Update 46: C'mon, Let's Go Home...

I'm still unsure why we went out to dinner last night, but I...enjoyed it...nonetheless.
See, you're improving. You're learning how to admit to enjoying things normal people like, instead of regarding them with absolute contempt.
Yes, well, it's easier to learn that when you have a partner who will--
Happy birthday, Kaelin!
Kaelin?! Are you okay?!
Oh, my aching... I'd say head, but frankly, my entire upper body...
...Did you forget your own birthday, Kaelin, darling?
Today was my birthday?
It's your 23rd, you big dingus!
How does a person, especially one as self-absorbed as Kaelin, forget their own birthdate...
...Why is Genetta...balancing a cake on her ears?
Dosen talked her into helping us, since she admires us so much. Also, yup, balancing things on our ears is something us lady Therians can do!
It ain't easy, but it makes for a neat trick.
Let's begin this update with me noting that everyone's level 99 after having been retired at 99. How does retiring work in EO5? Glad you asked.

Characters can be retired starting at level 30. When you do that, their level is either halved (rounded down), or set to 30 if they're level 60 or higher. From there, you make an entirely new character--except that this character will have bonus stats and skill points, based on the level the original character was retired at.

As you can tell from the table, retiring at anything below 70 is not worth the time you'll need to catch the new character back up, and even retiring at 70 to 98 is kinda iffy. Retiring at 99 gives damn good bonuses, though--especially the skill points, because a lot of classes/specializations in EO5 can be pretty SP-hungry.

Here's the current guild card, to prove that everyone's level 99. You can also see that we're getting extremely close to 100% (ignore the item discovery stat, I had to...fudge some things behind the scene for my own convenience).

Okay, final floor-thing. Gotta psych myself up. Almost done!
Oho. Getting excited to have some one-on-one time with your sweetheart, I take it?
Raven, you may be a sweet, adorable boy... But you're still a teenage boy. It ain't hard to see right through you! Wahahaha!
...Oh, come now, ease up on him a bit.
(Floor subtitle: The legends' successors)

Fun fact: though this was changed in the US version, the floor's subtitle in the JP version is a direct reference to the name of the Heavenbringer/Warped Savior track in EO4!

I will let you in on a secret: you can just go straight forward from here, and finish the game without ever having to do anything else. If you want to see the postgame ending without having to fight the superboss, or do this final floor, you can.

However, if you want to fully finish the game, you should take note of the fact that you can enter this teleporter from three sides. Entering from the wrong direction will send us back to 29F.
Let's go mix together some chemicals.


HP: 3899
STR: 134
INT: 147
VIT: 159
WIS: 162
AGI: 120
LUC: 123

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
100% 50% 100%
150% 50% 50%

Disable Resistances:
100% 50% 50% 50% 100% 100% 0%
50% 100%
0% 100% 50%
Xenolions are toned-down, random encounter versions of the Calamity-Inviting Diseases from the 5th Stratum. They're honestly not too bad to deal with, especially given my levels and retired stats here.

...I ran away because I forgot to summon Falz. Oops.

Oh, alright, I should show what happens if you go straight for the end. Not all of it, though.
When you pass through the door, Archon seems to sense something and enters the room before you. After scanning the area's perimeter, she nods and beckons you closer.

Guild Nameless. Beyond this door awaits our final destination. And past that is this cosmic corridor's exit... The path to the planet we will guide together. If you do intend to open that door, make certain you are fully prepared and resolved to finish this journey.
The alien's warning makes you wonder... Are you ready to leave your world behind? If there is anything left you must accomplish, whether down on Earth, throughout Yggdrasil, or in this Redshift Corridor, then do so first. If, however, you have no unfinished business, then nothing else needs to be said or done. Open the door to reach the end of this tale.
We've pretty decidedly got things left to finish.

fuck you


Let's begin, in earnest.

A big, open field, with tons of damage tiles. Given the 6th Stratum, I know what to expect: tons of pudding.

Th-that...thing...shouldn't exist...

Slender Demon

HP: 2709
STR: 157
INT: 121
VIT: 165
WIS: 154
AGI: 132
LUC: 112

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 50%
100% 100% 50%

Disable Resistances:
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 50%
100% 0%
100% 100% 100%
Slender Demons... Um... They hit you?
A 30F enemy that just has a defense debuff and no status ailments or anything? Jeez, step up your game Atlus

Outta the way, space-birds, Falz's gotcha beat.

And I'm no slouch, either.

Random encounters aren't much to talk about when you're running a level 99 retired at level 99 team.

Oh, a mancubus.

Hello there.

I've got a Monstrous Codex to fill.

Prosperous Gel

HP: 22481
STR: 159
INT: 153
VIT: 222
WIS: 140
AGI: 88
LUC: 138

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
75% 75% 75%
150% 150% 150%

Disable Resistances:
25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
10% 10%
50% 50% 50%
I would wholeheartedly recommend avoiding these things until you can just completely disable them and burst them down before they get to do anything.

Orb Gauntlets are pretty nice pieces of equipment, and make up one half my generic endgame non-body armor set.
I agree, don't fight these things.
Hey look, it's the enemy that got me my job on this LP.

Gods, but are these things disgusting.

Fat lot of good charging up's gonna do you.

See ya in a bit, Falz!
(Sky Dive.)

Not used to standard magics?
One could say that, yes.

(Failed to act.)
Told you!

(Million Arrows.)
I had Gram charge that up a few turns ago.

"Zap" goes the pudding.

Here, buddy, you get a turn too.

Taurus Demon

HP: 38530
STR: 174
INT: 143
VIT: 134
WIS: 128
AGI: 89
LUC: 122


I put binds on this thing and then I killed it.
Fight these things all you want, sure, whatever.

Story of the floor.

Not a heck of a lot going on here, if I'm gonna be honest with you.

There's teleporters and specific layouts of damage tiles but honestly I'm just so powerful by this point that nothing can really faze me.

Okay, except for this.

There's one of each material gathering point here. I'm standing on the Mine point.
30F, B2 Take Point30F, B2 Chop Point30F, B2 Mine Point
Mother of mercy, those ambush chances.

Obtained Stun Knife!
20% base chance to stun on normal attacks.

I'm kind of chuckling a little at this being a treasure on 30F. It's no "Medica just before Ur-Child" chest from EO2, but then again, what is?
So you're equipping this to Iseria, right?

A short time later...
...You reach a place where your vision and hearing are overcome by an intense static that seems to permeate your mind.
Even my mom...couldn't fix this...!
One of the Star Devourer's seals must be near. If you feel brave--or foolish--enough to challenge the Star Devourer, eater of worlds, then break one of its seals.
Break it...so we can get out of here!
...Released one seal on the Star Devourer!
There's another one on the other side of the floor.

Should note: you can re-seal the...seal...after destroying it, if you decide that you don't want to actually fight Star Devourer.

One half down.

Let's take care of the other.

Obtained Amrita II.
I'm never gonna refuse a free Amrita II.

One last FOE to log.

Mounting Horror

HP: 28818
STR: 143
INT: 184
VIT: 118
WIS: 111
AGI: 122
LUC: 125

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
125% 125% 125%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
75% 75% 25% 0% 25% 75% 25%
50% 10%
25% 75% 75%
Pack your Mana Guards and whatever methods of disable resistance you prefer, and you're all set for Mounting Horrors.
It can be a bit annoying to kill the original without having to fight a clone at the same time though.

By this point, though, it just dies like the rest of the trash I have to cut through right now.

so nice that it had to happen twice

Obtained 100000 en.
I get a literal million en from each time I do the DLC money quest, so...

I found this frame while scrubbing through the raw footage and thought it looked kinda neat.

My party is so overtuned for exploration damage that fighting two mancubi doesn't even register on my danger sense by this point.


By this point, solving FOE puzzles is just a matter of "will killing this thing be quicker than solving the puzzle?"

The answer is often "yes."

Outta the way.

For...once...I agree with you three...unconditionally...!
Same text as last time.

That's both seals now. Let's head to the final room of the game.

Okay, we see the thing, and then we immediately run like hell for the door.
Fine by me!

Holy gods holy gods holy gods--
Oh my glob, you guys, drama bomb!

Holy gods holy gods holy gods what is this... I can't even call it a thing!
...I knew the cosmos could be host to horrible things, but...
And here I thought that dragon was a bit much...
So...lumpy... It's horrendous...
Oh, my mom told me a bedtime story about this thing once.
Through the static at the corners of your vision, an aberration materializes before your eyes... Everything about the entity in front of you is foreign, unknowable, and frightening. So far, however, it has made no signs of movement. As you find yourself petrified by mortal fear, Archon grits her teeth and manages to mutter.

Guild Nameless... The Star Devourer... It destroyed the fleet... Killed my people...
She attempts to say something else, but her words fade away into static. Perhaps now that Archon is face to face with the thing that destroyed her people, the weight of their loss has finally hit her. You've never seen her trembling like this. It's clear, however, that the monstrosity neither knows nor cares for the pain in Archon's heart... This eater of worlds lives only to fill its hunger. All you know is that the Star Devourer must be stopped...no matter the cost. For the sake of all life, you steel your nerves. For the Archon, you take your weapons in hand. For your guild, a fire blazes within your hearts! Now is the time to live up to your own legend by securing a future for your world and Archon's. Let the final battle begin!
Nope. Not quite yet.

Next time: the end. Star Devourer. I hope you're ready.
I'm not. Hidden truth: I've never actually fought this thing. This LP started right around when I got here so I dropped the game to translate it, more or less.
Ugh, gross, uh! My lumpin' body's all hollow now! I gotta put some stars in it!

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