Update 38: Nobody Told Me About id (Purpose) (Nameless vs. Lord of the Primordial Darkness)

I feel almost laughable that I can't be there for this, of all things. And with my Vice-Queen-to-be, of all things!
Says miss "barged into the party halfway through the second Stratum."
Hey now, there's no need to be snippy. Iseria's contributed just as much as anyone here, Magda, and I'm sure you feel the same way.
...Yeah. A little.
Myself, I regret not being able to personally avenge Marina.
Alexis... You are a kind young man, and I really hate to break it to you, but... I don't think Marina made it up here. I find it very doubtful. You've already long since avenged her.
Yes, I'm well aware of that but... Well, it's the principle of the thing!
I understand. That said, I can only imagine that even after they slay this primordial darkness, that there'll be an even deadlier beast of some sort somewhere else in the Labyrinth that still has yet to be explored.
...That's actually quite likely, come to think of it! Yes, you're right! If I cannot stand against the Lord of the Primordial Darkness, I need only stand against something even mightier to truly avenge her! Then, I can return victorious with my head held high, and- Come to think of it, didn't he say you were to be my next fiance?
...That was the arrangement, wasn't it?
It's a good thing that didn't happen. Your penchant for nudity is frankly ridiculous.
Well, your glowing green eye stands out in any crowd. It's a wonder you can track anything with that on your face!
And that goth phase of yours, eurgh. The Nine-Foot Coffins merchandise you have in your room is some of the tackiest stuff I've ever seen.
At least I have interests that aren't staring at wildlife all day, you single-minded ponce!
Hooligan! You couldn't rule a nation if you tried!
Well, monsters that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn could easily hit you. I am quite good at dodging!
Yes, you are! You're quite good at dodging!

...What am I watching?
They're having fun and being friends in their own way, that's all. It's a lot like you and Kaelin.
What. Huh?
Now, me... I wish I were up there, so Adrian could see me fell the doom of the whole planet with a well-placed arrow. She told me something once, y'know.
What's that?
"Now, Gram, there's a lot of things a hunter can fell. Frankly, knowing you, you could fell a damned T. rex"--'round the foothills of Yamato we've got these things, biggest lizards you've ever seen, head the size of Kaelin's--"but there's one thing you can't hunt, no matter how hard you try, and that's death. If you run into death out there, then do me a favor, and don't try and shoot it. Just get out of there. For my sake."
Now, it was good advice, of course, and thinking of her words got me out of several sticky situations. But I'm old, and I don't have to fear death for any reason anymore. So I was thinking it'd be real funny if, when I died, and went to wherever people go after they die, when I ran into Adrian I could say, "I shot death and I won, got a problem?"
Wow. You know, out of all the motives I was expecting, "trying to spite my dead wife" was not one of them- wait. Wait wait wait.
Your name is actually Gram?!
What did you think it was?
I figured it was like, an affectation 'cause you're old, or something!
Hahaha! No, no. Funny story about that actually- see, my pop actually wanted to name me something else. But, he was real drunk while he was naming me, and right as he was about to do it, he puked, right there in front of everyone- and the orderly took the sound he made as my name!
And it coincidentally sounded like a shortened version of "Grandma."
Life's crazy sometimes, ain't it?
Yeah... I guess it is.

(...Come home safe, you stupid bastard.)

Alright, I've got everything in position! Monster Orchestra v0.8 is ready to roll!
Jana, what is the purpose of this, er...thing...we're doing?
C'mon, Lanzoni.
She used your full name!
This is serious.
You, me, Cecil--we're not up there fighting the big bad boss monster on top of the tree. They are. Those five- they're the ones who are gonna...fulfill the destiny of the planet... Or something like that.
Very true.
I'm an entertainer at heart. Always have been, probably always will be. So if I can't be up there, the Magnificent Jana's gonna do what she does best to compensate--put on a show! We're gonna blow the rooves off of every building in Aeolis!
Your flair for showmanship explains that, but what about you, Cecil?
This is the Big Debut of my life's work, as those crazy kids I've been trying to get to finally say something to each other finally do while they're fighting the mother of all boss monsters! I couldn't have a prouder venue than this town, to tell you the truth.
Hey, move it, slowpoke! If you can hang around the bar all day, then you have time to help move these things!
I just wanted to give tutorials!
Nobody needs tutorials in this town! We need manual labor!
Alright, alright. I wouldn't dare question it any further.
And you know very well that if we're going to put on the biggest show this town's ever seen...
...We also need the hottest guy this town's ever seen!
Your logic is flawless! I would be honored to help... I mean, I'm already helping, but...
You have more gusto.
Yes. More gusto. That's a good way of putting it.
Work harder, peon!
We can't let Hansuke show us up, guys. Back to work!

Well...so am I, but... Is that Dosen's...thingy?
Oh! Yes, it is.
He was so proud of it... How'd you tear it out of his hands?
Well, I told him, it causes explosions. And he's a medic, right?
So, I wield scythes. And he's the medic. So if he was causing explosions, that'd put Magda out of a job!
And he said, "Oh, I can't let that happen! Please, take it from me before I do any more damage!"
Oh my GOD! That's...that's so cute!
Yeah, it is. I mean, I don't think that's--
Not him. You! You came up with that on the spot? When did you get so good at smooth-talking people?
Oh gods. I'm going to turn into a tomato if you keep looking at me like that. Please. Oh gods.
Listen, Raven. You're gonna do fine. You're the coolest person I know. And you're not alone, you've got me, and you've got everyone else! They're in such high spirits!

Alright, Dosen. One last time.
"I'm Sasha!"
"And I'm Dosen."
"Now listen, if you're thinking of moving somewhere exotic, have I got the place for you."
"It's got a view like no other!"
"That's literal! Nowhere else on the planet is gonna give you this kind of view!"
"And it's FREE!"
"It's free real estate! It's a free house for you!"
"You gotta bring furniture, but the house is free! You unlock the door to your free house, we got you the real estate!"
And...where, pray tell, is the Lord of the Primordial Darkness's free house.
"So far down south it's like you're in a grave!"
"Because you are!"
"You'll be dead!"
"We got you a free death to go with the house!"
"Unlock the mysteries of the afterlife today, and you get a free house, in a grave!"
"Get in touch with nature!"
"Meet new people, and get decomposed by them!"
You two... I don't even have the words to describe all the problems with this chicanery. Just let us be rid of the bedamned clapperclaw already.
But Kaelin, you were getting so into it last night.
By the power vested in me by the ancestors, I call upon the holy rune of House Pargon-

Or they've...finally lost it.

And with that extended intro, let's go over our final builds.

Sasha has Line Guard and Material Guard maxed out, one point in Gun Mount, Gun Revenge maxed out, Hypno Cannon maxed out, and 7 points in TP Up.

...The, uh, the Gun Revenge points were kinda wasted, given that she has all of one point in a regularly-used attack skill.
Yes, but Gun'sbrasting.

Raven obviously got completely reskilled to fit his new spec: Dorlegde.

5 points in Miasma Weapon, Frail Miasma maxed out, Brittle Miasma maxed out, Dim Miasma maxed out, Scythe of Transience maxed out, and 6 points in Absorb Vitality.

Absorb Vitality combined with Herb Boost...boosted skills makes Raven surprisingly tanky, and... Well, you'll see with Scythe of Transience.

Kaelin has High-Speed Incantation maxed out, Icicle Lance maxed out, 9 points in Earth Spike, Incantation: Multistrike Form maxed out, and one point in Reserve Magic.

The only skills that Mio really gets to use in the fight itself are Prayer: Eradication and Prayer: Guardian. She ended up being busy enough as an actual support that I never got to cast Oracle: Three Runs, and I had other ways of dealing with Blackened Blaze besides Oracle: Halo.

Which, uh, I forgot to put a point in Prayer: Blaze anyway, so if I needed it in this run, I would've been screwed.

The important things about Dosen are that he has the following maxed out: Herb Boost, Line Herb, Refresh Herb, Recovery Herb, and Resurrection Herb.

Also I gave Raven the Cradle, as previously joked about.

Let's get on with it, shall we?
VIDEO: Final Boss: Lord of the Primordial Darkness
...Please, uh... Please ignore the Steam noises in the audio. A consequence of both having to change up how I record audio, and not wanting to throw away this take because it was a really good fight.

How sharp do you think those pincer-things are?
Dosen, how about we worry about selling parts of this thing after it's dead?

Picking either Line Guard or Material Guard is just a coinflip, in my opinion. I opted to open with Line Guard.

Raven actually needs, y'know, debuffs to use Scythe of Transience, so he uses Dim Miasma to cut Jaryuu's accuracy by 20%.

I want Kaelin to be hitting Jaryuu's weakness as much as possible, so he opens with a Multistrike Icicle Lance.

Keeping my party alive is more important than 100% optimal damage output when it comes to Jaryuu, so Mio uses Prayer: Guardian.

Meanwhile, Dosen will buff up Sasha and Raven's max HP.

How's that herb working?
I, uh, feel a bit more alive, but...why was it shaking?
Magda helped!

(Dim Miasma.)

(Absorb Vitality. Notice how Raven's max HP changed.)
Oh, fine. Give me your blood!

(Freeze Breath.)
My-- That jerk froze my arms!

From...wherever we are, I stab at thee.
Kaelin deals just shy of 1200 damage without any attack buffs. Me likey.

Raven switches to Brittle Miasma.

Kaelin switches to Earth Spike to inflict another debuff on Jaryuu. Notice the UI element just below his face--that indicates that Reserve Magic is active, and is applying an ice element to his next attack.

Mio's going to unbind Raven's arms.

Dosen will heal the back row while also buffing it a little bit.

...She helped with this?
She mostly just pointed out that the fact that my original stuff was moving probably wasn't a good sign. Then she helped make it stop moving.

My eyes! I can't see, there's too much darkness in them!
(Dark Claw.)
Dark Claw's already lower-than-average accuracy becomes even worse when Dim Miasma is in play.

Not fantastic, but compare the damage to earlier, and observe that is because of Reserve Magic.

This is where things get fun.

Get a little Prayer: Eradication in there for good measure.

Okay, lemme see, just use this end of the scythe to suck up the miasma, and then...

...Why can't I do that with the Cradle?
Aww, don't worry, Dosen, I'm sure I can teach you someday maybe possibly okay on further thought that's a really terrible idea.
Christ almighty that's almost 4200 damage.

My shield's-- Frozen to the stupid ground! ...I think.
Oh, that's bad.

Who needs appendages when you have magic?

Mio's gonna use Hygeia's Bowl to fully restore everyone's HP, and cure all our various ailments and binds.

There we go, that's much better.

(Hemostatic Forceps.)
Got my shield back, and now I can't feel my legs. This is going great.

I had Mio cast Prayer: Cold Rain as insurance against Freeze Breath damage.

A combination of Kaelin's magic attack debuff, Mio's defense buff, and Dosen's overheal is doing a hell of a lot for keeping our front row alive.

At least Dark Claw tagged the person with the increased base accuracy on all of his skills.

See? Only missed three of the six hits.

(Resentment Miasma.)
For those who read the original version of the Jaryuu writeup, I have a correction to make: Resentment Miasma doesn't deal 100% of the damage dealt over the course of a turn, it deals 25%--effectively meaning that each member of a full party takes 5% of the damage dealt over a turn, while Jaryuu takes 25%. Dealing damage during it is still a serious gamble, though.

Also, what I didn't note in the writeup is that the Resentment Miasma halves the framerate. This includes both the actual viewport and the UI.
Fuc'k Yeah
I was wondering about that, since I don't recall full stopping my damage for that phase.

Hey, Kaelin, catch!

(Panic Rush.)

...Well, there goes that really rare potion.

Fun fact about the damage part of Resentment Miasma: the sound it makes during the initial animation is also shared with the first part of the sound effect for Visage's ult in Dota 2.

(Ruinous Howl.)
God, if only Kaelin could've gotten that.

The surreality of being saved by...Dosen...will haunt me to the grave.
Aw, come on, I even threw in a little bonus for free.
Fun fact: Resurrection Herb gets the benefits of Herb Boost.

If no-one actually dealt any damage on a turn, Resentment Miasma will act as if 20 total damage was dealt that turn.

Mio, quick, how long do we have until Evil Dragon there burns everything in front of it but mostly us?
Lemme think... That kinda thing usually takes a turn, so... Maybe 30 seconds or so.
(Absorb Miasma.)

I know everyone here wants to see a Ruinous Howl-boosted Scythe of Transience.

There's no caveats there.

I'm not particularly in the mood to get wiped out by Blackened Blaze, so Dosen puts up Aegis Shield.

Is that...a rolling pin?
My mom's lucky one. It'll keep us safe!
Well, uh, if you have faith in it, then I guess I gotta.

It feels weird to cut something and just seeing miasma flow out.
Almost 6000 damage. Hot...something.

(Blackened Blaze.)
Allow me a question: what just happened?
Rolling pin!

For a party consisting of a Warlock and a character who I'm only having attack when Jaryuu has three debuffs, this could be worse.

Ooh, thank you, Jaryuu, I love Ruinous Howl.

The best part is that Jaryuu's self-buff immediately got dispelled by Earth Spike.

We're over halfway there.

I'd like to point out, at this juncture, that Gun Revenge also has the same type of indicator as Reserve Magic.
Isn't that also the same type as Miasma Weapon for Raven? I think of them as psuedo-buffs.

Dark Claw can be hilariously pathetic a good amount of the time.

Meanwhile, here's Kaelin with Ruinous Howl.

Please take a moment to imagine how much I'd be hurting without all of the defensive stuff I have in play in this fight.

Normally I'd make some upbeat comment about our progress, but uh... I actually have a situation here. Raven's getting low on TP and Kaelin's about to run out--he actually can't cast Multistrike + Icicle Lance or Multistrike + Earth Spike right now.


Okay that's actually bad. I don't have any answer for another Blackened Blaze, due to my inattentiveness resulting in me not putting any points in Prayer: Blaze.
Episode 420: Nameless Gets Blazed

The first two Resentment Miasma turns passed uneventfully. I'm down to my last possible attacks here--Raven has enough TP for one Scythe of Transience, and Kaelin has enough for one more normal Icicle Lance.

I'm officially on a one-turn time limit now.

ALRIGHT, NOW YOU LISTEN HERE! Maybe you didn't get the picture last time I hit you with this war crime of a weapon, but nobody wants you here! You're a big ugly monster and everyone is worse off for you being here! So get out of our planet!

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAau, aughk, hak--
Raven, are you okay?!
Yeah, just-- Got a fly in my throat-- I'll be fine--
Will you two dunderheads focus?! Look!

Defeated Lord of the Primordial Darkness!

It's all over.

Well, okay, not really, but we're done with the main story.

Due to the lack of any voice acting, and the fact that the only real animation here is just a pan-down, I've chosen to just show you screenshots of the ending sequence.
To you, descendants from those who were born and raised on this planet: congratulations.

As I said before, long ago, this planet was ruled by darkness.

In this land where nothing could be born, Yggdrasil was planted to bring life, by my people, the "Archon."

Over the many years the Archon have watched over this planet, it has become a land teeming with life.
So yeah, congraulations to anyone who guessed that Archon was actually a space alien from a race of, seemingly, coral people.

Archon, please put a shirt on.
Oh good, she took it off! How the FUCK did she fit that under that hood? I've been wanting to kvetch about this literally the entire 5th Stratum. Archon, teach me your coral girl secrets?
Sufficiently advanced aliens are indistinguishable from magic.


Each time in the past that the world was threatened by any number of crises, the people were saved by the providence of the World Tree.

But I have always believed that the day would come when this world's people overcame the primordial darkness.

And now, you have appeared before me.

You've overcome the primordial darkness, and humanity has finally freed itself of the Archons' yoke...with its own hands.

With this, my duty here is over.

On the same note, so too does your adventure end here. This is the final stop of your trip through the World Tree.

But after I have gone, you must overcome your next trial: watching over this world.

It is a heavy burden, no doubt, but I have faith you can do it.

You, who traversed this Labyrinth, surely know better than anyone else the true value of camaraderie...
So here's a little Me Fact for you here, folks. The first time I saw, well not this line but Clarste's original translation, my immediate instinct was to put "the real super power of teamwork." I didn't, because Clarste would've used his shoggoth powers to drain my energy and leave me vulnerable to eldritch attack, but I considered it. Thank you.
You're welcome.

Nameless is up on the 25th floor now? Aw, I just missed them then. I hope Dosen's doing alright. ...What in the world?!
And so the main story concludes. Let's enjoy the credits while I (and my cohorts) ramble.

Whoa my goodness, who turned on the lights?! Yggdrasil is GLOWING! Is everyone having a party without me?! Hey SIIIS, you're supposed to be the adult here, look at this glowing tree! ...What do you mean, "You're just dreaming?" YOU'RE the one who's half-asleep, lazybones!
As recently as three weeks ago I was wondering what kind of "I really hope Atlus will bring EO5 to the US" nonsense I'd have to put in the ending, but, well, that's no longer an issue now.

Instead I'll use this time to reflect a bit. EO5's been an interesting project to work on in a lot of ways. Firstly, it was a proper multi-person LP; I technically coordinated with Fetus for EO2U, but our LPs were mostly self-contained (aside from his referencing mine for most gameplay things). Here, though, I had two partners who I had to constantly talk to and work with throughout the entirety of this--a translator and an editor/co-author for the narrative

While that did end up bogging my process down quite a bit (having to wait for translations/edits and co-commentary) and was a bit of a nightmare to set up at the beginning (instructing two non-programmers on the basics of Git and then dealing with stupid Unix file permissions being messed up by Cygwin was fun), it's also far more fun than working on my own with EO2U was, and I feel has greatly improved both the LP itself and the narrative bits considerably.

What?! Yggdrasil is bathed in light of unknown origin?! This is a massive emergency, we need to have Nameless go investigate! ...Oh, they're already up there?
As for EO5 itself, I fucking love it and I can't wait for it to come out in English so a bunch more people get to play it. It's a gigantic improvement on the already well-tuned EO formula, and while it arguably has less content than the Untolds did, what it does have is considerably more well-polished. Its class plus skill designs are both a massive step up from any of the previous games, too.

Well, everything that begins has to have an end. No doubt the Labyrinth's no exception--if something like this is going on, then that's the end of Yggdrasil. Or if you look at it differently, it's the start of something new.
With my reflections out of the way, I should say thanks to some people, shouldn't I?

Firstly, the LP would not have even been possible without Clarste. If he hadn't had the idea of doing an early EO5 LP (no more than two weeks after the game came out in Japan), and then offered to do translation work for me after I suggested I do all the actual recording plus update-making bits, on top of the all the work he'd already done for EO5 datamining, I literally would not have been able to do this. So yeah, uh, that deserves a little bit of praise. Just a little. He was also pretty critical early on for providing serious feedback on how I was writing characters and what I should probably be doing with them.

Next, alcharagia, who posted in the EO2U thread shortly after I mentioned a specific FOE from EO5, suggesting a joke name for it, and then offering to be editor for the LP--a post I had assumed was just a joke. It, uh, wasn't, as a random friend request I received on Steam and noticed on a three-hour train ride home late in August proved. Not only did she give all of the townspeople that particular brand of energy we've all come to love and enjoy, she's also been absolutely invaluable for narrative stuff--providing feedback on everything I bounced off her, and helping me a lot with planning out characters and sub-plots (if you can really call them that).

...I believe in them. This...glowing thing is the result of them fulfilling the legends. There's no need to get all loud about it now. We need to save our best congratulations for when they get back down here.
As for people not technically directly involved with the project, I have a bunch of people to thank. Firstly, everyone that submitted characters both in the EO2U thread and after EO5 started:
Out of everyone in that list, extra-special thanks to the following people whose characters I accepted, for providing me with characters that were (and will continue to be) really fun to write for:

Something's happened to Yggdrasil after Nameless set out today?! So that would mean... Oh, have they returned yet!? Send all the guards out towards Yggdrasil, we have to be there to meet them. I'll be heading out myself once preparations are complete.
Additional thanks to the following character creators who added me on Steam and then entertained my various prompts for stuff I was writing about their characters, along with other miscellaneous nonsense: blizzardvizard, BlackPersona, Txn, mischeviousart, Endorph, Level Seven, and Rangpur.

Special special thanks to Hivac, an enduring friend who has withstood several lifetimes' worth of both real life and internet nonsense from me, has listened to a lot of various spiels from me about LP work, and will be joining me for my next LP after EO5. Info on that will be coming in the near future!

And, finally, a bunch of people who don't all follow the LP but I want to thank for being my friends anyway and listening to me talking about EO and LP stuff sometimes: Efe, Heavy, Quakerin, Mysty, Skull, Titan, Tolling, Ned, Ben, Tyty, and theshim.

With that, I've said my piece, so I'll shut up and let the rest of the ending play out.

(Protip: there's a secret link somewhere, but not in the punctuation like usual.)
I had the That's So Raven theme on repeat in the background as I read this update and I took a second to pay attention to the lyrics as I was reading Ragnar's long-ass credits spiel. I've never actually watched That's So Raven. This show was about a girl who could see the future? This Disney Channel sitcom had psychic powers? What in the world was I doing wasting my time with Drake and Josh if Disney Channel was putting out the greatest anime of our generation at the same time? I think I need to question my life decisions, and as such, when Ragnar's next project is the That's So Raven video game you know I'll be right on board.

Oh my god, this actually exists. Wait, there are three That's So Raven video games. Holy shit! And they're making a sequel series where Raven's a psychic single mother with two kids! Finally, I understand what my life has been missing all this time. Thank you everyone for helping me on this journey to understand the lack of Raven Simone sitcom antics in my life.
Anyway, yeah, this was all my idea because after playing EO5 my immediate thought was to share it with the world. While it's been rather more exhausting than I originally anticipated, even without having to do all the gameplay and recording and writing and well much of anything, I don't regret it. To be honest on my original playthrough I thought most of the characters other than Genetta were pretty boring and I vastly underestimated the amount of random text the game throws at you (and we didn't even do the item and monster descriptions). So basically I volunteered for this because I thought translating it would be a breeze. That said, reading something and translating it is always a very different experience, so I've become more attached to the characters over time. And obviously a huge part of that is also thanks to Kinu. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, even though you probably didn't.

Attention, citizens of Aeolis! Nameless has conquered Yggdrasil! I repeat, Guild Nameless has conquered the Yggdrasil Labyrinth! All citizens, let us greet our new heroes!
They're... They're alive...!
Well, yes. Was there ever any doubt? They have Sasha and Dosen with them.
Even with Kaelin and his insufferable attitude amongst them, I don't see how they could've lost.

Oh man, I betcha they've really done it! I've gotta go greet them, every last one of my very best customers! ...Little sis, what do you mean, "Can I come?" Um, let me think about this-- Wait, NOOOO? Who's gonna watch the cats if you come?!
Wow. They actually managed to, like, kill that dragon. I'm almost impressed.
So now what? Do we just all go do whatever? That tree's fully explored now.
I'm sure there's a bit of adventure left in Yggdrasil, dears.
Where, ah... I'm assuming they're coming back from the Forest Entrance?

Never mind then, no worries. Anyway, hustle out, I'm closing up shop for today, Nameless reached the top! Woohoo! Aw, baby! They did it! I gotta go meet them on the way out!
Hm. Never doubted 'em for even a second. ...Greg, what's that look and that whining for? I'm tellin' the truth.
Ooh, ooh, look, there they are! Time to put my agility to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse!

Nameless came down, huh? That so? Those crazy kids really went and did it... Well, I probably shouldn't be calling them "kids" anymore. If that's the case, I should get cracking. They'll probably be hungry!
You bet we are. I could eat enough for seven Brownies!
So one normal person, then.
Come, everyone. On this special occasion: let's get drunk! ...Kaelin, how fast are you going to hit the floor?
Oh, my alcohol tolerance is impeccable.
30000 en on you getting blackout drunk after one shot.
Oh, uh, I don't really think I can drink yet, so--
Two chocolate milks on the rocks, please!

...I believe in them. This...glowing thing is the result of them fulfilling the legends. There's no need to get all loud about it now. We need to save our best congratulations for when they get back down here.
We're right here, though!
And boy, do we have a deal for you, Guildmaster...

...So they really did see it all the way to the end. I wonder... All the universe's secrets, wealth beyond measure, unlimited power... I can't disguise my curiosity; which of the legends were actually true? But more importantly, I must confirm that they've come home safely! I'm heading out!

Have you heard? They're saying the folks from Nameless just finished climbing Yggdrasil! Wow. The people who helped me turned out to be way more amazing than I could've guessed, huh?

So. Those ornery bastards really did do it. Here I had them pegged as roadkill when I first saw them. Well, no problem saying I was wrong. Now let's go congratulate this new set of heroes ourselves!

Thank you for reading the LP so far, and please look forward to the 6th Stratum. For now, though, good night.

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