Story Update 0: This is Happening

VIDEO: Opening
Sigh. I knew I'd have to do it at some point.

I'll be switching to Expert for boss fight videos, but I do not have the patience to do the exploration parts of Story on Expert.
It's not like the majority of Story has anything to offer that's really different from Classic.

VIDEO: Scene: To the town of explorers
Story opens not with the Forest Entrance, but with an animated cutscene. Go watch that to get an idea of what the hell's going on.

For those of you who don't want to: the gist of this is that we're a Highlander, arbitrarily sent by our village/town's leader to fulfill a request from Etria. Why this specific young Highlander? Why does Etria need the Highlander's "justice?" Who knows, and frankly, who cares!

I have heard the rumors that you are of a clan that seeks true justice, and honors their word over all things. I wish I could get to the point of why I sent for you, but I must first see if you are capable of this task. We are dealing with highly-classified information, so I must determine if a Highlander is as skilled as rumors say. I shall give you a mission that all adventurers must complete in order to receive our official recognition.

Very well then.
Remember the lines about true justice, because they're relevant approximately never in the plot.

Cartography is a necessary skill for those who would venture into the forest. You must master it. I am mindful that the hazards are great for one traveling alone. The Radha has prepared companions for you. These two are quite skilled. I'm sure they won't be in your way, Highlander.

So. We've told you our names... What's yours?

Our strapping young idiot with stupid hair and stupid pants needs a name.

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