Lamia Overview


HP: 54341
STR: 169
INT: 158
VIT: 136
WIS: 147
AGI: 121
LUC: 136

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 125% 100%

Disable Resistances:
25% 25% 50% 50% 50% 50% 25%
0% 10%
25% 25% 25%
[No Image]
Bind Snake

HP: 5567
STR: 123
INT: 115
VIT: 107
WIS: 98
AGI: 132
LUC: 161

Skills:Damage Resistances:
125% 125% 125%
125% 125% 125%

Disable Resistances:
25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
50% 50%
25% 25% 25%

Lamia, as a boss, mostly consists of her destroying your party's ability to function with ailments and binds, and then using Constrict and causing what is probably a total party wipe. She has panic, petrification, all three types of binds, and instant death available, as well as the abillity to reduce your party members' resistance to binds. How does one deal with this, you might ask? Well, panicking Lamia herself is always an option--she's not resistant to it. Repeated casts of Chain Blast are also pretty likely to eventually bind all of her body parts.

But then you remember that the Bind Snakes exist too, and you not only have to deal with killing them, but also trying to control how much damage you take from Serpent's Grudge. They're not just something you can one-shot and forget about, by the way--it's going to take some effort on your part to chew through 5567 HP. Their WIS is incredibly low, at least, so INT-based damage will often bring a lot of pain.

Got all that? Good, time for party members. Keep in mind, we will have Melina along for the fight, meaning we have six targets for Union skills.

Alexis: The only thing Alexis can really help against is Tail Whip. All of Lamia's other attacks are party-target.

Iseria: Iseria will be used in this fight. She is being forced--admittedly, mostly for the sake of a silly joke, but a powerful silly joke. She will not be using Chain skills, so do not let those be a factor in deciding other party members.

Sasha: Neither of Sasha's specs stand out as inherently useful over each other--most of her value, as always, is gonna come from Line Guard.

Cecil: Cecil has some multi-target coverage with King Press (which, admittedly, is going to miss more often than I'd like without accuracy buffs/evasion debuffs), and can lay down pretty considerable hurt in the semi-unlikely event that Lamia gets multiple binds and an ailment. (Notice how Devastating Fistfighter is not here.)

Raven: Kaelin: Lanzon: Gram: Jana: Either of Jana's specs work just as well for Lamia, but do keep in mind they're both lacking in multi-target coverage, aside from maybe Leg Sweep with Single Peerless Blade Masurao.

Mio: Dosen: Again, we don't really need buffed up HP to get through Lamia, and Dosen's low LUC makes him susceptible to being rendered useless.

Magda: Magda has Chain Blast available. Also, she has a variety of multi-target ailments available, and can increase elemental damage pretty considerably via application of Smoke Rot.

Vote for a maximum of three party members, once per party member. Remember that you are voting on four party slots, because we are taking Iseria along, although she won't necessarily be a Thunderclap Fencer.

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