Update 8: Swammerdami on the Rocks

Okay, everyone, thank you for coming to this quick meeting. On today's itinerary: "what is a chopstick," and "how can I market it?"
A chopstick sounds like a stick with a sword taped to it.
...You're Therian, right?
Were the ears not obvious enough?
I'm just checking, since I thought naginata were common weapons for your kind, and that sounds very much like a naginata.
Nagi...nata? Is that even a word?
Oh, yeah, those long spear things. Never used one of them!
You think your average Earthrun or Brownie could easily learn self-defense with one of those?
Firstly, I'm slightly offended you left us out. Secondly, no.

(Received 1 Aromatic Moss naturally, and 2 Aromatic Mosses from Alexis.)
6F, E4 Take Point

Raven got a level up just two steps from the Take point.

I don't want to level up any of Raven's actual skills right now, so I have him learn Organizational Skills. I can always use more inventory space!

Well then, hello there, big-and-purple-with-a-giant-stinger.
Stand aside, allow me to vaporize--
If that scorpion doesn't kill you for trying that, I will. Stand back.
Tunnel-Visioned Predators ("scorpions" from here on out) will stand in one spot, and rotate the direction they're facing every three turns. They can only see in a straight line directly in front of them, but once they spot you they will pursue your party until you leave the room.

(Obtained Holy Gift.)
Straight into the vendor trash pile.
I used these once or twice. I have no idea how much they actually do. That's my story.

Are... Are scorpions supposed to roar like that?
Perhaps I could get a wondrous accompaniment if I could only get my hands on its voice box.
Let's, uh, let's do that later, how about we RUN REALLY FAST RIGHT NOW.

This floor really loves its auto events, huh.
As you proceed through the narrow passage, you stop as you encounter a fierce headwind. You look ahead and see that the path becomes even narrower. This must be focusing the wind. It may be dangerous to try to push forward through the wind while exhausted from exploring. You can take cover behind a boulder to rest, or keep moving.
Weaklings. Watch, as this wondrous example of strength and endurance pushes for--
Watch, as this wondrous example of patience and goodwill grabs you by your cape instead of choking you by your neck.
Grk! You...cretin! Unhand me!
I've never seen someone so adverse to taking a short break...
I, uh... I guess we'll take a break while Cecil and Kaelin...do that.
Bracing your body against the wind, you reach a boulder to take cover behind, where you stop to take a well deserved rest.

Your stamina recovered, you unflinchingly fight past the fierce headwind and escape the passage.
For the record, that's the 3rd rest point on this floor.

A breather

After taking shelter behind a rock, you took on the wind in perfect condition.

Here, the room is basically divided in two, with a one tile-wide passage separating our area from the scorpion's.

It's easy enough to infer that we should start moving once the scorpion's looking this way.

Wait, I thought moles didn't have eyes?
Did that really need to be shouted...?

Shredding Mole

HP: 418
STR: 45
INT: 32
VIT: 36
WIS: 28
AGI: 35
LUC: 28

Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 150%
100% 150% 100%

Disable Resistances:
150% 50% 100% 100% 150% 0% 100%
100% 50%
100% 50% 150%
Shredding Moles are annoying because they can effectively spend half of their turns invulnerable. At least they're weak to leg binds.

That's some very quick burrowing...


Savage brute. Allow me to show you how a perfect offense really works.

These things can get really annoying if you keep failing to bind their legs.

I promptly forgot that Alexis gained a level and forgot to spend the skill point. Oh well.

While walking through the precipitous rocks, you stop as you notice a golden light shining from atop the cliffs. You could try climbing the cliff to investigate the light, but naturally you'd risk falling down. It's up to you whether to climb or move on.
This event changes based on a bunch of potential racial skills. I sent up Alexis who...knows none of the skills that affect the event.
Alexis begins the laborious process of checking each handhold one by one, before carefully searching for a foothold that can support them.
Not so nimble after all, hmm?
Oh, be...quiet... Hah, hah...
While they succeed in climbing the cliff, they found it both physically and mentally exhausting.

When they get to the top, what appeared golden from below turns out to be wheat. As Alexis gathers the wheat to carry back down, they suddenly hear the cry of an animal. They look towards its source and see a small squirrel-like creature staring eagerly at the wheat. As they look into its large round eyes, Alexis must decide what to do.
Ignore the insignificant creature and bring down that wheat.
How about I spite you, perhaps?
Alexis strains to pull out the wheat before offering it to the small animal. While it hesitates at first, it eventually timidly accepts the offer. It then licks Alexis's hand as if to thank them, and returns to the brush carrying the wheat. Alexis descends the cliff to some small praise, and you return to exploring.
...Ignorami, all of you.
You'd do well to quell your condescension before I dangle you from a cliff face using only wheat.

Wheat and beast

You felt all warm and fuzzy inside after giving wheat to a small animal.
For the record, if you try to threaten the squirrel another one comes up from behind you and steals it.

Here are some things, because I went back to town to revive Cecil.
Pallasch (+40 ATK, +36 MATK, VIT Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 2 Broken Bladeclaws.

One-Inch Blade (+47 ATK, +34 MATK, AGI Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 1 Broken Bladeclaw.

Mole Armor (+27 DEF, +18 MDEF) is made from 2 Broken Bladeclaws.

Fire / Ice / Volt Jar (Deals 110% ranged INT-based fire/ice/volt damage to one enemy; 90% speed modifier, 99 base accuracy) is made from 1 Rainbow Fruit.

I bought Cecil a One-Inch Blade. Since his previous weapon was fully forged...

How about we recycle it for 3 Bronze Ingot Scraps?

I also forged his new One-Inch Blade once.

A random encounter made me remember that Alexis had a skill point to spend. Sylphid counterattacks still deal 75% damage, but now have a 150% base chance to activate, and Alexis can now counterattack a maximum of 4 times per turn.

Incantation: Compression Form now increases damage by 1.71x.

This room's a bit of a pain in the ass. It's really tall, and what you can't see is that there's another scorpion waaaaay down there, on the other side of that big rock.

Right there.

And then I got myself effectively boxed in trying to run from it.

Fucking oops.

L-looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!
This was extremely terrifying and I was 100% certain I was going to get a game over.
Escaping in Etrian Odyssey!
I'm pretty sure they buffed the escape rate for this game, actually.

Eventually, I managed to stumble myself into having both of the FOEs looking in opposite directions. (Look at the map.)

Meaning I could avoid the top one without alerting the bottom one.

That's the last major puzzle of the floor done.

This event requires Sense Mana.
As you proceed along the bare, rocky path, you come across a dead end. As you turn to leave though, Kaelin suddenly stops.
Now what?
Silence. My superior senses detect something.
!SYSETM They tell you that they can feel some kind of mana in the area. However, when you search the area you can't find anything out of the ordinary. While you trust Kaelin, there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about this at the moment, so you return to exploring.
This event requires an event from a later floor before you can proceed.

One last random encounter gives Cecil a level up.

One-Two's initial hit now deals 109% damage, and its follow-up chance is now 40%.

With the stairs to the next floor in sight, you come across a lone explorer on the narrow canyon trail.

Oh, you guys again.
When they notice you, they wave their hand in greeting.

god I really should've rested sapph before generating that guild card, that class name is real stupid
They then introduce themselves as Sapph the Genji, from the guild TFKrew. Apparently, they're waiting for their companions.
I'm...pretty sure your friends are mostly getting very, very drunk at the bar.
As they say all this, they seem to carefully inspect your equipment. They let you know that the only thing standing between you and death are your weapons.
Well, sometimes Alexis or a shield stands between us and death.
Sapph then pulls out a Bronze Ingot, informs you that it can be used to forge your weapons, and offers it to you as a gift.

(Obtained Bronze Ingot!)
Hm. Thank you.
Their sudden generosity catches you off guard, but they tell you that it's just natural for explorers to help each other out. With that in mind, you gracefully accept the gift. They also tell you that they'll be praying for your success. You wish them the same and bid them farewell.
...Those guys weird me out.
What makes you say that?
That weird, giant machine they keep tinkering with. I'm pretty sure one of them also has... You said it was called a 3DS, right?
Nope, not an Adventure Episode.

And that's the floor.

Let's go back to town.

I hear that somewhere in the 2nd Stratum there are these monsters called Haughty Hermits. They're supposed to hide behind other monsters when they're in trouble. Y'know, that sounds just like my older sister! Any time she gets caught pulling pranks, she says, "It was that wily rascal Genetta again! I didn't do nuttin'!" and beats feet!
...Your older sister?
SIGH. ...Waaaaaait a second. Could it be that my sister...is one of those very monsters?!
Uh, I-I kind of doubt it...
...Nah. There's no way, that's downright dumb! Her nose isn't nearly long enough.

I bought Alexis a Pallasch.

I also fully forged Cecil's One-Inch Blade.

So, you guys remember, right, Brownies are real good at identifying medicinal herbs? I made a bet with this guy the other day that Guild Nameless not only knew that our "Knowledge of Medicinal Plants" lets you draw out some heavy-duty medicinal knowledge in the heat of battle, but were in fact already practicing it like real pros! And from the look on Mio's face, my "Knowledge of Interpersonal Relations" tells me I'm completely right! You guys are the best.
Um... I just kind of toss everyone medicine when they need it...
The dialogue here changes very slightly based on whether or not you have a Brownie in your party (Mio, despite her portrait, is technically a Brownie). It doesn't actually check for if the person knows Knowledge of Medicinal Plants, though.

Have you seen the long-necked animals on the 7th Floor?
Ah, yeah, those are called giraffes.
I just said-- Oh, what's the harm in obtaining prior knowledge? Go on.
They eat plants in high places, so they evolved longer necks. However, the ones in the Labyrinth are, naturally, a bit special. The ones here love to eat meat too, so we call them Greater Giraffes. In order to catch their prey, they're said to use their long legs to charge at unbelievable speeds. Be careful you don't get caught.

Bar patrons.

#1 is Hansuke again.

#2: Purple-haired lady Fencer:
Fencer: How do you do, Nameless? Are you familiar with those vicious giant giraffe monsters? I've only heard this secondhand, but apparently they can dash from one end of their territory to the other in a single breath, and will attack any explorer in their path. On the other hand, they've never been seen to attack anything not in their path. I'm sure with such long necks they can scarcely even see us below them. It's difficult to describe such a beast as anything but "overly large", but I do wonder what the view is like from up there.
#3: Frowning Brownie:
Brownie: Those damn Therians are terrible, always making a fool outta me. So I was running away from some fallin' rocks, right? And this Therian shows up and just picks me up in one arm and carries me to safety! And he has to nerve to tell me that it's lucky I'm so light! As he's carrying me under his arm like a frickin' teddy bear!
Please do not provoke the drunkard, you two.
Brownie: Bastards! Always lookin' down on me... If you sympathize at all, then lend me some of your height!

We've got quite a few new quests.

#1: Even more adventure preparations:
This request is from the shopkeeper Ceric. You've actually taken a request from him before, remember?
Well, good for you. The request is basically the same as last time: gather materials from the Labyrinth. You'll have to ask him in person for the particulars.
#2: Dialog with a monster:
Oh, so you took that one? What a relief, seriously. The client was being a real nuisance, always asking me to hurry it up. It's essentially an extermination request, but why don't ask the nuisance himself for the details?

Let's interrupt the quests just to talk to him now. The patron's name is "Loud drunk."

Drunkard: Dammit! That bastard! I was so close!
Drunkard: And who are you supposed to be?! I don't have time for this!
We've accepted your insignificant request.
Drunkard: What? You took the request? Oh, ooh! Great! Sorry about that. I need you to get rid this awful, awful wolf who's getting in the way of my-- I mean, who injured my manservant-- Or rather, my valuable subordinate. We let our guard down right after we captured it--
You what?
Drunkard: I mean, it came out of nowhere and attacked us! We were even trying to make sure it wasn't injured... Damn beast'll never be tamed I guess. Grah, just thinking about it is getting my blood boiling! Whoops, I'm getting off-topic. Anyway, the loathsome beast should be on the 7th floor.
#3: Genetta's feelings:
So you're taking that one too? It makes me happy to see you so hardworking. That request comes from Genetta, the innkeeper. She's asking you to... Um, well... You see, the girl's gotten, uh, interested in one of her guests at the inn. Yes, that sort of interested.
Well! Good for--
I didn't--
Oh my. My oh my oh my. Do I detect a hint of...jealousy?
NO! This makes absolutely no sense! Her?!
Ah, finally, cracks in the facade.
...All joking aside, ask her yourself for the details.
This quest has my favorite ending of any quest in any EO game and I'm looking forward to sharing it.

#4: Operation Mole:
Oh, you took that one for me? Thanks. Apparently, there's a problem with moles going on a rampage on the 7th Floor. The Council couldn't just stand by, so they issued this request. Both humans and other animals have been harmed by them, and they're also filling the place with holes, so there's really no merit to leaving them alone. That said, your job is to go to the 7th Floor and pacify the moles. Frankly, it's swarming with moles up there right now, so it shouldn't be any trouble to find them. Good luck.
Note that this quest forces all 7F encounters to be various formations of Shredding Moles before you finish it.

Well, let's go see what the hell's up with Genetta.
It's my favorite customers! Welcome home! ...Oh, wait, did you come about the request?
What is this nonsense?!
What Mr. Crumbling Facade really means is, we're here for that quest, yep.
Al-RIGHT! Woo! Happy! Lucky! SUCH a relief to have people I know on the job.
Oh, right, you need to know what to do. So uhmmmm actually I've been finding myself, you know, pondering on the subject of one of our guests. Like, I get to thinking, "Wowie, I sure wish he'd stay here forever," and stuff like that.
Why are YOU actually interested in a guest?!
If I had to vocalize my feelings more it'd be like... "If I deign to speak / the emotion that I feel / shall be forever lost." ...Or something like that, you know. ANYWAY. I was thinking that if I gave him a gift, maybe, he'd like the inn so much that he'd never leave! And thaaaat's where you come in! Miss Genetta's Shining Request is gathering the ingredients for this gift!
Animal Meat and Labyrinth Wheat will make him a gift that's really neat, so beat feet and help me make a sweet treat before his feet get fleet!
I'll need to bring along a Therian to a certain spot on 6F to get some Animal Meat, we're fresh out right now.

You see those giraffe-looking monsters on the 7th Floor? They eat plants, but if you don't stay on point they'll hit you with a charge. Those things could smash boulders, they're so tough. That said, once they're in their stance, you know where they're going. Would defeat the purpose of a "charge" if they changed direction. That said, avoiding them shouldn't be tough.

How is the exploration of the second stratum going? I hear Yggdrasil gets more dangerous the higher up you go, so don't push yourselves. If you're in danger, be sure to retreat. The council has high expectations for a guild rising as quickly as yours, so take care.

...What happened to Smugboy over there? He's oddly...not smug.
I honestly wish I could tell you.
He just kinda started freaking out when we took that quest about Genetta and a guest...
...Pfft... No, wait, don't tell me... Smugboy doesn't--pff--actually have a crush on Genetta, right?
I doubt it.
If all the anime I've watched is good for anything, that...doesn't seem like love. If he had a crush on Genetta, he'd just sit and mope quietly for a few hours.
I suppose you're right, but... Ahaha, I can't help it. Excuse me while I go tease him about it!
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