Update 27: Current process: SEKAIJ5

I don't get it, though: what's so fun about Makoto? She's boring.
"Boring?" I think you mean "cool" and "reliable" and "cute."
You sure you're not describing Futaba?
Uh, no? Futaba is like a little sister to Joker. Makoto, on the other hand, if I wanted one, would be a perfect girlfriend!
Raven. I am your senpai, and you are my kouhai. Seniority counts double~
And how, exactly, can the unreliablity of that shaking disaster compare to the sheer magnificence of repeatedly cooking an enemy?
Unreliable, my ursa. This thing works perfectly fine (if you treat it like a weapon and not a Super Resurrection Herb).
"Perfectly fine?" Not only does it require that the enemy reek of your compounds, they need to be suffering from said compounds as well.
Uh-huh. At least it hurts more and can't whiff when those are happening, unlike your--snrk--two-hit rocks.
(What did I do to deserve this? Was it the naked thing?)
Get used to this party, it's what we're going with for both the secret area and 18F.
Let's collectively pity Alexis.

Let's begin with a quest.
You head to the designated point you heard at the bar, and just as you were told there are guards waiting there. When you call out to them and explain that you took the request, someone who seems to be in charge steps forward.

Thank you for taking our request.
The guard bows courteously before promptly moving on to the details of the request.
As I'm sure you're aware, there's a solitary monster in the room ahead.
One large, unsightly worm?
That's our target. In order to capture it, we want you to lure it to this point.

That's where we're setting up our trap. It should be ready by the time you gentlemen enter the room. However, we lack the raw combat capabilities to stand up to a monster like that, so we're asking you to trigger it for us. About all we can do is make sure no other monsters can enter the room and interfere while you're working. It pains me to say this, but we're counting on you for the hard part. Good luck.
Bowing again, the courteous guard return to his position. In order to complete this job, you'll need to lure the monter to the designated point.

You might notice that it's a completely different time now. That's because I had to redo this a few times because I screwed it up.

Here's what you have to do to lure the worm onto the target point.

You've successfully lured the monster to the point!

The plan goes off without a hitch, and the trap puts the monster into a deep sleep. You decide that you've finished the request and go report to the guards.
Something about that worm sleeping is...creeping me out a lot...

Good work. Thanks to you, we've captured the beast with no casualties. I'm sure the Monster Research Society will be pleased with the results too. We left your reward with the bar, so be sure to report in with them.

Welcome back. Looks like you safely captured the monster. But isn't it awfully bold of them to be capturing a monster from the Labyrinth for study? That said, I'm sure the benefits of that research will trickle down to us too. By the way, was the monster you caught a cute one?
Nnnnnoooooooo. Not even a little.
I see. Well, it is a monster after all. Beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, here's your reward. Good work, everyone.
I think it's cute.
Whatever floats your boat, boss man. Get me a Lava Golem when you wanna talk cute monsters.

Obtained Splendrous Bangle.
Splendrous Bangles give +50 HP and +75 TP. Meh.

I did not invest that skill point yet. Oops.

With that out of the way, let's deliver some lunches because Genetta forgot to give them.

Enjoy this secret area encounter, by the way.

As you continue on, taking care not to ruin Genetta's lunches, you suddenly smell something wafting in from ahead. Someone is clearly cooking something, so you follow your noses to a party of explorers. However, they seem suspicious of your sudden appearance and put themselves on guard. As carefully as possible, you explain why you're here and offer them the lunchboxes.

They relax and introduce themselves as TFKrew before explaining that without their lunches they had been forced to cook something.
Oh. You idiots again. Look, we've got your food--
But with a wry smile, they note that now they have no need for the food they've prepared and offer it to you. They tell you not to worry about paying them back, and you gratefully accept their offer with a nod.

Obtained 2 Mountain Fish Soups!
...Okay. Whatever.

I would like to note that this place is nothing but endless twisting corridors. No events, besides the quest ones, to speak of.

As you continue on, taking care not to ruin Genetta's lunches, you can hear the sound of pickaxes hitting rock echoing from up ahead. You take this as proof that there are fellow explorers deeper in. Most likely they're simply searching for any valuable ore veins in the area. You feel almost to interrupt the pleasantly regular noise, but you call out to them.

You both introduce yourselves. They call their guild Awesome and ask what you're here for.
That's an ostentatious name you have there.
Why are you looking at me like that.
You tell them that you're delivering lunches from Genetta and hand them the boxes. Looking satisfied with their lunches, they offer you some of the ore they've found as thanks. Claiming that it's the least they could do, you don't feel like you can refuse.

Obtained Bismuth.
You bid farewell to Awesome and move on.

As you continue on, taking care not to ruin Genetta's lunches, you suddenly hear the sounds of fighting from up ahead! As you brace yourselves for a monster attack, the sounds suddenly stop. Deciding to check it out, you move forward to find a group of fellow explorers. Scattered at their feet are the remains of the monsters they just defeated. Taking care not to startle them when they're on edge, you announce yourselves as gently as possible, stating that you're just humans and mean them no harm.

It seems to work, as there are no problems. They introduce themselves as Mina-san. You introduce yourselves as well, and explain why you're here as you hand them their lunches. They smile an understanding smile and hand you a pile of meat in return. Claiming that it's the least they could do, you don't feel like you can refuse.

Obtained 5 Animal Meats!
I'm fairly certain that's all of the lunches Genetta provided.
Shall we go back to the inn and listen to Genetta's... Agh, I'm blanking. What's a good word for her manner of speaking?
Endless prattling.
Yes, that.

Oh, welcome back! So did you deliver the lunches?
Excellent, thanks bunches! Graugh, but it makes me mad that I became so useless just from a larger workload... Seems even Miss Genetta's got some room to grow.
Aw, don't be sad. Everyone's got some room to grow.
...Aw, are you trying to comfort me? You're sweet. Don'tcha worry, though, I got all sorts of help from my other customers that aren't you, too! Like, Gen, the carpenter, you know from around the back, actually wait maybe you don't anyway so he helped me make rice balls for the lunches and the POINT is that if I'm gonna pay everyone back, I need to work harder! "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," as they say in the urban media. Oh but thanks again, you guys are a HUGE help! I left your reward at the bar so please to be picking it up! Until we meet again, my frieeeeends...

Sounds like you finished Genetta's errand. Good work.
I can't say I ever thought part of being an explorer would be delivering lunches to other explorers.
...I see, so she'd forgotten to hand them their lunches. *chuckle* No surprises there. Doesn't just looking at her make you worry if she's handling everything all right? I used to think so anyway. But surprisingly, she actually handles all her duties while still being something of a poster girl for the inn. That's not something just anyone could do. Rest assured that she actually works quite hard when you're not around. Not to say that she isn't a bit of an airhead too. Just, you know, at the same time. Try to be nice to her, okay? Anyway, here's your reward. Good work.

Obtained 3 Nectars.
Obtained Nectar II.
Don't think we've run into Nectar IIs yet. They're identical to their EO2U version--revives a dead party member at 200 HP.

Mio starts putting points in Affection again.

Prepare yourself, for Magda will finally get a good chance to demonstrate Smoke Solid later in this update.
Are we gonna feel the heat

Also here's this thing.
Krug (+49 DEF, +38 MDEF, +15% cut/stab/bash resistance) is made from 1 Clouded Crystal (Blaze Creep conditional). Costs 21000 en, sells for 8400 en.

Down we go, to the meat of the 4th Stratum secret area.

Right off the bat, we have a worm puzzle. I want to explore elsewhere for now, though.
I can't believe you're putting off the worm puzzle.

I hate video games

specifically video games with Hypnotizing Bats in them

I guess this is really the only video game with Hypnotizing Bats, huh

I command you to move!
If none of the monsters we've encountered so far understood our speech--
If I were to get technical, it sounded like the Undead King--
I am the only one that's allowed to speak on technicalities.

An encounter involving a gorilla gives Kaelin a level. However, he still does not invest it--I am still waiting until he can learn High-Speed Incantation without bumping up TP costs too much.

I accidentally hit A on Raven when selecting Custom screens and remembered he had a level. It goes into Curb ATK Up.

At this point I got tired of this turtle's nonsense and fought it.

Raging Fortress

HP: 11936
STR: 95
INT: 82
VIT: 86
WIS: 76
AGI: 55
LUC: 74



Damage Resistances:
75% 75% 100%
150% 150% 150%

Disable Resistances:
25% 75% 0% 25% 50% 50% 50%
10% 10%
50% 50% 50%
Be sure to have some way to dispel Shell Guard, or else you're going to get nowhere when fighting Raging Fortresses. Even then, you still might not get very far, since these things have an absolute boatload of HP.
I recommend binding the legs and beating the snot out of it.

Alexis uses Sharp Thrust because, really, what else is he supposed to do?

Oh, right, I don't think I mentioned it earlier, but I had Raven max out Preemptive Weapon so that he can just immediately get to work at the start of each fight.

In this fight, specifically, he'll open with Scythe of Cruel Poison.

Kaelin's only job is to use Multistrike elementals.

Mio buffs everyone's damage, as per usual.

I had Magda use Dark Smoke because the Raging Fortress is especially weak to poison, and I'd rather have Raven take advantage of that instead of Magda. The difference in damage between Scythe of Cruel Poison and Poison Smoke is pretty big.


And that's not helping!

(Shell Guard.)

...Please don't ask why I had Kaelin use Windstorm. I really don't remember at all.
Hey Ragnar, I have a question. If you hate this game that has Hypnotizing Bats in it, why are you going to so much effort to LP it? It seems a disproportionate task.
Because I can rest safely in the knowledge that once I leave the 4th Stratum, I will not have to see Hypnotizing Bats ever again.

For some dumb reason, I had Magda try Dark Smoke again, instead of using Smoke Rot to get rid of Shell Guard.

I, uh, still don't really get how this works, honestly.
How? How can you not understand the basics of your job?
I'm just using the jars that the instructor at the guild gave me!
Wait a minute, you smash jars on your scythe? THAT's how miasma works?!
I guess?
...I feel perplexed and annoyed for reasons I can't quite articulate.
Miasma is a deeply mystical experience and can be yours for only 5.99 plus shipping.

Is making asinine noises just a part of being an Illusionary Fencer?
Why yes, it is.


Here's how much Scythe of Cruel Poison ticks for, by the way.

I finally come to my senses re: dispelling Shell Guard.

Why does no-one ever wait for me to do my job? Gods.
...Too bad Raven outspeeds Smoke Rot.

There, that's that taken care of.

(Tail Swipe.)
Yeek! ...Uh, thanks, Alexis.
I am always happy to have a partner in artful dodging! It's not all too dissimilar to a dance, if you think about it!
Oh no.

Magda takes a chance on Smoke Solid.

Great Scythe of Cold Ash still absolutely ruins enemies with ailments, by the way.

Somehow, using Rockfall makes less sense than using a standard elemental.

I recorded this over a week ago at the time of writing, okay?

...I will admit, that is impressive.
Yes, yes. This came about from my attempts at an advanced Refresh Herb... Ugh.
I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've actually petrified in an enemy in this entire run.

As a reminder, petrification completely prevents a party member/enemy from acting at all. Do you like having a few turns to just wail on an enemy without having to worry about them doing anything at all? Because I do.

Magda finally has a good chance to show off Smoke Bomb.

I had...mocked that bomb when I first saw it. I recant my mockery.
It was supposed to be a Super Resurrection Herb...
Holy shit. (Remember, a small part of why Magda is Lunarian instead of Earthrun is because of the INT stat and its use in Smoke Bomb.)

Anyway, I just wail on the turtle for a few turns, while it's completely helpless to actually do anything.

The petrification wore off a few turns later.

Too little, too late, I'm afraid.

Obtained Gale Amulet.
+30 HP, +20 AGI. Who the hell would actually want to equip this?

I went back to town to rest up before doing the last part of the 4th Stratum secret area.
Palm (+103 ATK, +80 MATK, Shell Guard, Silver x4) is made from 1 Champion Shell (Raging Fortress normal) and 1 Bismuth (4th Stratum Mine 2). Costs 20000 en, sells for 8000 en.

Shell Guard: Uses the legs. Increases the user's defense for 4 turns. Has a 50% speed modifier at all levels.


Tortoise Chausses (+20 DEF, +20 MDEF, +25 HP) are made from 1 Champion Shell (Raging Fortress normal). Costs 7500 en, sells for 3000 en.

You absolute FOOL. Why did I let you talk us into fighting a worm?!
It is not by my hand, or my fault, that those two have fallen.
If I may lower my level a bit... YOU DENSE MOTHERFU--

huh. I swear to god things are loading slower than normal
what better time to check than after I've effectively game overed to a worm

Wh-- What's going on?!
Everything...appears to have ceased.

...Okay. I give up. I can't explain this.
I... I must admit, I am scared. My mastery of the universe cannot explain...this.
Well, that makes two of us for the scared part.
That is...some small comfort.

that would explain it

I won't tell anyone that that happened and that you were scared by it, if you do the same for me.
A fair bargain.
sometimes it's fun to make bits out of weird things that you do or otherwise happen in a recording

(I thought battles were loading slower than I was used to and checked to make sure it wasn't the CPU option getting reset after updating Luma3DS that was causing it. turns out it's game patching, because that takes effect on every game, even if you don't have any replacement RomFS images or LayeredFS files, I guess)

(why am I wasting time explaining this let's just get back to the game)

Okay, let's actually do this puzzle now.

You might notice that there's a bunch of crystals one after another here.

The first part is lure the worm to the top of this small room by hitting crystals until you get here.

Then you hit this thing once.

Then you break this thing.

And then this thing.

After that, you're home-free and can just hit the crystals to proceed.

And then you screw up the next puzzle and have to go back to town after you've already mapped out the rooms. Go me.
If you screw up the puzzle you just fight all the worms, you coward. They're vulnerable to instant death! Get your scythe on! ...Actually, do you even have that skill trained at all?
I do not, in fact! Raven only knows one of the pre-reqs for Scythe of Death, and I don't have Lanzon on hand.
If you feel a cheel down your spine, it is a sign of an approaching worm. There is no escape. Give up.

Break the top crystal to start.

And then you need to break this bottom left one.

And then this bottom right one lets you proceed.

This really wasn't that complicated, was it?

Hey, look, a Raven level.

More Curb ATK Up.

Obtained Yggdrasil Key!
Okay, that's different.
You have obtained an ornate brown key inscribed with patterns reminiscent of ancient writing. Since it appears to be a door key, you might want to check out any sealed doors you've encountered.
Oh boy. Ohhhhhhh boy. Secret areas. Everyone remember my experience with those in EO2U? Look forward to that happening again.

Not now, though, since it makes sense to end the update here. Next time: secret areas.
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