It's pretty convenient that Genetta leaves the roof unlocked, huh?
It's part of what makes her moe.
So, uh... Got anything on the itinerary besides "look at the stars?"
Itinerary? Oh my god, you're such an adorable dork!
Y-you're one to talk. Who was drawing me as Shin and you as the protagonist?
You... You can't tell me that's wrong!
Pfft... We're both adorable dorks, aren't we?
I-I'd use a different word than dork, really... Oh, crap, right, uh, Cecil knows you're fine, right? He gets...punchy when he gets worried.
Don't worry! I let him know about this roof stuff.
...So, uh... How about that big, evil dragon?
We, uh... We sure do have to fight it, don't we?
We'll...come back from it, right? Both of us? I'll-- I'll hug you harder than anyone else! Ah, I-I mean, I'll hug everyone else after they get hit too, but you'll get special-- Aaaaaaa, I sound like an idiot!
N-no you don't! I, um, as--as long as we don't stand still long enough for the dragon to hit us, I think we'll be safe! ...I, um-- You know I trust you with my life, right?
Promise me something, then?
Um, well two things. First, if that giant, ugly dragon comes at me with its...forcep-things, or--or its claws, you'll... You'll stop it right there, right? Chop it off and paralyze the stump?!
You didn't even need to ask--of course!
Okay. Okay, that's good. Second, um--
A-ah, before you say the other one, can I... Can I ask something?
When we're finished with all this--the Labyrinth, I mean--do you...wanna go home? Back to Japan? you miss it?
I-- Um... Not really? I mean, I mostly had just anime and games when I was there. But here? I've got this amazing world to explore once we're done! Even now, the tree and the space stuff--it's so amazing and wonderful and I almost don't want it to stop! And I've got all of my friends here in the guild! ...And, um, well... I-I have you.
Then-- Um, what do you think about pigs?
Yeah. We had a bunch of them back at my family's farm. They-they're bigger than what you usually see! In fact, a lot of the pigs we had were, um... Were bigger than me. Like, okay, I'm just gonna walk over here...
See the distance between you and me? That's how big a normal pig is. That plus them being really, really heavy means they can really topple and crush things once they get going!
That sounds...actually really scary.
Wait, wait, no, they're not scary! I-I guess I made them sound scary, but they're actually, like...really peaceful! If you just give them food and a little care each day, they're happy, and they'll just sit and-- Sit and be lazy. While making adorable noises. Especially piglets! Piglets make the best noises.
I... Pfft, pffthahahaha!
Wh-- Why the laughing? I'm being serious!
Nah, nah, you're--pfft-- You're fine! I've just never seen anyone get so excited and dedicated about pigs! They're kinda the silly farm animals, y'know?
...Do you-- Do you get where I was going with that?
U-uh, I-- Maybe? Why, where were you...?
If you don't-- If you don't wanna go back to Japan... Doyoumaybewannalivewithmeafterwefinisheverythingwe'llhaveenoughmoneytobuyabigplacesomewhere!
...L-live here? Arcadia? With--with you? Like, do you mean--
Until we're both old and graying and happy that we lived a long, joyous life together on a farm we both own! We can still play games and watch anime all the time! We'll just... Um...
I... Um, Raven, I... Of course I would! There's nothing I'd want more than that! Because, I, ah...
I love you! ...Ah, eh, um...
I-I mean, I had a reason to say it!
W-well, I was happy you said yes, and I kinda wanted to say it, but you seemed like you had something-- Mrph?!
...I, um. I think we've said everything we can, so that-- I think that's...
Didn't you just say we've "said everything we can?"
...G-good point. Do you...just wanna stargaze, then?
Sounds good to me. ...Should we get to bed earlier than normal...or should we play some, I dunno, Mario Kart?
Aw, come on, you know the answer to that!
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