Update 35: Clarste's Asleep

Hey, Alexis!
...Dosen, what is that strange goop?
I tried making a new herb to make you more evasive! It's...not really a solid any more, but it should still work!
Well, it never hurts to be even more nimble... Very well, may I test it?
That's what I was gonna ask! Aaaaaand... Bam!
...You've just thrown the goop at my feet. And now it's covered the floor.
Yeah! Try walking! Ooh, ooh, or your normal dodging moves!
I have my douuuuuuuuUCH!
...Is, uh, is your face okay?
Please treat my bleeding nose. While you're at that: the point of dodging is that I don't get hurt. Gah...
You could dodge attacks with that! C'mon, try it again--this time, change your center of gravity!

Off we go.

(Floor name: The path is blocked by the wall of gravity)

As you proceed towards Yggdrasil's summit, you come across a bizarre object. You can't even begin to imagine how it was made, but it catches your eye because of the pale blue light emanating from its core. You can either satisfy your intense curiosity and touch the device, or leave it alone.
I get the distinct feeling we can't advance without this...thing's assistance.

The moment you touch the device, something astonishing happens! Your bodies float into the air! This event puts you into a state of panic, as no matter how you stretch your legs or shift your body weight, you can't seem to descend back to the ground.
I...want to be back on solid ground, this instant!
Afraid of a little anti-gravity, are we?
Oh, come now, you can't tell me this isn't disconcerting.
You come to realize that you're not getting back, and things don't look to return to normal on their own. However, upon a bit of consideration you realize that touching the strange device caused this, so perhaps touching it again would undo it? On the other hand, maybe you'd like to look into how you can move around in this strange floating state.
Okay, uh, let's try moving thataway!

When you try moving out a of curiosity, you're sent flying at an incomparable speed, and only come to a stop by crashing into a wall!
It seems this is the only way you can stop while in this state. While that's certainly inconvenient, it's possible that there are paths you can only open up by taking advantage of your floating. You keep this in mind as you continue to explore the Labyrinth.
Welcome to the anti-gravity gimmick, the 5th Stratum's actual primary gimmick. While you're in the anti-gravity state, your movement is changed to be somewhat similar to ice/slippery tiles from past games, but with the additional caveat of you can cross holes in this state. Said holes are auto-mapped as a blue square.
It's ice

As shown here.

Oh yeah, touching the pillar again turns gravity back on.

oh christ

Wild Boar

HP: 1779
STR: 114
INT: 75
VIT: 91
WIS: 84
AGI: 66
LUC: 98



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
150% 50% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 0% 150% 100% 50% 50%
100% 50%
100% 50% 50%
Wild Boars are enemies that don't even need their primary gimmick to kill you. Isn't that just fun?

Actually no, it's not.
It's pretty fun, honestly.

(Rock Stab-Smash.)

Oh you fucker.

Ah, singed tusks. A thing of beauty.

I got off lucky there, given that it was a rare breed Wild Boar, frankly.


Here's a better view of what a crossable hole looks like.

There's not much of a puzzle here yet--just "get used to anti-gravity movement and figure out a way forward with it."

Over here, the puzzle is "here's a wide open room with a few one-tile solid pillars; find the gravity switch."

Which is thataway.

23F is a great floor if you like seeing me run into enemies I hate.

Lost Goat

HP: 1209
STR: 112
INT: 99
VIT: 98
WIS: 90
AGI: 71
LUC: 110



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 150% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 150% 100% 50% 50% 0% 100%
50% 100%
50% 100% 150%
Fucking curse uuuuuuuuugh I hate dealing with it. Doesn't help that Lost Goats hit hard enough already, and the splash damage gets a very slight buff compared to normal.

(Curse Assault.)
...Um, Iseria, are you...bothered by that curse?
Hm? Oh, no. This is far from the first time I've been cursed by a goat.


...Wait, stop--

Ah, my life is saved. ...Wait oh NO--

...Chain Burst killed Iseria there.

Alexis maxes out Sharp Thrust.


Obtained 1 Flexible Bark naturally, and 1 Reliable Branch from Alexis.
23F, D4 Chop Point

Yet another pointless, empty room.
I wonder precisely how much space in the tree--and above it, I suppose--is wasted on these things.

You continue through the beautiful green forest. Suddenly, several white animals hops out right in front of you. With their white fur, long ears, and strong legs for leaping, they're clearly some sort of rabbit. If you like, you can hunt these wild rabbits for food.
Hunting check.
...At least let me say "allow me" first.
Luckily, you have the hunter Iseria with you. They silently sneak up the rabbits before swifting swiftly thrusting their knife into one from behind!

Obtained 3 Animal Meats!

Long-eared beasts

You found a group of wild rabbits hopping about the beautiful forest and killed them for meat.
In a game where one of the races is half made up of people with rabbit ears and (if Genetta's portrait is to be believed) rabbit tails, I feel slightly odd about this.
Hey Goofy, can you take Pluto for a walk for me?
Humans eat monkeys, you know.

Our next job is to negotiate this area with anti-gravity.

These screenshots have two purposes:

a) Mio and Magda got levels
b) Show two of the holes we can go over, in blue on the map


And Smoke Bomb.

Anyway, going down to this corner is your ticket out.

Like so.

The stairs are right there, but it's impossible for me to get to them in my current state.

In a way, I almost feel more comfortable floating than standing.
Speak for... Oogh, speak for yourself...

Obtained 1 Flexible Bark naturally, and 1 Flexible Bark and 1 Reliable Branch from Alexis.
23F, C6 Chop Point

We got quite a bit left to go.

You've been in the Labyrinth for a while, and sweat is dripping down your faces, so you stop to catch your breaths. Looking around, you can see lush green trees blowing in the wind, and can hear the sounds of songbirds. You've been so preoccupied with exploring that you haven't taken the time to appreciate how beautiful this place is.

Kaelin suggests that you take a quick break here.

It's up to you whether or not to continue.
Navigating this place can be quite tiring, no?
A break sounds good, then.
Leaving your bodies to the gentle breeze, you stop take a brief break among the trees.

please ignore magda being dead

Your stamina recovered, you return to exploring.

A modest break

Your steps having grown heavy from accumulated fatigue, you stop to enjoy the birdsong and rest.

Someone please help every part of me hurts oh gods oh gods why couldn't we have dragged Dosen--

Ah, good evening, Lily! How fare you to--

Oh, it's the Nameless bunch! How've you been?
Oh, it's... Actually, it's been a while, hasn't it? Ever since you helped me out, I hear you've caused quite a stir.
The good kind of stir, I imagine.
We got, uh, all these weird space logs. From that stratum that's basically in space.
So, you're just back from exploring? What's this? These are...some interesting logs, I've never seen them before... Oh, you got them from the 5th Stratum? That's neat! They've got interesting wood in-- The 5th Stratum!? Whoa! I was still thinking of you guys as the new blood, but, in the blink of an eye you got ahead of us, huh?
It's generally a good idea to not rest on your laurels, even after completing a generations-long chase for an ancient arti...fact-- Okay, perhaps a break is warranted.
Man, if these are from the 5th Stratum, I bet they're great! I mean, not that I know the details, but... I've just got that feeling, you know? ...Oh! I just had a great idea! Gotta run, later! I'll be at the Witch's Twilight!

Um, why all the shouting?
So yeah Lily shows up randomly after completing 22F and gives you a quest. A quest that relies on random chance to unlock. THAT'S SUCH A FANTASTIC IDEA
I love it. Yum
Reunion and request:
That one, huh? Lily made that request, actually, and was looking awfully chipper about it too. She should be somewhere in the bar right now, so go find her, if you will.


Hey, everyone! You took my request, right? I can see it on your faces. Thanks, everyone! So, earlier, I saw you walking around with a pile of lumber from the 5th Stratum when it hit me: I've just gotta give Soleil a present!
...You thought to give her a present upon seeing our collection of sticks?
She's always being a big help to me, so if I don't, we'll never be even.
Yes, that's very nice, but...sticks?
So, I'd like you to bring me some wood from the 5th Stratum so I can make a present out of it, okay?
Wood. Just wood, nothing else, no frills or anything, I, uh, I'm not sure I could make something nice out of anything else, hehe. I'm counting on you!
...So, Magda, how are those wounds doing?
Well, I can no longer see a skeletal Raven coming to take me to a dark pit.
So we need Moon-White Wood, which comes from S5 chop points. Its chances range from 4% and 7% (on this floor) to 8% (on 24F). That's just delightful, I almost said "isn't it" before I realized that I do the whole "asking if something awful is good, 'isn't it'" a lot and I should probably cut down on it.

Man I hate it when I end up accumulating shitloads of materials at once.
Acupuncture Needle (+124 ATK, +81 MATK, AGI Up 2, Silver x3) is made from 2 Cursed Goat Horns (Lost Goat normal). Costs 39000 en, sells for 15600 en.

Hunter Bow (+91 ATK, +86 MATK, AGI Up 2, Silver x3) is made from 1 Reliable Branch (5th Stratum Chop 2). Costs 36400 en, sells for 14560 en.

Demon's Arch (+98 ATK, +107 MATK, Interval, Gold x3) is made from 1 Demon Pelt (Calamity-Inviting Disease normal) and 2 Cursed Goat Horns (Lost Goat normal). Costs 46000 en, sells for 18400 en.

Seven Star Coffin (+86 ATK, +117 MATK, LUC Up lv5-9, Silver x3) is made from 1 Flexible Bark (5th Stratum Chop 1). Costs 46900 en, sells for 18760 en.

Lumberjack (+42 DEF, +64 MDEF) is made from 2 Flexible Barks (5th Stratum Chop 1) and 1 Red Cat's Pawpad (Scarlet Caracal normal). Costs 24700 en, sells for 9880 en.

Morion (+34 DEF, +25 MDEF) is made from 1 Stone Doll Fragment (Calamitous Stone Horse normal). Costs 17700 en, sells for 7080 en.

Pickelhaube (+31 DEF, +30 MDEF, +5 STR) is made from 1 Cracked Spine (Rebellious Needle-Sparrow normal) and 1 Flexible Bark (5th Stratum Chop 1). Costs 23200 en, sells for 9280 en.

Boar Chausses (+17 DEF, +39 MDEF) are made from 1 Ferocious Boar Tusk (Wild Boar normal). Costs 12400 en, sells for 4960 en.

Boeotian (+42 DEF, +18 MDEF) is made from 1 Reliable Branch (5th Stratum Chop 2) and 2 Granites (5th Stratum Mine 1). Costs 22800 en, sells for 9120 en.

This gravity station is here to reset our state...

So we can go through this door.

Just looking at those lion...things...makes me kinda queasy...
Is it all of their spindly insect-arm-claw-appendage...appendages?
...I was gonna say the way they move, but yeah, those are pretty gross too.

...Those claws appear to be made out of steel.
Is that a turn of phrase, or...?
No. As in, its claws appear to be made out of literal steel. The same sort that our weapons are forged from.

Wait, is it--

Holy cow!

As you proceed along making use of the mysterious gravity mechanisms, you suddenly see an intimidating-looking monster strike another nearby monster, sending it flying backwards. No doubt this creature will indiscriminately attack anything that approaches it. ...Which means if you carelessly get near, you can expect to be sent flying as well. You keep this in mind as you plan your next moves.
Meet the Thrashing Attack-Hands, who I will refer to as "Blades of Attack."

Nah I'm just gonna call 'em "hands." Much like the narration says...

Perhaps with a small amount of Levita--
If we walk adjacent to it...

Do you ever have a good idea?!
It'll hit us, sending us flying backwards until we hit a wall, and dealing 150 damage to everyone.

It can also do this to Calamity-Inviting Plagues, as you saw, which knocks the lion back, stuns it, and knocks off 10% or 20% of its HP for a few turns.

Things change once we turn off the gravity.

Turning off the gravity makes hands stop doing anything except just standing there.

Unfortunately, it also changes the lion's movement, and not exactly in our favor.

As you can see at the edge of the map, lions now have the same movement type as us: they will now move in a given direction until they hit a wall. They have the same direct pursuit AI as usual.

There's a chest at the top of the room, but it's a bit of a pain to get while the lion is alive.

We need to fix that.

The next room has another gravity machine, which we can use to get to that chest.

Obtained Medica IV.

We're getting close to the end of the floor, people.

I hate these accursed--
No, wait don't-- Okay, you, stop--
C'mon guys, let the love wash over you!
This room's a bit of a bear.

Frankly by this point I was getting a bit sick already of gravity plus hands puzzles so


(god I can't believe Raven's Cry was almost 3 years ago)

Anyway yeah if you're as lazy as I am you can just run away from that hands and have a path straight to the door!

You can, from there, access this gravity machine from earlier, but from a new position.

Which lets you make the (in my opinion, comically short) walk to the stairs.

In a shocking twist, I go back to town.

Y'know, the other day, my precious baby sister was in town and Mio helped her out. She's been jumping with joy ever since!
Um, wait, I did? I-- I don't remember this?
What do you mean you don't remember that? She was carrying groceries when the bustle of the crowd knocked her over, and you helped her pick them up, it's like a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. So, uh, thanks bunches for the family solid on behalf of the littlest one!

Obtained 5 Berry Crepes!
Been ages since I made one of those, but just between you and me, I think it came out faaaaantastic.
Eh. Raven makes better ones.
Perhaps you should evaluate your biases before stating something like that.

The 24th floor... The end's in sight, isn't it?
Not in literal sight, but there can't be much of these ring structures left.
Oh, just had a great idea, when you get to the top I'll start making accessories with your name on them! Nameless Pendants, Nameless Rings, oh Nameless Charms has a nice ring to it too, I betcha they'll fly off the shelves! This is gonna be the next big thing, folks--
I heard our name being used without permission! Wait up, I'm coming!
It's frightening, isn't it?
Okay, hi, I'm here, Ceric, if you do that without express written permission of Sasha, Guild Nameless's Official Saleswoman and Brand Manager, I'll have to nail you for copyright infringement! ...Sorry. Hate to be a jerk to another salesperson, but I gotta.
What?! Copyright infringement?! F-fine... Fine. Sorry.

It seems you've reached the 24th floor. So does this mean you're almost done?
Going to be honest, it's getting really annoying having everyone ask that near the end of every stratum.
Climbing Yggdrasil pretty much means solving all the mysteries of the world. And you're on the verge of accomplishing that. Not in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen when you first came to town. You were just cute little rookies who didn't know your right from your left, but somewhere along the line you became so reliable.
I don't remember what specific dialogue Cass had for a given floor in EO2U, but add in a brash way of speaking and his odd accent and you've got an exact replica of some endgame dialogue of his.
You're making me feel like a mother whose kids are leaving the nest. It's funny, I've never had kids, or even been married.
Shut up Melina. Go home. Nobody likes you

The only new bar patron is Hansuke, so let's move on to quests.

#1: Longing for a beast:
This request is from the owner of a pawn shop in town. Apparently he collects giant horns and tusks from any animal he can. So anyway, the goat horns and boar tusks of the animals in the Labyrinth have caught his eye, and he came here asking for some. The client's still in the bar, so why don't you go talk to him for the details.
Right after this next one.

#2: Meal and conversation:
Oh, that one's from Kevin. Do you know him? No? Well, he's a regular here. Maybe you've met him. But the thing is, he's always alone. He just... sits there. But anyway, you should go ask him for the details. Thanks.

Brownie with tattered clothes:
Horn Guy: Huh, the food they serve here isn't bad at all... Maybe I should come here more often. Hm? Are you all... explorers? Do you need something?
We accepted your request. Melina mentioned horns and tusks.
Horn Guy: Oh! That's great! This is a bit early, but thank you. Maybe you've already heard this from the bartender, but I just love horns and tusks. So I've been looking for a pair of goat horns and boar tusks to decorate my house. But when I heard that you can find rare ones in the Labyinth, that aren't sold in any markets, I put in a request. So do you think you can come back here once you've found them? I'd really appreciate it.
Specifically, we need some Wild Boar and Lost Goat drops. No big deal.

Aloof Kevin:
Shovelchin: Wh-What's with you guys...? Oh... Right... The bar gives out requests, right? Um... Well, right now I REALLY want to eat some Eggs on Toast. So could you go make some for me? I'll be waiting here, so thanks in advance.
Wh-- Okay then?
Shovelchin here wants a bunch of cooked food items. I'll get on that later.

24th, huh? I'm sure you've had your share of...unpleasant incidents getting there, but, well, y'know, it's you. Only people who could really do it in my book. Don't party just yet, though. The goal's in sight, but that's exactly when you've gotta keep your head level the most. If not, you won't realize when hell's biting at your ankles. Back when I was a kid, I'd always screw up big things at the last moment, so... Don't be me, I guess... But, hell, you already aren't me. You don't even need any of my advice, do you?

I've always been aware that the Brownies excelled at business, but... These days, I feel as though I'm learning it all over again. When the Brownies became aware of your progress, we were suddenly flooded with Brownie merchants coming to town. I hear they've been taking advantage of the proximity to Yggdrasil to sell a...wide variety of Yggdrasil-branded items.
I am prepared for the weirdest.
Yggdrasil Cakes! Yggdrasil Commemorative Coins! Yggdrasil Key Rings! Is this what it feels like to be a tourist attraction...? As long as they aren't causing our citizens harm the Council doesn't consider it a problem, but... I feel humbled by their zeal.

As much as I love going back into the Labyrinth instead of taking a rest, why are we here?
Secrets. There's unmarked areas of our map that I'm certain we can get to.

See that small empty area a bit above me on the map? That actually houses a treasure chest, and we can get to it through some anti-gravity.

Incoming image dump showing most of the steps towards getting there in 3, 2, 1!


Obtained Life Belt.
Life Belts give +100 HP. Neato, I guess. A Dragoon's that making use of Dragon's Roar could make use of this, I suppose.

Now, see those shortcuts just above me on the map?

Uh, wait, how are we supposed to go through... Wait, I think... But wouldn't that--
Just go.
Those shortcuts let us go take the stairs while in anti-gravity.

Meaning we can access new parts of 21F and 22F.

Obtained Morion.
Starting off is this thing, directly down from the stairs.

A bit of zip-zooming around later, and we can start the actual hidden area.


Oh god.

I hate weird restrictive areas like this.

There's a chest up there, as yo ucan see, but we can't get it while in anti-gravity.

How convenient.

Empty corridors and tough encounters galore.

Obtained Cursed Coffin!
Turning on the anti-grav here means we can access this garbage.

Let's return to 22F with the gravity on.

Obtained 20000 en.

That's all for now! Next time: 24F.

Okay, Dosen, gimme a dose of downtown knowledge.
Haha! You made a pun!
Yes, yes I did. So tell me, what have you learned?
Well, the case of the Rockin' Bods is a complicated case, lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous, but to start-
Sasha, Dosen! Good to see you.
Oh, Iseria!
Hi there, Your Highness. Do you know why Magda kept shouting earlier?
Perhaps it's a Dinogator matter?
Anyway, do you want to hear about Rockin' Bods too?
Not particularly, no. I actually would like to speak to Sasha specifically.
Aha, so you ARE interested in that bulk purchase of cleverly-packaged suntan lotion.
Er, no. Well, I mean, yes, but-
Money in the bank!

Haha, yeah! Sasha does it again!
Excuse me.
Oh, that's Her Highness's "Enough japery, thou lot, ye sinners listen to the Queen's decree" face.
...Is that what I sound like to you?
So, what's up?
I have a business proposition for you.
Ooh, I'm interested.
Queensland legal tender!
Lay it on me.
Allow me to rephrase. I have a business proposition for you. As in, I would like to please discuss this in private. Without Dosen here.
Oh, uh... Okay?
Ah, I see. I guess it must be of great multinational import, then.
I'm glad you understand.
Well, Sasha... It's been good working with you.
Do your best as an ambassador for--
--and in the future, I'll make sure your legacy is remembered with several Sasha-brand grills, dishwashing liquids, and raincoats.
Dosen, aren't legacies normally remembered after someone dies?
I feel like--
Thank you, Dosen. I'm glad we have someone as conscientious as you on the team.
No problem. Happy to help. Have fun!
Have a good evening, Dosen! Tell your mother I send my regards!
Can do!
...Uh, okay then. So, you had a business proposition?
Indeed. You might want to sit down.

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