Update 29: Mauthe Doog

Hey, uh, Cece?
I found this really old journal at the Grand Market. It was only 100 en, so I thought "why not?" The guy said whoever wrote it was really, really, really into wildlife biology, so...
Hm... Dear me, this thing has had a rough life. I can tell there's quite heavy water damage to the cover, back, and spine, some of the pages look like they've been burnt slightly, and... Oh lords.
Do I even want to know what the green stuff is?
Let's...not think about that. Allow me a glance at a random page...
...Oh. Ohhhhh. Oh my gods look at the descriptions of those surface gemstones! Aaaaaaaah...
I-if I may, allow me to redirect your attention to this passage about this...strange and beautiful creature...
Wanna just spend the rest of the day reading this? There's a lotta pages in this thing.
That certainly sounds more fun than yet more fencing practice--I accept.

And now, for the Alexis/Raven, Kaelin/Mio/Magda party's last stretch--18F.

(Floor subtitle: Refracting light and unseeable pathways)

Well, that's the obvious path forward.

And I say we take the obvious path toward not having an incomplete map.

As you walk through the glittering Labyrinth, you come across a guard sitting on a rock with a somehow dark expression. When he notices you, he reaches his arm towards you and beckons you to come closer. Maybe you could ask him what a guard is doing on a new floor.
Is there a particular reason you're on an unexplored floor alone? What are you doing here?
What do you think I'm doing? I'm collecting crystals. I heard they discovered a new floor, so I rushed out of town first thing in the morning and ended up here. But with all these monsters, not to mention the weird glowing crystals you have to go through... I got scared. So I was taking a little break.
With that, the guard stands up and picks up the weapon he'd left beside the rock.
But it's about time for me to get a move on. I've got a sick family, and that medicine ain't cheap.
You can either see him off without a word or give him something.
Wait, uh... Aw crap, do we have a Dragon Crystal Fragment?
We can choose to either let the guard go further into the floor or give him a Dragon Crystal Fragment.
It would appear that we...do not.
Unfortunately, you don't have a Dragon Crystal Fragment to give him. However, you could always just give him money instead. A Dragon Crystal Fragment should be worth about 650 en.
That's...kinda chump change to us. Even after Kaelin's suit thing.
It's highly-regarded Grand Magi garb, not a mere "suit."
So, uh, here, please take this.
You stop the guard and present him with 650 en. When he tries to say something, you silently push it into his hand. Apparently crying beneath his helmet, he thanks you emotionally. Praying for the health of him and his family, you return to exploring.
Y'know, I think everything's gonna be alright for him! He seems like a lucky kinda guy.
I certainly can't deny that running into us probably required some amount of luck.

The crystal-seeking man

You met a guard searching for valuable crystals and gave him a bit of money.

With four skill points stocked up, I finally had Kaelin learn High-Speed Incantation.
Ready?! Demon's Lance! Ready?! Demon's Lance! Ready?! Demon's Lance! Ready?!

Mio's still just re-leveling Affection.

Anger Bird

HP: 639
STR: 77
INT: 62
VIT: 65
WIS: 70
AGI: 65
LUC: 57



Damage Resistances:
100% 150% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 50% 150% 100% 100% 50%
150% 150%
100% 100% 100%
anger bird

reminds me of that shitty rip-off anger birds thing

Oh, right, the enemy. They basically always are spawned in the back row, and their entire purpose in life is to just buff other enemies' attack.
I forgot these guys existed.

This is before they get buffed, by the way.

(Attack Wing.)
I do not like where this could be going.

Allow me a question: how does a small tornado cause a monster's arms to be broken?
Mysticism. That is the answer.

I don't know about the rest of you, but lightly-poisoned turkey meat sounds appetizing.
I'm joking.

Kinda thankful Mio can equip light armor right now.

Obtained 1 Sticky Moss naturally, 1 Sticky Moss from Alexis, and 1 Sticky Moss from Raven.
18F, E5 Take Point

About now is when encounter formations start becoming especially rude, by the way.

I see we're starting off with an exceptional abomination.
I'm curious as to how its brain works. Is it just housed in one head, or split between them?
Two-Headed Pursuers (henceforth dogs) aggro on you as soon as you enter the room and then just chase you at a normal pace if they have at least one unobstructed path to you.


I figure I can take one of these on.

Two-Headed Pursuer

HP: 12898
STR: 100
INT: 83
VIT: 82
WIS: 79
AGI: 82
LUC: 84



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 125% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 25% 75% 75% 50% 25% 25%
10% 10%
50% 25% 25%
Getting bound at all in a fight with a Two-Headed Pursuer is bad news, as I'm sure you can infer from Jailbreak's description. Which makes it all the more fun that their other two skills attempt to inflict binds. To be honest, though, 130% damage is enough that Jailbreak is dangerous enough even without the bind bonus.

Let's just give myself a few turns to get a strong opening.

...Less than ideal.

Maybe that'll make things better.

Can't use skill due to head bind.
Try as you might, the ethereal chains will not vanish!
...Until they randomly vanish for seemingly no reason.

Note how it's turn 1, and yet Kaelin has a Multistrike effect. That's High-Speed Incantation in action!

On the other hand, also pay attention to Kaelin's TP, because even aside from the High-Speed Incantation's TP increase, his turn-to-turn TP use has jumped up drastically.

...I hate this stupid miasma stuff sometimes.


Two mouths, but evidently only one brain between them!

God, 6-hit Multistrikes are fun. Please note that Icicle Lance is still level 3--imagine if it was a higher level right now.

(For the record, at Multistrike's current level, 6 hits means it deals 360% of the skill's normal damage.)

Given that the poison didn't land until last turn, I think this is going pretty well.

Also, the poison means I get to use fun skills now.

I think we're good, friends.

Yeah, we're definitely good.

...Damn. I need more voltage-related quips.
No you don't, trust me.

And now I don't have to fight another one of those again.

Alexis learns Counter Boost because why not.

And then I went back to town so I could save my progress in case I get wiped later on the floor.
Anger Fist (+94 ATK, +65 MATK, TP Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Deep Crimson Crest (Anger Bird normal) and 1 Royal Claw (Mole King normal). Costs 14000 en, sells for 5600 en.

Double Scythe (+90 ATK, +104 MATK, Cage of Fangs, Silver x4) is made from 1 Demon Beast Voltclaw (Two-Headed Pursuer conditional). Costs 21100 en, sells for 8440 en.

Cage of Fangs: Uses the head. Attempts to bind the head, arms, and legs of one enemy. Has a 40% speed modifier at all levels.

On the one hand, Cage of Fangs doesn't have the best base chance and is slow as shit. On the other hand, it's the only non-Tanglethread method Reapers have of inflicting binds, and it's something for if... I dunno, if an enemy resists both paralysis and poison.

Le Cercueil (+76 ATK, +103 MATK, Bunrei, Silver x4) is made from 1 Two-Headed Beast Pelt (Two-Headed Pursuer normal) and 1 Warped Voltstone (Bolt Creep normal). Costs 24600 en, sells for 9840 en.

Rubashka (+33 DEF, +50 MDEF) is made from 1 Deep Crimson Crest (Anger Bird normal). Costs 10100 en, sells for 4040 en.

Polka (+40 DEF, +41 MDEF, +7 AGI) is made from 1 Two-Headed Beast Pelt (Two-Headed Pursuer normal). Costs 14000 en, sells for 5600 en.

Unihorn (Purges all buffs and debuffs from all party members) is made from 1 Sticky Moss (4th Stratum Take 1). Costs 2500 en, sells for 1000 en.

Even unforged, the Double Scythe is still better than Raven's current scythe. I buy one, as such.

I expend one Silver Ingot to bump it up by 3 forge levels.

Now, I could just use the other Silver Ingot we have in storage to get the last two levels, but that's a bit inefficient, isn't it? Unfortunately, at the moment, I only have one Bronze Ingot, so I can't get it to max rank.


Yes, here's a somewhat cheesy way to get some extra Bronze Ingots: buy really cheap weapons from early on that you have a shitload of materials for, forge it fully, and then recycle it. Not the most time-efficient method of doing things, but eh, I don't really care.

There we go, that's much better.

Incidentally, I should note that the proper solution tot his first room is to break that crystal on the left, and then give the dog the ol' ring-around-the-rosie until you're at the door.

For this next room...

Break this crystal and then beeline for the top door.

Complicated, I know.

Food point here distributes Labyrinth Wheat.

As you continue through the forest of scattered crystals, you come across a large crystal that's clearly different from the rest.
Ooh. Can we get a piece of it?

Ow, ow, ow, okay, bit of advice: testing the hardness of something by knocking on it really hard is painful.
You approach and try touching it, and find that it's far harder than any of the crystals you've encountered so far. You doubt you could destroy it, even with the pickaxe Ceric gave you. It seems you have no choice but to go around it for now.
Go around it, eh? How about I take that literally?

I have the oddest feeling that once we take a step forward, something bizarre will happen.
I'd ask why, but honestly, by this point, same.

Those of you familiar with my EO2U LP might know where this is going based on that icon.

Nothing is ever simple or, at times, sensical with this place, is it?
You've said that several times in the past, I'm fairly sure.
As you stand before the crystal, it suddenly lets off a brilliant flash of light! As you're wondering what that was about, you look around to see that you're in a completely different location! It appears those crystals have the power to move you over long distances. However, you distinctly recall standing in front of one without teleporting earlier. Perhaps it has something to do with your precise position. Keeping that in mind, you return to exploring.
TELEPORTER CRYSTALS. Stand in front of one of the four direct sides of a teleporter crystal, and if there's another teleporter crystal in that direction somewhere on the floor, you'll be sent to it.
There are never three crystals in the same line, for the record.

Observe, the opposite of the first teleportation, for a better idea of how this works.

As you leave behind the bizarre crystal pillar device, you suddenly hear a voice you've heard before. Straining your ears, you're certain it's human. Specifically, the voice of a girl. Following the voice, you discover a girl you've seen before.

You all have come quite deep into Yggdrasil. Have you found yourself lost, or are you exploring to chase the legends?
...Um... Neither?
I think a bunch of us are just doing it for the fun of it by this point.
Some being the imperative word, because I'm certainly not.
In less...irritable terms, I believe most of us, at least, are chasing the legends.
Upon hearing your words, she looks surprised for a moment before making a delighted smile.
I see. In that case, take caution ahead. Atop this crystal labyrinth lives a fearsome Crystal Dragon.
Oh, but of course. You'd have to be a fool to not see the pattern by this point.
The girl tells you what to expect with a light tone.
...Hey, wait a minute, how--
Surprised, you're about to ask her how she knows this when she suddenly vanishes into thin air.
Well, um, she's an important mysterious NPC.
...Is she really that fast? You should probably make a report about her, and the Crystal Dragon she mentioned, to the Council. You should do that next time you're back in town.
Oh hey, our final mission awaits us once we go back to town.

The key phrase being "once we go back to town" because fuck if I'm using a Thread this early into the floor.
The anime of my dreams?!

This crystal doesn't actually warp us anywhere, it just serves as an endpoint for one later on.

As you pass through the light of the miraculous crystal pillars and make your way deeper in the Labyrinth, you come across a group of explorers doing the same.

They introduce themselves as Marlone the Illusionary Fencer, from Mina-san. They tell you that they've managed to get this far through the crystal's mysterious light, but have found themselves hopelessly lost. There seems to be some sort of pattern to it, but...they haven't been able to figure it out yet.
I fail to see how you couldn't have--
Shut it. At least keep your deflating bragging to us.
At this point they give you a wry smile. They'd intended to stop and think about it here until they were ready to move on, but now that you're here... They hand you a bag. Inside you see a huge amount of fresh Animal Meat. Apparently they'd found so much while exploring that they're willing to share it with others.

Obtained 5 Animal Meats!
You thank Marlone for the meat, and head towards the next pillar.
Not an Adventure Episode.

So, this room is something of a central hub for the floor--it's where we go to be sent to several places.

Let's start with that direction.

Obtained Silver Ingot!
A treasure I can get behind.

Raven gets a level from a gorilla.

Curb ATK Up levels are exciting, right?

And we get sent right back to this place.

Upwards we go, now.

As you proceed through the complex inner workings of the Labyrinth, you come across a bench in the wall of the cavern, so well-suited for sitting that it almost seems like it was carved by human hands. It's more than large enough for 5 adults to sit on at once, and glitters as if inviting you. If you're tired, you might be able to take a break here.
I'd normally be on my guard, but... I don't see any monsters around, and the bench-thing does seem perfectly smooth.
A break sounds fine, then.
You decide to rest on the bench, which is beautiful enough to be a work of art. It feels pleasantly cold to the touch, and the wind that sometimes blows through the cavern also helps refresh you.

Your stamina and willpower restored, you return to exploring.

Crystal bench

You discover a crystal formation shaped like a bench, and take a break on it.

This encounter slightly annoyed me.

Or it would've, if I didn't have the ability to poison both rows at once.

The experience of poisoning both angry turkeys and leeches gives Magda a level.

I can't wait for Smoke Solid to be max rank, because it becomes fairly reliable at that point.

Another crystal that serves solely as an endpoint.

Obtained 1 Silica Flower naturally, 1 Silica Flower from Alexis, and 2 Silica Flowers from Raven.
18F, E5 Take Point

Lance Lizard

HP: 937
STR: 86
INT: 76
VIT: 73
WIS: 68
AGI: 62
LUC: 65



Damage Resistances:
150% 50% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 0% 50% 50% 50% 100% 50%
50% 150%
100% 50% 150%
Lance Lizards are basically negated by a properly-built dodgetank. Yawn.

(Heart Stab.)

Does all that flipping and stabbing get tiring after a bit?
Not particularly!

...Y'know, does Alexis's acrobatics make him a protagonist or supporting character?
I think it's less that, and more his kinda generic pretty-boy face plus the acrobatics make him the canon route.
I'm...right here, you two.

Let's go this-a-way now.

As you proceed through the shining Labyrinth, you find a bush full of berries, rare for this stratum. They're to the side of the path, surrounded by irregular reflection. If you like, you could bend down to gather some.
I could use more berries after baking that cake...
Ooh, can you do a quiche next ti--AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
As you bend down to pick the berries one by one, Mio suddenly lets out a shriek! Without you realizing it, countless pure white snakes have slithered out of the cracks in the walls and entwined around their body!

And Mio's ankles... And Raven's hands... And Mio's back...
B-but I just... It's o-only been two weeks...
The pure white snakes flick their red tongues at you menacingly. You must decide what to do!
Perhaps a good Lightning might coerce the snakes into unfurling.
If you want to explain to Iseria and Cecil why those two suffered fatal electric shocks, please, be my guest.
Of course two of the three free ones have to bicker... Listen, you two! Just stay perfectly still!
The snakes have entwined themselves all over you, but don't seem to be hostile...
...After a while the snakes seem to get bored of you and disappear into the shadows underneath the crystals. You let out a sigh of relief, pick up the remaining berries, and return to exploring.
There was a choice here: if you try to get them off they bite you.

Obtained 8 Labyrinth Berries!

Berries and snakes

You found a bunch of wild berries, but were surrounded by snakes while collecting. However, you remained calm and got out safely.

And so we move on.

Fuck's sake.

At least it gave Kaelin a level.

And now High-Speed Incantation is maxed out, and only boosts the cost of Incantation spells by 5 TP.

Back to town to sell crap off.
Shamshir (+84 ATK, +77 MATK, LUC Up 3, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Spiked Pauldron (Lance Lizard normal). Costs 17600 en, sells for 7040 en.

Karakashiwa (+94 ATK, +49 MATK, Chip Claws, Silver x3) is made from 1 Severed Spearhead (Lance Lizard conditional). Costs 25000 en, sells for 16000 en.

Chip Claws: Uses the arms. Deals melee STR-based cut damage to one enemy. Reduces the target's attack for 4 turns. Has a 70% speed modifier and no accuracy modifier at all levels.


Savitt (+81 ATK, +81 MATK, TP Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Spiked Pauldron (Lance Lizard normal) and 1 Translucent Red Iron (Blaze Creep normal). Costs 15700 en, sells for 6280 en.

Carabinier Armor (+44 DEF, +44 MDEF) is made from 2 Spiked Pauldrons (Lance Lizard normal) and 1 Beast Arm Membrane (Mighty Gorilla normal). Costs 15400 en, sells for 6160 en.

Soma (Restores 80 HP to all party members) is made from 1 Silica Flower (4th Stratum Take 2). Costs 800 en, sells for 320 en.

Oh, right, we should tell Remus about that thing earlier, shouldn't we?
Oh, hello, everyone. What brings you here today?
We mighta kinda sorta run into a mysterious girl who told us that there's a Crystal Dragon somewhere above where we are in the Labyrinth right now.
...Valuable crystals are one thing, but a lone girl traipsing through the Labyrinth is downright bizarre- and not only that, but she had information about a Crystal Dragon deeper within the fourth stratum? No one's set foot this deep within the Labyrinth in any recorded history, so how could she know... Who IS she? ...Well, we won't find an answer just sitting here thinking about it. Members of Nameless, all I can do is put up a Mission and support you from here, so I'll turn this Crystal Dragon into a new mission.

Overcome the Crystal Dragon and reach the depths of Yggdrasil!

According to the mysterious girl you met in the labyrinth, there's a dangerous monster in the fourth stratum called the Crystal Dragon. We'd like you to verify whether her words are true or not, and if they are, to slay the beast.
In all honesty, you've already gone far beyond where the Council's concerns have any import, and I doubt you really actually care what we think of the obstacles ahead, but for the sake of tradition, I may as well make this a mission. ...All I can do is make requests anyhow. So, a mysterious girl, and a Crystal Dragon... You don't have much of a choice but to investigate further, but I imagine you would be anyway. This will be dangerous, but good luck, and... Maybe I'm out of place saying this to an explorer, but please don't do anything too risky. All I want from you at this point is for you to come back alive.
You can certainly count on us to fulfill that.

I got two Silver Ingots for reporting 100 different types of drops to Remus.

Time (and the Labyrinth) wait for no-one. Let's proceed.

Mio gets a level, courtesy of two turkeys and an overgrown ape.

If you didn't expect another Affection level, I dunno what to tell you.

Obtained Soma Prime.

Approaching this crystal from the left side...

Brings us to the end.

That was pretty painless as far as teleporter floors go.

Let's get back to town to do the usual rigmarole.

Hey, Genetta, what's your home like?
You, uh, mean Yamato, right?
You could've just asked Gram or Jana...
Huh? You wanna know what kind of place Yamato is? Hmmm, Miss Genetta has to give a history lesson? That's an odd turn of events. Let me ponder this for a sconch...
Oh, this should be entertaining.
...So, it's a real tough place to get to, it's all way up in the mountains and all. We Therians train in the martial arts from a very young age, we learn your katanas, we learn your archeries, we learn your animal whisperings, you know, all very necessary skills for hunting!
...Ahem, not to be rude, but... Are you quite certain you attended all--or any, really--of that?
...What do you mean, "So where did you skip to when they were doing that?"
That's not what I said...
I. Will. Have. You. KNOW. That when something needs doing, I get it done! Give me credit. Here, see, I have this ULTRA-FIERCE war cry. It goes a little something like--

Friedrich: Meow.
Ms. Chicken: Cock-a-doodle-doo!
Bessie: Moo...
Yeah, like that!

Seems like I see less and less people sneaking into the fourth stratum to dig up crystals. I guess it finally sunk in for most of them that just because you guys made it up there doesn't mean that the Labyrinth stopped being dangerous, but you've always got a few people, you know 'em, "Reckless" is their middle name. ...So, you know, I know you're busy fellows and all, but if you find anyone lost in there, could you help them out? For me? Losing customers would be disastrous for my business!

So, would you say the end of the fourth stratum is finally in sight?
If the pattern so far repeats, and there's no signs it won't, then yes. We should be only two floors to the end.
Knowing our guild, the last stretch should be fairly easy.
Well, aren't you reliable? I wonder if you'll still feel that way once you're done.

The top "new" bar patron is Hansuke.

Purple-haired lady Fencer:
Fencer: Well, I'm always glad to see the good people of Nameless! Talk of the town is that your exploration of the fourth stratum has been moving along rather well. If you don't mind, could you satisfy a lady's intellectual curiosity and tell me all about it?
Well, let's see... We just did a floor that had a bunch of crystals that warped us places. That's...about it.
Fencer: ...Crystals that move you from one place to another in an instant? I can scarcely wrap my head around that, but I can't help but wonder what would happen if a monster chased you into one. If, perhaps, the monsters could be teleported too, why, then they might even keep up the chase!
I'd...rather not think about--
Fencer: ...N-Not that I can't sympathize. You might want to be prepared for me to chase you down to the ends of Arcadia as well!
...I feel as though I should be exasperated, but I can't deny that it's... Oh, what's the word?
Cute, I would wager.
That sounds...extremely creepy, coming from you.

Quests. What's not to love about them, after they introduced the EXP rewards in EO3?

#1: Skirmish with the reptiles:
Thanks for taking that request. It's from a merchant who had been searching the fourth stratum for valuables. He'd somehow managed to get to the 18th floor when he was suddenly attacked by armed lizard monsters. He got away with his life, thanks to the explorers he'd hired to escort him, but they had to abandon everything they'd collected up until then, and he's not taking it lightly. So the request is for you to hunt down and eradicate the lizard monsters who attacked him. To be honest, you hear this sort of story all the time in this line of business, but don't those lizards sound too dangerous to leave alone? They have the intelligence to wield weapons, and from what I can tell the attack must've been planned ahead of time. If we don't do something about them, who knows how more victims there will be? So please think of this as a request from me, too. Defeat the band of lizard bandits on the 18th floor. Their hideout is most likely in a cave, somewhere in the Southwest region of the 18th floor.
Oh, I know where those spots are.
You can't even take the request until you find those spots, actually.
#2: Request from the Council II:
That one, huh? I suppose requests from the Council for Nameless by name are just to be expected these days.
But... I'm quite certain we've only done one of them?
That just goes to show how pleased they are with your work. But that also means they have expectations. You don't want to make them regret putting their trust in you, now do you? Head to the Council for the details.

Remus can wait until I've talked to my good friend Edgar.
You know, my mother, lovely lady she is, always had to tell me while I was a kid to slow down when I ate or else I wouldn't enjoy it. Now, unless there are some weird Therian habits I don't know about, we here don't eat trees, but hot damn, you discovered the 4th stratum how long ago and it's already mostly conquered? ...Unrelatedly, I've heard tell of a real nasty kind of monster called Alarm Cicadas.
If they're anything like the Numbing Cicadas, I hate them already.
They give out warning signals to attract other monsters. It's got different warning levels, even, and I've heard tell that when it sounds its heaviest alarm, you'll get some real heavy-duty brute force on your plate. So, if you ever do fight one, probably kill it in a single blow so it doesn't actually sound its alarm. But seriously though, be careful.
Oh yeah, those are fun.
Shiki-shiki. Shiki-shiki.

Fuck, I don't remember any actual prose from Tsukihime or else I'd be making such a topical, what, 2003 reference? Vampires!

Oh, hello, everyone.
That quest. We took it. The drill should be obvious by now.
The request? Oh, you accepted it, then? I'm sorry to always be making demands of you like this, er, missions included, of course. As for today's itinerary, I'd like you to find a remnant article of a historically relevant Warlock. No doubt you've guessed from the fact that we specifically requested you for this, but this item has a bit of an...unpleasant reputation.
I'm scared to ask, but what kinda unpleasant reputation?
"Touch it, and you'll LOSE YOUR SOUL!" "Within its pages are the BREATHS OF DEMONS!" And other such tavern tales. I imagine most of its reputation is from its original owner, the Warlock, Torha. He was the sort who worked exclusively with more... nefarious magics, and he had several eclectic collections, unsalable monster body parts, deadly poisons, all of which eventually led to his arrest.
Ah, yes, the dingbat who was so public he couldn't continue his work. Had he but stayed a recluse, he might've discovered something wondrous.
So, um, was he a...villain? Kinda hard to tell from that.
Oh, he wasn't any sort of villain or anything. People at the time found his work unpleasant to discuss, and that led to rumors being circulated widely, which of course led to him remaining infamous even now. He actually made his living as an entertainer, an acrobat to be exact. It's really quite a pity that a man who devoted his life to making others smile would be remembered as--
As much as I, admittedly, find Torha's story fascinating, please stick to the point.
Excuse me. Tangent. What were we talking about? Right, this possession of his. It's a Worn Book that ancient documents of ours have pointed to being in the Second Stratum- but that's as far as we've been able to narrow it down. If you find it, do bring it to me, if you would.
...That's that thing that those bedamned squirrels were resting on, isn't it?
I, in fact, do already have the thing Remus wants.
Y-You really found it?! Show me, I need to confirm this!
Right here. We already brushed the squirrel nest bits off.
There's no doubt--this is it. This is the book I was looking for; Torha's diary, written in the ancient Lunarian tongue. Most of it is about his daily struggles with his wife's health; she'd contracted a terrible illness for which, then, there was no cure. Of course he took her to doctors far and wide, but none of them could do anything to help--but Torha didn't give up. He devoted his life--almost obsessed, really- with trying to discover a cure himself. It was this devotion of his, and his materials he collected for his research, that the people then mistook for madness. ...Unfortunately, his wife passed before his efforts could bear fruit. Even then, though, he continued his search for the cure; he couldn't bear for anyone else to have to go through his wife's suffering. ...The cure wouldn't be discovered until decades after his death, but I believe that his efforts simply must have paved the way for it. That's just my personal read, of course, but at the very least, I can now say, for absolutely certain, that he's not the villain he was remembered as! ...My goodness, though, but that's a heavy story--
Um, Remus?
I just completely ruined the mood before even a "thank you," didn't I? Thank you, Nameless. We should probably, er, stop, before I get started again, we can't have me take up all of your time with sentimental tales of tragic heroism. The request is complete. I hope you'll find the reward at the bar to your liking.
Before we leave, Remus's normal dialogue.
So you told me that you met a girl alone in the fourth stratum, who then disappeared and hasn't appeared again? ...If she can survive alone, so far in the Labyrinth that you were the first humans to step foot in it, and for that matter provide detailed information regarding this Crystal Dragon, then she is no ordinary person, to say the least. I have a feeling that when you next meet her will be when we begin to unravel the mysteries of the Labyrinth of Yggdrasil.

Welcome back, everyone. Looks like you safely completed their request. Whew. As always, they won't tell me anything about these requests, so even though I'm dying to ask you everything, I don't think the Council would like that. All I can do is hand you your reward. Good work, I assume.

Obtained 2 Medica IVs.

Still leveling up Counter Boost on Alexis.

And the same for Curb ATK Up on Raven.

That's all for now, folks. Next time: 19F.
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