Dragon Zombie

HP: 47929
STR: 149
INT: 139
VIT: 118
WIS: 128
AGI: 128
LUC: 114

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
75% 75% 75%
125% 125% 125%

Disable Resistances:
75% 200% 50% 25% 50% 200% 25%
0% 10%
25% 25% 25%

Dragon Zombie's a far more interesting affair than Oliphant. He has what are effectively two passive gimmicks, the first being Dark Breath. Dark Breath and Combustion are both excellent arguments for bringing a Shaman with a max level Prayer: Blaze along, since Fire Breath plus Combustion equals 250% INT-based fire damage, which almost every character is going to have serious trouble surviving. Unfortunately, Combustion is also how you get Dragon Zombie's conditional drop. Good luck with that, by the way, because Combustion will deal about as much damage to Dragon Zombie as it does to you--i.e. very little in the context of Dragon Zombie's max HP.

Dark Heal is his other primary gimmick, and there's basically no way for you to stop it short of inflicting a debilitating disable on Dragon Zombie or binding its head. I mean, I guess you could bust out, like, a level 1 Poison Smoke at the start of the battle, but that wouldn't help much when Curse Rain comes out, because curse overrides poison on the ailment hierarchy. I should note that Dragon Zombie inflicting curse on itself is far worse than it inflicting poison on itself, because the heal resulting from curse backlash is going to be far, far more than the healing from poison.

Dragon Quake gives me bad flashbacks to Wyrm/Great Dragon, because it's the same skill. Stun sucks horrendously to get tagged with since it just straight-up denies you turns. At least it has a slow speed modifier, unlike previous games. Good luck if you have characters with skilsl that have lower than 80% speed modifiers, though.

Stamp Feet's liable to kill its primary target if they're not a) heavily armored (Dragoons and maybe Masuraos, basically), or b) under the effects of Line Guard.

Chew's basically instant death without Line Guard, even if you're heavily armored, so that's fun. Extra fun is that if you survive it, th at character then gets to deal with binds.

Ice Crash's damage isn't much to write home about, but getting your defense reduced is very bad, especially if you're barely surviving attacks as-is.

Oh yeah, also, we will have Soleil as a guest for this fight. Yeah, yeah, spoilers, but having a sixth party member is a pretty serious stealth buff for five-person Unions, so I needed to mention it.

With all that in mind, party members!

Alexis: Alexis doesn't do shit against Fire Breath, Combustion, or Ice Crash. On the other hand, he can eat the primary damage of Stamp Feet, can make Chew completely whiff, and has a fairly high chance of nullifying Dragon Quake. I'd give him a very slight edge over Sasha, personally.

Iseria: Iseria: good damage, but needs characters that can enable it in the first place. Same deal as always, honestly. Her damage is very, very high at this time, though, given that she has a fully-forged ANswerer.

Sasha: Cecil: Raven: Kaelin: Lanzon: Gram: Jana: Both of Jana's specs here accomplish the same goal, but do note that she will get immediately pasted by basically everything if she goes spec 1.

Mio: Dosen: Buffing up max HP is never a bad thing, especially when we're dealing with as nasty a customer as Dragon Zombie.

Magda: Magda...is a really bad option for this fight, haha. Her ailments'll get overridden by Curse Rain, and Smoke Bomb's dangerous when Dark Breath's in play.

Same rules as Oliphant: four votes per person, one vote max per party member. I'm not gonna make it an official caveat that you vote for Alexis or Sasha, either.