Update 44: Rage Awakened ~The Origin~

Hey, Dosen, you...okay?
I'm fine, why do you ask?
You've been pacing around for, like, an hour now. I think your pacing's actually making a hole below you, which is kinda impressive.
I'm 100% fine, I'm just pacing because it's good exercise.
You're sure you're not pacing because of, I'unno, Gram's marksmanship lesson for Iseria?
I'm concerned for Gram's health is all, she's old and Iseria has a track record for this.
You mean when Iseria and Sasha had that private chat and you thought Sasha was gonna die for Iseria?
Yes, that.
Dosen, buddy, Gram's...gonna be fine. It's a marksmanship lesson.
Mhm, yes, indeed.
...Okay, where's a pencil and paper? I still need to talk to him about those Sasha Memorial Mudflaps...

Well, I had to do it at some point.

(Floor subtitle: The path closest to despair)
For the proper experience, just put this on in the background for this update.

Outer space primates. Hm.
I don't quite know how to describe my thoughts on this creature. It...exists.

Mirror Monkey

HP: 1506
STR: 142
INT: 134
VIT: 134
WIS: 132
AGI: 119
LUC: 125

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 100% 100% 0% 100% 50% 100%
50% 0%
50% 50% 100%
Remember Forest Monkeys? They're back, except this time they're mimicking 6th Stratum enemy skills, and will deny you EXP and drops if you don't kill them in time.

'Kay, ow, that hurts, but I'm still--

Should've known better...than to trust a space monkey...
Jana dies a lot throughout the entirety of this "floor."

(Bind Claw.)
Bind Claw, if you'll remember, is the skill attached to the Answerer, the ultimate sword, which Iseria presently has equipped. It's useful for giving her some immediate multi-target coverage, and comes in handy a lot throughout this "floor."

Boom goes the monkey!

Dosen's gonna use a lot of TP bringing back Jana from here on out.

And for our first puzzle, we have a Propagating Nightmare.

And I thought I didn't like those poison things.
Propagating Nightmares dissolve immediately on contact with a damage tile.

Sidestepping the tile we were in front of earlier and then just beelining down makes for an easy escape to the door.

But I'm me, and have to map out the room completely, leading to this.

Night Lady

HP: 2575
STR: 92
INT: 138
VIT: 142
WIS: 151
AGI: 90
LUC: 116

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
150% 150% 150%
0% 0% 0%

Disable Resistances:
100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 100%
50% 100%
100% 50% 0%
Kill Night Ladies immediately, or I hope you like most of your party being dead or cursed!

This was a preemptive attack, so nothing bad happened.

Getting the conditional's pretty easy, given how composite damage works.


Much of the same in the next room.

Except we've got this annoying mess of damage tiles to contend with.

Eventually, I get fed up, and just step over the damage tiles to cheese the puzzle.

The Nightmares never end.

You might even say they...propagate.
the localization's name for this monster is mounting horror and that's a really really good name

...God, that was awful.
It basically was.

I'm just stepping over damage tiles because these puzzles are really annoying to work around.

29F, E1 Mine Point
Ooh, getting the Green Dew was lucky. I'm not selling it, though, because... Well, you'll see.

...Oh no.

You can probably guess what the gimmick of 29F is now: it spans the entirety of the stratum. We're going to be warped to and from all of the floors so far.
It is amazing.

Don't take the teleporter I marked with a sign icon, unless you like going back to the normal part of 28F.
I live for this.
Fucking yes teleport mazes yes shit put them in my blood yes UNGH HURT ME MORE SECTOR E

Also, you're going to want to activate this shortcut.

I went back to town and, lo and behold, a quest opened up. I'm not sure what the specific criteria for it is, but it's having some amount of Mine items from the 6th Stratum in your inventory.

Breaking the barriers:
Um... This one's from a coal miner who wants to make a custom pickaxe. He's having trouble with the tough crystals on the fourth stratum, so he's asking for materials. If you want the details, why not talk to him yourself?


Therian coal miner:
Miner: Hm? Whaddya want?
Melina directed us towards you when we inquired about the request.
Something about a pickaxe?
Miner: I need a materials to make a pickaxe...to break...something? Yeah, that's it, that's it. That's how it went.
Miner: Ah, ahem. So you're the guys who took the request? Yeah, I'm your client. She told you that I wanted materials from the sixth stratum, right? So basically I want you to mine 1 of each thing from the sixth stratum! With that, I can make a pickaxe that'll smash anything on the...what was it? Fourth? Yeah, the fourth stratum! That's sounds about right! And that's the explanation!
...Something's not right here.
Miner: ...But have you guys really been the sixth stratum? I always heard it was some virgin territory no one's even been... It's just, you know, you guys don't look like anything special... I mean, no offense! Just at first glance, you know? It's hard to believe you're really all that. Well, I guess if you get the goods that'll prove it, now won't it? Go get 'em, chief!
This seems weird, but oh well.

Here are some item unlocks.
Billao (+145 ATK, +155 MATK, INT Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Hard Beak (Trick Parrot normal) and 1 Ominous Canesword (Night Lady normal). Costs 127000 en, sells for 50800 en.

Inoueshinkai (+175 ATK, +120 MATK, TP Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Ominous Canesword (Night Lady normal). Cost 187000 en, sells for 74800 en.

Ominous Glove (+43 DEF, +52 MDEF, +15% arm bind resistance) is made from 1 Ominous Canesword (Night Lady normal). Costs 53000 en, sells for 21200 en.

Element Guard (+15% fire/ice/volt resistance) is made from 3 Ominous Caneswords (Night Lady normal). Costs 30000 en, sells for 400 en.

Obtained Assault Wand!
...I was born to wield this.
But that's a staff.
Yes. I'm keenly aware of that.
It's a staff with a fist on the end.
Yes. I'm keenly aware of that.
I...can't lift it...at all...
Yes. I'm keenly aware of that.
I think Cece's found her destined weapon, guys.
This fucking thing, oh my god. I'm not gonna spoil what it does until the next update, I want it to be a surprise.

ugh more puddings

There's some proper way to get through this room normally but I prefer to just run through damage tiles and cheese my way out of it. I have no patience for the 6th Stratum, when one bad random encounter will set me back 30 minutes of progress.
I'm honestly not sure where you got the idea that you're never supposed to step on a damage tile to solve the puzzles.



This terrible thing will send you back to the normal parts of 26F. So, uh, don't walk into it.

Take this one instead.

I'm sure this one leads to something normal.

Why? Why why why? Who would do this?
Hey, good joke, Archon, now which one doesn't send us backwards?
*intense sobbing*
This floor is amazing.

*even more intense sobbing*
I am so glad this exists.

This is not the way forward, but I needed to go this way for something.

Obtained Nectar II.

The only way out of this area goes back to the normal floor. Sigh.

Anyway, this teleporter takes us to where we want to go.

Obtained 1 Hatflower Branch naturally, and 1 Hatflower Branch from Sasha.
26F, D2 Chop Point

Forward, for real this time.

This teleporter is a trap.

This one isn't.

Here's another fun trap. Are you getting paranoid at every teleporter yet? I know I was while recording this.

That's an...interesting section.

Never was one for cows or bulls, and this thing isn't doing much to change my mind.

Okay, here's the deal. Lure the mancubus as far away from the center as possible.

Take this teleporter.

And then take this one.

It's somewhat comforting to know there are multiple monsters that are as averse to the poison as we are.
Oppressive Bull Demons will not pursue you if their line of sight to you goes over a damage tile.

That wasn't too bad.

jesus christ what the fuck is this room


With how much I have to deal with as far as exploration of "29F" goes, I don't have the patience to solve this.

Why is this teleporter here, again?

Whoever put these here must think we're pretty dumb.

I'm kinda beginning to hate monkeys now...

The whole floor is kind of starting to blur together for me. It's way too long and shortcut-sparse for its own good.

We're not really close to done yet, scarily enough.

I didn't think a floor could exhaust me more than EO2U 28F, but here we are. At least I'm having to actually think about where teleporters are going to toss me, rather than having to play fucking guessing games.
Yes, that's what makes this tolerable. You can know ahead of time where you're going to land.

I'm...kinda getting tired...
But, Dosen, we're still in the middle of--
Do you need someone to carry you, Dosen?
That'd...hmaaaaugh...be nice...
Very well then, up you go...
...Eeeeeeeeee, Cece, you carrying Dosen looks so adorable!
Gyaaaaahahaha! I'm getting flashbacks to my own past, lookin' at you three.
You will really regret it if you walk into the teleporter from this direction.

Too tired... Bye-bye, monkey...
that sound you just heard was me screaming

a lot

Hello now, what's this?

Looks like progress to me.

Welcome to my personal hell.

Go thisaway.

For the love of god unlock this shortcut.

Once that's done, press forward.

Obtained 1 Vortex Blossom naturally, and 1 Vortex Blossom from Sasha.
27F, B4 Take Point
God, that ambush chance...

Every teleport in these areas is nerve-wracking. Did I mess up and am about to force myself to repeat a lot of dungeon again? Who knows!!

Teleports like that excepted.

Oh boy here we go. Fuck this room and everything in it.

I don't wanna eat pudding ever again after this...
More goddamn One Submerged in Luxuries. I kinda hate these things.

...No-one remembered to pack a Thread, huh?
Oh, great, I love dying.
Nah, I'm sure we'll get through this.
fuck me i forgot to buy a thread
Well, that's not the floor's fault.


Heh... At least I've got lots of stories for...Adrian...
Cece... Don't...be long...

My...accursed memory... Sasha...

Why do you even exist?

The adventurers have fallen...

Aw, come on, we were just about ready for bed.
That was a long time before this happened, wasn't it? Usually this stuff happens pretty quickly after we leave in the morning.
...Kinda glad we're not the ones that have to explore right now.
Ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I've been playing this series for almost three fucking years, I've done one complete LP of it, and I'm doing two LPs of it at present time, and I still fucking forget to buy Ariadne Threads sometimes. What is my goddamn problem?!

My own lack of basic planning pissed me off so much that I didn't record for another week.
Oh, was that why?
Can confirm it was very piss-off-y.

When I came back, though, I found the last mining material I needed.

Let's talk to the miner again.
Miner: Back from mining on the sixth stratum?
Miner: Oh?! Seriously?! Show me! ...Ooh, so this is what they've got up on the sixth stratum... This is the first I've seen or touched 'em, but this stuff is somethin' else! You guys are the real thing! Sorry for doubtin' ya. ...I mean, who even cares what I think, you guys are just amazin'!
...You're not giving us the full story, are you?
Miner: ...Actually, y'see... I'm not the real client. I mean, I'm the one makin' the pickaxe, no lie there, but Melina's the one who wants it. She didn't want the people takin' the request to know though, so she told me to make pretend. But if you ask me, there was somethin' off about her face when she was tellin' me about this. Just makin' that pickaxe for her and handin' it over like nothin's wrong would leave a nasty taste in my mouth. So I know y'all are high and mighty heroes, but can I ask you a favor? Listen to her, and help her out. I'm aaalways makin' requests at the bar, and Melina's always helpin' me out. It ain't just me neither, everyone here owes her bigtime. So consider this a request from all of us here at the bar. Help Melina.
Consider it done.

Ah. I see you've safely delivered the materials. Okay then, here's your--
We have questions, based on what the miner said.
Huh? You have something to discuss with me? Wait, don't tell me you...

...Well, you see... How do I say this...? First of all, I'm sorry for lying to you. I didn't want you guys getting wrapped up in this.
Too late for that now, boss. What's going on?
Do you remember when all the guilds I sent to gather materials on the 19th floor were attacked by monsters? They suffered terrible injuries. I mean, of course I understand that this just one of the risks of venturing into the Labyrinth. That's why I haven't told the original client or the kids who took his request about any of this either. I just told them that no one was at fault here. But, deep down, I know that's not true. For whatever reason, part of me just assumed this was an easy job and I handed it out to everyone without much thought. But I'm not the one risking my life in there. If I'd properly done the research on the state of the floor, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Once I realized that, I couldn't just sit still. I wanted to take responsibility for it. With my own hands.
By yourself?
What? What do you mean by that? Are you...offering to help?
You all are... I'm glad you talked to me. I feel like a great weight has been lifted. Thank you. But I still need some time to sort through my feelings. But don't worry, I'm fine now. I promise I won't go running off on my own or anything stupid like that. I'll let you know when I've made up my mind, so please just hold on for a bit. It won't be too long. While don't you take the reward for now, and we can talk about this more later. Here. ...Really, thank you everyone.

Obtained 3 Formaldehydes.
Ragnar like.

Here we are, at last: the final quest.

Song of the snake woman:
Thanks for taking my request. Do you remember what I told you about guilds being attacked by monsters on the 19th floor? I've done some research since then. It seems this monster of ours isn't even from Arcadia. It's from another continent entirely, a place called Kinmeria. It's a wicked creature recorded in various places as either the Kinmeria Snakewoman or the Lamia. And it's managed to survive all attempts to subdue it to this day. But that doesn't mean we can just leave it alone, does it? First, you should head to the 19th floor.

This is where the path was blocked before. Remember? The crystal was too hard for you to proceed. But that's why I gave you that other request earlier. That being said, here you go.

Obtained Special Pickaxe!
With that, you should be able to open a new path. One last thing. If possible, I'd like to come with you this time. I'll hear your answer on the 19th floor so consider it carefully. Good luck, I'm counting on you.
Given that that involves a boss, I'll be doing it after we vote on a party.

Anyway, back to this nightmare.

I didn't really show it earlier, but our target is the green teleporter over there.

There's a chest over there, but I really just wanted to get to 30F by this point.

Do not approach the teleporter from this side or you will be sent back to the normal part of 28F.

Do this instead, to shake off any puddings that are chasing you.

Yes, by the way, that's the crux of this puzzle: aggro all of the puddings, and then warp away while they're behind you.

I'm free.

I'm so close.


Go here, instead.

You can see why I told you to not open that fucking door. If you did that, you would get sent back to just after the fucking mancubus room.

Obtained 1 Fallen Starstone naturally, and 1 Green Dew from Sasha.
29F, A3 Mine Point
Jesus christ, Sasha, well done on rolling that 4% chance.

Sasha, you're...choking...me...
I'm sorry and I'll make it up to you later, Cece, but please let me have this hug right now.
Hell of a trek we just made.
I'm done.

We can finally move on.

To the final floor of the Labyrinth.

After a long and winding path, you finally arrive in a new area. Just as you're about to step forward though, Archon speak with an uncharacteristically sharp tone.

Hm? It's faint, but I'm receiving a signal from my people. Please hold for a moment.
...I've got a bad feeling about this.
This long a silence is never a good sign.
3, 2, 1...
...I...I see.
Apparently speaking to thin air, her face suddenly looks sorrowful. When you ask her what's wrong, she turns towards you with a serious look and begins speaking.
I've just received... grave news, Nameless. The ship that was coming to pick me up has been sunk. Some sort of abomination has attacked our homeworld, and sunk both the ship heading to your world and the battleship that was escorting it. That signal just now...was a final message to me from the battleship. Apparently, the fleet that first discovered the abomination, which we've termed the Star Devourer, was completely annihilated...but not before using the last of their strength to seal the creature in this very corridor.
Star Devourer.
I came here to offer new guilds a guarded escort service, and now I'm in space, probably about to fight something called Star Devourer. This is somehow more ridiculous than the Lord of the Primordial Darkness.
At least...the name is less silly, I suppose?
A fleet was annihilated. Based on her words, you can assume it was crewed by her own people. Her eyes, which normally look straight at you when speaking, are now downcast. Not to mention to the creature she mentioned, the Star Devourer. You can either try to comfort her, or inquire about the Star Devourer.
Hey, Archon, you gonna be alright?
In response to your gentle words, she finally looks up at you.
Oh, excuse me, you needn't worry. This sort of thing is an inherent risk of space travel. It won't affect your hardships in the slightest, so...no sense worrying about it. The best I can do to honor their will is to safely arrive at my next planet.
As she says this, her face isn't bright, but neither can it be said to be dark. What you can tell though is that she perfectly understands what she needs to do and wishes to continue on. In which case, dwelling on this any more than necessary would merely make this harder on her. With that thought, you nod your heads and drop the subject.
So, um, what is this Star Devourer thing?
When you ask about the unfamiliar term she used, "Star Devourer", Archon's face stiffens.
The Star Devourer... A great horror living in the vastness of space. As far as we Archon know, it's one of the most powerful beings in all existence. It consumes entire worlds, growing fat on their energies, and turning their power into its own; hence, the 'Star Devourer.' I am not privy to any further concrete details, but it's said that none have approached it and survived, so...
It seems that the vast universe is filled with both wonders and horrors beyond your imagining. No, perhaps even that statement is too noncommital. All you can say for sure is that the being known as the Star Devourer is extremely dangerous. You know that deep in your hearts. When she's done speaking, Archon closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath before reopening tem with renewed purpose.
Oh, come on, game, you know full well we're going to beat it eventually.
...This changes nothing. I must go to the next planet for me to shepherd. So, if you will take me there, we'd best be moving.
You reply with a nod. You've already taken the request after all. If this is what your client wants, you have no reason to refuse. Archon seems slightly relieved by your answer and begins to speak again.
The Star Devourer is a fearsome creature, but... If it's been sealed, then we can rest easy. I'm sure we'll arrive at the corridor's exit shortly. Let's finsih this in one last spurt.
If what she says is correct, then this is also the end of the explorations. But precisely because you're near the end, you can't afford to relax. You hype yourselves up for the final segment of your journey and resume exploring with Archon.
Archon noting the seal makes me suspicious. That's neither here nor there for now, though; back to town.

Really not gonna miss having to constantly cross-check English and Japanese names, to tell you the truth.
Ape Sickle (+158 ATK, +135 MATK, AGI Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Sharpened Talon (Mirror Monkey normal). Costs 133500 en, sells for 53400 en.

Reliquary (+109 ATK, +169 MATK, Magic Leak, Gold x3) is made from 1 Green Dew (6th Stratum Mine 3). Costs 140000 en, sells for 56000 en.

Beast Helm (+48 DEF, +40 MDEF) is made from 1 Sharpened Talon (Mirror Monkey normal) and 1 Hard Beak (Trick Parrot normal). Costs 52500 en, sells for 21000 en.

That bitter time has finally come: our last town conversations.
You've got weird looks on your faces. Something happen?
In all likelihood, our exploration is about to come to a definite end.
What? Your next adventure will be the LAST adventure?
Not quite, but close.
...Oh. I see. So that's what thing happen. Well... You guys are my most valued customers, so I hope you come back safe! ...Buuuut it's the last floor, so it probably won't be that simple, huh? All Miss Genetta can do is pray for you. Hold up, let me get my Prayer Energies in a line. Om...mani padme om... Alright, here we go. Hooah! Nameless, remember what Lao-Tze said. He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. You guys've totally got this--so says your Number One Fan, don't listen to little JIMMY from DOWN THE LANE, it's totally me. And when you're done, I'll be waiting for you here at the inn!
...I'm gonna miss you, Genetta...
Coming back home just isn't gonna be the same without whatever bizarre thing you have to tell us today.
Farewell, hyperactive inn girl Genetta.
I was pretty scared for the localization of her but it turns out it's actually very good so that's cool

You finally made it. The 30th floor. I'm sure it's been tough, but the end's really in sight. Once you guys are done, I'll be heading back to the Great Plains, too.
And you're gonna make them proud with all the stuff we sold you, I just know it!
...My family, we always like to say our farewells with a smile. So that you'll remember us like that until we meet again. So, would you give Ceric and Sons Merchantry one last sale for the road? I'd like to see you guys smile one last time.
...Of course, Ceric, ol' buddy.
I've never heard you refer to Ceric as--
Hush, honey.
Farewell, strange money boy Ceric.
...Holy Halibut, Nameless! Gee willikers, by golly!

Finally. The 30th floor. The end of the sixth stratum. You made it this far by continuously pressing on, never stopping. And today, you've reach the deepest part of Yggdrasil. And that's because you never stopped, no matter what. I believe that you'll be able obtain the truth only available to those who never stop walking. So get going already. And, as always, come back in one piece.
That's the plan.
We're not done with you yet. You don't get a farewell right now.
go home, melina. just go home.

Farewell, redundant Hansuke.
Let's Play Etrian Odyssey 5, featuring Sam Elliott as Hansuke.

...Got a feeling in my gut. It's time. This is it. Once you've conquered the 30th floor, no way there's anything left to explore in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. Just get to it already. You'll get to the top, and you'll receive glory beyond anything else in the world. Beating your own record. Tch! Just get back here in one piece, got that?
Farewell, Albert "Edgar" Wesker.
true story when i first heard he was voiced by dc douglas i went on a huge ramble to ragnar shouting off references to roles dc douglas has played because dc douglas playing edgar hypes the fuck outta yours truly. THIS SWORD WON'T BREAK. HEAT BLADE! MAELSTROM!

Oh, it's you all? ...It occurs to me--explorers live to venture into the unknown, so once you've finished here, you're going to leave, yes?
That's about the right conclusion, yep.
If at all possible, we... I would prefer you to stay here and help the Council until we've solved all of Yggdrasil's mysteries. I mean, it's only thanks to your efforts that such a thing is even on the table, and it is, without a doubt, an achievement worthy of you!
...Sorry, Remus, but we've all got our own things to do. You and the rest of the Council'll do a fine enough job, though.
Farewell, master chef Remus.

And with that, we're done with this hell. Next time: Lamia.
So my girlfriend was playing the demo of this game and I expressed my opinions re: Remus, namely the fact that I want to pet him on the head and tell him he's a good boy, and she was like "really? he seems too old for you to want to do that." And then I heard his voice and it's too old. His voice in English is too old. I think it's too old. BUT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU REMUS, EVEN IF YOUR NAME IS RAMUS NOW. RAMUS. rampardos

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