He's seen his rookies save the world twice. I'm so very grateful to you. You've saved a future for humanity.

Nagare... Man, it's been ages.

I certainly hope that he believes his life was worthwhile.

Kouta: I've gotta grow up really fast so I can take care of momm—o-of Mrs. Nagare, now that Mr. Nagare is gone! Because like I told you, I'm the backbone of this family. I'm gonna be a strong, dependable man!

Yuri: I'm working hard too, y'know? I'm learning how to cook and do the laundry so I can really help Mom out!

You're both great kids. Good luck, okay?

Novice Nun: The Dragons are no more, and even better, my hellish novitiate has come to an end! What a glorious tomorrow lies ahead!

Koron's really happy for you too.

I am not. I actually greatly dislike you.

Forlorn Girl: The Dragons are gone again, right? And, Unit 13... you're not hurt, are you?

For once, no. We've made it through just fine. Thank you again for all your support. You've been a wonderful help.

Forlorn Girl: I'm so glad... really.

Literary Cadet: I'm starting to study for entrance exams. I'll enter the best school, find a job, and completely change this nation's politics.


Where would we even start?

Yeah, telling you everything would take like, hours.

Bookstore Clerk: At last, I've completed a first draft. This manuscript details your exploits, from that day a year ago to your present glory. When things settle down, I'll consider how best to publish it for future generations.

We'll need to take a look at it, of course.

Yeah, Koron's gonna want to make a whole lot of edits.

As an author, so will I.

Ageha: Okay, I fixed my mascara, I'm not crying anymore. Hey, Naga-chan, guess what? I totally made some real life frenemies this month! Do you believe in my ability to muddle through?

Yes, of course.

Manic Pixie: I knew that justice would win out~

B2F, the Murakumo Dorms.

Taichi: Alright, what's the count?

Cheeks, forehead, stomach, shins, butt, feels, left shoulder.

Taichi hit me with a chop to my right side.


Taichi: For balance!

Shichiro: It's bold of you to act so flippant, Taichi-kun. As though you haven't been crying for hours now.

Taichi: My sister came back from the dead, what do you want from me? Oh, and the part where not only am I in the inner circle of the people who saved the world, I helped. I'm jazzed.

Shichiro: As am I! My loftiest goals have been realized.

Hey BTW Shichiro, your last name's Togetsu, right?

Shichiro: That it is.

Sorry I had to shoot your older brother.

Shichiro: You will have to narrow it down.


Shichiro: Ah, so you were among the ruffians who walloped Jiro in early 2019, then? It is understandable. He is quite a headstrong man, in a personality sense as well as the sense of his strong head, haha! No hard feelings. I assure you, we men of Togetsu have no need for such devious matters any longer—we enter a new age of honest work!

Taichi: Which one of your brothers is Jiro, again?

Shichiro: The extremely large one.

Taichi: Right, right.

Shichiro: Kazuki-senpai is also acquainted with my brother Rokuro, who is an honest businessman who operated an eatery in Golden Gai. She is, after a fashion, a family friend.

I haven't seen him in a while. How is Toro?

Shichiro: Hopefully alive!

true true

Taichi: Anyway. Orochi, I... I'm really happy you're alive. And... great job. Really. I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of you, too, Taichi.

Taichi: Though I gotta be honest, the part where this whole previous lives thing of yours got more complicated made my eyes crossed.

Oh, it's actually simpler now. I—

I reached into my pack and pulled out my sketchpad, which still had drawings I'd used for explaining the events on Iorys to the rest of Unit 13 in it, and flipped to the page depicting me.

This is me pre-transition.

Taichi: Wow, you got a real glow-up! Congrats!

Haha, thanks. Yeah, it's a lot more comfortable.

Wait. Hold on. Back up. Have we actually reached the point where you don't have complicated feelings about whether you're trans or not?

For what it matters, there is at least enough of a concept of 'gender' in True Dragons for Nodens to be a woman, and being a human woman is a lot nicer for me than being a male True Dragon. Of course I'm transgender.

this is one of the strongest cases of character development i've ever seen. did you just say 'of course' about yourself?

Taichi: It's amazing, right?! Look at you! You look amazing! I've got the best big sister anyone could ever...

Taichi started sniffling again.

Taichi: No no no, c'mon, c'mon...

I love you, Taichi. C'mere.

I wrapped him in a hug, and let him cry on my shoulder.

By the way, I met Charlotte, and he seems lovely. Good luck on your date, okay?

Taichi: O-okay... thanks... yeah, he's really sweet...

But permit me this question—are you generally attracted to men? I mean, I've never heard you express any interest in women.

Taichi: Honestly, I'm—*sniff* not sure, it's complicated, you know?

It's okay. Take your time. Find whatever labels feel right, or if there aren't any, that's fine, too. Just know that no matter what, I'm on your side. Okay?

Sanders: Yeah, that's Unit 13 for ya! Shouji must be grinning in heaven, too!

Not like he had many other expressions.

Virginia: Go ahead, pick out whatever you like. I got tons of change. This is on me!

Could I have a coffee?

Hello, Asumu. Not celebrating with Taichi and Shichiro?

Asumu: Those two are loud and tiring. I got my celebrating done already, so I've got to conserve energy for when there's a proper party or else I'm liable to melt down.

relatable tbh

Asumu: I can't lie and say that I wasn't impressed by your performance there at the end. As my senpai, you are all quite impressive. However! I've become quite strong myself, so someday, expect me to boot you off of that hero's throne!

I look forward to it. You three have become a great team.

Asumu: Hmhmhm. Haven't we?

Though you might have some trouble adjusting to Haishima.

Asumu: As long as he keeps the flirting off of the battlefield, I don't mind.

Hey, you totally knocked off my move. Just wanna say.

The function and startup of your Justice of Solomon and my Ten-chi Tachi are completely different. The only similarity is the launching of a projectile.

I hear you got your ass kicked again.

It was a lot closer this time!

Thank you again for your help, Izumi.

Yeah. They're all gone, everywhere... we've really achieved peace. I hope Sho's happy, too. I hope he's smiling. A real smile, not the, uh, back pipen gas sick thing.


Back fife engine sickt.


Backfiffengesick! Ugh, you know what I mean.

I hope so, too.

Hey, Orochi. I know I'm probably... I mean, I'll never be a hero like that Takehaya guy, probably. But I'm gonna keep trying, so that one day, I can beat you.

I look forward to it. You're gonna have to try pretty hard, though.

Lively Bartender: Oho, you really are back! You did it! Alright, let's bust out the best we got for this victory shindig! Which do you prefer? This DRC vintage? Perhaps the Dom Perignon?

Lively Bartender:, okay, perhaps that'd be wasted on you.

Lisa: Don't be mean, Dad! Here, watch. I whipped up a special cocktail meant to evoke Unit 13!

Himuro: These kids have become real tough. So you all go and do whatever you like for a while. Nobody's gonna complain.

You've done well, Himuro.

Himuro: Never thought the teacher role would work out well, but hey, here we are.

Intense Worker: That kid had her own style about her. "Oh, yeah~" "Cool beans~" In the end, she even got me to quit being so prickly. To open up. She's still finding ways to mess up my life.

Yu Chen: All around the Diet Building, I can smell something good cooking. Wonder if everyone's preparing chow for your victory celebration?

B1F, the Medical Ward.

Frail Nurse: The children can finally play outdoors. Everyone's been patient for so long, and now they can chase morning til night! My strength held up too, but—*cough*! Ahem! ...Oh, that's blood, isn't it.

Go to bed!

Hobbled Senior: Huff... puff... puff... I'm glad to have lost this bet! Now, please, help me finally get there...

Yuki: Unit 13, I believed you could win any fight! Because you're heroes! To everybody! And... my hero, too... he must be happy, in his far-off somewhere.

Doctor: Oh, Unit 13. It's good to see you. I actually had something to say to Miss Fudoji.


Doctor: I've been taking a look at your biological data and your subjective symptoms. Have you ever heard of myalgic encephalomyelitis?


Doctor: It's more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome. It's a disorder that's primarily characterized by long-term fatigue that doesn't disappear after rest, and it's most common in women in your age group, especially those who have undergone significant traumas. I don't have a definite diagnosis yet, but I have a suspicion you might have developed it at some point along the line, leading to your chronic exhaustion. I'd like to run some more definite tests on you in the coming weeks.

Wait. What?

That would explain quite a bit, yes.

You mean that's not normal?

Doctor: With your raw physical ability, it's understandable you may expect that, but based on everything I've seen while taking a look at this, you're certainly becoming far more exhausted than you should be from what you're doing, and have been for some time.


Well, sure. Probably not a bad idea.

Nami: You're not hurt, are you?! Where does it hurt?! Really? You're really, truly alright?! ...That's wonderful. More than anything, I'm happy that you've come back alive and well.

Shino: If I'm being honest with ya, I still don't really feel like a father. Maki's happy face, though. That makes it all hit home for me. Everybody in SKY is gonna work together to help raise our kid when it's born. So it won't just be our baby, right?!

Maki: My kid felt it too, for sure! You guys are the real thing. Real heroes. So I'm gonna raise my kid good, for you. For everyone we lost a year ago, too... I'm gonna give my baby all their love!

Pvt. Musashi: Unit 13, welcome home! I'm so glad you're safe. Everyone's chipper as... er, wood chippers? But even so, that Guchi is a bit much! He's still... still...

Don't worry. Daigo's dressing him down now.

Transfixing Lady: I'm glad to be alive. I can say it from the bottom of my heart. And I'm thankful all of you are here.

Tomiko: I cooked up a bath for you guys. Go on, say hi to everyone, and once you're done with what you gotta go, go ahead and soak. Onsen-style, individual tub, follow your heart. And you know, if you wanna swim? Bubbles? Go ahead. It's fine. Today's special.

Little Rascal: I can almost go outside now, huh? We did it! Unit 13, come play with me, okay?

Playing Girl: Everyone's really happy. I can tell even though I can't see. Cuz I can hear everybody laughing all over!

Returned Man: Thank you so, so much, Unit 13. I'm so happy!

Waiting Woman: Me too!

Kendo Captain: I have a request for you, good people. May I serve you, as a samurai's attendant? I beg of you, show me the way of the sword!

Once you've got your pizza, have some fun with Miku.

Cowering Man: Today, our songstress seems... She seems even happier than usual. Is it because I'm happy? No, I know the answer. It's because we're all happy, isn't it?

Cheeks, stomach, butt, shins, forehead, left shoulder, right side.

Miku punched me in my right arm.


I'm glad you're alright.

Me too. Now I'm really glad you don't have a rocket punch.

This has been a pretty crazy story, huh, Miku?

Mmhm. You've done great.

Aww, thanks. You too.

I just sit here and sing.

But it's lovely singing!

Thank you. I'm glad we're friends.



Thank you for all of your encouragement, Miku.

wow i actually know hatsune miku

I casually invited Junpei to the Lounge. Ergh, Junpei, or maybe, Zero... ergh. You can see the result of our conversation.

Splendid Steward: Let us quietly raise a glass together, once more. Of course, I know you have prior engagements. But I am ever at your convenience.

Privy Man: The first drink after a nice bath is good. But there's nothing like a drink after victory!

Lost Woman: I'm so, so sorry. Even though he took a bath... Even though he washed and washed... Wouldn't you think, after all that, the smell would have the decency to go away?! But here he is, ruining the cocktails... oh no. I have a feeling that sooner or later, even I'll smell that way... but he is such a dear.

Takano: Surely, your throat is dry from talking so much? How about a glass of water before the feast? Everyone's looking forward to it, Unit 13. And of course, so am I!

Concierge: Will you be requiring a private room this time, Captain?

No. This time, I can stay out.

Concierge: Very good. Ah, Ms. Mio. Dr. Akaneno—or perhaps I should say, Ms. Homura—had a message for you.


Concierge: She said to tell you, 'I hope if we ever see each other again, I've become someone you don't have to babysit. Go ahead and live, Mio. I'm going to figure out who Homura Akaneno is, for real, this time.'


Concierge: She looked rather determined. It was an unusual expression for her.

Yoshida: Congratulations. And I see you're safe and sound, as well! After your defeat of the True Dragon, Unit 13, I have steeled myself for my own trial. I'm... going to ask out somebody I like! Please, if it goes badly, cheer me up!

Emily: When everything's back to normal, I'm totally gonna find myself a boyfriend and come back someplace like this! Yeah!

Our semifinal stop is 3F, the MP Lodgings.

Comforting MP: I've decided. I'm resigning my office as an MP, and seeking a role where I can serve the public. But what would be best? Perhaps serving as a monk, or clergy? Though I've heard the training is arduous...

Lady Rep: We adults must keep working steadily, to bequeath our children a bright future.

I saw your father again, Koron. It's good to have him back. I'll probably need him.

He is useful, isn't he?

Anyway. The battle's over. You guys should take a vacation, unless that stresses you out, too.

I'm retiring.

A vacation does sound nice.

Well, from now on, it's our turn. Leave rebuilding to us.

Reserved MP: ...Joy of your victory!

Powerful MP: They call me powerful, behind my back, but I daresay I'd lose to you! Gahahaha!

New Secretary: This nation needs someone like our PM. As long as I enjoy the privilege, I intend to serve him to the utmost of my ability. So... should I maybe go out drinking with Shizuka later tonight? For his sake?

Prime Minister Inuzuka: You've saved the world a second time. What should I say? Words can scarcely express our gratitude. In the days to come, leave everything to us. As this country's prime minister, I vow not to complain to you henceforth. Not a word.

You know, sir, I've learned something about you.

Prime Minister Inuzuka: What's that?

Out of all the Prime Ministers this nation has ever had, you are certainly one of them. Be sure to work such that whoever succeeds you doesn't screw everything up like Griffith did in America.

Prime Minister Inuzuka: Ahahaha... ha. Oh, dear. I'm not winning the popular vote, now, am I?

Sec. Makabe: No, sir. That would be Miyake.

Prime Minister Inuzuka: From the CDP?! The Justice Minister's husband?!

Sec. Makabe: Yes, sir.

Prime Minister Inuzuka: ...Aha! Ahahahahaha... ah.

Rep. Sunamori: When everything gets back to normal, I intend to run in the next election. I want to become a valuable Diet member. And, to tell you the truth, I've got my eyes set on the PM's seat.

Zealous MP: That's the spirit, Sunamori! Let us put our reconstruction plan into action! This time, we must all join together, regardless of our station, even our nation!

Got your eyes on the prize, eh, Arashi?

Rep. Sunamori: All of this battling back and forth won't stop unless we take action. Our nation was never perfect, and it likely won't ever be—but I want to make it a place where, at the very least, families don't have to be torn away from each other.

...I'm sorry about your family, Arashi.

Rep. Sunamori: I don't think I'll ever truly get past that loss, no, but... it's not like I have any room to talk to you about that.

Sunamori... Wait. Your name is Arashi Sunamori, right?

Rep. Sunamori: Yes.

Then you're—!

...Right. Good luck going forward, sir.

MP Ariake: Neiko is living happily with the SKY kids. Ah, what a blessing... to tell you happily about the daughter we brought into this world. I remember this feeling before, of having a joyous world returned to us, anew. I am truly grateful to you, Unit 13.

I hope you get fired, honestly

Wise MP: But I have a rough approximation. One word alone. Joy. Perhaps that best fits the occasion.

Fussy MP: Protecting us is your job, Murakumo! But... I am grateful. Thank you.

MP Fujita: So, it's finally over, then? I have worked as tirelessly as I ought, and naturally, I'm weary to the bone. But I still can't go back to being plain old Fujita. As a politician, whether I like it or not, there are things I still need to see done!

Youthful Rep: I'm so glad you're back safe! Go to the banquet, then hit my afterparty! The whole crew is looking forward to it!

Elderly Rep: Unit 13, is it? Ah, the living legends! They say you've saved the world once again!

And at long last, 2F, the Lobby.

Cub Reporter: Hee hee hee... I should apologize. My bad! "Live Coverage of Unit 13's Final Fight!" Journalism lives on, and it can't be silenced. I embedded myself with you! Very quietly. Well, but just like last year, the SDF found me out, so I had to scrap the last half...

U-Unit 13! You're baaaaack! That's really, I mean it's, it's really, rilly, *sniff* oh gosh,

To all my little ones who kept them safe out there, Mommy's very proud of you!

Reimi started hugging and kissing our gear.

Did the God Hands help out at all, Fudoji?! Did they?!

They're damn good, Keima. They're damn good.

Yes! I contributed! That's all a craftsman can ask for! Yes! Yes! Yes!

These two beside me were praying for your safe return. So was I, of course. Welcome back, all of you.

These little babies have been getting quite a bit of work, eh, Sumie? It's looking ever so lovely~

You guys are the best, I hope you know.

Pvt. Shinezaki: That Yamada. He stayed awake until just a minute ago. Yamada swore to stay awake for you, so I guess... you whipped him into shape?

Gossipy Guard: A little birdie told me... Unit 13 trashed the True Dragon, at last. C'mon, look around the Diet Building. Everyone's got a goofy grin. Now that's what I call a happy ending!

Nodding Guard: Hm... well, I say... You're the Unit 13 I've heard so much about! Thanks for bringing peace to the world!

Pvt. Tanegawa: This is your last lecture from me! Your homework is... to go kill it at that party!

House Sitter: Thanks a million! At long last... Another ordinary day! Nothing to see here!

Staring Sentry: At the Lobby, at the Medical Ward, all I see around me are smiling faces. It's all thanks to you, Unit 13!

Pvt. Nagato: Oh, Unit 13! Do you remember who I am? Know my name? What an honor! Maybe you didn't notice, but I've been saying a lot, in case you overheard me!

Junior MP: Thank you so much, really! No, really, I mean it! I... aim to stop being just a scion of my father and forge my own way, on my own merits. You're the ones who gave me that courage!

Celebrity MP: When you guys were on TV, we hit 50%! You guys are tops! Oh, but I've got to get moving myself. I've got interviews on TV, in magazines, radio stations, the web... oh, what a life!

Cutest MP: "Jeez, I quit! This job's the pits." I muttered that, and leadership called me in for a sitdown. Guys, I was just kidding~

Starry-eyed MP: On the dawn of my reign as prime minister, I'll let you be the first to congratulate me. So... I do hope I can count on your vote.

Sober MP: All that remains is to build this world. Unit 13, I shall put heart and soul into reclaiming this world you guarded so well!

Turncoat MP: To ride youthful vigor, or senior capital? Whichever it is, I hope to see you going door-to-door, canvassing on my behalf!


Cynical MP: Can you take a break now, Unit 13, and leave the rest to us? You've been working too hard.

Young MP: Unit 13! Banzai! Banzai!!!

Sharon! They're here!

Shizuka-chan, you're firstotsu, okay? Miss Sharon'll hold it in.

Everyone, I... I-I-I'm glad I joined Murakumo. I'm glad I was able to support you.

I think she'd be happy for you. In her own way, Shizuka.

You've done a lovely job. Thank you for everything.

Okay... thank you... it's your turn now, Sharon...





Sharon had obviously been crying.

My taichou-chan's back from the yomigaerave! Looking more kirei than ever! Orochi-chan! Orochi-chan! My hero-chan!

Hey, Sharon. Sorry I worried you.

My legendary hero-tachi-sama just ain't the same without Orochi-chan, no way no how!

I'll be back around, Sharon. I like working with you. Thanks for everything.

U, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww, Sharon. I guess now it's my turn to make you cry, huh?

These are namidame da! My soul burns with ureshii spirit!

That's it! We're clear! The HQ is reserved for the ending, so talking to Kirino is the end of our endgame walkaround.

Hey, guys. I gave the HQ staff some time off, but I've got a message from Masaki.

What's up?

He says, ahem, "Unit 13! The power of your SEX was unparalleled! It was everything I could've ever wanted and more! I finally feel satisfied having drawn out your potential, though I'm sure you'll continue to grow nevertheless! However, it's time for me to move my sights onto more fertile ground. Thank you for your long work in fulfilling my wildest dreams, and I'll see you again, my friends! P.S. Please tell Captain Hosokawa that while I thoroughly enjoyed defeating her combat instincts, an apology item is in her mailbox."

That guy. He's really something, huh?

Much like in the first game, completing all the SEX Quests will let you obtain a Saint's Ring from Masaki. I didn't really have a good way to like, go do that at an opportune time, and by the time I hit postgame I forgot about it. Oops! Sorry, Masaki! We still love you.

did hamachi leave us with a fish joke

Not sure. I'll have to ask later. Anyway, you guys done talking to everyone?

There's a lot of 'everyone' in this building, but yes.

Alright. Let's head in, then.


We headed into the HQ. This time, there was no lingering malcontent, no final tragic revelations. We had won, and we came in with our heads held high.

Nice job out there, gang.

Let's thank our lucky stars you're back safe!

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Aww, applause? You guys are sweet.

Would you like me to clap for you, Kirino?

What? No. That would completely defeat the point! Here, uh...

Kirino smacked his hand on his podium a few times.

See? Raucous applause.

Nice done, Kirino-kun!

With the strength of all humanity... You've vanquished Fomalhaut!

A universal first. Yeah I'll kick that off my bucket list

It'll make a nice end to my fighting career for sure.

Ahahaha. I didn't do much.

Yes, you did. We all did.

We're all fantastic.

So true. My fell legions, you've made your countess proud.

That's all I could ask for, really.

As the hours went on, people came and went, as the noise in the Diet Building reached an incredible peak.

People kept finding new things to say, new ways to express their gratitude.

Eventually, Marina even fell asleep! Sumie went and put her to bed as things continued, winding down and back up again in time.

I found myself on the balcony with Kirino.

Orochi. I know you know this, but it's not like our work is over.

Of course. We've got a long road ahead of us.

This is the day that the people of Earth begin reconstructing a world without the Dragons. To recover the planet we love, we've got to keep marching forward. I wanted to say... thanks. For giving us that chance.

It's my planet, too, Kirino.

I know, I know, but... thanks to you, and everyone in Unit 13, I know—I'm confident—that we can handle anything in the future. Well, hm... It's not that I'm trying to put a burden on you after all you've done, but...

I guess what I'm trying to say is... You put your faith in us, right? I promise, we'll live up to that faith. So no matter how you live from here on, Orochi, you should do it with us, as a human. Let's all walk together. Tokyo, Japan, the whole world.


I worry about you, you know.

I know. You're a really sweet guy, I hope you know.

I, uh, I try. So... welcome to humanity, I guess? Welcome to humanity, Orochi. We're glad to have you.

You're hogging Orochi! She's our big sister!

We deserve to have time with her, too!

Oh, come on. What an unruly crowd. Is this the true face of Murakumo?

It's a good face. It's loud, messy, strange, varied, and with hardly a blood tie to be found—but it's a family. The best family I could ask for.

...Thanks, Orochi. And... congratulations.

You gotta come see! Richter's dancing in the lobby to some disco tapes someone had!

Oh, I do have to come see.

Yeah, yeah! And after that—

And that's how September 27th ended. At long, long last, the battle that had lasted from February 2020 to September 27th, 2021, had ended with a happy ending all around. It wasn't all great—billions of people had been lost, and the exact number of casualties still hasn't been determined. The world was destroyed. But humanity will continue on. And I—we—will continue on, too.


I'll have more to do in the postgame credits, so I might as well talk now.

The 2020-2 segment, once I got through my workflow issues, went by much faster than the segment for the first game. Despite being longer, I managed to get from the beginning to here in the span of August to the end of February—just seven months or so.

I really love 7th Dragon. I really, really do. It's a series that's pretty obscure and not all that remembered, and I've always wanted to present it in the best light I could—show people the value I found in it.

It's been quite a long road. The Reminiscences alone clocked in at a bit longer than Moby Dick, and that's besides the entire rest of the LP. I hope that to everyone who's read this far, that this LP has been an enjoyable way to experience a pair of games that never really got the chance to be appreciated in the West.

I love the world of 7th Dragon 2020. It's a vibrant, fascinating experience, with a bunch of detail paid to so many different NPCs while still being an inherently enjoyable and easy to understand story. Admittedly I have a tendency to complicate things, but still.

Imageepoch no longer exists, and a lot of their output was... messy, to say the least. But despite all its weirdness and messy design, I still fell in love with their flagship series.

I have a habit of really getting attached to games nobody really knows or cares about, it's something I know very well about myself, and passion projects like these are how I show my affection. This one was, uh, very long! But it's passion, nonetheless.

I've greatly enjoyed the experience of working on Sympathy for Chisa Inomiko, but you have my word I'm never working on an LP like this again. It's a lot. I hope nobody else ever thinks to do so, either. There's this fella named Roger Nielsen from the NHL who made a bunch of rules by telling his players to do things like "leave your stick in the goal and just go out onto the field and run around" and whatnot, the kind of guy who fixes the sport by doing things nobody else thinks to do. In a way, I'd consider this project kind of like that, the outer limit of what can even reasonably be called an SSLP. Maybe that's a bit self-aggrandizing.

2020-2 is obviously a messier game than the first in some ways, since it was made while Imageepoch's financial troubles were kicking into full swing, but I still love it. There are ways in which the first game is a cleaner story, but on the other hand, moments like the raid on the Diet Building and Oceanus stick out in my head as some of the series's absolute highlights.

Also it has the Idol class. The Idol class is bananas. Have I gotten that across? It's so good, y'all. It's so good.

For me as an author, it felt pretty wistful saying goodbye to so many characters, major and minor, that I've been working with ever since our real world 2020.

That said, from top to bottom, I hope that you, the reader, found characters you really loved. Personally, I'm a big fan of Hamachi. You know, in case that wasn't obvious.

We still have one more dungeon to do, and this time, the postgame will be canon to the story. It's not quite time to say goodbye to Unit 13.

Thanks to everyone who's read this far. Sincerely, thank you. Whether you're reading from behind or have been following from the beginning, it's been a long, long road—thank you so much for sticking with me.

Oh, and thanks to Rea for all the technical assistance, Araxxor for much of the internal data used, KiraKiraKat for the character art, and my wife Taylor, for wife reasons. While I am the sole writer, it would be foolish to say that this was all my work—without them, and a number of other people, this work would never have come to fruition the way it did.

Oh—and a huge, absolutely enormous thank you to Geoff "Pokeytax" Embree, the guy who translated the DS game and both of these games. It's thanks to him that I was able to discover these games in the first place.

I'm Kinu Nishimura. This has been most of 7th Dragon 2020-2, a game I love, delivering the second half of Sympathy for Chisa Inomiko, a story I love. Thank you. Let's stick with it just a little longer.


Hey, we're almost there.

Hey, hey, hey, hold on, you! Don't look wistfully out the window like you're done talking.

Aren't we?

I noticed those bits of foreshadowing! What about the cat food? Who leaked the surveillance data of Citron's facility? I mean, Niara's not even really dead and there's still two more True Dragons left!

Hm. Hey, Mio, do you think we have time?

Well, if our attentive listener here is so adamant, I guess we could give her our dramatic epilogue.

Oh don't act like you weren't gonna, I see that look on your face.

Hahaha. Okay, okay. So, September came and went. October and November, too. Then, in December, we had a visitor...

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