Story Update 8: Rules of Nature

Is that a bird...!? It's so loud!
Very loud, and very large... Have we blundered into its territory?
You hear the flapping of wings draw near and then recede, as if testing whether you are hostile or not. Deciding that it is not worth provoking the bird further, you leave this place for the time being.
Let's check on that bird again.

Hey, let's not agitate it pointlessly, eh? We should stay clear of this area for the moment.

Ooh, Firebirds are enemies with very good Grimoire skills! Flame Shot is a nice AOE Fire attack, and it's a very popular choice to go with for Hexers and Alchemists. Sure, the damage output is considerably less than Inferno Formula's, but the upside is that it's a very cost efficient attack. Really handy this early on, because anything to help Alchemists with their early-game TP woes is great.

Not only that, they also come with Corrosive Aura, which is a nice physical defense debuff to have access to.
Story Mode is a game about gaming grimoires. Why is Story Mode a game about gaming grimoires? Who thought this was a good idea? Oh wait, this is the same company that made Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, who am I kidding.

What Simon refers to is the large depression in a thick root. It does not seem man-made, but there is nothing nearby that could have created such a depression. As you look around in search of clues, someone speaks to you from behind.

You find the two explorers who have previously given you their aid standing there.
Hello, Dude. They tell me your adventure is going smoothly.
Thanks, I guess? But, uh... what do you mean, a spring? There's no water here.
Its source is above... A monster took up dwelling there... and the spring is now dry...
That spring's water had healing powers. It was a true boon for explorers. Hm. Do you have any interest in defeating that monster and restoring the spring? Normally, we'd handle it ourselves. But we have business elsewhere. Since you already have to investigate the forest, it's in your best interests to set the spring aright.
You concede that Ren has a point... If the healing spring were active, it would be useful in your investigation.
The monster squatting in the spring is a worthy enemy. Remember your limits if you go to challenge it. Well then. Good luck to you.

A healing spring, hm...? Now that's an intriguing story.
You are free to go and defeat the monster as you were asked, or proceed with your investigation.

The roots reach to the ceiling as if to receive something, but they do so in vain.
If I remember right, the water will come back if we kill the monster up above, yeah?
If you wish to restore the healing spring, you can head to B7F...
This is pretty much a sidequest, and not actually required for the game. In fact, because we don't have to come here at all, if we actually come to this spot by the time Ren and Tlachtga leave this floor, they won't be here to tell us about the monster on B7F. But it's definitely in your best interest to get this spring running again, so let's go do that.

...Looks like you heard right. Look alive, everyone!
Just as Raquna calls out, an eerie, bloodthirsty presence begins to fill the beautiful pond... You nervously check your surroundings and suddenly hear what sounds like metal scraping against metal.

This must be the monster preventing the spring water from flowing... the one that you are here to slay.
Hehe, I freaked out over nothing. Know what I do with crabs like you? Boil 'em!

Did you remember that Sonic Bombs exist? Congratulations, this fight is now a complete joke.

Reaper Claws would be great to have as a Grimoire skill. I mean it's cut damage, and the Story party is lacking in that, and it inflicts instant death! However, it's sadly not actually obtainable as one, contrary to what Ragnar's LP said. It was planned to be one, but what most likely happened is they scrapped that because no other enemy in the game has this skill, and they try to avoid having one time unique skills obtainable as Grimoires.

Anyways, shock it, stab it with Spear Assist, and put that thing out of its misery.

The water pooled at your feet recedes. The crab's demise seems to have unblocked its flow to the lower regions...
The healing spring is open to us now. Why don't we go have a look?
Good idea! I could use some healing after the fight with that crab...!
But nobody took any damage in that fight!

Reactivating this spring is really important. Like future trips into the labyrinth just got a whole lot easier! Well, after we do something else, first.

The Wyvern's nest is ahead, yes? We have the Radha's permission. Kindly let us through.
You must be the Achievers Guild... We have indeed heard that you would be coming. You may enter. But beyond this door is the nest of the fearsome Wyvern... Tread carefully within. I will continue to ensure that no one else enters. Go at your task with care, Achievers Guild.
With that, the soldier stands to one side, opening the way to you.
Let's be very careful in there. Don't even think about facing that Wyvern. Is that clear, Arthur?
Why're you singling me out...?
If you are ready to proceed, you need only open the door and enter the dread Wyvern's nest.

Somewhere in the vast space before you, you can make out the Wyvern's shadow.
I-It's huge...!
Combing such a large space for an egg we know nothing about, while remaining hidden, won't be easy at all...
No. The most important thing, though, is that we don't agitate the Wyvern.

Oh god, she's a laser dragon!
What...!? Was that lightning!? What's that thing got inside?
Sparks still remain where the Wyvern's breath passed, rendering the terrain impassable...
Is it doing that deliberately to stop us from getting close? Looks like we'll have to find another way we can get to it...

Let's charge in at once!
No, we can't. Even if we had a dozen lives, it wouldn't be enough to take an enemy like that. We need to do this carefully.
I concur. The Radha did warn us of this, after all. Which reminds me, they also provided us with notes on where the egg might be.
Your memory jogged by this, you produce the notes and spread them out so that everyone can see.
Huh? There are a lot of marks here... What do they mean?
...Just a guess, but maybe the egg is at one of these marks.
Geez, they can't even tell us which one it is? This is going to be another needle in a haystack, huh...
You shush the boy's complaints and take a brave step forward in hopes of finding the egg and bringing it back safely!

In case you have any thoughts about fighting Wyvern now, allow me to discourage you by posting one of the biggest deterrents in existence. Numbers.


HP: 22500STR: 80TEC: 58VIT: 55AGI: 55LUC: 49
As we all know, enemies having big numbers is a bad thing. And Wyvern has some very big numbers indeed!

Trying to fight her now is pretty much just asking to get a game over.

Oh and for those of you that have played EO1, there's something very important to know. In that game, Wyvern was significantly weaker. Not weak enough that you could fight her right when you encounter her, but she was designed to be fought at around level 40 in that game. She has pretty much been upgraded to post-game boss here, so don't try to tackle her before then!

And just in case you're curious, no, there's no special dialogue or anything if you manage to kill Wyvern now.

No such luck. There's nothing here.
Let's check somewhere else.
They say the same thing for the other wrong spot.

...... You feel something large and round at your fingertips...
Ooh, Dude! Isn't that the dragon's egg?
If you've found it, then let's hurry out of here before the Wyvern finds us.
You carefully wrap the egg to protect it from any mishap before leaving the area.

If we try to search for another egg...

Hmm, there aren't any more here.
Perhaps it only lays one egg at a time.
Time to report back to the Radha about our successful egg-napping.

This is indeed the dragon's egg. Thanks to your valiant efforts, we'll surely make great strides in our research. Though it may not be much, we have a reward for your cleverness in collecting the dragon's egg.

A level up is always a welcome reward.

Follow me, and I'll escort you to Lord Visil, Chieftain of the Radha and ruler of Etria.

I protect Etria and promote exploration of the forest.

The mental image of him saying that with a straight face. I can't handle it.
I am pleased to see you not only looking into the abnormality, but exploring the forest as well. Since you hail from a foreign land, I am curious to know something. How does our Etria look to you?

It's a nice, peaceful town.
Warning: Text ahead.
It would be no exaggeration to say that we of the Radha live to hear those words. Thank you, Highlander. Highlander, and the envoys from Midgard. You are headed for the third Stratum to investigate the abnormality, yes? Since you've reached the Wyvern's nest, you are worthy of hearing this. The road further into the Labyrinth is hidden near the Wyvern. There's a Geomagnetic Pole beyond it as well. So said adventurers in ancient times, who went deeper into the Labyrinth than we now do. Lately, only a few explorers dare go below the 8th floor. I have high hopes that you'll be the ones to venture further within and report more of the forest's mysteries to the Radha. Now then, if you'll excuse me... I look forward to speaking with you another day.

We're all very devoted to him, and we work with him to help this town thrive. The Chieftain expects great things from you, Achievers Guild. Keep up the fine work.

Quinn has new talk dialogue at this point in Story.

It seems the Chieftain has high hopes for you, though! We are all counting on you.


The choices here lead to the exact same dialogue.
What's up?
...I have a headache for some reason. I kind of feel like... I know that Visil guy. I'm trying to remember, but...
Woah, you're really pale! Don't push yourself too hard!
I'm not... I just have to remember...
Hey, Frederica, why don't we take a rest? Maybe you'll remember whatever it is if we take a little break. Don't you think that's a good idea, Dude?
Etrian Odyssey Untold is a narrative about a girl who suffers from chronic migraines and everyone around her convincing her that every time she has one it's about her lost memories. The Midgard Library are preventing Frederica from getting help for her medical condition.

Just use a Medica.
The pub isn't very far from here. We can rest there for now.

That's amazing, kiddos... What's wrong? She's not looking too well.

Frederica's not feeling well.
Well, that's no good! Let me get her something warm to drink.

Sorry, but I've got to get back to the kitchen. I'll be back, though. If you need anything, just give me a shout, and I'll come right over.

Both options lead to the same dialogue.
As long as you feel better...
Good... You don't look as pale as you did before.
It would appear so.
Did you remember anything?
...No, nothing. I'm sure I've heard that name somewhere before. But right now... It's like there's a fog in my head...
Well, I guess we can't do much about it.
No, I can't give up! This might be a clue to my past...
Hmmm... Maybe Frederica was high-up enough to know the Chieftain personally.
But he didn't react at all when he met Frederica. Etria's Chieftain is famous for miles around. Just knowing his name doesn't really prove anything.
I guess not...
...Yeah. We won't know for sure until I remember something.

But there's something that I'd like to ask of you.
What? Is this something different from your normal pub quests?
Well, there are some complications, and the client doesn't want to publicly post his request here at the pub. The client is from the Rooster Inn. He seems to be in a lot of trouble. Could you at least hear him out? I owe the people there a lot, too... I'm counting on you, kiddos.
From the Rooster Inn, huh? Well, we owe them a great deal as well. Why don't we go see what they need, Dude?

The Grimoire Stone in the Wyvern's room has a bunch of useless Ronin skills on them, but it's also another source for a 4 slot Grimoire at this point. Oh right, the inn.

...What's that? A quest from the Golden Deer Pub... Ah, yes, of course! It's quite a relief that a guild trusted by the Radha like yours has accepted the quest.
So, what's the deal? Why can't you just say what you want at the pub?
Well, you see... One of my guests made an excursion to the Wyvern's nest, and has yet to return. I would like you to go search for him if you can.
Is the man an adventurer? If he is, then his disappearance would not be an unusual thing.
Yes, I know that it's common for adventurers to never come back from their trips into the Labyrinth... However, this guest has a daughter, and she's still waiting for his return...
Oh, no...
I suggested that she put out a request for someone to recover the body, but she is adamant that he will come back. That's why I found it necessary to discreetly make a request, and let you know in person. Would you please help find the girl's father? Alive or... otherwise. Of course, I'll reward you for your work. What do you say?
I do really want to accept this quest, but... What do you think, Dude?

Another false choice. We're stuck doing this.
Leave it to us.
Oh... Thank you so much! I expected as much from a guild with the Radha's trust. I'm glad that I tried asking you... The missing adventurer is a swordsman who uses a broadsword with a black blade.
...I see. Well, let's see if we can find the swordsman on our way to the Wyvern's nest.
Thank you for accepting. I wish all of you the best of luck.
This little subplot is something that's exclusive to Story Mode... for some baffling reason. I don't know why. I'm going to be honest, this really doesn't add anything to the game or the Story Mode... plot.
"[x] doesn't really add anything to the game" is the EOU experience.

Aren't you kinda glad that they're asking us for this, though? It means the people here are starting to trust us!
That's well and good, but I'd really like to investigate Gladsheim as soon as we can...
Oh, come on. We've got to explore the Labyrinth until we find the Geomagnetic Field anyway. We can do this on the side, no problem.
I know that, but...
What's up with her?
...She must be frustrated that she still can't remember anything. If only there was something we could do for her...

Would hitting her on the head work?
Wh-What!? No! That's just a myth! And besides, I'm sure she's been hit on the head enough times while we've been fighting monsters.
We'll just have to do what we can. Arthur, remember that people's lives are at stake. Take this more seriously.
...Yeah, I'm sorry.

So, this quest. No one likes this quest, as it's just boring and tedious as you have to spend 5 days, or rather 3,511 to 3,600 turns on the floor, depending on how late you arrive. But it's actually considerably different in Story, so I'm going to be showing this off next.

Also I could take that other quest and force Shilleka to spend 5 days with the Story party, but there's no additional dialogue for doing so.

Say hi to a new Story-exculsive character! ...That has approximately 30 seconds of screentime in the entire game. And I'm actually being generous with that estimate.
What are you doing here all by yourself?
I-I'm not alone. Daddy's going to come back soon.
Your daddy?
M-My daddy's an adventurer. He's really, really, really strong. He usually comes back fast... But... he's a little late today...
But, but, it's okay... Daddy and me promised...

Most likely. ...I hope we can find him.

The third option may seem like the goofy one, but picking that one actually turns things skeevy real fast (Uh, what the fuck EOU?), so instead...
Good luck, Arthur.
Wait, what? Why just me!? I thought we were all gonna do this!
Arthur's right, we need to work as a team. Come on, let's go find her dad!
...Let's go.
Huh? Oh, right. Yeah, let's go.
He better be on the 8th floor, because we aren't going to be allowed to leave it for 5 whole days!

So... we're stuck down here for the next five days, huh? Ugh, what a pain in the ass. Why'd we take this request again?

It sounded fun.
How is this fun!? We've gotta spend five freakin' days in this sauna!
...You're more worried about the weather than the monsters?
That's just like you.
Before the trial begins, the spirits of the group remain high. As you walk through the forest, Simon says something to you.
Five days is a long time, Dude. Let's be careful about monitoring our stamina.
For the next five days, you will not be able to leave the dim Labyrinth.

The Wyvern's nest and the spring room both have no encounters in them. But it's better to burn time in the Wyvern's room, since that has more room to move around.

The swordsman who went missing was supposedly last seen going into the Wyvern's nest, eh?
Right. If he's here, then he must be nearby...
Everyone in the guild looks around, but no one sees or senses anyone in the vast nest.
You sure someone's here?
There's no signs of a struggle, though, or any human remains.
Huh... Well, I'll be damned. What should we do, Dude?

Let's head deeper into the nest.
I agree. The bearded swordsman may have taken the secret passage at the edges of the nest and gone further in.
What!? Then doesn't that make him like our rival!?
That's beside the point, Arthur. We're here in search of someone who's gone missing.
All right, are we all agreed to keep going on?
You nod in answer to Raquna's question and begin your trek deeper within.
Welp, we won't be doing that for a whole 5 days. alcharagia, you wanna start working on the funeral preparations?
Well, since you asked so nicely, I'll prepare the poor guy an urn. Just as long as he doesn't mind sharing with the remnants of my hopes and dreams!!!!!!! Waha!!!!!!! Waha!!!!!!!!! Waha!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, just set up an auto walk path in the Wyvern's room and check back in around 2 minutes. Also set the walk speed option to reverse. I'd advise not looking at the 3DS' screen and turning the sound off and do something else in the meantime. The screen will be flashing white a lot due to Wyvern shooting her laser, and you'll be hearing the FOE alert chime a lot, on top of hearing voice lines from your party a lot of times when that happens.

Oh, why 2 minutes instead of the massive length of time in Classic? Well, once it hits 7 PM...

Dude, why don't we wrap up our exploration for today?


You see, this quest is another place where the Story advantage kicks in. The bottom option will let the quest play out like in Classic, where you have to walk around until the next night rolls around. As for what happens when you pick the top option...
Let's rest.
Yes, we still have a while to go. We need the rest.
You travel to the camping spot you found while exploring.

We have sheets, and our cloaks. Haven't you ever camped out in the wilderness before?
It's easy! Just roll it out like 'bam!' then tie it down like 'wham!' and then you lie down like 'oooooh!'
Huh? Wh-Wait, how'd you do that?
...I'll explain. Arthur, you get the night's fire started.
On it!

After setting up camp and a light meal, you suggest the need for a watch.

We'll take turns every two hours. Let's decide on the order.
You talk amongst yourselves and come to an agreement... You have the first watch!
All right, take care!
Sorry for leaving you awake... Are you sure you'll be all right?

Don't worry.
You're strong. Keep watch, then.

............ The snores of your comrades and the crackling of the fire fills your ears... ...... ............ Although it is for the best that nothing is happening, you have nothing to do. You can do something to pass the time and stave off drowsiness.

Dude seems like a musical person.
It's the Credence tapes.
You recall a tune from your hometown and hum to yourself... Your voice carries through the silence of the darkened Labyrinth...

You look over to see Raquna standing there, fully equipped.
It's almost time to change watch. I was going to wait until the last second, but...
I heard a pleasant song, so...
Raquna sits down next to you and smiles devilishly. Because your shift is not quite over, you sit with Raquna and watch the fire.
...This brings back memories. A while back... I took on a trial like this one. Oh, not for the Library, of course. It was at my order back home. It was a drill, simulating a long- range advance. We traveled in groups and calculated how far we could go.

Was it tough?
Well, yes.
It was on horseback, so carrying a load wasn't as bad as it is now, but finding a watering hole was a must.
And I felt so bad, watching my poor horse tire herself out... It was rough and dirty work... I thought about giving up many times.
But now... it's something I can smile about.
Raquna closes her eyes, the better to recall something...
At home, Father was kind and doting, but on the training grounds he treated me as harshly as any recruit. Ever since I was a child, I've been proud of that... I overcame any challenge that was thrown at me.
...Father did often complain that he raised me wrong, though.

He was right to do it.
Yes! My father provided the best education there was for someone bearing the Sheldon name.
You spend some time making idle talk with Raquna... The time flies by, and your watch shift is over before you know it.
Why don't you rest now?
You nod and make your way to your bedroll. Once you are on the ground, Raquna pounds her chest in confidence.
We still have a while, and I'm sure it'll be tough... but this is going to be a good experience for us.
Just like all my other training. You sleep well, now.
You make yourself as comfortable as you can and close your eyes. Fatigue overcomes you instantly and you fall asleep...

*yawn* That was nice. Dang, I'm still... sleepy...
I can't believe you were able to get any rest here...

Let's sleep in.
You, too!?
...Oh, well. Let's get some more rest.
He's only fast to fall asleep...

Unlike in Classic Mode, Story Mode actually lets you skip several hours if you choose to do so. And sleeping in shaves off 5 more hours! So we only need to spend 7 hours walking around each day instead of the full 24! All in all, that means that instead of walking around for 3,511 to 3,600 turns, the Story party only needs to walk around for 1,111 to 1,200 turns!

Rinse and repeat the auto walk routine for about 1 minute each day.

There is absolutely no benefit to picking the bottom option. You miss out on the camping scenes, and are just making things more tedious for yourself.
Let's rest.
You travel to the camping spot you found while exploring.

After setting up camp and a light meal, you decide the night's watch order and go to sleep. You are to take the third watch. You close your eyes, glad for the chance to get a little sleep...

...You think you hear a voice... But according to your internal clock, it is nowhere near your time to take watch.

Five more minutes...
You were probably dreaming anyway. ...... ............

You sense a threat and spring to your feet!

Something about the way Arthur has his hands behind his back makes you doubt that... You fix him with a stern glare.
Well... ......
The boy awkwardly looks away and mumbles something...

I'm going back to bed.
You turn away from Arthur and close your eyes, but the young man places a hand on your shoulder to stop you.
W-Wait, man! It's dark and creepy! Don't fall asleep on me!
You look into Arthur's eyes, and realize that he is not feigning his fear...
Look... If someone's with me, I can handle it. But by myself... Something bad's gonna happen... My heart pounds, my head starts swimming... I don't know what to do... ...You know what I mean?

I don't. Do you, alchargaia?
Gonna be frank with you, there are very seldom any times when I know what Arthur means. I try not to reserve brain real estate for Arthur.
Yeah, okay... I don't know what I mean myself.

You're already awake... You decide to watch the fire with Arthur.
Heheh... Thanks, man.
I know! I'll cook you something nice. I bought a few of these when I heard we were doing this quest.
Arthur reaches into his pack and pulls out a handful of marshmallows. You stab some marshmallows on a stick and roast them over the fire... You kill time by talking with Arthur, who has returned to his old self.

Ack! Simon! Is it already time to switch?
...Sorry, Dude. You can sleep in a little if you want. Arthur, you stay on guard a little longer.
Ugh, all right...
Oh, uh, Dude... Don't tell anyone anything about what happened, okay!?

About what?
Y-You know! The thing, man! I told you about it!
Arthur, that's not how you were supposed to respond!
What are you two talking about?
N-Nothing to do with you! Just get to sleep, Dude!
Arthur pushes you down into your bedroll.

*yawn* I'm still... sleepy...
That's your own fault.

Let's sleep in.
There's no reason to pick the 2nd option during this quest either. All that does is induce more tedium.
You, too...? Though I suppose I can't blame you. Thanks to Arthur, you didn't get much sleep, did you?
Is that so? ...Oh, Arthur. Well, let's rest for a little while longer, then.
He's already asleep...

These resting sessions do fully heal you. But they won't clear out your encounter meter, so be aware of that.

After another session of laser tag with the Wyvern...

Five days feels a lot longer than I thought... What should we do, Dude?
Fuck you, Simon, you don't know how it feels.

Let's rest.
Yes, I agree.
You travel to the camping spot you found while exploring.

After setting up camp and a light meal, you decide the night's watch order and go to sleep. You are to take the fourth watch. You close your eyes, glad for the chance to get a long rest...


Simon appears to be nodding off near the fire.

Pushy pushy!
You silently reach out and flick Simon's ears--hard!
Hey, that wasn't pushing!
What... Dude!? What were you thinking!?
Simon is trembling in anger, but you tell him to get some rest, since he obviously needs it.
...What drowsiness I had is all but vanished now. I'll keep watch for a little longer.
Would you care for some tea? Drinking something warm helps to calm the nerves.
Simon takes some equipment from his pack and begins boiling some water. After a while, a soft scent fills the camp...
...This brings back memories.
The young man seems introspective as he sips his tea.
When I was growing up, my little brother and sister would often pull pranks on me while I slept. Like you did just now.
Simon appears in a DLC quest in EOU2, so that establishes him re: the EOU2 cast, which is a shame, but I always like to ponder the mental image of Flavio and Knight giving Arthur swirlies. Just dunking him. Constantly. Shoving his head into a toilet, forever.

It's good to have family.
...I suppose. ...... I'm sorry, Dude. Perhaps I am still a bit drowsy.
I'll go to bed now. Sorry for causing trouble.

Staying out here so long is starting to get to you, huh?
Atlus, you knew that no one liked this quest in both EO1 and 2. And you even implemented a way for Story to cut out a lot of the tedium in this game. So why did you even include this quest in the first place!?

Let's sleep in.
I understand the feeling, but isn't it dangerous to sleep in the forest during the day?
No... Let's sleep. Right. Now.
I agree... I'm still tired, too.
...He always does what he says.

Time to say hi to Wyvern again.

Hey, Dude. What will we do today?
The same thing we do every night, Raquna.

Try to get some sleep.
Let's rest.
Yes, let's. ...We're all at our limits. Give me your bag, Frederica. You look tired.
You drag your tired bodies to the camping spot you found while exploring.

After setting up camp and a light meal, you decide the night's watch order and go to sleep. You are to take the second watch. You close your eyes, reminding yourself that you will have to wake up soon...


The forest is as quiet as always at night, but with monsters nearby, you cannot let your guard down. ...... ............ Your shift is almost over. You decide to wake Frederica to begin her shift.

Due to the long and hard excursion, she seems to be deep in sleep.

Splashy splashy!
You cup some water in your hands and tilt it over the girl's ear.
Ahhhhh! Wh-What happened!? A monster!?
...Impressed by her reaction, you tell her that it is time to change watch shifts.
Huh? ...Oh, is it time already?
Guilty about having overslept, the girl sits down next to you.
Adventuring is a tough business. ...I never thought I would be sleeping on the ground.
Are you used to it?

I prefer a bed.
You think so, too? A soft bed really is comfortable, after all. I like the quilts at the Rooster Inn.
You continue to chat idly with the girl. Eventually, she confesses something to you.
At first, I wondered what the point of this trial was. I figured that we had more important things to do. But... I don't think that anymore. With this trial, being with you all... I feel like I understand everyone better. How about you, Dude?

I really want a bath.
I mean have you seen how filthy it is in the jungle!?
Haha, yeah, I know. I was kinda thinking the same thing.
Hey, Dude. Just one more day... Let's do our best.
With that, the girl tells you to get some sleep. You bid her goodnight and return to your bedroll.


Oh, you look refreshed.
And compared to you...
Arthur, wake up already!
I'm sleepy......
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Let's sleep in.
Don't you start sounding like Arthur now.
Oh, but... Well... I think Dude's tired, too. Why don't we rest for just a little while more?
We still have time. I guess it should be all right.

Just a little longer! Time for one last round of laser tag.

"Do you want to finish this quest now, or later?" Seriously, the answer to this should be obvious.
Yeah, this is the final stretch, after all. We should rest up!
...You still seem to have energy.
You drag your tired bodies to the camping spot you found while exploring.

After setting up camp and a light meal, you decide the night's watch order and go to sleep. You are to take the last watch. You close your eyes, feeling that you will sleep well tonight...


He doesn't look like he'll wake up very easily... Just what we need.
He's been working so hard all this time. Let's let him rest tonight.
Yeah. ...I caused him some trouble on my watch a couple nights ago.
I hate not being able to return the favor. Let's not wake him up tonight.
Of course. And no yelling, okay?
Good night, Dude.

Good morning.
Did you sleep well?
After exchanging morning pleasantries, you ask why you hadn't been woken up for your shift on watch.
It was a present to our leader, for working so hard over the past five days.

Thank you.
You're welcome!
...I'm glad you got your rest.
It's not much, compared to what you've been doing for us these past few days.
You thank your comrades for their consideration and celebrate the end of the trial with them.
Haha, we're done at last. Good job, Dude.
It was a long trial, but it wasn't all bad. Now, then, all that's left to do is report in back at the pub.
Let's get back to Etria.
But before we do...
...Yes, I know. Arthur, wake up already!
Waaaaaaah! Is it morning already!?
Even at the end...

Even reading through this text I felt exhaustion set in. What sort of fucking idiots brought this quest back? You stupid, stupid rat creatures!

...Oops. Oh, right, he was in the forest. Hopefully he has good survival instincts.
No, that's not him... Please come home, Daddy...
That girl... I wonder if she's been waiting here this whole time?

Let's hurry and find her father.
Yeah! Let's find him and bring him back. Everybody's happy, and we get our reward!
Next time, the rest of the Stratum. Good grief.

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