Update 13: Guild Tenebris vs. Rammstein (Cernunnos)

I have just finished baking some snacks for tea. Why don't you take a little break? I shall ready some cordials. Please, have a seat.
Let's start by showing the final normal cordial.

Amalawake restores 1% of all party members' TP at the end of each turn. This is complete garbage! Think about it like this: Echinaceup gives everyone +30% max TP. For Amalawake to be competitive there, you'd need to have it take effect 30 times. That might happen on really long explorations, but can you really bank on predicting that?
I have some freshly baked gugelhupf here. Please, have some before it cools. This is my grandmother's recipe, so I'm confident that you will enjoy it.
Googahuff doesn't sound Armoroadian to me, but hell if I'm gonna refuse some Rosa food!
Now that I think about it, it was my grandmother who taught me how to make cordials, as well. She was usually a very kind person, but when it came to making food, she would suddenly become very strict. I wasn't too fond of it at the time...but thanks to her teaching, I am able to be of service to you. I wonder if my grandmother would be shocked if I thanked her now...
I believe she'd be quite proud of you.
Oh...there I go blabbering on again. I should know my place as a maid. Oh, how embarrassing...
Rosa, it's...really nothing, honest--
...Ahem. Now then, is there anything else you would like me to do?
...The life of a house servant is a mystery to me.

...So, to really make an impression on your special one, you gotta get close to them. Like this!
O-oh-oh dear, you're, um, very-- N-no, I have to be br-- Confident. Okay, s-so...get...close.
Then, you have to lean in reaaaaaaal close.
Ah-um-ah-ee-uh-yeeeeee-- Y-yes?
Now that you're both like this, lean in, and--
Oh, hey, Afon, what's--
[What are you doing to Elly, you flirt-monster?!]
[I was just teaching her how to--]
[Teaching nothing! You wanna date Elly, I know it!]
[...No, not really. Besides, why do you...] Oh. Hee-hee. Well, that makes things easy.
[Well, you're not gonna get to! Elly is...]
Gonna just take this moment to step to the side. 3, 2, 1--
[Afon, what's wr--] Mgh!
And there it is. Exeunt Momoe, stage le-- Aw, crap, Afon! [We gotta book it! Cernunnos!]
...Agh, dammit, dammit, dammit!

Momoe lost a point in Horse Slash for TP conservation reasons--which were totally unfounded, as it turns out.

Afon shifted her Long Thrust points to Spear Assist.

Thierry's big thing is adding Wolf Pack to his Grimoire. This makes him a far better support, especially with offense-heavy parties.

Katya shifted her Thor Formula points into Volt Formula, for similar reasons to Horse Slash.

Lastly, Quixote shifted his Suicide Word points into Muting Word, in light of the party being so offense-oriented, and the presence of Wolf Pack.

...Ugh. You're an ugly customer, aren't you?
Ooh, good, a punching bag that's gonna put up a fight!
In its center stands a grotesque monster, unlike any you have yet seen. It can be none other than Cernunnos, King of the Jungle! Stand and slay the demon!

Cernunnos, King of the Jungle! You shall know TRUE FEAR!

Thierry defends in the hopes that he doesn't get tagged by Silent Stare.

My offense-heavy strat hinges on fear and Muting Word.

Momoe needs Upper Stance, as always.

Katya opens with Analysis, again, as always.

And Afon buffs our damage dealers with Bloody Offense.

I'll cut you down to size, and get Afon back to Elly in time for dinner!
Wait, what?

Just gotta aim for where you'd aim on any human guy!

This is pretty much the key danger of running Fear-based setups. You aren't gonna move anywhere until this sticks.

Momoe, did I miss something?
Ehhhhh... Elly mighta come to me for advice on flirting and Afon might've walked in and then Afon might've just solved the--
Okay, let's continue this after the murderous titan is felled.

Rrgh. [I'd hoped otherwise.]
[Eh, whatever.]
[I already got my shouting out of the way.]

I'm not gonna burn Momoe's Boost just yet.

Afon'll just use Spear Assist until the end of the battle.

Thierry needs to get that bind off in order to do anything.

I'm sure none of you saw this coming!

Quixote's going to keep trying Evil Eye until it works.

Eyaugh! ...That...all? Ha...
Afon has 3 HP remaining!
This was really clutch. If this had landed, the fight could have gone on for a bit longer.


Ah, much better.

Lightning Roundhouse!

Yes! Ha ha! Yes! The chattering teeth ALWAYS work!
Nee-hee-hee! Ooh, this is gonna be good.
The fight's over.

Oh yeah that happened too.

Time for Momoe to use her Boost!

Because things are about to get really fun.
This is how I ended up playing most of EOU in my last run. It's kind of gross.

Wow. You've got some pretty serious shouting chords, Dr. H!
...So I've been told.

Turn your innards into gelatin!
No, actually, don't do that, it makes it harder to--
[He's not listening, Momoe.]

...I stand corrected!
This... This is the choice...


...Ahem. My apologies, I just couldn't contain my excitement.

Afon's no slouch, either.

In two turns, I've taken Cernunnos from literal full HP to this.
Muting Word is so good. It's so good.

F-for... Elly!

...Now then, Momoe, what was this about Elowen and Afon?
Oh, Afon kissed Elly.
...And not only did Afon have to leave for Cernunnos, but I had to as well. Leaving Elowen with no-one she's comfortable talking to.
Prob...ably. Oops.
Let's finish our business here and get back as quickly as possible.
Well, that was easy.

You must return to town in order to report your victory to the Radha.
Nah, I wanna see the next stratum.

Well, the 2nd Stratum was a bit of a drag, and pretty sedate all the way through. Sure, we had dangerous enemies, but not very often.

Welcome to pain.

In a good way.

No, not that good way. Different good way.
This is where EOU really starts to show its true nature. S3 is one of my favorite parts of the game for a couple of reasons that we'll get around to.

Ooooooooh. Now this is a sight for sore eyes.
How am I supposed to inflict fear in an environment this CALM?!
I kinda wanna walk around a bit!
Ahem. Momoe. <Afon.> [Elowen.]
[I'm going to the Pole see you guys later!]

Alright, there we go, back to town.

Uhhhhh. I'm gonna guess Afon ran back to Logjammin.
...As much as I'm concerned, we should report to Subaltern Quinn...

We're all very grateful. That monster's been a constant thorn in the Radha's side. It seems only yesterday that you arrived in Etria, but you've become quite strong. Thanks to you, we can finally investigate further, and again glimpse the third Stratum. To show our gratitude for your excellent work, we have a small reward for you.

Gimme that EXP. Gimme gimme gimme.

We plan to immediately begin research on the floors we couldn't previously access. Still... We know very little of the area. We'll have to draw up maps first. We've placed a number of our soldiers on the task, but to tell the truth... We're a bit unsure of their reliability. What say you? Since you were able to defeat the Jungle King, would you be willing to assist them?
Well, realistically, we have no choice.

That is to say, yes.
Allow me to explain the details to you. Even we in the Radha don't know much about the 11th and 12th floors of the Labyrinth. There were once those who ventured often into that Stratum, but no records survive of who they were, or what they found. So we've tasked a number of soldiers with mapping the unknown floors. But it appears the burden of exploring a new area is too heavy for them alone. Please, support them in their efforts to complete the maps of those two floors.
Well, that's what I was gonna do anyway.

Alright, let's check in on Talk dialogue.

Everyone has two lines.
I've heard that a few managed to go that far when my father ran the place. It's good to see more join their ranks.
Huh. People've been at this for a while, I guess.
Can guarantee you no-one's ever tried my strategies, though. Heh.
Pardon my impertinence, Katya, but that has what to do with what?

The 3rd Stratum is quite challenging, isn't it... Well, if you ever need to rest, please feel free to come here.

I'm sure t'ey'll be restin' in peace now!

Guess t'ey're havin' too much fun makin' new t'ings wit' t'material y'bring. I could say t'same for m'self, t'ough!
Hey, as long as it leads to beauties like this katana oh my gods I love it so much.

A proper maid would never go on blathering about herself like that. ...Oh, how embarrassing.
Rosa, I know you're trained about all this, but it is fine. Trust me.

I have heard that it has been a long time since anyone has gone that far. I am sure you can handle it, though.
Hell yeah! We're the best!
Someone's still on an adrenaline kick. ...I find it hard to disagree though! Hell yeah!
...You three keep going around town. I'm going to find Elowen and Afon.

Your guild's the only one that's reached that far down in a long while. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

Heh heh. They're all having a tough time of it, though, since it hasn't been explored. Why don't you kiddos go show them the ropes?
Ehhhhhhhhh we're not gonna have a much easier time than them, honestly.

Scarred protector:
You defeated Cernunnos? Everyone in Etria is celebrating. It just shows how many people were troubled by it in the first place. You guys are incredible. ...It's kind of amazing, thinking back to when you were up-and-coming rookies here in town. You're now on the list of expert adventurers exploring the Labyrinth. Congratulations!
Shivering researcher:
I was so afraid when I went down there, but... It's very different from the other Strata. It's cold, and the air feels sharp. It's like the complete opposite of the Primitive Jungle's humid heat. The Labyrinth is a truly mysterious place. It's absolutely enchanting. Oh, I want to go even further, but there must be even stronger enemies lying in wait...! My stomach hurts... It hurts...
Oh? You have a stomach bug? I know what will fix it: A GOOD SCARE!
...Scaring him'd just make him vomit...

Of course, there are exceptions, who end up doing just fine.
Huh? The fuck does that last part mean?

Anyway, I'm doing just fine, thank you very much.

The Radha are probably having a field day right now. Even the Chieftain may have noticed you. You're celebrities!

We will definitely have need of help from veteran adventurers like yourselves.
Quinn's second dialogue entry is the same as this one, for some reason.


absolutely not.

i am not taking this until, like, end of the 3rd Stratum at the absolute earliest. early 4th Stratum, probably.


Pest control:
The client wants you to round up all the parasites of B10F and exterminate them all at once. In order to lure them out, you'll need to use this Sugar Water. The client said that the insects will be attracted to its sweet scent. The insects can be found in the small room in the southwest area of B10F. Make sure to stamp them out. Good luck.
Easy enough.

Remembering the fallen:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. Entering the Labyrinth means the possibility of coming face-to-face with Death. All adventurers know that. Because of that, there are many who end up burying their bones down in the maze...
We all fear death, in the end. The only question is when we let it claim us.
...Man, that's got even Quixote depressed.
The client and his friends split up to flee a monster on B11F, but he was the only one to return. Can you please go down and get some proof of their deaths? He doesn't know where they died, so be careful.
Basically we just have to hunt down a few event tiles in dead ends on B11F. Easy.

And... Ugh, fine, I'll finally get this one out of the way.

Explorers Guild trial:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The Explorers Guild periodically issues trials like this to help train adventurers. This is a difficult challenge, but it's the perfect test for your skills. The challenge will start on B8F, sometime between 7 AM and 10 AM. Good luck!
...What is this sudden intense sense of dread?

Here's Cernunnos's boss drop unlock.
Horn Spear (+73 ATK, +2 VIT, +2 AGI) is made from 1 Sharp Horn (Cernunnos normal). Costs 4260 en.
VIT's never a bad bonus, AGI's...eh, never hurts to have more of it.

It's a good upgrade for Afon.

And that's it for now. Next time: Ugh.

Hmaaaaaugh... Man, that was a heckuva dinner, huh?
Mhm. It sounds like-- Well, I know Cernunnos went well.
Or else I wouldn't be up right now, eh?
That's what she's implying, yes.
...'Ey, Momoe. You have any clue where Doc went? I haven't seen 'im all day. Or either'a the silent girls, for dat matter.
...Oh. Right. All of that. Crap.
I'm right here, don't worry. Elowen and Afon are resting.
Ohhhhhhhh thank the gods. What even happened there?
Elowen...got a bit overwhelmed from us having to suddenly leave without a chance to talk. She and Afon talked it out, though.
...Well, um, I hope they'll be ready for tomorrow...
Why? What's going on-- Momoe. Please tell me you didn't sign us up for the trial.
I mean, we gotta do it at some point.
Oh, dear lords. You have a point, but... I barely have time to prepare. I need to determine what supplies to bring...

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