Update 23: Night of the Living Dead (Nameless vs. Undead King)

Om...mani padme om...
Okay, sure, make me ask. Alexis, what are you doing?
The Undead King is a very aberrant existence. In response, I've decided to become one with nature to more properly fight against him.
But... Well, okay, does that-- Did you have to--
Put on some pants.
I'm becoming one with nature!
That's not a request. It's a command. Put on some pants.
C'mon, Alexis, think of the kids! Raven's quaking in his boots, Mio's at an impressionable age, and you're going with Lily!
...Actually, that's a good point, how old is Lily? I need to know this for demographics--
Gah! You don't have to tackle me!
YES I DO. Jana. Pants.
Right here! ...Good luck, Raven. My condolences.
It's time to face the spookiest boss in EO history.

That intro wasn't a joke, by the way--because of Unburdened, Alexis is actually going into this fight without any armor.
because i've gone guru. so cut the ballyhoo. rock the tambourines and, the didgeridoo!

Alexis went under a pretty heavy reskilling. He has 9 points in Sharp Thrust, 10 in Ray of Light, 10 in Unburdened, and 5 in Revenge Thrust.

Raven underwent a similar reskilling. He has 5 points in Preemptive Miasma, which gives him a 60% chance to use Miasma Weapon at the start of a battle, 9 in Great Scythe of Cold Ash, and 9 in Scythe of Cruel Poison.

Lanzon has a few more points in Fire Bomb.

Gram leveled up Hawk Whistle a bunch, and dropped more points in Ice Peck.

Mio...doesn't have any passive healing, like I advertised in the writeup, but she does have a ton of points in Prayer: Exorcism, to make extra sure that Alexis is completely untouchable.

You tread through the poison into a large room. Before you stands a clearly inhuman figure, the source of the dark presence.

Ooooooohhhh he's taller than I expected.
How did a Lunarian magician-turned-thief grow to those proportions?!
My guess? Magic.
He looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh card.
And one of those ones with the really long text, too. Something an arc villain in the anime would play.

This is the end for you, Yukido Akatsuki! Behold as I call upon the strongest technique of the Bosconovich family!
No way... he's seriously going to pull that out?!
Try me! There's no way it could beat my Blade Armor Ninja!
With the power of our Ring of the Immortals, I unleash the beast my family has been tasked with guiding for millenia. Arise, and crush the living proletariat under your mighty wingbeats, Undead King Crow!

How absolutely revolting...
The small girl at your side begins to speak softly.

Undead King... Are you using the Ring of the Immortal?
With this terrified, quivering voice, she attempt to confirm that the monster before her is her target. Giving no sign that it's heard her, the creature speaks into your minds.

Yes, we heard you the first time.
After saying this, the Undead King turns to Lily.
As the voice goes silent, you sense an unbelievable bloodthirst directed at you... But you have no hesitation. In order for Lily to complete her quest, you'll have to overcome the monster in front of you. Your chests filled with purpose, you ready your weapons and glare at your enemy. In response, the Undead King begins to speak again, as if with an unmoving smile.
Oh my gods will you SHUT UP.
Vile thief, prepare for us...okay, for those six, to bring you to an end!
Oh, the irony of B calling someone else a thief.

I would like to note that the Undead King lets out a, like, B movie evil scientist laugh right before the game starts the battle. It's easier to see if you watch the video, which I very highly recommend you do.
VIDEO: Boss: Undead King

Note that Lily has voiced dialogue right as the fight starts. Her line translates to:
Undead King! I will defeat you!
For some reason this line appears as text in the floor 15 game files, despite the fact that she only says it out loud with no subtitles.

(Preemptive Miasma.)
N-now's not the time to get scared...

Alexis'll open up the fight by demonstrating his fancy new method of dodgetanking: Sharp Thrust (plus Unburdened but it's kind of hard to visibly demonstrate a passive).

Since Raven already has the Miasma Weapon state, he'll use Scythe of Cruel Poison on the Dead Swordsmen.

Lily being in the front row is less of a problem than you'd think when you have a dodgetank.

Oh, yeah, Lily'll use Fire Bomb to damage the Dead Swordsmen. I don't really care about hitting the Undead King himself right now, though it'd be nice.

Same with Lanzon.

And if my strategy of "wipe out the Dead Swordsmen immediately" wasn't obvious enough, Gram uses Ice Peck.

Mio uses Prayer: Evasion to further guarantee that Alexis will be impossible to hit.

(Zombie Shield.)
Eh, whatever.

HAH! I feel nimbler than ever!
Is-- Is it really worth-- Worth just wearing pants?! What if you g-get hit?!
Long as he doesn't get hit and keeps attention away from us, I'm fine with it.

(Scythe of Cruel Poison.)
Aw, no poison.

(Prayer: Evasion.)
...What, exactly, are you doing?
Are you...blowing a fan? What?
Don't you feel more dodge-y with this?
Um, kinda, but... What's that on the fan?

Um, which one is he, again?
Ooooh, right. He was a...you said wakizashi, right...?
Oh, those poor children.

(Ice Peck.)
Undead King might've made the Dead Swordsman on the right bite off more than it can chew.

(Lily: Fire Bomb.)

(Lanzon: Fire Bomb.)
You know, Lanzon, this girl is far more gentle when making us into bombs than you are. Hint, hint.
I'm quite comfortable with how I treat you three, A.

(Power Break.)
Not today, sword man!

Okay, um... W-what now?
Hit him? Ooh, poison him!
I-I've got a hunch poison won't really--
C'moooon, Raven, you can do it! He's just a big, ugly Yu-Gi-Oh monster!
...That's not really encoura--

Hmhmhm... I think I see what's going on here~
Ah, kids.
For the record, Scythe of Cruel Poison has a 55% base inflict chance at level 9. Undead King has 25% poison resistance. Not accounting for LUC adjustments, Raven had about a 14% chance to do that.

(Normal attack.)

(Moaning Spirits.)
Just stacking as many defense debuffs as I can, really.

...The heck was in that miasma? That overblown zombie looks like he's in pretty bad shape.
There's a certain cliché phrase I could insert, but I won't.
Oh yeah Raven's poison also ticks for a boatload of damage.

And now the fun begins.

Raven switches to Great Scythe of Cold Ash now.

Lily'll refuel Raven's TP.

Lanzon will keep Alexis topped off.

Gram switches to Flying Talon Strike.

(Sharp Thrust.)
Compare to earlier, by the way. Undead King has a lot of HP, but it's effectively less, due to its resistances.

G... Go go, Raven, I suppose. My lords.
Holy moly.

(Flying Talon Strike.)

(Ghost Summoning.)
For the record, the game uses a word that clearly means "ghost" to refer to all kinds of undead in this game. I suppose you're free to imagine that your own necromancers are also summoning skeletons, if you like.
I gotta take those Dead Bowmen out quickly.

Look how much HP we've lopped off for effectively only having one turn to hit Undead King, by the way.
I'm sure it's good for the conditional. What's this guy's conditional again?

...Curse backlash damage, of course. Why would it be anything else.

This should be enough to kill the Bowmen.

Gram will debuff Undead King with Target Arrow, because we're not dealing enough damage, I feel.

There we go.

Down they go.

Buff stacking still has diminishing returns in EO5, but it seems to have been toned down quite a bit from EOU/2U.

(Undead King can't act, due to missing enemies.)
Ha ha.


For the record, Gram's attack buff had worn off on the earlier Flying Talon Strike.

Alexis uses Revenge Thrust.

Because the battle's almost over.

(Revenge Thrust.)

(Defeated Undead King!)

Get out the plates, because you just got-- Wait, no, that doesn't have anything to do with this...
Hope you're not feeling bonely down-- Bleh, no, that one's really bad...
What in the...?
You'll be looking up...at the grass. ...Gah, no, there's no grass here...
This seems forced.
The bosses before you are rolling in their--
Oh my god you were SO COOL out there!
Wh-- ...Gh... Oh... Bwaah...
...Wait a minute, Mio comes from a world where monotheism is the norm?
Oh my god oh my god oh my god how'd you do it?! How'd you poison it that badly?! That ice stuff was so cool!
Dah dee duh woo...
Looks like she broke him by hugging him.
Going by his cheeks, I'd say less "broke" and more "embarrassed." Hoh hoh hoh~
...That was, uh... That was considerably easier than Undead King usually is. The poison did a lot, really. Not only did it deal a lot of damage on its own, it enabled Raven to put on serious hurt with Great Scythe of Cold Ash.

For the record, I'm not missing a music link. The Result music continues playing into this scene.
The Undead King, the eternal ruler of this land...slowly falls to the floor. His body quickly crumbles into nothingness, leaving behind a empty room, one so quiet that it leaves you briefly wondering if it was all a dream. However, your daze is interrupted when you notice a ring shining ominously on the ground where he fell.

The Ring of the Immortal. The stolen treasure... My family's greatest wish... It's finally...
All of that... For this one stupid ring.
Shut up. You're ruining the mood.
The girl by your side crumples to her knees, her face buried in her hands. Her long journey is finally at an end. You pick up the ring to hand it to her. When she looks up, she seems almost surprised by the tears in her eyes and wipes them away.
S-Sorry. I didn't mean to cry. I'm just...so relieved, I, uh, eheh...
As she grasps your hands in thanks, you can see Soleil slowly walking up from behind her.

Yo. I figured I should give that bucket of bones a taste of my blade while I was here, but, well, looks like you're already done here. Happens. That the ring, Lily?
Yeah, it is. My mission is complete!
Good. Then everything's settled, and no one's even dead. We should get back to town to get some rest.
The Reaper then glances at you. Unlike her usual, mocking smirk, she flashes you an impish grin before turning to leave.
Heh heh ha. Guess everyone's got their own way of saying thanks.
Hey, wait up Soleil! Uh, sorry guys, I gotta go! Really, seriously, thank you!
After thanking you one last time, she chases after Soleil while calling her name. With this, you've accomplished your mission to help them. You should report to the Council that no one was hurt.

Buh bah bee buh gah...
I think he just needs some time to lie down, dear.
Oh, I can take him back to the inn!
Heh. Go ahead. We'll go tell Remus what happened. You just go and make sure he gets some rest.

Oh, Nameless. I've already heard the story from Soleil and Lily. So you were able to defeat the Undead King! Excellent work. Even as a member of the Council, I'm glad that those two have managed to complete their task. So I'd like to reward for your labor. Will you accept this?

Obtained 20000 en.
But of course.

Now then, there's also the matter of you completing the third stratum, the Vanguard's Mortuary. To be frank, we of the Council know absolutely nothing of what comes next. According to the reports, there weren't any stairs in the Undead King's chamber, correct?
None that I could see, at least.
However, we believe that a way forward must lie hidden somewhere in the Labyrinth. After you've rested, would you be willing to go back and search for it? There must be some way to reach the uncharted 4th Stratum.
We've a guild member who badly needs some time to recover from...an event. But after that? Of course.

Obtained Vitality Bangle.
For reporting in all of the 3rd Stratum floors, we get a Vitality Bangle, which gives +30 HP and +30 VIT.

If we talk to the townspeople after finishing the mission, but before going to 16F, we get special dialogue.
Bee tee dubs, thanks bunches for saving Lily! When I saw her come home to the inn, I was so overcome with joy, I started crying as I embraced her tiny head for a big ol' hug!
Then Soleil punched me and I fell unconscious.
My heart beats with joy in wild abandon that one of our best customers is still doing A-O-Great! I guess it's true what they say--"you don't appreciate what you have until it's already gone."
...Ah, Genetta, dear...
...Why are you looking at me like that?

Lily came back! Good work, Nameless! Those two are good customers; it makes me glad they're safe, and they're glad too, which also makes me glad! It's like a gladness bargain sale! Speaking of bargains, why not buy something in honor of her safe return?
...Never change, Ceric.

King's Rod (+40 ATK, +98 MATK, Knight of Revival, Gold x3) is made from 1 Corpse King's Deathmask (Undead King normal). Costs 20000 en, sells for 8000 en.

Knight of Revival: Uses the arms. Attempts to revive all dead party members. Has a 120% speed modifier at all levels.

Ehhhhhhhh. The King's Rod on its own is pretty strong MATK-wise, I guess this is an okay bonus.

I, uh, don't have a picture for Melina due to technical difficulties.
Oh, good work on saving Lily, everyone. Thank you. Lily just kept blabbering on and on about you, you know. You might even get famous for this. That said, Lily and Soleil are really popular too, so maybe I'm just jealous. In all sorts of ways. *chuckle* Anyway, good work.
I forgot to screencap it, but the two patrons that showed up when Lily went missing have new dialogue.

#1: Fidgety Lunarian girl:
Cookie: Have you heard? Lily came back! And I got to thank her and give her the cookies and everything! And she seemed so touched! Dunno why, but I'm so glad!
#2: Bucket helm-wearing Dragoon:
This Guy: I'm so glad Lily came home safe. And she was smiling brighter than ever... I guess my next obstacle is that I've never even talked to her...
That is quite a large obstacle, yes.

Oh, it's you guys, huh? I hear that whole business with those other two went well. That's a load off my mind. That's it for the 3rd Stratum, then, eh? I wonder what's up ahead. I'm sure it'll be quite the sight...

Thank you for saving Soleil and Lily. Your contributions are appreciate by all of the town. I hope that, after you've rested, you'll push further and find a path to the next stratum.
That is, in fact, the plan.
...I'm sorry that I do nothing but make demands of you, but there's not much else that I can do from here. Good luck, and stay safe.

Anyway. The path to the 4th Stratum? Right over here.

I'd say this is kind of a jerk move from Atlus, but, then again, rule of thumb with EO dungeons: if there's empty space in an otherwise filled region, there's probably something there.
You're not allowed to go through this secret passage before the boss is killed. It's sealed by magic or something, I dunno.
It's sealed by an Anti-Convenience Field.

I wonder what lies beyond.

VIDEO: 4th Stratum: Prismatic Druse Intro

It's so pretty! Ooh, ooh, Raven, look at this one!
Crystals and precious gemstones as far as the eye can see.
Ohhhhh, what I would give to be a living thief with knowledge of this place...
You really have no shame, do you?
We all gave that up a long time ago, I think.
It's gorgeous...but I also have a strange, ominous feeling.
Oh, we can worry about that later~
A crystal cavern, eh? Maybe a bit generic on the surface, but I think it's nice to look at. The music's pretty good, as well.
Personally I love the gimmick here. It's simple, but they do a lot with it.

As you follow the uncharted path up the stairs, you find yourselves in a section of the Labyrinth covered in brilliant cystals. Among them, you could swear you can see some rare and valuable gems. It seems you'll have to explore this new stratum while blinded by their gleam.
A short bit into the floor...

As you navigate the dazzling paths, you find the road blocked by a giant crystal. You can see around it to a path beyond, but it doesn't seem like you'd be able to squeeze past it.
Perhaps I can find a fault in it!
Just to test, you try hitting it a few times, but it's quite hard and trying any further right now seems like it would be a waste of time.
Damnation? Really? That was old and antiquated when I was alive.

Hrm. Don't think I'm getting past that crystal for now. Back to town.
So doctor, gimme the news; can you find expensive crystals in the new stratum or no?
Yeah, I guess? Why do you ask?
Y'see, my older sister got this crazy idea running through her head that she could pay off her bar tab with them, and started running off faster than a cheetah's uncle! Fingers crossed she doesn't get drunk and bother the explorers??
Ah, the wonders of irresponsible older sisters...

Hey, how's it going?
We got to a new stratum! It's filled with crystals and everything!
What?! You're already in the 4th Stratum?! Gosh, I know I've said I'm expecting a lot from you, but wow. Never thought you'd really do it. Nobody's ever been past the 3rd Stratum before, it's a totally uncharted frontier...bring back one of those Dragon Crystals and you're practically going to start a gold rush! Things'll go bananas here in town!
And you don't want to get in on this?
...Who, me? Nah, I'm just a shopkeeper. I'm not gonna go out there and dig for rocks, I'll just buy them from the people who do!

Congratulations on reaching the 4th Stratum. Now that you're the first people to set foot in the virgin 4th Stratum, I'm sure I'll be getting a deluge of requests asking for you by name. So you can expect to be busy. I'll be working you to the bone.
*chuckle* Calm down, that was a joke.
Quests and bar patrons later.

...Damn, though, can hardly believe you actually managed to clear the 3rd Stratum before anyone else.
Why do you say that?
Well... Eh... I mean, for a while there you looked so green I could have you on my dinner plate, but somewhere along the line I started thinking, "Those Nameless kids are probably gonna be the first ones to reach the 4th Stratum." Cause I've seen the looks in your eyes. I've seen how you look at the Labyrinth like a wild animal eyes its next meal. So, basically, I can actually believe it.
And I also believe this: you guys might very well be the ones to achieve the dream of all explorers, and reach the top of Yggdrasil.

Thanks to you, the Council has gotten its first concrete confirmation of the 4th Stratum's existence. Our reports indicate that stories of a colossal cavern of crystals, untouched by human hands, has attracted not only explorers, but even members of the townsfolk. ...Good grief, but it is frustrating. We can't very well stop all unlawful entry into higher areas of Yggdrasil, but...could I count on you all to protect anyone who's run into a fray they can't defend themselves in?
Of course!
...Didn't we have to pass a test to go to the third stratum? Why can't they just do that again?

Let's close out with stuff at the bar, shall we?

#1: What's needed for a brilliant household:
Oh, that one? Um, let's see here... It's from a local architect. The client should be in the bar right now, so would you mind asking them for the details?
I'll do that in a bit.

#2: The glitter of crystal:
This one's from the same girl who wanted those rocks back in the third stratum. Do you remember her? She specifically asked for you by name.
...Ah, yes, her.
*chuckle* I guess she's taken quite a liking to you. She's waiting for you in the bar, so go talk to her for the details.
#3: Pursue the missing squadron:
So you took that one, huh? Thanks, that really helps me out. A little while ago a group of soldiers went into the Labyrinth, but they failed to return at the scheduled time. They're organizing a search party as we speak, but there's a lot of paperwork and red tape associated with that, so that's not gonna cut it for an emergency rescue. So that's why they put out a request for explorers too. The soldiers were meant to be heading towards this area of floor 13.

And if you find the soldiers, please give them this.

Obtained Support Materials!
It contains food and water, as well as an Ariadne Thread to get them home. I sure hope they get home in one piece...

Now then.

#1: Girl with a large book:
Girl: Hey, its the explorers! Hello! Thank you so much for showing me that ore the other day! Um...does this mean you've accepted my request?
Girl: All right! So, hey, uh, have you seen any crystal monsters? I heard that the crystal forest in the Labyrinth is full of 'em. I really really really wanna go see them! But it's too dangerous for a kid like me to go there myself, right? So I'll to settle for the next best thing. If you find any materials dropped by monsters with crystal bodies, could you come here and show me them? Thanks a bunch!
The girl specifically wants drops from the elemental Creep enemies, which we'll see as we progress further in.

#2: Man with showy clothes:
Architect: Hm? Do you have some business with me?
Are you, um, the architect that posted the request?
Architect: Oh! So you took the request! Thank you, I'm in your debt! I suppose you've already heard, but I'm an architect. Recently I discovered some notebooks in my grandfather's old storehouse, and one line in particular caught my eye. "Shining Bark, sleeping in the crystal forest." Accompanying it on the page was a beautiful sketch of the most marvelously shining wood. The moment I saw that, something inside me clicked. I just had build a house out it, the most beautiful house anyone's ever seen! With that in mind, I'd like to ask you fine explorers to collect some Shining Bark from the crystal forest. Even just 1 should be enough, but the more you bring the more I'll reward you. I'm prepared to pay for up to 5. I'll leave the exact number up to your discretion. Good luck.
Oh that's gonna be fucking fun to gather if my luck with Quality Saplings was any indication. I miss the Byeahs...

And the rest of 'em.

#1 is Hansuke again.

#2: Purple-haired lady Fencer:
Fencer: My, if it isn't the good folks from Nameless? I hear tell that you've actually reached the 4th Stratum! If it's no bother, could you tell me what it's like up there?
Really pretty! There's crystals and gemstones everywhere!
And, erm, some of those crystals happen to be right in our paths.
Fencer: I see, so they have large crystals blocking the paths... That must be troublesome, even for the monsters who live there. I wouldn't be surprised if clearing the path expanded their territory as well. On the other hand, that might just create the opening you'll need.
#3: Therian girl:
Bunny: Hey hey, have you heard? There this super cool guy named Hansuke who's clearing the Labyrinth, like BAM! Tee hee hee, when I grow up I wanna be a sparkly mega-awesome explorer like him!
Hansuke is nothing compared to someone that can just tear apart enemydata.tbl and cross-reference with EO2U.
He's not as cool as me, I bet. I'm sparkly. And mega-awesome. Why won't cute bunny girls love meeeeeeeeeee
#4: Young Ice Warlock:
Blue Mage: Wait...are you THE Nameless? The guys who got to the 4th Stratum?
Blue Mage: My gosh, what an honor to meet you! My guild's been stuck for a while because of this stupid Cestus we've got. He's the kinda guy who'd boil the dirt under his fingertails and try to get you to drink it... I mean, I guess he's useful sometimes, but oh how I wish I could just explore the Labyrinth myself. *sigh*
...Okay then.

#5: Friendly old man with facial scar:
Former Miner: Ha ha ha, I hear the latest stratum is some kinda crystal forest. Back in my day we ain't never had anything crazy like that, but I do have some experience with crystal caverns. We used to carry a heavy pickaxe to clear 'em away, and even then it would take two swings to get 'er done. A real pain too, 'cause with each swing the beasts would get closer and closer! We'd be prayin' for our lives each and every time. Ha, still, those was the good ol' days...
And that does it for now. Next time: I have a score to settle with a certain FOE, and some quests to do.
Now, Lord of the Dead, crush his Blade Armor Ninja and end this duel! Undead King Crow! Attack with GREAT GHOST EXPLOSION!
Not so fast! I activate Mirror Force!
When I activate Mirror Force, all your Attack Position monsters are destroyed, including your Undead King!
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