Update 5: More of the Same that was the Same Last Time

There you are. You're all an hour late, what held you up?
I'm sorry! Nadym was having problems with Magna-Calcula!
I have no clue what in the blazes happened, but Magna-Calcula's dialogue routines started spewing out random assertions unprompted.
Like, "waffle unicorn vampire" kinda nonsense strings?
That, interspersed with white noise and speaker feedback.
Oh, ow.
After some debugging, I mostly ironed it out, only now it started replacing verbs with... Complete silence.
And sometimes more white noise and feedback.
Not the most pleasant thing... And that hellish noise bug stuck around until the very end. I fixed the absent verb bug, but something else popped up. Several iterations later, I cornered this bizarre chain of bugs down to... Replacing most of its routines with providing weather forecasts for other locations.
I have no idea how it fucked up that much and that bad. Did you even fix that one?
No, I could not even find the source of it! After ten minutes or so, it simply... Vanished. Whether it lapsed or it was a lapse, I've no idea.
Oh come on!
That all sounded utterly arcane to me, but I suppose I am not the expert anyhow. There goes our early start. What was first on our itinerary?
Er... Right, monkeys attacking the beginners box.
Make haste, then.

You then spot a monster tearing into a wooden box! This must be what you're after! Are you prepared for a fight? If so, then you may engage the creatures in battle.
You swallow dryly and ready your weapon, but the monsters notice your presence, and their eyes lock onto you! Before they can strike, you run towards the beasts, weapons drawn!

This is gonna hurt, isn't it.
Why would you ever expect otherwise?
This can be a really mean battle depending on your team composition. Namely, if you don't have a Protector or shield-based Hero a head-on battle will be touch-and-go, and if you don't have damaging Breaks you can't just end the battle and then teleport right back.

Now then, which of you apes wants the first taste of my mystic blade?
War Edge Power enables secondary effects of War Edge skills, even if the enemy isn't afflicted with an ailment.

Time to merge, Adan!
Wha-- Hey, stop, I wasn't ready for that--!
Hero Battle increases the user's damage by 40%, and converts 15% of all damage they deal into healing for all party members.

Hero Battle combines well with Legion skills, since it'll offset either some or all of the HP drain.

Quite the weak spot you've got there, ape.

Perfect place to shove my scythe!


If both Baboons had piled their Swings into the same row, there's a big chance they would've killed someone. Rea lucked out here.

That... That should keep us safe...

Ah, much better.


Might as well show this off.
your heart is theirs, etc etc

Full Synchro!
Hell yeah!
You can see Turning Tide at the end.

Upon inspection, you find that the food once contained inside has been reduced to mere remains, but the box is still in good shape. After cleaning the inside of the box, you head off to report the quest completed.
Didn't we have something else to take care of?
Oh, right, that herb stuff.

Let's check this plant again...


Oh, sure, beat up on the baker some more.

Hey, good time to show off Riot Gun.

Stand back, it's turret time!
How did you pull that thing out of your coat?!

Ready, FIRE!
Impressive, Sophian.
Yep. Really killed the hell outta that butterfly.
Eh, we're going back to town soon anyway.

Aeon Guild: Butterfly Exterminators.

You suddenly recall the herb you found. You received a request to find a medicinal herb that can be used in a pain-relieving salve. There's no doubt this is the herb you're looking for.
Give me a bit...
You pick several of the ones without eggs on them and put them into your bag.

There we go. A little disgusting, but...
This request should now be fulfilled. All that's left is to take the time to hand the herbs over at the tavern.

Now my aching back won't keep me up at night! Well, not anymore!
You're not the one who made this request, right?
...Huh? Did I make this request? Well, now, wouldn't you like to know!

Free Theriacas.
I'm pretty sure this is the Actual Official Subtitle of the game.

Why, just a few moments ago, that fresh young adventurer came by, completely thrilled about being able to use that box. Adventurers helping one other in their journeys through the labyrinths... It's so touching I just might cry!
By the way, did you know that box was once used for tossing out garbage?
Some adventurer tossed an item they didn't need, and a new adventurer came across it and put it to good use.
You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!
Is that really true?
Hmm? Is that true, you ask? Well, how would I know? Dahaha!
Oh, almost forgot! Here's your reward. Good work out there!

Feather Coat (+8 DEF, +14 MDF): Made from 3 Huge Tail Feathers (Ghost Owl Drop 1). Costs 330 en.
A minor cloth armor upgrade. Okay.
look here if that box was a trash can don't you think people would be throwing away like... grasshopper legs and butterfly scales and not medicine

Incremental levels.

Bone Armor (+11 DEF, +6 MDF): Made from 2 Ape Bones (Angry Baboon Drop 1) and 1 Grasseater Leg (Grasseater Drop 2). Costs 290 en.

Right then, where were we?

You approach to see a number of them are injured, some needing to lean on others as they walk.

The soldier's hands twitch in frustration.
Can't believe we got defeated this badly... We were here hunting for the red-haired beast, but then some Cutters found us. We searched this entire forest, but we couldn't even find any tracks of the thing. Where could it be?
It seems the soldiers were looking for a specific monster, but were unable to locate it. Keeping the soldier's warning in mind, you steel yourselves for whatever may be waiting ahead.
I've got a bad feeling about that bad feeling.

shaped like a friend
Aithon Today at 1:58 AM
become as orb
the shape closest to the perfect being, the fat cat


Level: 9
HP: 96STR: 20INT: 18VIT: 18WIS: 16AGI: 15LUC: 21
EXP Given: 50

Damage Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 100%
150% 150% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 150%
100% 150% 150%
  • Shell Guard: Increases the Roller's defense by 50% for 4 turns. Slightly slow.
  • Shell Guard: Increases the Roller's defense by 50% for 4 turns. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Rollers will always use Shell Guard as their first action.
  • After that, they will always Attack.
  • If Shell Guard has not been used yet, use Shell Guard.
  • Attack.
  • Elastic Skin. 65% chance. Sells for 10 en.
    • Knuckle Ball (+18 ATK, +16 MAT, Skill: VIT Up Level 1): Made from 2 Elastic Skins (Roller Drop 1). Costs 240 en.
    • Leather Vest (+9 DEF, +9 MDF): Made from 1 Elastic Skin (Roller Drop 1). Costs 240 en.
    • Stone Helm (+6 DEF, +4 MDF): Made from 2 Slates (Lush Woodlands B3F Mine Point Item 1) and 1 Elastic Skin (Roller Drop 1). Costs 140 en.
Rollers increase their defense and then attack you. Exciting?
Poison will screw them up right proper, except at this point your only sources are Harbinger's Toxic Reap, and... Ninja's Caltrops. And they won't attack on the first turn, so Caltrops are right out. You can figure something out, though.

They're pretty slow, so you have a chance to beat them up before they use Shell Guard.

Those toxins should seep into the shell...


A stone basin stands in the shade of the trees, a steady stream of water trickling into it like a fountain. The water is cold to the touch, and so clean that the bottom of the basin is clearly visible. The strenuous nature of your journey makes this an appealing opportunity to your party. A refreshing drink of water might hit the spot.
I am quite parched...

Choosing to quench your thirst, you cup the water in your hands and take a long drink. The cold water spreads through your body and invigorates your tired limbs. You feel revitalized by the pure and refreshing taste!

Wait, didn't we need to collect some of this?
The water in your hands suddenly reminds you of something. One of the tavern requests involved looking for a clean source of drinking water. This water basin should be sufficient enough to report in. You scoop some of the water into an empty jar and screw on the lid.

Now I can't slack off anymore! Dahaha!
All jokes aside, I'll be sure to deliver this sample to the folks at HQ. Anyway, here's your reward for this request. I hope you'll come by to help out again! I'm countin' on you guys!

Vendor trash!

Oh yeah, I also took and then immediately abandoned the DLC money quest, so I could get a Drop Brooch. For those of you who didn't play EO5, this thing will increase all enemy drop rates to 100%, in addition to giving the person who equipped it +20 LUC. It doesn't automatically trigger conditional drops, though.
Invaluable if you have a guild of twenty people like both of us. Otherwise you'll keep having few materials for basic equipment that half the guild wants.
cool advice that i totally didn't go take advantage of mid-commentary, nope thank you
back in my day these were tea leaves and didnt give stat boosts

...Is this brooch made from melted-down ental...?
I put it on Nadym, since he wants pure LUC more than basically anyone else in the guild.

Knuckle Ball (+18 ATK, +16 MAT, Skill: VIT Up Level 1): Made from 2 Elastic Skins (Roller Drop 1). Costs 240 en.

Warabite (+24 ATK, +13 MAT, Skill: WIS Up Level 1): Made from 1 Granite (Lush Woodlands Mine Item 2). Costs 350 en.

Hakenbuechse (+21 ATK, +15 MAT, Skill: VIT Up Level 1): Made from 1 Granite (Lush Woodlands Mine Item 2) and 1 Thorny Vine (Fanged Vine Drop 1). Costs 320 en.

Leather Vest (+9 DEF, +9 MDF): Made from 1 Elastic Skin (Roller Drop 1). Costs 240 en.

Stone Helm (+6 DEF, +4 MDF): Made from 2 Slates (Lush Woodlands Mine Item 1) and 1 Elastic Skin (Roller Drop 1). Costs 140 en.

Eh? What's going on at the base camp?

"Damn that infernal beast..." mutters one. "It won't get away with this!" cries another. You wonder what could have happened... As you watch them with growing concern, a familiar voice calls out to you.
Looks like you made it back okay.

Hello, you two. How fares the soldier you were treating?
How's our friend doing? Thankfully, he's fine... Can't say the same for his pals, though.
Apparently, his unit was attacked by an ursine monster with blood-red fur.
Marco's face bears a grave expression.
We've already put a word out to HQ. I think they just posted a mission to slay it, so you might want to check in with them for details.
I'd advise against heading to the deeper levels of the labyrinth for the time being. It's rather dangerous down there...
Pffft, we can handle it.
In contrast to Marco's serious tone, Oliver cheerfully chimes in from behind.
I know! Why don't you check out that Small Orchard they just found!? At your current skill level, the monsters there should provide some excellent practice.
That's not a bad idea.
Yes, that's a fair point... If you want to build your strength, it might be worth visiting.

I suppose we can take the time for a small detour...
Say hello to our first Maze, the Small Orchard. Mazes are self-contained floors that often borrow gimmicks from larger Labyrinths, and then make them far more intricate.

Small Orchard is just taken from EO4, though. Literally no changes to the layout. Sigh. Thankfully, this is the last time the game does that.

The soldier's cheerful manner is apparent even through the armor that masks his features.
We're here as an exploratory exercise.
The worst this place has are a few weak fawns, so this'll be a breeze. We'll finish up quick and hit the bar!
The soldier seems dubiously confident for a man in a dangerous labyrinth. He leaves, whistling to himself.
I dearly hope his confidence isn't misplaced.

Why is there a door down there, when we can get there through just...walking around the top? I don't know.
There's a real reason, but for now it's pointless.
local adventurers don't want to get their feet wet

Oh gods, cover your ears, everyone.


Level: 16
HP: 187STR: 26INT: 22VIT: 22WIS: 27AGI: 21LUC: 24
EXP Given: 33

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100%
100% 150% 100%
  • Binding Root: Deals medium bash damage to one party member. Attempts to bind the target's arms, with a high chance. Average speed, with average accuracy.
  • Binding Root: Deals 80% melee STR-based bash damage to one party member. Attempts to bind the target's arms, with a 60% base chance. Has a 100% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Mandrakes are likely to open with Binding Root.
  • When Mandrakes are at 50% HP or lower, they're far more likely to use Binding Root.
  • If this is the first turn, and the party was not blindsided:
    • 80% chance to use Binding Root.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the Mandrake's HP is at 50% or lower:
    • 80% chance to use Binding Root.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Else:
    • 40% chance to use Binding Root.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Mandrake Root. 70% chance. Sells for 11 en.
    • Mandra Rod (+16 ATK, +24 MAT, Skill: LUC Up Level 1): Made from 1 Mandrake Root (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 390 en.
    • Medicinal Gloves (+7 DEF, +3 MDF): Made from 2 Mandrake Roots (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 170 en.
    • Fawn Shoes (+3 DEF, +10 MDF): Made from 1 Fawn Hoof (Furyfawn Drop 1) and 1 Mandrake Root (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 160 en.
Mandrakes don't hit you that hard, but they have an annoyingly high chance of binding their targets' arms, which'll shut down basically any frontliner.

This is our life now, isn't it.

Hey, hey, hands off the inventory!

Pause for a moment, if you will.


Screw this!

Aw, fuck.

I hereby decree: monkeys are, officially, The Worst.


Fuck off, apes.

Yukiko and Maru unlocked Sluggish Miasma.

Oh, look, it's...somewhat cute.
Hello, Furyfawns.
furyfawns are adorable babies


Smart Earring (+15 TP, +6 INT): Made from 3 Bent Twigs (??? Chop Item 1). Costs 500 en.
A small damage and TP boost for Zodiacs. Neato.

Small Orchard D5 Take Point

This formation isn't mean. No ma'am, not at all.

Lavi's almost done leveling Guard Slash, while Sophian's done putting points into Leg Snipe for now.


But why? It's harmless...
adorababy foes are still foes so.
shoes from the hide and bone of our enemy's offspring


Level: 9
HP: 859STR: 23INT: 16VIT: 18WIS: 20AGI: 18LUC: 17
EXP Given: 450

Damage Vulnerabilities:
150% 150% 150%
150% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
10% 100%
100% 100% 100%
  • Stomp: Deals medium bash damage to one party member. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Stomp: Deals 120% melee STR-based bash damage to one party member. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Furyfawns are likely to open with Stomp.
  • When Furyfawns are at 40% HP or lower, they're far more likely to use Stomp.
  • Furyfawns, when they are above 40% HP, cannot use Stomp consecutively.
  • If this is the first turn, and the party was not blindsided:
    • 80% chance to use Stomp.
    • 20% chance to Attack.
  • If the Furyfawn's HP is at 40% or lower:
    • 80% chance to use Stomp.
    • 20% chance to Attack.
  • If the Furyfawn's HP is at 100% to 41%:
    • If Stomp can be used right now, 70% chance to use Stomp, and disable Stomp.
    • Else, Attack, and enable Stomp.
  • Fawn Hoof. 100% chance. Sells for 40 en.
    • Fawn Bow (+23 ATK, +26 MAT, +12 AGI): Made from 1 Fawn Hoof (Furyfawn Drop 1). Costs 320 en.
    • Fawn Shoes (+3 DEF, +10 MDF): Made from 1 Fawn Hoof (Furyfawn Drop 1) and 1 Mandrake Root (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 160 en.
Furyfawns are joke fights. They deal light physical damage to single targets, and that's it.

Hells, this thing is soft. Makes me feel bad...


...Not quite what I desired, spirits.
Sometimes Random Disease will give you the ever-useless curse. At least that activates the War Edge effects.

Just my unluck.

Even the weaklings wanna pick on us.
I'll admit, it's a bit annoying.

Time to test my softening miasma!

Permit my assistance.

Hee-hee, yes!

The softener seems pretty good to me! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
...Isn't it a bit odd to say "whee" while swinging a scythe?

...Okay, now I feel kinda bad.

More passive on-kill healing.

Alright, now that is some nice research funds, buckaroo.
P... Pardner.
...Moving on.

I went back to town, and checked in with HQ.
I assume you've heard about the monster in the Lush Woodlands? It's quite a deadly adversary.
Indeed we have.
Can we go kill it?
I'm with Yuki, although maybe with a bit of strategic planning first.
Many who set out to explore the area have not returned. If this is not dealt with, the number of victims will only increase... This is a highly dangerous task, but I've posted a mission to eliminate the foul creature. If you can't handle this, you haven't even the slightest of hope of making it to Yggdrasil. Aeon Guild, if you think you've the courage to face such danger, then, accept this mission and prove it!

Hell yeah, let's do it!
...There have been reports that this labyrinth's appearance and even the monsters lurking within are incredibly similar to one in Tharsis. Thus, HQ has asked that someone from Tharsis provide some assistance.

B-b-b-b-b-big muscles.
Lookin' good.
...Dear me.
Hi, Wiglaf!

Wiglaf was a character in EO4 who you could help out on the overworld bits. In return, she helped your party infiltrate the Echoing Library, and later, if you helped her enough, take on the Storm Emperor.
breaking news: i'm gay
oh hey wiglaf, you been workin' out?
kirjonen where are you, i'm gay too

And you are...?
The Aeon Guild. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Wiglaf.
Aeon Guild, huh? Nice to meet you.
She's said to be quite the skilled adventurer, trusted even by the Outland Count himself. I'm sure she'll prove an invaluable source of intel on the forest.
You flatter me... But my father was good friends with the Count, so I'm sure he's biased. However, if this labyrinth is anything like the one in Tharsis, I should be able give you plenty of advice. That forest was very dangerous and filled with countless monsters.
What else is new?

When meeting face to face with the Berserker King, it first let out a horrific roar. Adventurers are often left immobile by the sound, so it's best to guard right away. There's no guarantee this labyrinth will be the same, but I think it's worth remembering. Good luck to you, Aeon Guild.

One mistake may be your last. Keep that in mind, and be careful.
Will do.
When we try to leave...

...That would've been appreciated earlier.

Okay, like. I want some validation here: she was really, really pretty right?
I find it hard to disagree.
I guess.
Big yep.
Another big yep.
That's it for now. Next time: More.

Hey, Nadym?
Hello, Sophian.
So, like... How good are you with engineering?
I'm woefully lacking when it comes to mechanics, but more than capable of writing the logic that drives them. Why do you ask?
See, Runa and I, we're good with the mechanics, and, uh, not great with the software bits.
I suspect you're going to ask if I can assist you two?
...Magna-Calcula makes a good case. Very well, do you need me now?
Nah, Runa's off getting dinner with the Protagonists.
Oh. Is there anything else you wanted to discuss, then?

So, Wiglaf.
W-Wiglaf? What about her?
C'mon, Nadym, Magna-Calcula blurted out your big secret. You think she's hot too.
That's-- That's irrelevant.

Fine, I admit it.
Doooooooooo you like women besides Wiglaf? Not in a romantic sense, just... Sorta, "woman hot."
O-On an objectively subjective--
Objectively subjective? That's such an oxymoron that it's the kinda thing I'd say.
I'm... I'm inadequate at approaching these sorts of discussion, alright? But... Yes, I'm...capable of being attracted to women.
I can help you be more candid about it, if you want.
Accursed device... Again, it makes a persuasive case...

Heh-heh-heh... Look out, Maginia, for the phantom thief Windfish is afoot once more. First stop... Prince Snow? No, no, no, he's too nice.

Aaaaaand he was the only one I put on the list.

Maybe I should've cased this city more before I came out of retirement.

Oh, come on, you big baby, we are not tired.
Spiritually... Emotionally...
...What happened to him?
He's weak. Something the matter?
I'll get right to the point: You were a Dark Knight when you were alive, right?
...So people from our time have talked about us, huh?
Yeah, I was. Why'd you ask?
Teach me. Please.
I need to know how to really channel my inner darkness, make it work for me.
We start today.
Wait, really?
I'm not giving you special treatment for being one of our leaders, though, you got that? You're going to study what I say. Attentively. And you're gonna show up for sparring practice. If you miss it, I'm not gonna teach you.
...Sounds fair.
And let me make it clear: being a Dark Knight is about fighting for the common people, regardless of what the law says or anything being in the way. It's not about Dark Spiritual Energy, we just channel that and make it work for us.
Wait, really? The dark energy stuff...isn't the point?
Hmph. You've got a lot to learn, I see...

(Time to come up with recipes, I guess...)
(No you don't, big boy, you're gonna listen too.)
(Ah, come on!)
(If you wanna get the village off your back, learning what I did is the best way to do so.)

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