Update 31: Stay Crystal, Dragonboy

Okay, just to be certain, I've added everything exactly as you said, right?
Yup. It's kinda hard to screw up a Cure Herb.
Don't start. Anyway, let's try mixing now...
...I don't think mom ever mentioned... Did that sound like an alligator laughing to you?
I hope not, but probably. Okay, let's apply it to that scrape...
It, uh... I don't feel anything. It literally doesn't feel like there's anything on my knee.
...If it's not treating the scrape, it's at least not making it worse, right?
It'd be hard to make things worse when it feels like it doesn't exist.
From actively making things worse to doing nothing at all. That's...some form of progress, I suppose...

Welp, here we are: end of the 4th Stratum.

(Floor subtitle: The Crystal Dragon, enshrined in sparkling light)

There's a campfire here.

Labyrinth Wheat food point.

Who makes the armor for these lizards, by the way? You think the lizards have their own lizard Ceric?
That's...a mental image I could've lived without...
I want a lizardman to join the party, actually.

Hammer Lizard

HP: 1041
STR: 97
INT: 86
VIT: 79
WIS: 75
AGI: 67
LUC: 72



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 100% 50% 0% 50% 150% 100%
50% 50%
150% 100% 50%
I wish I had something interesting to say about Hammer Lizards, I really do.

...Oh, uh, I ran away, because I hadn't summoned Falz yet. I'll show the next battle with a Hammer Lizard.

Y'know, if you think about it, we're fightin' Genetta's sister's drinking buddies.
And I'm supposed to care about that?

I have an idea of who the youngest is.


Is, uh, is Falz a magical bird? Never got around to asking.
Maybe, maybe not.

Ooh, ooh, I killed a monster! I killed a monster!
Well done, Dosen. Now please, try to appear less excited about that in the future.
Big words, coming from you.
It's one thing when a "large slab of beef," as you called me, is excited about that. It's another when an easily-persuaded Brownie is excited.

Deep within the glittering walls of the Labyrinth, you come across a pair of guards holding pickaxes. One is wearing golden armor, while the other is wearing silver armor, and together they strike the walls with their pickaxes again and again. They don't seem to notice you. You can either call out to them or ignore them.
Heyyyyyyyyy! What're you guys doing?

Startled at your voice, the guard in silver armor turns around, shoulders his pickaxe, and speaks to you confidently.
Hey there, explorers. As you can see, we're soldiers from the Council. It's our day off so we came to the Labyrinth to dig up rare ores. You wouldn't believe what the shops'll buy them for.
Nah, I would. We've sold a lot of stuff from here to Ceric.
He says this with pride, but guard in gold armor interjects from behind him.
I-I'm not sure about coming so deep into the Labyrinth... Isn't it dangerous? I like the money, b-but it's not worth losing our lives over...
In contrast to his partner, the golden guard mumbles nervously. However, his silver companion laughs off his concerns as he turns to you.
It'll be fine! The deeper you go, the better the ore! Isn't that right, explorers?
So there's a carefree, money-seeking guard and a nervous, worried guard. Whose opinion will you support?
I mean, regarding that correlation between depth and ore: not particularly. All you're really increasing is the risk of having your skull crushed by a lizard with a hammer.
Seems to me like you'd do well to go home and head back to easier parts of the--
On hearing your cautious opinion, the golden guard nods excitedly.
See, even the explorers agree! Can't we just go home already?
The silver guard, clearly displeased, looks back forth between you and his companion before letting out a deep sigh.
Fine... We can head back for today. But we're coming back next time we get a break, got it?
The pair heads towards the stairs in high spirits. You return to exploring as well.
...They're gonna come back here tomorrow, aren't they.
Trust me: you can't win with stuff like this.

A pair of miners

You met a pair of guards and explained to them how dangerous the Labyrinth is.
Telling the guards to go home not only results in an Adventure Episode, they'll show up on other parts of the floor once we leave and come back.

Which, uh... I kinda did 20F in one go here. I'll have to check on those two in the boss update.

So, the main gimmick of this floor is that there's four teleporter crystals in each corner of the room. The floor is basically four discrete quadrants that aren't connected beyond the corner crystals.

That's not to say there's only four teleporter crystals on the floor, though.

Obtained Nectar II.

What an ugly mutt. Nothing like Greg's magnificence at all.
You really take pride in your pets, huh?
Is takin' pride in something a foreign concept to you, Magda, dear? Hoho.
This room is the path to the central destination of the room, but going forward from this direction isn't possible without killing both the dog and the worm.

I mean, I could do that, pretty easily, but where's the fun in that?

Received 1 Quartz Bamboo naturally, and 1 Shining Bark from Cecil.
20F, F5 Chop Point

Okay, enough introductory nonsense, let's explore another quadrant.

Obtained 1 Bismuth naturally, 1 Selenite and 1 Bismuth from Sasha, and 1 Selenite from Cecil.
20F, E2 Mine Point

Not much going on in this area, although that little corridor is where we'll find the next guards event.

In here, we have a worm and a turtle--the turtle being the rightmost FOE, the worm being the topmost.

Has the most obvious solution ever been the right one?
Perhaps back in the 1st Stratum.
Surprise surprise, breaking the obvious thing puts the worm in a bad position for us.

Oh, fuck it, I'd rather just fight my way out.

Echo-Chasing Worm

HP: 12399
STR: 98
INT: 84
VIT: 81
WIS: 84
AGI: 28
LUC: 80



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
125% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
75% 25% 50% 50% 25% 50% 25%
75% 10%
25% 50% 75%
Ironically, I don't think Echo Effect is really that much of a problem. It's Panic Voice that's a big problem, since that base chance is stupidly high for how strong panic is.

On the other hand, the fact that its only attack skill is a multi-target thing means...


(Pillbox is selected.)

It was...worth a shot.

Ah, Dosen, do you mind if I ask what's in those...special healing herbs?
Secret from my mom. I don't wanna think what'd happen if I told anyone.

New-and-improved Pillboxes: now less likely to break on one hit!

One, ow. Two, prepare to be amazed!

As long as a Pillbox doesn't die from one turn of actions, it will attack for as many times as it was hit on that turn.

As you might imagine, this makes them extremely good against multi-hit attacks. They're maybe slightly less good about just making them completely useless compared to Illusionary Fencers, but they make up for it through the fact that you still have a Dragoon on hand, and their damage is pretty decent.

It's...squirming around everywhere and throwing itself at walls.
The wonders of losing sanity while you also don't have eyes.

While the worm hits itself, I feel I should mention something about panic: from what I can tell, the target for panicked attacks is truly 100% random. It seems to completely bypass the normal targeting routines, since there have been multiple times where a panicked target will consistently fail to attack either a Bunker/Pillbox, or Alexis under the effect of Predict/Sharp Thrust.

Oh yeah, one thing about Bunkers and Pillboxes: you can't heal them. At all. Targeting them with a healing skill will just result in the skill whiffing.

...A call for opinions: which onomatopeia is more appropriate here, "boom" or "fwoosh?"
I'd say more fwoom.
Why not just a boom followed by a fwoosh?

Oh yeah, also: Pillboxes won't counter on misses.

I'm...unsure what parts of this count as the head or the arms.
I should mention that this has been exactly all of what Cecil has done for the past few turns. One-Two, Flicker, Arm Break, no binds.

We're doing pretty good, I think.

(Panic Voice.)
I desire nothing more than to give this worm a gentle hug.
...I could've lived a long, happy life, without ever hearing him say that.
Fun fact: Panic Voice uses the same weird warbling sound effect that Ur-Child makes when you collide with it on the field in EO2U.

Even with Cecil panicked, we're gonna be just fine, I think.

Especially when that continues to happen.

Aw, dammit, you couldn't have hit Dosen one more time, you stupid worm? All those counterattacks would've been fun to watch.

Hey, careful with the petrifying next time. Falz's talons are a bit chipped.
Oh yeah, I should note, petrification does halve all physical damage taken for the duration. Something to be mindful of if you have a party that relies heavily on purely physical attacks!

I have no qualms about cheesing a minor puzzle like this through just killing an FOE.

Here, it might look like we'd have to kill the turtle to advance.

But nah, it's a dog puzzle.

Going to the top of that crystal warps us right in front of the turtle.

And upon reentering this room, the dog warps itself out.

Here's the other corner crystal. We're actually nearing the end of the floor!

Obtained 1 Silica Flower naturally, and 1 Sticky Moss and 1 Silica Flower from Cecil.
20F, A3 Take Point

Standing on the left of the crystal in this otherwise-empty room brings us to...

That room from earlier, except now we're in a much better position.

Lure the dog into the other room...

...and then kill it

(you can keep circling around while luring the worm away by hitting the crystals, I just didn't have the patience)

Anyway whack both of the crystals in the top to draw the worm as far away from those three crystals in a row.

And then you're done!

Having wound your way through the mysterious power of the Labyrinth, a familiar girl appears before you.

You've done well to make it to this point. If you're this far, I can only assume you're prepared to chase the legend of Yggdrasil.
Pretty sure we said that back when we first ran into you.
Is this about the treasure at the top of the tree?!
No, dear. Please let her speak.
After she says this, she takes a moment to examine you once again before she continues.
Up ahead is the overlord who governs this stratum--the Crystal Dragon. But, be not afraid; the courage you showed in breaching this maze will become the strength you need to advance further. I believe that you'll succeed, and, moreover, that you'll continue on to the summit of Yggdrasil...
Her voice gradually fades into silence.
...Wait, what does--
Before you can ask any questions, she disappears from right before your eyes. You're still not sure what to make of her, but regardless there's nothing to do now but challenge the Crystal Dragon.

This'll be good.
What do you think the ratio of crystal to dragon on this thing's gonna be?

You find yourselves in an enormous room. Its so large that you can't even see the ceiling, and the walls are covered in beautiful crystals. And at the very center of the room is a huge dragon!

...It's about 1:1, apparently. Dang.
The dragon doesn't seem to react, but as you wonder if it's noticed you or not it suddenly lets loose a terrifying aura of hostility!


...A lump of crystal lands right in front of you. This was clearly no coincidence: the Crystal Dragon seems to have fired it as a warning shot. You don't even want to imagine what would have happened if it had hit you head on. However, if you don't find a way past this, then the way forward will never open! Use your wits and perseverance to clear this obstacle!
Actually, how about we just run home and go contemplate what to do next? That sounds good to me.

Next time: Crystal Dragon.
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