Fenrir Overview


HP: 3372
STR: 19
TEC: 17
VIT: 15
AGI: 19
LUC: 15

EXP Given: 3800

Grimoire Skills:
  • Horrific Roar: Uses the head. Attempts to inflict fear on all enemies. Has no speed modifier at all levels.
  • Cold Fangs: Uses the head. Deals ranged STR-based ice damage that pierces enemy rows. Has a 70% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
150% 0% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
1% 1% 50%
50% 50% 50%
Fenrir is a joke of a boss. Cold Fangs hurts, yes, but it's nothing Ice Wall can't trivialize, and his only other proper attack is just normal attacks. Horrific Roar can also really screw you over, but a 25% base chance means that, even with that decent TEC/LUC spread, Fenrir's more likely than not to just tag one person with it, which is recoverable.

What's potentially dangerous about this fight is all the Skolls that start in the room. Remember, they can contribute anywhere from 30-50 damage a turn with Silver Fang, or even worse, chain-stun our party with multiple Binding Howls. Having a plan for dealing with them is absolutely necessary for Fenrir. This is the one time that Flash Bombs are potentially useful, since they can keep Skolls from horning in on the fight for several turns.

And with that, party members.

Judith: War Cry's defense debuff can make normal attacks, Cold Fangs, and Silver Fang potentially scarier, but with Vince around, we can basically nullify Silver Fang and Cold Fangs. Other than that, Judith can dish out some physical damage for relatively cheap. Nothing special, but then, what is, this early on?

Elowen: Elowen can deal a moderate amount of ranged stab damage. That's about it right now--Efficiency's good, but it doesn't really do much for us this early on.

Vince: Vince spamming Ice Wall will turn Cold Fangs and Silver Fang into basically nothing. At 4 TP a pop, he can keep that going for 12 turns--more than enough time, assuming proper damage dealers.

Sigrid: Sword Sigrid isn't that impressive for this fight, but Whip Sigrid's another story. A level 15 Viper, at this point, ticks for around 700 damage. Fenrir has 3372 HP and 100% vulnerability to poison--you can do the math on how ludicrously easy that makes this fight. My personal record with that is 3 turns.

Thierry: Thierry...doesn't really do anything unique in this fight. If we have Vince along, we don't have to worry about most damage sources. If we want solo healing, Elowen's a better choice for that.

Katya: Katya can burn all the fur off Fenrir pretty damn quickly, given her current heavy investment in Analysis. Her TEC also makes her pretty resistant to Cold Fangs.

Emmett: Emmett can throw down some damage buffs and that's literally all he will do. The damage buffs are good, mind you! He just won't be doing a lot after that.

Momoe: Momoe can lay down quite a bit of damage per turn on Fenrir with Horse Slash. She's a little bit fragile, though.

Quixote: Quixote unfortunately kind of horns in on Sigrid's territory if we're going for Viper cheese. On his own, though, he can try to inflict fear on Fenrir, and then give us a few turns of amplified damage if he's successful.

Afon: Bloody Offense isn't as high a level as War Cry as of last time we saw Afon, but that can be changed. Stacking both of them can result in some pretty ludicrous damage. For her own part, Afon deals pretty okay damage, and is fairly durable.

Ladette: Ladette will use Fire Rounds a bunch and that's it. She gets a pretty nice damage bonus for it from Fenrir's fire weakness.

Vote for a maximum of three party members. One vote per party member max.

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