Update 20: Haunted Hall

...Ugh. No matter what I do, it doesn't sound quite right...
Preparing your monster parts orchestra, I see.
Well, I was. I've been stuck on preparing these timpanis for days now.
I shall grace you with an important piece of knowledge: are you aware that puddings are actually the ideal timpani pieces? For the top, I mean.
Hm. Those things on the middle floors of the 2nd Stratum, I assume. How do you figure that?
Well, it is a queen's duty to be well-versed in all walks of life. Naturally, as a result, I've dabbled my hand in monster orchestration once or twice.
Ooh, ooh. My mom always told me that squirrels make great timpanis.
Ah, Iseria, isn't it about time for you and those four to go explore the 13th floor?
I-I believe it is. Thank you.

Okay, let's start the actual damn floor. The time discrepancy is because I just picked the first inn screenshot between the end of the last update and now.

(Floor subtitle: Trial of pursuing spirits)

Lungs filled with the stagnant air of the Labyrinth, you come across a familiar girl standing by herself, completely still.

Appearing to be waiting for something, she's released from her trance when you walk in front of her.
Oh, hey. I was hoping you'd show up, so I was waiting here for you.
Well, that's new. I see your irritable Reaper friend isn't here.
Her voice sounds more serious than usual as she continues.
There's...something I always ask to people who get to the Vanguard's Mortuary.
As she says this, she stares at you, as if expecting a response.
Oh, for the love of-- No, we don't care about--
Aw, come on, Kaelin, Lily looks like there's something really bothering her. You never tell the cute NPC to mind their own business.
...Soft-hearted children.
Rather soft-hearted than cold-hearted. ...Anyway, go on.
At your words, she nods and begins to speak.
It's about...this Necromancer.
She shows a complicated expression as she continues in a much more serious tone.
For...lots of reasons, my family has been hunting down this Necromancer for ages. See, he stole this powerful magic item from the Mage's Tower in my hometown. It's really, really important that we track down and recover this artifact, at any cost.
Did, uh, did that happen recently?
My father spent his whole life searching, as did his father, and his father... For ages, each generation has passed this mission down our family tree. Based on everything we know, I thought there was a good chance he was here in the Labyrinth, so Soleil and I came here. And... Well, I mean, this stratum sort of just seems like the right place to look, so we've been desperately searching it, but...no luck. So, what I wanted to ask you, and anyone else who comes here, is if you've seen any sign of, like, a suspicious Necromancer or anything.
Something tells me Lanzon isn't potentially several centuries old, so... No.
...A suspicious Necromancer. You haven't even heard any rumors of the sort. The girl is looking at you expectantly, but... you have no choice but to tell her the truth. She lowers her eyes for a moment before speaking with a firm conviction.
I see. But... I still believe he's here.
She continues with an apologetic tone.
If you do find something, do you think you could let me know? I'll pay you back however I can.
Can do!
With this, she apologizes and leaves. Keeping your own feelings close to your chest, you resume exploring.
God, even without my own narrative bits, that was a boatload of lines.

...I grow tired of continually recasting Levitation. I propose that we simply take the path over--

Of course this insipid Labyrinth must impede me at every turn.
Meet the Wandering Flame-Phantoms, the things that that bar patron and Edgar warned us about. Much like you can kinda see here, they just patrol a set path, with no regard for solid objects like walls. Navigating around them can be a bit of a pain sometimes, given that.
Technically they're Phantom-Flames, but Ragnar was having none of that nonsense.
Flame-Phantom both sounds better to my ears and kinda fits given Hellfire.

At a gloomy dead end, you discover signs that someone had made camp here. Looking around, it seems they must have been attacked by monsters, as torn cloaks and abandoned bags and such are scattered over the area. Luckily though, there are no human remains, so the explorers must have made it out safely. You may be able to find something useful among their ruined belongings, or you could ignore them and hurry along.
Finders-keepers, in the Labyrinth.
You decide the search the scattered belongings and remains of the the campfire. What immediately catches your eye are a backpack, and a pot knocked over by the fire. There's also a sword leaning against the far wall. You can investigate whichever of these interests you most.
We can choose to check any of these three things. Let's check the backpack first.
You reach to pick up the backpack. Inside are all sorts of medicine bottles and foodstuffs.

Obtained Soma.
Obtained 3 Fruitbreads!
However, in addition you find a mysterious bottle. It's filled with a dark liquid that gives off a peculiar smell. If you're curious, you can try to taste the liquid to see what it is, or you might decide it's too risky and just throw it away.
Um, let's not.
That substance seems more dangerous than even my compounds... An impressive feat.
A random party members eats a bunch of damage if you choose to drink the liquid.
You doubt a suspicious and smelly liquid will be of any use to you. You throw it away and end your investigation of the backpack.
What's in the pot, what's in the pot?
You turn your attention to the pot, knocked over by the remains of the campfire. Peeking inside, you see a liquid with some solid white bits mixed in. The whole thng smells faintly sour. Looking closely, you can also see that the pot has a large crack in it, so it would be difficult to take it with you. You can either drink the contents of the pot, or if you think it's too dangerous just leave it alone.
That smell is...certainly something, but it's also not quite rancid... Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
You lift the pot to your lips and pass it around so everyone can drink! It's much tastier than the sour smell had led you to believe, and everyone feels refreshed!

Why are these great one-time restores always near the entrance of the damn floor?
Apparently it was milk that had fermented into yogurt. The pot now empty, you move on.
All that's left is that rusty sword.
Well, it seems perfectly usable to me.
You pick up the sword leaning against the wall. After a bit of polish, the blade gleams beautifully and will surely make a good weapon. You put it in your pack.

Obtained Seal Grieve!
Huh. The Seal Grieve is a +50 ATK, +72 MATK sword that contains the skill Bind Treatment, which removes a random bind from one party member; costs 3 TP, 50% speed modifier. That's pretty garbage, if you ask me!
...Nothing else in the area seems to be of any interest. Not wanting to push your luck in case monsters attack, you decide the leave.

What was left behind

Your searched through the things left behind by other explorers and picked up something useful.

The EXP reward changes based on if you took the sword, only drank the yogurt, or just left without doing anything.

As you weave your way between the eerie monsters, you end up at a dead end passage.
Sometimes I wonder if the signs in the sky are also particularly eccentric architects...
Your surroundings are the same as always, lined with fences and gravestones, but you can hear the wailing voice of a woman sobbing from somewhere nearby. Thinking it might be the survivor of a nearly wiped out party, you begin to investigate your surroundings, only to find someone standing right behind you! They clearly weren't there a second ago!

Um, h-hello...
Standing before you is a beautiful woman who can only be described as "bewitching". When you meet her eyes, she gazes at you sorrowfully and gently reaches towards you with a pale, slender hand. You're free to either take her hand and maybe guide her back to town, or to calmly observe a while longer.
D-do you need help getting back--
Hold, child. Something's not right.
For the record, we can either take the woman's hand or watch her. Let's watch.
You thought she was the sole survivor of a group of explorers, but looking closely her dress is far too flimsy to be the equipment of an explorer. Furthermore, her clothes are untouched by the dirt of the Labyrinth, and her skin is unnaturally pale. You ignore her hand to continue watching her closely, when she quietly begins to recite an unfamiliar incantion! She's dangerous! Despite her human appearance, she's clearly some sort of malicious being! You draw your weapons to take on the fearsome opponent!

Hmph! Accursed vampires!

Flare Lady

HP: 1258
STR: 60
INT: 65
VIT: 58
WIS: 54
AGI: 56
LUC: 51

Damage Resistances:
150% 150% 150%
25% 25% 25%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 100% 150% 100% 50% 150%
100% 100%
150% 50% 100%
For the record, if we took the woman's hand, this would've been a blindside.

So. Flare Ladies. Loads of HP, take barely any damage at all from elemental sources, and can curse an entire row while also dealing heavy magic damage. Note how we have no defensive support at all in this party, and both of my front-liners are Earthrun.

I do not like Flare Ladies.
A Flare vampire, huh? Would that make her a vampyre?

I merely turned the poison inside you into actual poison.

(Chain Killer.)
And I'm quite willing to capitalize!
Jesus Christ. I know that's hitting a 150% resistance, but still.

(Prayer: Blaze.)
If you know an elemental attack is coming, the Shaman elemental resistance buffs can be quite useful.

Try that wind nonsense, Smugboy.
...Accursed vampire, making me look like a fool! You will PAY!
And, yeah, purely elemental damage does exactly fuck-all here.

(Cursed Flame.)
To be 100% fair, Iseria's and Raven's armors are both the absolute most up-to-date pieces of light armor I could find, so that kind of lessens the impact of Cursed Flame, along with Prayer: Blaze.

These things normally take fucking forever to kill, I just happen to have quite a lot of damage in the form of Chain Killer.

Obtained 1 Vampire Crown.
I could've gone for the conditional, but Kaelin would've had exactly two turns to bind the Flare Lady's arms.

You let out a big sigh of relief after taking down the monster in the form of a woman. Reminded once again of sort of terrifying enemies that dwell in the Labyrinth, you return to exploring.

The sobbing woman

You met a sobbing woman in the Labyrinth, but she turned out to be an undead monster. Despite your surprise, you fought back and won.

Taking the path that Wandering Flame-Phantom is patrolling is the actual way forward...

But, hey, I like exploring floors completely.

Obtained Arm-Cutting Scythe!
Uh... I'm pretty sure this thing's blade is made from a balloon.
A...balloon scythe? Someone really went to the effort to make that and stuff it in one of these boxes?
Ridiculous. Watch, I'll poke it, and nothing will--
My ears!
...You and your blatant disregard for others' observations...
The Arm-Cutting Scythe is a disabling weapon. This time, it's for arm binds.

As you take a short break to rest your weary feet, you find something growing on the edge of the path. They're small egg-like reddish-orange mushrooms, colored as if to hide among the fallen leaves. You've worked up quite an appetite, so you consider this perfect timing. Perhaps the mushrooms can be cooked and eaten.
I'm reasonably certain I've seen edible mushrooms like these before...
Um, only "reasonably" certain?
You bend down to start a fire on the edge of the path, pick the mushrooms, and begin roasting them. When exposed to the open flame, the mushrooms give off an appealing fragrance. This scent stimulates your hunger even more, so you wolf them down at once, as if racing to finish them first.
Life tip: never, ever eat wild mushrooms.

Hm. Not too...bad...
Their rich flavor satisfies your stomachs and restores your stamina. However, while taking a short break after the meal, Magda suddenly screams!
At the same time, Iseria mutters that it's too hot and starts taking off their clothes, while Kaelin begins cheerfully talking to the wall.
Even the Jidi Isle wasn't this blamed humid...
R-Raven! Please, get up! Kaelin, c'mon, help me get him-- K-Kaelin?
Oh, so that's how it is, you repulsive, gravestone-shaped Brownie? Have at it, then! I will accept no less than a match of wits--and FISTS!
Apparently, those mushrooms were hallucinogenic. Gradually your vision grows unsteady until you all collapse on the floor.

...Why did we think eating mushrooms was a good idea, again? I don't think I've ever seen a show where it was a good idea...

GAH-HUUUUUUuuuh! Wha...what happened? Where are we?
Ooh, you're awake!
...D-deh-b-beh-wuh-Mi... Mio, w-why was my head r-resting on your l-lap?!
Well, I had to take care of somebody, and it was either you, Naked Iseria, Kaelin with blood on his fists and face, or Magda screaming in her sleep. Plus, you look like Makoto, and it was like the end of Persona 3!
...Uuuugh. I feel like I shouted absolute sacrilege...
My...beautiful, beautiful hands...
Eh. It's not like I'm a stranger to this, anyway.
W-wait, you're not?
Of course not. When you're in an extremely hot climate, sometimes there's simply no option but--
Please put your clothes back on!
...You wake up with a start to find that you've all been sleeping in the Labyrinth! Your bodies ache all over, especially the joints, but you seem to be uninjured. However, perhaps as an effect of the mushrooms, you all have throbbing headaches.

100 TP for 50 HP? Not a great deal, IMO.
Gritting your teeth through the headache, you return to exploring.

The lessons of nature

You find some tasty looking mushrooms and roasted them up, but they turned out to be poisonous.

I love that the Adventure Episode system means we leveled up from eating poisonous mushrooms. Something about that statement amuses me.

Iseria drops her skill point into Chain Plus.

And Raven puts his in Great Scythe of Cold Ash.

At this point, I went back to town, because like fuck am I exploring any further when everyone's almost out of TP.
Niabol (+91 ATK, +66 MATK, Seal Arms, Silver x4) is made from 1 Rusty Sword (Heretic Sword-Corpse normal). Costs 7400 en, sells for 2960 en.

Seal Arms: Uses the arms. Attempts to bind the arms of one row of enemies. Has no speed modifier at all levels.

Eh. You could toss this on a Smoke-focused Herbalist and give them the ability to bind arms, I guess?

Arquebus (+59 ATK, +55 MATK, HP Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Vampire Crown (Flare Lady normal). Costs 8450 en, sells for 3380 en.

Aspis (+20 DEF, +17 MDEF, +15 HP) is made from 1 Rusty Sword (Heretic Sword-Corpse normal) and 1 Squishy Feet (Mini Noir normal). Costs 4000 en, sells for 1600 en.

I decided to explore the rest of the floor at night, given that it disables the damage tiles.

Going down the path that actually leads further into the floor brings us to this big, open room, with a ton of Wandering Flame-Phantoms. It's pretty easy to accidentaly start a fight with one if you're not constantly paying attention to the map!

Firstly, though, Kaelin got a level from a random encounter.

I'm thinking I'll leave Multistrike at level 9 for a while, and after that, start building for High-Speed Incantation.

I wasn't exaggerating about the minefield part, by the way.

Obtained Bronze Ingot!
Always love to have more of these things.

In the corner of a large room, you come across some sort of beast. It appears to be an undead dog, transfigured by whatever strange force permeates this stratum. Its exposed ribs and such makes its unliving state obvious, however the creature seems to be staring at a wall, and hasn't noticed you. You can either draw your weapons and get the drop on it, or stay back and see what it does.
Oh my god.
...L-let's just watch it for a second. I dunno why, but...
You decide to get closer and see what the zombie dog is doing. As you creep closer, you notice that the dog is poking its snout towards the corpse of a fallen explorer.
Tragic, but not unexpected.
Based on the way it's whining, you can tell that the corpse was its owner. You can only assume that, even in death, it yearns for its master. You offer a prayer for the both of them and return to exploring.
Oh my glob.
Alright, that's enough, let's-- Hm?
...But, as if noticing you leaving, the dog makes a small sound from behind you. You turn around to find it facing you, furiously wagging its short tail with affection. You're reminded of the dog you gave meat to earlier.
If that wasn't a big enough clue: the scene has an extra part if we gave meat to the dog down on 12F.
Ohhhh my godddddd
Looking closely, it seems to be holding something in its mouth, and presenting it to you.

Obtained 5 Lunarian Silver Coins.
Aww. Good doggy...
It's a sack full of silver coins. You accept the coins and give one last nod to the dog and its master before leaving.

A pair of reunions

You reunited with the dog you met earlier. It found its master and gives you a gift as thanks.
oh my god

And now I'm boxed in.

I could've gone back to town, but rather than waste an Ariadne Thread, I just started a fight with the FOE and then immediately used Full Retreat.

Okay, that...thing is poisoned, it's staggering, it should die on its own in about--

And what were you saying just two days ago about me neglecting my studies? HmmmMMMMM?
Rather than dignify that, I will point out that you took a throwaway jab from me so seriously that you actually studied how to make magic rocks fall from the ceiling.

Well, that's one conditional out of the way.
there was a zombie dog omg

Well, we're in the clear now, as far as the main parts of the floor go.

Continuing to navigate this maze of the dead, you encounter a lone girl.

Nameless, was it? Been a while.
Well, maybe only a week or two.
There's something cold about even her greetings. Soleil stares at you while she continues.
...Cripes, you're surprising. Can't believe you've gotten so far into this mudhole.
Honestly? I am too.
She then tells you that she has something she wants to talk to you about.
What is it? We'll listen.
She nods in response and continues.
Lily's probably told you all this stuff already, right, the stuff about the Necromancer she's hunting down?
She told us the gist of it, yeah.
I figured, your heads were probably spinning from getting all that dumped on you, so I thought I'd tell you what I know too. For a bigger picture.

Before she continues, she begins gazing at the sky, as if recalling a distant memory.
A while back, there were twins living at the Lunarian Mage Tower. A brother, seconds older, black eyes, black hair, name was Crow, and his slightly younger sister, skin so white you'd think she'd light on fire, name was Swan. One day, Crow, blazing with scientific zeal, stole an artifact called the Ring of the Immortal. Now, name like that, you know it's pretty important, so the tower ordered Swan to hunt down and kill her brother, and recover the ring. She did find him, but Crow managed to turn the tables in his favor and fatally injure her before fleeing the country. As she was dying, she told her kids to take up her mission to pursue her brother and take the ring back.
She finally looks down and studies your faces for a moment before continuing.
It's an old story...but every time I hear it, even out of my own mouth, my blood burns at the unfairness of it all. It happened so damn long ago, but...she still can't live her life freely, because of this dumb old story.
Soleil's voice seems sorrowful now.
All I want's to help her. I'm not very complicated, I spent my whole life swinging my blade just to put food on the table, but... I felt like helping Lily was the only way I wouldn't be wasting myself, so I followed her to this godsforsaken tree. We kept at it, day after day, and finally made it all the way here. ...But I think we've plateaued. There's a limit to what we can accomplish on our own, and I'm running my head against it so hard I can almost feel the headache.
Well, yes, if you attempt what most guilds do with five with only two, of course that'll--
...I'm just not good enough.
Now, now, I wouldn't say that...
She gives a deep sigh.
So that's why you've gotta help her out, too. Keep investigating this maze of the dead, and find out what's in its depths.
Before she leaves, she tells you that you can continue as you have been, just that she wants you to let them know if you discover anything. You remember her words as you return to exploring.

Yes, the stairs are right here. However, there's one last thing.

There's a secret area on 13F! There's actually been a few of these that I keep neglecting to do, so I'll compile them all...let's say next update, shall we?
a zombie dog omg thats so fucking cute holy shit

There's one thing I want to do on 14F before we go back to town.

Right as you're about to turn the first corner on this new floor, you're overcome with an unpleasant sensation.

Kaelin can sense mana coming from the right, and when they turn to look they find words appearing on the wall, as if written in blood. "Leave... Now..."
Hm...hmph. A silly diversionary t-tactic. I will not be--
You're scared. We can hear you stuttering. Just drop the act.
The letters gradually become thicker, as if the wall itself is bleeding from an open wound, until there's so much blood that the words have disappeared in a crimson smudge.
I'm...quite certain...that's not a natural phenomenon.
Suddenly, what Lily and Soleil said has considerably more gravitas...
What was that? Unsure what to think of it, you uneasily return to exploring.

YOU! You, get over here, now!
Wah! W-what happened?!
You were in the Labyrinth just now! Did you see Lily?! Did you see Lily anywhere after you talked to me?!
N-No? We talked to you, went to the 14th floor for a bit, and then came back after the blood message...
...Dammit! She's-- Rrrgh, Lily's disappeared! She's been acting weird lately, brooding over something or another, I told her to wait at the inn while I was out and when I got back she was gone, I've been looking around the whole damn town and I haven't seen her anywhere, dammit, dammit, don't tell me she went looking by herse--
...I'm going to the Labyrinth now. You all...make yourselves useful and make sure she's not in town, or-- Or if you do find her, tell Lily to sit down and not move a muscle!
She gives a hurried "Got that?!" as she runs at full speed towards the entrance of the Labyrinth.
...This, um... This seems...
Yeah, that.

Everyone in town has auto-dialogue now that Lily's gone missing.
my auto-dialogue is zombie dog omg
THIS IS MISS GENETTA MAKING FOGHORN NOISES WITH HER MOUTH!!! Did you guys? Hear the news?! From Soleil!?!? Lily's gone missing?!?!?!
Yes. Yes we did.
Ever since I heard I've been worrying so hard my ears are going to molt, but I can't really leave the inn alone so... There's nothing I can dooo-hoo-hoo... I asked the cats and the other guests to go look, too, but I haven't heard anything back yet... Oh, those two have been regulars here for ages, so now that they're in trouble, I really wanna help out too! But the inn's busy, and my sister's off being a goofball who-knows-where...and I don't know what to dooo-hoo-hoo...
C-calm down, Genetta, we're going to look for her.
What? You'll look for Lily FOR me?! Woo-hoo-hoo! I thank you like one gives thanks to the Buddha, o exalted ones! I leave the Lily business to you, then--sorry!
Now, the preceding dialogue was for if we already accepted the mission before triggering the auto-dialogue. There's also alternate dialogue if you don't accept the mission to find Lily before talking to everyone (yeah spoilers there's gonna be a mission for this.) Let's look at it too.
Oh man if we don't hurry Lily might get hurt... Maybe I could just kick everyone out and go looking myself! ...But then the inn would go out of business. Quackerjack... Is this the true meaning of "biting the hand that feeds you?!"
They also have their normal dialogue as well, incidentally.
Hey?! So?! What happened?! Did you!? Find Lily yet!? Maybe?! You should try checking the bar?! Or one of the back alleys?!
Why in the seven hells would she be there?!
...What do you mean, "why would she be there?" I mean personally when I'm looking for my sister she's probably asleep in one of the aforementioned locations.
Something tells me Lily is more responsible...okay, less self-destructive, perhaps...than your older sister is.

Hey, so, is it true Lily's gone missing?!
...Man. When I ask her to help me gather materials, she always does it with a big smile on her face... Gosh, I really hope she's gonna be okay.
Don't worry, we're gonna look for her!
Oh, you guys are going to look for her? Well, golly, what am I worrying about then? C'mon, buy whatever you need to save her!
I'm worried about Lily, but... Ehhh, she'll be fine. She got this far, after all, plus she's got a certain somebody who's gonna stick to her like glue!
For more reasons than guildship, I assume.

Casket (+56 ATK, +79 MATK, WIS Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 2 Pure White Sacks (Ghost normal) and 1 Obsidian (3rd Stratum Mine 2).

Caftan Blouse (+26 DEF, +39 MDEF) is made from 1 Pure White Sack (Ghost normal). Costs 3720 en, sells for 1487 en.

Refined Glove (+18 DEF, +20 MDEF) is made from 2 Pure White Sacks (Ghost normal). Costs 2200 en, sells for 880 en.

Almighty Ring (+8 all stats) is made from 1 Necrotic Finger (Gran Noir conditional). Costs 10000 en, sells for 4000 en.

Ah! Have you heard the news about Lily yet? That girl... Where could she be? I've already told all the other customers to look for her, but no luck so far. I wonder what happened to her...
What? They put out a mission to look for Lily? And you're the ones who took it? Wow, the Council sure is understanding. I might have to rethink my opinion of them. But still, that's good news. If you're took the job, then I know you'll get it done. Good luck.
So Soleil went after her on her own? That's just one more missing person then...
I find it hard to fault her for being scared for the safety of her dear friend, though.

Everyone may be counting on you to save Lily, but try not to get too worked up about it. Slow and steady is best, as it's always been.

All we have here are two special bar patrons.

#1: Fidgety Lunarian girl:
Cookie: Aw... I baked these cookies to thank Lily, but I haven't seen her in a while... Where did she go...? Wh-what do I do?
Um... Put up a...request, I guess?
Cookie: Huh? You mean like put up a request to give her the cookies? Don't you think that's a bit much? Geez, what do I do...?
#2: Bucket helm-wearing Dragoon:
This Guy: Where have you gone off to, Lily...? I tried looking for you, but there aren't that many places I can get to on my own... And the rest of my guild isn't even here yet! How can we get anything done like this?! Dammit! Just come back safe, okay Lily?
Usually you're at least more erudite.
Look at this guy, think about what he said, think about who he's talking about, and tell me you can say anything else.
...Yes, actually, you're right.

Just one quest this time.

New menu development journal III:
Oh good, you took that request. It's from that scatterbrained chef again. Do you remember him? Apparently the previous order wasn't supposed to be a request at all. He was supposed to take his order to the local food market, but ended up making it here instead. Since he got both the place and the number of items wrong, he got another scolding from his manager. So in order to make up for his mistakes, he wants to come with a new dish. And for that he needs 3 Tough Tailbones and 3 pieces of Zombie Birch. Given his track record though, I don't have especially high hopes for this one either. But either way, you took the request, so bring back the goods please.

I hear Lily's gone missing. The whole guild's been in an uproar about it, since a sizable lot of people here owe their lives to her.
Huh? They made it a mission to find her? That's Remus for you. Well, if you've accepted it then get it done.
Do you really have time to be selling oil in a place like this?
Okay, actual editorial comment here. I don't have a fucking clue what this line means. I didn't even touch it because I don't even know what he's saying. Also, there was a zombie dog in this update. Thank you.
It's an idiom about wasting time that I didn't bother to look up when I first translated the line. "Twiddling thumbs" or whatever. It was supposed to be fixed later, but sure, whatever, okay.
How's the mission going? Looking for someone you know, yeah? I don't know how hurried you are, but don't you start cutting corners. No point to it if you get killed trying to save 'em.

...Oh. It's you all. I was going to put up a mission, but I'd like it if you would take it. The details... Well, you've met Soleil and Lily, the duo of Master explorers, yes?
Plenty of times.
This mission regards those two. Soleil, the Earthrun, had already made a name for herself escorting merchant caravans, but one day, she showed up in town with Lily, the Lunarian. They began to work as explorers, and the two of them gained a reputation as a first-rate guild. They've done requests for the Council, and even done work for the town's well-being in a lot of fields. However... we recently received word that the Necromancer, Lily, has gone missing. Ordinarily, an explorer going missing in the labyrinth is just a sad fact of life. However... Lily is a famed Master-level explorer. Her disappearance could have severe repercussions on the morale of other explorers, and that should be avoided at all costs. So, the Council wishes to help the both of them. The mission is to save them.

Save Soleil and Lily!

The explorer Lily, who formed a two person team with Soleil, has gone missing. They've aided this city countless times in the past, so we'd like you to pay them back on our behalf. We're powerless, so become our strength.
So you did take it. Thank you, everyone. The people of this city owe a massive debt to Soleil and Lily. Once the situation was made public, the entire town has been united in calling for immediate action- and the Council is right with them. Please, save them however you can. You may already know this, but Lily is looking for someone- and apparently, that person is in the Labyrinth. However, she's been acting oddly ever since reaching the 3rd Stratum, and now she's gone missing. The cause is unknown, but please search the deepest depths of the stratum for her if you must.
We'll get right on it!
...Right after we decide on the next party.

As I said while assigning the mission, I dearly hope you can help Soleil find Lily. Those two have done great work for Aeolis. I like to think that this, at least, can help us pay back our debt to them. And with your help, I'm sure they'll both come back safely.
Well, things sure got serious pretty quickly. Next time: not 14F! Instead, secret areas.
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