Update 36: Harisuzume no Naku Koro ni Chiru

Oh, hey, Sasha!
Oh! Uh! Dosen! Hi, yeah, uh, sorry, didn't see you there.
Oh, I understand, it's a big deal. How many times did you get eaten?
Ack, kaff, ooghoo... What?!
By the man-eating plants.
Oh. Oh, ohhhhhh. ...What?!
I thought Iseria was hiring you as her personal bodyguard for a journey into a jungle full of man-eating plants.
You've got a child-like imagination, y'know that, Dosen?
Aw, you didn't? I wanted to get a souvenir. I thought there might be trees with blue leaves there.
Look, Dosen, you're a good buddy, I'll just tell you: Iseria offered for me to come back to Queensland with her...as her Vice-Queen.
Ooh, does that mean you'll get to manage the country's commerce?!
I, uh-- I think she said I'd have a big role in that yeah.
Ooooooooh! I'm kinda jealous now! Can you send me some official government paperwork about this stuff?!
S-sure. I think that'll be fine?
Yessssssssss! Aaaaaaaa, I'm gonna go make some deals with Ceric, I'm so excited! Send my mom some too, okay?
Ooooookay then. Bye, Dosen. Good luck!
Oh, by the way, can I officiate the wedding?
So this party's a bit weird, although I'm sure you already inferred that.

You'd think wood wouldn't be that hard to find.
10 minutes after starting the recording, I finally found one Moon-White Wood for Lily's quest.
Wood. Quality wood. Lotsa... lotsa fantastic wood. Wood.

Hello everyone! So? Did you find the 5th Stratum wood yet?
Yay! Please, angels from on high, grant this sinner your heavenly blessing!
One measure of bizarrely-white wood, right here.
Ah, yes, this is it! This is what I wanted exactly! Thanks so much, I can definitely carve something out of this! You might not know this about me from my looks, but whittling's right under necromancy on my business card--awesome, right? Oh, but I still haven't figured out what to carve... What do you guys think would make Soleil happy?
A bear, maybe?
Perhaps one of the golems in the 1st Stratum?
Y'know, if I'm right about you and Soleil... Why not just carve yourself?
What? I'd make Soleil happy? You mean, like...carve a statue...of myself? Would she really like that?
Maaaaaaaybe not as a lasting gift, but the sentiment would give her a pertty loud message!
But, hm, well, I guess it's possible if you're saying it... Mm, I'll think about it. But, anyway, thanks for all this, you've been a HUGE help. I left your reward with Melina, so why don't you go get it? See you later!
I'd be remiss to not post Lily's dialogue for giving her the other chop materials.
Ooh, yeah, that's the stuff. I'll just poke her with this tree bark and make her puff out like a squirrel, not, come on guys, I asked for wood, not BARK. She'd make that face at me if I gave her bark! Geez. If you're going to take a request, it's proper etiquette to do it correctly! Wood!

Ooh, this is it! I just give her this branch, and then I'll hang from it like a possum, until she drops me on the floor when she needs to put me down! Wood, guys. I'll just ride piggyback if I need a Soleil platform. Didn't even ask for a branch! Please get out there and do your job properly this time, please? WOOD.

*chuckle* Looks like you safely finished the request for our adorable client. But to be honest I never took Lily to be the woodcarving type. It isn't exactly the most...refined hobby, is it? I'd always seen her as more the type to sew a stuffed animal... I wonder what she'll make. Although I suppose only the recipient will ever know. I wish you luck, Lily. Now, I'd better give you your reward. Good work.

Obtained 2 Metopons.
Obtained 2 Unihorns.

Raven can now get two stacks of Black Blade.

I, uh... I thought Sky Patrol was Finishing Arrow. Oops.

Anyway, who wants to start 24F? Because I know I do.

(Floor subtitle: The path that avoids flying needles)

Obtained 1 Thick Stem naturally, 1 Thick Stem from Raven, and 1 Clockflower from Alexis.
24F, D1 Mine Point

Hello again.

Goodbye for now.

Don't worry, we'll still see the floor's central gimmick a short bit later.

I'd show how to solve this floor, but frankly the gravity station's position plus this sky tile tells all.

We enter this room in media res, anti-grav'd and with a bunch of sparrows stuck to the walls. When a room is anti-grav'd, sparrows will get stuck to the walls for a few turns when they collide with them. Their movement is the same otherwise--they patrol a path, and aggro on you when you're on the same axis as them.

There's one other caveat: if you collide with a sparrow here, it will stick its needles out, which will damage your party and send you flying back. If you collide with it again while its needles are out, you'll start a fight with it.
That's pomo as fuck, my friend
It's kind of hilarious to me that none of the FOEs here know how to handle zero-G.

Fire Ant

HP: 671
STR: 99
INT: 91
VIT: 97
WIS: 94
AGI: 75
LUC: 101



Damage Resistances:
100% 150% 100%
50% 100% 150%

Disable Resistances:
150% 100% 150% 50% 50% 50% 100%
50% 100%
50% 50% 50%
Fire Ants certainly exist. Bring Material Guard if at all possible!

It unfortunately died before it got a chance to actually do anything!


Anyway, solving that room is basically the same as any other sparrow room--just wait for an opening in their patrol paths to cross over.

Having gotten used to the dark sky, you proceed through the Labyrinth leisurely when you encounter a room filled with berry flowers. The faintly sweet smell of the berries stimulates your appetites. You can pick berries here, if you like.
So, Raven, what kinda thing do you wanna bake for your girlfriend, and what kinda berries do you need for it?
B-- I-- Just because I'm going out with Mio and I like to cook does not mean the only thing I think about when I see berries is baking something for her also if you could make sure their roulette stops on boisenberries that'd be great!
Teehee. You kids are so easy to push.
Hey now, leave some for Falz and Greg. They love these things.
You reach out and begin to gather the ripest berries.

Obtained 7 Labyrinth Berries!
Satisfied with your haul, you return to exploring.

Berry paradise

You stumbled into a room filled with berries, and were able to select only the ripest.

A sparrow in front of us, and a anti-gravity thing to our side.

I prefer to just kill sparrows whenever possible.

Iseria's gonna need Chain Freeze maxed out soon enough.

Jana has maxed out Katana Mastery.

Down this way lies pointlessness.

Alexis got a level here but, uh, Jana's dead.

Saker (+99 ATK, +89 MATK, LUC Up 2, Silver x3) is made from 2 Fire Ant Mandibles (Fire Ant normal) and 1 Ferocious Boar Tusk (Wild Boar normal). Costs 56300 en, sells for 22520 en.

Flare Glove (+27 DEF, +33 MDEF) is made from 1 Fire Ant Mandible (Fire Ant normal). Costs 15400 en, sells for 6160 en.

Flame/Frost/Storm Jar (Deals 150% ranged INT-based fire/ice/volt damage to all enemies; 90% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%) is made from 1 Clockflower (Flame/Frost/Storm Jar). Costs 1300 en, sells for 520 en.

Obtained 1 Granite naturally, and 1 Firefly Plate from Raven.
24F, D6 Mine Point

Bad Pudding

HP: 1572
STR: 90
INT: 92
VIT: 117
WIS: 68
AGI: 55
LUC: 103



Damage Resistances:
50% 50% 50%
200% 200% 200%

Disable Resistances:
0% 0% 0% 0% 100% 100% 150%
0% 100%
150% 150% 150%
bad pudding

Anyway Bad Puddings are nothing special. Bad Attack is, well, bad, when combined with Lost Goats or Scarlet Caracals or what have you, but then again being afflicted with ailments is dangerous enough anyway.

Watch, and be amazed...as I prop my soon-to-be-corpse...on my swords...
That kind of dedication deserves admiration.
It also, uh, deserves reviving her soon.

I mistimed Gram's turn and ended up not getting the Bad Pudding conditional. Oh well.

I'm running out of intended-to-be-funny responses to going back to town.
Pudding Staff (+79 ATK, +122 MATK, WIS Up 2, Silver x3) is made from 1 Soft Yellow Core (Bad Pudding normal) and 1 Reliable Branch (5th Stratum Chop 2). Costs 51500 en, sells for 20600 en.

Yellow Core Armor (+65 DEF, +43 MDEF) is made from 1 Soft Yellow Core (Bad Pudding normal). Costs 44000 en, sells for 17600 en.

As you walk through the meadows under the warm sunlight, you come across a single wild-seeming cat rolling around on the ground. Its coat has three colors: white, black, and tawny, making it a calico. The cat, which had been purring loudly on top of the grass, give you a mysterious look when it notices you. You can either be overcome by its charm and reach out to touch its head, or leave it alone.
...! Must...resist... I CAN'T RESIST, I MUST PET THIS CAT.
Captivated by the calico's cuteness, Alexis reaches towards it. They gently scratch it behind its ears while it narrows its eyes in contentment and continues purring loudly. You can either continue to play with the cat or move on.
Alexis continues to gently stroke its body. The cat sometimes twitches, opens its eyes, and stares at you expectantly. Perhaps your rubbed its fur the wrong way?
CAT. CAAAAAAT-- Wait, no, it's very clearly bothered. Off you go!
The calico than calmly stands up, meows at you, and vanishes into the bushes. It seems that's as much as you'll be able to play with the cat. You return to exploring.
Pet the cat more than three times, and it scratches you. Pet the cat twice, and it gives you an item--not sure what.
Encounter with a calico

You encountered a cat rolling in the meadows.
Signs your cat loves you.

Geugh. How many lions are there in this place?

Oops. I let the lion aggro on me at a bad spot.

I tried fighting my way out, but...

I knew I was right...to never trust cats...

Hm. A swirling red vortex, with no solid ground in sight. An interesting locale, to be sure.
Cece, Cece, Cece! What happened?! Why'd everything just go...red?!
If I had to hazard a guess, our guild's survival appears to be tied to the stability of existence as we know it.
Yep, that's how I understand it.
...Raven. I was joking. Please tell me you're joking too.
nope. he's not
You jerks again! Where are you?! Come on out and explain to me why any of this?!
And why did we end up here, anyway?
only those with ~true, purest love in their hearts~ can enter the land of the dead
Then why am I here?!
okay off you go. don't die this time

Okay, that's better.

Okay, that's worse.

Maybe I can progress like this?

okay nobody panic I've got this



watching raw footage of myself playing is infuriating sometimes

Okay, look, here's the right way to do this. Activate the anti-grav while the lion is right there.

Then you just give the lion the ol' perimeter.

Can I call it the ol' perimeter even if I'm not actually on the outside of the shape?
No. Rewrite the joke. You bastard

Oh gods this room.

It's small and it's complicated and it's got a lion in it. The true triple threat.

Calamity-Inviting Plague the Lion Triple Trouple, if you will.

No-one will.
I won't call it that, but I hated that room. I'm not entirely sure which room you're talking about, but I'm sure I hated it.

Y'know, there's better places we could be.
Least there's treasure.

Obtained Silver Ingot!
Cool. Let's warp out, then.

After going back in, with some scrambling around the room, I managed to trap the lion on the one tile in front of the treasure chest.

That's probably not the way you're meant to do it, but really, who gives a shit?

Goddammit I'm getting sick of these fucking lions.

Oh, come on.

Yeah, so uh, don't immediately turn off the gravity.

Instead, leave the room, let the lion wander off, go back into the room, and turn on the gravity again.

As you proceed along the sunlit path, you come across a dead end that seems to have been unnaturally burnt. Thinking someone might have had a campfire here, you approach only to realize that the nearby trees have been turned to charcoal as well. What particularly catch your attention are a large burnt tree, fallen branches scattered on the ground, and the nearby brush. It's difficult to imagine that this was caused by humans, but you can either investigate further or leave.
Y'know, years of being alive has given me the experience to say: this seems like a bad idea.
Frankly, when has that ever stopped us?
You push aside the brush to look inside. There's nothing there, but you can hear the sound of something moving from even deeper within.
Nothing ventured, nothing--
Wanting to check out those sounds, you head even deeper into the brush. The next moment, the person in the lead, Iseria's shoulder bursts into flame!

As Iseria lets out a scream, Alexis finds their boots wrapped in flame as well!

In fact, the whole party has been dusted in some kind of flame powder!

As you struggle to put out the flames however you can, something from deeper in the brush comes out to attack you!
oh for the love of god


Kinda surprised this sort of stuff doesn't happen--

More often...

how about I just pretend that event doesn't exist for now and come back to it in the future

Me every day of my life


hey look Gram actually has Finishing Arrow now

Just as you find the stairs to the next floor, a familiar girl appears before you.

You've done well making it this far.
After she says this, she looks over you kindly before speaking again.
Before we go any further... May I ask your names? Anyone who's made it this far no doubt possesses courage and strength in untold measures.
You can either answer honestly, or turn the question back on her.
Very well. In turn, we are...
Pretend everyone said their name and their class title.

You'll see why just below.

Oh, Iseria the Almost-Queen of Nameless...
After having chosen a Vice-Queen, I am closer to Queen than ever.

And Raven the Edgelord...
Why did I listen to those jerks when they shouted out job names for me?

And Jana the Death Blossom...
I don't usually deal with death, as a rule of my trade, but it's kinda hard not to with four swords.

And Alexis the The Scout...
Ya got anything smart t' say now? ...I apologize, that seems to happen frequently these days.

And, finally, Gram the Captain Falcon, is it?
I've got one blue falcon right here, yep.
As she names you, she turns to you one by one and gives each of you a gentle smile.
I am the Archon who watches over this land. I have been waiting here for you for eons--waiting for my purpose to be fulfilled. The Earthrun, the Lunarians, the Therians, the Brownies... Each race's legends were meant to guide you to this very summit. And once the guided have conquered Yggdrasil's summit, my task will be complete.
The girl calling herself Archon gazes up the shaft of the device reaching out into the upper reaches before continuing.
Deep in the 25th floor is a room formed by Yggdrasil itself. There, I'll tell you the true story behind why you've been guided so far. I hope you'll continue to chase these legends upwards, both for the world's sake...and your own.

Archon ends with those words, and once again disappears. She's promised to meet you again further ahead. You ponder the meaning of her words as you prepare to head to the next floor.
We have...been shouldered with an incredible responsibility, haven't we?

As exciting as it'd be to kick off the final floor right now, I feel like going back to town.

I hear you've gotten to the 25th floor! The top of the Labyrinth is (probably) finally in reach! So, hypothetical here, if you DO get to the top, do you think you could stand outside with this nice sign I made advertising us as the inn where the CONQUERORS of YGGDRASIL stayed?!?!
As-- As much as we value your inn, ah... We'd have to politely refuse.
Hahahahaha! That was a joke! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay here until you're ready to leave!

Yo, how's it been? Oh, the 25th floor? The end's in sight, it is. But this is Yggdrasil, so I betcha it's gonna end with a bang. I bet there's some crazy final monster up there, all, "Grawwwr, I'm gonna KEEL you!" or "If you don't get past me, you'll never see anything that you've never seen before!"
I don't think anything that resides at the top of the tree will...talk quite like that. Actually, I wonder if it'll talk at all...
But if you ask me, doesn't matter what it is: I know you guys are gonna take home the gold! Soooo, since this is the last stretch of your journey, all that ental's gonna be burning a hole in your pocket soon, why not buy that thing you've been side-eyeing...while you have the chance?
Just gimme a bit, I almost have the money!
...Okay, I'm a bit worried about that.

So. We're here. This is the end of everything. That dream that countless have strived for, and countless have given up on, is about to come true by your hands. Frankly, I'm one of the ones who gave up. I challenged Yggdrasil, and was made painfully aware of my own limits. But even if I couldn't handle it, I've always believed that maybe someone else could, someday. That's why I started this bar, to help out all the explorers as best I could. But... I never once considered that the kids to do it would actually show up. Until I met you all. ...Anyway, you've come this far, so you're seeing it to the end. It's not even a question anymore. So go get it done. I'll be waiting here.
I want Cass back
Go home, Melina. Just go home.
I don't hate her that much, honestly.

The only bar patron is Hansuke, so uh let's do this.

The die has been cast:
This one's from the Council. I'm sure you've heard this before, but this one's extremely dangerous. Right now there are scorpions running wild on the 6th floor, and they want you to defeat them. I'm sure you're thinking "What? The ones from the 2nd Stratum? This'll be a cinch." but seriously, don't let your guard down. These are completely different from your ordinary scorpions. Not only are they far stronger than anything else on the 2nd Stratum, they also possess an abnormally efficient method of reproduction. The long and short of it is that if you take your time and return to town between fights, they'll have replaced their numbers by the time you get back up there. So you'll need to head to the 6th floor and defeat all the scorpions without heading back to town. Okay, be careful now.

Finally reached the end of the 5th stratum, huh? ...In other words, you actually made it. You made it to the top.
Can't tell if it's felt like ages or if it feels like yesterday that I sent your guild out with a slap on the back. I'm becoming a broken record by now, but... Never thought a day like this would come. You really did it. If you got this far, then I'm damned certain you'll see it through to the end. I believe in you. Final floor, so there's probably some crazy trial awaiting you. Get out there and give it hell for me!
Can do and will do!

So...you've finally made it. This is the moment of truth, isn't it? The day that will go down in history as when Guild Nameless fulfilled the legend of Yggdrasil! I can do nothing but wait for you here, but... I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear the details of your triumphant struggles. So...good luck, all of you.
Well, that's all for now.

Next time: the final floor.
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