Update 10: 1st True? Dragon Wyvern

[So, how did you make these metal hands, anyway?]
Click-click, turn-turn, bang-bang, wheeeeeeeeen.
[Oh, hi, Elly!]
[What is Katya doing?]
[Miming out how she made her metal hands.]
[She might not be able to hear the sound effects, but it helps me act it out.]
[Yes, interesting.] ...I still have yet to see what those gauntlets do that your fists couldn't.
Well, I can pretty safely cover these things in fire or ice. It's probably not a good idea to do that to your hands!
What practical purpose do these...improvised elemental martial arts provide over simply using standard Alchemist Formulas?
Well, I'm a better brawler than I am spellcaster, for one.
[Elly, are you getting jealous of Katya?]
[N-No. Absolutely--] Augh, I did it again...
[Still adorable!]
[If I may interrupt.] Katya, I need to check your hands.
Wh-- O-okay, why?
Just making sure your gauntlets aren't causing averse long-term effects...
[Aw. Oh well. Elly, wanna get some grub while the Byeahs are out?]
... [Yes, that'd be nice.]

Byeahs! Gather Formation!

The Byeahs are the first ones to set foot in B8F proper.

No random encounters for them, though.
Not like it particularly matters for this bit.

I love these stupid robots.
B8F D5 Chop Point

Between that and the piercing cry that cuts through the forest's silence, it seems a large bird is menacing you. You have no way of knowing the reason behind its hostility, but it doesn't seem ready to attack immediately. Deciding that it is not worth provoking the bird further, you leave this place for the time being.
This totally won't matter later.

The roots reach to the ceiling as if to receive something, but they do so in vain. As you puzzle over this, you suddenly hear familiar voices approach behind you.


(...Why do I suddenly suspect the Byeahs are doing something they shouldn't?)
The warrior woman Ren hails you, her constant companion Tlachtga standing silently by her side. The ronin and hexer seem pleased with your progress thus far.
We have a favor to ask of such accomplished explorers. Usually, the waters of a healing spring can be found here. Lately, though, the water has stopped, creating a great nuisance for adventurers.
Ren punctuates her bitter explanation with a quick point to the ceiling.
A monster blocking the spring in the floor above is to blame. It is tiresome and vexing. Warriors of Tenebris... Will you go to the spring, and free it from that vile monster? We could make short work of it ourselves, but we have other matters to attend to. If you mean to further explore the Labyrinth, to do this would be in your best interests.
With this, Ren and her wordless companion turn to leave.
Luck be with you, warriors. Gain victory over the monster, and bring honor to your guild.
We've got plenty of that, thank you.
This bit's kind of weird, since it's not entered as a quest or a mission or anything.
With those final words, the two adventurers leave this place. You can go to the water source at B7F and attempt to defeat the monster, or proceed with your investigation.

Beyond this door is the Wyvern's nest. Take pains not to confront it... It is a beast to be reckoned with. I will continue to ensure that no one else enters. Go at your task with care, Tenebris Guild.
With that, the soldier stands to one side, opening the way to you. If you are ready to proceed, you need only open the door and enter the dread Wyvern's nest.

Anyway, let's put that crystal (key) we got to use.

~ garbage ~
This is something that feels very heavily designed for Story, having nothing but Hexer stuff on it and it's just mostly low ranks of basic debuffs.

~ garbage ~

~ not garbage but i'm not gonna use it this early ~

~ i'm running out of things to put in tildes ~

And let's turn in the gather materials the Byeahs got.
Ganryu-jima (+79 ATK, +20 HP, +10 TP) is made from 1 Jomon Oak (2nd Stratum Chop 3). Costs 3920 en.
I fucking love the Ganryu-jima, especially if you can get it this early in the stratum. Nice HP buff, nice TP buff, a lot of ATK... What's not to love?
It's always Ronin that gets the early game strong weapons for no effort. Where's the love for swords?
Lute (+50 TP; Troubadour only) is made from 1 Entangling Ivy (2nd Stratum Chop 2). Costs 900 en.

I really wish I could upgrade Afon to a Flame Spear, but I'm gonna need five of a 45% drop from an enemy we haven't seen yet before I can.
EOU's primary flaw in my experience begins to show itself.

I do upgrade Katya to a Down Staff for a very minor boost to her TEC and TP.

Same with Thierry, though he only gets higher TEC from it.

I am obligated to min-max Alchemists' TEC whenever possible, and I swap out Katya's boots for a Balaclava because of it.
If this was any other game I'd be cheering for the increased defense but it's this game, so

Ladette swaps out her Hide Boot for some sweet, sweet STR (and more HP I guess).

And we're ready to set out.

By that, I mean kill a crab.

Water flows between the trees here, and there are standing pools of water. Merely by standing here, you begin to feel lighter.
Hey, why don't we take a quick--
...Something's here.

Giant enemy--
This monster must be the cause of the spring's blockage... Its large, sharp claws and hard shell make it seem a harder adversary than any you've faced. You vow to stand your ground and defeat the thing to restore this spring to its natural state!

I could certainly go for some well-prepared crab tonight...
Alright, show'a hands, who wants to help me carry this ugly customer back?
...Why would you eat a crab? That'd be like eating a seagull or--

[Later, Elly! Crab attack!]

Pond Horror

HP: 1950
STR: 22
TEC: 17
VIT: 23
AGI: 15
LUC: 17

EXP Given: 2210

Grimoire Skills:
  • Charge: Uses the head. Increases the damage of the user's next physical attack. Has an 80% speed modifier at all levels.
  • Reaper Claws: Uses the arms. Deals melee STR-based cut damage to one enemy. Attempts to instantly kill the target. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
Damage Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
This thing's dangerous to single targets, and single targets only. Bring some volt damage and some Nectars and you'll come out of this just fine.

Also, yes, Elowen's in the front row, if you hadn't noticed yet. Survivalists are okay in the front line.
Pond Horror is basically a revisit to Bloody One-Arm, except using Defend on the attacking turns will just do nothing because hurray, Death procs! Just keep sandbagging the people that get reduced to a smear and keep attacking.

...Evidently, this crab's developed an exterior made out of metal...

One can never be too prepared.

If you continue with that joke, you're not gonna like what happens.
I didn't even say anything!


It used Charge...
time to play musical chairs to see who dies next turn

[...Afon, where did you get a tuba? Why did you get a tuba? Where were you keeping that tuba?!]
[Don't need to hear things to know this thing is loud.]

...Hm. Hmmm.
Yeah, this thing's surprisingly beefy.

Afon's far better served by using a lot of TP on Spear Assist than using Long Thrust or something.

Remember: Sonic Bombs cancel Charge effects and remove the enemy's turn.
And the answer is nobody, due to good preparation! Hurray!(?)


I like that. A lot.

That's okay.

[I know it tastes terrible, but it does enhance your combat ability.]


An extra forty damage. Whatever.

At least this thing's dying quickly.

Oh, we're gonna eat great tonight.

This is your occasional reminder that event monsters are required for 100% completion.

With that, the pools of water below you audibly begin to drain somewhere. The crab's demise seems to have unblocked their flow to the lower regions. Your task complete, you decide to return to your main goal of exploring the Labyrinth.

Now that we killed the Pond Horror, this room has a healing spring in it.

Drinking from the spring completely restores your HP and TP completely, for free. Given the existence of Floor Jump, this is pretty useful.
Once we have access to another staircase later, this thing will be a godsend.

Anyway, the Wyvern room.

[Big deal, it's just a dragon.]

[Okay, never mind.]

Well, there's some dialogue that made more sense in EO1...
You consider how best to find the egg here without disturbing the Wyvern... That's when you recall the memo given to you at Radha Hall and take it out. On it are a number of marks where the Wyvern's egg might possibly be. The egg must be at one of them... But to find it, you must first step into the clearing in order to approach the spots marked on the map.

[So, uh, anyone got any strats for getting around the giant, upset dragon?]
[Keep running blindly until we get somewhere?]
... [Well, I did bring a surplus of first aid supplies.]
Wyvern will fire bolts of lightning at us until we're within close proximity of it. The bolts last for four turns after they're fired. The turn after they vanish, Wyvern will then turn towards the closest angle to us it can manage, and on the turn after that, fire a bolt again. The bolts deal 50 to our whole party and push us back to the tile we were on previously.

Taking damage for this mission doesn't really matter because you literally cannot get into any encounters in the Wyvern room. All of the tiles have a danger value of 0, meaning it's impossible to start a battle or even build up the danger meter on the bottom right in it.
This is kind of a really simple puzzle compared to some of the stuff EO2U throws at you.

You probably already inferred this, but the Wyvern room's pretty huge.

The top-left corner of the room has this.

Generally, the best way to get to the area where we need to go is to trigger a bolt firing at a bottom corner of the room, and then make a mad dash for the top.

I got hit here, but at least I'm in the place I needed to go.

Okay, checking this--
[Gonna guess that pile of sticks isn't an egg.]
The lower spots to the sides are just dummy spots for now.

...Hey, I got something!
You feel something large and round at your fingertips... This must be the dragon egg you seek!

[Pretty big egg.]
[Pretty big? It's at least the size of my torso...]

Though it may not be much, I have a reward for your valiant efforts.

He is Lord Visil, Chieftain of the Radha and leader of Etria. The Chieftain wishes to speak with promising adventurers like yourselves about the forest. Wait one moment, please.

I protect Etria and promote exploration of the forest. I wanted to personally thank you for your successful forays into the Labyrinth.
[You're welcome!]
Now, as I'm sure you'll be exploring the place further... I have a point of advice to impart to you. The road leading further into the Labyrinth is hidden near the Wyvern. So said adventurers in ancient times, who went deeper into the Labyrinth than we now do. Lately, only a few explorers dare go below the 8th floor... I have high hopes that you'll be the ones to reopen the way to the lower floors. Now then, if you'll excuse me... I look forward to speaking with you another day.

We're all very devoted to him, and we work with him to further develop this town. The Chieftain only has time to meet with the very bravest explorers, you know. It's a sign that you've become exemplary adventurers. Keep up the good work.

However... I do feel a little sorry for the Wyvern. I wonder if the people at the Radha plan on hatching the egg.
...That's a good question, what did they want with that thing?
Dragon eggs go for a lot on certain circuits, y'know. I'm sure the Radha could always use a bit'a padding for its coffers.

Anyway, now that the mission's taken care of, let's actually progress.

The dummy spots from earlier are actually shortcuts.


HP: 282
STR: 16
TEC: 18
VIT: 15
AGI: 16
LUC: 11

EXP Given: 640

Grimoire Skills:
  • Flame Shot: Uses the head. Deals ranged TEC-based fire damage to all enemies. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
  • Corrosive Aura: Uses the head. Reduces all enemies' physical defense for 4 turns. Has no speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
10% 150% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 150%
50% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
Firebirds can deal some moderate fire damage to all of our party members, but the dangerous thing is reducing everyone's defense by 50%. Several monsters in the 2nd Stratum deal pretty heavy physical damage (such as the scorpion over there), and having that amplified by 50% is...not great.
These things are freaking annoying. They eventually show up in groups which is awful if they decide to spam their AoE skill. This is another point where having a Protector is extremely useful for dealing with both of these mechanics.

Good thing we've got lots of HP on our side.

Pretty good demonstration of how much TEC influences TEC damage defense here.


...So, anyone got ideas for gettin' usable materials out of the flaming bird corpse there?

[Stabbing it with a long spear seems good enough!]

Floor Jump's criteria is generally pretty forgiving.

Aw, dammit, damage tiles.
They're mostly superficial on these floors. It feels very token.

Tanglers attempt to bind either the heads, arms, or legs of all enemies, with a 50% base chance.
I've never been a huge fan of these, but maybe I just have terrible luck.


HP: 358
STR: 18
TEC: 12
VIT: 17
AGI: 21
LUC: 20

EXP Given: 670

Grimoire Skills:
  • Charge: Uses the head. Increases the damage of the user's next physical attack. Has an 80% speed modifier at all levels.
  • Evil Cry: Uses the head. Increases all party members' physical attack for 4 turns. Has a 70% speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100%
75% 75% 75%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
150% 100% 100% 100% 100% 50% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
Glowbirds are pretty thoroughly unremarkable. They deal some hefty single-target damage? They resist elemental damage?
Given my tendency to not run stab-based characters, these things can prove to be somewhat irritating to me. Luckily, that's not the case with this LP since Gunner is in play.

...! Af--

Yeah, these things hit that hard. Don't underestimate em.

Bury me...gauntlets down, so I can...punch the devil...

Been in tons'a gunfights... And it's a stupid plant...that gets me...

Physician...heal thyself...

...Agh, my...head...
Oh, hey, dad.
...Dad? What? I don't have any children! Who are you, and what is this--
Yeah, I know, it's confusing, but see, here's the deal. You're dead.
I had inferred that from my final moments, yes.
Now, as you can probably guess, going by the fact that I referred to you as "dad," I'm from the future. Like, 23 or so years in the future.
...You might not know much about me, but: I am not romantically interested in women. That rules out reproduction, full-stop.
Yeah, yeah, how I came to be is a long story. Don't have time right now. See, the fact that you died...doesn't really gel with how history went. And now, well, everything's done for.
Is there perhaps a way to turn this back?
Correctamundo. I went through this a bunch when I was exploring.
...So my...daughter? Is going to be an explorer as well. Hrm.
So, uh, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna...fix things. So none of that happened.
Fine by me.
Alright, lemme get st-- Oh, right, one thing, in case this doesn't happen again: So, uh, if you and dad both are ever taking a walk in the forest, and you see a newborn baby with a little orange hair asleep in a small basket, remember to pick her up. We'll end up back here in this time-screwup-thing if you leave her alone.
Well, shit, that had to happen sooner or later.
This game is ruthless, and it will end you if you give it just the slightest amount of purchase. It only gets nastier from here on out.

If I were playing on Picnic or Normal, I'd be prompted to restart from before the fight that wiped my party. However, because I'm playing on Expert, I get no such prompt.

When you get a game over in an EO game (and, when applicable, you deny to restart from before you died), you're prompted to save your map data. From EO4 and on, this saves the following:It does not save new entries in the Monstrous Codex or Item Compendium, any actual progress through the dungeon or unlocked Floor Jumps.

I barely lost any progress. Go me.

aaaaaaah jesus
This is scary, but it's not too rough. Just gotta focus a priority target.

And behind door number two...

Yeah uh let's not go in there for a while
I don't think those chests are obtainable without killing that FOE. It's really strange.

Well, that was kinda pointless.

Here are some Things. Everyone loves Things, right?
Bone Flail (+56 ATK, +20 HP, +2 VIT) is made from 1 Broken Wing (Firebird rare). Costs 1400 en.

Lamellar Armor (+23 DEF, +5 HP) is made from 2 Light Woods (2nd Stratum Chop 2) and 10 Sticky Goos (Sleeper Ooze/Venom Ooze normal). Costs 930 en.

Leaf Tunic (+22 DEF) is made from 2 Entangling Ivies (2nd Stratum Chop 2) and 2 Leafy Branches (Fanged Vine normal). Costs 880 en.

Plumed Hat (+12 DEF, +10% fire resistance) is made from 1 Fire Feather (Firebird normal). Costs 550 en.

Leaf Cape (+5 DEF, +40 HP) is made from 2 Leafy Branches (Fanged Vine normal). Costs 800 en.

Blind Gas (50% base chance to blind all enemies; 80% speed modifier) is made from 5 Vivid Petals (Fanged Vine rare). Costs 250 en.
Leaf Capes are really good bits of defensive equipment for Protectors. I wouldn't advise giving them to damage dealers over accessories like Cut Charms.
At the end of the day, more meat is always more valuable than extra defense.

I swapped out Elowen's Hide Glove for Lamellar Armor.

Unlocking the Bone Flail also finished this.

Nice job. Let's see you do this well with your other quests, too!

Don't really know why you would ever want VIT on a spellcaster in EOU, but whatever. HP's nice, I guess.

Oh hey we've got new quests.

Observing adventurers II:
Decided to take the request, have you? Thank goodness. Shilleka from Shilleka's Goods made this request. She asked for your guild specifically, so take care of her! Go talk with her at her shop.
The lucky coin:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This is from another adventurer like you. He's quite skilled, and has even been to the Wyvern's lair down on the 2nd Stratum. But he encountered a bird monster he'd never seen before near the Wyvern's lair and ran away in a hurry. In his panic, he dropped an important item that he didn't notice missing until later. Apparently...it's a coin that he uses to make decisions when he's not sure what to do. He says he dropped it near the Wyvern's lair, but he doesn't have the courage to go back and look for it. He's relied on it as a lucky charm, and without it, he says, he doesn't have the will to go on adventuring. I know it'll be tough, but please look for this man's coin. Still... Be careful. That bit about "a monster he'd never seen" is all a bit disconcerting.
Chef's odd request:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This job comes from Jackson, the chef. He's looking for help from somebody who can use fire. He wants you to get Carminite from a bird called the Firebird. I've heard rumors that you can't even get that item unless you use fire somehow. Why don't you try everything you can?
Dammit. I lost my one Carminite to the game over.

Scavenging for Ian I:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. Ian down at the general store wants everything you can mine from the 2nd Stratum. If you've been keeping a good map, you should already know where all the places to mine are by now, right? Good luck!

Let's check in on Shilleka after accepting her quest.
Ah, y'took t'job?!
T'ank goodness! T'at makes it easier on me, since we know each ot'er pretty well now. So, about t'quest. I wanna go on anot'er adventure wit'cha. I heard about t'healing spring in t'2nd Stratum and got interested.
Yeah, a little. I can't give you t'details of m'plan, because it's a trade secret. So, t'ere y'have it. Guide me to t'healing spring on t'2nd Stratum.

Well, we're going back in soon after this, so... Sure.
Hooray! T'anks so much! We can go whenever y'ready. I wanna go to t'healing spring in t'2nd Stratum. Y'know where t'at is, right?

So dark and muggy... It must be hard t'get t'rough here.
It helps to have lighter, thinner clothing.
But I'm already dressed pretty light. Not much point in wearin' any less, is t'ere? ...Hey! Was t'at supposed t'be a joke about m'clothes?
Wh-- N-no! I... I swear, it wasn't--
Hmph... Let's go already...
[Is that redness heat, or embarrassment?]

Is t'ere anyt'in' I should be worried about up ahead?
Okay, not going to screw this one up. The way you're dressed might--
Huh? Sure, I'm not exactly dressed for a trip t'rough t'Labyrint', but... Wait, are y'worried I'm not protected enough?
I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE-- O-oh. Yes, your clothes are quite inadequate as far as protection goes--not just from monsters, but from pests such as mosquitoes.
Yeah, I guess it is. Sorry I t'ought y'were makin' fun o' me. But if I was wearin' equipment like you lot were, I couldn't even move! T'at's why I need tough folks like you t'show me around. Make sure y'take care o'me until we finish t'quest, okay? Now t'en, is t'ere anyt'in' else I need t'worry about?
Not that you'll be in here long enough to have to worry about.
Okay. Let's get going to t'at healing spring, t'en!

All y'gotta do is lead me to t'spring and t'quest is done. I'm countin' on you!

Is t'is t'spring...?
It sure is.
I see. Let's have a taste, t'en...
Shilleka scoops up a handful of water and slowly sips it.
Wow... T'is is really good! It cools me right down! T'is really is t'mystic water t'ey told me about! She pulls out a canteen and begins to fill it from the spring.
What're ya gonna do with that?
I'm gonna take it home and study it. I was t'inkin' t'at maybe I could make a new medicine t'at'd help t'explorers in town. All I can do is sell items, so I've gotta be sure I have t'best stuff I can offer.
But you've already got the best stuff.
C'mon! I'm tryin' t'be serious here, and y'keep pokin' fun at me like t'at.
But I'm not!
But really, it's people like you who keep m'business afloat, and make m'work fun. So t'anks for t'at! Ahaha, t'at's a bit embarrassing t'admit... But hey, we've done what we came for, so let's get back!

So, how'd it go? Was she as demanding as always? You're smiling, so things must have gone well enough. All right, here's your reward.

sleep-inflicting disabling weapon

that sequence of words should make you vomit on sight
It's even more self-contradictory than most disabling weapons!

I was just havin' a look at t'water from t' healing fountain, and I made a new potion from it! It can't heal you all t'way like t'fountain does, but I'm sure it'll come in handy all t'same! Here's a sample.

Shilleka's SP Potions restore 50 HP and 10 TP. They're Hamaos, but somehow shittier.
Look, sometimes before Amritas are unlocked I will take any source of TP restoration that I can get.

Free 420 en, I guess.

This update's getting a bit long, but let's do one more quest before we go.

You suddenly recall the quest you accepted at the pub... An adventurer had lost a lucky coin when he was attacked by a monstrous bird. Could that bird you heard just now be the same monster? If you wish to complete the quest, you should try searching to the east.

At this point I realized that everyone had two skill points to spend.

Elowen gets two more points in Bow Mastery.

Afon gets two more points in Spear Mastery.

Thierry gets CPR up to level 9, where its endure chance becomes 80%.

Two points in Thor Formula for Katya.

And two points in Action Boost for Ladette.


Ew, I've got owl gunk on me.


HP: 1564
STR: 21
TEC: 21
VIT: 17
AGI: 19
LUC: 15

EXP Given: 1810

Grimoire Skills:
  • Fire Breath: Uses the head. Deals ranged TEC-based fire damage to all enemies. Attempts to bind hit targets' arms. Has an 80% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
  • Corrosive Aura: Uses the head. Reduces all enemies' physical defense for 4 turns. Has no speed modifier at all levels.
Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
10% 150% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
The Fire-Eater is reasonably tanky, can spam heavy all-party damage at us, and has a pretty good chance of binding everyone's arms. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
This thing is a massive pain in the ass. The odds of having a protector with Fire Wall leveled up to 5 at this point aren't very high given what you've had thrown at you so far, and even if you did, you'd be in a pretty awful TP situation. Alchemist is probably the best tool for this situation due to their lack of reliance on Arms.

Elowen just wasn't built for dealing damage.

Never hurts to have CPR active.

Do you know how much it's gonna cost to get this dress de-ashed, you dumb bird...?!

Oh boy! This is absolutely a situation where a Soma from Elowen would help. Luckily, this is the point of the game where they're unlockable. Hope you have one around!

Ditm itdamn dammit!
Oh, right, she can't really sign or signal like this.
Well, that's Not Great.

...Why do I have this Grimoire Stone equipped, again?

CPR just saved everyone from death there. I told you it's good.

Bloody Offense helps Katya.

This still isn't great, though.

Hey, thanks, doc.
Oh, you're welcome. ...It's nice to be thanked for it, once in a while.

Let's just set that up again.

God shit fuck ugh.
This is pretty brutal. Our TP supply can't keep this up for long.


No more...heat...

Not your time.



Any more and that entire situation would have collapsed. That was pretty nasty for this composition.

Never liked birds, and that didn't do anything to sway me.

It's a coin. You pick it up.

This coin must be very important to him. I think he'll be very relieved to have it back. I'll make sure it gets back to the client.

Alright, that's plenty of update for now. Next time: more B8F quests, and B9F.

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