Crystal Dragon Overview

Crystal Dragon

HP: 21542
STR: 122
INT: 98
VIT: 93
WIS: 101
AGI: 80
LUC: 93

Dragon Skills:
Speed Skills:


Dragon Damage Resistances:
125% 125% 125%
75% 75% 75%

Speed Damage Resistances:
75% 75% 75%
125% 125% 125%

Disable Resistances:
50% 75% 50% 25% 25% 75% 50%
0% 10%
25% 25% 50%

General AI Notes:

Crystal Dragon's primary gimmick is just the fact that it's basically two different enemies that only share one real skill in common. Nothing terribly interesting, if you ask me, but eh.

All of the Dragon skills have pretty nasty side effects attached to them, and Clear Breath can potentially be an out-of-nowhere total party wipe, but the damage on all of them can be reduced to non-lethal levels through a high-level Material Guard. In the absence of that, a Shaman elemental Prayer or a Mist will do okay, but you're probably not going to be covered against every element. Crystallizing Breath especially can be a nasty surprise for parties relying on an Illusionary Fencer, since not only does it have noticeably higher base accuracy, it can seriously fuck up anyone it hits more than once. The petrification doesn't help, either.

As for the Speed skills, Unending Bray should be your biggest concern, since a few unlucky sleep tags can result in a swift game over. Doesn't help that Herbalist healing skills rely on the arms, either! Your best bet for Speed form is just binding CD's legs, since it's not particularly resistant to those.

Prism Ray might seem like a really dangerous special skill, and that's because it can be if you don't really know when it can come out, and/or if you don't have a Dragoon. Material Guard trivializes Prism Ray, honestly--it cuts each hit from 120% INT damage to 40% INT damage.

With all of that in mind, party members:

Alexis: Alexis is, to be blunt, a terrible defensive support for Crystal Dragon. The only random-target moves Crystal Dragon has are Crystallizing Breath and Prism Ray, both of which have well above average base accuracy. Even with Sharp Thrust and Unburdened, Alexis does not have enough evasion for me to really feel comfortable gambling on him dodging them. Aside from that, the only other situation where he might be useful is for Sonic Blow...but even then, if Sonic Blow is being used in response to someone having an ailment/being asleep, Crystal Dragon's AI is specifically set to go for that person.

Iseria: With proper stab/elemental support, I firmly consider Iseria one of the best offensive options for Cyrstal Dragon, mostly because due to how composite damage works, no matter what form Crystal Dragon is in, she'll always be hitting an element it's weak to. Remember, though: proper stab/elemental support. This includes characters that can consistently deal elemental damage (Kaelin, arguably Lanzon, really arguably Mio, really arguably Magda--or anyone that can throw Jars), or can equip bows or otherwise deal stab damage (Alexis [please don't though], Kaelin, Gram, Mio, Dosen, Magda). Worst comes to absolute worst, an elemental Prayer from Mio can give everyone the ability to deal elemental damage with normal attacks, but that's getting kind of desperate by that point.

Jana: Gonna level with you here, both specs for Jana really accomplish the same thing, and neither one of them is really better than the other for Crystal Dragon. The only thing to really worry about is her getting potentially pasted by Razor-Sharp Claws or unlucky targeting of Crystallizing Breath or Prism Ray.

Dosen: Dosen's two primary uses from here on out are buffing up the front row's HP with Line Herb, and attempting to recover from unlucky status ailment skills with Refresh Herb and Recovery Herb. Buffing up the front row's HP during Dragon form especially is actually pretty helpful, since most classes I'm gonna stick there tend to have bad WIS. Combine with Sasha for an extra layer of party-wide durability!

Magda: The fact that Crystal Dragon doesn't resist petrification means Magda can potentially have a field day with Smoke Solid, Smoke Rot, and Smoke Bomb, especially if Crystal Dragon is in Speed form, and double especially if we have other elemental damage sources like Iseria, Kaelin, or a Heaven's Wrath Mio.

Vote for a maximum of four party members, with at least one vote towards either Alexis or Sasha, and a maximum of one vote per character. I would also ask that you maybe try to avoid just giving me free votes, although I'm not going to outright ban them.
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