Update 12: Jade Jungle, This is Not

Uh... What're you two doing?
Gods...dammit Adan, you made us lose.
Heh, I win again.
Staring contest.
Intimidating warriors have to perfect their intimidating stares.
...Okay. Sure. Just...lemme know, next time you need our body for that.

After some offscreen grinding on the Giant's Ruins Take point, I've finished this quest.
Hello hi, I'm today's guest and I had absurdly terrible luck with that quest. Even when I used a farming party, it took several trips to get enough mint! If I never see the Giant's Ruins again, it'll be way too soon...

Hmmm, so this is Mint. Looks like a regular old plant, though I suppose that's a given.
Well, yeah.
Mint does tend to...look like a regular plant. Because it's, well, a regular plant.
*sniff sniff* Smells like...oh, it smells good. I've heard that biting into a Mint leaf will fill your mouth with a refreshing taste. Maybe I'll use it to come up with a few new dishes for the tavern!
One chef to another--well, baker to a chef, whatever--don't put mint on meat. Those don't mesh well at all.
Look at me, evolving and changing even in my old age. Pretty cool, don't you think? Ahaha! Watch out, or you just might fall for me.
Abso-fucking-lutely not.
Here's your reward. Thanks a bunch!

Don't get too excited about Chain Dance. Sharpe won't be able to use it properly for a while.
As someone who's only used a Survivalist in EO1, I won't get excited :v
is no one going to mention Kvasir's small fascination with something as ordinary as mint? maybe because it doesn't grow locally? or maybe because the near-apocalypse made even common vegetation something unusual? mayyybe that's why something as ordinary as an orange is growing all the way in the artificial equivalent of the garden of eden?

okay i'll shut up now

With all that out of the way, let's get back to the 3rd Labyrinth.
in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the bunny snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That's, um, one way to lock a door.

Barbed Tiger

Level: 18
HP: 289STR: 30INT: 30VIT: 24WIS: 27AGI: 26LUC: 18
EXP Given: 147

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100% 50% 100% 150% 100%
100% 100%
150% 100% 100%
  • Rising Fang: Deals very heavy volt damage to one party member, with splash damage. Very slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Rising Fang: Deals 120% ranged INT-based volt damage to one party member, with splash damage. Has a 90% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • If any party members are asleep, Barbed Tiggers will Attack them.
  • Barbed Tigers are far more likely to use Rising Fang than normal Attacks.
  • If any party members are asleep, and the Barbed Tiger is in the front row, Attack, targeting party members that are asleep.
  • 80% chance to use Rising Fang.
  • 20% chance to Attack.
  • Tiger Fang. 80% chance. Sells for 25 en.
    • Moonlight (+31 ATK, +14 MAT, HP Up Lv1): Made from 1 Tiger Fang and 1 Broken Wing (Firebird Drop 1). Costs 950 en.
    • Telek (+26 ATK, +26 MAT, TP Up Lv1): Made from 1 Constricting Vine (Slavering Vine Drop 1) and 1 Tiger Fang. Costs 590 en.
    • Aspis (+11 DEF, +3 MDF): Made from 2 Tiger Fangs. Costs 270 en.
Volt damage! If you've been relying on Front Guard, this'll go right through that, and hit for a meaty chunk of damage. Since you probably don't have either Volt Wall or Elemental Shield yet, just hope you can heal up the injuries.
Please note the part of their AI that makes them Attack anyone who's asleep. If they get paired with Sleeper Oozes, take care.
On the bright side, it's very, very easy to blind them or bind their head. If you have something like a survivalist or pugilist in the party, you can neuter these guys with ease.

...I wonder if you can domesticate them...?

I barely felt that.
That could happen, too.


The tiger didn't use Rising Fang even once. Alright then.

The fruit dangles from a vine at the end of a branch. It smells ripe... It's almost as if it's telling you to eat it. You consider whether or not you should pick the fruit and eat it.
I don't think this is safe...
If anything dumb happens, we'll be ready for it.
Obeying your curiosity, you reach for the fruit. Just when the fruit is in reach, the vine comes to life and ensnares your arm!
I-I knew it.
You jump back in surprise, and the fruit begins to twitch almost as though it's laughing at you. The vine tugs at you with incredible force, threatening to whisk you away into the brush! Your party stands their ground and prepares to fight back, but as they do, a plant-like beast appears! It seems the fruit you saw was actually part of a man-eating plant. Having lured you into its trap, it's now trying to devour you! Through your constant struggling, you succeed in breaking free from the man-eating plant's tentacles. But it seems you took too much time and lost your chance to escape! You stagger back from the attack, and the man-eating plant charges you before you have any chance to recover! There's no escape! Prepare to fight!

Oh, come on, we very much saw that coming.
this is such a staggeringly obvious trap
you say "trap," I say "event-based EXP"
you mean to say we don't intentionally trigger traps just to see what happens?
I adore risk perception. I actually had it maxed at this point, so this blindside was no trouble at all. Poor Sharpe needs to start paying a little more attention!

Good foresight, at least, Sharpe, even if we chose to touch the fruit anyway.
O-Oh. Thanks.
A single misstep in these labyrinths could cost someone their life. Upon reaffirming that truth, you once again return to exploring the forest.

Sensing no monsters nearby, you tell yourself this is the perfect place to take a break. It seems someone else had the same idea. You look across the way to find another adventurer resting beneath a tree. They see your party and come over to greet you.

Oh, hey, guess there's more people using this stupid contact lens.
Oh, hey, it's my guild.

Yes, I made Realga a Hero, because she is. Don't @ me.
@rea you're valid
@rea i made my self-insert a Hero too so
@rea valid
@rea yeah she's definitely a hero
You exchange information about the monsters in the area. They then advise you to be careful and present you with a medicine bottle.

Well, we've already got a bunch of these, but more never hurts.
Realga insists that it's important for fellow adventurers to work together inside the labyrinths.
You're not wrong.
You gladly accept their offering and put the medicine bottle in your backpack. With that, Realga waves farewell and returns to their exploration. You take a short rest in the clearing then resume your adventure.

Cannon Palms start showing up in the main Labyrinth here, by the way.

Oh hello there sneaky girl.
yep they're back, and they just want to play tag. why won't anybody play tag with them? they're only horrible abominations with giant teeth and stingers the size of a small child
Jungle Killers are invisible until you enter their aggro range, which are a small area around a static point.
again, coloring the map can be pretty helpful; but these fuckers appear in chokepoints like so and like to turn around, sooooo

Let's map out the rest of the starting area before proceeding.
As you wonder what might have happened here, you notice some brown mushrooms growing on one of the larger trees. They don't appear to be particularly rare, but it may still be worth picking up a few.
These are worth an examination, at least.
The caps of the mushrooms are thick and supported by a central stem. They smell a bit grassy, but it's not unbearable. They seem edible enough as is, but with a little work, you could probably make them into something truly delicious. If you roast the mushrooms, you'll likely draw out their true flavor and maybe even recover some health as well. Or, if you boil them, you might bring out their juices and make a meal that will recover some stamina. You'll have to choose how you'd like to prepare them.
Oh, hey, we can choose to recover our HP or our TP. How kind.
Events where you get to choose are really nice, but honestly I always end up picking TP. I've been running medic/hero/highlander, and between all of the automatic healing from patch up/encouragement/turning tide I never need to worry about HP. TP, on the other hand...

That said, the fact that it's a choice is fantastic for parties that might not be using a whole lot of TP but don't have a lot of HP recovery. More choice events would be good!
I think boiling them would be best for n-now.
You pick a number of mushrooms from the tree then gather some suitable firewood from the surrounding area and sit down. You get a fire going, fill a pot with water and sliced mushroom caps, then wait for the water to boil. As the water boils, it turns to an amber color, and produces an amazing smell that awakens your appetite. Unable to resist, you sip the broth and find the taste to be just as rich and refreshing as the smell suggests.

After everyone is finished eating, you resume your exploration with a slight hint of mushroom lingering about you.

Primitive Jungle B2F B5 Take Point

Decided to go back to town to save.
Moonlight (+31 ATK, +14 MAT, HP Up Lv1): Made from 1 Tiger Fang (Barbed Tiger Drop 1) and 1 Broken Wing (Firebird Drop 1). Costs 950 en.

Cross Knife (+24 ATK, +30 MAT, Fake-Out Stab): Made from 1 Cross Seed (Primitive Jungle Take Item 3). Costs 810 en.

Fake-Out Stab: Deals melee STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Attempts to inflict panic on the target.

Again, another really good utilty skill. I think this is actually the earliest way to utilize panic, and its base chance isn't even that bad for a panic inflicter. Sure, it's an STR attack, meaning that any class that can use knives will probably not have as great a chance than if they only used LUC, but welp.

Also, again, like a lot of equipment skills, it's super cheap.
Lets Ninjas go around inflicting Panic before Ninpo: Panic. You're not likely to get any sources of Panic before level 40 or a specific labyrinth (which usually comes pre-40), too, so Fake-Out Stab is really valuable.
I was so sad when I realized nobody I was running could use this. Panic... why must you elude me...?
Telek (+26 ATK, +26 MAT, TP Up Lv1): Made from 1 Constricting Vine (Slavering Vine Drop 1) and 1 Tiger Fang (Barbed Tiger Drop 1). Costs 590 en.

Oh, do you want a fight?

We'll gladly provide one.
Thank you for validating my bloodlust, and also vendetta against scorpions.

Jungle Killer

Level: 20
HP: 2805STR: 33INT: 20VIT: 34WIS: 21AGI: 12LUC: 29
EXP Given: 1405

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 50% 100%
100% 150% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 50% 75% 50% 75%
10% 10%
50% 50% 50%
  • Slumber Needle: Deals medium stab damage to 3-5 random party members. Attempts to inflict poison and sleep on hit targets, with a moderate chance, and heavy poison damage. Slightly slow, and extremely accurate.
  • Slumber Needle: Deals 60% melee STR-based stab damage to 3-5 random party members. Attempts to inflict poison and sleep on hit targets, with a 30% base chance, and a poison damage range of 42 to 70. Has a 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 140%.
  • Jungle Killers are likely to open with Slumber Needle.
  • When Jungle Killers are at 50% HP or lower, they're far more likely to use Slumber Needle.
  • If this is the first turn, and the party was not blindsided:
    • 80% chance to use Slumber Needle.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the Jungle Killer's HP is at 70% or lower:
    • 80% chance to use Slumber Needle.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Else:
    • 40% chance to use Slumber Needle.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Toxic Barb. 100% chance. Sells for 350 en.
    • Scorpio Sword (+35 ATK, +26 MAT, 8% Sleep Chance, 8% Poison Chance): Made from 1 Toxic Barb. Costs 880 en.
    • Spiky Armor (+18 DEF, +7 MDF, +6 HP): Made from 1 Toxic Barb and 1 Light Hardwood (Primitive Jungle Chop Item 1). Costs 1020 en.
Jungle Killers' damage isn't what you have to worry about, it's the fight being drawn out by the stupid sleep attached to their only skill. The poison on it is dangerous, but at least sleep can override it.
Notice how weak it is to ailments. Ninja and Nightseeker can easily give you a free opening turn with Sleep, and if you got to level 20 Ninja can petrify it. And apart from that, it doesn't resist anything, even poison, sooo...
Like Angel said, ailments are definitely the way to go against these guys. If you're at-level, they're beefy enough that a fight is going to take a while without a good source of poison damage.

Try me.

M-Man, where did I put my icy arrows...

Jar warfare!

The Scarlet Evil Eye gives Chihaya a lot of extra survivability this early on.

I had Sharpe toss a Freeze Oil on himself so that Adan and Abby can get an ice element on Spear Assist.

Can't say I've ever heard a monster shriek because of cold before.


Oh, neat, Front Command attacks proc Hero Battle healing.

We have reasonable DPT, but this thing has a lot of HP, so this'll still take quite a bit.

No, I'm...better than...zzzzzzz...
(Adan, get the fuck up!)

Fucking scorpions.
sleeping your problems off is a big mood though

That'll teach you to make me waver.

Honestly, Jungle Killers are pretty trivial to fight, you just need to make sure that you can keep your damage up even if you get unlucky with Slumber Needle.
And watch your TP if you've been wandering for a while! I accidentally got into a fight with one with everyone except the medic at low TP. That took a while to finish...

Time to go save the MC/IC entries.
Scorpio Sword (+35 ATK, +26 MAT, 8% Sleep Chance, 8% Poison Chance): Made from 1 Toxic Barb (Jungle Killer Drop 1). Costs 880 en.

Spiky Armor (+18 DEF, +7 MDF, +6 HP): Made from 1 Toxic Barb (Jungle Killer Drop 1) and 1 Light Hardwood (Primitive Jungle Chop Item 1). Costs 1020 en.
The Scorpio Sword is a great ATK upgrade for Landsknechts, but the added effect is mostly ignorable. If you want to inflict the ailments, there's better ways, even for a party without skills that do it.

A-Are you okay?!
Sharpe quickly runs over and helps him up.

It's Leo, the man from earlier. He appears to have been injured.
And I was well aware of the scorpions here too...
Sorry, please, I have some gauze here...
Sharpe attempts to treat Leo's wounds, but he brushes them aside.
I told you... I'm fine. If you want to live, you'll leave me alone.
Leo drags himself away without tending to his wounds as if to escape you as quickly as possible. Why is he pushing himself like that? And what did he mean by if you want to live? You silently watch Leo disappear before continuing on your adventure.
...I hope he'll be okay...

Do you like kiting FOEs around center obstacles? Because this floor has a lot of that.
At least it's not hard? I killed like half of them anyway, because fuck that noise.
My party was not optimized for killing them quickly, so I just led them in circles. They're not like Galateas where you can make them explode in one turn while underleveled as long as you have the right kit, unfortunately.


If this were EO5, I'd be more excited, but forging has a much smaller opportunity cost in this game.

Midway shortcut.

Don't-- Don't worry! I've got special shoes for everyone!

I'd forgotten what it was like to not have my feet mauled when simply walking. Thank you, Sharpe.

One of the tense-looking soldiers speaks to you.
In light of recent events, HQ is looking for some capable adventurers. If you think you're up to the task, be sure to pay them a visit.
And we're gonna have to talk to them to make you get out of our way, aren't we?
The soldier delivers the message then bows. Perhaps you should stop by HQ the next time you're in town.
your disguise isn't fooling anyone, kujura
could've fooled me, i thought it was ren
no no no. kujura's on vacation and so is ren. this is der freischutz telling you to fuck off
has anyone seen kujura and ren in the same room, because i haven't

Princess Persephone? You sent for us?
Aeon Guild, you've returned. We've called in an ally from Etria to assist with our investigation of the Primitive Jungle. Reports say this forest closely resembles one found in Etria. Just as the Lush Woodlands here resembled those in Tharsis. I personally sent a group of soldiers to help this ally quickly map the area. I had hoped to avoid repeating the losses we suffered in the Lush Woodlands... But I was too hasty. Our soldiers were met with a distraction, and we lost track of our ally... They immediately searched the area, but even now we still haven't a clue as to her whereabouts. We simply can't abandon her after she so willingly answered our call for help. Thus, I've issued a mission for any capable adventurers to search for her. Though it was an error on our part, I trust you have what it takes to resolve this matter.
You're...having us fix your mistake?
Typical royalty.

Well then, allow me to brief you on the details. We've received a report she was last seen on B2F along with accounts of an earth-shaking roar heard amongst the trees.
Another big monster? Ohhh...
Princess Persephone?
Ah, excuse me. I was thinking about the adventurer who accepted this quest before you. He was a lone adventurer named Leo and wasn't allied with a guild of any sort. Supposedly, he's also here from Etria and knows our missing ally. Not wanting him to act alone, I took the precaution of enlisting some of our soldiers to aid him in his exploration. I hope he's safe... Aeon Guild, please confirm their safety as you carry out your mission.
You really needed us to come all the way back here to just tell us that? Oh, whatever, just let us get back to what we were doing already.
If she's not gonna respect our time, I'm not gonna respect her.
persephone can and will treat your guild with little to no respect at the start, which... says something about her, huh

Sometimes I wonder who just leaves this money in these chests.

Welp, guess we won't be getting those chests for a while.

The floor is mostly just corridors right now.
The natural state of the Primitive Jungle.

Okay boring is at least preferrable to excruciating, and the game has the decency to keep it brief and make the encounters dangerous-ish. But it's fun to crack jokes at the DS games' expense.

You check your map and find the center of this floor is the only place you have yet to look. It's possible she's somewhere around there. Map in hand, you continue your careful exploration of the labyrinth.
Where could they have gone...?

The ferns around you sway in the cool breeze. It's almost as though they're beckoning you to rest.
...Something's wrong.
However, Yukimaru senses a disturbance in the air and raises their guard. With that in mind, you consider whether you should rest here or hurry on your way.
Even if something happens, we're prepared for it.
Having chosen to rest, Yukimaru decides to take a look around and see if it's safe. They slowly advance, weapon at the ready... Suddenly, the tree hurls a coconut their way!
Saw that coming!
Yukimaru knocks the coconut aside and launches a counterattack! The tree sidesteps! Having evaded the attack, the tree stands upright and directs its attention to you. It appears the tree is actually a monster! As you stand before the vicious tree, you hear intense rustling in the brush behind you, and another monster appears! Thankfully, you already had your weapons drawn. You quickly turn about-face, and the monster backs off! You may have prevented the surprise attack, but you're still surrounded! You'll have to fight your way out!

You're going to regret this!

She toldja.

Having repelled the monsters' ambush, you keep your weapons drawn and wait to see if any more will appear. You then check your surroundings and slowly lower your weapons. It seems this place was actually a monster's hunting ground and was only made to look like a resting spot. If it hadn't been for Yukimaru's warning, you would have stopped to rest and surely would have been ambushed. Your party thanks Yukimaru then quickly moves away from the area.
Excellent foresight, you two.
Ehehe, we're pretty synced up, aren't we?

Level 20!! We have access to Veteran skills now!
we did it kids

we climbed this whole mountain
become as gods

...wait no that's level 40
i was so excited when i hit level 20

then i realized i didn't actually want any of the veteran skills more than i did points in the novice skills

that was so disappointing

no endless shroud hurts my soul

Having Flank Shot is helpful for crowd control, although it won't be especially useful in this particular labyrinth given how many thing here resist Stab.

Primitive Jungle B2F E3 Take Point

Sure is corridors around here.
this monotony is what all true explorers strive for
at least its not corridors of high encounter rates

Is-- Is it rain-- Oh.
You look up to find it's not rain but water flowing from a broken tree branch. You recall that some trees in this forest store large amounts of water. This must be one of them. If you're thirsty, you might be able to break one of the branches and take a drink.
It looks like normal water to me.
You break off one of the nearby branches, and as you pull it down, water begins pouring out. Thanks to this blessing from nature, you quench your thirst!

Mhm. Normal water.
Feeling refreshed, you return to exploring the forest.

...Going any further would be a bad idea.
I can't put my finger on it, but the idea of going any further unprepared makes me very nervous.
Is it maybe time to call it a night and swap out parties?
If Boss is feeling nervous, then I'm hard-pressed to disagree.

Persephone is the only NPC that has something new to say.

Next time: B3F.
If you're playing along: Make absolutely sure you bring an Ariadne Thread to this next section.
Bring three.
if this is what i think i remember it is: don't

throw em in storage
This update brought to you by the wonderful patrons of the LPs on Patreon:

Alright, sis, what training've you got for me today?
Actually, if it's alright, I'd like to request a demonstration, followed by sparring.
You've been training with Abby, right? Learning Dark Knight techniques?
Would you mind giving me a demonstration of how a Dark Knight fights?
I mean, if you want. You said you wanted to spar after that? Want me to do Dark Knight stuff for that, too?
Ah, yes, if you please.

So, how's that? Got the demonstration you wanted?
That...was utterly terrifying.
You can surround yourself with actual fire?
I'd always thought those were empty manifestations, just for show...
I mean, they were, before Abby started teaching me. Turns out it's actually pretty easy to do with our Braveheart stuff.
Wait, wait, hold on. Those flames...come from our family's power? Not from Dark Knight techniques?
I mean, that's how I do it. Wasn't exactly how she taught me it, but it didn't take much for me to figure out how.
Ah, pay me no mind. Are you ready to spar, Cason?
Oh, you bet I am.
En garde!

So, uh, Edel!
Yes, Holly?
This is, uh, gonna seem like a weird question, but do you have any experience planning, like... A royal banquet? Is there a fancier term for it?
We just called them "feasts" back in Niveaulle, but yes, I did help my eldest brother plan for those. We held them every few months or so--there's almost always something to celebrate in a palace, you know.
Oooooh, ooh, ooh, okay, perfect, so, I had an idea.
I had assumed that, yes.
What if we put on a big feast for the entire guild after we finish this Labyrinth?!
...I'm not opposed to the idea, but I do have a few questions.
Hit me!
Where are we going to hold this?
Right here in the inn! Where else?
Right... Now, who is going to cater the event? Surely Lilian cannot furnish a feast for twenty people, a dog, and a cat all on her own.
Don't worry, Adan's given me the hot Maginian catering goss, I know exacly where to go.
There's gossip about catering services...?
There's gossip about everything.
Well, you're the expert, I suppose. How do you plan to pay for this? Surely Ashley would view this as an overly-extravagant expense.
Oh, don't worry, I've got the funds.
...Oh, that bag is...full of ental, isn't it? Where on earth did you get the funds for that?
You can make a lot of money as a matchmaker, if you know who to turn to.
I'm also of noble birth. That helps too.
...Yes. Yes it does. Well, if you already have all of that lined up, I suppose we should start planning now. Better early than late and all that.

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