Survivalists, contrary to what you might expect if you're coming from EO1, are not a fast ranged damage class. In EOU, they're a support class that happens to have a tree with some damage skills on it. Do not let that deceive you, though, because they have access to a passive that completely obsoletes Medics, along with an assortment of other support skills.


(Full stat table)

Gathering Skills: Take, Chop, Mine

Survivalists have mediocre to average stats in everything but TP and AGI. Their TEC/LUC spread is unfortunately pretty garbage, meaning they're not so great at inflicting disables and are liable to have disables inflicted on them.

Bow Mastery

Required to learn bow skills. Increases damage dealt with bows.

Power Shot

Deals ranged STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Has a 90% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 98% at all levels.
Power Shot deals damage. It sure does. It's not nearly as efficient as Raging Edge, a skill with a similar purpose.
Power Shot's pretty weak for how much it costs, but it does have an advantage in Survivalist's overwhelming speed which helps against smaller enemies, which tend to be rather fast with low HP and also usually come with skills that set up for heavier enemies with devastating attacks. Said enemies also tend to have a Stab weakness more often than not.

Disabling Shot

Deals ranged STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Attempts to bind the legs of the target. Has a 90% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 118% at all levels.
It's better to think of Disabling Shot less as a damage skill, and more a disabling skill that deals a little damage. Leg binds are the worst bind relative to head and arm binds, but it still has its uses--namely, disabling enemy evasion, which is a big boon to inaccurate attacks like Blinding Slap.
This skill is very useful in the early-midgame for Sword Landsknechts and Overhead Ronins, as their stronger attacks for that point in the game are rather inaccurate. Leg binds are also fairly effective at stopping multiple full-party area of effect attacks throughout the game as well as keeping Rare Breeds from escaping.


Deals 2 instances of ranged STR-based stab damage to random enemies. Can hit the same target multiple times. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 98% at all levels.
Deals okay damage (relative to other Survivalist damage skills)...for a ludicrously large amount of TP, relative to its damage anyway.
This is pretty much Survivalist's go-to attack in the later parts of the game if they don't have anything to do for a turn. Early on it costs too much TP, but later on Power Shot doesn't quite cut it any more for FOEs and bosses. It's rather nice for the 4th Stratum's boss, at least for a support class.

Sagittarius Shot

Two turns after casting, deals ranged STR-based stab damage to one enemy at the start of the turn. Attempts to stun the target. Initial prep has a 90% speed modifier at all levels.. The actual hit has a base accuracy of 98% at all levels..
Sagittarius Shot deals a pretty hefty amount of effective damage for its TP. The stun might as well not exist, though, due to its low base chance compared with most important enemies (FOEs and bosses) having high resistance to stun.
A pretty good skill in terms of damage/turn, all things considered. Survivalist's low STR and Bow's relatively low damage betray the modifiers somewhat, but this is a pretty good skill for setting and forgetting during extended encounters.


Increases the user's action speed and evasion.
This is generally a good skill to have on Grimoire Stones for as many party members as possible unless you really need someone to go later than other party members.


Increases one party member's action speed for a set amount of turns. Has a 90% speed modifier at all levels..
Why would you ever want this?
I can think of at least one edge case where I was wiped out because of the ridiculous speed modifier on the enemy skill, but I don't think it warrants spending SP on something that occupies a buff slot.


Reduces one enemy's accuracy for a set amount of turns. Has a 90% speed modifier at all levels..
Ehhhhh. Accuracy debuffs can be useful when you're dealing with bosses that have skills that have less than the usual base accuracy of 99%, but otherwise they don't really help a ton.
I've never been a fan of evasion-based mitigation, but I suppose this could be used in tandem with Chain Dance if you really want to test your luck.

Sure Shot

Increases one row of party members' accuracy for a set amount of turns. Has a 90% speed modifier at all levels..
There's quite a few skills that have accuracy penalties that Sure Shot can offset, which makes it quite a bit more useful than the other early AGI Up skills. In addition, even if a skill doesn't have an accuracy penalty, the way accuracy works in EO means that giving a little boost to someone's accuracy can prevent those always-irritating inopportune misses.
Skill accuracy penalties aside, this skill utterly trivializes one of the nastier bosses in the game, and it was one of the main reasons I chose a Survivalist for my main party in my latest run of the game.

Chain Dance

Increases the user's evasion and their chance of being targeted for a set amount of turns. Has no speed modifier at all levels.
Chain Dance is an extremely risky proposition, especially compared to its EO2U version. Here, it's a multi-turn buff and, as a consequence, the provoke effect is not only lesser, but the evasion increase is lesser. Given that Survivalists don't have the highest HP and have average VIT, getting hit is a bad thing, even if they're in the back row and are being hit by a melee attack.
Even at maximum rank, the combined rates you're looking at with Trickery and Chain Dance combined are a total crapshoot. I wouldn't recommend it.


Restores the user's TP when they dodge an attack.
Doesn't really restore enough TP to justify using Chain Dance.
I don't really have much to add. It's too unreliable for a miserable amount of TP.

Act First

Gives the user a chance to act first on any given turn.
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This isn't incredible on a Survivalist given their already massive speed, but this can be something that will make or break a run sometimes depending on the class that's using it on a Grimoire Stone. Medic's Salve is very slow, and this can potentially eliminate that issue entirely. Also, on a slower attacker like Landsknecht this can give you an edge on enemies that would normally outspeed them. One other thing to note is that Act First bypasses Rare Breed's priority, which can help even a Survivalist.

Quick Step

Chooses one party member to act first in the turn. From levels 1 to 9, Quick Step has a chance to fail. Has priority at all levels.
A really damn good support skill, especially given that a good chunk of utility classes (besides Survivalist) and skills tend to be on the slow side.
This skill is very good, but I really don't like how the scaling is handled. It's pretty much max rank or nothing unless you use Boost to force it. Besides speeding up supports, this is also nice in tandem with something like Falcon Slash if there are many dangerous targets that you need eliminated ASAP.


Increases the amount of HP and TP restored from items.
Efficiency kind of single-handedly obsoletes Medics and, really, using any healing skills in general, once you have points in it. Medica IIIs restore 400 HP with a maxed out Efficiency, basic Amritas restore 100 TP, Amrita IIs restore 200 TP, you get the idea.
Hello, best healing skill in the game! This turns Somas from a decently powerful healing item to something that completely dumpsters Salve. The Amrita/Hamao boost is nice too, but Amritas do get somewhat annoying with the limited stock.


Can only be used in the Labyrinth. Attempts to revive one dead party member.
Just pack some Nectars or give your Survivailst a Grimoire with Revive on it.
This is actually pretty valuable at Lv.10; Resuscitate's value shows itself in how cheap it is compared to the alternative in Revive, and a guaranteed full resurrection is amazing considering the cost of Revive and/or the healing you need to do afterwards to recover. Of course, you can't actually use it in fights...


Gives another chance to get a preemptive attack, besides the standard roll.
Preemptives take the sting out of bad encounters, and in EOU, there are are a lot of really mean encounter formations, starting at the end of the 2nd Stratum and never really letting up.
Preemptive attacks allow for elimination of high priority targets like mass disablers in enemy formations which is extremely vital in EOU. A nice skill to have, but I'd probably throw it on a Grimoire Stone eventually just for the sake of conserving SP.


Reveals FOE positions on the map in an area around the party.
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This is probably one of the few skills in the game that I can confidently call utterly worthless. EOU doesn't have the baffling map limitations that EO1 and EO2 had, so the already limited value the skill had there is gone entirely.


Gives the user a chance to nullify blindsides.
The inverse of Predator. While it's arguably not as useful as Predator, it's still useful in its own right, because, like I said, there's a lot of really mean encounter formations in EOU, which can just immediately give you a game over if you get blindsided by them.
Blindsides are absolutely nightmarish in EOU, and have resulted in almost all of my game overs that weren't against bosses. This is not a bad skill in the slightest and something very nice to have on a Grimoire Stone.


Reduces the encounter rate for a certain number of steps.
A godsend for gathering parties. However, for normal parties, it's not just useless--it's an active detriment, because it reduces the EXP and, therefore, levels your parties get.
It sure as hell isn't Safe Stroll, but I don't think we'll ever see anything as broken as that again. A must-have for a gathering party.