Story Update 3: Wolves Again

No music.
That sounds pretty far away... Do you think it's those wolves?

More wolf howling sound effects.

Merciful heavens... How many wolves are there on this floor...?!
That guy at the Radha was right about this floor being filled with 'em. Let's stay on our toes and get going.
You nod your agreement with Arthur and resolve to beware of the wolves' presence as you press on.

As you walk the lush green forest path, Raquna suddenly cries out! You turn to see that Raquna's foot is caught in a hole on the side of the path.
Sheesh, what's with you? C'mon, you're holding us up, metal-pants.
But... Raquna doesn't wear metal pants. She wears a skirt and tights. The only metal things she has on are the things on her shoulders, and a chainmail under most of her clothes.
dead heavy, fam
I-I can't help that I need to wear heavy armor!
Raquna tries to pull her leg free, but it's lodged in deep, and won't seem to budge. It seems she is unable to free herself, and will need your help in some way.

In contrast to Classic, let's try pulling out Raquna's leg.
H-Hey, be gentle, eh?!
Using all your might, you pull at Raquna's leg and it comes out with intense effort.
Is it finally ou--?!
Raquna freezes before she can get the words out from the sight of the vicious mole clinging to her leg!
Raquna frantically kicks her feet and the mole is thrown off. It quickly skitters away into the forest.
...You think that hole was the mole's burrow?
I feel sorry for it.
What about feeling sorry for me...?
Raquna seems disgruntled, but then she spots a glowing stone in the direction where the mole fled. The turn of events is quite odd, but it all ended well. You take the mole's dropped stone and resume your journey.

Oh, hey, that makes A favor to Shilleka II easy.

You pick up the glowing object. Happily, it seems to be a Grimoire Stone!
Heh! Lucky us!

There's no way to avoid being blindsided by this Flying Beetle in Story.

Simon mutters bitterly to himself while picking the Grimoire Stone back up off the ground.

The stone seems undamaged. Why don't we leave this place before we're ambushed again?
You check your surroundings lightly before resuming your investigation of the Labyrinth.

The note of warning in Raquna's voice spurs you to look ahead to find a wolf in the path.

Then that's what we'll do!
In order to vanquish Fenrir, there is no other path but through here. Steel yourself and step forth!
You are completely free to imagine what this boring fight looked like.

When she notices you, she walks over without making any sound at all.
You've got spirit, making it here. It speaks well of your clan, Highlander. Hm. If you're going onward... You'll need this.
Ren hands over a cloth bag with a strange black object inside.
This is called a Sonic Bomb. It makes a loud enough noise to cancel out all other sounds. Use it to block out the wolves' howling so they can't call allies.
Huh... This little thing can do that? It just looks like a black ball to me.
Oh, it works. The Radha had Shilleka's Goods make it special. You'll see once you use it.
With that, she moves out of your way and leaves. You transfer the Sonic Bomb Ren gave you into your own pack before setting out on your way.

Upon reaching B5F, we discover that the Guildmaster has some unique Story dialogue for this floor's Talk.
The Labyrinth's unlike any battlefield you've been on. You should understand your party's abilities before you go. Do you have any questions about classes?

From here, we can choose to ask about any of the classes we have in our party. For completion's sake, let's see each of them.

What is a Highlander?
Hm? I should think you'd know more about this than I do... But, okay. Highlanders are experts at wielding spears, and are warriors specializing in offense. People say they have secret techniques in which they sacrifice their own life energy to use powerful attacks. They're a dependable people who can get you out of the worst situations. ...And that's all I know about them.
What is a Gunner?
They have trained in a unique variety of weapon called "guns."
Ah, yes, I love me some, uh, um, "gun's"

Not only can they fire powerful physical attacks, but they also have elemental attacks and can heal as well. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have guarding my back.
If you're having your Gunner handle healing, you're doing something wrong.
Because you totally have the SP to allocate to do everything in a class tree.
What is a Medic?
The medic is a healer that utilizes knowledge of medicine to aid his allies. A medic is an essential part of any team that wants to explore the Labyrinth for long periods of time.
What is a Protector?
The protector can be considered a shield personified. Their skills are based around defense, and they can protect your party from powerful attacks, keeping you safe.
What is an Alchemist?
A master of the elements, with command over fire, ice, and thunder... That is an alchemist. Most beasts in the Labyrinth have weaknesses. Once you figure them out, fighting should become much easier.

I didn't know they could sing like this, though...
You pause alongside Frederica. The playful chirping of the birds is a delight to your ears. Despite the dangers of the forest, the free-spirited song is enough to cheer your heart. You can listen to the birdsong with Frederica for a while if you'd like.
Why not.

Whether or not the birds are aware of their audience, they perform in a splendid chorus. The song fades as they fly away, but by then, the whole party is feeling thoroughly refreshed!

I know this may not be the time, but... I enjoyed that all the same.
You don't see the birds anymore, but they may return if you come back at daybreak. Thinking that you might hear them sing once more then, you commit the spot to memory before going on your way.
You know, I always mark these locations on my map, but I'm not sure I've ever gone back to check one again.
If you're playing aggressive enough, you typically don't really need to ever come back to an area unless it's for a quest.

Ren hands you a bag with a round hunk of metal in it.
Haven't you already given us one of these Sonic Bombs...?
This is different. It's called a Flash Bomb. They'll sell these at Shilleka's too now. Works well when you're surrounded by monsters closing in. It makes a bright flash that blinds the monsters so they can't horn in on your fight. But the effect only lasts for one round. Don't expect it to save you forever.
We could sure use these, what with all the wolves around that like to gang up on you.
That's why I gave them to you. Anyway. I have my own business elsewhere.
She hands you the bag with the Flash Bombs in it and then turns on her heels to leave. You transfer the Flash Bombs into your own pack and continue on your way.

This is a bizarre tile to have an event on.
I don't think we're in any danger right now, so maybe it might not be a bad idea to rest here, eh?
Raquna's suggestion is tempting... All the more so for the way the sun warms your skin. If you are tired, this may be a good place to rest...

Hehe, I'm okay with that! Let's take it easy here for a while!
Arthur sprawls out on the ground and the others sit as well, enjoying the warm light in the room. Before you realize it, you feel your stamina refreshed...

That's enough rest, isn't it? I think we should get back to work.
Whaaat? C'mon, let's stay here a little while more. We hardly ever find great places like this...

I'm sure this will turn out fine.
Well, okay... But just a little more, all right?
Feeling that you are not fully rested, you decide to stay a little longer. But it is at that very moment that you sense a hostile presence glaring at you!


There's no further event text after we finish the battle.
surprise motherfucker

Ugh. It certainly smells the part.
The two seem to be correct... You, too, can sense the murderous presences in the area. Their reek is ever-present in your nose, while their constant low growl plays on your nerves. You have reached Fenrir's dread lair!

I already demo'd Fenrir's intro in the Classic update.
Simon points to where an even larger wolf awaits. To judge from its white fur and majestic bearing, it must be Fenrir, the alpha wolf.
Let's do this. I can't waste time here when the Field's so close...!

Next time, look forward to the actual Fenrir fight, as well as the continuation of the actual Story parts.

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