A note: None of this is necessary for understanding anything in the game or narrative outside of this; this is simply a bonus thing written initially on a whim. Enjoy or don't--it's your choice.

Okay, Scythebert, let's go.
...Huh? Go where? Do what?
Pardon, I should've been more direct: let's go for a walk. You clearly have matters that you need to discuss, and it's my duty as a monarch to listen.
I've got no clue what you're--
Yes you do; I would appreciate not being lied to so boldfacedly.
...The card, Raven.
I'm not going anywhere if you're just gonna mock me.
Mock?! Heavens no. As I stated, it's a monarch's duty to ensure her people are doing well--the same principle applies here.
...Can we grab some food at the tavern on the way back?
I see you're as hungry as I am! Yes, of course. Come, let us be off.

...Do you feel like discussing the card now? ...Well, I suppose "long letter" is more-- Aha, card-letter!
No, no, of course not! Rule number one of monarchy: never betray your subjects' trust! I read nothing of your card-letter. ...Magda might've, though.
...So, wait, you don't know anything about what was in it?
Not a clue. Which is why I must ask that you be truthful with me: What was in that card-letter that prompted such intense reactions from you and Magda?
Mmm... Y-you promise to be secret about this, right?
On my honor as the fourth princess of Queensland, you may rest assured that secrets confided in me will be guarded more thoroughly than any lock and key.
...I, uh, overheard some people at the tavern talking about sending cards to their boyfriends for... They called it "Pink Day."
An...interesting name for a holiday. In fact, it sounds like it was made up on the spot. ...Go on, though!
Um... I think they said something about their boyfriends getting them...chocolate. Yeah, chocolate. They were also asking each other their opinions on what chocolate to get their boyfriends too, and talking about dinner for that night, too. ...I'm kind of surprised I'm remembering all this.
This "Pink Day" sounds like a time for those in love to celebrate said love and appreciate each other...! Oh, what an absolutely magnificent holiday! ...Yes, I've decided: I shall instate a national Pink Week in Queensland upon my return!
...Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun.
Oh, but I waste time by interrupting. So, your letter was inspired by this event?
I-it kind of gave me a push, yeah.
I can surmise what its purpose was, then. I will not ask who the target of your affection--
M-Mio. ...Th-the letter was for... I-I think I-- I might be-- I think I love Mio... I-I just wanted a safe way to say it...
...Around how long have you had these feelings for Mio?
Um... Since we got to the 2nd Stratum, I guess.
Before I joined, then... My word, you've kept these feelings internalized for that long?
I...never really got a lot of time to talk to people outside of my family. Our farm was big enough that our closest neighbors were still pretty far, so I just...never had that many friends, and the ones I did have weren't really that close.
So, your problem was that you lacked the interpersonal experience to differentiate between a close friendship and love?
Y-yeah. Honestly... I'm still not sure. I know I feel...differently about Mio than I do everyone else, but...
...Consider your liver, Raven: a vital organ which supports your body through, among other things, the detoxicification of the bloodstream--I'm sure many of our friends in Guild TFKrew have experienced at least one liver failure in their lives. The liver possesses the ability to regenerate after being partly removed. A proper liver transplant with a living donor requires removal of part of the donor's liver for replacement of the diseased liver--both livers regenerate to their normal size after a short period.
Um, okay...
Now, consider the lungs. While the brain and the heart are the epicenters of the body's systems, the lungs deliver the oxygen your blood requires to serve as proper fuel. Something you may not know, however, is that it's actually perfectly possible to survive without one of your lungs. The remaining lung will swell to make up for the lost one, and humans with only one lung can go about their lives... At roughly 70-80% of the respiratory capacity of an ordinary human. While their lives will not be by any means impossible, there will always be certain disadvantages to having only one lung--a reduced capacity for strenuous exercise, for instance.
I answer your overarching question, Raven, with another question: What is Mio to you? Is she a piece of your liver, which performs a vital function, but will heal if lost? Or is she a lung, without which there will always be heights you could never reach? Take as long as you must to answer.
Does thinking about it while I go to sleep count as "as long I must?"
Of course.
I...think I can come up with an answer for that tomorrow morning, then.
Remember, there's no need to rush this, and I am in no way pressuring you.
I just need some time by myself to think. Does that make sense?
Yes, yes it does. ...Do you want to go get dinner now, then?
That sounds nice, yeah. Do you think the tavern's got some kind of soup for a special tonight?
Hmm... Come to think of it, the special hasn't been a soup in quite some time...
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