Update 3: Hedge Trimming (Blossombeast)

Lilian, Kyoko, are you coming?
I've been hoping!
W-wait! I'm comin' too!
Alright, but stick close to Lilian.
Thank you!
W-wait, why me?
You're the most responsible person in the group.
I don't know about that...
Well, I'm coming with, so that's not even true anymore anyway!
No, you actually brought down the average. Significantly.
You're not gonna harsh my vibe.
Let's go kill the tutorial boss.

I... I should have...heeded Edelvale...
Really looking forward to killing this thing.
I've dealt with pungent ingredients before...but...
...Um, is it really that bad?
Oh. It's...p-pretty normal to me...
What sorts of training did your mother put you through...?

You ready to go, plant?!
The plant seems to notice you and raises its tentacles in warning. This must be the ruler of these ruins! Draw your weapons and prepare to fight!

A better form, you'll be hard-pressed to find.
Ronin automatically enter whatever their highest-leveled stance is at the start of battle.


Level: 4
HP: 2863STR: 23INT: 18VIT: 13WIS: 16AGI: 14LUC: 18
EXP Given: 460

Damage Vulnerabilities:
150% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
75% 50% 50% 50% 75% 50% 50%
0% 10%
50% 50% 75%
  • Vine Grab: Head: Deals medium cut damage to one row of party members. Attempts to bind the heads of hit targets, with a moderate chance. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Vine Grab: Arm: Deals medium cut damage to one row of party members. Attempts to bind the arms of hit targets, with a moderate chance. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Vine Grab: Leg: Deals medium cut damage to one row of party members. Attempts to bind the legs of hit targets, with a moderate chance. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Suspicious Pollen: Reduces all party members' attack by 30% for 4 turns. Attempts to inflict poison on all party members, with a low chance, and medium poison damage. Average speed.
  • Vine Grab: Head: Deals 60% melee STR-based cut damage to one row of party members. Attempts to bind the heads of hit targets, with a 40% base chance. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Vine Grab: Arm: Deals 60% melee STR-based cut damage to one row of party members. Attempts to bind the arms of hit targets, with a 40% base chance. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Vine Grab: Leg: Deals 60% melee STR-based cut damage to one row of party members. Attempts to bind the legs of hit targets, with a 40% base chance. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Suspicious Pollen: Reduces all party members' attack by 30% for 4 turns. Attempts to inflict poison on all party members, with a 20% base chance, and a base poison factor of 20. Has a 100% speed modifier.
  • When Blossombeast is above 50% HP, it cycles through the three Vine Grabs, in this order: Head, Arm, Leg.
  • When Blossombeast first falls below 50% HP, it will use Suspicious Pollen.
  • After that, it will wait a few turns. Three turns after use, it has a chance to use it again. If it doesn't use it on that turn, it will use it on the following turn.
  • Besides that, when at low HP, Blossombeast will randomly use one of the three Vine Grabs, each with an equal chance.
  • If Blossombeast's HP is at 50% or lower:
    • If Suspicious Pollen has not been used yet, use Suspicious Pollen.
    • If the Suspicious Pollen timer is equal to 3, 30% chance to use Suspicious Pollen and set the Suspicious Pollen timer to 0.
    • If the Suspicious Pollen timer is equal to 4, use Suspicious Pollen, and set the Suspicious Pollen timer to 0.
    • 33% chance to use Vine Grab: Head.
    • 33% chance to use Vine Grab: Arm.
    • 34% chance to use Vine Grab: Leg.
  • If Blossombeast's HP is at 100% to 51%:
    • If the Vine Grab: Head flag is set, use Vine Grab: Head, and then unset it.
    • If the Vine Grab: Arm flag is set, use Vine Grab: Arm, and then unset it.
    • Use Vine Grab: Leg, and set the Vine Grab: Head and Vine Grab: Arm flags.
  • Malevolent Thorn. 100% chance. Sells for 200 en.
    • Thorn Scythe (+28 ATK, +31 MAT, Skill: Vine Grab: Arm): Made from 1 Malevolent Thorn (Blossombeast Drop 1). Costs 470 en.
Blossombeast is pretty straightforward. It has to be, because it happens so early.

Mainly, it serves as an introduction to binds, and how to work around them, if you're unfamiliar with the series or its mechanics. For returning players, it's a test of how well you can think on your feet when faced with the possibility of the few skills you'll have at this level being locked off for a few turns. You can't just Theriaca α your way out of the binds, because those are in extremely limited supply right now.
The Vine Grabs are surprisingly toothless. The real killer is Suspicious Pollen; if you dump all your stuff from the getgo, odds are the first usage will catch you off guard and really ruin your day.
You want to avoid a protracted fight with this thing. It'll try to draw the battle out, and kill you by wearing you down, stripping you of your resources until you can't fight back. Unfortunately, making the battle short at this point of the game isn't very easy, so you'll have to grit your teeth.
While it is possible to draw out an insanely long battle here and win, it's just not recommended. What I can recommend though; Ronins have good arm bind chances at this point (and at every other point of the game tbh) and can shut down all of its moves aside from one, Sovereigns can line heal with reinforce or royal veil, Shogun's Front Command works wonders if your entire front line is capable of doing good damage with normal attacks- there's plenty of ways to bring in enough damage, just make sure at least three of your party is good at it.

also i have no idea how rea managed to land binds and ailments so much here. it's frustrating. i never get that many procs what the hell

Since my burst healing is limited in this battle, and my only passive healing is a Ashley's low-level Encourage, I need to take as little damage as possible, which Physical Shield will facilitate.

Kyoko immediately enters Musou, and uses Arm Strike. It's probably not gonna work, but it can't hurt to try.

If I were being perfectly optimal, I would've had Amatsu use Diversion Gambit starting next turn, but whatever. They'll use Bone Crusher to amplify everyone else's damage.

Sharpe will try to blind the thing.

Lilian's only use for TP in this battle is Strange Seeds, so Strange Seeds it is.

Well, better to use these in battle, than throw them in the garbage.
Strange Seeds' animation is so cool. The skill itself is also fairly useful, especially when you have an enemy that uses more than one body part for its skills. Much like this one. Arm bind is more useful than leg bind this early, though.


This thing even have bones? Eh, screw it, who cares.
boneless salad
you're really gonna do this? right in front of my salad?

Resilient vines.

Blehhhhh! Too slow, dummy!


There's Encourage. When our party's max HP totals are as low as they are, that's a pretty significant heal, given that it's attached to an attack.

Oh! Well, that's nice.
Dangit. That's not gonna help at this stage.

Get...off me!
Piss. There goes Physical Shield.

U-Um, okay, so, we just all stand apart like this...
Getting Ashley's arms bound made me decide that I'd rather not have that happen again for a bit, so Sharpe turns on Illusory Formation, which buffs the party's evasion and action speed.

You like making foul stenches, huh? Well, here's a gift just for you!
Since I figured Toxic Mist would be more valuable than Amatsu getting Diversion Gambit again, I had them use it. Toxic Mist has a 1000% base infliction chance, so it's basically guaranteed to land unless the enemy is fully immune to poison.


Not so fun, is it?


It worked...to an extent...
Blossombeast doesn't have any skills that use the head, so that's pretty worthless.

This isn't exactly very high damage per turn.

Again, I value an attack that costs no TP over Sharpe getting Illusory Formation again.

I-- I did it! I hit it!
Good job, Sharpe.

I had Kyoko swap to Air Blade, and wow that's a pretty big improvement over Arm Strike.

Ashley's arms got unbound, so I'm gonna have her just immediately use Miracle Edge. I probably could've gotten higher damage per turn with Brave Heart, but... Well, you'll see.
oh my god are you gonna-

Well, that's a pretty good lightshow.
Thank you.

Yes! I did it! I hit the eyes!
Between Mirage Arrow and the blind, it should now be virtually impossible for the Blossombeast to hit anybody.

Try again, gehehe.
Too bad, Blossombeast. I get to continue dealing full damage.

You ready to see some shit?
Oh my god you're gonna.
pop that lb3 lilian

Behold: my secret recipe!
Eh, no thanks, I'm full.
Hu-- Oh!
My gods, but is that delectable.
...How did you make this?
I can make it from anything, as long as the ingredients are as fresh as they can be.
So what did that do, you might ask?

Okay. So.

Final Secret has a 33% chance to repair any broken Force gauges. I got pretty damn lucky here, since it repaired both Ashley and Sharpe's, which had an 11% chance to happen. Far more importantly, though, is that it fully restores any unbroken Force gauges, including ones it just repaired. You don't need to think much to realize how immensely powerful sacrificing one Force Break to get back multiple characters' burst windows immediately is.

Let's celebrate by immediately using Breaks again, because we're so close to winning anyway.

Every swipe of my blade, a beautiful poem.

...Miss Protagonist, that is artistry in swordplay form. I would love to know your secrets.
I mean, I can try to explain it once we're back home.

I did it! I did it I did it I did it! Did I do okay?!
Yup. Good job, Sharpe.
Indeed. Well done!
Your formation kept me from being harmed. Thank you, Sharpe.
Th-Thank you all!

Continued swipes slice off its vines, and red, blood-like sap splatters about. With a final strike to its face-like petals, the monster's body trembles, then comes tumbling down. You remain cautious, but it would seem the foul beast has breathed its last breath. Well done! You've slain a terrible monster!

Now then...

As you approach the door, what you assume to be a girl's voice echoes from somewhere unknown.
You may have saved a dog... But would you do the same for humanity?
These final and rather monotone words resound, then disappear completely... Who could that have been? Curiosity abounds, but you decide to put it aside and proceed into the room.

Oh, I heard veterans at the bar talking about this...

This is a Geomagnetic Pole? In my time period, they are all worn and fading. I would have never thought I would see one in its full splendor...
Touching them is said to allow you to come and go between the labyrinth and the city... However, there's no guarantee that touching this will have the same effect. Still, you may touch it if you wish.

Well, here we go...

...What is this place?

A quick look around reveals you've been transported to a ruin of stone pillars somewhere on the second island. The Geomagnetic Pole seems to connect the first island to the second, and not to Maginia. Touch it again, and it should bring you back to the previous ruins. If you've finished your map of the previous ruins, you should progress back to HQ and inform them of the Geomagnetic Pole.

Our map, Your Highness.
You're not boastful of your exploits? I must say I admire your humility... That said, what is this?
A Geomagnetic Pole. Or something very similar to it, at least.
A pillar of light similar to a Geomagnetic Pole? Really? I've heard this before. Legends of Yggdrasil often tell of pillars of light that connect the labyrinth to the city. However, here they connect to the neighboring island...
We here at HQ understand the islands are divided into unique stratums. In order to better understand these islands, we've begun naming them. The island on which we first landed has been dubbed the Isle of Origin for clarity's sake. The adjacent island, abundant with vegetation, is the Isle of Solitude. Adventurers deemed worthy by HQ have already begun exploring it. According to the reports, they've also established a base camp in cooperation with some of our soldiers. It should prove quite useful. I recommend you head there once you've had some rest. Also, here's your reward for the map you created. Please accept it.

Appropriate compensation. Thank you.

Is this...a seashell?
Equip anyone in your party with this, and you will create an audio log of your adventures. Those on standby at the Explorers Guild can then listen in and gain some experience of their own.
Oh! That's quite useful.
However, do keep in mind, if no one is on standby at the Explorers Guild, equipping this item will prove useless. There's something else you should know. As you proceed with your exploration, I'd like you to report your findings to HQ. You'll be rewarded, of course. We certainly don't mean to force this task upon you.
Sounds fair to me. Do jobs, get paid.
...That's enough explanation for now.
You've done a magnificent job thus far. I'm expecting great things from you.

Returning from EO5 is the ability to report completed maps, and new entries in your Monstrous Codex and Item Compendium to Persephone. After completing a full Labyrinth's worth of maps, or a certain amount of entries in the MC/IC, Persephone will reward you with either consumables or equipment.

Keep up the good work, Aeon Guild.
Depending on how you responded to her earlier, Persephone will call you either your real guild name, the "Goat Grabbers," or the "Fearless Fisherman."
im goat grabber
greatest of all time
When we try to leave...

I've requested that Napier's Firm begin selling a certain item. If you'd like to know more, you should pay it a visit.
We shall do so later.

Vivian talks to us immediately upon entering the Lady of the Lake.
Uhhh, what were your names again?
Ah, Aeon Guild, right. So you might already know this, but there are other adventurers in Maginia, too... Odds are you'll run into 'em at some point.
Here's where we unlock Guild Card stuff. Pretty simple: either scan QR codes of other guilds, or find them through StreetPass, and you'll run into them in the Labyrinth at some points.

I mean, good luck StreetPassing anyone now, given that the 3DS is, at time of writing, probably a mere few months away from end of life, but still.
Gotta say, adventurers are pretty impressive. Exploring the forests morning, noon and night... Since you all keep so busy, I'd better balance things out by taking it easy, right?
I, um, I-- I don't think that's how that works...

Truth be told, there is an item I am only permitted to sell to adventurers who have been acknowledged by HQ. It's called an Ariadne Thread--a handy item that will instantly bring you back to town from any labyrinth. Before your next excursion into the forest, you really ought to buy one. Or two. Or more.
I think we'll buy one at a time, thank you.
...Hey now, what's that look for? Did you honestly think I'd just hand you one for free? Haven't you ever heard the old saying, There's no such thing as a free lunch? You'll have to buy it like any other item.
I...never said I expected it to be free.
As per tradition, now that we're out of the introductory mission, we now have the ability to buy Ariadne Threads.

And also, as per tradition, it's time for the usual advice: Do not ever go exploring without an Ariadne Thread.
Edie's not just being greedy, there. "Buy more" is legitimate advice. You will forget an Ariadne Thread at some point, and if you only carry one you'll have to walk out manually. Well, legilly. Footilly? Point is, if you make it a point to carry two, if you forget to buy one, you'll realize you only have one when you go to use it and can still get out. Then you can just buy two again.
Yeah, it's a good habit to automatically buy another thread the moment you use one. Also, the amount of encounters in EO that can come within inches of your life is... well... you know how it is.
Point is, buy enough to knit a scarf with.

(Slightly off topic, but did you know that in EMD/EMD2, Ariadnes are purple balls of yarn?)
Picture, if you will, an Ariadne Scarf. You can use it to warp back, but each time you do a thread vanishes. As your adventure continues, it becomes thin and threadbare.

I just thought that was cool.
Are you on the fence about a specific purchase? Then let me give you some free shopping advice. No doubt you're concerned about your limited funds--however, you can always save up more money. On the other hand, you only have one life, and once it's gone, you're not getting it back.
Can't argue with that, I guess.
The wares from this shop will protect your life. You'll be glad to have them while you're out in the labyrinths.
In other words, the more you spend, the longer you'll live, and the more successful you'll be. So... Come on. Get those wallets out and buy something already.
You're certainly persuasive.

Thorn Scythe (+28 ATK, +31 MAT, Skill: Vine Grab: Arm): Made from 1 Malevolent Thorn (Blossombeast Drop 1). Costs 470 en.
Vine Grab: Arm: Costs 5 TP. Deals 200% melee STR-based cut damage to one row of enemies. Attempts to bind the arms of hit targets, with a 30% base chance. Has a 100% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 97%.

Decent row-target damage that only costs 5 TP? Don't mind if I do.
And my god, those attacking stats. The Thorn Scythe can easily last you two or three labyrinths.

Here for a drink? Looking for information? Or... Did you come just to see me?
You're a bit old for me, dude.
Dahaha! No, no, I'm just kiddin'!
Well, to be honest with you, I don't like to drink.
That's why my job's makin' the drinks, not drinkin' them! Dahaha!

Lithe Adventurer:
Whew, that was a close one... Hm? A new face? In that case, allow me to introduce myself. Sir Robin's the name, adventuring's my game! Not once have I received a serious injury while exploring the labyrinths. Impressive, I know. It's all about maintaining combat awareness. If your opponent's too strong, you run away. That's why they call me Robin the Flee-Footed.
Hey, don't give me that look. It's an adventurer's job to make it back alive, you know. If you're interested, I can give you the details of all the monsters I've fought--or maybe "seen" would be the better word...
We can talk to this guy again, now under the name of Robin the Flee-Footed:
Have you ever fought an Air Wolf? Man, those things are freaky. And tough. When it attacks, it can penetrate the front line and hit the back line at full power. My guildmates were wiped out, but I managed to get out of there lickety-split without a scratch on me. If you ever take on an Air Wolf, watch out for those penetration attacks from its feet. I bet that binding its legs would probably do some good there...
((robin voice)) now that's strategy

Now that we're past the introductory mission, the grinding DLC quests are open to us. I won't be doing them, though.

They work the same as they did in EO5: you take on the quest, you're given a Growth Badge for the top one, which triples all EXP your entire party gains, in addition to giving +20 WIS to whoever equips it, and a Drop Brooch for the bottom one, which increases all enemy drop rates to 100% (though it doesn't automatically fulfill the conditions for conditional drops), in addition to giving +20 LUC to whoever equips it.

The quests also give either a giant lump sum of EXP or money upon completion, depending on which one you do.

At any rate, if we can make use of Geomagnetic Poles, it will make future exploration so much more expedient.
That's it for now! Next time: we explore our first real Labyrinth.

(Are you done bein' moody yet?)
(How many times do you need to go around town, looking at bakeries, until you get over yourself?)
(As many as it takes until I can be a baker again.)
It's rude to stare at people, y'know!
I used to be a ninja, observing people comes with the territory.
Are you here to talk, or did you just wanna stare at me as I argue with my headmate?
Eh, as fun as that might be, talking sounds better.
...What was your name again?
We didn't get to talk much at introductions.
Amatsu. You're Adan, I remember that much, and the person stuck in your head is uh...
We kinda prefer the term "headmate" over "person stuck in your head."
Gotcha, sorry. Mind if I ask what the story with you two is? You both sound kinda bitter.
Oh, right, uh, if you wanna share it over food, it's my treat.
We're starving, so sure.
Fine by me.

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