Story Update 7: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle
So, let's actually tackle Story Mode this time. Oh and for the record, the townsfolk have nothing to say that they haven't already said in Classic Mode. So, before we move onto the 2nd Stratum, there are a couple of things I want to show off first.

Such as this quest.

I feel the presence of strong monsters... He said the lizard beasts are up much higher than they should be in the Labyrinth, right?
Heh heh, this is the perfect chance to show off how tough we are!
You begin your search to rid this floor of the awful lizards.
In case you're wondering, yes, those lizards suck to deal with in Story Mode too.

Are you fucking kidding me.

Ugh, well Tail Whip from them could be a worthwhile grab if you can snag it at a high enough level. But I wouldn't try to go out of your way to grab it.

After killing some of those monsters...

An entire lounge of them may have come up from below. Let's keep looking.
You continue your search for the lizard monsters.
After killing even more monsters...

Don't even joke about that. Let's finish this!
You continue your search for the lizard monsters.
I went back to rest (fortunately, you're allowed to do that) since taking down all the required lizards doesn't require that you stay on the floor the entire time.

Funnily enough, I actually got a level 9 Tail Whip Grimoire from a battle without even trying for one. I guess I'll give it to Dude or something since a debuff skill would be nice to have.

Also ugh. It doesn't actually decrease the target's physical defense, it decreases their physical attack! EOU unfortunately has a ton of mistranslations in the skill descriptions, though a lot of them are in the monster skills. Just read Ragnar's descriptions for the monster skills. Those ones give out the correct effects.
A mistranslation in the skill descriptions in an EO game? Say it isn't so!

Is that... the last of them?
Geez, this job was a pain in the ass.
You look around, but find no more traces of the lizards. Hopefully, this floor is safe from them once more. Now you must return to the pub in order to report that you have defeated the beasts.
And that's it for this quest. One more thing I want to show off before diving into Stratum 2, since this is something Ragnar missed as well.

You can check out this part of the wall, but if you haven't progressed far enough, the game won't let you through. Once you reach the 2nd Stratum, this passage opens up, but it's one way! (Not that it matters because floor jump.)

And we're in a secret area in the 1st floor.

The encounters in here are just from the 5th floor for the most part.

Fun fact, all the encounters here in the original game were from the 2nd Stratum! Made for a very rude awakening if you came in here without preparing!

But there's actually one new enemy to be found here!


HP: 288STR: 20TEC: 19VIT: 15AGI: 17LUC: 15
EXP Given: 700

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
150% 50% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 150% 100% 50% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
  • Piercing Fang: Deals heavy cut damage that pierces party rows. Slightly slow.
  • Piercing Fang: Deals 150% melee STR-based cut damage that pierces party rows. The damage ranges from 95 to 109 on average. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Sabretooths are more likely to use Piercing Fang when they're at 50% HP or lower.
  • If the Sabretooth's HP is at 50% or lower:
    • 59% chance to use Piercing Fang.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the Sabretooth's HP is at 100% to 51%:
    • 29% chance to use Piercing Fang.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Piercing Fang: Deals cut damage that pierces enemy rows. Slightly slow.
  • Piercing Fang: Deals melee STR-based cut damage that pierces enemy rows. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
  • Normal: White Fang. 65% chance. Sells for 28 en.
    • Tiger Fang (+55 ATK, +10 HP, +5 VIT): Made from 1 White Fang. Costs 2050 en.
    • Culverin (+59 ATK, +10 HP, +2 AGI): Made from 5 White Fangs. Costs 2400 en.
This things can be very tough customers! They hit really hard, and Piercing Fang lets them get in free pot-shots to the back row while dealing tons of damage to your front row as well.

This is actually a pretty nasty formation. Burn them down if you can. Otherwise, go for head and arm binds to neuter them.

There are three doors here. Let's see what's behind this one.

These rooms contain both a Reaping Shade and a treasure box. The Reaping Shades shouldn't be any trouble for you at this point.

In the original games these were... Ragelopes. Yes, really. By the time you could access this area, they would have been complete jokes.

Well, this should be nice for a certain part of the second Stratum.

Let's see what's behind door number two.

Four-Leaf Clovers are another Grimoire Stone related item. When used on a turn the character gets a Grimoire Chance, the stone that gets created (If one even does) will have a higher chance of being a higher level.

To talk about exactly how they work would basically be going into another number dump that would take ages to explain, so all I'm gonna say is that the effect is decently substantial. If you're reading the algorithms writeup on it, add in 20 or 25 for Q. That's its effect.


Oh this 3rd room also contains the exit out of this area.

This Copper Grimoire is actually a pretty important one. You'll see in a bit.

And here's the one way exit from this secret area. And that's all for it!

That copper Grimoire we just got has a bunch of useless Medic skills on it. But the important part is that this is the first 4 slot Grimoire Stone the game hands you early on. If you use the slot decoy glitch, you can create a bunch of 4 slot Grimoires pretty easily!

The equipment unlocked from a Sabretooth's drops are really worth going after. Especially if you're playing Story Mode.

The Culverin is a nice upgrade for Frederica. Gives her a nice defensive boost and a bit of a boost to speed.

Oh baby, this thing was pretty much made for Raquna! Just look at those stats! A decent boost to HP, and a huge boost to VIT! This thing is pretty much better than upgrading your armor, for the most part! (Holy shit, why was armor so fucking terrible for 4 games in a row!?) Definitely worth unlocking this if you have a Protector.

Well I've put this off for long enough. Time to explore the 2nd Stratum with the Story party.

You'll be seeing a lot of enemies with ailment and binding skills that can be obtained on Grimoire Stones. And I'm gonna say, they're not really required to get through the game, so don't worry too much about them, even if the Story party is lacking in that regard. Though certain conditional drops will require the usage of those kinds of skills, so you may want to build up a stockpile for that purpose. But the main reason I say not to worry? Even if you do get one of these skills... the only party member who can really serve as a good inflictor is... Arthur. Who is one of your main damage dealers, mind you. Though uh, go ahead with that plan if you think the Highlander and Frederica can pick up the slack. Heck, Frederica isn't terrible at that job either, but Arthur's stat spread allows him to be a great disabler if you choose to take him down that path. (Hey, maybe that's the main reason why the ailment formula changed and made TEC an even more bloated stat!)
Fuckin Arthur

Also this good effect is a really horrific mistranslation. It has absolutely nothing to do with Grimoire generation. What it actually does is increase all the skills on the Grimoire Stones that you have equipped by 2. Though this doesn't allow those skills to bypass the cap. No level 12 skills for you.

Looks as if something's caught in the tree branches.
You consider making the effort to retrieve whatever's in the branches.

Let's just climb the tree and not send a angry Giant Sloth at us.
If we need someone to climb the tree, wouldn't Dude be the best pick?
Admittedly he is the closest thing the party has to a Survivalist, who'd excel at that kind of thing.

You agree that it seems appropriate, given your equipment and strengths, and begin to climb the tree. Though its trunk is slick, your upward progress is not greatly impeded. After making it into the branches, you look to find a sword lodged into thewood, reflecting the light downward. It takes a bit of effort to dislodge the sword, but you eventually succeed and make your way back to the ground.
Huh. It's just a plain ol' sword. What was it doing way up there?
Maybe it got stuck there when the tree was small and grew with it? It does look pretty old... I'd say that's as likely an explanation as any.
You ponder the history of this sword as you resume your investigation.

For the record, the party has nothing to say when giving this to the man in the bar.

Ooh, lucky us! C'mon, let's eat it! I'm starving!
What!? But it was lying in the dirt...
You recognize what Raquna is holding as hardtack, a form of ration meant to last for days on end. It doesn't seem spoiled... if you brush off the dirt, it may even be edible.

Floor hardtack gives you health!
I agree. There's enough to go around, so why don't we take a short break?
Yessss! Let's eat!
Oh my... It's delicious!
Even the bland hardtack tastes to your famished tongue like the meal of kings...

You leave the area with a somewhat lighter step than before.
If you leave the Labyrinth now, there are no lasting consequences. But if you stick around, eventually...

No... but I'll assume yours does.
A moment, Dude. Arthur seems unwell.
The party comes to a halt to take care of Arthur, who is sweating profusely. Simon suggests that the hardtack from before is to blame for his malady.
Sorry, not sorry.
It got Arthur, but not me? That's a surprise...
This event doesn't specifically target Arthur, it just chooses a random party member to suffer.
Hrrrgh... hrrrrrrrrrrrgh...
You wait for Arthur's condition to subside before returning to the investigation.

Hey, yeah! And it doesn't look like there are any bees around! We should get all the honey we can!
It's true that you can detect no bees in the area. Perhaps he is right...

If something goes wrong, I'm blaming Arthur.

Dammit, Arthur!
They're back already!?
You are surrounded by bees, but they are not attacking yet... You may still escape unscathed. The choice, it seems, is whether to fight the bees for the bounty of their hive, or avoid combat and flee...

No mercy. I'm getting that honey!
Hehe, good call. We're not gonna let some lousy bugs push us around!
The bees' buzzing intensifies in volume, as if sensing your fighting spirit! The battle for the hive is about to commence!

Easy enough.

Not yet!
It seems Raquna has spotted another swarm appearing from elsewhere, ready to replace the first!

This event would actually be threatening if those things had more HP and defenses. Oh, and didn't die to spears, bullets, and electricity.

Did we really have to go through all that to get into their hive?
Frederica... Don't tell me you've never had fresh honey!
Arthur cracks open the nest with a smirk and beautiful, golden honey oozes out. You collect a fingerful to try it. Faint floral notes and a delightful sweetness spreads over your tongue...
Everyone is enraptured with the honey. Even you cannot stop enjoying it!

Okay, that was worth the trouble...
Yes... that was time well spent.
You resume your investigation with an incredible sense of satisfaction.

That's it for this floor.

I'll tackle floor 8 in a bit, but first, I head back to town to rest.

I have come to ask you to head to Radha Hall. There is something they wish to discuss with you there.

Dude, if we have the time, we should go see what they have to say.
At this point, I spend some of my skill points.


Okay granted, Action Boost isn't that great now, but what it can help with is giving Frederica a bigger chance to inflict her Snipe skills.

No one in town has anything new to say, so let's see what they have to say at Radha Hall.
Action Boost is the stupidest fuckin thing

I have finally had the opportunity to ask Visil about the 3rd Stratum. He told me to relay a message to you.
A message from the Chieftain? Can't he just tell us about the 3rd Stratum?
The Chieftain would like you to accept a mission from us if you wish to reach that Stratum. In doing this, you will aid the Chieftain in his investigation of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
Us? Are you sure outsiders should be the ones helping you?
It is common for the Radha to ask for aid from prominent adventurers. I have faith in you, Dude, and news of the Library's Investigation Team has reached our ears in Etria. I will issue a mission to aid in our investigation. I hope that you will accept it.

Let's accept.

The 8th floor in the second Stratum is home to a legendary dragon. Much of its behavior and ecology is unknown. But the Radha wishes to understand all of the forest's creatures, and the fabled Wyvern is no exception. What we'd like you to do is to collect a Dragon Egg from the Wyvern's nest. You'll find these indispensable. They are my notes on where we believe the egg could be on B8F. Review them when you're inside the Wyvern's nest.

By studying the egg, we may learn a great deal about the mysterious Wyvern. However, it will be difficult for you to beat the Wyvern as you are. Find a way to avoid it and retrieve its egg. Should you succeed in this, I'm sure that the Chieftain will take an interest in your guild. Well then, luck go with you.
As for Quinn's regular talk dialogue...

What? I think investigating a Wyvern sounds pretty fun.
We'll see if it's "fun" or not... What do you think, Dude?

Sounds like fun!
That's what I'm talking about! Besides, when we complete the mission, we'll get a reward and everything. So it's not all bad.
Does it really matter now? Come on, let's get our investigation started. We know nothing about the Wyvern we'll be looking for. Even if we don't have to fight it, I doubt this will be easy.
Let's make sure we're all prepared for this.
NOW the townsfolk actually have new dialogue. Well some of them. The Innkeeper's and the Guildmaster's new dialogue are their B8F dialogue for some reason.

Everyone else still has their B7F dialogue.

Now back to the jungle.

You look closer at where Raquna is pointing to see blood-red, thorned vines growing there. The thorns look unpleasantly sharp. You have no doubt they would easily puncture the skin, were you to touch one.
We shouldn't be walking on that stuff if we can help it. Let's keep a sharp eye out as we go.
Hey, actually trying to ward us off from stepping on them. Unlike another game that will not be named that required you to do this.

There's got to be a better way of describing it... Anyway, I think it's that flower.
You follow the scent and find a large blossom nearby. You are tempted to approach the flower to touch it, though it may be wise to ignore it and be on your way.

Never trust a flower.
I don't think that's a good idea. Things that stand out in this forest tend to be dangerous.
Frederica has a point. Rather than touch the flower, you instead observe it cautiously... Suddenly, the flower begins to wriggle and then leaps at you!
Not today!
As you were already wary of the suspicious flower, you succeed in getting the first strike!

Say hello to one of the most reviled enemies in the entire series. After EO1, anyways. They were pretty pathetic in that game. (Their sleep move was single target.)

Sleep Powder can be a very nice skill to get from them. Though if you're only facing one enemy and want to put them to sleep, Sleep Breath from the Venom Oozes is by far the better skill to snag.

Perhaps this is the dwelling of the monster that botanist asked that we find for him...?
Indeed, this is most likely the very spot the botanist was searching for. If you report its location to the botanist at the pub, the request will be considered complete. You file that away for later as you return to your investigation...
Incidentally, this is just a normal event spot, and not actually tied to the quest. As such, you never actually need to trigger the event in order to complete that particular request, you only need to know where it is.

Whoa, it's huge...! Mean-looking, too.
But it doesn't seem like it's noticed us yet.
Is that... a Moa? As I recall, those are aggressive birds which chase after prey that enters its line of sight. Let's be mindful of which way it's facing. If we pass behind it or beside it, we should get by without a fight.
Simon looks pensively at the bird as you try to think of a way to use this information to avoid the enemy...

You must decide quickly whether to face it fearlessly or let prudence win out and retreat.
oops sorry, i thought you were supposed to get in its line of sight.

Sure, I'm up for some fun.

Dude seems like the kinda person to swing from vines.
Ensuring that your grip on the vine is firm, you kick off the ground and go soaring into the air!
As you cling to the swinging vine, you oscillate back and forth. The swinging motion is most invigorating...! A certain urge wells up within you...

He also seems like the kinda person that would go all Tarzan.
Hah! That looks like fun. Maybe I'll have a go next...
What in the world are you doing, Dude...?
You feel a rush from the immeasurable liberation and excitement which proves most satisfying...

Hey, lemme try nex--
Holy crow! Dude! Get off now!
You look down at Arthur's panicked shout to see a monster, lured by your cry and ready to charge!
I regret nothing.

...I especially regret nothing. Seriously, that's it?

Simon's rebuke stings, but you admit that it was warranted. You apologize before returning to your journey.
As for what would have happened if you picked the other party members, Frederica would have recovered TP, but not have attracted any monsters.

Raquna and Simon would have just swung on the vine with absolutely no fanfare, and nothing happens.

Arthur on the other hand, would have yelled and attracted the monsters. He doesn't even get to recover TP, unlike Dude.

Let's handle that Horticulture quest now.
Hm... The vegetation here is markedly different from elsewhere. It seems that flowers can grow easily right here. Dude, don't you think this would be a good place to plant those seeds for that quest?
You recall the seeds that belonged to the late gardener... This does seem like the best place to plant them.

Let's do this.
The instant you plant the seeds, you feel the area become inundated with a malicious atmosphere!
Are we being attacked!?
You quickly take fighting positions as a giant swarm of bees pours into the area!

Even though these things are slightly stronger than Army Wasps, they still have a crippling weakness to spears, bullets, and electricity. The only difference between these things and the other bees is that I actually have to break out Wolf Pack for these.

The air vibrates in a howling buzz as the bees relentlessly attack!

Good thing Highlanders automatically come with attacks that stab the front row.

With the second swarm down, the bees still show no hesitation. They throw themselves into battle with ferocity!

Really the only annoying thing about this event is that all the bees are fast, so they can chip away at your party.

Just as Frederica said, there aren't many bees left. You brace yourself for the final assault!


Wow. That... was a lot of bees.
Relieved to be victorious after a long and hard battle, you clear a spot of bee bodies and sit down to rest. ...You notice a flower that you don't remember being in the field when you first arrived. Its beauty captivates your heart...!
It's beautiful...
Wait... Did that grow out of the seeds we planted? So soon!?
This divine flower must be the very one spoken of in the client's final words. You carefully dig up the soil around the flower and prepare to take it back with you to the pub.

And that's it for this quest.

Water flows between the trees here, and there are standing pools of water.
Interesting. This place is a watering hole. I wonder where that water's coming from...
Simply listening to the cool water's flow soothes your hearts...

Just as you are considering spending some restful moments in this peaceful spot, Simon speaks up sternly.
Refreshing though this is, it may be best not to linger.
As if to confirm Simon's fears, you detect a murderous presence nearby... It feels as though a dangerous creature is watching your every move.
Watering holes are important resources, but we should avoid this one for a while.
You decide to exercise caution and leave this place.
We automatically leave. If we try to go back in again...

You decide to exercise caution and leave the watering hole.

And that's it for this floor.

This scene starts as soon as we enter the 8th floor.
As you walk through the forest, Frederica puts the question to the group.
Only in musty old documents. Etria's the only place where living specimens have been reported.
...Considering the rest of the series, I don't think you were looking thoroughly enough, Simon.

First of the Dragons... I've never seen a Dragon-type monster of this ferocity. Dosen's skill in utilizing Dragon's Mirror was incredible... unlike anything else I've ever seen!

Have you even played this game, my boy?

My entire deck is based around summoning these.

Don't be such a drag, Simon.

I could summon Block Dragon if you want?

...unlike anything else... I've ever seen.

Wow! Cool story, Simon! I love Yugioh!
There probably aren't many who've actually seen one in the wild. How about you, Dude?

I've got experiences with dragons like you wouldn't believe.
Yes, I've seen one.
I should've guessed a Highlander who moves from battlefield to battlefield would've seen one! Well, it's reassuring to have someone with some experience with us. So let's get to that Wyvern's nest!
As for new town dialogue, there's only one facility that has any. The rest of them shares the B8F dialogue in Classic.

According to reports I have reviewed, Wyvern hens do not leave their nests until the eggs hatch. If you do end up encountering the Wyvern, I hope you can calmly deal with the situation.
Next time we'll deal with that.

...And more.

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