Story Update 5: Guild Achievers vs. Did You Eat the Sun Again, Eddy? (Coeurl)

When we last left the mess that comprises Story mode, we'd just gotten access to the rest of Gladsheim Area 1.

Let's check the map and see.
You open up your map and check the point of the compass. It seems you've entered further east onto the same floor where you found yourselves before.
Looks like we managed to get into a new area. Hey, Frederica, does any of this look familiar to you?
Frederica looks around...
...No, I don't remember any of this. I can't remember anything...
I suppose it was a lot to expect all of your memories to come flooding back. Ah well. Let's look for this terminal you spoke of before...
You begin your investigation to solve the mystery of Gladsheim.

Nothing in this starting room besides the Pole, empty space, and a shortcut we can't use yet.

When you exit the door, the space ahead turns out to be pitch black. Even with the light you hold, you cannot see further in...
It'll be dangerous, but we'll have to go on like this. Hopefully we can find a way to turn the lights on somewhere inside...
Using the light you hold as a guide, you proceed cautiously through the darkness.

Our vision is reduced in this area. Make sure you're drawing a good map!
At least it's not The Dark Spire, which completely shuts off your top screen in dark areas.
In Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, there's a floor that's comprised entirely of a dark conveyor belt maze. Dark areas don't add themselves to your map in Strange Journey unless you dive deep into New Game+, so if you haven't gotten the key item that makes dark areas visible on the top screen, you're basically fucked. Even if you have, you've got a maze with no landmarks, because dark areas are in wireframe, where your bottom screen map is utterly useless, on conveyor belts. This is in the fourth dungeon of eight.

I don't like Strange Journey.

Soon after Raquna speaks, you can feel it too; a dreadful beast lying in wait further in the darkness... It doesn't seem to be moving, but you must exercise even greater caution now.
Please stop interrupting me, game, I'm perfectly capable of inferring this nonsense myself.

With that camel in the way, we have to go this way.

There's something up ahead in the corridor... Let's get closer to investigate.

did that really need an event
Gladsheim is exhausting. Let people feel out the environment, damn it!

It seems to have a purpose... Though your experimentation with it elicits no noticeable reaction.
There's something like this in our documents. I believe it lights up the corridor...though I don't know how.
Could it be broken?
You eventually determine that you can learn no more about it, and are about to move on, when...

Eh? Really?
I think so...
With that, Frederica reaches toward the black box.

What did I do...?
I don't know. The way you use it just popped into my head suddenly.
Hmm... What else could be locked away in those memories, I wonder...
Well, no use theorizing without any evidence. Let's go back and have a look around that corridor.
Simon and the others begin to retrace their steps in the hopes there has been a change in the dark corridor.

Simon's right to ask... How can I know stuff like that? My memories... Me... What was all this about...?
it's a light switch frederica

I'm here with you.
...Yeah, that's true.
Come on, let's hurry so we can catch up with the others.
You and the girl catch up to the other three and resume your investigation.

Looks like that monster starts moving around when the lights are on. I hope we can use that somehow...
Raging Camels stay in place, asleep, when the lights are off, and patrol a linear path when the lights are on. They're basically slightly more complicated Ragelopes in terms of movement.

Incidentally, if you start a fight with a Raging Camel when the lights are off, they will begin the fight afflicted with sleep.

Also, there's no way around this one right now.

Let's just flip the switch here...

And we're good.


Here's where the shortcut from earlier connects to, by the way.

We've still got a lot of floor left.

It's not moving at all now, though. It might start moving around again if we turn the lights on...
In that case, maybe we should try looking for the device that controls the light in this room.
The note about starting fights with Raging Camels while the lights are off applies to Carmine Beaks as well.

Venom Spider

HP: 155
STR: 15
TEC: 13
VIT: 12
AGI: 12
LUC: 11

EXP Given: 160

Grimoire Skills:
  • Cocoon: Uses the head. Attempts to bind the legs of all enemies. Has a 120% speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 50%
Venom Spiders bind your party's legs.

What, were you expecting something more? We're still in early days.
These things would be more annoying if this wasn't a 3DS EO, since the Escape command would actually mean something.

Light switches are never hard to find.

The way this one stirs in the light is just like before, but unlike the last, this one seems to chase after us. Again, I suggest analyzing its behavior before proceeding. We can't risk falling to it in a straight fight.
When the lights are on, Carmine Beaks will stay in one spot, and aggro on us when we enter their cone of vision. They will then pursue us one tile at a time until we leave their aggro area.

I'll take it.

As expected of our first encounter with Carmine Beaks, that room is basically nothing.

Another camel.

Another instance of us having to turn the lights on.
I'm starting to see a pattern here.

This Carmine Beak's guarding that chest.

Yep, shortcut.

Shut off the lights when the camel's not in the way...

And we're good to grab the chest.

Nectar IIs revive one dead party member at full HP. Pretty powerful, as you can infer!
Oh hi there, Elixir Syndrome

Vampire Bat

HP: 165
STR: 16
TEC: 10
VIT: 12
AGI: 16
LUC: 10

EXP Given: 230

Grimoire Skills:
  • Blood Drain: Uses the head. Deals melee STR-based cut damage to one enemy. Heals the user based on the damage dealt. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 100% 100% 100% 150% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
Vampire Bats can be a bit annoying to take down, and their damage is nothing to scoff at. Not much else to them, though.
This here's a good candidate for focused elimination, since a spread offense might cause the fight to take longer and cause you to take more damage due to the leech effect.

We're perfectly capable of advancing through this corridor without turning the lights on.

I forgot to mention it earlier, but turning the lights off also disables your vision of FOEs on the map.

You stop, trying to discern what the noise may be, as you remain cautious of your surroundings... Eventually, the bizarre noise stops, and all is silent again.

We heard it last time as well.
Oh, that's right. We heard that noise when we met you, too... Of course you'd know it.
I can only conclude that something is happening in Gladsheim at regular intervals...
Loud enough to be heard throughout the entire floor, though? What could possibly be causing that...?
As you ponder the question, Arthur speaks up to the group.
It's not like we'll figure it out by thinking hard. Let's hurry up and go find the answer!

You're right.
He has a point. It won't do us any good to stand around here.
In that case, shall we get going?
You nod to each other and resume your investigation of the floor.


Oh jesus.
Oh, they finally brought out mechanics!
Oh my god it's a video game.

So now we've got a Raging Camel running around over there, and a Carmine Beak behind us.


Of course, all we have to do to progress is just shut off the lights while the camel's in a not-inconvenient spot.
Aaaaand that's immediately declawed. So much for that.

And now we're home free.

Tensions run high as Raquna peers skeptically at the door. Even you can feel the malicious presence extending from beyond the door...
It must be done for the investigation. Let's be sure we're prepared...
Yeah, what Simon said. If there's something waiting in there, we just gotta beat it!

Sheesh, you and Arthur are two of a kind, eh?
Then again, I don't have a better idea... Let's do it!
You decide to forge onward and face the threat that lies beyond the door!

No, game, not yet. I gotta set my difficulty to something that's not Picnic.

Note how I didn't say Expert. I'll explain later.

Also, here's a chest I almost missed.

But bereft of your sight though you are, you can sense a dreadful presence nearby.
I don't know what's here... But it's definitely dangerous.
It seems Arthur senses the formidable enemy within the room as well... You must be prepared for a mortal struggle if you are to investigate the room.
I apologize for the blurry screenshots from here, but I accidentally processed the Coeurl recording wrong and deleted the source before I noticed.
Story doesn't deserve better

Oooookay what?

Can't see shit.

Coeurl's invulnerable while it's invisible like this, so all we can do is run.

The invisible beast, Coeurl. I've read of it at the Library, but to see a living specimen in this day and age...
Simon continues with a surprised expression while gazing back at where you fled the beast. Just as its nickname of 'invisible beast' implies, the Coeurl has the ability to fade into the background.
In that state, it is invincible. Our attacks will not touch it.
As Simon speaks, you no longer feel the beast's presence before you...
It really disappeared! What're we supposed to do, Simon?!
...There is one way. We must expose it to light. The Coeurl likes to conceal itself in darkness and attack its prey when they're off guard. If we expose it to strong light just before it ambushes us, it will be unable to use its abilities. Then we can fight it on even footing.
With that, Simon looks around. Ideally, you could turn on the lights at will... But the darkness makes it hard to tell if the light device is nearby. In order to find the Coeurl, you must avoid its pursuit while searching for a means to turn the lights on.
Until we turn the lights on, an invisible Coeurl will constantly hunt us down. Given that it's invincible while the lights are off, this is less than ideal.


There are old records of the Coeurl killing dozens of members of an investigation team before escaping.
So there's no guarantee we can beat it just because we turned the lights on, eh? Okay, guys, keep your guard up!

Coeurl is completely immobile while the lights are on, but that's also woken the Carmine Beaks up.

I have the difficulty set to Standard right now, because Story Coeurl on Expert took me an hour's worth of attempts with no luck, so I eventually thought "who really cares about the Story mode boss fights that much" and switched to Standard. With that in mind, I might as well post the writeups of the FOEs I didn't fight, before we go on.
Shit-tier LP. Wait how many times have I made that joke. Am I getting old? Am I slowly crawling towards inevitable oblivion? Oh god someone please help m-

Raging Camel

HP: 1858
STR: 20
TEC: 16
VIT: 15
AGI: 15
LUC: 16

EXP Given: 1650

Skills:Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
150% 150% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
10% 10% 50%
100% 50% 50%

Carmine Beak

HP: 1656
STR: 19
TEC: 19
VIT: 16
AGI: 20
LUC: 17

EXP Given: 1500

Grimoire Skills:
  • Darkness: Uses the head. Deals 150% melee STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Attempts to inflict blind on the target. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
10% 50% 50% 30% 30% 50% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%

Onto Coeurl.
This sure is an FOE designed solely for the story party to fight

Bye, Coeurl.

The fight was done on Standard, so it's not really worth documenting.
For more information, please check the relevant Classic update.

Whew... That was a tough one...
Hey, a win's a win! Heheh, it didn't stand a chance against us!
Sheesh, you're way too chipper about this. You all right, Dude?

Of course.
Haha, that's our leader. It's thanks to you that we can put our minds at ease in a fight.
So we should be able to reach the terminal now, right...? Um...thanks, Dude.
Ooh, someone's being modest for once!
It's not a one-time thing! I really am quit poking fun at me.

You're welcome.
Amidst everyone's joy, only Simon looks around with a troubled expression and compares the hall to the map.
I'm sorry to be the one to spoil the mood, but I don't see the terminal Frederica mentioned. Since our map is complete, and there are no clues in this hall, the terminal's very existence is becoming suspect...
You look around, confused by Simon's statement. But all you see are the fabricated, inorganic walls. Nothing like this terminal seems to be present here.
We finished off the enemy, but there's still more investigating to do, eh...?
Don't worry, Frederica. We don't know for sure yet that it's not here. Right, Dude?

Let's split up and look around.
Well said! C'mon, Frederica. If we all search, I'm sure we'll find that terminal in no time!
You decide to give the room another sweep for any suspicious spots.

Really cool how this spot isn't marked at all. this?
...It's Mike.
Mike, are you listening? Answer me!
The girl shouts at the enormous black devices before her, but receives no answer from them.

Who's Mike?
Bop doo-wop! Bop-bop doo-wop!
Mike is Mike! He and I, we...
The girl cocks her head at her own words and starts to brood. It seems she hasn't yet remembered everything...
Even if this is the terminal we were looking for... What now?
The trio of investigators each examines the giant device, but the device shows no sign of reacting. If you wish, you can join them.

You recall the other device that illuminated the room and raise your hand to the black box. ...Alas, nothing happens. The trio probes it for some time, but their efforts bear no fruit and they abandon it with glum looks. The girl, who has spent the whole time thinking to herself, speaks under her breath...

Why would that come to me when I saw the device...? But I feel like that triggered something... I was hurrying to where Mike is.
There was something I needed to check with him... But I can't remember now what it was.
Frederica smiles sadly and idly brushes the terminal's surface when a strange sound echoes.

No way, it moved?!
Frederica, what did you do just now?
I-I didn't do anything except for touching it. That's all, I swear.

What is this? How's the ancient script floating in midair?
Hey Simon, what's it saying?
Give me a moment... It's going by so fast that I can't keep up.
The three of you gaze at the flowing text in astonishment as you struggle to understand. But only Simon, well-versed in that ancient script, reads aloud what terms he can grasp.

Critical malfunctions detected. Requesting immediate direct interface with... Mike...? in Area II.
Mike... Upon hearing that familiar name, you look to each other. It is the same name Frederica spoke of earlier. Could he be deeper within this ruin...?
Mike is in Area II...
Hey, please tell me how we can get to Area II!
I told you already, boxes don't--

When Frederica speaks to the box, the letters flow across the blue light once more, forming new sentences.
Anomaly in power source. Entering sleep mode. Restoration chances: 0%. Limiting intervention zones. Transporter anomaly.
So... What did any of that mean?
It means this facility's functions are almost completely dormant. We can't proceed to Area II from here.
Huh?! How come?!
Calm down. This ruin's transport device doesn't work, but it's shown us the coordinates to Area II.
Ohhhh... So we just need to get the Field to recognize those, right?
That won't work, Arthur. There was something about that in the documents. You can only add one destination per transport device. Or rather, per Geomagnetic Field.
That still seems a weirdly arbitrary thing to me, given that Poles are naturally-occurring, but whatever.
Raquna's memory is, unfortunately, accurate. We'll need to find a new Geomagnetic Field to reach Area II.
Which means... Before I can meet up with Mike, we need to explore the forest some more.
The girl gives a small, frustrated sigh and looks up at you. You notice that the other three are looking toward you as well... It seems they're waiting for your decision.

Back to the forest, then.
Yah, I think that would be best. Oh... But we should see if there's somewhere we can find multiple Geomagnetic Fields.
If there's something we need to know about the forest, could we ask that four-eyes at the Radha?
Hmm. He may want a progress report as well... Why don't we go see him before heading into the Labyrinth?
A mysterious entity known as Mike is evidently waiting in Area II of the ruin... Who might this Mike be? Will Frederica's lost memory ever return? And what is causing this abnormality? There is a mountain of things to consider...but you must abandon Gladsheim now and return to town.

Let's. Perhaps the subaltern will know something about the Geomagnetic Field.

How is your investigation of the ruin going? Please, tell me if you learn anything of the abnormalities.

In order to investigate it further, you need to find a Geomagnetic Field within the Labyrinth. Unfortunately, from my knowledge, only one Geomagnetic Field has been confirmed to exist in the 2nd Stratum. I have heard that there is one in the 3rd Stratum, though... But the forest changes over time, and the path to the 3rd Stratum has not been found for a long while.
Ugh, so we've gotta start by finding a way there first?!
Hmm... If you want some information, Visil may know something.
He's the leader of the Radha... Or, rather, the Chieftain of Etria. His wisdom is well-known even at the Library.
Ah, so you have heard of him. As you may expect, he is a very busy man, and is very difficult to get ahold of. I will inform the Chieftain that we are looking for a path to the next Stratum. Perhaps he knows something.
We appreciate your help.
It may take a while to get ahold of the Chieftain. You may continue your 2nd Stratum exploration in the meantime.
That does it for now. Next time: the 2nd Stratum, but in Story mode.
emmett singing i just dropped in

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