Update 7: The Cat Says "Borp"

Replace this resistor... And our Tiny Teleporter should be good!
Why did we build this, again?
Proof of concept!
It'd be really cool if Big Bomber could teleport everywhere.
I'll need considerably more time to figure out how to teleport that much matter without issue.
That's fine.
Anyway, time to test it! This bullet should be the right size.
Ready, Nadym?
Initializing the Miniporter!

Aw, hi, big guy, where'd you come from?
Did... Did the Miniporter swap Friedrich and the bullet?
That's impossible, the Miniporter can barely handle a bullet-sized object, let alone this fat cat.

And now Friedrich is floating.
Confounding cat, how are you doing that?
...Of course.
Sophie, go make sure the big guy's with Heath.
On it!

Anyway, back to this.

Oh jeez, oh man, are you alright?
It's likely he was attacked by a monster... Upon noticing you, he struggles to speak.

I thought I could claim glory by continuing on my own, but...you can see how well that went.
The soldier lets out a hollow laugh. Do you have anything that could help alleviate the soldier's pain? If there is a Medic in your party, you can treat him right here. If not, the least you can offer is some encouraging words.

Any of the top 3 options will result in the optimal outcome. I give him a Medica.
don't be me. don't give the guy a 100en ariadne instead of a 20en medica for no reason other than "lol i don't use ariadnes anyway"
be me! give the guy a 100en ariadne thread instead of a 20en medica while lamenting why you can't have your war magus heal him
You help the soldier sit up and give him a Medica.
Here. We've got plenty of these to spare.
...Whew, I feel a lot better. I should be able to walk now, thank you. I'm sorry you had to waste your medicine on me. If you plan on going further, you might come across some fruit trees... Make sure you don't touch the yellow ones. Those ones aren't ripe. I saw an adventurer nearly bite his tongue off trying to eat one. You're better off going with another color.
Euch. Noted.
...All right, I should get going then. Take this, as a token of my thanks. Hopefully, it will prove useful.

Ooh, an FOE drop. Definitely worth the Medica.
Worth noting that this event is lifted wholesale from EO4. His gift and his hint are the same, even.
i mean, i know that's why but i don't have to like it
Thank you.
I pray we meet again.
With these parting words, the soldier slowly hobbles away.
...And that's my Good Fallen Angel deed for the day.
Fallen angels do good things?

Even from afar, the sweet scent of the blossoms swaying in the breeze calms your mind. This could be a good place to take a break from your exploration.
Coast looks clear.
Rest time!
You decide to stop for a short rest and breathe in the fragrant aroma emanating from the flowerbed.
Just as you are about to lay down, the swaying buds abruptly burst open, as if they know you are there! These flowers are actually monsters, concealed with camouflage! You are caught completely off guard as they charge in attack!

i think these fanged vines may have been pollinated by venomflies

...I don't know how that worked.

Hey, how about you keep those fangs off my friends? Thanks.


Hee-hee, oh man, I am pumped now!

Although it seems to be clear for now, more monsters could be on the way. You decide this is not a safe place to let your guard down. You quickly leave the area, a watchful eye on the trees around you.
Guess I can't trust trees anymore.

Bags, bottles, and countless other man-made items litter the ground, heaped up into several large piles.
Someone left here in a hurry...
You aren't sure of the purpose, but it's likely these were left behind by adventurers who passed through the labyrinth before you. At first glance, you don't see anything of much value. Perhaps others have already picked the clearing clean. If you think something useful could still be left among the piles, you can try searching a bit more thoroughly.
So now every tile prompts us to Check it. Let's do that!

Bah, empty bottles.

Most are broken and useless, but you manage to find two in almost new condition. You gladly tuck the medicine into your bag.

Saves us a bit of en, I guess.

You pick it up and feel something heavy inside. Intrigued, you reach in. It's a copper ingot! This is a material that can be used to enhance weapons. Celebrating your find, you stow it away in your bag.

Not gonna complain.

You pick up the pouch and look inside to find a single medicine bottle. Looking closer, you see that the bottle is still intact! Thanking your good fortune, you place the medicine in your bag.


Well, there were worse ways to spend some time.
Suddenly, you feel a menacing presence creeping up behind you. No sooner do you ready your weapons than monsters burst from the trees and attack!

Oh, look. Maximum annoyance.

Get outta my face!

We're fine! We're fine.
Although it was a tense battle, you were able to obtain a number of useful items from the clearing. You happily pocket your spoils and resume your trek through the forest.

Hello, big boy, please take care of those branches for us.

Thank you ❤

...We might need this in a bit. If we don't want to. Get mauled by a bear.

Lush Woodlands B2F E2 Mine Point

Time to bravely flee!

Back to town! Yeah. Bravely flee back to town. Good ring to it.
Rare Bear (+33 ATK, +17 MAT, +40% Base Accuracy): Made from 1 Bear Claw (Cutter Drop 1). Costs 570 en.

Bear Boots (+5 DEF, +5 MDF, +2 STR): Made from 1 Bear Claw (Cutter Drop 1) and 1 Granite (Lush Woodlands Mine Item 2). Costs 200 en.
Your Imperial will basically never miss while they've got a Rare Bear.
I'm so glad they went with the airplane theme for Drive Blade names because it means we get one called RARE BEAR
you're just gonna have to bear with it
i expected this to be a lot more unbearable

Hee-hee, ooh, I can't wait to study the stabilizers in this one.

Ah, I read about these in the works of the great Sororirity.
Don'tcha mean Sorority?
No, Sororirity. Authors from the old world. I'd be happy to show you some of their works sometime! Ooh, I should ask Nadym how studying that disc with FamVam art on it is going...
We're moving on, you two.
Soma (Restores 100 HP to all party members): Made from 1 Melted Ice Core (??? Conditional Drop). Costs 800 en.
We won't be able to buy Somas for a long time, so every one we get for a long while is precious.

Screw this.

We took on a deer, we can take on this thing!
Well, I can get you all up if we die, I guess.
Please don't let it get to that.


Level: 13
HP: 1585STR: 25INT: 3VIT: 25WIS: 17AGI: 14LUC: 22
EXP Given: 430

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 50% 75% 50% 75%
10% 10%
50% 50% 50%
  • Terrible Roar: Deals light almighty damage to all party members. Attempts to inflict stun on hit targets, with a moderate chance. Extremely fast and extremely accurate.
  • Charge: Doubles the damage of the user's next physical attack. Slightly slow.
  • Ruinous Strike: Deals very heavy cut damage to one row of party members. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Double Strike: Deals two instances of medium cut damage to one party member. Slightly slow, with average accuracy.
  • Terrible Roar: Deals 40% ranged STR-based almighty damage to all party members. Attempts to inflict stun on hit targets, with a 30% base chance. Has a 150% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 150%.
  • Charge: Doubles the damage of the user's next physical attack. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Ruinous Strike: Deals 150% melee STR-based cut damage to one row of party members. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Double Strike: Deals two instances of 85% melee STR-based cut damage to one party member. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Cutters always open with Terrible Roar.
  • After that, Cutters will always use Charge.
  • Cutters always use Ruinous Strike after they use Charge.
  • On the first turn where Cutters are at 40% HP or lower, they will always use Double Slash.
  • When Cutters are at 100% HP to 41% HP, they will randomly use either Charge, Terrible Roar, or normal Attacks.
  • When Cutters are at 40% HP or lower, they will randomly use either Double Slash, Charge, or Terrible Roar.
  • If this is the first turn, use Terrible Roar.
  • If Charge was used last turn, use Ruinous Strike.
  • If the Cutter's HP is at 40% or lower:
    • If Double Slash has not been used yet, use Double Slash.
    • 40% chance to use Double Slash.
    • 40% chance to use Charge.
    • 20% chance to use Terrible Roar.
  • If the Cutter's HP is at 100% to 41%:
    • If Charge has not been used yet, use Charge.
    • 40% chance to use Charge.
    • 30% chance to use Terrible Roar.
    • 30% chance to Attack.
  • Bear Claw. 100% chance. Sells for 98 en.
    • Rare Bear (+33 ATK, +17 MAT, +20% Base Accuracy): Made from 1 Bear Claw (Cutter Drop 1). Costs 570 en.
    • Bear Boots (+5 DEF, +5 MDF, +2 STR): Made from 1 Bear Claw (Cutter Drop 1) and 1 Granite (Lush Woodlands B3F Mine Point Item 2). Costs 200 en.
  • Sliced Bear Fang (Kill with cut damage). 100% chance. Sells for 120 en.
    • Kakushu (+26 ATK, +23 MAT, Skill: Thumb Jab): Made from 1 Sliced Bear Fang (Cutter Conditional Drop). Costs 390 en.
My entire defensive strategy against Cutters is hoping that Syrel binds the thing's arms, since that'll keep me safe for a bit.

Note the Cutter's extremely low INT stat, even though it never uses it. I found it amusing.
BEAR SMASH anyway the internal level on these things is a little misleading. At level 13 you can toss your fleeth with this thing, even if your party composition's not great.
Hella predictable, doesn't take a great comp to kill. Even without arm binds you could always play the waiting game and guard through its charged attacks.

I tried.
Well, that...stops Terrible Roar and Charge... I guess...
To be fair, Cutters always open with Terrible Roar then Charge, so this buys you two free turns.

Big eyes, too easy!
Oh, never mind.

Neener neener!

This thing is nice.

I want that blind to last as long as possible.

Hey, bear, have you ever considered: being punched twice?
And that's why Double Punch is good.


Wheeeeeee, ahaha!


We're making okay time.

Blind and head bind wore off, but I've still got the arm bind, so I'm still safe.

Let's see what a Full Charged Link can do.

Yeah. Yeah, I like that.


It's in the bag.

I've got Assault Drive this turn, so...

Aaagh, too loud!

Big mistake, bear.

Triangle Attack!
...Okay, how did we sync up there?
It felt natural.
Front Command is fucking nice. This isn't even its full potential, either.
((chihaya voice)) this isn't even my final form
Give Astra a Pegasus 2k19

Your claws'll go to a good claw-se.
Ha! Haha! Good one!

Well, I need a rest after that.
Kakushu (+26 ATK, +23 MAT, Skill: Thumb Jab): Made from 1 Sliced Bear Fang (Cutter Conditional Drop). Costs 390 en.
Thumb Jab: Costs 3 TP. Deals 150% melee STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Attempts to inflict blind on the target, with a 30% base chance. Has a 100% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 100%.

Cheap, with decent damage for how cheap it is.

I grab it for Syrel.
This thing served Ryujin so nicely. Pugilist having an extra disable this early on is nice.
imagine getting 150% damage modifier just by poking someone in the eye

Um, Chihaya, are you gonna be okay?
I'm... I'm fine. I can keep going.
I forgot to rest until evening. Whoops.


That sure was exciting the second time around.

Lush Woodlands B2F B6 Mine Point


Many guards and adventurers have yet to return... I hope they're all right...
Doubt it, but that's what we're here to fix.
The soldier motions you to go ahead. You thank him and hurry on your way.

As you carefully make your way through the labyrinth, you happen upon a collapsed soldier by the water.
Hey. Hey!

Guild Aeon, yeah.
With a closer look, you find the soldier seems to be suffering from deep wounds on his arm and back. They've already been treated.
Oh, phew.
We ran afoul of a red-furred beast... I'm sure you can see how well that went... My whole team was slain, and I would have suffered the same fate had it not been for Oliver and Marco...
Oh, a Bloodbear.
A what-now?
Apparently the actual Lush Woodlands had a Bloodbear problem around the time exploration there really started to ramp up. Mauled a whole bunch of guards and explorers before some guild took down the leader.
Aw man, that's cheating. Why don't we get to fight something new?
Eh, that's just how it be, I guess. Sounds like we know what to look for.
I owe them my life...
The soldier's bandages are soaked in blood; he doesn't seem to be able to walk on his own just yet. You offer to help, but he shakes his head and points to the stairs.
I appreciate it, but they need help down there! Oliver and Marco went after that monster that attacked me... I know they're skilled, but that thing is way too dangerous.
You sure about this? We can get you back to town.
I'll be fine. Please, you have to help them.
If you say so.
You give the soldier an assured nod before heading toward the stairs.

One of them is stained with blood and covered in dirt. The other wears a suit of battered armor. It's Oliver and Marco.
We're too late...

Despite his wounds, Oliver manages to force a few words out. You rush over to them.

Though he has little strength to stand, Marco is also alive as well.
We did our best to defend those soldiers from that beast, but the damn thing ran off. We chased it down here, but then it got the better of us and ran off again...
We wanted to pursue it further, but I believe Oliver and I have hit our limits...
Marco says this as he wipes some blood from his mouth.
We were able to rough it up a bit, though. Someone should go after it before it has time to heal. I hate to ask you to clean up our mess, but...you think you can finish the job?
Hell yeah.
We're countin' on you, Aeon Guild.
Oliver stands and wipes some blood away then lends a hand to Marco and helps him to his feet.
Come back to the camp once you're done. There'll be a tasty steak waitin' for ya.
Okay we really gotta do this now.
Hard to turn down a reward like that.
We'll rendezvous with the soldier upstairs and rest with him until you return.
With that, the two take their leave. After seeing them off, you decide to proceed with hunting the injured beast.
Oh dear. I wonder what's gonna happen next...

Next time: we hunt down that Bloodbear.

...I think I've got it...

There. Decoded and displaying properly.
...I do have to wonder how this disc from over a millenium ago in this time was so similar to our technology from nearly a billion years ago...
That makes no sense. In broad strokes, perhaps, but-- Curses, I'm doing it again. Someone's going to walk in on this happening and--
Hey, Nadym, how's the disc going?
S-Sorry! Is now a bad time?
No, no, sorry, I simply wasn't expecting a visitor.
Oh. Sorry. Did you get FamVam working?
Indeed. If I may direct you to my display...

And there you have it.



Oh dear.

Hah... It's quiet now...

Hey, kid.

Owie... D-Didn't your mom ever tell you not to surprise people?
Eheh, sorry. Old, bad ninja habits. Whatcha doing hanging out in this tree, though?
I-I wanted quiet. The inn's loud sometimes.
I getcha, I getcha.
The quiet was the only good part of mom's training...

You gonna be alright? You sound upset.
Y-Yeah, I'll be fine. Sometimes I just need to...get away from noise. My brain gets really loud if I don't...
Mm. I think we've all been there at some point. Well, I'll give you the quiet you need. Make sure to come back before it gets too dark, though, 'kay? Kyoko was worried about you.
I'll... I'll be back in a bit.
Gotcha. Enjoy the peace, kid.
I-It's Sharpe.
Sharpe, got it. Sorry, kinda bad with names here. Anyway, ciao!

Hey, Boss.
Oh, Chihaya. Your eyes are back to normal.
I take out the vamp lens when I'm not exploring. Thing's an absolute bastard to put in and take out, but it's even worse to leave it in when I don't need to.
What drew you out here? We're a pretty decent walk away from Maginia.
I wanted a better view of the sky.
You're a real stargazer, huh?
Casually, I guess.
Mind if I join you?
Go ahead.

Hey, Boss. Mind indulging my curiosity for a sec?
What brought you out here? To Maginia's expedition to Lemuria, I mean.
Why do you ask?
Well, it can't have been to accompany Cason. He's pretty young, sure, but he's pretty capable of taking care of himself, far as I can tell. Some family business?
Hm. You on some long journey that Cason decided to tag along for?
...Why're you out here, then?

I don't know...
...Hm. Alright, I'll drop it.
Thank you.

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