Update 6: Pulling it Off With the Pump Sisters

...This is the best we could muster?
Hey, don't look at me, I wanted everyone to get a turn!
Fine. You two, back row.
Wh-- Why?
Heaviest weapons up front.
Eh, okay.
Do you...need help punching from the back?
Not really, but I'm not gonna turn down help. 'Specially not from you~
Finally, a chance to practice my Lustechs!
Get a move on, you two.
This party is weird! But it's not ineffective. Not even close.
I've ran weirder parties, so.
Everyone keeps asking me why I run backline protector but c'mon, you can get away with this and still have an effective party comp.

Initial builds. If they seem weird to you, then help I don't know what I'm doing
if you want to know my opinion on what i would've done instead,
·would not have bothered with bolt slash. go all in on echoing slash or all in on the commands
·would not have picked up vanguard for a linksknecht. would just suck it up until improved link
·would have put a point in each binding punch and then rushed double punch 10
but that's just my onion,

Hello, bar patron who showed up after I StreetPassed a guild with a very particular character on their card.
Hey, so according to my grandfather's uncle's...dad's cousin's relative's dad's grandfather's... Um, wait--was that right? Anyway, some old relative of mine once learned about the Lemurian secret to immortality. Do you wanna hear it?
Tell us already.
Sure--so this old relative of mine lived across the street from this girl with red eyes, as well as her father... The girl never went outside during the day. And, no matter how many years went by, she always looked exactly the same age. Over time, the girl's dad grew old, and he eventually died of natural causes. But here's where it gets strange: apparently, the girl died on the same day her father did. And it gets even weirder--so, my old relative spoke to her dad once.... And supposedly, this is what he said... "The eyes of eternity rest beneath the bat..."
Real specific there.
I still remember those words exactly. A demonic eye is supposedly their secret to immortality--but, if you handle it carelessly, you'll be struck with the greatest misfortune. And there you have it. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell my relative was going on about. I was actually on the verge of forgetting it. Still, the Lemurian secret to immortality sure does make for good tavern talk. Those rumors have been passed down over so many generations--and here I am, gossiping the same way, like my family always has...
...I think this sounds worth investigating.
If you can figure out what "the bat" means, lead the way.
Well, this all sounds pretty old if it goes back generations. In that case, the ruins are a pretty safe bet, right?
Immortality sounds pretty useful.
"Pretty" useful?
No. We're going now.

...Hm. I'll be damned.
Could whatever the young man told you about be under this bat? You decide to slowly dig up the spot under it... After digging for a while, you come across a small metal box.

What the...?
Within the box is an ancient-looking note. You carefully turn over the page...
"I'm conducting research on Lemurian immortality. Using the various folklores around the world, I hope to bring humans closer to immortality. The entire reason I'm doing all of this is...for my daughter. She's still young, but her life is nearing its end due to a terrible illness. I plan on finding the power of immortality...before it's too late."
At the bottom of the note, you see something written in red, in a different script than before.
"To the one who seeks the Scarlet Evil Eye: Walk five steps east, then five steps south from here."
Um. I'm pretty sure we'd have to walk through a wall to do that.
What if it's talking about a map?
Doubt it. Whoever buried this probably didn't have this specific magic map.

You don't see anything around you, though. Is this the place? You decide to slowly dig into the ground below you...
If you guys wanna dig, be my guest. I'm gonna take a break.
After digging for a while, you come across a small metal box, similar to the one you found before.
Hey, Chihaya!

Could the ancient note found in this box be a follow-up to what you read previously? You carefully turn over the page...
"People will most likely laugh if they're told that they can unlock latent abilities that will surpass current human capabilities. But... I've finally found it. The terrifying power that's been used since ancient rituals..."
Oh, uh, should I cover Astra's ears?
I'm 13, not 7. I can handle this!
"This power is initiated within a person's eyes. It begins by enveloping the cornea, and slowly, eventually converts all of the cells in the body."
Wait nope I can't handle this Runa cover my ears.
If you say so...
"The converted ones fear light and become something akin to a vampire...a dark tribe that is, for all intents and purposes, immortal. By utilizing a range of scientific procedures, I have made this terrifying power available for universal use. It has been incorporated into a contact lens."
A contact lens? Immortality in a contact lens? Sorry, there's just...something really funny about ancient power in something so banal.
...Pfft. When you put it like that, I can't disagree.
Can I finish? Thanks. "By doing so, the user can utilize the power whenever they please. I call it the Scarlet Evil Eye... I believe that I can use it to finally save my daughter."
At the bottom of the note, you see something written in red, in a different script than before.
"To the one who seeks the Scarlet Evil Eye: Walk four steps east, then four steps north from here."

You don't see anything around you, though. Is this the place? You decide to slowly dig into the ground below you... After digging for a while, you come across a small metal box, similar to the one you found before.

How many of these things are we gonna hafta dig up?
Could the ancient note found in this box be a follow-up to what you read previously? You carefully turn over the page...
"A long time has passed. My daughter and I have continued to live here, while the people of Lemuria have all left... However, my life is about to end...and my daughter says that she will die with me. My daughter, alive only due to the Scarlet Evil Eye, has no one other than myself. She says that she will remove the Evil Eye and end her life with mine... That very well may be the best resolution for us both. I plan on leaving this marvelous yet horrendous power with this land that brought me to my daughter's salvation. If there's a life you absolutely must save, like how I once did, you should make use of it. You who have studiously unearthed my notes: I shall bestow unto you the Scarlet Evil Eye. I believe its power will be a boon to mankind."
Along with this note, you acquire a small lens dyed in crimson red.

Whoever wears this gains the nigh-immortal power of the dark tribe, as described in the ancient notes...
...I'm scared.
Yyyyyyeah, I'm not in a hurry to put that thing in my eye.
Give me that.

Gah... Motherfucker, that thing hurts to put in...
Hey, uh, Chi, your eyes...
What about theeeeeeeAAAAGH WHAT IS THIS BURNING?!
Oh, crap, right, sunlight hurts vampires, we need to get out!
So, Chihaya's port doesn't do it in that status screen because her colors mandated a custom texture, but the Scarlet Evil Eye, if the character's portrait can be recolored, force their eye color to red.
It's a really cool effect that makes me just a little extra sad that most DLC portraits can't be colorized.

Gah, hah, hah... Gods, that's a hell of an inconvenience...
Huh? Chihaya seems different from usual...
Maybe it's the red eyes, Viv.
Feels like even Mr. Merlin's scared of Chihaya.
Aw, poor Mr. Merlin.
She is scarier than normal...
Oh yeah, the first time you walk into a non-HQ facility with someone who has the Scarlet Evil Eye on, the NPC in charge of the facility will say a special bit of dialogue.

...What kind of bloodshot eyes have you been looking at?
You ought to use eyedrops for that. In fact, you can buy them right here!
I'd...rather not.

If you're sleepy, you should sleep. If you sleep, you'll eventually wake up.
I'm not sleepy. What the hell are you talking about?
What's that? You're not really sleepy? Well, alright then.

P-Please don't shout!
Oh, it's you, Aeon Guild. My apologies... I-I thought I sensed an inhuman presence. But, I can still feel it nearby... No, it must be my imagination. Now, what brings you here?
...This is getting real annoying.

Hey, Boss, need to talk to you.
What is--?!
Hey, hey, put the sword down, it's just me, Chihaya.
Why are your eyes red?!
See, we found an evil contact lens.
...Sorry, what?
So, Vampire (VMP). VMP is some Mew Truck bullshit. To trigger the Young Gossip Hound, which starts the VMP events, you need to do either of the three following things:

  1. Have scanned a guild card QR code that has a VMP as its lead character. You can tell if they're a VMP by if they're completely in silhouette and have purple spirits floating around them.
  2. Have reached the postgame.
  3. StreetPass someone whose Guild Card has a VMP as its lead character.

If #3 happened, the Young Gossip Hound will activate immediately. If you're doing #1 you need to fulfill at least two of the following conditions:

In addition to that, you need to have scouted at least one character from a guild card, and won a battle with them in the party.

If you're doing #2, you need to fulfill at least three of the following conditions:

Once you're done with that, you do all the stuff I did just now, and you'll get the Scarlet Evil Eye. The Scarlet Evil Eye does a few things:

Those first two things are really, really good. The third thing is eh. The last thing is...not as great, and is a detriment to a lot of classes.
I'll disagree with you on a few of these.

·Protector with Undying Soul can make incredible use of Line Shield, functionally making four fifths of the party absolutely unkillable with anything except Poison/Curse damage or instant death.
·Ninja's Toxic Mist and, to an extent, Diversion Gambit are very good panic buttons for randoms.
·Farmer doesn't have much of an use for Force during Exploration. The HP drain during the day will wake them up at the end of the turn if they used Lullaby, letting them spam it.
·Harbinger, I feel, isn't going to miss their Boost too much once they get Enduring Armor. Making it so they'll be the last one standing in dire situations could be helpful.
·Arcanist gets the same reasoning, except what they won't miss is their Break and what they'll miss is their Boost.
·Medic, if a combat variation, won't get too much use out of their Boost, and while losing Healing Touch certainly sucks, the massive durability increase helps with being on the frontline.

Anyway, where were we...

This is just annoying.


Aww, look, it's so cute.

We're going to kill it.

Wait, you're okay with that?
It's a monster, we gotta kill it!
Now that's some solid moxie.

Put this oil here, spin these gears here...

Et voila! This thing's got plenty of juice now!
Is that shaking normal?
It...kinda sounds like it's gonna blow up.
Don't worry, long as I don't drop it, we're safe.
With those muscles, we've got nothing to fear, ehehe.

Gah! There, Speedy Astra's ready to go!
Don't forget your armor when we're done.

I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to my wounds closing themselves.


Bleh. Bleh bleh bleh. Stupid tiny eyes.
Wait, wait--


It's soft.

Too soft. I almost feel bad.

Aw, what... That's...never happened...
Kid... Ugh.
Dammit. Should've healed up everyone before going into the fight.

Jeez! Hell of an explosion...
I'm sort of surprised you don't get burned by that.
That's what the armor's for!
What're the poofy underclothes for, then? Hee-hee.
Beats me. Been our standard dress since before I enlisted.

That looks like it's perfect for breaking a monster's bones, and dislocating your own.
Hey, it's--pah, hah, gimme a...sec... Okay. It's not that bad.

Still hurts a lot, though.

Betcha Lilian woulda liked some venison from this thing!
If she wants fresh ingredients, she's welcome to come with us.
But we're grouped up like this because we're the only ones that hadn't gotten to go exploring yet.
Not much of a choice there.

We're moving on.

The monster is not yet within view, but its hatred and malice toward you is palpable already! You can check your map to find and challenge this new enemy, or attempt to avoid it entirely.
Weeeeeeeee should get outta here. Right now!

That staff's horrifying.
Its focus is a small Mandrake...
Not the kind of orb I'd like to touch.
Mandra Rod (+16 ATK, +24 MAT, Skill: LUC Up Level 1): Made from 1 Mandrake Root (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 390 en.

Fawn Bow (+23 ATK, +26 MAT, +12 AGI): Made from 1 Fawn Hoof (Furyfawn Drop 1). Costs 320 en.

Medicinal Gloves (+7 DEF, +3 MDF): Made from 2 Mandrake Roots (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 170 en.

Fawn Shoes (+3 DEF, +10 MDF): Made from 1 Fawn Hoof (Furyfawn Drop 1) and 1 Mandrake Root (Mandrake Drop 1). Costs 160 en.

Soooooooo why are we back here?
We're going to kill this thing.
A-Are you sure about that? It's big and it looks pissed off...
I mean, we did kinda kill its kids.
Betcha a hundred en we can do it!

...Why'd it neigh at us?
Furyhorns neigh at you when you run into them. I don't know why. Do deers neigh?
The neigh is a carefully chosen tactic to inflict confusion and panic. Or, you know, something.

Don't question the Furyhorn.
they bleat, actually.


Level: 10
HP: 2506STR: 26INT: 26VIT: 21WIS: 25AGI: 20LUC: 23
EXP Given: 900

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
75% 50% 50% 50% 50% 75% 50%
10% 10%
50% 50% 75%
  • Muddle Roar: Attempts to inflict panic on one row of party members, with a moderate chance. Fast.
  • Stomp: Deals severe bash damage to one party member. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Horned Hurl: Deals severe stab damage that pierces party rows. Very slightly slow, and extremely accurate.
  • Deer Outrage: Deals very, very overkill bash damage to all party members. Extremely slow, with average accuracy.
  • Muddle Roar: Attempts to inflict panic on one row of party members, with a 30% base chance. Has a 110% speed modifier.
  • Stomp: Deals 150% melee STR-based bash damage to one party member. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Horned Hurl: Deals 140% melee STR-based stab damage that pierces party rows. Has a 90% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 140%.
  • Deer Outrage: Deals 220% melee STR-based bash damage to all party members. Has a 30% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Furyhorns will always use Muddle Roar as their first action.
  • When three or more turns have passed since the last usage of Muddle Roar, Furyhorns are very likely to use it again.
  • Furyhorns, when not using Muddle Roar or Deer Outrage, will use either normal Attacks or Stomp. Stomp becomes more likely when Furyhorns are at 80% HP or lower.
  • When Furyhorns are at 65% HP or lower, they will stop using Stomp, and instead use Horned Hurl.
  • Furyhorns will use Deer Outrage when there is at least one Duteous Fawn in the battle and no enemies have debilitating disables. Deer Outrage cannot be used consecutively.
  • Furyhorns summon 1 Duteous Fawn when they first reach 90% HP, 2 at 65% HP, and 4 at 35% HP.
  • If there are one or more Duteous Fawns present in the battle, Deer Outrage can be used, and all enemies are not petrified, asleep, panicked, paralyzed, or stunned, use Deer Outrage. Disable use of Deer Outrage after use.
  • When the Furyhorn's HP first falls below certain values, summon certain amounts of Duteous Fawns:
    • 90%: 1 Duteous Fawn
    • 65%: 2 Duteous Fawns
    • 35%: 4 Duteous Fawns
  • If Muddle Roar has not been used yet, use Muddle Roar.
  • If Muddle Roar's timer is at 3 turns or more, 70% chance to use Muddle Roar, and enable Deer Outrage. Resets the Muddle Roar timer to 0 turns.
  • If the Furyhorn's HP is at 65% or lower:
    • 80% chance to use Horned Hurl, and enable Deer Outrage.
    • 20% chance to Attack.
  • If the Furyhorn's HP is at 80% to 66%:
    • Enable Deer Outrage.
    • 70% chance to use Stomp.
      • If any party members are panicked, 40% chance to target panicked party members.
    • 30% chance to Attack.
  • If the Furyhorn's HP is at 100% to 81%:
    • 50% chance to use Stomp, and enable Deer Outrage.
    • 50% chance to Attack.
  • Deer Hide. 100% chance. Sells for 90 en.
    • Elk Cuirass (+12 DEF, +10 MDF, +5 HP): Made from 1 Deer Hide (Furyhorn Drop 1). Costs 890 en.
Furyhorns have been with the EO series since the beginning (excluding EO5), and while their usual trappings are here (panic, deadly single-target damage), they're now accompanied by row-piercing damage, adds, and kill moves that require cooperation from the adds.

Hey, speaking of which.
[crying on the floor] what do you MEAN i don't have prevent order at this level

(to be fair, panic's less of its gimmick in EON, and now its gimmick is more "tries to throw its children at you for excruciatingly high damage that can and will totally murder your ronin")

Duteous Fawn

Level: 10
HP: 152STR: 22INT: 22VIT: 21WIS: 23AGI: 16LUC: 19
EXP Given: 0

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
150% 100% 150% 150% 150% 100% 150%
10% 150%
100% 100% 100%
  • Stomp: Deals medium bash damage to one party member. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Stomp: Deals 100% melee STR-based bash damage to one party member. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Duteous Fawns are likely to open with Stomp.
  • When Duteous Fawns are at 50% HP or lower, they're far more likely to use Stomp.
  • If this is the first turn, and the party was not blindsided:
    • 80% chance to use Stomp.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the Duteous Fawn's HP is at 50% or lower:
    • 80% chance to use Stomp.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Else:
    • 40% chance to use Stomp.
    • Else, Attack.
Duteous Fawns exist solely as vehicles for Deer Outrage. Kill them as soon as you can, unless you like kill moves, in which case, let them live.

C'mon, come at me. Waste your time.
I have Chihaya immediately use Undying Soul, since her having the highest HP makes her very likely to get targeted.

What I forgot is that Muddle Roar is used as the Furyhorn's first action. OOPS.
local dork ruins everything

no you idiot don't use more force


oh god if runa gets tagged then the fight's basically over

Blind does nothing when an enemy is attacking a panicked target, but I need every bit of survivability I can get.

Leg binds are important for the first part of a Furyhorn fight. Too bad I haven't leveled up Concussion yet.
this is why i take all the bind skills tbh
concussion's usually the first one i level because i'm unreasonably scared of elemental attacks :v

Ready to rumble! Also, rumbling heavily!
oh, phew, i forgot conversion's super fast
Well, it's a Force Break. Those have priority.

I was aiming right at its eyes! Stupid deer.

So, uh. Should we, like. Do anything about that?
Do you have any Theriaca ßs?
Neither do I.

Sleep swordplay is kinda impressive, I guess.

Owwwwww, that thing's got some sturdy bones...

Don't think she can hear you.

There we go.

Hell of a lot better than Stomp.

I want that blind to stick for as long as possible. I don't know when I'm gonna get another one.

Oh, right, I didn't explain yet--Disaster causes any disables the target is afflicted with to last for one extra turn.

And screw it, might as well fish for all bind types.

Ultra-secret Lustech: Black Disaster!
It's. Um. One of the characters I. Have figurines of. Uses Lustechs. And that's. One of them.
Oh my gods you're adorable.

CRUSH! Ah, that felt good.
Perfect, the two bind types I could ask for most.

Too bad it went after Disaster.
Disaster doesn't seem to extend binds. I used it once on a couple of binds that were, at most, three turns old and they wore off on the next turn.
actually kids don't pop your limit breaks this early for the love of god please don't. deer have more hp than you think

It's neighing again?!

Oh. Oh no. The other kids are here to get revenge.

Owwww, my legs hurt...
Oh, good, my Drive Blade's still filled up.

Don't--ow--worry, I can still fight!
I don't have the time or safety for me to feel confident in using Vanguard, so I just have Astra use Falcon Slash to proc Proficiency on the Furyhorn.

Hell of a shit-eating grin you've got there, baby deer.

Too bad, nyeh-heh!

BOOM! Heh-heh, oh man, I'm getting fired up!

Bah, embarrassing.

Aw, fuck, the Furyhorn's free to use Stomp now.

No hard feelings, deer.
At least Duteous Fawns go down easily.

I'm sorry!

Engage the emergency vents!
How in the hell do you stand working with something that makes that much heat?
Very carefully.
That's not an answer.
No, seriously, very carefully. If I don't vent this at the right part of my armor, I'd probably suffer heat stroke or something.

This isn't exactly top-tier damage.

Or damage at all, really.

...How are the broken antlers keeping that thing from shouting?
Beats me.
But... You're the one who-- Oh, never mind.

You think you could vent that at the deer?
Too much effort.

Thaaaaaaat's not good.

On my command, you two.

Eh, that works.
That was...pretty unlikely, but hey, I'm not complaining.

I put Aina in the front, since Astra's going to take this turn to set up Vanguard.

Now I wait...

Avidya Sight makes Chihaya my highest consistent damage source right now.

Fuckin' ow.

Now you're in for it, dumb deer!

Still got plenty of power in this thing!

Lustech: Bide Your Time!
Biding Slice activates twice if the user isn't attacked before the end of the turn.

This...still isn't great.

C'mon, hit the thing already!



Do little boinks work for you, Astra?

Anything works!

Astra's individual Link hits aren't much, but they add up over the course of a turn.

Man, this deer was busy.

Nope, no trampling today, please!

Hey, sucking blood's my thing. I guess.
Oh, this thing doesn't suck blood. It just drains life energy!
Um, how?
I don't know, and I haven't reverse-engineered this thing enough to find out yet.
The hell kinda weird stuff does this Empire you work for do? Geez.


...I think the raspberry made it recover more quickly. Out of anger.
I know, I know...

Already saw it, kinda hard to scare me now.

Sorry, deer kid.

Oh look, Astra's got Trinity again.

Compare to earlier, and you can see a bump in damage. Slight, but it's there

Oh, so those antlers...have some reach...

Urgh--! Being a vampire only does so much...
What I'd give to have that contact lens right now...

What level of "uh-oh" was that?
My Drive Blade's about to run out of energy.

Mmmmmngh. I can maybe pull this off, since I've still got one Assault Drive left...
This battle is really exciting. The ones that come down to the wire always are. Etrian Odyssey's the only RPG that gives me battles like this; I actually fought a boss underlevelled specifically so I'd get something like this.
exciting battles are bad for my heart, i'm a coward who likes the sure win, don't look at me

Gotta conserve TP.

Get ready, deer...!

What did I say, Astra?
I am fucked.

Try me.
Wait, now you're taunting the deer?
...Dammit, it's contagious.
Wait, nope, I might have a shot. As long as I can keep myself away from a game over, I have a chance.

POW! Haha, that felt good!
Thaaaaaaat should've been a Link. Dammit, me.

That...doesn't feel...good...
Don't worry, I can keep going, it's...probably not a problem! Prob...ably...
I could've...done better... Sorry...

Welp. It was nice working with you, Chihaya.
Don't say that just yet.
Why shouldn't I? No way in hell we're not gonna get trampled in a bit.
I've got a plan.
...Well, not like being realistic's gonna make a difference. What's the--

Ah... Well...good luck, Chi...

Agh, fuck, fuck, fuck, that hurts...

These stupid vampire powers...better be worth a damn...

Step on it Press Button


Oogh, I don't feel good...
I'm alive! But I'm also in so much pain!
What the-- Ow, ow, ow!
Ffffffffffffuck, that's not the best way to wake up.
Souls of the returners, grant me power.

Power...to annihilate my quarry.

Well, I just lost control of my body for a bit. Tell me I didn't do anything weird.
You...brought us all back from the dead, but without fixing any of our wounds... Then you...used our souls to kill the deer? I think?
...Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty weird. Dammit, what is this stupid lens's deal?
It'd be so cool...if I wasn't-- Kaff, kaff, koff!
I agree...
Howsabout we...go back to town and...get healed?
Wait, lemme grab my Drive Blade...
Well, uh. That was certainly a dramatic way to finish that fight. But hey, I'm not complaining.
vampire is ridiculously broken this early, and even later on, still ridiculously broken.

All that for some leather armor. Whoopee.
Elk Cuirass (+12 DEF, +10 MDF, +5 HP): Made from 1 Deer Hide (Furyhorn Drop 1). Costs 890 en.

Here's the levels, too.

That fight, uh, took a long while to document, and made this update long. So...

Next time: more of this party being really powerful when it has no business being so. See you then!

Hey, the whole thing with the venison reminded me. Have you ever tried cooking, Aina?
Once. It didn't go over well.
Oh? How so?
I'm the neglectful mother of a hundred beautiful macaroni children.
Aww, I'm sure they still love you!
They were soggy? Also, long digested.
...I want to tell them to get moving, but this conversation exudes such a weird energy. I can't approach them...

Oh! Hello, Sir Friedrich. You're home early.
Where's Heath?
Ah, still at the tavern, I see. Hopefully Abby and Lavi are treating him to some good food.
Oh, what I'm reading? It's nothing special, merely a collection of debates on the merits of rule by sovereign royals.
Woah there-- Oh my goodness, you're very warm, aren't you?
Haha, well, you're free to keep resting on me, if you want. I hope you don't mind that I'll have to move you when I go to sleep, though.


Arf arf!

Arf arf arf!
Whaddaheck's he doin'?
I believe--hic-- I believe he's...cheering us both on.
Heh heh, well, ya gonna need all the cheerin' you can get, sis, 'cause I can keep goin' for a whiiiiiile!
Please don't.
Tooooooo bad, 'cause I am!

...This is my new teacher, huh?

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