Dryad Overview


HP: 42234
STR: 111
INT: 141
VIT: 121
WIS: 131
AGI: 121
LUC: 108



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
125% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 50% 75% 75% 75% 50% 75%
0% 10%
100% 100% 100%

Dryad as a boss is very simple: disable or die. Even without blind or debuffs, you are going to be left hurting extremely hard after...any of her skills, really, but especially Bullwhip and Outburst. You also really, really, really do not want Earth Healing to go off, unless you like Dryad restoring about 75% of her HP and then becoming extremely high-damage, tanky, and evasive.

Now, Dryad's power is not without a catch. Her LUC is pretty below average for what you'd expect of a boss at this point (hell, Jaryuu had more LUC than her), and please look at her disable resistances. 50% is her resisting something, and she has no resistance at all to all three types of binds.

Conventional tactics won't get you very far with Dryad, and all of her skills speak for themselves, so let's just get right to party members.

Alexis: Alexis can potentially get really fucked by Black Pollen, whoever's standing next to or behind him is wide open to being hit by Double Flame or Triple Icicle (depending on the position, obviously), and he can do exactly nothing about Bullwhip, but he can make Thunderbolt or Outburst easier to deal with. Defensive supports, though, are generally not the best for Dryad.

Iseria: Given some support from the usual suspects, and Dryad's fire weakness, Iseria can put out the kind of pain you've probably come to expect from her after Hippogriff and Crystal Dragon.

Sasha: I'll just condense stuff here: Adamantine Dragoon's useless, and a Gunpowder Dragoon would basically just spam Bombardment Prep followed by Buster Cannon for the entire fight. If you wanna see Sasha turn into a damage dealer for a fight, knock yourself out.

Dosen: Dosen's healing won't be worth too much here, but he can make Dryad go boom with Explosion on a Cradle.

Magda: Magda can inflict ailments--a big plus with Dryad-- and she can also make Dryad go boom, but even more, with Smoke Bomb.

Vote for a maximum of four party members, with a limit of one vote per character. Remember to specify specializations if you want, too.

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