Update 30: Teleporting Noise

I still feel a bit silly that both of us--but especially me--did not catch the fact that "journal" was nothing more than a manuscript for a story...
I mean, it was so good, wasn't it?
Whoever wrote that knew how to describe alien species in such a way that they were believable, yes.
I mean, I was more focused on the bits with the treasure, but I guess it's basically the same for that stuff, yeah.
Well, I suppose that is to be expected of well-written fiction.
I bet it isn't even really that old. Check the copyright.
This date hasn't happened yet. In any calendar.
...Who did you buy this from, again?
I'd say it's time for 19F, but it's not, because it's time for us to take care of that quest about the lizards first.

You arrive at the place you found earlier. If you're not wrong, this should be where the lizard nests are. But as soon as you approach, you suddenly feel a gaze on you. The lizards in the holes must have noticed you! They could attack you at any moment, so the best you can hope for is to try to meet their attack head on. Unfortunately, there are three holes, and you can only guess which of them has the lizards. If you guess wrong, there's no doubt that the lizards will have the initiative. You keep this in mind as you choose carefully.
...This is completely and utterly asinine.
From here, you have to randomly guess if the lizards are in the left, center, or right holes.

Unless you're me, and have the text files on hand, and can just see what block of text doesn't result in getting ambushed!
The center hole.
Why are you so sure of that?
Hello. We are incorporeal, and the lizard-brains can't see us.
See? These dears can be useful...sometimes~
Thinking that the monsters must be in the middle hole, you face it and draw your weapons. In the next moment, the monsters let out a roar and rush towards you! However, since they're coming from the center hole, as you predicted, you're ready for them!

Pillaging Lancer

HP: 1246
STR: 88
INT: 78
VIT: 75
WIS: 108
AGI: 64
LUC: 68


Damage Resistances:
150% 50% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 0% 50% 50% 50% 100% 50%
100% 150%
100% 50% 150%

What's with that stupid lance? You can't do anything neat with that!
Jana kinda murders these things.

(Zombie Powder.)
Ahhhh, I feel better than I ever did when I was alive!
Enjoy it while it lasts. I don't think most monsters are as lively as those lizards~

Having crushed the enemy forces, you breathe a sigh of relief. You keep your guard up, just in case there are more on their way, but none show up so you sheathe your weapons. However, this isn't the only hole you found earlier. There's one left. You'll have to deal with that before you've finished the request. You check your map and plan a route to the other hole.

Same thing as last time, except the right hole is the correct one.

Marauding Swordsman

HP: 1437
STR: 92
INT: 76
VIT: 108
WIS: 75
AGI: 62
LUC: 65


Damage Resistances:
50% 100% 150%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
0% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 150%
100% 100%
50% 150% 100%

...Exciting right up until the point where they murder most of your front row.

It's only fair, murderer.

Freeze. Don't move.

One more: shatter.
Perhaps "melt" is more apt in this context.

Having crushed the enemy forces, you breathe a sigh of relief. You keep your guard up, just in case there are more on their way, but none show up so you sheathe your weapons. You've eliminated the lizards who were threatening the region, and safely completed your request! All that's left is to report back at the bar.

Welcome back. Looks like you safely subjugated the monsters. I'm glad. With this, the client should be satisfied, and floor 18 should be safer for everyone. You have my sincere thanks. Now, here's that reward you've been eyeing. Good work.
To be honest, I feel kind of bad about murdering lizardmen? I mean, apparently Genetta's sister was able to communicate with them?
Don't worry, we just sent them to another dimension. Where Genetta's older sister is now partying with all her hot lizardman boyfriends. "I Can't Believe All These Lizards Are Interested in Dating My Older Sister and My Middle Sister is a Crazy Cat Lady, and I'm Still So Alone?!" coming to screens near you this fall. Opening theme by GERO and ending theme by Tatsuro Yamashita.

Obtained 3 Holy Gifts.
Ew. Would've preferred something else.

Up goes Equivalent Exchange, because what else can Lanzon do with this spec that'd be more effective, really?

Anyway, 19F.

(Floor subtitle: Guided by enigmatic words)
when are you guided by anything else in these goddamn wizardry games gdi

Oh, look, we have another teleporter crystal floor.

Right off the bat, let's see where this takes us.

Answer: an empty room that houses two shortcuts later on.

Ice Creep

HP: 653
STR: 83
INT: 81
VIT: 66
WIS: 65
AGI: 65
LUC: 67



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
150% 10% 10%

Disable Resistances:
150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 0%
100% 100%
0% 0% 0%
The last of these things. This time, it uses ice!

(Bungling Smoke.)

I'M...actually running out of things I can use monster parts for.

What sort of cop-out is this?!
I told you to not grow used to it, dear.

I should note that we now have samples of all five different types of drops from the Creep enemies, which we needed for the max reward for that quest alllll the way back at the start of the stratum. Let's go back and turn it in!

Bookworm: Hey, explorers! Did you bring any crystal monster bits?
A whole buncha them. Take 'em!
Bookworm: Really?! Show me show me! ...Wow! It's so sparkly!
The shape isn't anything special, but it seems kinda cute to me!
Hey, doesn't this smell kinda sweet? What?! It really is sweet?! Whoa... cool.
Wow! It's so...red! It's beautiful! And the surface is so smooth! I just wanna stroke it forever.
Uh, is his really a crystal? Compared to the others, it's just so muddy... Well, they can't all be winners.
I can't believe how see-through this is! Look, I can see the lady at the bar right through it!
I linebroke each one because each one corresponds to a different drop.
Bookworm: Tee-hee-hee, thanks everyone! I never thought you'd find so many of them! Explorers really are amazing! If I'm gonna be one, I'd better start working even harder! I left the reward with the lady at the bar, so go get it! Later!

Looks like you've completed the request. Good work. That girl sure is one energetic client. Do you think it's fair to say that that's just what we should expect from a wannabe explorer? Were you all anywhere near as excitable when you were kids?
Since there's so many of us...how about we just keep it a secret, mm?
Oh my! *chuckle* Now you've made me curious, but if it's really a secret then I won't pry. Anyway, I'm sure you're just waiting for me to stop talking and hand you the reward, so here you go. Thanks, and stay safe.

Obtained 30000 en.
The reward goes up by 5000 en for each type of drop you turn in.

Hey, I had some stuff to sell off already.
Karnice (+69 ATK, +88 MATK, INT Up lv4-8, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Blue Crystal Core (Ice Creep normal). Costs 19100 en, sells for 7640 en.

Crystal Boots (+15 DEF, +33 MDEF) are made from 1 Blue Crystal Core (Ice Creep normal) and 1 Deep Crimson Crest (Anger Bird normal).

This food point gives Labyrinth Wheat.

Okay, some higher power definitely has it out for us now.
We can't go any further here with this crystal in the way. This specific tile we're standing on is where we'll be warped back to if we take a trap teleportation later in the floor, though!

Hey, look, levels!

More Counter Boost.

And more Katana Mastery.

Am I crazy, or is there no way for us to avoid that demon dog?
You are, decidedly, not crazy.

Our way forward isn't impeded by the dog, though! It's impossible to avoid this crystal.

At least that insipid hound is gone.

What, you thought we were the only ones that could take teleporters?

There's no way for us to get that box without being cornered by the dog.

U-um, was it really necessary to rip out--
I feel like I should be worried that you single-handedly--
YOU SHOULD BE. I have had it up to HERE with this place.

That skill point that Magda got goes into Bungling Smoke.

Obtained 13000 en.

This teleporter takes us back here.

Stepping on the tile I marked with a 2...

Sends you back there. So, uh, don't do that!

This teleporter has exactly one way it'll send you.


Hey look another dog. This time it is actually the thing keeping us from going forward. How do we get around it?

I'm sure going backwards is the right move.

Oh shit it actually is.

That dog warping after us now means that it's, effectively, behind us, meaning we can continue on unimpeded.

You hear a voice from ahead, calling out someone's name. Curious, you approach to find a lone explorer in a short dead-end.

How do you...people...manage to constantly keep up with us?!
They introduce themselves as Sapph from Guild TFKrew. Apparently they came to the fourth stratum looking for rare crystals, but got separated from the rest of their party and are in a bit of a pickle. They were thinking of returning to town on their own, but had gotten tired coming this far and were taking a break. Sapph then proposes that you to rest with them for a while, if you feel the need. It seems they had been worried about getting attacked by monsters while alone.
I would be remiss to leave a fellow explorer alone. I believe we could all do with a rest!
You accept Sapph's proposal with a nod. Looking extremely relieved, they lie down on the crystal floor and almost immediately fall asleep. Apparently they had been more exhausted than they let on. Listening to their quiet breaths gradually lulls the rest of you to sleep too...

...A while later, you startle awake as Sapph suddenly stands up. They thank you for letting them rest and leave the area with a light gait. You see them off before returning to exploration, fully rested as well.
Well, farewell, then.

The lost explorer

You encountered an exhausted explorer in the Labyrinth, and rested together to protect each other from monsters.

Gotta love rooms that have literally no purpose at all, not even quest-related purposes.
They're there to mess with your head.
my room

Off we go thisaway.

Another room with a crystal that only goes two ways.

We're getting close to the end.

Oh joy, two dogs.

Alarm Cicada

HP: 956
STR: 84
INT: 74
VIT: 96
WIS: 96
AGI: 83
LUC: 77



Damage Resistances:
100% 150% 100%
125% 125% 125%

Disable Resistances:
100% 50% 50% 100% 0% 100% 50%
50% 100%
50% 100% 100%
An enemy that summons other enemies and can summon fucking worms. What's not to love?
It's not random though, it depends on how many turns you take before killing them. 1st turn Sword Lizard, 2nd turn Hammer Lizard, and 3rd turn Worm. You can also head-bind them, of course.

As long as it's not one of those persistent dogs, I do not care.
Have you ever considered...that I might? I mean, I do have several extreme...lacerations, at the moment...


I would crush your bones into dust...but I'm exhausted from earlier, and my partners aren't in the best of fighting conditions.

You may live, for--
Y'know, all of that sounds a lot less threatening coming from your voice and your face.


Lead this jerk so that he's right behind you.

Let him warp back.

This one'll warp in.

Go back again.

Now both of these canine jerkwads are in this room.

Which puts them both behind you, which lets you bolt for the door.

Almost at the end, I swear!

As you proceed, footsteps echoing throughout the crystal cavern, you come across a small opening in the wall ahead of you. It seems to lead into a smaller cave that continues deeper. However, while the entrance may be large enough for a small monster, you'd never be able to fit through. When you try peering into it, it's too dark to tell what may be inside.
Allow me, dears, for I have been blessed with Night Vision!
Is that not something all Lunarians can just train themselves--
You step aside to allow Lanzon, who can see in the dark, to get it a try.
By the stars, this is a wondrous stone!
...They found a Dragon Crystal inside! Taking care to avoid the sharp rocks lining the edges of the cave, they slowly and carefully extract the crystal.

Obtained 3 Dragon Crystals!
Dragon Crystals, much like their fragmented offspring, exist only to be sold to Ceric.
How do you activate this crystal

Into the darkness

You found a small opening in the wall, and by seeing through the darkness obtained a Dragon Crystal.

Still less annoying than random teleporter destinations! Although, arguably, just as tedious.

We can warp thisaway...

For a box.

Obtained Silver Ingot!
A box with something nice in it!

Unfortunately, getting that box does mean you'll have to send yourself back aways into the floor. Hope you remembered to open shortcuts!

Step onto this one from the left...

And you're done.

That's the floor!

I'd say "welcome to the end of the stratum," but we're going back to town for now.

Instead of doing my usual routine of immediately talking to Genetta, I sold off some stuff first thing, for...no real particular reason.
Alert Baculus (+55 ATK, +108 MATK, New Challenger, Silver x3) is made from 1 Silent Siren (Alarm Cicada conditional).

Longbow (+80 ATK, +71 MATK, HP Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Red Insect Wing (Alarm Cicada normal). Costs 17000 en, sells for 6800 en.

Red Feather Cap (+26 DEF, +22 MDEF) is made from 2 Red Insect Wings (Alarm Cicada normal). Costs 7900 en, sells for 3160 en.

Round Shield (+34 DEF, +15 MDEF) is made from 2 Blue Crystal Cores (Ice Creep normal). Costs 8800 en, sells for 3520 en.

The other day, there were some adventurers who stopped by after fleeing for for their lives from the 4th Stratum. And while they were eating, I overheard one of them say "We can't afford to be that foolhardy!" Isn't that so mean? I can't believe he could talk about his friends like that!
...Why are you looking at me like that? He's calling his friend Hardy a fool, right? I mean, I don't know what happened in the Labyrinth, but that's just not nice!
Common turns of phrase escape you sometimes, don't they?
...What she means is the explorer meant something else than what you think.
What? That not what that means?!
You're picking up bad habits from Kaelin.
Maybe in the eyes of someone that hasn't been paying attention for our entire exploration.
Don't you love translating puns? Because I don't. Help me.

Well hey, I can sense that "nearing the end of a stratum" aura off of you guys! Amazing's the only word I can think of for you, and it fills me with pride to know folks like you are using my equipment. I sure hope you keep patronizing my store! Having Nameless shop at my establishment is better than any advertisement!

So you're finally on the 20th floor. What could be waiting for you at the end of the stratum?
A dragon made outta crystal, if that weird girl's telling the truth.
I suppose it doesn't really matter though, since I know you'll overcome any obstacle. You did come this far, after all. You have the strength to make the impossible possible. Believe in your own strength, and press on.
No bar patrons besides Hansuke, so...


#1: Love is for everyone:
Oh, good. I was hoping you'd take that one sooner rather than later. Do you remember Thaddeus and Mia, the couple who needed you to gather all sorts of things for their wedding? Apparently the wedding's been called off!
Oh, come on.
I hear it's because of Mia's father, who'd been working outside the country for a while now, but recently came home. Normally it's not really our place to meddle in the private affairs of others, but since it's a request, you should at least go hear what they have to say. All three of them are in the bar right now: Thaddeus, Mia, and her father. Why not try asking, oh...let's say Thaddeus for the details?
In a bit.

#2: Settling things with the reptiles:
Remember when you got rid of those lizard monsters who were causing trouble on the 18th floor? Seems like that worked out: there've been no attack reported since then. On the 18th floor anyway. However, it seems their boss has shown himself on the 19th floor. And he's been ordering his lizards the indiscriminately attack anything that moves up there. If we left this alone, couldn't this cause irreparable damage to the Labyrinth itself? So we're not, which is where you come in. I want you to stop the boss of the lizards rampaging on the 19th floor. This time it should quiet them down for good. Probably as an effect of their boss, there's been nothing but lizards up there recently, so watch out.

Alright, what's this hot mess we have to take care of?

Thaddeus: Oh, hello, everyone...does this mean you've accepted my request?
Can't think why we'd be here if we didn't.
Thaddeus: Thank you very much. I'm sure you've gotten the idea from the bartender, but, you see, I was introduced to Mia's father a few days ago. He told me, er, that he "wasn't going to give my daughter over to a slimy dastard like you" and forcibly canceled the ceremony. Naturally, I went to plead for his approval, but apparently he "has no time to talk to a Lunarian," and wouldn't listen to me at all. And... well, here we are.
...Magda, dear, I believe Dosen has some medication for that twitch--
NO. Go on, tell us about how you handled Mia's prick of a father.
Thaddeus: To be honest, I didn't really think this was the sort of thing we should be requesting of you, but, well, Mia insisted. Perhaps you should speak with Mia directly, actually. I believe what she wants here is the primary issue, after all.

'Kay then.
Mia: H-hi, um, hello there, uh you took my request, right, um... s-sorry. I know I shouldn't be getting others involved in these matters, b-b-but I can't just give UP on him, on Thad, h-he accepted me for who I am so I wanted to tell my Dad and show him how important Thad is to me but Dad's got rocks in his brain he never listens to anything I say and I thought maybe he'd listen to someone else saying something!? ...S-so, um, could you go talk to my dad? Please?
Of...of course. Talking with her is always quite the experience...

Mia's Father: Damn that girl of mine, dragging me all the way out here for whatever it is...eh? Whaddya want?
You. Therian prick. Why are you shoving your nose into places where it doesn't belong?
W-what she means is, your daughter and her fiancee filed a request, and, well--
Mia's Father: A request? Pff, what, you wanna know why I'm against Mia's marriage? The hell's that girl playing at... Fine! Whatever. I'll tell you: I can't stand those shifty, slimy Lunarians!
Mia's Father: How can I when they're always messing around with magic and ghosts and who knows what other kindsa skeletons they've got in their closets!
Oh, you'll be able to stand us, right after I shove this serving of Smoke Solid IN YOUR EYE SOCKETS AND RIGHT DOWN YOUR THROAT--
M-Magda, dear, please! W-we apologize, sir, go on.
Mia's Father: She'd be so much better off if she had a good, strong man, someone she could rely on! What was his name, Thaddeus? A shrimp like that kid could never protect my Mia. If he wants to prove me wrong, anyone who wants to marry Mia should damn well better be able to take at LEAST the 1st Floor of the Labyrinth by himself, and that's final! Pass it back to her, I don't give a damn.
Okay then.
Mia: Dad really does just hate L-lunarians, doesn't he... I've never really understood it, but I can't just accept that he won't approve of our marriage because of this...but what is there we can do?
To progress, we gotta talk to Thaddeus again.
Thaddeus: So you talked to Mia's father? What did he say?
I'll...refrain from describing his issues. He said anyone that wants to marry Mia should be able to handle 1F--
Thaddeus: He won't approve of me unless I take on the Labyrinth? ...Very well. I'm going to the Labyrinth, then! Can I count on you all to let Mia know? Thank you, I'm headed out!
Wait, no-- I was about to say how bad of an idea that is, you fool! Uuuuuugh.

Mia: WHAT?! Thaddeus went into the Labyrinth?! But he's totally out of shape, oh no, what do we do, what do we do, aaah he's gonna die if we don't-- Right! Um! You guys uh, could you go chase after him, um, please I don't have anyone else I can count on, please!!
...We should, uh, probably go make sure he doesn't die to an acorn.

Edgar talks to us once we leave the tavern.
What, something you guys need? You're lookin' a bit flustered.
Hey, uh, Guildmaster, you see any scrawny-looking Lunarians running towards the Labyrinth? We're looking for one, name's Thaddeus...
Lunarian named Thaddeus went to the Labyrinth? Uh, well, now that you mention it, when I was heading back from the 1st floor, I passed a Lunarian with a weird look on his face...
...Lanzon and I can count on the rest of you to finish our business in town while we go catch up to Thaddeus, yes?
Yes, now go!
No lovestruck fools will be dying on my watch!
A dead man's watch isn't great for much, you know.

...The 20th floor. I figured it would happen, but you all're one in a million. Now, just in case you hit your heads on a pile of rocks or something, you should guess by now that there's going to be a real tough foe waiting for you at the end of the stratum, so make sure you're ready. You're carrying the whole continent's dreams on your back, you know. Not only did you pave the way to the 4th stratum, which nobody in living memory has ever done, but you're about set to go even further than that. Your guild's close to unlocking the secrets of Yggdrasil, untouched for eons, something everyone on the continent has heard about. You're this country's hopes and dreams yourselves. ...Ah hell, I'm sermonizing. You can just put that whole spiel in a box and forget about it if you want. But if you take anything from this conversation, remember--I've got high hopes for you too, so get out there and prove me right.

Each race has any number of legends about what lies at the summit of the Labyrinth. World-ruling authority, the key to unlock unimaginable truths, phenomenal cosmic power, unimaginably enormous piles of precious metals pre-minted into currency... I've heard it described as a "window into one's true desire." So, humor me this--what do you, the ones actually traversing the Labyrinth, want?
Can we, er, talk about this later? We're a bit pressed for time right now.

You hastily followed Thaddeus into the Labyrinth. According to the Guildmaster, Edgar, you quite likely that he's somewhere on this floor. You begin to search for anything that seems different here.
That's an... Owlbear, across the water, is it not?
...No, he couldn't have, no-one is that...

Hi, yeah, we're here now!
Perfect timing.
As you search the floor for the young man, you suddenly hear noises. When you turn to face them, you find a creature that doesn't normally show up on this floor. If that were all, it would only require a bit more caution, but the real problem is what's at its feet. It's Thaddeus, collapsed on the ground, almost certainly as a result of fighting this beast! If you leave him alone, he'll probably end up as this creature's prey, so you take on the monster to save him!

This thing is...literally just a Raging Owlbeast. No adjustments at all.

Good night.

After defeating the monster, you rush over to Thaddeus to check up on him. He's unconscious and injured, but is breathing and doesn't seem to have any fatal wounds. It seems he'll survive. As you breathe a sigh of relief, and the sounds of a large crowd approach from behind you.

It's here! This is where it was!
A bunch of guards approach you with loud voices and questions.
Is this man on the ground here Mr. Thaddeus?
Sure is.
Understood. At a glance, his injuries don't appear to be too bad. Good. We got a report from a middle-aged Therian and rushed over here, but it looks like we weren't needed after all. But it'd probably be hard to carry him back without a stretcher. Please leave that part to us.
After saying this, guards quickly administer some first aid before gently moving Thaddeus to a stretcher and carrying him away. It seems your rescue was a success. You should report this to Mia at the bar.

Mia: Oh! You're back, what happened, did you find him!?
He tried taking on an owlbear himself, and--
Mia: H-he was fighting a monster and it knocked him out?! Oh, lords, no, no, please, he was too young for this, I can't believe I let him die--
Ugh, he's not dead. Some guards gave him first aid and took him to a doctor. Probably Dosen, at this time of night.
Mia: He's not dead?! The guards got him, he's with a doctor? I've-- I've got to go see him right away! Please tell Dad where I went sorry for being such a bother aaaaaaah!
...Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling Thaddeus and Mia were destined for each other.

Mia's Father: You again... Leaping into action's one thing, but then that idiot winds up like that? What a clown. Shocking, turned out I was right not to leave Mia with him!
I will make you regret every second you continue to live if you don't change your thinking right this instant.
Mia's Father: ...But he was serious about it. I can tell that much. If he's got the guts to do that, then he's got the guts to train himself. And if he can do that, then, in the end... Hell am I telling you this for? I should be talking to the ones who need to hear this, even if one of them's still getting his beauty sleep. ...Oh, and I heard you helped with a ring and a dress and all that crap. Thanks. I left something for you at the bar. Bye.
I could turn the quest in now, but let's talk to Mia and Thaddeus before we go.

They persist at the bar after you've finished the quest, they're not tied to it now.
Mia: Oh. Um. Hi, hi guys, uh... s-sorry about all that the other day, um... I've sorta never, uh, I never really had a teenage rebellion phase or anything, I've never gone against Dad like that before, but... I'm- I'm glad I did. When I heard Thad was hurt I felt like the world was going to end, but...well, um, y'know, all's well that ends well, right? The wedding's, um...not happening any time soon. But Dad doesn't seem quite as against it anymore, so. Um. Uh- words, Mia, use your words, what are you saying- SORRY ANYWAY it's-- It's all thanks to you, I'll do my best to make sure Dad and Thad get along. Uh, that's-- that's it. That's what I wanted to say. Goodbye. Yes.
We'll be--
Mia: Oh and I don't know when the wedding will be but please come if you have the time?!
...I'll let Raven and Mio know. They'll be thrilled to attend, I'm sure.
Sometimes it's hard to tell when you're being mocking and sarcastic, you know that?
I...wasn't, there.

Thaddeus: I owe you all a great deal for the other day. My apologies for not greeting you earlier, er, on account of being unconscious. Aha. I'm told that you saved my life, thank you again for that- no. No, thank you for everything you've done for Mia and I. We...still have yet to get permission from Mia's father, but... I can agree with him that starting a family requires a firm foundation, and it certainly wouldn't hurt for me to toughen up a bit. So, to that end, I've formally agreed to begin training under him. I can't say how effective it'll be, but nevertheless, I'm determined to see it through. You all have my deepest gratitude. Now, excuse me, I should be going.

Good work, everyone. I was especially worried for a moment there, but thanks to you it turned out all right. All we can do now is wait for the wedding. Although it might be a while, depending on how the father's boot camp turns out. That said, it seems that all parties are satisfied with this outcome. That's quite a feat, you know. But still, I'd hate to have to deal with a father like that. Why can't he just approve of it already, instead of doing this whole circuitous thing?
Middle-aged men.
But I don't think he's a bad person. He even came up and apologized to me for causing all this fuss wih his daughter. ...When a family is really close, sometimes it seems like you can say anything, but at the same time that makes really hard to say other thing, if that makes sense. But none of you'd ever make someone else do something reckless like that, right? As explorers, avoiding danger is your middle name. Anyway, here's your long-awaited reward. I'll let you know if I ever need you for something else.

Obtained 2 Soma Primes.

I didn't spend the skill point! Oops.

Next time: the end of the 4th Stratum.
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